The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, January 13, 1846, Image 3

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V. P. PALMER :? of Philadelphia at hi
v,1 i: tu nnA Cud OtZtt. N oar authorized
i,,.t f,r r,,!:,;!,;,, AJvrrilKmenlt and Sub- ; p
, 1 ti I
v illi fu:i i"r l rrrr-t for any moi:r5 piu j
. Hnln tW o'r.K Hi as-ncv include i
1r.! f.-j'l'iw :ri CMC.
Vr.r' V. .'t'.mnre S:;d Bif?'in , Wild !i
l'rcvL-t.ii .'-"' are locatrd as fjil jMK
i; y . 7, ',,, 'h Yo, 9 Pine .b;n rt.
I- Aa. 15 Ja-au
P'uo.-r S. C C n?rr cf Ci'.i-v'i C-l at
;,.,;; -Vj It Mv.e t.
We are obliz'.m-3, to Hot:. Ax- i
rr.r.w Si cwatit, onr Repri-ntaiivs iu '
Cenjrevs, for public document.
. Also lo lion. Simox Camluox, of the
U. S. Senate for simlbr favor?.
Also to Jo:;:; R. Er:r.,Ii. our Repre
sentative in the State Lc-f
Mature, for a
copv of the Governor Tilc?-;
And 13 SAMtrr.L IIiix, I'c. our Reprc-
wrntire in uhe State Se::2te, for a shni- J
lar 1'avcr.
, A v I, pr r; . . I
:r apoiajy for tr.o lacc cf or.z;nl 1
rn-.'.ir-r in tliis week's pperi the ahei:ce j
cf th? oJltnr he hn.i:iT jrrne to llarris
I jtz 17 sUi-nd the Ilni'.road Convention. .
fiiive Hie Tails'!
On r.r.t nse of lo-dr.v"? tnp?r tlic
reader will ti'.;d a copy o: a c;.vu:ar Iror.i
or.r Rf-prccnt'livc, Mr. Sthv.'.mit, a.-kin tgwns!;ip, Somerset county. Pa. c ot-in-for
iuformation from .er?ci;? cp.ti u i:i ! in 3C3 sere, more or lees, stout 10
almost cverv pursuit, in re.-rd ti the es . le.r, ibout 2 acres in meadow.
",. , , . " , -,-r- r 'iiij" hr.J of Sio:on (obhr:, Juhn tn wln-t a pro ee.,vc :.u f- p;,,, (;0 afiJ 0.hcr5. on whie!l is
feels their bastness. Lvtry H.uivioaai ierrC5e.i a ca!i; hUse. and cabin barn,
who can da it oucht to famish t!i? desired
inforiita'k'n in regard to i?e particular bu
:nes i:: which he n:ay be er.jr.gO'd.
Mr. Stcwart is;!? hi bc?t ciTort
to save the present TnriiT, raid it is to be
hiped and exprrled that the people of
Pennsylvania in gcntral, and ;ho?c of this
, rr:, , ,v:m
Cop.jressi.-nJ lLm.t ui pa.U..u. wul
sveorvd uese eorts, and thnt. without
distinction of party, they win assist, ns j
far as thry can, in earing a measure in
which thev
ire all tlcenlv interested.
I'dinsyliaiila Xcglslat arc
In the Senate Daniel L. Sherwood, o
Bradford was elected Speaker.
Findiey Patterson, of Armstrong,
wrs elected Speaker of ihe Ileus 2.
Tha Message of Gov. SnrxK was de
livered at 12 M.. on Wednesday.
Governor's Message.
The Mr?ss!re of Gov. Siscnk hu come !
to hand, but too late for this weeks paprr.
"We shall, however, lay it before our rea
t!ers next week.
Tinirr ncs3WTios.
The following preamble and resolution
were into the State Senate by
Mr. Sanderso.v.
Wiirn-rAs, ihe Tariff of 1S42 is a jus:
and sr.iutary rational measure, which
yields an ample revenue t" ucfrav the ne-
cessary expenses of the General Goem- j
jr.ent, while 1: at the same time e:r'ara
C's rriciiltura! pursuits, by creating a lirrn
a id staple lloiiie Marke. revive p"'ii-mf.-cial
cnterprize. by extending internal
tred, and affording articles for export
elves euiiMOvmeul to our own citizens.
i:.::d of mainuininj the sultjecis of for
e;2n governments 'fids to increase the
waes of h.hor, by creritinj a demand for
it jirc.Txcs public ri orals, by substitu
ting iniastry for idleness and protects
Au;erieun labor against foreign policy and
Therefore. Resolved. That the people J
t f iV.uisylvania regard a continued ad- j img house and stabie, with the apperte
l.rrou'.v to tii? TwriT of IS 12 s it i-. j nances as he property of the said Ben
ad a mutual cm ?n 1 supp-rt of ( jsujia Ienharl, al ihe suit of Peter Lery.
its friends. ?.ga:;ii all attempts to attack
it in doiail or otherwise. P ihe onlv true
d of safetv for the interests of all.
and :';-it or.r Senators and Itr-preentativcs I ly, deceased, in the bauds and posses
in Conrress ?.rc accordingly requested tn sion of Emily Ojle, acting Executrix of
r:-pc"C a.1 atte.n. tj to alter or modify the ;
TwirirT Act of Sis: of Auiwst, IS 12.
