The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, January 05, 1847, Image 4

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pr Wuna, payabht half-yearly in 3Tane
ff -t p!i witkio the tr, wiU iBVria-
uKfrUi-A months
XNI14 subscriber discontinue tirrirwut
J aioo of U. iiir. autit trrwragesare
ertet at fl per
e?e. for -he first 4hxee insertion, ml 23
rfta r ery subseqaeut iosertisn: longer
,tjB oeepwtioB..
flJinE co-parnership existing between
2 Perry C. Kouiz and George Fair
134 'earheolPi y mutual consent,
j5-oluiion to take place on -the l&l
fiacuary 1847. The books to be eet
!edf ty Aht parlcerf . TLe hop in Wei
irrrfaurg will in fubura be earned on by
f. C' Kautz, and the shop at Mount
'gvaae by George Fair-
'fHirburf , Dec. 22, 1846
House and Xiot
FTTVrE subscriber offers for sale a
- Jj fcouee and lot at the northeast end
;f&e iiorouffh of Somerset. The lot
eanuins nn"er?. the house is one nd
;tel (stories high; and there is also a the pn nises. The property
i iirod eon Juion and iH be sold on
fea!ir..:hle ter ns and to a purchaserjwho
nt Id ay cif . will be pwt very low.
T in adjourned Orphan's
.4 It.
Court held at bomerset
" v in ami i
ami for the county oi i
.Somerset xn the 23d day of
TUvtuber A.D. 186, before the Ilon
crJU Judges thereof
OS motion of J. F. Cox. Esq., he
ar franfcft a rule on the heirs and (le
Representatives of Christian Shocky,
(wjwed, to appear at an adjoured Or
)koaat to be held at Somerset, on
lb 3d Monday of February, $47, and
bwtuse if any they here why the
e.1!taie of said Christian Skocky
de4 liuld -not be sold.
Emact Cre-ai the Record of said court
certified this 23d day of November.
A D 1840.
Dec 23 Clerk.
25) The following letter from Dr. Brig
hio, of Lowell Mase. but Fneaks the
uiuforaa language of hundr?ds of other
IMiysieianft, wht have tried and therefore
kaow Low to appreciate Jay ne's Expec-
' torant. -
LffwEix, Mass. Jan. 27, 1344, .
Pr David Jayne:
Dear Sir- I have used your medicine,
(o universally known as's Ex in my practise for a num
ber of years, aud can most truly say, thaf
I har been more successful iu the use of
th t i z ciild, afe and thorough Ex
riiCTOjiANT, than of any which 1 have
eer ued. it is the best for the fitllow
inr obvious reasons. It does not if giv-
in -proper doses, occasion a disagree
ihi nzu&ez. It -does not weaken the
longs arvj prostrate the sysiem, like
oiher Expectorants in common use,
Dor Joes it ibato the appetite of the pa
tient, like other nauseating medicines,
ulw'j have beea used by the faculty.
In a ward it is nearly or quite the thin?
which has been eou-get for by many of
the faculty for ages gone by.
I remain yours, &r.
Luther 1'f.iqijam. M. D.
Sold by J. J. &, II. F. Schell,
Somerset Pa.
Also by Edward Be vin,
Stovstown Pa
-Orphans' Court Sale
"TTN pursuance of in order of the Or
'jL phan's Court there will be exposed
m sale tiy way ot public vendue or out
rry on the 8th day of January 1847, on
ilie premises, the following Real Estate,
late i'.ie property of John Kensinger,
deceased, viz : A certain tract or
i' L A N T d T I 0 V
oriand, situate in Conamaugh township.
Somerset county, containing about 114
a res and allowance more or less; ad
j 'ioiKg lauds of Joseph Matson. John
Liiiders, II. Hoover and others, wuh a
b ut 60 acres clear land, on which are
trTted a one and a half story house, log
turn with other improvements.
Three hundred dollars to be paid on
iVe 25 day of March next, and the hal
uiu'e in annual paymens, of one hun
dred dollars without interest, to b e
;med by judgment bonds.
Attendance willbegiren by the sub
scriber. I3ENRY BURGET.
