The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, October 27, 1846, Image 4

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    Tkxm papr tc rmhiihd vry Tuesday, at ?2
per tan, ptytKlo half-yearly la advance.
tf-W r'J witHta it. Jr, $2,50 wiHiBvari.
Vly be rbar; aX.
So ufri.i;U uVifr1rfT rrtrt
sjt ejai ubcrit-r 4iwemtiw unless at
"lb. option f tb Jif. ntil ""earajesare
paid oil
JLivsjtii't wm be inserted at $1 pr
uar, Ar tb "t three insertion, and 25
ent far cery tabacqatat insertion: longer
one ia proportion.
AttTcxTisr.MEQTs msertedln th Herald and
nepul)Tican,tbrclinies,t $5 per square and
m n . r .-f ini-l inn ' ' h '
Coughs, Colds, Consumptions,
Important to ill those afflicted with dis
ease! ol' the Lungs sud Breasts.
Seven Thocsaxd Cases of obstinate pul
monary complaints cuued in one year!
or Lung Complaints, and all affections
of the Hespirutory Organs.
Will miracles never cease! More evi
dence of its surprising Health Restora
tive virtues ! ! !
Troui Dr. Baker, Springfield, Ky.
Springfield, Washington co. Ky., May
14. 1845.
llesnrs. Ivanford and Par';:
Gents 1 takfi tlits opportunity of in
forming yoo of a most rematkable cure
jwxforujed upon me by ihe use of Dr.
Wistar's Bal-am of Wild Cherry. In
tlje year 1840 I was taken with an infia
fuation of the bowels which I labored tin
kler for fix weeks when I gradually re
covered. In the fall of . 184 1 I at
tacked with a seierecold, which seated
itself upon my lung; and Tor. the spare
of Jhree years I was confined to my bed.
Itried all kinds of medicine and eiery
variety of medical aid without benefit;
audi wearied along until (he wintir 'of
184 4 when 1 hearo of Wistar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry.
My friends persuaded me to give it a
fair trial though 1 had given up hopes
of recovery and had prepared myself for
the change of another world. Tliroiiili
their folicitaiion 1 whs induced to make
use f the genuine Wistar's Balsam of
WildCnerry. The effect was truly as
toiushin. Alter five years cf uCliction. I
aia and suffering: and after having spent
four or five hundred dollars to no pur
pose, and the best and most respectable
physirjius had proved unavailing, I was
coon restored to entire health by the bles
eicguf God and the use cf Wistar's
aajaoJ Wild Cherry,
lira now enjoying good health, and
t ucJb is my a'tered appearance thai I am
txa longer .known when I meet my for
tcer acgusintanccs.
. I h tve gained rapidly in weight and
tny firsh is firm and solid. I cm now
eat as liiuch as any person and my food
stems to agree with me. I have eaten
more during the last six month a than 1
iiad eateji live years before.
Considering my case almost a miracle
I ?Wm it necessary for the good of the
afilicied and a duly I owe lo the proprie
tors and my fellow men (vho should
know where relief may be had) to make
t'.iis statement public.
Ma' the bh'ssings of God rest upon
due proprietors of so valuables medicine
Wisiar'r DaWn of Wild Cherry.
- Yours respectfully,"
-o. ,
Those who counterfeit a gciod med
icine for the purpose of adding a few
dollars to their pockets are far worse than
the manufacturers of spurious coin. For
while die latter only rob us of our pro
perty the ftumer lake property and health
and life away. Dr Wistar's Balsam of
Wild Cherry is admitted by thousands of
disinterested witnesses to have effected
tlie most extraordinary cures of a pulmo
rnry and asthmatic ciaractcr ever Vcfore
recorded in the history of medicine.
The your;, the beautiful, ihe good, all
speak forth Its rrraisc. It is now ihe fa
vorite medicine in the most intelligent
families in our country.
Such a high stand in public estimation
Viat been attained by its own merits a
lone. And so long as a discerning pub
lic are careful to get Wistar's Balsam
or Wild Cherry and refuse with scorn
connjprfeiis and every other article prof
fered lo ihem ;i6 a substitute, so long will
cures positive cures cheer the fireside
of many a despairing family.
