The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, December 02, 1845, Image 4

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1 ' MTV; li 7iy. f Pliiliiilrljihia at his
7.W KUdwiil'conl Ofi",) our authorized
! i'ip -HERALD" atitl U clothe.
with full Ir ,d ''P- f"r a"' ln0n,cs I,a,J
toliimon these ol'ject. H 15 agency im -hides
thr f!',v',,7 cities, "i-- I'hiladrlhi.i. New
y,,r!i. Djliitiiorc asiJ Boston, auJ his duces in
i:w.?MvffaI places arc located as follow s:
J'!,iiiiiiljihla .Vo, 50 I'inc .Street.
y u-Yurk So. 1G Aaau
j;J;trcS, E, To icr of Da!t-& Cal St
n.lon So 1 r -Stale U
pr moxuy to m: s.ivi:i!
Ucad! Head!! Head!!!
Persons indebted to us longer than six
months, are requested to make payment
lx fun? the 1st of January next. Those
interested will save monev hv attending to j
this notice.
xet c;ori:u.on.
A recent meeting in Huntingdon rccom- . engaged m tlie business nrst, win no uouoi
mended (.'en. James Irvine, of Centre, as j realize handsome profits upon their in
the next Whig candidate for Governor, ' vestments of capital. But prices cannot
and a correspondent of the Pennsylvania j keep up very long. The present year's
Intelligencer advances the claims of tlie j crop of wheat in the United States a
Hon. James Cooper, of Adams. Both j mounts to 125,000,000 bushels, which is
these gentlemen stand deservedly high in j an excess over that of last year, of 22,
the Whin party, and either of them would j 000,000. Michigan alone produced 7,
make a popular candidate, and. if elected, j 000,000 bushels; and the arrivals at De
anod Governor. Put there are reasons . troit hv the Central Railroad, amounted
whv tlie claims of neither should be pres
sed at this time. (Jen. Markle made a
hard run last year under very unfavorable
circumstances, and his friends very justly
claim for hirn another trial at the next
Gulicrnatorial election. "Old Mississini
wa" is a "strong team" and if he will
consent to become a candidate again when
the time for making a nomination arries,
he will in our judgment be able to run a
larger vote upon his own individual me
rits than any ether man in Pennsylva
nia. A I'erseterlnir Tjier Man.
A Washington Correspondent of the
Ohio Statesman gives the following, in re
gard to one of Tyler's office holders.
Shortly before retiring from office, Mr.
Tvler appointed a certain Alonza Smith,
as a sort of travelling agent to the South
American Republics, agreeing that he
should receive from the Government eight
dollars per day, and have his travelling
expenses paid, while engaged in the di.-
eharge of the duties appertaining to his
educe. The piesent Administration has
been anxious to recall Mr. Smith, but can
not find out in what part of the world he
is sojourning, and it is thought he will
hold on to his office and his contract for a
few years longer at least, and will then
re-appear and demand his fees and per
quisites !
Anfi-T.-irifT Jlccfinsr.
After the recent demonstrations by a
Mrtion of the Democracy of Pittsburg,
in favor of tlie present Tariff, it will no
doubt excite some surprise with our rea
ders to learn, that another portion of the
same party, in the same place, have still
more recently held an Axn-Tariff meet
ing, at which it was roundly asserted that
uhe protective policy was at war with
the spirit of Democratic principles,
and inimical to the rights of tlie laboring
The meeting was held on the 22d ulti
mo; and the Pittsburg Age, in noticing it
proceedings ays: '-The Democratic par
ly of this cuv and county, may now be
considered as fairly embarked in tlie Anti
TarilT policy, or, at least, committed to
follow the Administration in its course, be
it friendly or otherwise to the protective
Tlie Mormon.
The latest accounts from Nauvoo state,
that the Mormons arc aeihely engaged in
making preparations for removing to Cal
ifornia. They have already organized
twdnty-fivc companies of one hundred
lamiics each. Each family will have a
r. agon drawn by oxen and supplied with
cery tiling necessary for the journey, and
a troop of horse is to act as an advance
guard. Tlie Mormon eoplc, both from
Europe and the United States, are called
upon to congregate at the Pay of St.
Eram-isco. Their whole number is esti
mated nt two-hundred thousand !
Snow. On Sunday morning it rnra-nicin-cd
snowing moderately, and has
continued w'r.h but little? intermission
hince and at the time wr are going to
press, (Monday 12 o'clock f the ground
is covered to the depth of at least 12
HOGS. The Chilieothe Metropolis
Favs: "It is now generally conceded that
the ruling price for hogs in this market,
miring the present season will be four dol
lars hundred. At Alton and St. Lou-
j pork is worrL w ?j.ou ami '!
2,30. Thhc Qmncv W lug savs: A e j
v i . .! ,"' ,i ,7 r.;"i
are inelmcu to think t!;e article Mis
fall niA winu-r will ecirrniul price? -r.ii-!
f ciorv to the farmers."
i t 1 I f ;
Tlie Flour Market.
The following are the prices of Flour
according to our latest account?:
BALTIMORE Nov. 21. $5 87 a
SG; tho' sales closed at $5 75.