Jolin cjiiincy AInni.
A Gl-isgow, (Scodand.) paper, contains
the f-Vdowini noMe tribute to this veteran
steles. n;m : -Wherever and whenever
frsud h'j- framed a mine 10 subvert the of the Constitution, or power has
meditated a Mow against the people, or
rr'i:tst a citizen, or against an oxile, or
against a slave against 3nyt';ir!r i:i the
of free srviety, or against anything
in the shape of a man, John Qrixcv
Anirs, of Mrisschusetts, has been seen
watching the design with egle ere, and
in the moment of ihe attempted perpetra
tion cf the crime, the conspirators fell
th? intended victim rose freo and safe
and the deliverer, unrew arded and un-j
tStnked. sets himself aain or his endless
watch over ihe cau.-e of freeuuia and liu
rianity." la. Tel,
Tlir Clicrcliccs.
It is stated that nearly five hundred
"refugees" from the Cherokee nation are
receiving rations near Evansvillc, Arkan
sas, under a contract, by virtue of author
itv from Gen. Arbuckie. Companies D.
and G of the I r.tted Sta'cs Dragoons, ar- ol Absolorn iiare, tvjiliarn Alricks and
rived at Fort Gibson from Washit. but o.hrs, contsinip.g 03 acres, and al
thev Mere immediately ordered to Evans-, lowance, cn which is a log barn, and
v die and nmcccf'd "thence. Col. -Mr- S about 10 acres of clear land, beinr nart
Kirsick. the Cherokee agent, has called
upon Gen. Arbuckie for a rompanv of
dr?CCT5 to I f stationed rt Bcatis Frsi-l
ric. The presence of the troops at E
vansviile has restrained any further out
break, if any were in contemplation.
Btckn. Reporter.
On the 23th ulu bv William Reel Esq, J
Mr. Andrew J. Jxhui, to Miss Ellexor I
I'EXRon. luh cfQuemabonin? tp,
! - o
Dv m j
On the 24 th ult. Gcoroe, infant son
j of Mr. John B-hiia, of Somerset tp. aged
2 v. 2 in. and 3 davs.
Somerset Lvciuun,
V'!!.!. met in the Lyceum room on
rriday E-cninj next.
Quctlion fur discttiion.
It rcutieiim tousuient. with il
christian Ref btioti,
Derhv.uier. II P Hite.
Esa ist. J I) Colborn.
Those interested will plea?e attend.
3 fv "i IgSC
UftY YIRTUF. of ?un!ry writs of 1
Ji Vavlilidm Exponas, i?5u.'d out of j
l(ie Court nf (Tonjinon Plens of Sotnerget
ro-trtv, anil l me cire-U-d. there will be
expired to sale at tlie FuhSic Squsre in
the Ilorough of So!j'.erfet, on Friday ihe
Gih day ir Fe!.rtia y at 1 o'clock P.
M., fn'!n.rit:g Real Etate, viz:
A'! tLe riht. title, interest and hin
nf !I Pjrli Nicholson, of, in. and toarer-!
- " nf iam, fiiuate in Milford
vri Ji the sp: er'enanees sa th propert
of the said Hush Nicholson, al lha suit
of J;co') I!eibau-h for the ue of J 11 !
Miller and Co. i
All ihp nrht. lii'e. interest and claim.
nf Jacob Pritz and Daniel Enos. of, in.
and to a certain trad of lind, filuate in
?.li!ford township. Somer.-et co.. Pa..
caataininr 40J mire or ,CIS. bB5llj
of acfe8 c!earf ailtJ
-i,miUiirec 9Cre, u n,cadnw, adjoining
i;..-J- 0f Iietjimin Knrpper, Ji'seph
i' and other?, on which are erect
ed a imiup and og barn, wilh the ap
pcrienratcfs the property of the said
Jacob Pritz &Dnie! Enos, at the f uit Ja
cob G Miller's assignee and J II Miller.
