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I f2 53 WILL Li: UJ.W.GED.
Sex? Scries.
Vol. 5,-Kc. 4.
Tbo is l "' grm'e reader,' who,
j,3t labors hard m pleasing you,
r(. j:i;ig ij.Il that's strange e;;i! new ?
The Printer.
Who is it brings yon from a far,
Pi-lb-gcnee of bloody war,
0r teats ot some immortal tar ?
The rimer.
Who tells v0'1 c'" sfiirs of Suits,
Wli2:i Lgi'b!ors legislate,
Av.d re ir. gaged ia warm tic-bate ?
The l1
"Who is it with sncssnd kcle.
Chastises well ihe knave and fool;
And keeps at awe the party ool !
The Printer.
whom is it that learning's got,
And genius to perfection brought
Oh 1 reader, say say is it not !
The Printer.
Siv. ye who always wish to know
How the concerns of nations ro
Wham do you for that knowledge owe?
The Printer.
Ye politicians too cm tell
W! o makes you understand so well
Tit' affairs on which you love lodwell-
The Printer.
Then, reader, why should you deby,
(Though many do from d.iy to day,)
With punctuality to PAY
The Printer.
Bombardment of Tabasco.
The cw Orleans Picavune has ken
. M-i ti mtf,,-: ,to t;
eamst 1 aba?co. I uc cntcrrrtse f tiie i i-
b . , f .
cyune says) was a.mgether success.ul. ,
The o!ject of the expedition was to cut
fet certain prizes anchored in the rier. !
Theic were all taken. W hen ihe ci
was summoned to surrender, the peop
(e i
w ere all in f.;vor of yielding at once.
ty opposed it. i
ITl'J A I f Mll'f"
The Governor : nd fchlicrv
1 m.e was given lor nil p- .20 persms, ;
women nn ) r:o!i.:n, .o c.
o: nariii s
v:iv: but the tifvci. r: um.u not
-I in. I-
cation was principally done upon inolTen
,r,n ;
eive persons, tlse city would havo 5een t
raoiished, with the exception ol the resi
denccs of foreign consuls and the
i i e squaurou cohmmcu oi uie Aiiris- i
... 1 ... . i
l -r.i.- At:..:..
S ii'.Js ; lionit i, Licutcn mt Commanding
l'fniiam; Peeler, Lieutenant Surret;
Nonita. LifutemMit ILzinl ; revenue stea McLane. Capt. Howard; revenue
rmter Forward, Captain IVones ; 200 sea
men and marines from the Kari'.an and
Cumberland, under command of ('not.
ToriTrt, Lieutenants Gist Winslow Walsh I
II".., tMn .....1 t..r. !
ro,T . 'f , - , . t-
ol i :e .dsrm:.?. liievleit Anton L-zar- '
ctirrent very rapid; towel by the. Pe- ,
irna u:,l ixen : oas.-:i ie;is irn iii
f in.. iO-ed, tv an omcer 01 me .u n s:u . ," 7 1 volunteer". immense numbers with hi wh-.c force.
.... .1. A.' 1 ! LiWU. .I1UK IS ll H U IM ,V Illf'.'SIS i ti : :! C f-H I . : I ,C in HIl'l i I !, t' T 1 -f
w., crgaffcd in the -iTatr ofTabasco, with ... t. , 'T , :. " ' ; .t ; men are said to be rallying r, round me a-,v lh:.
, t !-,., tho T V . ;' - v tons standard. The accounts received I .':,; " nf . v
e r.ncxeu summarv and ske. c, ot the , It wd be seen by raacimg lh:s cursory deavoitng to disposes his Excellency of : al lU, C ;i:1 irou, aH Pepartmcnt, are I , .
,fVn, P-wnv. tvitti the de- rcrturl :i,:;t ihn Commodore srr.rcd the thn oDn..:,.- m,.-.;' natv,.p xti.wd. ..Ir. . , . ' . . , . oo rn.. . nilo . ill or
, - i --- - ---- - ......j v. r.. v., ...... t0 ,;e c;ico:;.-:!g;ng to ania .tvK rS , f.(-Ur
i . . . i. V- citv (r..m h!!tr.-nf ffi!i!t 1 he. mm .r. , i , c.Jr -I-.-.t,... . . . . ..... .-.uc in in., i ru u
f .n I m.lil r.I lf ' S M'lIL lli.Ht.i ..-!"' " i-.ii.un .u.i. m.i. u miiv ui u.aiiii-, N.lrrf. CiiM'lliivu: n . ill'. tir-rs !
