The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, December 23, 1845, Image 3

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omcract, 3?.,
I". B. JML.VErt of PlWJa.lelphia at his
Jieal Estate and Coal Office. U our authorized
Agent Ur obtaining Aderlhcmcnts and Sub
tcriptionfor the 'HERALD" and is clothed
uilh full power to rertipt for any monies paid
to him on ihrse I-jecU. His ngency indudes
the following cities, viz; Philadelphia, New
York, Dallimore and Boston, and his offices in
ihcee several places arc located as follows;
Philadelphia No, 59 1'ine Street.
NaeYvrk No. 16 Aassau "
JJah'inioreS, E. Corner of Ba!t-St Cal st
JiosonNo 15 State sL
A meeting of the friends
of Agriculture is to be held
at the Court House in Som
erset, on the 1st of January,
at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Grain! Grain!
Persons who intend to pay their sub
scriptions, due for the Herald or Republi
can with grain, are requested to deliver it
by the 3d day of January; after that date
none will be taken.
Rreart-stiifls In England.
At the last dales the British Cabinet
had not agreed to open the ports for the
admission of foreign breadstuff's. Nor
was there a probability that they would
be opened. Sir Robert Peel, it was un
derstood, would have Parliament conven
ed early in January, and would then pro
pose the appropriation of three millions
sterling to public works, mostly railroads,
for the purpose of giving employment to
the poor, hoping thereby to be able to re
lieve them more effectually than could be
done by the opening of the ports. In
how far such a measure will be practica
ble it is not for as to say; but we see by
extracts from English journals that the
Premier has been denounced in various
quarters for the course he is pursuing, and
in some instances a change of Ministers
is very confidently predicted. The next
arrival from England is therefore looked
for with much interest.
Speech of Mr. Stewart.
We are indebted to the National Intelli
gencer for a copy of the speech of Mr.
Stewart, which we publish on the first
and second pages of to-day's paper. The
facts and arguments presented in this
speech are such, we think, as cannot' be
refuted- and whatever fate may await the
present Tariff, Mr. Stewart deserves, and
will receive, the thanks, not only of his
immeditate constituents, but of the friends
of Domestic Industry throughout the U
nion, for his efforts to save it. "
Snow at Quebec.
The Quebec Gazette of the 5th says,
that the thermometer at that place was at
ten degrees below zero, the snow lay in
heans more than fifteen feet hieh, and
was then falling so thick that it was im
possible to see a distance of a few yards.
The St. Lawrence was piled up with float
ing ice.
Committees of the Senate.
The following are the members of the
two principal committees.
" Foreign Affairs. Messrs. Allen, Ath
crton, Cass, Sevier, and Archer.
Finance. Messrs. Calhoun, Benton,
Evans, Lewis, and Jennes.
Delegate from Oregon.
The St. Louts New Era etates, that
Mr. Elijah White, appointed by the self
constituted authorises of Oregon, intends
to ask Congress to allow him a seat in that
body as the Representative of that Terri
tory. John Quincy Adams.
John Quincy Adams is now at Wash
ington, attending to his duties as a mem
ber of Congress, but his health is said to
be very feeble, indeed, and that he docs not
expect ever to return to New England.
Death of Com. Elliot.
Com. Jesse D. Elliott died in Philadel
phia on the 10th inst., and was buried
with military honors, on the Saturday
following, in the burying ground of the
Naval Asylum.
Hon. John TV. Davis.
This gentleman, the present Speaker of
Congress, was born in Lancaster county,
Pa., studied Medicine at Carlisle, and
emigrated to Indiana in 1823.
A Hero Gone.
, Mr. Elijah Blackman, the last of the
defenders of Wyoming at the massacre of
the 3d of July, 1778, died a few weeks
since, at his residence in Luzerne county.
The Weather.
The weather during the last two weeks
has been rather unusually cold. On Sat
urday morning last the thermometer stood
at eight degrees below zero.
Small Pox.
T. a n ,-;i '
,vk fc uiC r- ,
in Baltimore, and that several cafes have
recurred in Cumberland.