All the riht, title, "uueresl and claim,
ef Samuel I.antiis, of. in, and to a certain
lot of ground, situate on the sonih ide
of main street, in the east addition of
Berlin, called Vetersbur, Somerset
county, adj'iiniuj a lot of Petsr Gu?s on
tlie west, a l"t of Landis n the
j eat, on which are erected a two s'.orv
log dwelling, with the appertenancea
as the property of ihe said Samuel Lan
dts, al the sail cf Jacob Kimmel.
All the right, title, interest and claim,
of James Liwsnn, of, in, and to fur lots
of ground, situate in ihe Brough of
Sornevsct, Somerset county. Pi., contai
ning one acre, more or less, adjoining
main street on the south, lands of Isaac
Ankeny 011 ihe west. Union street on the
north, on which are erected a tw siory
frame dwelling house and stable, wilh
the appertenances as Hie property f
ihe said James Lawson, al the etiil of
William, now for ihe use of George
All the right, title, iiiteresl and claim,
of Berj .'.miii Lenhart, of, in. ami lo a
ceruin lot of ground, situate in the town
of Davids iile, Somerset county. Pa.,
containing one fourth acre, adjoining
main elrecton the east and a lot of Peter
lev en ihe south, .d lards of Isaac
KaurTman on the west and north, on
whieh arc erected a iwo storv log dwel-
AH the right, title, interest and claim
of Charles Ule, lata of Somerset coun-
ihe last W ill and '1 esiament of Charles
Ogle, deceased, sad Testamentary Guar
of the heirs of said il:cea
No. I. A cerlaia tract of land situate
in GreeniiUe towasliip, Semcrel coun
ty, containing 03 seres and allowanre,
a -joining lands of John Bouser, tracts
No. 2 and 3, John Win &r. being ihe
saice tract of land which the Cemmon
wenhh of Pennsylvania by patent dated
l6th April 13-9 granted ta Jacob Coun
tryman and being the same Ludwick Bare
and wife to said C. Ogle per deed dated
C9ih March IS'JS see deed recorded in
Record Beok of Deeds for Somerset
county, vol. 17 pages S9 90 and 91 n
which property is a saw miil and fhe
1 or six acres cleared land.
No. 2. Also one piece, cr p?rcel of
I-nd, atijoiamg ike above tract, rontatn-
ing cr:e a re more or less being die same
which Ludwick Bare and wife, conveyed
to said Charles Ogle, per deed dated
e9 March 1838, recorded in Record
Book vol 17 psges 89 90 and 91. on
which is erected a cabin heuse and oth
er improvements.
No. 3. Also one other tract of land.
"situate in Greenville tp,. adjoiaing lands
01 me tract 01 una warranted in Ihe
i.ame or Adam Brittle, and being the j
siae 1 "bich ; Luiwick Bsre and
wife conreyed to said C. Ogle, per
deed dated 29". March 18S3," see Deed
recorded Record in Book vol 17 pages
91 92 and 93.
No. 8. Three certain lots of ground,
situate in Somerset Borough, immediate
ly East of the Presbyterian .Church;
South of Patriot S;reet, and numoered
on the general plan of aid Town as lots
No. 121, 122, and 123.
No. 9. Also, all the right, title, in
terest, and claim, of deceased in, and to
500 acres of land more or less, situate
about one and a half miles South East of
oomerse. uorougn, on wmcu i vieeic.
a gatr n,jj snj other improvements
known as the property of Ogle, Ross and
1 : o. II. A cerutn iraci oi tauu, euu
I ate i Son'.hampton townthip, Somerset
1 countv, adjoinirg lands f Dar.if 1 Ltp
! ley, John Witt, 3. D. .Witt, Vaieir.ine
j I,ep!ey and otKers, containing 169 arrrs
a t j:citiic uw mv"nii it i ........
r.ri. rrrrlnl a InT dwellill? l.OUSe and
I05 barn andalotii75 acres elear, whh
a'uuu'iance of lrcn Ore, Coal and lime
stone being the same trart of land. w hi h
was conveyed by John Hardin, -lo sat'i
Ch-rlrs Oleand J. F. Cox, per deed
ddifd 17 Onober 1840, see deed record
ed in ol 17 pag?s 518 and 55 9.
- No. 12. A certain trail cf land situate
gmerset adjoining Unds uf Isaac Hattiin
j3Ctb Witt's heirs, John Win, Gideon
fcx and ilheis, ronuininT9 arre
aivd 5G perchr? and allowanre, on which
are erected a g;iod hg house, gnod h'g
bam and other improvement aud abouli
70 acres of clear !an.
ho, ihe delrndanls intsreff, righi,
! lii'e. and elaim in the following described j
of laud tiz:
No, M. 4QQ aercs
N 0MMllU Its tui.
name ol Tench Cox, in Somerset tp.
of Martin Cridcr, in Conemangli tp,
No 18, 400 scrts warranted in the dame
ef Samuel Richard in Shade tp,
No 19, 400 acres warranted iuthe name
of John 2rp!i in Somerset ip.