Administrator of the esiaie of!
s aid deceased.
Per. 22.
Blank Deeds,
LOT of Uhuk Deeds of a superior juab
tv,jvi2t prtuted an J now for sate
, 'HONS, For sale at this Office.
Blank I-xecution's.
I'OH SALE at this Office.
nave formed a eojiartnerftWp in the prac
tice of the Law, in the county of Somer
set. All business entrusted to lryfro
will receive prompt attention. Office
in Snyder's new brick bailing near th
I)erv 8 184C.
Coughs,' Colds, Consumptions,
Important to ill those afflicted with dis
eases ol the Lungs and Breasts.
Sj:rcx Thousand Cases of obstinate pul
monary complaints cured in oni: year!
for Lung Complaints, and all affections
of the Jiespiratory Organs.
Read the following letter written to
our Agent at Bowling Green, Ky, by a
gentleman of high standing io that
Mr. Joseph 1,. YoungloveSxx'
As a duty I owe to the community,
and particularly to the affleted, 1 would
' siate ih;t 1 had been for a number Jul
vears laboring under disease and weak
ness of the lungs, which caused me to
cough agreal deal, Si produced a conse
quent debiliiy of my system geuera'.ly,
to such a degree that it was with difi
culiy I could walk, to do which even for
a short distance, experienced great fa
tigue. 1 had rarious medicines recom
mended to me, which I used without any
ueneiiciai euecis wiiaterer.
until I pro
cured a boftle of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. The use of one bottle afforded
relief, entirely relieving me of cmigb,
and restoring my lungs to healthy action.
The use of it for a short lime increased
ray general health and strength to such
an extent, ihl I was s'.rorger and more
healty than I had been for years before.
From the ttial 1 have made of ha medi
cine, I can confidently recommend it as a
powerful Tnic" a certain cure lor af
fectious of tle lungs, unless it may be in
a case of consumption, obstinate aud of
Narcli 7, 184C Bowling GreenK y.
Read the following statement of facts
from Mr, E, Baily, a highly respectas
hie merchant of Vienna, Johnson coun
ty, Illinois,
Messts Phelps & Blakeley, - St,
Louis, Mo,
Gentlemen. -A desire to benefit the
afficted throughout the land has alone
induced me to make the following state-
ment of facts respecting one of
the mo;t astonishing cures ever re
corded. My. son, now 17 years
old, has been afflicted daring hid whole
life with a constant cough, pain in the
side and chest, accompanied with night
sweats and hectic fever, which produced
great emaciation and debility; and at in
tervals during the night his first, expec
toration would become so firpat as to en
danger his life from strangulation. Du
ring this time he was attended by many
physicians of the highest repute, whose
prescriptions gare but temporary relief
in fact so alarming were the symtoms
and so inveterate was his disease, that I
Mas compelled to. believe him beyond
the reach of medical aid. All our neigh
bors and friends w ho saw him, regarded
him as one who was rapidly approach,
ing the grave. Afier having thus ex
hausted the skill of our best physicians,
without obtaining relief, I was prevailed
upon by the advice of a friend to make
use of' Wsar's Uuham of Wild Cher
ry. He commenced its use about the 30th
of December, 181 1, the first boule of
which gave astonishing relief, and began
?g iin indulge in the fond hope that he
might yet be restored to health.
After having corvinucd the u?o of it
until 3 bottles had been taken, the dis
ease was entirely removed and hit shat
tered constitution and emaciated form
restored to sound and permanent health
whi h he continues U enjoy up to the
present time.
I believe the genuine Dr. Wistars Bal-
JsamofWild Cherry to be one of the
most valuable medicines ever discovered
-knowing, as I dv, thai the above cure
was effected solely by its use.
I am, gentlemen, very respectfully
Your most obedient servant,
April 9, 1845. ELI BAILY.
tCT'Curcs similar to ihe above are
constantly beii.g performed in ali parts
oflhe country, and we should be desti
tute of all feeling of humanity, did we
not call upon all who ate afflicted with
pulmonary diseases to resort ol once to
the us of this, the only remedy that can
be relied upon for a cure.