-aThp true and genuine Wistar's Bal
sam bf Wild Cherry is sold at establish
ed agencies in all parts cf the U. Stales.
bo d in Cincinnati rn the corner of
Fourth and Walnut streets by
Gf,n'l agents for the Western Slates.
Agents tor Wistar's Balsam.
J. L. SNYDER. Somerset,
...s J Lloyd & Co, Donegal,
- . 8 Philson. Berlin,
' II Li ill', Stoystown.
G H Kevser, Bedford,
. 0tiber 0.
fror Male at this OiHce.
i i ; i. i ni i i 1 1 m i" hi 1 . I-
A LL persona are hereby notified not
Ba lo harbour or trust my wife Catba
kixe. late Catharine Caion, on my ac
eoont, as I m determined, to pay no
debt, whatever, of lier contracting. .
- im
VyilEUKAS my wife Jlmt, has
yV left my bed md board without
any just cause, I hereby caution the
public against trusting or harboring
on my at count, ss I shall pay no debts of
her contfjciinff.
Oct. 20. 1S4G. : ' - f 1
JOURNEYMAN chairmaker. wlio
is a good workman' and of good
moral character and industrious habile,
will find constant employment and re
ceive libcTi.l wages with the subscriber,
by applying immediately.
R-irrereft. sept. 22.
Jayne's Hair Tonic.
14) Tllh ttlh .u y of this elegant pre
p:r;itio:i in restoring tl e growth of the
h..ii in !;i!d plm-e. is' truly wonderful.
Wl.pre ilie hair h is been worn oil from !
the t:p of the head, by the careless prac
tie of ra rrviny tliinrs in the crown
the hat, ii is generally considered diffi
cult, if imt impossible, to restore it; but
it is found by numerous examples hat
the Hair Tonic reaches t!:ei-e c;?ses very
prrmptlv. atiJ c tTtc:s i complete cure.
Evtry gentleman (we siy nothing to
Ihe ladies, it being a 'fiir presumption
th;.t iheir hi'ir is always in full luxuriance
;:t Jeist it always seems so) every gen
iicman who finds his hair growing ton
thin, or becoming loose, should place a
bottle of J.iyi.e's Hair Tonit in his dres-sinff-case,
ami apply it with a free use of
the hair-brush every morninjj, The re
sult will be a full, Mrong healthy head
of -hair, The cases that have fallen un
drr own observation w arrant us fully in
.SM-r:in this, Weekly Messenger,
Sold by . J. J. & H. F. Scheil.
Somerset Pa.
Also by Edward Hevm,
Si(yst(wn la
Cheap, Good and Fashionable.
rwH A NKFUL for past favors, the
p. subriber would reppecifwlly in-
ffel)erallv,!l,sit he continues to carrv on the
w r,.;...r vv "
until ins oiu cusmmers ar.u uie nuoiic
in all its branches, at his old stand on
main street, in the borough of Somerset,
where he keeps constantly on hand a
supply of HATS of his own manufac
ture, made of the best materials and in
every variety of style embracing.
For, Nutria, Russia, Cassimer
Country Dealers will be supplied with
any quantity they may desire for retail,
on short notice and at moderate prices;
and customers cr.n ::t all times cither have
a choice from among the stock on hand,
or have thrir hats made to order, of any
finality.' or Slyfe.
From bis long experience in the busi
ness and a dctei initiation to se I hcap,
and at the same time also that his hats
hll not be excelled by those of any
oilier establishment here or elsewhere,
ihe subscriber (Liters himself with the
hope that he shall continue to" receive a
libera! b- re of public p-iir n'-.If."'
l be subscriber inulcrsunds liiai some
person have been selling hats as having
been manuf ai-iured by him, which are
made cl-ewhere and he therefore cau
tions the public against pun-hasimr any
as his make, whit h have not the words 1
"John C. Kurtz, Main street, Somerset,
Fa., on the tip
Furs and approved country
taken in exchange for hts.
cheap tor cash.
THE subscriber thankful for past fa
vors, takes this method of informing
his customers and the public in general,
that he has removed to the shop former
ly occupied by him immediately wcsl of
the residence of John L. Snyder, and
one tloor cast of the ofiice of C. F.