a.-Jo-.eto leave, so th..t it is feared -ost iiK 1, troops u no ,o,. .. .v ,ore , e:e:ny to tmtu our oblations ; .hcKCJ? nzT with an overwhelm
" . , , , , . of cannon, beside? an uii inown number ol i to tne country, and to repel tne sugges- r ;n v ';-.-;!.m u '-r- ii p invv'n
of those kilied during the bombardment j rrn5e.J pea5?nts ; aiS f(f whom wcr, pos-ed Uons of tho; wh, endeavor to distnd us JrmnV'ibUeV' '
nuuiw. a'uuu.-. .i.i. in .ioii iniii'.n ," I...- tu.ij sui..t liWiiiw1 o.-j-.-c.e.. i iia j .iii: oou- r I Jc has dc.'led on yb-p.ponin" Tampi-
we.-e killed. Had it no been thai the ex- ; pation of stone or brick houses hence we I or to re:vn:. to your Kxct ilcxicy my I rA ,v:thftl, mr.l-in anvrr;tn4 hrba I
v.'hm in-- jo: i o. verier, an arrivcu ai , , . . , c , . - ,- . , .
v. , .. , i i r.ave pi iced across tne mouth of the river our ruerr.v a lute longer ,v tkirmi-
i r-.Uiiera on the 23d. Captured steamers ' , . ,, , , , , , - , , , ' r
it , , ... . 1 , , three strong chain cables, and sunk vessfls and other o'ist:;c!es, wc shali soon
i etnta and ii.iasvaeno, and several small; . , - ,, , . , , ; . f . ,.
, nt . - ; . - i , , ; on t:ic t ar. Ii would be entirely useless t mem retire from our countn .
vt-ro.'s. On the 2 !i i and 25th ascended , . , ir '
thn river sevcaiv-f.vo miles t.i Ia'asco; 1 I A hagoi truce Irom tne united
2 V. M.; i-m le lau-.l spiked four 2 1-poun- j The steamship Massachusetts arrived 1 lion bestowed upon the officers and
ders. Arriied off Tabasco at G P. M., ; cj Xew Orleans on the ICth instant, from j e" of the Truxton, wliile prironers in
and anchored in line ahead, distant 13 J p a. . ,:, ivT ir. ,iiprn ttin f Mexico, and announced the acceptance of
yards iio.;i the snore. Summoned the' , ' , . the proposition to liberate Gen. ega and
c'v to surrender, governor rciuseu. i " other Mexican
Fired three shots from the Vixen one j to Draso? troops from New York,
cut down the hbg-stafiTof the fort, and as j Capt. L.oiottf., of the 1st Infantry,
the colors fell, we though-that they had came over on her. He was severely
stirrendered. An o,T:eer came off with a j wounded at Monterey, but we were hap
rcqu?L lV.I wc would snare their hospi- py to find him in the finest spirits, and he
tals, which was granted. At 5 o'clock j is doing we'd. He left Monterey on 3d.
bnded 200 seamen and marines, hut, as it
was too late to attack the fort, they were
ordered on board. Some skirmishing en-
sued, but none of us were hart. This
was Sunday, and the Commodore was
somewhat reluc;ant to commence the at-
tack on that da v. Cantured one brio-.
three sch.xmeis, and one large sloon : also
captured one scliooner oeiore we arrived
W-.I ron.rra. zn.. r.;u,iav.-r or. our passage
up the river; making in a,l one brig, live
S'i:oo!ier, two s'eamer. one sloop, and
many small craft and lighters. Monday,
2r).h. a: davlijh?, a tharp fire of nmskeirv
h.;:n rhore, which was returned by our
great gars firing at the flash. The firing
cuntmued lor some time at intervals,
when, a white flag was shown by the ci-
vuians on shore, 110 doubt with the con-
sent cf th?i Governor. Sent ofT a petition
ta the Commodore to spcre the town,
Hh;:fc he -?Qt4. Idj tint hoply fa
' sired to fiyht the soldiery. Got the pri- !
1 zes under weigh, and wh r-scrv prepar- '
; ihe while. Lieut. W. A : P.-i'rker got' a-
.snore wi;!i ins prize vr -..: near the citv, s
, . . . . ..
rim was attacked oy sooiut-tJ.iy soId:e:i, j
; whom he beat off with about eighteen men ;
i loin? nnlv on- and having but two wound- ;
' eJ. This afi'iir lasted thirty minutes. !