The true and genuine Wistar's Bal
sam bf Wild Cherry is sold at establish
ed agencies in all parts cf the U. States.
ooiu in vinnnnaii on the corner of
rourtn and Walnut streets by
Gen'I agents for the Western States.
Agents for Wistar's Balsam.
J. L. SNYDER, Somerset,
J Lloyd fc Co, Donegal,
S Phileon. Berlin,
II Little, Sloystown,
G II Keyser, Bedford,
O;tober0, 134G.-ly
GAME to the premise oflhe subscri
ber in Elklick township, en the 27th
of October last, a one year old BI.ACIv
IIEIFlfEK. with some WHITE spots
about the head and a hole in the right
ear. -- " . - -'
The otvner is requested to come and
prove property and pay charges, other
wise said heifTer wilt be sold as the law
directs. WM. R1NGLER.
. Doc. 15, '46.
THE subscriber would respectfully
inform the public, that he has just
received and opened out in the Store
room of Jacob Kimmel, Esq., in Berlin,
a fresh and assorted slock of
Druzs, Medicines, Faints,
J) ties a n d Co nfeci ion a vies,
which he offers to sell very cheap for
Persons wishing to purchase articles
in his line of business, are invited io call
and examine his stock.
ar2r40. SAMUEL J. ROW
rTMUS Stove combines all that is al
JL uablein existing Cooking Stoves
with certain improvements peculiar to
itself. It is constructed upon a new and
entirely distinct principle truly nhilo
sophica, so as to pass the flue entirely
round the oven, thus making it enveloped
or flame encircled, without impairing ihe
necessary draught of the stove. This
method of thus passing twice round,
once over and once under the oven, is the
secret of i'.s great economy in the use o
fuel, while the enlargement of the air
chamber affords increased 6pace for the
rarefaction of air and compensates for
tiie usual msauvantages or a circular
draught. It bakes, roastjs.-and boils.
easier and belter lhan anv Stove yet of
fered to the public, with the advantage
over most of them of saving one half the
fuel. It is superior to the Queen -i)
the West," "Buck's Patent," Eclipse"
or ,4Hathaways Patent," for the follow
ing reasons: In these Sioves the upper
6ide of the oven is dependant for beat
and can have from no oilier source, than
what radiates thrcmgi live plate oil which
the fire is made. If the ashes be lifted
clean, too much heat will radiate am
ourn tue . breau on Hie upper
side, if too much ashes be left, tta bread
will not bake on the upper side. Of this
defect all good cooks complain. This
Stove is entirely free of this objection
the oven always heating exactly alike
top and bottom, and ends. Many buy
the Premium orslep6tove and others o
similar model. I nese Moves consume
much fuel, for first the fire chamber is
too deep, the pots fcc., are too high a
bove the fire. Second when using the
oven, all the heal which passes off under
the oven being one half, never comes in
contact with the boiling utensils. passesoff
into the pipe and is lost. Also our Stove
is so arranged with a bank or elevation
in ine nre cnamoer as to ensure me use
of the flame upon the forward part b
the Stove first, and it then passes bac
afterward healing all alike w hereas
Stoves like the Hathaway, having one
vest chamber, allow too wide a range
for the flame without sufl'cient cohcen
We manufacture two sizes of this
Stove at theEagle Foundry in BerlinSom
erset county. Pa. For the larger size
most of the pots commonly used in the
kitchen will answer.
Always on 'hand, a complele assort
ment of PLOUGHS, with PLOUGH
CASTINGS of great variety. HOL
LOW WARE of superior material and
finish, comprising every thing in that
line. CASTINGS on hand, and made
to order, on the most reasonable terms.
Berlin. Oct. 13 1846-3tn.
B USIjYE s s.