Mitchell, Esq., in the Borough of Sum
erset where he will constantly keep on
hand. COPPER and
of every description, manufactured from
ihe best material and in a neat and du
rable manner. COPPER KETTLES.
STOVE PIPED, and other
articles in his line of business w:J be
made to order on short notice. . Persons
wishing io purchase good and cheap ar
ticles are respectfully iuvited lo give him
a call.
Approved country produce will be ta
ken ni exchange for ware. . . . .
Feb. l-3m. . , .
N. B- Also on - hand, a -number
Stoves, of difTerent sorts, which will be
sold cheap". J, ' '.' . ""V. :..:':': t
TIONS, For sale at this Office. .
Tl 1
HAVE forty odd acres of land, and
I am not able to far.n, ar.d nj family,'
I would sell reasonabler apply to mr,,
Somerset 1p. Sept. 8, i8l6. ' "
SIIE partnership Iieretofore existing.
between the subsenberR under tno
firm of J, O. Carson & Cdrv i this day
dissolved by mutual conseci.of which all
concerned will take notice. The books
of the firm :irc in the hands of J. O. Car
son for settlement. ' All persons neglect
ing a call and settle their accounts on or
before-the first of January next, will find
them.'afier that date in othar hands.
Sept, 8th. 1S4G.
Josiah R. Hiie Esq , of Stoystown is
authorised, in the absence of Air. Carson,
lo settle accouuts.
, N; M. 15. ;
J. O. C.
SEALED proposals lor doing the
work of a Miw cnuticn to be erected
by the Ev. Lutheran Congeegatiox of
Samuels, at LavansviUe, will be received
on or before the 51st of October next.
The building is to be of brick, GO feet
long and 4'J feet wide, with a basement
story. The foundation is lo be of. stone,
8 leet high, and 40 ftel wide in frouU
and the oilier walls to be proportioned lo
the ground, which is inclined. The
brick work is to be 10 feel high to the
caves. For particulars, contractors are
requested to call on David Woy, Frede
rick Countryman or Samuel Kooeer.
The Committee will furnish the materi
als for the foundation, and also the brick
and lumber for the building. The whole
job will be let out to one man, or the
'ouudrfiigii. will be let out: separately.
'Contractors are expected to attend in per
son at Somerset, on th d;;y of letting,
when a full understanding can be had.
It is desired to have ihe church com
pleted by. the 1st of July next.
By order of the Building Committee,
; l RIZER.
Somerset. Sept. 22d, 1840.
Valuable Heal Estate
7TTM1E subscriber offers at private sale
& the following valuable teal estate
viz :
No. 1, a certain tract of
land situate in Jeuuer township. Somer
set county, containing about 131 acres,
abnu GO acres of clear land of which
about 30 acres is in good meadow; on
which is erected a new one and a half
tory frame house, stable and a large
frame weaiherWoarded barn.
No. 2. also another tract
ef land situate in said township,
containg about b7 acres and 74 perches,
about 4li acess of elear land, of which
about G acres is in meadow, whiiha
story log houe and log stable thereon
Vo. 3. aso another tract
of land situate in said tow nship of Jen
ner, containing about 118 acres, about
5 acres of clear land, of which about 3
acres is in meadow with a email log house
thereon erected.
If not sold between this and the first
day of April will for
rent on the shares.
The above lauds adjoin Matthew
Black, Joseph Haines, IL-ury S. Picking,
George Parker and others, and are sinn
ted jiivl at the foot of Laurel Hill, on
the Turnpike road. They are of a good
quality, a huge portion is fine bottom
laud, and that which is not cleared con
tains excellent timber.
For terms applv to the subscriber, re
siding on one of the tracts.
Sept. S2V'4S. 3m.
Orphans' Court Sale.
j N pursuance of an order of the Or
ii phans' Court of Somerset county
there will be sold by public outcry on the
premises, on Saturday, the 3 1st day of
October 1816, the folowing real estate,
late of William Silbaugb, deceased, viz:.
Two certain tracts or Plan
tations of land, situate in Addison town
ship, Somerset county.
The one called Ilomeplace, contain
ing about two hundred and thirty nine
acres, adjoining lands of John McClin
tock, James Campbell, Henry "Reck and
William Harned, of which about one
hundred an I thirty acres is cleared land
and about eighteen acres in meadow.