No 20. 43U acres warr-nico m me nam?
f Adam Creamer. inTurkeyfoot tp,
No 21, 401 i aires warranted in the
name of -ames kelson in Jenrer ip.
i No 0, C 1 51 seres warranted in the
name f Pcier Newifg-rin Scuthamp-
ton ip,
No CS, 100 acres warranted in the nan
pf Cornelius Marten us in Milford tp.
No 3 2 S?2i acres warranted in tbe
name of Simon Perry in Shade tp.
No 33, 433 acres warranted in the name
f George Thomson in Shade tp,
No S4, 3SG acres warranted in ihe name
of John Poor in Shade tp.
No 55, 220 acres warranted in the name
of Thomas Moore in Shade ip.
No 3G, 467 acrts warranted in ihe name
ef Ftederick Hu'jUv Conemaugh tp,
No 37, 3 0 acres warranted in the name
of J sices Dallon in Conemaugh tp.
No 40, 439 acres -warratited in the
name of Itreal Williams in ShaJe tp.
No 43, 399 acres warranted in the name
of Sarah Bedford in Somerset tp,
N 4 4, iCS acres warranted in the name
of Benjamin Lockery in Somerset tp.
No, 47, 33-2 acres warranted in ihe name
of Isaac Pries in Milford tp.
No 4S, 395 seres warranted in the
name of Benjamin Rush in Milford tp.
No 49. 404 aires warranted in ihe name
of Michael King in TurKevfoi tp.
No 50, 4l0i acres warranted in the
name of Jane Chary in Addison tp.
No 51, 417 acres warranted in the name
of Mary Chary in Addison tp.
No 54, 400 acres warranted in the name
of Jolm Chary in fcllklick tp.
No, 04, 454 acres warranted in the name
of Mary Si-ipson in Greenville tp,
No G5, 33S.J acres warranted , in the
name of Samuel Dunlep in Green
ville tp.
No 07, 358j acres warranted in the
name of JohnThomas in Greenville tp.
No 59, 4lGi acres warremed iu the
name ef Thomas Care in Southamp
ton tp,
No 70, 1?S ?cre warranted in the name
of James Hoffman in Southampton tp.
N 71, 401 4 acres warranted in the
name of Isaac Jones Sottlhamplen tp.
No 72, S9S; acres warranted in the
pame of William King in Santbamp-
ton tp.
No 73, 401 5 arres warranted in ihe
name of John Kingin Southampton tp.
No 71, 4 29 acres warranted in the name
of Wm. Lawrice in Southampton tp.
No 75, 41G acres warr:strd in the
name of Thomas Lose in Southamp
ton tp.
No 17. 212 acres warranted in the name
of John MeKi.n in Southampton tp.
No 80, 432 acres warranted in ihe name
oi Flizabelh Piatt in Southampton !,
No 83, 03 acres warranted in the name
of Jocob Rhoads in Southampton tp.
No 84, 493j teres warranted in ihe
name of John Smith in Sonibamp-
ton tp,
No 85. 52S; acres warranted in the
nsme of John Shaver in Southampton tp,
No 87, 400 acres warranied in the name!
of Thomas Stokely in Southampton tp. !
No 88, 43S acres warranted in the same'
c I John Statler in Southampton ip,
No 92, 404 acres warranted in the name;
of Edward Allen in Allegheny tp.
No 94, 438 acres warranted in the name
of Thomas Brown in Allegheny tp. "
No 95. 300 seres warranted in ihe name
of Matthew Black in Allegheny tp.
No 97, 4C0": acres warranted in the
name of Sarah Fiacemore in Alleghe
ny P.
No 98, 446x I acres, warranted in the
name of Lewis G, Noaille in Alleghe
ny tp,
No 100, 4201 acres, warranted in ihe
name of James Shaw in Allegheny tp.
No 101, 440 aeres, warranted in ihe
name of II ugh Barkley in Alleghery tp,
ro iuz, dcj arrsa, warrantee in me
.name of Jamas Clark' in Allegheny tp.
No 103; 401 acres warranted in tho name
of Isreal Isrtal in Allegheny tp, pZ-i
No .104, 430 acres, warranted in the
name of Joseph Moore, ia Alleghe
ny p. .