THE subscriberreppecJfully informs
his friend and the public in gen
cral, that he carries on the
Stone Cutting llusincss
in all its various branches, at his shop
on main street, 2 doors east of George
Piles tavern, and nearly opposite the
drugstore of John L. Snyder.
made at the shoJtest notice, and on the
most reasonable terms, and in a manner
that will render them superior to anx, -other
manufactured hi this section of At
Grind stones of an excellent quality,
always kept on hand. '
Also constantly on hand, marble
Country produce taken in exchange
for work, at Market Prices. -v
Somerset, Pa.,
' March 5. 1846
Cheap, Good and Fashionable,
THANKFUL for past favors, the
subscriber would respectfully in
form his oid customers and the public
generally, that hecontinues locarry on the
in all its branches, at his old stand on
main street, in tiie feoroogli of Somerset,
where he keeps constantly on hand a
supply of HATS of his own manufac
ture, made of the best materials and in
every vnrietv of Ftyle emb-aring.
Fur, Nutria, Russia, Cassimer
Country Dealers will beeupplied with
any quantity they may desire for retail,
on short notice and at moderate prices-;
and customers ran at all times either have
a choice from among the stock on hand,
or have iheir hat? made to order, of anv
From his long experience in the busi
ness and a determination to se I cheap,
and at the same time also that his hats
shall not be excelled by those of any
other establishment here or elsewhere,
the subscriber flatters himself with ihe
iiope that he shall continue to receives
liberal share of pnMic patronage.
; Brc-"JTI01T.-a3
The subscriber understands that some
persons have been selling hats as having
been 'manufactured by him, which are
made elsewhere and he therefore cau
tions the public against purchasing any
as his nake, w hich have not the words
John C. Knrtz, Main street, Somerset,
Pa.," on the tip.
Furs and approved country produce
taken in exchange for hats.
THE subscriber thankful Tor past fa
vors, takes this method of informing
his customers and the public in general,
that he has removed to the shop former
ly occupied by him immediately west of
the residence ofVohn L. Snyder, and
one door east of the office of C. F.
Mitchell, Esq., in the Borough of Som
erset where he will constantly keep on
hand, COPPER and
- Tgft-wims
of every description, manufactured from
the best materials and in a neat and du
rable manner. COPPER KETTLES.
articles in his . line of business w:ll be
made to order on short notice. Persons
wishing to purchase good and cheap ar
ticles are respectfully invited to give him
a call. ...
Approvpd country produce will be ta
ken in exchange for ware.
Feb. 17-om. . .
N. B. AIjo on hand, a number -o
Stoves, of different sorts, which will be
sold cheap.
Brs. Speer and Suhn.
THE object of this establishment is
to supply a want greatly felt by re
spectable travellers on our western .high
ways by residents, without family, ta
ken sick and by patients from the sur
rounding towns and country who resort
to this place for relief Irom surgical and
other diseases. Such have often suffered
from the want of the vcrious comforts
and altcntions so necessary and agreeahfe
to the sick, and from careless and un
faithful nurses; and been subjected to
heavy and unreasonable charges.
Invalids will here be provided with
constant, faithful and comfortable atten
dance, snd at a rate much below ihe usu
al charges.
While the care of both physicians w ill
be extended to every variety of disease,
it is intended by Dr. Speer, to give spe
cial attention to
To these branches of his profession
he has given a large share of his atlen
ion for the last twenly-five years, and
he will continue to. devote to them the
experience acquired by a coustanl. prac
tice during that time.
. The Hotel for Invalids is not an exper
iment. Its establishment is suggested
not only as necessary to supply an evi
dent want in this city, in the entire ab
sence of any special provision for the
sick, but is warranted also by. the success
of similar institutions at Cincinnati and
New Orleans the former under the care
of Drs. Taliaferro, Marshall and Strader
the latter under that of Dr. Stone. :
The building selected for the purpose
is situated at the corner of Federal and
Robinson streets, in Allegheny city, ad
joining the city of Pittsburgh. It is
commodious and roomy, an J. furnished
with all accommodations necessary for
he sick. . - -: .
- Applications for admission made
lo the subscribers, at their office on Penn
street, Pittsburgh, or at the establishment.
C7"No coutagious diseases will be adj
milled. - . J. R. SPEER, M. D.
. .J. S. KUHN, M. D.
;: Febniary 25, 1815.' ."- c .
To the heirs nnd legal rep
resentatives of Miehael
Sanneiy tlee'tl.
