The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, February 10, 1846, Image 3

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Somerset, 3,3a.,
I. R. P.lLVER F.. of Piiilidclphia at his
lUal folate. CV.7 Ofa'. i- our authorized
Atrtnl ftr r.::i;niiij Adrrrt!ftmnti cr.d Su!,-
cr.,onr..r i in'- ' 'Vt' ,
vki'h (Vl ihv:t t rnvij-t f'r r.av monies nni.I i
tohim on k His Bn,c, im-lcJ,
the f.ti!oinz z: Niwi
York. M.i 'Tiovw nnJ liwi'n . at;il his otiircs in
tlirw rfvcritl flacrs arc loratej as follows:
J l,:trt!jLia Ao, .C'J l ine .Vtrrrt.
Yw k Ao. 16 Assail "
i'tJtlmore A'. C Cjriu r uf dli-A. Cal st
jjkiton Vo 11 Sta'.o t.
' Stale DcW.-'
The interest on the Slate Debt due the
U in-!., was promptly paid by the State (
Treasurer, but we see doubts expressed (
bv several journals in regard to the ability
of the Treasury to meet the interest that!
will become due on the 1st of August.
The committees of Ways and Means
in both Houses cf the Legislature have
had the subject of Finance under con
sideration, and in the Senate Mr. Iligler
has reported a bill, allowing the holders
of real estate to pay their amount of the
State debt, and thus clear their properties j
from State taxation, and levvinira tax of.
5 end 10 per cent on all estates above a
certain r.mount. The first of these pro
visions, being optional, we find no objec
tion to; but the latter is unjust and op
pressive. Our own opinion is that the public
worts ougm u, i o,d and the present ;
relate lax reuueed so as to cover only
the'.Luterost upon the balance of the State
Debt. Then, by creating a sinking fund
from Pennsylvania's share of the pro
ceeds of the public lands and a tax upon
money broker. &c, the remainder of the
State Debt mizht lie paid off without im
posing any further burdens upon the peo
ple. Anollier Resolution In Mexico.
General Pa redes has accomplished an
other revolution. The citizens of St.
Juan dc Ulloa were the first to declare
for him, and those of Vera Cruz imme
diately followed their example. On the
SCth of December, Gen. Paredcs at the
head of his armv reached the citv of
Mexico, without having encountered any
opposition. The iate President Ilerrera,
it is supposed, will be banished.
Mr. Slideli. was refused recognition
l.y the new authorities, rndon demanding
liis passports was told that he was un
known to them; no passports were ne, end he was at libcrtv to iro where
he pleased.
The B.oai:auro.
At the date of our latest accounts from
Harrisburg the 1 111 granting the ri;:ht of
wav to the Ualtimore and Ohio Railroad
Company was still undisposed of in the
The Tariff Resolutions from the Sen
ate were under discussion in the House.
Oar Representative, Col. Edie, we learn
from the Harrisburg papers, made an able
speech in favor of their passage.
Fatal Railroad Accident
On Thursday before last, Copt. W. II.
White, the conductor of the train of cars
between Ualtimore and Cumberland, was
crushed to deadi at the Doe Gulicv Tun
vc. having been caught between the en
fine and tender in consequence of the
bscyajr- car lein: thrown off the track.
cost; tires.
The two Houses of Congress arc pro
ceeding with great deliberation in refer
ence to the Oregon question, which, from
the space it occupies, would seem to be
the ureal business of the session which
certainly overshadows all olher business
though, our readers must have perceiv
ed. cery interest of the country would
have been benefitted had the Executive
Lot directed the attention of Congress so
almost exclusively to it. and indeed had
he. and his predecessor, in regard to this
question, "let very well alone," as 'Pre
sident "Jackson did, as President Adams
had done before him, and as President
Van lit hex did after him. The only
r fleet of agitating the question has been,
we believe, to excite apprehensions in
the minds of the peace-loving part of cur
people constituting, we trust and believe,
a lap-e mrioritv cf the whole end thus
to repress commercial enterprise and
no re or le? embarrass all descriptions of
busmen, with the result, already,, ol a ;.
loss to the country a detraction from tac
common stock of wealth and prosperity
which we have seen estimated, and we
rt:ive nut overrated, at uity millions ol
The Horsx of Representatives yes
lerday received four new propositions j
and heard one speech on the subject, and,!
finJinir itself without a quorum after be-!
v.'.Z Iirde more than two hours in session,!
soent the ret of the day's sitting in try
ing to a Ijourn, accomplishing that task
:U a litde after three o'clock; haing, in
the course of the sitting, refussd(f by a
decisive majority, to agree to a preposi
tion to close the "debate on Monday next.