Latest from Washington.
In the House of Representatives, on
Tuesday last, the Resolution of Mr.
Douglass, to admit Texas into the Union,
were taken up as the first thing in order.
The previous question was moved and
sustained, 108 yeas to 90 nays. The
Resolutions were then ordered to be en
grossed, and the main question put by a
vote of 141 to 66.
The Resolutions were then put upon
their final passage, and adopted by a vote
of 141 to 56.
At a meeting of the citizens of Somer
set county held at the Borough of Somer
set, on Manday the 22d day of Decem
ber inst. On motion Samuel W. Pear
son Esq., was called to the chair and Jno.
O. Kimmel and Isaac Hugus Esqs. ap
pointed Secretaries.
Resolved, That the following persons
be appointed delegates to represent Som
erset county in a convention to be held
at Harrisburg, on the 12th of January
next, in favor of a continuous Rail Road
from Philadelphia to Pittsburg, and for
the extension of the B. & O. Rail Road
from Cumberland to Pittsburgh.
Hon. J. S Black, Simon Gebhart,
Jno. O. Kimmel, Samuel W. Pearson. J.
R. Edie, John Hanna, Henry L. Hoi
Brook, Jonas Keim, F. M. Kimmell, S.
Harned, Peter Myers, Gillian C. Lint,
Jost. J. Stutzman, John Neff, Isaac Hu
gus, A. J. Ogle. Ross Eorward, Henry
Walter. Samuel Kimmel. Samuel Phil-
son, A. II. Philson, Samuel Gaither, M.
A. Sanner, Jos. Cummins, Geo. Chor
penning Jr. Geo. Klingaman Jr. Dr. M.
Berkey, J. F. Cox, Daniel Lepley, J. R.
Brenham, Samuel Gaumer, Geo. W.
Walker, Samuel Miller of Summit, Elias
K. Beichley, Abm, Beam, Geo. Mowry,
Jonathan Row, Gen. John Hite, Col.
Henry Little Geo. Loy, Roger Marshall,
Jona. Statler, John "Witt, D. Wreyand.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this
meeting be published in the Somerset
Herald and all other papers friendly to
granting the right of way to the B. 6c O.
Railroad Company.
John O. Kimmel,
Isaac Hug us.
Thusday, December 11, 1845.
Mr. J. Q, Adams presented a remon
strance we could not hear from whence
it came against the admission of Texas
into the Union as g slaveholding State;
andmoved that the remonstrance, togeth
er with like remonstrances presented by
him yesterday and laid on the table, be
referred to a Select Committee, to be
composed of a member from each State.
Mr. Boyd moved that the remonstrance
lie on the table.
This motion prevailed.
Mr. Adams here remarked that, from
the course pursued by the House on the
remonstrances he had presented against
the admission of Texas into the Union as
a slaveholding State, he presumed it was
intended not to give the remonctrants a
hearing; and that the admission of Texas
was to bo consummated as early as pos
sible, without regard to the wishes of those
who were opposed to that measure. He
should submit to the decision of the House
as regards these remonstrances, and
should content himself hereafter with
presenting such as were now in his pos
session, or should hereafter be sent to
him. and leave it to the House to dispose
of them in such way as it might deem
The Speaker here stated that, after
the decision of the House expressed on
the presentation of several of these re
monstrances, he should, as regarded all
others that might be presented, direct the
Clerk to make the entry on the Journal
that they were ordered to lie on the table
unless the House should otherwise or
Mr. Adams then went on to present a
large number of remonstrances against
the admission of Texas, from various
parts of the country.
Like remonstrances were also present
ed by Messrs. Rockwell, of Massachu
setts, Hudson, i hompson, of Massachu
setts, Ashman, D. P. King, Severance,
Abbott, Grinnell, Winthrop, Arnold Hub
bard, Conn., Truman, Smith, Dixon,
Rockwell, Conn.; Collamer, Marsh, Dil
lingham, Rathbun, Gordon, Wilmot,
Hungerford, Culver, Homes, New York,
Preston, King, Benton, Hampton, Levin,
Strohm, J. R. Ingersoll, Root, Giddings,
Tilden, Caleb B. Smith, Dunlap, and
Williams, Maine.