. n.rui. f . .uo;r was u;Cnaieuea in ,
! ;.,. f w .! i.j i
( him with order?, and, paffip heavy .
'llrnfmv -.c .... u ;
; neck by a musket ball. Lieut. Morris ;
mnt ga!i;.n!ly, until he ffll in the arms of :
Midshipman Cheever, who was with him.
i he Commodore then com:r.eneed can- '
nonadinz in earnest from the Vixen. Boni- i
ta, and Forward, and in the space of half j
j or three-fourths of an iiour almost demol- j
! ished the city sparing the houses of the !
i foreign Consuls and such as appeared to .
I be inhabited l?y peaceful citizens.
At about midd.iv the fleet left Tabasco.
v., J I'kwvu till. I I v 14. i . 1 L. V f
ry and irreat uns, and swept them com
pletely of every living thing. All the
prizes were saved with the exception of
one, which was burnt by the Cemmodres
order, it having been found impossible to
get her clear of the "Devil's Turn," a ra
pid in the river.
Arrived at Frontera on Sunday at mid
night inhabitants all peaceful having
tTair st Tabasco and the return of me vc-s-
ler marines, under Lieut. Lrown.
, .. r, . ,!
were on board tbe J etnta. Darmg l ie
. ,.,,,, . . .
2oth and 2Cth all the pnzfs were duly dis-
... , , ' . . T i
patched and arrived at Anton Ltzaroo.
The Peirita, on iter return under com
n j.l'J
of Lieut. IJcrt. captured the American brig
Pivmouth, Capt. Parkerson, engaged .n
'discharging cotton at Alvaradobar.
t Lieut. .iop.Ris died on tic 1st insTnt
i!i.iam:in:. eou.d not tea re, as VTOvcr-
. ,
r.-r Vvouiil not permit tnem ; hence tr.ev
... can,;on'.
.e ar,i ti.::.- esc;':cd detraction. II..'
it not been 'dial we should have been obii- t
geti to Kid many innocent persons oesore
i . i -i, t r
taking the city, I ahasco at tms moment
v.ould have hern ours. As it is, we have
1... . . f ... . I
pant tnem dearlv lor Uie shot mat cepriv-
( us 0fl,tcvt. Morris. Long will they
r?me:niK-r our visit and (tread U:e return i
. - i h i. .i nn t o o.
The Mexican force was three hnndrcd t
could onlv re?ch tnem witn our greai guns
nd at every disadvantage.
j ceton. together with the gutiboats and six
. rni c, t-.., .,,1 sm
prize vessel. J he St. Marx sr.ndoom
. , - T - -1 .i i .
I i'lnpico, the McLane inside the bar at j
Tabasco, an I the Forward blockading Ta- '
inc ci.anewmgetoutonnigni
Lieut. Renshaw came v.p f-.-m
squadron under orders to iVnj.'ivi , i.
yard. Ileaith of t'ie squ::d;. n rr"
i good.
s" "'
1 here i a .cxican force o! a.?i
. . ,
o six mousanu men at .xnarauo. i
i instant, and our private advices cornel
; c!ow,i to the 2d.
; The gallant Major Lear, of the 3d In-
fantrv, has died of his wounds. He was!
j buried on the 1st inst.
Gen. Wool had communicated with
! Hnn. Tvriir. on two occasions. It vrould
nnnear that the former has detached one
etn kent in awe during our absence by v.i;!i him ns a lifc-riri! rt 'I'-pu'vu-i . & c,. T . o , i .t..i.. i -
T . . , , ... - , . , can Jji;)5 i oiO-i uno oeciareu
auitu... uu. I a "Ccount oi ttic attempt on uen. Gen. Sabs, Acting President of
i ne revenue steamer .m-iyms i a:as lite was lorw.-irdert to Santa Anna in favor of Santa Anna,
wliile attemr.t'm'r to nass t'oe bar. and did i l- V.x-.r mr.v:nrv A' .', .' " A' ". . .