In the Senate, the Navy Increase Bill,
supported and opposed ss having some
leering upon the same cu'jvet, was not
even tnken up vc-t rdaV.
Of the fat-T of the prepositions
relative to the Or cr. question d 'penJing
ih either House of Congress, variant and
discordarttopinions are, we observe, ex
pressed in the newspapers published out
of this city, both editorially and by their
Washington correspondents. It "is not
possible certainly to predict what will be
the specific action of Congress upon it.
But, whatever may be the final action of
the House of Representatives in the case,
we now feel entire confidence that the
Senate will give its sanction to no mea-
. , 5
sure.? r to Oregon which would
stanJ in the way of a peaceful and hor
orable adjustment of the difference ex
isting between the Governments of this
country and Great Britain on this sub
ject. Nat. Int.
facial Commissioners' Iteport.
The annual report of the Canal Com-
' missioners giving a statement of the con-
i dition of the Public Works of Pennsvlra-
ana .their management during the
past year, will be found entire in to-days
paper. The receipts and expenditures
to year are stated by the Commis-
sioncrs to have been as follows
Receipts $1,196,979 43
Expenditures 550,191 13
Net revenue
$646,785 31
Bv reference to the Canal Commis
sioners' report of las.t year, we find that
i the expenditures and receipts during the
year ending the 30th of November 1811,
were as fohows:
$1,107,603 12
532,CkO 43
$635,572 O7
Expenditures .
Net revenue
Thus it will be seen that, notwithstand
ing the boasted increase of the revenue of
our Public works, tbere has been an in-
rrease of r 3ct, ls jurin? ,he last vear, of
only $29,376 01, and an increase ol net
revenue of but S 1.1,2 12 33
The receipts and expenditures of the
Main Line during the last year, appear to
be as follows:
Receipts 928,003 93
Expcnditvres 463,387 71
Net revenue
8474,681 19
According to the report of the Canal
Commissioners of last year, the receipts
and expenditures of the Main Line, du
ring the year ending the 30th of Novem
ber 1844, were as follows:
Receipts $874,218 90
Expediiures 471,364 33
502,654 63
We have thus the startling fact pre
sented to our view of a deficiency of the
receipts of the Main Line, during the last
year, compared with the receipts of the
previous year, ol $46,150 C6, and of -a
decrease in the net revenue of $33,
173 41.
It is due to say, that the revenue of the
Delaware Division has considerably in
creased during the past year. Lst year,
that is the year ending the 30th Novem
ber 1844, the net revenue on this branch
of our improvements, amounted to the
sum of 50,407 15. According to the
report of the Cannl Commissioners, the
net revenue, during the year 1845, a
mounted to 8105,591 56; being an in
crease compared with the previous year
of$19,184 41.
The same has been the case also with
the Susquehanna and North and West
branches. The net revenue of the im
provements during the vear 1844, amount
ed to $44,316 08. Tor the year 1S45
the net revenue from these divisions a
mountedto $76,512 55, being an increase
over the year 184 1 of $32,190 47. This
improvement in the revenue derived from
these divisions bears ample testimony to
the beneficial operation of the Tariff of
1842 upon the great Coal and Iron opera
tions of these districts.
The original cost of the Main Line of
the public works M as $14,301 320, the
interest on which sum for the, at 5 per )
cent, is $718,000 00. The net revenue
on this line for the past year, as stated in
the report, was $474,681 19. Now de
duct this revenue from the interest on the
cost of the work, and it will be seen that
there is a urlflmft, (f revenue ihorl of
the interest of $253,384 81 ! which is
abstracted directly from the pockets of the
people in the shape of taxes! And this
to keen up a set ol hungry office holders
on the public works to plunder the treas
ury and control the elections. If any ar
gument were necessary at this day to
rhow the policy of selling these works,
this surely should be a sufficient cue.