No 105, 400 acres warranted iu the
name ef Thomas Henderson in Cone
macgh tp,
N 1 06, 401 acres, warranted "in ihe
name of Lewis Walker in Shade tp,
N 108. 400 acres, warranted in the
' nans of James Black Southampton tp,
No 112, 420 acres, warranted in the
name cf Racheal Teropesi in South
ampton tp.
No J 15, 4671 acres warranted in the
name of John L, Carey in Abiuhamp
ln ip.
No H7, S92 acres, wsrramed in the
name of Michael Oswalt and James
Rhwads in uthampton tp.
No 118. 40G acrs, warranted in the
name of John Philips in i'oinhamp
lon tp.
No 121. 400 acres, wairanted in ihe
name of James Wells in ib'oaihamp
ton tp.
No 125. 402 acres, warranted in the
name rf Catharine Waymau in -5outh-amp'on
No 123. S99i acres, warranied in the
name of Alexander Adams in oouih-j
amptmi tf , - - .. .
On the two list above mentioned
tractsthere is an abundance of &onc
Coal-and Limestone and ittexhsnstabie
niinps of Irmt Ore, one cf the richetl
quality has been opened at different poinis
fr a considerable distance and t'iscover-
f seeu feet. V-id iwo tracts tic from 2 to;
3 miles from Mutini Stage Iron works.
The foregoing tracts are well timbered
manv of them with ' fine pine and have
r."d water powpr U;cren as the prop
erty of the said Chnrles Ogle, drceascd.
in the;i of Fndy Ogle, acting
Executrix of ihe b-si Will and Testa
ment, of said Charles OIe, dressed,
aud Testamentary Guardian of the heirs
of said deceased, al ihe suit of ihe Pres
ident, Directors and Company of ihe
Bank of Pennsylvania,
N, B, Ten per cent of ihe purchase
money vi!I be required to he puid on
each purchase as soon a? the property
is knocked down, or it will be considre
no sale,
Sheriffs OiTice. Somerset,
J:.nn;.rv 13, IS4G.
Sheriff's Sale.
Y virtue of a writ of 77 Fa issued
out of ihe Court of Common Pleas
of Somerset count', and to me directed,
there w ill be exposed to sale by way cf
public outcry, at the house of Joseph
Fleming, in Jenner township. Somerset
county, on Thursday the 5th day nf
February next, at 1 o'clock, 1. M.Mlie
following Real E&tate, viz:
All the right, title, interest and claim,
of George Fleck, deceased, of. , and
to a certain TRACT OF LAND, situate
in Jenner township, Somerset county,
cofitaioing two hundred acres, more or
less, about iwentv acres clear, adjoining
land jof Barnrt Picking. Jacob lleiplet
and Charles Ogle's heirs and ethers, on
which are erected a cabin house and sta
ble, with the apperte nances as the pro
per y of the said George Fleck, deceased,
at the suit of William Trimble, fr ihe
use of Cdiaund Kiernan and John A.
Bell, partners trading tinder the Srm of
Kiernan and Bell.
Sheriffs Office, Somerset )
January 13, IS 4 G.
Trustees' Sale of
N rursnauceof an order of ihe Or
phans Court of Somerset countv.
there will be exposed to sals by war of
publia vendue or outcry on the premises. ;
on the 8th day of February A. D. 184B.
the following Real Estate late the estate
of Conrad Deal deceased, viz: .
One tract ot" land,
situate in Greenville tp. in ihe county of
Somerset, containing about two hundred
acres more or less, adjoining lands of
Nicholas Beall; John Meese, Jacob Yea
ger, and ethers, with about Seventy
acres of clear land on which is ererted
one Log House, also some fruit trees.
Ti axs: one tli ire! to remain a lien
on the premises, the interest thereof to
he paid 10 the widow semi annually du
ring her life time, and al her death to bo
equally distributed among the heirs and
legal representatives of said deceased,
and ihe remainder one third in hand and
the balance in three equal anneal instil
ments wlihcat interest. Purchase mon
ey to be secured by judgment bonds.
Attendance will be jive by Daniel
LVp'y, trustee for the sale of the real es
tate of Conrad Beall deeejsed.
By order of ihe Court,
Jan. 13 UC,
Administrator s Sale
. OF
Meal SstatSa
IN pursuance of an order of the Or
i phans Court of Somerset county,
there will be exposed to sale by way
of public outcry on the 9iU day of Feb
ruary, on the premises, the following
tract of land viz:- -
'. GO acres of land
situate in Paint township. -Somerset
county, adjoining lands of Peter Miller,
John Walker and others, with cabin
houseand .log stable thereon erected,
with about seven acres clear, late the es
tatt of Alexander Walker, deceased.