On which are erected one two-and a
half story house, with about two hun
dred fruit tress and an excellent
on the premises-; the place is also well
watered and well timbered.
The other place called Parker, in said
township and county, containing about
ninety six acres, adjoining lauds of John
McClintock, John Hanna, Esq., and
William Harned, of which about fifiy
. . , '? i-nu. aooui inree oi
which is m meadow, with two good sugar
camps, a one-and-a-half story house, and
thereon erected. The place is well wa
tered and has about twenty fruit trees
thereon, and is well timbered.
- Terms Cne third to remain a lien on
the premises, during the lifetime - of the
widow, io secure ihe interest semi-annually,
of the residue one third in hand, and
the remainder in two equal annual pay
ments, io be secured by judgment bonds.
.Attendance will be "given by Thomas
Lision Esq. Trustee for ihe sale of, the
real estate of ihe said William Siibaugh,
deceased. ; By. the court, , .
i ., WViiff wUIIlU
.J I
THE subscriber would respectfully
inform the public, that he has just
received and opened out in the Store
rooni of Jacob Kimmel, Esq., in Berlin,
- a fresh and assorted slock of
Drugs,' Medicines, Faints,
Dyes and Confectioiiaries,
which he offers lo sell very cheap for
cash. .' u . , ' .
Persons wishing to purchase articles
in his line of business, are invited io call
and examine his stock.
. ap 21!4G. . SAMUEL J. ROW
'---'NEW: STORE:. AND'.
r HE subscriber has just returned
JL from the eastern cities, with n well
selected assortment of goods suitable for
the approaching season, which he is now
opening in his brick store, tin the north
east corner of the diamond, opposite
Col. Ankeny's Hotel, (now Win. H.
His stock embraces all kinds of
Dry Goods, Groceries Hard
ware, Qjieensware, &c.
all of which he will sell cheap for cash
or' country produce Thankful for the
patronage heretofore given him, the sub
scriber solicits his old customers and the
public generally to give him a call, as
he. will exhibit his goods with pleasure
and is certain he can accommodate them
S with bargains. M. TREDWELL.
Somerset. April 7, '46-ly.
y 5 "IIE snbscriberresppctfnlly informs
Jl. his friends and the jiublic in gen
eral, that he carries on the
Stone Cutting Business
in all its various branches, al his shop
Ion main street, 2 doors east of George
Piles tavern, and nearly opposite ihe
drug store of John L. Snvder.
made, at the shoJtest notice, and on the
most reasonable terms, and in a manrer
that will render them superior to any
other manufactured 'u this section of Hit
Grind stones of an excellent quality,
always kept on hand.
Also constantly on hand, marble
Country produce taken in exchange
for work. :l Market Prices.
Somerset, Pa.
i ly. (
March 5. I81G
Brs, Spcer and Etihn.
PHE object of this establishment is
j to supply a want greatly fell by re
spectable travellers on our western highways-
by residents, without family, ta
ken sick and by patients from the sur
rounding towns and country who resort
to this place for relief Irom surgical and
other diseases. Such have often suffered
from the want of the various comforts
and attentions so necessary and agreeable
to the sick, and from careless and un
faithful nurses; and been subjected to
heavy and unreasonable charges.
Invalids will here be provided with
constant, faithful and comfortable atten
dance, snd at a rate much below ihe usu
al charges.
While ihe care of both physicians will
be extended to every variety of disease,
it is intended by Dr. Sneer, to give spe
cial attention to
particularly to
To these branches of his profession
he has given a large share of his atten
ion for the last iwenty-five years, and
he will continue to devote to them the
experience acquired by a constant prac
tice during lhat time.
The Hotel for Invalids is not an exper
; iment. : Its establishment is suggested
not only as necessary to supply an evi
i dent want in ibis city, in (be entire ab-
sence of any special "provision for the
J sick, but is warranted alo by the success
nf simIar jlls,j,mioii8 at Cincinnati and
New Orleans the former under the care
of Drs. Taliaferro, Marshall and Strader
the latter under that of Dr. Stone.