To the office-holders, we presume, it is
not sufficient, but the people, we think,
will scon let them know that it is to
Take the w hole cost of all the finished
lines, apply the srune test, and the same
resulut is produced. The revenue falls
short cf the interest nearly Four Hundred
Thousand Dullarsl And so it is every
vesr and thus the people arc taxed
every year to support the office-holders
on the public works. How long will
they continue thus passively to bear the
burthens imposed upon them by the so
caIIed Democratic partv ? Pa. Intel.
akc nsasers diirinsr last yrar.
A late number of the Buffalo, New
York, Commercial Advertiser contains its
annual record of the marine disasters and
losses which have occurred on Lake Erie
and the other Upper Lakes, during the
year 1813. From this statement we learn
that during the period of navigation sixty
lives were lost, thirty-six vessels were
driven ashore, twenty-four others were
wholly wrecked, and that the aggregate
loss of property was $190,000. Werc
the same field of investigation traced back
for a limited period (the Advertiser savs)
we could produce a list of five hundred
lives lost, and property to the amount of
a million of dollars thus sacrificed pro
l ting conclusively the necessity of provi-
ding more harbors and lighthouses for the
protection of the Lake commerce.
In this borough, on Wednesday mor
ning, the 28th ult, by Elder W. II. Tost
lethwaite, Mr. Nathaniel Hurst, of
Westmoreland county, to Miss Mary E.
Ogle, daughter of the late Hon. Charles
Ogle, of Somerset.
On the 1st inst., by Rev. D. B. Ernst,
Mr. Benjamin Kline, to Miss Mary M.
daughter of A. Beam, Esq., all of Sora:
erset township. : " "
On the 2nd inst., near Davidsville,by
Rev. S. B. Lawson, Mr. Joseph Misir
ler, to Miss Henrietta, daughter of Jo
seph Huffman. ' '. '
On the 1 st inst., by Wm. P. Divcly,
Esq., Mr. Jon' Wilt, 'of Stonycreck
township, to Miss Eve Brant, of Alle
gheny township. '
On Thursday the 5th inst. by the Rev.
Wm. Conrad, Mr. Philip Hay, of Bro, to Miss Ann Ollxger, of
Summit tp.
On Sunday the 8th inst,bv the Kev. J.
Wincooff, Mr. John Booze, to Miss Ma
ryanx Raich, of Brothersvalley tp.
THE undersized would hereby gie
ntire iliat be intends opening a
felcct school, on Motu'lav the 9tli dav of
March next, in the new school house of
ibis bnroitcfi. Instruction will be given
more or less extensively in Orthography,
Re:idin, Penmanship, Ariiluuetic, Eng
lish Grammar, Geography. Algebra and
Land surveying, at the following rates,
during a session of thirteen weeks:
Orthography. Reading tnd Penman
ship $2 CO
Ari'bmetic, English Grammar and
, Geography, 2 50
Algebra and Land surveying' will be
taught tm reasonable terms. .
Those studying the hUh (tranche will
of cause bate the privilege of attending
to the others without uthlitinnal charges.
Eery effort ill be made by the in
structor to promote the advancement of
those w ho regularly attpnd the school.
Communications addressed to the un
dersigned will be promptly ::nsered.
Somerset, febJ043 Instructor.
Valuable Farm
SITUATE in Sh:ule township, Som
erset county, adjoining lands of Da
vid Roai-rs, Jesse BerkebiTe, John Bow
el and oihers, containing about
of land, about nna hundred and fifty of
which are cleared, the remainder is co
vered with the best of timber; theie 'is a
good proportion of meadow and there
msy be one hundred acres inad into the
best of mad'tw. the
will j11 produce clwver and timothy, and
every specie of grain; the land nearly
all bes to the sun. and it is decidedly
the best trari in that part of the ruuniy.
It lies about a fi!c and a half from the
kld furnace, and about three miles frnm
the new one, it contains an abundance of
and there is every indication of coal on
many puts of the surface. The im
provements are indifferent, consisting of
an old lo barn and house, and a new I z
sttb'c; there are on the premises many
fine never failing sprirgs of the purest
water; there is not perhaps in the county
a farm combining more advantages as
a grazing, dairy and grain farm, it has
on it a stnnll
and is under tolerably good frncc. Per
sons wishirg to purchase a good proper
ty are requested to call on Robert
Mason living an the premises, who will
show them every part thereof, or to en
quire concerning it of Mr Postlcthwaite
in Somerset, or of the subscriber living
in the borough of Stoystown.