In presenting some of these remonstran
ces Nr. J. Rockwell wished to be
ed to make a remark on the general
ject, personal to himself in regard to his
situation as a member of one of the Com
mittcss of this House the Committee on
Territories. The resolution reported
yesterday by the Cnairman of the
Committee on Territories, (Mr. Douglas)
was reported as eoming generally from
that committee, not noticing the minori
ty, and he believed it so appeared on the
Journal. I wish to state (said Mr. R.)
that I was in the minority of that com
mittee; that I did not agree to that report,
but objected to and voted against it, and
also against the proposition to make it the
special order of the day for Tuesday
next; and I intended to have proposed an
mouon, iuu n ue iv-
ferred to the Committee of the Whole on
the slate 0f Union, for the purpose of
ginng greater opportunity for amend-
ment and discussion. The course of
proceeding yesterday prevented my of
fering that amendment; and, although I
have no idea of any unfairness on the part
of the Chair, I am happy to take this op
portunity of making this statement,wmch
would have been made yesterday had it
not been prevented under the decision of
the Chair.
Mr. R., in conclusion, moved that
these remonstrances be made the special
order of the day for Tuesday next, to
come up with the resolution referred to,
which had been set apart for that day.
Other memorials, petitions, &c. of a
general or individual character, were pre
sented From Massachusetts. -By Mr. D. P.
From Connecticut By Mrssrs. Rock
well, and T. 'Smith.
From Vermont. By Messrs. Foot &
From New York.- By Messrs. Rath
bun, White, Campbell, Seaman, "Wood
ruff, Strong, grove, W ood, Preston King,
Jenkins, Benton, and Hampton.
From Pennsylvania. Bv Messrs
Foster, Broadhead, Pollock, Bufllngton,
Strohm, J. R. Ingersoll, and Thomp
From Delaware. By Mr. Houston.
From Maryland. By Messrs. Chap
man, Giles, and Ligon.
From Virginia. By Messrs. Hop
kins, Johnson, Bayly, Brown, Leake, and
From North Caralina. By Mr. Gra
From South Carolina. By Messrs.
Sims, Holmes, and Woodward.
From Georgia. By Messrs. Haralson
and Lumpkin.
From Kentuckey. By Messrs. Trum
bo, Grider, Tibbatts, and Yound.
From Tennessee. By Mr. Cullom.
From Ohio. By Messrs. Alexander,
Foot, Giddings, Tilden, Delano, St. John
and Cunningham.
From Indianna. By Messrs. Caleb
B. Smith, Kennedy, Cathcart4 Wrick, and
From Mississippi. By Mr. Thom
From Illinois. By Messrs. Simth,
Hoge, Baker, and Douglas.
From Alabama. By Messrs. Chap
man and Yancey.
From Missouri. Bv Messrs. Relfe
and Bowlin.
From Michigan. Mr. Hunt.
From Florida. By Mr. Cabell.
From New Hampshire. By Messrs.
Dunlap, Scammon, and Williams.
Mr. Sims presented resolutions of the
General Assembly of the State of bouth
Carolina, remonstating against the tariff
act of 1842, and praying its reduction to
the revenue standard; also, remonstrating
against the warehousing system. Read
and referred to the Committee of Ways
and Means.
Mr. Rockwell presented resolutions of
the Legislature of Connecticut in relation
to the State of Rhode Island, and moved
that they lie on the table and be printed
Agreed to.
Mr. R. also presented resolutions of
the Legislature of Connecticut in favor
of a more extended publication of the de
cisions of the Supreme Court of the U
nitcd States. Laid on the table and or
dered to be printed.
Mr. R. also presented resolutions of the
Legislature of Connecticut against the an
nexation of Texas to the United States,
and moved that they be laid on the table
and printed.
Opposition being made to prniting the
resolutions, they werelaid over, udner the
rule, for debate.