The building selected for the purpose
is situated at the ccrner of Federal ami
Robinson streets, in Allegheny city, ad
joining the city of Pittsburgh. It is
commodious and roomy, and furnished
with all accommodations necessary for
he sick, i :
, Applications for admission to be made
to the subscribers, at their office on Penn
street, Pittsburgh, 'or at the establishment.
fC7No contagious diseases will be adj
milted ; ; I ; J. R. SPEER, M. D.
. , . : ; J, S. KUHN, M. D. '
February '5, 1815. .. . , . .
; , Stray Steer.
GAME trespassing on the premises
cf the subscriber, residing m Addi
son township,' abonl the Srsi of Septem
ber, a deep red steer, w ith wide horns,
both ears cropped, and ihe end cf the
tail while.
Tha owner is requested to come for
ward, prove properly and pay charges,
or he will be sold, according lo law.
Stray Steer.
,41 AME trespassing on tlie premises of;
ihe subscriber in Milford township.
the first week in August, a one year old
brown steer, with some white spots, a
crop off the Icfi ear.
The owner is requested to come for
ward, prove property and pjy charges,
otherwise he will be sold as the law di
rects. oct'l3 GEO. HUMBERT.
Stray Cattle.
C1AME trespassing on the premises
J of the subscriber in Somerset town
ship, about the begiuniug of August, a
one year old steer, white and ligjii brin
dle, the right ear cropped, and 3 piece
out ol the upper part of each ear. Also
a one year old brown heiffur, with simi
lar marks to those of the steer.
The owner is requested to come for
ward, prove property and pay charges,
otherwise they will be sold as the law
net I .?
mim mmsm.
We esteem it a pleasure to be able to
recommend this medicine as the best
calculated for the purpose of curing
coughs, colds, sore throat, asthma, and
all affections of the lungs. From a lontr
personal acquaitance with Dr. Jayne, we
know that lie is no quack, and his medi
cines are not nostrums of ihe modern cry
up, nut are the result of his long expe
rience as a practising physician, ami the
expense of great labor. Hartford,
(Conn.) Daily Review.
N. Y. March lOih, 1811.
Dr. Jayne Dear Sir Being severe
ly alllicted with Influenza a hard
Cough and Asthma and finding every
means fail of relieving me. Consumption
appeared inevitable but by using two
bottles of your expectorant, 1 was re
stored to perfect health.
Respectfully vours,
Late Paetor of the Baptist Church,
Stamford, Cl,
'From the Rev. J. Seur.
Laml-en.-ivilie, N. J. April 7ih '39.
Dr. ayne Dear Sir By the bles
sing of God your Expectorant has effect
ed a cure in me of a mosl distressing
complaint. In December last I was
seized wiih great severity by a paroxysm
of Asthma; a disease with which 1 had
been afilcted for many years past. It
was attended with a hoarseness and sore
ness of the lungs and throat, together
with a laborous cough, and complete
prostration of strength, and when almost
worn out wiih suffocation, a bottl? of
your expectorant was sent to me. A I
first I thought it was nothing but quack
ery; but seeing it so highly recommend
ed by Dr Going, with whom I was
well acquainted, I was induced to try
it. and in a few days it completely cured
me, nor, have I ever had any return of
ihe disease since. I have now formed
S' high an opinion of your medicine, that
if I had but a fw bottles of it, could ob
tain no more, 1 would not part with them
for ten dollars each, Your, most affec
tionately. JOHN SEGUR.
Important! Asthma Cured,
Putnam, Ohio, May 18, 1811.
12) . Dr. D. Jayne, Desr Str, Doc
tor Helmeck has used some eight or ttn
bott'es of your EXPECTORANT, and
has found decidtd benefit. II is health
is better than for several years past, and
his . .appearance' indicates decided im
provement in health. His confidence in
your medicine has induced him to rec
ommend it to his fiiends, and we are
informed that many of 'idem have been
cured, and others greatly relieved.
Watertown, N. Y.. Oct. 20, 1840
Dr. D. Jayne Dear Sir Your Hair
Tonic is an excellent article. Many
respectable persons also offer their cer
tificates in favor of your Expectorant. 1
believe you.' medicines are the best prep
arations that have ever been offered to
the public, for ihe relief of the afllcted,
and for ihe cure olthe diseases fyr which
they were intended.