Febroary 10. IS-tG.
Orphans' Court Sale of
Heal Estate,,
N pursuance of an order of the Or
phan's Court of Somerset rountv.
there will be exposed to sale by way of
public vendue or outcry on the premises,
on Saturday the Hth day of March
next, the following real estate, late the
property of Andrew Bird deceased viz:
One tract of Land,
situate in Addison township, adjoining
UtWs of John P. H. Walker John A,
Mitchell. Robert Robison and others,
containing 270 acres more or less,- on
whice ara erected two dwelling houses,
barn and other buildings.
ALSO 1; J.
One other tract adjoin
ing lands of ,hn A Mitchell, Robert
Robison. Thomas Gltssen, .antes Wil
kins and others containing SCO'acies
more or less, on which are erected a
dwelling house barn and other buildings.
Term: one third to remain a lien
cn the premises, the interest thereof to
be paid to the widow annually, during
her life time, and at her death to be e
qually divided among the heirs and legal
representatives of said decaaied. ' One
third of ike balance in hand and the
remoinder in three equal , annual pay
ments without interest to be secured on
the property by judgment bonds.
Attendance will be given by John
Ilanna. Administator of the estate of said
deceased. By the Court,
Feb 3. 1810. -Cleik;
IN the Treasury of the County of Som
erset Pa., from the 10th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1845 to the 9th day of
January A. D. 184G, both day
! - inclusive.
Jinilrerv Steivart, Esq., Trea-
surer of said County, in
? Mcconnt icith the Com-
:?ho mtissioners of said
; ( County.
V j) Eli to n.
- t For the year 1841,
From Daniel Eash, collector
of Uonemaugh township $29 77
- For the year 1842,
From Peter Bradford collec-
lor : .vniioru tp 170 1 1
From -John A Snydercollec-
tor of Somerset borough 21 50
From Jonathan Boyer collec
tor of Southampton tp SS 55
From Jacob Craver collector
of Addison township 53 27
From John Hiark collector
of Allegheny township 5 14
From Jacob Flickinjer rol-
lertor f Berlin borough 20 50
From Abner Griffith collec-
lor.of Jenner tp 190 55
For the year 1S43,
From John (i Friend collec
tor of Addison tp G3 19
From CJeorje Kiir.g collector
of Jenner rp 78 -25
From.Thom:is Mason collec
tor, of Milton! township 127 31
FronV John Wagner collec
tor of Sli.u!e tp
Frm Joseph Giridicsperjer
cid'crtar of Stonycreek
From William P. Srhell col
lector of Somerset bor
From Henry . Heiple col
lector gf Somcriet tp
For the year 184 1,
From I)jid Landts collec
; tor of Bei lin bor
From Samuel II Brook col
lector of Addison tp
From George Mowrv collrc
tar of Allegheny tp
Frm Peter Zimmerman col
lector of Brothersvalley
township 178 3S
From Michael Stttfft colfec
'tbr of Conemaugh town- -iship
111 -42
Frtvn Joel Miller collector
sofeElkiirk township 157 25
From Solomon Hutzell col-
jlector of Green i!Ie town
(ships C3 53
Fruhi-John Walter collector
:of Jenner township 184 26
From Joint Chrpenning col
lector of Milfurdp 263 20
From Jonas Weaver collec
tor of Paint township 27 78
From Samuel Swank collec
tor of Queniaboning tp 87 13
From. Adam Yot'er collector
of Summit township 09 39
From George Fy collector
'of-Sioystown borough 33 00
From Daniel Oiumcr collec
tor of Southampton town
ship 127 03
Fro.u. Christopher Stonfftr
collector of Stonycreek tp 196 S5
From Jacob Berkepile col-.