. - . ... , - "-- , ...v.. unuieis:oi vcio'-er vcn. Ainnu
H.'.ituuiciiiiijaui mu i:n.ii n.c ; iraVCae'J HOUl IP. 5 lJOUOi lUlS ,:., .ir-ii-.(' t I im Pn-nsi -m.l
, ilulc, 111:1. li"'-UJricrs -'M cvacu-.tin' it lie sh. ill stren-Tihen his ov.m
The following vessels were at Anton T.uis i'o osi. (). t ?.!. I si c. ! . 7 -... ?. .t.
I .1 I I i 1 I II "I IT I J
: ----- ;.r;nv. uiiu v,e;iM-!i vikii. ian r , ,!
Ltzardo on the Sth of November: l i;.g- . ... r o ...:u'i. ..t.i:.,, "...;.i.-JMw
rt- Uh.p Cumberland, fnga es llaritan and j ,.,lf pftn,. n ! body of troops to hde possession of and
Potomac, steamers Mississippi and Prm- Mexico, Out. .0, 18 io. A hue cor:, . j , . . l
... )
.. ....I. . ...tmtf
cr two
' to Ch:
; that Gen.
of del
1 wav with Gen. Wool's pi:
ceded that the latter's troops cm be more
- serviceaiile south of Chihuahua, -which
does not require so large a force for iu
; subjection.
Wc have no definite knowledge of Gen.
1 Taylor's plans, but may -sJate that the pre.
1 railinj impression antong o5icers is that
and men from his command to take 1 tion was pertormed at tne .iercnanis ho.wumuj. u,w,0 ... .............. ...... - , ... , r.on linon tne Governor ot tha
. . , .u (..1 1 Tt it..:.i rr;iv., ..f 1 mno rpsncctah p wp-dthv. :ini! nni- ! sps nnvH hmiiirht timiU the late P'!r:cal i , . . . .
o .uonciova, anu wnii mt-uni- iei, in mis cnv, ov uv. j.iwu ,.v.... ; -'. , I , , , . ! i v of .New 1 orK. inn r?g'.mcni os-
thousand proceeded on his march Gettysburg, 1'rolessor 01 rmrgery ai me ; usi ui ; o- e. " " , - ... ; .,rj..s to the citv cf Nov.- York.
dmahua. It seemed to be regretted Pennsylvania Medical College. Mlbcrt ; oayonet. i ney pmaged nouses ai pica- menT,provoAea o ine .m i..,, , -
Taylor, from motives perhaps . street. Dr. Wagonseller bore the intense ure, and insulted women and children . ing proihgney 01 tne ie.,erai , Tt the hwrt cf every trea
icaey; refrained from entering in any j pain of the operation with perfect hero- j without hesitation, and under the pretence ( Hon ; and it is hut JIaT"Z Whig to k-m lor.t the Hon. Vzow E.
Tampico is to bo the next point of attack, j
From Monterey we learn from an an- j
est had transpired since our list dates'. j
LATE TiiO.'?! .".IKaICO.
Bv wav oi Ilavanna. the X. Y. Sun
has received intelligence
rni7, ,fi. :ne. 7?,.; m;..
, T. . . " ,
I'er oi Foreign Relations, and Gen.
Pacheca Minister of Justice, have rc-
caneies thus caused have been filled bv
Reappointments of Gen. LalVegno and
T , , ,, ,.
Gen' Lr-l"'om de vara. 1 lie State
? Sjn uis P"tosi has pronounced against
Salas, declaring that Santa Anna, or some
one appointed !y him, ought to assume
the Government. Don Felix Kivas.
bearing a commission for Government,
came passenger in the T.tV to Havanna.
' ' t - ' ' ' . " ' ' ' k .
Several attempts of assassination have
been made against Gen. Sabs, and other
recent threats, hate been nude, in conse
quence of which he left the Capital on the
otn int., tor laeu'oaya, where he will
remain m tne nouse oi fcenor t-lores .
President Silas was esc
, c ,
cuy oi .ucuco pv the troops stationed at
Potosi, at the rule of 12 miles an hour
extracrdinarv. indeed, for Mexican :
orec. i
r, e , . '
Gf.x. Santa Asna to Gex. Ai.?tosTE. ;
uie Capitol, i iiese wi l i l-o remain T-f.i !-,cr:
:,. .t. i.;..i...f. j
' !I!'J unr nrtvaii, "i' irnr .-irr i;:r. . t-
Sir: Hy the recept.on of your circa- t3vrn:rrnr there will soon
br of tl,e l'Jth mst., 1 have learned with ,)e a Jesi ve battle, which we arc per
extreme regret that cur foreign enemies, ' .v;ji (, f 1Vnr d,lf. m
i by means ol ti!sj;i;seti agents, aliemptedon ;
and wotml na-.e proda u d tns mo.t disas-
trous ccnscqyences, had it not been op-
, portuiuly diMCveml t.t 'u v.t n.rr.t.