Your Expectorant I think will soon
be exclusively popular, Yours Sic.
The following is from a Physician
and a much rospected Clergyman of the
Methodist Society, datep Modest Town,
Va, Aug. 27, 140. .
Dr. Javne Dear Sir I have been I
using your Expectorant extensively in
my practice for the lasl three years, ; nd
for all attacks nf (lol,l f!oi..tli I fl-,
inition of the Lunge. Consumption,
Asthma, . Pains and Weakness of the
Breast, it is decidedly ihe best meiciue I
hava ever tried
Very respectfully yours.
XCT'JIsthma cured by Dr. Jmnes
Expectorant. Miss Mary Campcmll.
of New Haven. Fayette county, ha been
cured of Asthma, of more than eighteen
years coniinunnce, by tlie use of Dr.
Jayne's Expectorant. She -.commenced
taking the medicine last summer, and
after using eleven bettles, was" entirely
rid of ihia distressing disease. We are
assured of this cure by a lady of undoubt
ed veracity, ; and requested to make ' it
public for the beierii of others. Mount
Pleasent (Pa.) Register.
2" E -N 0 C U. U; j'rnK-!iim.l M-nii-n i i i.j
.nttii.' - nrc.-i,,. tUm r.. . r ,
mpicd by CharfesUjIe, Esq., is alaw willc?.
juncO, IS-lfl.
A ft apprentice to the Uatun l;,.
J XL ness i-s vi anted by the suIh rihpr r
Somerset. Application to be made it;
tci6 JO MX C. KUiiTZ. '
Tor i?.e cure of Hepatites rr I,iicr Corj.l-nt
Dyspejisia and Ikcd'Ace.
JTIIIS remedy hnvint; been far several racs
sia employed by ihe proprietor in hi practi,
on a very l.irge scale in MonotioMa, iVston,
Uorriion tnd Rjndo'ph counties, in Virginia, l.
f'hles several oilier places, and havin? Ivcn atu-n
tied with the most happy effects, lie has been t'rorV
time to tim solicited to adnpt such a course a
would give it a more extensive circulation, witri
a view to lessen the amount of liumii suiTcrin.
Aware of tlie facl that many useless r.ivtru.'n
bav been palmed upon the public, Lc heitattl
for several yenrs until thoroughly convinced that
the above medicine, if projerly used, would not
fjil to cCeet cures in a great many instances. auJ
even to alleviate those casrs which arc quite iucu'
Symptoms of a d'seotfd Lrer. Pain in tho
right side, under the edge of the ribs, increased
on pressure; sometimes the pain is in the left side
the patient U rarely able to lie cn the left sid
sometimes the pain is ft It tinder the thoulder
blade, it frequen'Iv extends to the top of the shoul
der, and is sometimes mistaken fir a rheumatism
in the right arm. The stomach is affected will
loss of appetite and sukness; the boweN. in e-u
rah are costive. alterinrr with lav. ths
head 's troubled with pain, accompanied wi:h n
dull, heavy sensation in the imt k part. '1 lu re u
generally u considerable loss of niciuurv, accom
panied with a painful sens.ilion of ha ills' h-'t
undone M.tnrthic.r which ought M have I ecu
done. A slight dry couijli is sometime nr ai't-n-danf.
The patient implum. of wenrinc-.; end
debility; be is easily startled, his feet are cl-M or
burning, and he complains of a prieklv sonsnii iii
of the siin; his spirits are low; and uIlh-Hiizh he
is satisfied that exercise would be beneficial t,
him, yet he can scarcely summon up f.irtitoij
enough lo try it. In fact, he distrusts everv ie
medy. 6'everal of the above symptoms iiit-.tid
the disease, but caes have ore urn d where few o
the ni existed, yet examination of the body afier
death has shown the hvcrtotuve been extensive
ly deranged.
This is to certify, that having b.-en associated
with Dr. MT.aue in the practice of medicine for
nearly two and a half years, I have had miny
opportunities of witnessing the good elTVctso
his Liver Fills, and I believe they have cured and
relieved a much larger proportion of th diseases
of the liver, than I have known cured and r
lieved by anv oilier course of treatment.