lector f.f Shade township 41 00
Frm, Thomas llanna collec
tor of Turkey foot township-
" 162 87
From; John H Benford col
lector of Somerset bor 46 64
From. Joseph Chorpenning
5 collector cf Somerset tp 441 03
Fo: the year IS 15,
From Darhi Weisel collec-
tar. of Allegheny tp 86 9
From John G Walker col
lector of Brofhersvalley
township 487 50
From John L Hook collector
of Berlin borough 58 03
From Joseph Y oiler collec
tor of Conemaugh town
ship 213 75
From Samuel Lichty collec
tor of Elklick ip 383 00
From Benjamin Lowry col
lector ol Greenville town
ship 106 CI
From Abraham Simpson col
lector of Jenner tp 527 00
From John G Hay collector
of Milford township S20 37
From Moses Miller collector
o'j?aint township 33 31
Fro'm Simon Shaffer collec
tor of Quemahoning town-
From Daniel Sorber jr. col
lector of Shade township
From Joseph Long collector
pfStnnyrreek township
From Valentine Lepley col
' e"ter.of Soethamptori tp
FrpnifSamuel Barklcy col
jectur of Summit town
ship Fom Roprs Marshall col
' jectnr of Sloystown bor
FromTohn NelT collector of
Somerset borough
From Samuel Coleman col
lector of Somerset town
ship From Aaron Schrack collec
tor of Turkeyfoot town
ship For -Depreciated money sold
For fines and jury fes from
v Sheriff Philippi
143 62
69 67
210 30
33 35
372 47
57 75
163 67
540 87
62 80
13 85
550 00
$7727 03
Br payments and disbursements by or
der of the County Commissioners,
as follows. Viz:
Pay and mileage of Grand
Jurors eiOl 94i
Pay and mileage of Traverse
jurors 1452 SI
Amount paid for Slate Prose
cutions Road Views $143 00
Bridge Views 4 00
Bridge building
Fox 6calps
Will! cat scalps
Wolf do
$182 78
12 I2i
56 5
commissioners services
WooJ and coal for Court
House, Jail and Ofncis
Coroners Inquests
Amount paid Asssors of the
several Districts, viz
Addion township $53 25
Allegheny do 2 00
Brothersvalley tp 1G 12
Berlin borough 1 1 50
Conemaugh township 1? I Zi
13 62 i
G reent ille
5 1 50
5 02 i
0 00
16 C2i
19 62
0 62
24 37
12 12
C 12
12 00
8 12
23 I 2 1
! Milford
Qiiemahoning do
Shade i!a
Stonyrreek do
Summit do
Southampton (h
Somerset do
do borough
Sloystown bor
Turkryfiot tp
S74 62
Election Expenses in the sev
eral Districts, tiz:
) Addison township "0 35
27 82 Allegheny d. 47 77
Brothersvalley tp 71 05
Hcrlin borough 18 f-5
18j 37 Conemaugh tp. 33 S3
Elklick township 4S f5
12 04 Greenfille tp. 30 20
Jenner township 31 04
91 17 Milford !, 40 17
Paint do 43 17
Qiiemahoning tp. 51 00
32 22 sh 'de do 54 0
Stonycreek do 31 70
126 38 Summit do 20 S5
Southampton do 62 4 8
54 00 Somerset di 28 92
do borough 25 20
SiovstoH-n do 76 26
Turkey foot township 31 SO
General Election ex
penses 15 20
i 4 I
To amount paid Constables
and Tipstaves attending
Court 70 00
Cntab!rs making quarterly
returns to Court III 52
Court Cryer 70 25
4m W
t I
Shrriff for summoning ju
rors !?82 00
Attorney General 16 00
19? 00
1S6 61
2 JS 21
Fof Public rcpiirs .
('Icrks pav to commissioners
Statioo.iry $13 26
For Schooling poor (Jbi'd
ren 13 7!
Recording 5 00
Diagrams 9J 00
111 97
Public printing $243 50
! Ironing Prisoners 13 90
Money refunded IN 35
Roardir Clothing and
ing for prisoners confined
in co. Jail SCO 62
Mer. handise 42 21
For Auditors and Clerks
pay 57 00
Proihonotarys fees 4 01
711 40
83 21
For Laying
Penitentiary fees
out State
160 69
73 85
231 54
210 06
93 01
50 79
212 50
91 17
For Clerks of quarter Ses
sions On supervisors orders
Due on last settlement
Treasurer's commission on
67727 (at 2i per cent
Hal?ni-e remaining in the
$7727 6-1
We the undersigned Auditors of .Som
erset county, do certify, that we have
examined the f.tregoin? accounts between
the Treasurer and Commissioners of
said county and find the above statement
of them to be correct and true, and that
here appears to be a balance of 291 17
remaining in the Treasurv. In witness
u hereof wc have hereunto set our hands
at Somerset the 10th day January A. D.