. I u ;?v -c.ig.v wiai tra:..iui,.
and puidic coniKh-nre remain iirmly es-
and puiilic confuivi;
. ,., . - .... . .- " .
uimsncu in ttns Mate, and ctmtorming
tnysell to Uie wishes ol the Supreme Gov- j
ernmeut, I Uke good care liiat it is ;
.. . ,
well jrt served, i beg leave to assure j
year Llxee'.iencv, on tiie o irt of invself
and tho troops un.ier my comtntir.i!, that )
i no other thought is given place to here j
excerd a d-sir
tor revenge r.gamst ouri.,n(j in;,.;n rrr, cr;;n;j to rc
coiisidCi.'.uon and u:gii ie-iect.
Manlt.l Maria ee Saxdoval.
The following is translated from "El
Diano del Gomcrno, of Mexico, of Oct.
"tlA '
n is aiu i ic
!.!',' til l?i cum ,it o-i . a
;. ihivs; that the crews of the squadron
mostly si -k with tin scurvy that the
, ti - ernmeut have already sprr.t 675,lK0,
t;0 in the w; r. To debv is a triumph
'on our part, as we have before said; and
if ue are ordv fortunate enough to hi
i sqadron to era i,ruz, conveyed the
jthanksofour Government for the atten-
- - M 1
The 'Naiionol Guard" were pouring
into Vera Cruz. Every means that in
genuity can devise, are adopted to ?xcite
the people in favor of the war.
j A few days since. Dr. Wagonsclier,
j Senator from Union County, had the en
tire arm will portions of the collar hone
and shoulder blade removed in conse
quence of a malignant disease, arising
; ; from iniuries received some time since by-
! being thrown from a sulkey. The opr-
prospect of recovery
Id The Vermont Legislature previous
to adjournment, passed resolutions that
1 Vermi
Vermont will not give her assent to the
sion of anv new State into the Union
' whose constitution establishes slavery.
a, Ii i rnn-i i-sin. and IS now clomsr well,' Witn every -wan-i urua men 1 ur in a- ircuier.uo i kiv-.uuu?. r-r n,.,r, ..r--v of ths .tv im-.ier
November 17.
Important from
The brig Havne arrived here vesterdrtv
, rr -i " r "
Irom liavanna, brimrin? u? hies o. papers
from that port to the ?t!i mst. On the
, , . . . ,
previous dav, ihp CdMhe Bnt:h ficamer
'a-v nrrive- nt Il.-vnnna from Tampico ;
'fb Tnv Iprf i'
1 h- 1 a le'1 1
1st instant,
ult., and from
Potosi, wither thev were ordered, for the
purpose o! lormmg a junction with tne .
Santa Anna. The cilia
izens of Tampico,
;n v- ,.c thn c1,., c i
" "-'v.v.-.......
town, and ihe (.read ot a hostile visit irom 4
ollr ..n,j anj forccs v,ere leaving in
fi,..;,.,'.l..-ti r. t .,?." f ?,;c
. ti.-: :r ..
iisiwu. I pill.- n u.nviii, .1 riv
i i . .u ' . n-
need"., to the repn.-t of his movement a-
4 r. r1,.,,
iramst Gen. U ool. A era l. ruz paper
t r..
5ni,j to ,e cf the principal ,-iti-j
zc;;s of the ri:v !ex:eo. '-?cv ';r-1
ionized to gaa-.-.n 't. ! upward.
j c,f one thousand art.zans had volunteered
for t!ie F....:0 pnrnn-c.
-" r
Ltns Potosi. S.inla nnnahasre-
5.:,ivrij r.n drawing tiie whole militarv
KrVfT u r,fC couhtv in n i" point ot
oni v "src tj,c rein;jar coldi-rs. who are
uv vrcd"ovcr -.n inmcne rxlrrt
f,p ;crr"p.-,rv. ordered to marcli toiliat point
Sua yyis iloso!HU au the volunteers
i no disposable force to garrison it, and by
Wc append the following extract of a
letter, dated
Vera Cruz, Oct. 31.