Dec. 7," 133(5. OLIVE Ii MUKU.l.V. M.D.
(Xj'Ob'eiive Xone are genuine without a
fic-simi'e of the proprietor's signature.
Prepared for the proprietor bv
Wholesale and Hi tail Druggist, corner of
4th and Wood s!s, Pittsburg. Pu,
They are also sold by the following agent.
John L. -Snyder, Somerset.
Hay ct Morrison, LavansviUe,
Knable and Votight, C'entrevii!,
M. A. I?oss. Petershurglj,
A. VVyatt, SSmiihfif Id,
G. Uook, Wellersburgh.
Samuel Kurtz, Somerset.
Samuel Harnet, Addison,
Livengood & WehHey, Salisbury.
Charles KiisM'ngcr, Dcrlin.
Hilrn. Kern an, Jeimer Cross roads.
Edward Uovin, Stovstonn.
P.& W. Myers, Myers Mill.
N. Ii. In order that there may be no mistake,
be particular and ask for "Dr. M'Lane Liver
Pills." janttnC
Patent Vermifuge.
Da. McLik's AvirnicAX Worm Sptcinc
Promptly cxpdi Worms lo un ulnioit in
eccIiUc iimbrrf
330 suhstantiaip the above fitt t miny hundred
tfa of ifhtimoni lis could be adduced, out nf
which the follow ing are si leered. tVorn individ
uals of standing and veracity. Indeed, it is con
fidently aliii'Mud that each new trial i f the pow
ers of this remedy will have an additional ten
dency to widen and confirm its fame, and that if
t were universally known and ditl'used aver th
United Mates, it would not save less than many
hundreds, if not thousands of lives annually.
I do certify that a vial of Dr. M'Lanc's Amen
can Worm Specific expelled live hundred and two
w hole worm. and pieces that would have made
sixty more, from a boy of J hn Lewelliinr, which,
if laid in a straight line, would have mot probably
measured the enormous length of one hundrer
ynrds. JOSIAH JACKS(j., owner of Wale
Forge, and oilier work. Monongalia county, Va
This is to certify that I purchased from Holme
& Kidd a vial cf I)r. M 'Lane's American Worm
Specifi", and gave two doses to a boy of mine
about three years years of age. He pacd fully
half a pint of worms. The quantity w as so large
I was really alarmed.'and called in several of my
neighbors to see them. Had this story been re
lated to me. I could not have cn dited it, without
being an eye-witness to tlie same. My child
heilth improved much after.
Merchant Tailor, Wood t, Pittsburgh.
Some two months ago I pun based a vial of Dr'
M'Lancs American Worm Specific. I gave a boy
of mine most of a via!; he passed forty very
Iarg worms. F rem that time his health impro
ved very much. I had tried two oilier Vermifuge
to no purpose. I believe Dr. M'Lsne's the best
article before the public. D. CALIIOL'NV
Mi'lllii township, Allegheny county.
From a regular Physician, Dr G S Smith, Sun
fish, Ohio.
Mr. J. Kidd Dear Sir I have used in mv
' pactice Dr. M'Lar.e's American Worm fxperiSc,
rmlhave often witnessed its cf'icary in expelling
' worms from the system. A patient cf mine.
t.hoit lime og . gave a vial of ihe Worm Sivi i;ie
to a chi'u; in a sliorf time upward of eixty-fiva
worms were expelled.
Prepared for the Proprietor by
Wholesale and Retail Druggists, corner of
4lh and WoM sts, Pittsburgh.
Also for ale lv the following amenta
JOHN L. S.NYDES:, Soinemct,
Hay and Morrison. LavansvjPe.
K nable and Vought. Centreviila,
M' A. lbr. Pitersborgh,
A. Wyatt. SmilhC UK
G. Cook. Vvelleri-burgh.
Samuel Kurtz, .vom-rset.
Samuel Uarnct. Ad.!i-n,
Livelihood t Wrlidey. Salisbury
Chailcs Kri-singer, Pciiin.
Edm. Kitmii. Jenner Cros rond
Edward rievin, &"tovstown.
P. & W. Myers, My era Mill.
N. B. Lv partfcular to ask for Dr. M'Lar
Acrerican Worm Specific, r Patent Venuifm-