Mr. Culver presented memorials from
Washington county, New York, numer
ously signed by members of all political
parties, praying the abolition of slavery
and the slavery and the slavetrade in the
District of Columbia. Mr. C. moved
that the memorials be referred to a select
A motion was made by Mr. Boyd that
the momorials lie on the table.
The reading of one of the memorials
was called for by Mr. Culver, and it was
decided by vote, 71 to 49, that it should
be read. It was read accordingly.
And the question was taken by yeas
and nays that the memorials do lie on the
table, and decided as follows:
YEAS Messrs. Stephen Adams, At
kinson, Barringcr, Bayly, Bedinger, Biggs
Jas. Black, J. A. Black, Boyd, Broad
head, Wm. G. Brown, Burt, John H.
Campbell, Augustus A. Chapman, Reu
ben Chapman, Chipman, Clarke, Cocke,
Crozier, Cullom, Cunningham, Daniel,
Garrett Davis. Dockery, Douglass,, Ed
sail, Erdman, Faran, Foster Gentry,
Giles, Good)-ear, Graham, Grider, Har
alson, Harmanson, Heme', HiJliard,
Hoge, Hopkins, John W. Houston, G.
S, Houston, Hungerford, Hunter, Charles
J. Ingersoll, J. H. Johnson, J. Johnson,
Andrew Johnson, George W. Jone
Seaborn Jones, Kennedy, T. B. King,
Lawrence. Leake, Levin, Ligon, Lump
kin. Maclay. McClean, McCrate, Mc
sub-Henry, John P. Martin, Marclay Mar-
tin, Miller, Morse, Moulton, iNorris,
Owen'Parish, Payne, Pendleton, Perrill,
Perry, Petti t, Price, Ralhburn, Reid,
Relfe, Ritter, Roberts, Sawyer Scam
mond, Seddon, A. D. Sims, L. II. Simns,
Simpson, Robt. Smith, Satnton, Stevens,
Thibodeaux. Thomasson, James Thomp
son, Jacob Thompson, Thurman, . Tib
batts, Toombs, Treaway, Trumbe, Went
worth, WTick, W'ilmot; Woodruff, Wood
ward, Woodwarth, Yancy, Yancey, Yell,
Young, Yost 108.
NAYS Messrs. Abbott, John Quincy
Adams, Anderson, Arnold, Ashman, Ben
ton, Blanchard, Brinkerhoff, Buflington,
William W. Campbell, Collamer, Cran-,
slon, uulver, JJelano, Dixon, JUunlap,
Ellsworth, Ewing, Foot, Giddings, Grin-:
nell, Grover, Hamlin, Hampton, Harper, '
t t- T" IT 1. CJ T"
Herrick, E. B. Holmes, Hough, S. Dy
Hubbard, Washington Hunt, J. B. Hunt,
J. R. Ingersoll, Jenkins, Daniel P. King,
P. King, Lewis, McClelland, McGaughey
Mcllvame, Marsh, Ramsey, Julius Rock
well, John A. Rockwell, Root, Saw telle,
Schneck, Seaman, Severance, Truman
Smith, Albert Smith, C. B. Smith, Stark
weather, Strohm, Benj. Thompson, Tid
den, Vance, Wheaton, AVhite, Winthrop
And so the memorials were laid on the
Mr. Cranston presented several resolu
tions of the Legislature of Rhode Island.
The first asrainst the annexation of Tex
as; the second in answer to certain reso
lutions of the Legislature of the State of
New Hamshire; the third in favor ot
more extended publication and distribu
tion of the decisions of the bupremc
Sundry notices of motions for leave to
introduce bills were permitted to be given
whilst the calls for petitions were pend
ing. Such as we were enabled to obtain
are as follows:
By Mr. Smith of Illinois: A bM making
appropriations ior tne national, itoau in
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.
A bill granting to the State of Illinois
the right of way through the public lands
to aid m the construction of certain rail
roads, and for other purposes.
A bill for the relief of William McCau
A bill for the relief of Isaac Baker.
A bill establishing a port of entry at
zj j
the city of Alton, inthe State of Illinois.