A condncta arrived at Mexico on the
20th from Guanajuato, with about
I.2h0.000, so that money was again
"it 1
abundant there. Another lias left
Luis Potosi on the lfith inst. lor Tampi
co, with upwards of a million. The 13ri
tish sloop Elcctra has sailed to Tampico
TJjc Oti'.rns;es ii ?auvco.
tCT Hxtract from a private letter to the
Editor of the Nevv Yoik Tribune, dated
-, Illinois, Nov. 5, 1840.
"Gov. Tord is now at Xauvoo.
t hat
citv ami county is suffering under the cf-
S k-cts ot twe lawless movements wnicn
have been carried on there for the last few
years. I was there two days after the
mo! entered the city, and a more desolate
looking pbee was never seen. Out of
probably 2,500 houses, not more than 10
or 50 seemed to be occupied.
"Tiie mob had a guard there of over j
100 men, under a committee of public
safety, before whom every person they
1 disliked was summoned, and ordered to
leave the county, not to return unuer pa-n
! ny miles around the citv, in everv direc-
j tion, nearly every hirm house was aban
tinned, the fences were thrown down, and
; die crops at the mercy of cattle and h'TS
and -law and order' men. Such scenes
; were never aeard of in a 'ctrxuzed cun-
J fry.
N. O. Time?. N
Iate and lnf
it r , i a immuiii:i i i tun K i t-
Wit J U 4. till r v . V V 111 tk.-t ' " . . t , - . . . I lli IU I ill.. .ItiT I D T I
xo last named port on the . . - ' of tijiion, shrugs. ! ";R a?cePl f'13 nniSSions. This in-
nm! brotisht fall files of pa-; nocK fiIlernatc sral!cs fcnJ iVowns, and j l' "J her say.),,
i.e citv of Mexico to the 27th ; thit whole calaio-ue ( f silent bnguage ; ,c u letter Irom Hnvan-i, whirl,
. . . . sa lUat lion I riiT l?ivr. ...i .
VeraCruz to the 31st. -,th hich P?sons oi rrench ar,., jn "
Santa Axxa. Oiucial imorrm.tion ; f. . , .. r,milv -ird ! ' '3 ie 't'"rcr ' l!iec onn missions,
iii i- ien. Ampiiiiiii i- (i a i r..nt u iamn , au i . , , . ... . .
had been received at tne citv of Mexico j fc lJie yc .. Miics j object ot his miss-on t to endeay.
from Santa Anna, that he was daily con- Tavo' c o:htr inn(1. wa8 as P"1 into eifect. h h, howev.
centratmg a large force at S:n Lms de ; drvas a d,i rs hiin a pipe.stem, and c.r; f"1 lhat ll,e ?'n;sh authornus will
Polos;; and were then announced as be- VTU. Dressed in bis best do aiI lKv can to prevent it, but tn.t :her
ing about 20.COO men. coat; (which. bv-the-bv. looks ns if it had :f S "any oesrate charts rmi
i ampxco. V e have received dates servCil hnlf.a.(!nzcn campaigns.) with his i " "' , "J J" "ai 11 ,s
from Tampico to the SliSi ult. Letters olaz;f, oirlh ca strSi;,, '.nj,, and -'et.,ey may elude all the precaut.o.n
announce that on the following day, the J SW.f:!Silinpri, Ve:t. lie looked more aJPted !v ! authontiei. Our Govern.
23th, the whole of the the troops in gar- ilke an old farmer. Mrlv clceial militia ",e"! ?h niined,jU'iy to sirergd.enthe
rison there were to evacuate the place and co?OPf.i ivrin h d on hi eve-v-dav ' , ,:Ja',rn - 'n0" tws.ll fssu
tal c up the line of march for San Lvis. b 'f. ".r,.,!," , :...:-4u c;,Tn ,W ! S?,,M1 rri'rs, to nip the plan in the bud.
tn- I " '"' ' sf .!. bnve not f ed iwrt in Indiana. So th:U the prohuii
I the specie for shipment. Two private -,"-. ' -- .
! L,.,c rrWA h"r. fMm MovW wi.h i nvad t hems, 1 vcs, smgubriy favored our are very strongs in fat or of t.13
j : ',1 o Ul ' Th., ricnlmrd population linving a clear majority m th? n-xt
j: ' i were tel.! that the hHi nrices thev w fre 1 ere- a very important matter to th
Gene. AnipKriin and Taylor.