Attest . Auditors.
K. II. Marshall.
Amount of outstanding debts due the
county by collectors and others sub
ject to exonerations and com
missions. For the year 1812,
From John A. Snyder col
lector of Some rsetborough
From John Hite collector of
Stoystown bor.
From Jacob Flickinger col
lector of Berlin boros'
For the year I 43,
From Daniel Martz collec
tor of Allegheny tp.
From George Kring collect
or of 'enaer tpf
From Joseph Johnson col
lector of Stoyslown bor.
From William F-Si hell col
lector ol Somerset bor.
From Henry J lleiple col
lector of Somerset town
ship For the year 1844,
From Samuel D llrook col
lector of Addison towx
From George Mowry col
lector of AUfgheny town
ship From Michael StufTt col
lector of Conemaugh tp.
From John Chorpenning col
lector of Milford town
ship From Samuel Swank col
lector of Qucmhoning tp.
From George Foy collect
of Stovtown bor,
From Daniel Gaurner col
lector of Southamton tp.
From Jacob lierkepilc col
lector of Shade tp.
From Thomas llanna col
lector Turkeyfoot tawn
ship. From John II Benford col
lector of Someret bor,
From Joseph Chorpennig
collector of Somerset tp.
For tho year 1843,
From Wiiliam Ilarthn col
leger of Addison town
ship From Daniel Weiel col
lector of Allegheny town
From John G Walker col
lector of Brothersvalley
From John L Hook collector
of Berlin bor
From Joseph loder col
lector ol Conemaugh tp
From Benjamin Lowry col
lector of Greenrile town
ship From Abraham Simptcn col
69 93
212 60
450 85
163 ICi
153 OS
274 71
235 23
37 50
55 44
471 2G
331 93
25 00
20 00
20 00
20 00
lector of Jenner town
ship From John Hay collector of
Milford tp
From Simon .SI i a ffer collect
or of Qumahoning town
ship From Daniel Sorber jr col
lector of Shade tp
From Joseph Long collect
or of Stonycreek tp
From V illumine Lepley col
lector of Southampton tp.
From Rogers Mashalt col
lector of Stoystown bor,
From John Neff collecor of
Somerset bor.
From Samuel Coleman col
lector of Somerset town
ship From Aaron Schrack col
lector of Turky foot town
ship From Joshua F Cox for fine
Com mou wealth vs Uoei lis
ter. John L Snyder late Treasu
rer William Morrison fine, for
refusing to serve as col
lector Jontihon Rboads fine, for re
fusion to serve a collec-tor.
We the undersigned auditors of Som
erset county, do certify, that we have
eximined the foregoing balances and
rind them as above "stated, lu witness
whereof we have hereunto set onr band
this 17th dav of January A, D. 1S45.
joiix no SO.
Attest Auditors.
I?. II. Marshall.
Somerset County S. S.
oi'z, IN compliance with
AV act of Assembly in such ease
made and provided. WE the
'v undersigned Commissioners
of Somerset county. d publish the fore
going statement of the receipts and ex
penditures of said county, lor the year
1845, which we hereby certify tab cor
rcrt. Witness our hands and seals this
10th d.v of January A. D. 1846.
F. WE1MEU (L. S.)
J. Ti. KING, (L. S.)
Attest, Comr's.
R. L. Stewart, Clerk to
Estate of .Uogcrs Marshall
JT E ITERS of Administration on tho
J cstite of Rogers Marshall, late of
Stoystown borough, deceased, having
!een srraRted to the undersigned residing
m said borough, all persons indebted to
said estate are reques ed to aUcml at the
late residence of said deceased on Wed
nesday the 18thday of March next, pre
pared'to settle; and those hating claims,
to present them at the same time and
o'ace, properly authenticated.
feb3'46 6t Administratrix.
(successors to H. Coulter & Co.)
WIIOLESASE Grows. Commis
sion and Forwards z Merchants.
Dealers in Produce and I'rinir Manu
factures, Sixth Mrret. between Wof.d -..nJ
Liberty, riitdwigb, Pa. j-nW
11 23
0 Sli
no i5)
233 20
18 23
39 22
354 5 d
47 75
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