A bill to repeal or to modify the joint
rosolution of the 3d of March last, "di
recting the Secretary of the Treasury to
retain moneys of certain States indebted
to the United States." as to exclude from
the operation of said resolution the three
per cent, fund, set apart for the encour
agement of learning by, the "acts" of ad
mission of certain new States into the U
nion. By ,Mr. Wentworth: A bill to grant to
the State of Illinois an additional quantity
of land, sufficient to make the amount re
ceived by her equal to that received by
Also, a bill to cede the public lands to
the States in which they lie, upon certain
By Mr. Gentry; A bill to amend the
act for the relief of George Mayfield.
By Mr. Slanton: A bill to establish a
port of entry at Memphis, in Tennessee.
By Mr. Ficklin: A bill for an appro
priation for the National road, in Ohio,
Indiana, and Illinois.
A bill to grantland to the States of In
diana and Illinois, for the improvement
of the Wabash river.
A bill to grant land to actual settlers
under certain limitations,
By Mr. Jacob Thompson: A bill to
legalize the sales of certain lands at the
Chocchuma and Columbus land offices,
in Mississippi.
And the House adjourned till to-morrow
12 o'clock.
Conference Meeting.
district of Somerset cousry, in con
nection with the Allegheny Evan
gelical Lutheran Synod or Penn'a,
Are hereby noticed, that the first mee
ting of their Conference will be held in
the Lutheran Church at Centreville, com
mencing on Thursday the 8. of January
next, at candlelight. Ench pastoral dis
trict is expected to send one delegate to
accompany the Pastor. AH the brethren
are urgently invited to attend, as business
of importance requires their attention.
M. F. PFAHLER. Pastor Loci.
der5 45 P. Rizfr. S.'P.
IIEREAS on the 28th day of Au
gust 1 1$30, the subscriber gave a
note of hand to William Funk, calling
for twenty-five dollars and sixteen cents;
and some time afterwards another, calling
for twelve dollars, which said notes are
paid; and I therefore caution all persons
ngainst taking an assignment of either of
them, as I -shall not pay them again.
One Cent Reward.
A N away from the undersigned, on
Thursday morning last, an inden
ted servant girl, named
between 14 and 16 years of age. Ah
persons are hereby cautioned against har
boring or trusting heron my account.
The above reward will be paid to any
person returning hnr to met but no char
ges. N W BRUCE.
Somerset, Dec23 '45
Stray Cow.
A M E to the premises of the subscn
J ber in Conemaugh township, about
the middle of Uctober last,
a Ked Cow, with a
white spot on the
belly, supposed to be about 6 years old,
ho ear marks. The owner is desired to
come forward, prove property, nay char
ges, and take her away, or she will be
disposed of as the law directs
Stray Coze.
CAME trespassing on the premises of
the subscriber, residing in Green
ville township, Somerset county, on the
1st ilav nf December. 185. -JZ
a ilea ana wnue
snnffkMl row. auoucs
9 years old. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay char-
ges, and take her away, or she will be
disposed of as the law directs.
, 1 m 11 rr
Stray Cow.
4Ti i AME tresspassing on the premises
L of the subscriber residing in Green
ville township, Somerset countv, Penn
sylvania, some time in November, 1845,
a Jilack Cow with a
hoard fastened on
her hnrn, has some white
about the belly and side, the left ear cut
off, and a C. or G. on the left horn,
supposed to be 8 or 9 years pIJ. The
owner is requested to come forward,
nrove nrftoertv. nav tharres. and take
her away, or she will be disponed of as
the law diiects.
Somerset County, ss.
mV 4 an a(Jjl,rned Orphans
$J5yi A- Courl helli 81 Somerpel
S&SliS "m "ndjfor saiJ county, on the
Sib day of December, A. D.
1845,." Before the Honorable
Judjres thereof.