S"u An,i;m'. 1:1 cIal1? 10 lI'e canlula"
tion ci Mor.tsrev, has been de?rn'n'd to
-. , -
present, a vcrv rich &cc:?e, m w!.:c! the
' ... . .
two chief actors were in fine contrast.
nd fine
m:i:. . fft lolr. nb 1,5m from
a rrnnii n- niPfP rivi?iar Tn his retdv
o nr. ,.f ,i,.;in,t " in h rp.dv
I III .-!!! I HlUi;! S Hill ' 11 II I c.IlM:C-, lit; 11,-1.1
. - 4 I 1- I, n;ul 1
Rn.u t:r(tM Ki,,n, ' ...i r-innbtif i;n-rusff.
.. , ; ' . -
tnat tne vaiornus .Mexican w:s inrown an
,Knf.- .,,i ui . .
a ones, arm 'van notnmg to sn .
Ampudii opened tiie interview by sta
ting that his forces were too large to be
conquered by Gen. Taylor's army that
hclndan abundance of ammunition, 7,
000 infantry and 2,000 cavalry, with 40
cannon, and the best artillerists in the
world that his loss was very small; and
he felt confident that he could defend the
citv agTiiiSt a moHi stronger fore than
j that under G-n. Tavlor ommand ; but
that, from motives of humanity to spar?
'.he ff;:sirm of blood to save thelites of
iiHOie-s women and c'ui Iren he was
, 't
l!;e great Mexican ivsti m rs to surrender
tl;e city, provide d he wa-ai'iowcd to retire
end c-.rry the pu'dic
and all the arms and
ated proc!;-m;;:on. wa
: i r.,.r -rr-t!
,vr-.v r, r ; ' j. r:.-Ah-x lets old
z;,rk quietlv stm-k his hands dvcp' into
h ,.rrf.ciic; rocUets. cocked his head a
... -
frarnished with numerous :ii!--ii,:i' to t'ie
little fn one su!, and getitiv ra:;ng his
grizzb evebrows. that die bold lit'.le
eye lurking beneatli might full play
upon the gnmddoqurnl Mexican replied
.i r i . . . 7 . -
m tneseie .y out cxpresMvc oru;
'Gen. Ampu lia. we came here to take
Monterey, and we are going to do it on
such terms p p;- u. I v,Uh y-"
rood nvriMrg." And the vd Genera!
hobbled oil ru hi two short little legs,
leaving ihr ?lexic,in (ieneral and staff in
the profoundest '.ewihlerment.
The political chnngrs exhibited in the
results of she elections which have been
held during the present year, are so nu
merous and decisive as to indicate beyond
all question th d a complete and general
revolution in public opinion has taken
place. It is in vain that the r.dministra
timi pror.-rs attribu'e the defeats ef their
party to local or incidental causes : they
are the evident results of a spontaneous
movement of the great body of Use people.
The bro-id seal of public censure has been
i distinctly obced upon the policy of the
i ' . - . "
Government, and (his not, in a season oi
excitement, nor under ihe presu.rc of a
commercird and financial crij-is. but at a
of which the or-
I obtaining for their produce were tne c
gitimate conscqnences of the Tariifof '10,! it was insisted came us for
?Q ffp lA con?
scnted to open
our pc!!, lo ,Pr manufacturers. Hut tbe
farmers of die United States are not the
1 1.1 - C.l- ..I.!,.'. iVo inn ir-w-i! tne -t
. . , . 1 . ipi
Vr astimgfon supposeu i.icm :o 1,?. a ne
saw tliat fierce necessity had complied
all Europe to look to our well filled gran-
aries as the onlv resource against famine;
nd could xot see that by supplying the
operatives cf England with bread which
they could get nowhere else, we conferr
ed upon them the right to supply us with
thousands of articles which we could make
as weil at home, in the manufacture of
which hundreds of millions of capital were
invested, and upon the prosecution of
,t-VitK crtmrt ilrrwrt milr f r r rs' trorA
dependent for support.
' , , ' . , . .
Let not the Incofocos lay the flattering
The Hon. R. J- Ingersoll. oar new
Minister to Russia, sailed from New York
on Monday, in the packet ship Burgundy,
for Havre. He was accompanied by hta
son, CVi. C. M. lngcr3olI.