TAKE notice that an inquest will
.he held at the hue linellitig house
of said deceasen, .in Miltotd township,
Somerset county, on Saturday the 50th
day-of January IS 17, for the purpose off
making partition ol the ro estate t
said dee'd, to and among bis children.
and legal representatives, it t lie same
can be
done without prtjudicc o or
spoiling of the whole; otherwise io value
and appraise the same according to I nv;
at which time and place you arc request
ed to attend if yon think proper.
dccS. 18, C. - Sheriff
Valuable Heal Estate
F O R s A L E.
FTTMIE subscriber offers at private sale
JL the following valuable ical estate
No, 1, a certain tract of
land situate in Jenner township, Somer
set county, containing about 131 acres,
abou CO acres f clear land of which
about 30 acres is in good meadow; on
which is erected a new one and a hall
story frame house, stable and a large
frame weatherboarded barn.
No. 2. also another traet
i'f land situate in said townhip,
containg about 87 acres and 74 perches,
about 40 acess of clear land, of which
about 6 acres is in meadow, whith a Is
story log house and log stable thereon
0. 3. also another tract
of land situate in said township of Jen
ner. containing aboul 118 acres, about
5 acres of clear land, of w l.iii a! out 3
acres is in meadow with a small log house
thereon erected.
If not sold between this nn tl the first
day of April next, it will then te for
rent on the shares.
The above lands adjoin Matthew
Black, Jospph Haines, Henry S. Picking,
George Parker and others, and are situa
ted jnt at the foot of Laurel Hill, on
the Turnpike road. They are of a good
quality, a I irge portion is fine bottom
land, and that which is not cleared con
tains excellent timber.
For terms apply to the subscriber, re
siding on one oflhe tracts.
Sept. 22, '46. 3m.
Jaync's Medicine.
25) THESE medicines are recom
mended and extensively used by the most
inteligent persons in the United States,
by numerous Professors and Presidents
of Colleges, Physicians of the Army and
Navy, and of Hospitals and Almhnnses,
and by more iban five hundred Clergy
men of various denominations.
They are exjTeasly prepared for fami
ly use, and have acquired an unprece
dented popularity throughout the Uni
ted Slates; and as ihev are admirably cal
culaied lo preserve health and cure dis
eases, no family should ever be without
them. The proprietor of these valua
ble preparations received his education at
due of the best Medical Colleges in the
Uui.eii States, -and has had twenty years
expesience in zn extensive and diveeified
practice, by which he has had opportu
nities of acquiring a practical knowledge
of diseases, and of the remedies besi cal
culated to remove them'
Names and prices of Dr. D. Joy tic's
FanxiUj JMeUicienSt tit z
Jayne's Expectorant, per bottle SI 00
Hair Tome, .. ' I CO
Alternative or lirejPreserva-
tive, per bottle,. 1 CO
Tonic Vermifuge, 25 and 50 cis.
Carniinaiive Balsaln 25 & 50 ct.
Sanative Pill, ner box, 0'2"
" American Hair Dye, 0 50
All the above mentioned Medicines
are prepared only by Dr. I). Jayne, In
ventor and Sole Proprietor No. 8 South
Third Street, PJiiladelphta, Pa., 'who
has no hesitation in recommending them
to the community as preparations wor
thy of their entire confidence, and
fully persuaded from past experience,
that they will -be found - eminently suc
cessful in removing those diseases for
which they are severally recommended.
22) THIS medicine has already proved
itself to he all .'thai it' has been recom
mended, by those who have iven it a
in a neieliborin? town ihe case was
that of a lemale, who had for a Ions
time been tinder the care of a physician
but had received no relief, and her rase
was ronsidered hopeless. Asa last re
sort she purchased a bottle ofUr, Jayne's
Expectorant, whHi caused her to ex
pectorate freely, gradually eased her
cough, and rapidly restored her to health.
Wehavejno hesitation in saying, thai
this preparation of I)r. Jnyne, for ihe
cure of Coughs, Cedds, Influenza, Asth
ma, Consumption, &,, is the most val
nable medicine ever offered to the A
roerican pnblir. There is no quackery
aboul il Dr. 'ayne is one of the most
skilful practising physicians in Pennsyl
vania, and wherever his various preper
alions have been thoroughly tested, he
is looked upon as a ereat public bene
factor. Sornersst (Maine) Journal.