On motion of F. M. Kimmel, E.q.,
the court confirm the inquisition on the
real estate of Eliz.iheth Poorbaugh, de
ceased, ami j-rant a rule on the heirs and
legal representatives of said deceased, to
appear at an adjourned Orphans Court,
U be held at Somerset on Monday the
2d day of March next, and accept or re-
fue to take the real estate af s.i'ul Lliza
beth Poorbaugli, dee'd, at the appraised
Extract from the records of said court
cerliueti this tun nay o uecemoer, A.
dec23M5 . Clerk.
Somerset County, ss.
"ifr 4 f an adjourned Orphans
jj$$$jt 1 Co"' held at Somerset
in and for said county on the
6th d;y of December, A. 1).
1845, Before the Honorable
Jeremiah S. Black, Esq, and his associ
ate Judges of the same court.
On mutton of F M Kimmel, Esq, the
court confirm the inquisition on the real
estate of Henry Geisey, dec d. and grant
a rule on the heirs and legal representa
tives of said deceased, to appear at an
adjourned Orphans court to be held at
Somerspl on Manday the 2d day of
March next, and accept or refuse to take
the real estate ef said Henry Geisey, de
ceased, at the appraised valuation.
Extract from the records of said court.
certified this Sih day of December, A. D.
dec23'45 Clerk.
Somerset County, ss.
gr T an adjourned Orphans
iMSp courl ne!l 31 Somerset
SIiT n and lor said county on the
tW 1845. Before the Honorable
Jeremiah S Black, and his associate jud
ges of the same court.
On motion of Daniel Wevand, Eq.
the court confirm the inquisition on the
real estate of John Carman, dee'd, and
grant a rule on the heirs and legn! repre
sentatives of said deceased, to appear at
an adjourned Orphans rourt, to be held
at Somerset on the 2d day of March next,
and accept or refuve to take the real es
tate of said John Carman, dee'd, at the
appraised price.
Extract from the records of said court,
certified this 8th day of December. 1845.
dc26 '45 Clerk.
Somerset County, ss.
gs-s-fg i T an adjourned Orphans
t t t court held at Somerset in
v, s -u ,ur suiu county, on wie 11 .
g-gday of November, 1845. Be-
bre the Honorable Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the real estate of Phi
ip King, decd, viz 187 acres of land,
iluate in Turkey foot township, valued
and appraised at and for the sum of fifty
nine cents per acre. Inquisition continu
ed 3d December 1828.
And now to wit, November 19, 1845,
the court on motion grant a rule on the
heirs an legal representatives f said de
ceased, to appear at an adjoured Orphans
court to be held at Somerset on Monday
the 2d day of March, 1S4G, and shew
cause if any they have, why the real es
tate of Philip King, dee'd, should not be
sold. Personal notice to all the heirs in
this county, and notice by publication 11
the Somerset Herald for 3 weeks, to ah
sent heirs, and one paper containing the
notice, sent to the nearest post office at
whic h thev respective!' reside.
Extract from the records of said court.
certified November 19lh, 1845.
tle9.R '45-31 Clerk.
Somerset County, ss.
5--r-r5 Pl T an adjourned Orphans
court held at Somerset in
s and for said county on the 8th
J&-2gday of December, A, D, 1945.
Before the Honorable Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the real estate of
John Sutton, decd. viz: 156 acres of
land, situate in Somerset township, sold
by John Sutton in his lifetime to Samuel
Metzler, per article of agreement dated
25t.h day of January, 1827.
And now to wit, December 8th, 1345,
on petition of Willum King and John
Cobaugh, executors of the last will and
testament of John Sutton, deceased, the
court grant a rule on the heirs and legal
representatives of said deceased, to ap
pear at an adjourned Orphans court to
be held at Somerset on Monday the 2d
day of March, 18 16, and shew cause, if
any they have, why a specific perfor
mance of said contract should not be de
creed, and the executors aforesaid allowed
to execute a title to the purchaser agree
ably to the terms and conditions of said
Extract from the records of said court,
certified December ith. 1845.
der23 45 Clerk.
For Sale at this Officv.
nooks Books !! 0 Tes .'.'
COBBS Senef; Smith's Geography,
Gram rear and Arithmetic, Smih'i
Cherch Harmony; Bibles; Slates; Sta
tionary, &c, fur sal cheap by
dec 1 8 J J fc II F SCH ELL.