. . T I . I . - n it .'ff f IKV. 11 i Mil l' l.-'SCLkld MM
I . WW. WAAVCAi n f ---- .
er in loib. p-5;den
Tho!at New Or:e:'a-Bu!le:;n"tatr
r.s an iipor::nt iurn i?: !!e ret tnt inteiii.
cn c lro n hc nty of .Mexxo. !:::t letsen
Troni t!,ence cs hue ; s rl.:n
'Oin ih?. Usi Pnurr.-s, announce t!;s in.
j in,- cfn hr,TJ . i r ,. r
V, c! Jtrfr-of-marous
j Commissions, inch iae been forwarded
I l Uaan:'. tether wui, blank p dents fur
i " aa-v i Pvatcers should be fctie.1
oul mien-fencer.
I ii
! I he Liuon takes cccsssion to
i a j uiiiiwydiiua unuer every
phase of its tortuous and vacillating course
of action. "When Gov. Marcv declared
tint no more troops were necessary for
the prosacutioa of Lha war, ths Union
was ready to compliment thj economical
spirit of its masters. Ihut decision was,
opinion, the very best evidence of in its,
profound statesmanship !
And now the Administration has stulti
fied itself in that opinion : and before ths
letter ot the Secretary of War i:x which it
i embodied, is cold, aa on!.?r i? issueil
br 8300 additional troops ! In oa'dii-
' 111 i'-1-311-
j :n'rT ,nis oroer, tne Laioa com-bcentiy
I observes:
"This movpmpnt annoi-t in ttftT
n.en he had finish- ! conformity with the policy, latter, lv as--t:on,
which, in the i s:ffncj ! c'ihe federal press and its scribes.
of masterly inactivity."
(,... . , , . .
-lrAS 5 op:-tJllJ.v' - H.. The .tl ij
i Pw hl answer to the fulsome adbtious
; which the twadler of the Union heaped
nn0;i those who hare hbed Lim to do
I "A ' to
op.-uiiuv-. ?a i . p. g .Wiiij.
ueh work, but sahl what the course cf
the Administration itself ha? shown to Le
true, that more men would !:c found i:ec-
j t sar v
j rssary to carry on tiie war rigorously.
This every iiuelllgeni man saw anJ pro
j . biir.t d at the verv moment the fact was
j j t)V ths Sceretsry of War. Th t
functionary, by the advice of the Presi
dent, has only now d&oe what every one
said a month ago would have to be done.
Albany Journal.
The Washington Union in making art
estimate of parties, before the recent elec
tion, conceded to t'ie Whigs 106 members
of the House,, to 121 locofcccs. In this
estimate New York was set down as 17
Whigs to 17 Locos, New Jersey as 3
Whigs to 2 Locos, and Ohio as 11 t 10.
Correcting these error- bv adding six to
! tha Whigs in New Yor', one in New-
I Jersey and one in Ohio, the hig
strength 114 and the Locos 1 1 6. This
j gives the Locos hut two majority :n the
,r .ft.. TT l - I 1 '. .
House. The hie? have, however, a
vcrv fair chance to?aiii one in Vermont,
one or two in Maryland, ami two in V:r-
- 1 sp.ou'-d the election oi tne next rreiaeni
nf the United Sutes happen to be throwa
: into the House I
IC7 The number of steamboats built at
Pittsbnrg, Pa., during the pas', year, will
aver ge one per wees.
Ko.B3niES AT YoKtv.
Robbers nrc bu
j sy at York, Pa. On Thursday nai last
thev entered the Washington House, stu'e
a dozen silver spcor.s, opened .ur. Aew:s
Miller's trunk, from vriiich they trek a
bout $18 in ancient coins, gathered in Eu.
rope, and then dec-imped. On the sno
night thev entered the dwelling of Mr. L.
Erb, but sloped before obtaining ar.y
f A- f I-
Nr.w Ychk Volitnteer'. Tne first
I rn.! ff !unt- T?,
u.rdsr Loionet
! Waud B. RrasET. hr.rS oeen ort-Tf J
1 ii-pr.''l into the service of to Lnueu
; er J 1 t r-,;nn r,
to fill tbe vacancy m t o o.m--r n; . ..1
ed bv iho res"r:a:v5a cf M;. I1avwsc3
1 .V, it'tVe.jjff.
Preside: Harson, has been elated by
the Legislature cf the or'-s C'2r
olinA to lie 2 Senator of the United State,