Sale lo commence at two o'cleck on
said day; where due attendance will be
siven by Samuel Rordebush jr. admin
istrator. Terms Cash. "
By ihe Court.
Jan. 13 MG. r Clerk-
(succetsors ta II. Coulter & Co.)
WTHOLESASE Grocers. Commis
YT sion 2nd Forwardicg Merchants,
Dealers in Produce and Pituburf Manu
factures, Sixth street, between Wood and
Liberty, ritubargh. Pa. jsnlS
tN apprentice to the Halting biuiness,
wanted. One from 1G to 17 vears
ni oi n.cusinous racn. who kh
1 1 . 1
come weii reLomuienced, will be taken
1)1?. 31 ' A X E'5
Tor the ctrtof llpn:'ti or lAvr Camj.lun!,
ly.-j't-ji&a ci'rf .S'VA: llyjd'Arhe.
pSHlS rrii'cJr i3ir. been far .cTcrsl cars
xis cinpicvc'.l by tne proprietor in it;a pran.vv.
on wry I u;t rn 1-3 in Mwmngaliii l'rctjn.
Harrison ti1 Uarv.'tHf is count ict. in Virjini.i, bc
hi.!cs Ters! k'-c j1 r cs, -iJ Laicir been sttcn
i!ctl with the Birt iijt;v,v tfT.'ttS he bai bet n frvrj
liiw fim JkitH t edoj-.t Ofli acnarsc as
wotilit gitre it a more ru-r.siv cirru'atioi:. ii!ii
. view tt Icb-MMi the auiuint ef heman tnllerinj.
-Arvarcof ilie fart nmj useless novtrurs?
hjve Loiu j-.Iioil open iLc j'ublie, lie lieaiia'.t-J
fr everaJ rears uvti! luoroiigLlj couvikit that
the bvv modiiinc, if projcrly uci, wuld i.ct
fuiito rfllvt cures in a great u;;oit in-tjin e. mid
evf n t al!erjl i!slss eases which are quite incu-11.1.-.
Syrnj-tGiH r,f d'teuS'il IJvcr. Tain in t'ie
richt sidr. vtn!er ihe e.?ire f th ribs. iiicrrarJ
i pressure: sometime the piin is in t!i left h'c;
the piiticut is rarely aS!e to lie on the left siJe;
jim'i ik'i tbj'iO;i i tl unJer liie ho;i!v't.--biJ'Te.
1! frepu-ii'fy ritfr.ds t. tf;C trp of tlie sltwu!
der, auJ i onuTi:.:-.' iiitst.-.krrj fjr a rhcH;cal.iii
in the riht crm. TLp ?t unat u is -Het teJ i'.!i
hhjof pj tile uml kiel.i!ev; the bowels, in ca
tsU are citive. !. m;u e wltriing wi'h l.n. tbe
henJ : troubled wii' jr'it, accvnipai.ieiS a
dull, heavy sn.-a:i-.!i in t c Ljrk jnrt. Theie i
geurrallv a ro:isid.r.-.blo lo. of nm;iry, otxuin
anied with a painful sri:s.tion of !.avi;ij left
LaJue fconjrriiiu wl.'i h i;n'it to have I reu
dme. A slight dry coi'i'i i so!n.'Ji:te? an k'tn
lln,. The fal":ont con.j luiri- 4.f wuiiiv.j.s end
tlebihty; he is easily starllixl, bii ff. t .ire cold or
liernin. .'Mid be itf;nai;i-s cf a prickly SPf.-a'Ioti
of llo M.jn; Li ijiirit are low; am alshoc-jli h
is at;-5l3eJ that exutis wou!J te beiieflriai to
him. ytt he can warerly saumon fbrtitule
eu."u"!i to trv it. In fact, he di-lruts eerv rc
r.iedv. Several of the a'ove syrnptous jur.d
ta diseue. but casfs Iutb ore jrre.l where f - of
them eiUted. yet 'examination of the body nfirr
dt aih hjbovn the livor to have been ejUe;iie
Iv deranged.
Thi U to cr?i l"y . th.'.t bavin; been bs-m iatej
with Dr. M'Laitc i:i the practice cf mri.'i ir-e fr
iiearlv two uu t a half yvir, I have lit I n my
pportunili- of vv'r.i:es-iii; the g iiid e;Tv ! cf
hi Liver I'il's. iid I btlieve iby tiive cured
relieved a much Lrsr prot'orujn of ihe dij-es
of the liver, thjii I liive knnwu c'JrtJ and re
lieved br anv other course of tieatiuria.
Dec. 71SC . UMYEi; JIORtjA.V, il.U.
fj(nKT!TS Nna are petiuine wiihaut a!n:-i!e cf lhe proprietrir' t.i2nature.