Administrators' Notice.
LETTERS of Administration hatnx
been granted to the undcre igned.
upon the estate of John Urirk. late .f
Somerset county, dee'd; he hereby pin s
notice to all persons having claims again!
said estate to present them without delar
legally authenii-ated, and those wh'a
know the niselves indebted to rnakt im
medial payment ISAAC HUGUS,
dec9 '43 Ot Adm'r.
WHEREAS 1 gave to Jacob Pile of
Milford township. Somerset ro.,
three notes of lund, dated on the 15th
of September, 1845, one calling f.r ten
dollars, and the other two for fire dulbm
earh, one due 5 months months aftrr
date, and the others 5 and 9 months af
ter date. Not having received value fr
the same, I hereby caution all persons a"
gainst taking an assignment of either or
all of said notes, as 1 shall not pay thciu
unless compelled by law.
dec lfi '4 5 JONATHAN PILE.
Somerset County, ss.
tf ttj-r 4 an anJonrnd Orphans
J Court held at Somerset.
8,h djV of December, A. D.
m 1845. Before the Honorable
Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the real snd personal
estate of George Seese, deceased. And
now to wit, December Sih, 1815, Wil
liam H Ptstlethwaite, Samuel W Pear
son and Daniel Weyand, Esqs, appoint
ed Auditors to ascertain and settle the ad
vancements, and make the distribution of
the estate to and among the persons enti
tled to the same.
Extract from the records of said court,
certified December Sih, 1845.
decl6 Clerk.
THE undersigned Auditors will meet
at the office of Samuel W Pearson, on
Wednesday the 21st day of January
next, for the purposes in the foregoir.g
commission mentioned, at Which pUc.e
and time all persons interested may at
tend if they think proper.
decl7 '45 Auditor.
Somerset County, ss.
A T an Orphans Court held
al Somerscl 'n and or
tVjjfcjrsaid county, on the 8th dy of
December, A. D. 1845. Be
fore the Honorable Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the account of Red
ding B. Conover, administrator de boni
non cum Testamento annexo of the es
t?te of Joshua Cooper, Esq, deceared.
And now to wit, December 8th, 1815,
Ross Forward, Samuel W. Pearson anl
Isaac Hugus, Eqs, appointed Auditor
to distribute the funds in the hands of s.iid
Administrator, to and among those enti
tled to receive it.
Extract from the records of said court,
certified this 8th December, 1845.
dec!6 Clerk.
TKE undersigned Auditors will meet
at the offire of Samuel W Pearson, on
Thursday the 22d day of January next,
for the purposes in the foregoing com
mission mentioned, at which place and
time all persons interested may attend if
they think proper.
dc!643 Auditors.
Somerset Coutiiy, ss.
T an adjonrned Orphan
Court held at Somerset,
C in anu ior saiu county, on mo
a . 1. .1 t t 1 ion
-"' udt ui iv cccmucr, oj.
Before the Honorable Judges thereof.
IN the matter of the real and personal
estate of Frederick Younkin deceased.
And now iro wit, December 8th, 1845,
Ross Forward, Samuel W Pearson and
Isanc Hugus, appointed Auditors to as
certain advancements and distribute the
real and personal estate, amonj the heirs
and legal representatives of said dee'd.
Extract from the records of said court
certified this 8th dy of December, :8 1 J
decI5 Clerk.
N O Tl C E .
THE undersigned Auditors will meet
at the house of Isaac Ankcny on Friday
the 23 1 day of January next, for the
purposes in the foregoing commission
mentioned, at which place and time all
persons interested miy attend if they
think proper.
dec 1 6 45 Auditors.
Brown Muslins, &c.
Cotton Yarn; Cotton
Laps, Wadding, and the best Candla
Wirk, for sale at the
Fresh. Groceries.
J BAGS Ptiiie R! O CO FFE E;
Loif Sug f; Teas; Mackeral, &e; receiv
ed and for sale by
dcc!6 J J & IJ F SCUEI.L,