Prepared: only by Dr. David Jayne,
N. 3 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
. . Sold by . J.J.&I1.F. Srhell,
: '-. : - Somerset Pa.
: Also by - Edwnrd P,evin, 1 - .
.Z.j'J i.6tytHn'a. '. i
fair test in this country, and the demand ' mine most of a via!; he passed forty very
for it increases daily. We have just ,arSc worm' From that time hi health impro-
heardofan important' rnre frf Asihm-i, ved very rauth' J,ai? triPt 'Hier VcrmifugM
.i i u i r . i l i r . to no purpose. I be heve Dr. At'Law-'s th best
which has been eOerletl by ihe use of arl;tl.ore lhe pub;il.. V sl
FKNDUU lii pntrssHA)nl wh-- lo iK
mIpprentice" wanted.
a N apprentice to ihe INuim !oi
IVk. "KSS 19 wanted by the ?ub riher tt
; Somerset. Application to te m n!e sot-u.
OCSO I. VI i 1.
Vvr tie cure tf Ilrj-ctifc or Lirrr f'fmj.luiHt
Dij.'ixt'n and S'fk Head-Ache.
T5II.-? remedy having lcen forcv(rj ve;iM
afa emphwcil by I he pr.-jritt-r in Lin prartu-r,
on a very large trnle in .Mo-ifP2;n!in. Proton,
Ifarrison nid IJ.inJolph counties, iti Viuit!i .
'ulcs several other p'.ices. ami havics lw tj ar'm
ded w it!i the nsoit happy elltH-t, he ri:ihvn from
time t time soiiiitfj to -iipt sveh a roursc i
woulJ give il a more extensive tircubtiou.
a view to IfssfTt Ihe amount of human sr florin".
Aware of the fart that many u-e!es' nostrums
have been palmed upon the public, he hesitatr.1
for serera! year3 until thoroughly corjxiiu etl that
the above medicine, if properly UicJ. wou!J r.vl
fiil to rfiivt cures in a grout many iiMjnce-i, ami
even to alleviate those cast s which are quite imu'
ab'e. 4
Symptoms of a d'iensed IJrcr. Pain in tire
right siile, unilrr tiie ct'jje of the n!., iiirn-ard
en procure; sometimes the jair. is in ihe hft silo
the patient is rarely a! !c to lie c the It ft sk!
someti res the pain is felt unJer ihe shouLVr
MaJe, it frequ? n'lv exten-Is ilie top of tiie s!jo;:?
dcr, and is sometimes mistaken for a ibeumatism
in the ri;!)! arm. The stomach is ale rted wii:
loss of appetite and sickness; the bowels, in rrfMJ
ral,are costive, sometimes altering with lax. the
head ;s troubled with pain, necoropanied wi;h a
dull, heavy sensation in the Iv.rti part. 'J'here is
generally a considerable loss of memory, am rn
panied with a painful sensntion of bavin? lift
undone something which cucrbt to have Irrrt
done. A slight dry cough is sometime an a'Vn
danf. The patient romplaius of wcarineyn end
debility; he i easily ftartled.Lis fed nre e.!d or
burning, and he roinpiain. of a prii kly penatiori
of the scin; his sjiirits are low; and ahhouch he
is satisfied that exercise would ic lenefeial to
him, yet he enn scarcely summon up fortitu
enough to try it. In fjet, he districts every ie
medy. Several of the atove symptom attend
the disease, but cases have occurred where lew
them existed, yet examination cf the Uxly afier
death has bhown Ihe liver lo have been extensive
ly deranged. .
This is to ccriify, thut having fven asai-jtrj
with Dr. M'La;ie in the practice ct. medicine fr
nearly two and a half years, I have had nuny
opportunities of witnessing ihe good iiTcdso
his Liver Pills, and I Ix-lieve they ha v cured and
relieved a much larger projoriii.n of the t,'i-eases
of the liver, thnn I have known cured and re
lieved hv any other course of trealmerit.
Dec. T, I8a'ff. OMVKi: .MOKG.l.V, M. D.