1'rejared for the proprietor bv
Vholca!e and KrUil Druzist, riwoer of
4 tli an Wood :, Pittsburc, Tx,
They sre a'o 11 by ta fallow Jnj a-,
J' It. Sriyi'iT, 'oii;,
Knbie and Voiia,bt. t'eiitrevi'Ie,
M. A. Kos. IVUt.I 'urgli,
A. Wyatt, Sinkhi'vlJ.
CJ. i;ooJ. .Wt;;pr'urgh.
N. D. order tlul there mar ? n r.;;.-;:c.
be particular oid aak fr ' Dr. M"!.;ic" Liver
Iratent Vermifuge.
Dn. M Link's Axi rictv AVon.i Sri."irie
frv.i.j.i'y txpil '."wws U vu fAmittl in nvitlsr?
fTO subr.t3n;ia!e the above fjf I many hundred
jL of testiiuoiii's could ts addnced, out cf
which the following are selected, from individ
ual 'of lisnuiu? 3d veracity. luderd. it is ctti
fi ler.lly aiTiruied lLt each new t ft U.e w-e.-
cf tiii reaietly vrill buaon sdJ.inil trr.
Jeucy ti widen and rorifirin it fjme. and tlijt if
it were universally hnown und diift:e 1 over thi
United State, it wculii n,H sve Ic.j than inany
huidrcJi., if aot lh;u;-aii.!s cf lives auwurslly.
I Ja certify lbt n vint of Dr. M'Lanc's Ar!)rri
caa Worm iSpcciilc expelled ;ve! and two
whole worms and j i-e-i that would Lav? made
sixty r.;ore, f-om a S-oy of J.!;n Lewelling. which,
if laid in s traight ii:;?. ould havprno! probably
measured t!ie enoPiPMi leni'.h of one LuiHittil
yards. JOsIAH JAt:'S().,oviiBrf Wa i r
Forge, and other works, ib'.cgali county, Vs.
Thi is rertify that I ptm-ha.-sed frorn Hc'a:rs
6c Kidd a inl of Dr. M "Lane's Aii.'ri- an Worm
S'jKciC--, and give two !o-es to a boy of mif-a
alxmt three years years of acje. He pa.-;d fi I'y
half a pint of warm. The c jjniily was m Jjrg.?
I was re. illy a'irioeJ. nijj cail.-d in scvtia! cf my
Keibbm to tb. tn. II j j this st-ry Wn rf
liictl to Die. I ran'd nit hv c rediUiS it, wi'lnnit
being ail eye-witru ? to ihe same. .My cLild'e
heaJtU unproved ninth nfter.
!u Lanl TsiFur, VoJ tt, Pitti,burS!i.
Some two mecth aj I piirrhavd a ial of Tlr.
WI.ihis A mericati Worm S-' jjechlc I save a Ioy
of mine mo-t f vial; he j-asfd forty very
l.inre worrn. From that time hi uealih
rery much. I had tried twoother Vermifuge
to ?io purf-ise. I Lc!ii': Dr. ilLi the !ft
article before the 'public D. CALHOUN.
Mini in township, Allegheny coucty.
From a rejpilar Physician. Dr G S Srsidi. Sun
Ch, Oliio.
Mr. J. Kid 1 Drar eir I have aed in my
praj-tice Dr. M'Lune's American Worm Sjrc's;lc.
ami hare f:en witnesied iu efScacy in expdlinj
worms from the system. A patient of ruine. a
short time atpj, eaTe a vial of the Wonn SpcciSc
to a child; in a short time cpwards of sixty-ure
worms were expelled.
Prepared far ths Prornl"'' r
Vho!eale and Retail Drcrgi'it'. corner of
4 lb and WooJ sti. Pittsbargh.
. Also itx sale br the following a jenu
JOHN L. iNYDEi:, 5Hmert,
Hij and .Morrison, Lavaavi!!e,
Knable and Vocjht. Centreuie,
M. A. Koss, Peers?.ur;h.
" A. Wvatt.PmilhSeW.
G.Co-ils. Wellersbargh. -N.
D. Be part s wlir to a-i for Dr. M Lane s
American Wor3ipeci"K"f r Ptut Vcrniifjge.
' ju13,i5
jonx CAKSOX.
Somerset County, as.
iss-A f Tan adjoarred Orphans
S L.S. S jJC jay. cf Uecfuiber, A.
'ryD. 1845. Before the Honora
ble Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the real estate ef John
Shaffer. deee-.?ed, viz: 550 acres of land
situate in Allegheny lowi.ship, sold by
siil Shaffer in h:s life time, lo Jacob
Knspper, and the interest of said Kr.p
per transferred to Diitiel Firhtner.
And now to nit, December S, 1845,'
on petition of Solomon Bare, administra
tor t f said :df ceased, and Danttl Ficht-i-r.
flnd?e of Jacob Knerpcr, the court
front a rule on the heirs and legil re pre-
j.entatites of said John ShafTer, deceased.
iaiiesi j v . -
nMesr at an adjourned Orphans'
,-ni.rt o he held ai Somerset, on t!;e 2nd
.!iv of ilarch next, aad shew cause if
iancihrr have, whv a perific" nrrfar-
J niauce or said contract should not be de-
creed, and the administrator aforesaid.
, aliased to execute a tide to the said Da
' liiel Tichtner. ,
t Etrnci from the' record, certified thi
5d daV of leceinber. A H !St5.
jmt3'4G Clerk.
k Lli persons indebted to the snbsrri
f bei, arc requesed 13 make pay
ment to J O C:-ron in whose hand the
hoots of the firm arc. Il will be to the
j interest of ALL concerned noi to neglect
.this noii-e. THE BOOKS MUST BE
SETI'LKI). A hint to the wise is
sufheirnt." BliCCE it CAHirON.
Stvysiown, jnG '4o
Kvccutors' Notice.
7T ETTERS Testtnicniarr oi the es-
SlA tate of Isaac Stoner, late ef Bro
ihersTa'ly township, dee'd., luring beea
planted to the subscribers in said twn
ship, all persons indebted lo said estate
are requested lo attend at the iate refi
tiesce of the deceased, on Wednesday
the I5ih id February next, prepared to
seyle; ar.d ihose having clainti, t pre
sent them at ihe saute time sud place.
i properly aathentieated.
j jmG'Iufi" Executor. Count ss.
N the matter of the vnlun-
t o s IL ,ar)' fcssinmenl ol Jacob
5 Ub 5 Flickinger l Charles lief-
No. 153, April term. 1843. And now
to wit, 4di November, 1315. Account
!of assignee fileJ. S'ii Do, IS45, ac-
count confirmed, and S-iruuel Wr Pear, Iq, appointed Auditor to distribute
j th? money among the creditors.
! Extract fiom the record cettiSed I5ih,
i Bee, 1S43.
A J OGLE, Prot'y.
Ii D iP J: V IB
THE nndersisced Auditor will alien J
at his office in Somerset, on Toes lav 27.
January, 1848. to perform the duties of
' the nhnre appointment, of which all con
cerned will take notice.
i-mn'-JG Auditor.
I Somerset County, ss.
! o T an adjonrned Orphans
SfwA IVl Court held at Somerset.
' in. and f-jr said county, on tts
8th day of December, 1815.
j Before the Honorable Judges thercef.
! 'IN the mntier of the real and persons!
j estate of Frederick Younkin deceased.
And now ta Mrii, Decera!er 8ih, I8t5.
Ro$ Forward. Samuel W Pearson snd
Isa-ac Nuzis, appointed Auditors to is-
certain advancements and distnlit;te the
;real and personal estfe, amon the Leirs
and letal represcoltites of said dee'd.
Citrnct from the records of aid court
certified Sth d-iv of Decemher. !St5
decl6 Cleik.
Till"! n:idpr!trtvri! if!lilnrc rvrlll t
1st ihe bo'ise of Isaac Ankeny cn Friday
: the 531 day ef January eeit, for tUs
, purposes in the forfgoinj commisaioi
j mentioned, at hich place and time all
persons interested may atteci if they
j think proper
dec I G '45
Sumerset Count ss.
jgz&Z, A i a Orphans Court beld
-Vit'iD i. at Somerset in and for
1 -i
'u couniy on tae otn uay ot
''ffir December. A. I). 1845. Be
fore the Honorable Judges thereof.
IN ihe matter cf the account cf Red
ding B- Conover, administrator de bonis
r.on cum Tcstircenia annexo of the cs-li-ie
of Jo?hca Cooper, Esq, deceased.
And now to wit, Sth, IS45.
Ross Forward, Samuel W. Pearson and
Isa'C IIu;us, Erq?, appointed Auditors
to distribute the funds in the hand? of .oid
Administrator, to and among tl:oe enti
tled to receive it.
Extract from the records of S3id court,
certified this 8;h December. 1545.
dselS : . Clerk.
,TKE undersigned Auditors wi!! meet
at the me of Samuel W Pearson, on
Thi.4'?day the 22d day of January reit,
for the purposes in the foregcicf coni-
Smisii men'ioncd, at which place nJ
time all persons interested may attend if
ihey ibiuk proper.
.i?cl6'43 ::'Aud::ori.