(JjObsktite Xone are gniEine withoul a
fje-similc cf the proprietor's signature.
Prepared for tiie proprietor b
Vholesalc and Ctlail Dmjrgitt. corner f
4lh nnd Wood sis, Pitt.-I ur. Pa,
They are a!.-so sold by the following aeutj.
John I.. Snyder, fc'omcr-ct.
Hay Sc .Morrison, Lnvansville,
Knnble and Vought, Centrevill ,
. M. A. Jos;-. Petersliurgh,
A. Wyatt, StamhtWlJ,
C. Uoolv, Wc'lersburgh.
Samuel Kurtz, omerrt-t.
Samuel Hornet. Ahlison.
I.ivrngond & WeliHey, S'aTi?bcry.
Charles Kris.-ituer. Berl n.
lMm. Kernan, Jenner C'res-s roads
L'Jvvard iieiiu, Stovstown.
l& V. Myers, Myers Mill.
N. I- In order that there may l-e nr mi-taJce,
be particular and ak for "Dr. .M 'line's Liver
Pills." jnnta'-ir,)
Patent Vermifuge.
Dn. McT.xik( Avrnicix Won Spinric
Promptly cxprk Morns to an uh.toi-t in
credihh numUr!
TO Fiibsfantinfe the alvc f ji l many hundred
of teslintoni.ils eeu'J le adduced, out of
which the following are selected, from individ
uals of btnnding nnd veracity. Indeed, it is con
fidently aliirnjcd that each new trial of the pow
ers of this remedy will have an additional ten
dency lo widen end confirm its f.ime, nnd tiut if
t were universally known and d;il'jsrJ OVCr th
United states, it would not save less than many
hundreds, if not thousand of lives auiua!ly.
I do certify that a vial of Dr. .MT.ane's Amen
can orm Specific expelled five hundred two
whole worm- and piece that n-otdd have made
sixty more, from a boy of Jjhn I.cwcUing, hi h,
il laid iu a straight line, would have mo.-t probably
measured ihe mormons length cf cue huiuher
yards. JOI.iI JACKSU.,ov.iicrof U ate
Forge, and other works, Slonongalia county, V
This is to certify that I purchase.? from HoTrn-
& Kiild a vial of Dr. M'Lanc'a American Worm
Spceifi", and gave two doses to a boy of min
about three years years of age. He passed fully
half a pint of warms. The quantity ntruo huge
I was really alanueil. and railed in several of my
neighbors to see them. Had this Mory teen re
lated to me, I catild not have credited it, without
being ai eye-witness lo the surue. My child's
health improved much nfier.
Merchant Toilor, Wood st, Pittsburgh
Some two months ago I purchased a vial of Pr
M Lanes American orm Si-ei ifie. I ave a ly
JliiHin township, Allegheny county.
From a regular Physician, Dr G S Smith, Sun
fish, Ohio.
Mr. J. Kidd Dear Sir I hzw ued in my
paclice Dr. M'Lane's Anierh an Worm Sjitcjilc.
mdhave often witnessed iu efilcaey in exf eliing
worms from the system. A patient of mine, a
short time ag j, gave a vial of the Worm Speriilo
to a child; in a short lime upwards of wstv-fiva
worms were eipelied.
Prepared lor the Proprietor by
Wholesale and Retail Dn iggiMs. corner of
...... 4th and Wood sts, Pittsburgh.
Also for sale by the f lilowing agenU
JOHN L. .SNVDEU'.'soinerwf,
Hay and Morrison, Lav juviil.
K nable and Voo-ht. Centre ihV,
Rt A. Ross, Peler.t.crgh,
A. Wyatt.Smithfield.
G. CMk, Wellersborgh.
Samuel Kurtz, Soitn-rstt.
Samuel Harnef. Ad!i!i.
LivcnoMl 5c W-h-. Salisbury
Chailes Kriinger. Ceilin.
iJdui. .tenner Cros read
Edward Hevin, .Vtr-vsiown.
I'.A. V. Myers. MveM .Mill.
N. B: L'e rarlimla. to k f ir Dr.,.tT a.'t
American Worai Specific, tr P-Unt Vcnmfu,.