C I X C 1 N X ATI Nov. 22. 84 50;
SI 00, a 81 05.
XEW YORK Xor. 22. $7 25, $7
a 87 09.
G 02 a 8G 70.
The Foreign "Yews.
The Foreign News, whicli w e publish at
length, is of a highly interesting character.
The'scarclty of, and consequent pressing
demand for all kinds of bread-stuffs in
England, will have a considerable bear
ing upon prices in this country, and
be the means of draining it of much of its
surplus supply.
Speculation in Bread-
Tlie intelligence by the late arrivals
from Europe has induced heavy opera
tions in Hour and wheat, and those who
t . . . . jm Ml 1
recently to 10.000 bushels per day.
Cg?Thc majority in favor of a State
Convention in New York, for the purpose
of amending the Constitution of that
State, in 27 counties, is 90,000. The
majority in the whole State is estimated at
Sanla A nun.
It is the opinion ol well-informed per
sons, who have been watching the pro
gress of events in Mexico, that Santa An
na will ere long be again restored to
nSCongress met yesterday. Wc
expect to receive the President's Message
in time for our next paper.
Xew York Election.
It is now nettled that the Senators elected this
year stand threi Whig to vivt. Lojo-Foco.
Lat year, xe Whig:, xe Native, six Loco.
The new Senators tre as AIion:
1st Dist. Edward Sanford, Loco, X
5,500 plurality, not maj.
2nd. Saxton Smith, Loco, by some 4
to 5,000 laaj.
3d. Wm. H. Van Schoonhoven, W. xs
A. Ii. by over 5,000.
4 th. Samuel Young, Loco, by about
5th. Joshua A.Spencer, Whig, by about
0th. Thomas J. Wheeler, Loco, by a
Iwnit 1,000.
Gih. Richard II. Williams, Loco, by a
bout 100.
8th. Gideon Hard, Whig, by some
The AcKcmlJy will ttand aHout 54 Whig to
74 Loce, or, more precisely, 31 Whijs, 71 Locos,
G Aiili-Iient. Greene has elected Loth Locos,
one of whom is like the Rensselaer Whig Mem
bers, f airoralle to the objects of the Anti-Renters,
though not distinctively of lhir party. Wc
think the InJcjiemlant ticket it elected in Ontejo
County, (I Whiz; 2 sort of Locos,) though the
regular Sheriff has succeeded. We presume
both the UUter .Members arc loco, though this is
not absolutely certain. In Columbia we stii'
hope that Pitts, Ioco is beaten by IluIstraJ, W.
running on the Anti-Rent ticket. We cannot
yet tell which pnrty has 2 of the 3 Members from
Dutchess, so close is the vote. In Cayujja, it U
believed but not proved that one Loco is elected.
Cattaraugus is believed to le Whig, but is very
close and but arlia!ly heard from, It seems idle,
therefore to give a table of Mctnlers elect until
the OlTicial Canvas.- t-hall tell lis who they are.
CU Lawrence gives Col. Young over 1500 major
ity and elects him. John M. Holley is beaten by
a shameful apathy among the Whigs of Ontario.
N. V. Tribune.
Senator from Cieorjria.
The Legislature of Georgia has elected
the Hon. J. M. Berrien, United States
Senator for the unexpired term ending in
1817. It will be remembered that Mr.
Berrien, a short time since, resigned his
place in the Senate, but having cansented
again to serve, the ICgislaturc has re-instated
him for the balance of tlie term.
n?BENMNG W. Jenxess has leen
appointed lT. S. Senator by the Governor
of New Hampshire, to supply the vacan
cy occasioned by the appointment of Hon.
Levi Woodbury as a Judge of the Su
preme Court.
CrThe Hon. Joseph W Chalmers,
of Marshall county, Mississippi, has been
appointed by the Governor of that State,
U.S. Senator in Congress, vice Hon. Ja
cob Thompson, who declined the appoint
ment. GEORGIA. Ware, Whig has been
elected to the House of Representatives
from Madison Lo. bv i 1 majontv. There
. J
w?s a tie at the October election lictwccn
thc Whigud Loco Poco candiditc?.:'
"We would call the attention of some of
our subscribers to the following reasona
ble and well settled rule's of Law in rela
tion to publishers, and the patrons of
The Law of Newspapers.
1. Subscribe who do not give EXPRESS
NOTICE to the contrary are consiuered as wish
ing to continue their subs-riptiona.
2. If subscribers order the disconlinntnce of
their papers, the publisher may continue to send
them till all arrearages are paid.
3. If SuWribers neglect or refuse to take
their papers from the offices to which they are
directed, they are held responsible tilt they have
settled their bill, and ordered their papers dis
continued. 4. If Subscribers move to other places with
out informing the publishers, and their paper is
sent to the former direction, they are held re-J
5. The courts have decided that refusing to
take a newspaper or periodical from the office or
removing and leaving it uncalled for, is "prima
facia" evidence of INTENTIONAL FRAUD.
"?Thanksgiving day was pretty ge
nerally observed bv our citizens.
The Government Paper and the
Ilaltimore Democratic Con
vention. The ofliciel paper again parades half a
column of resolutions which it says were
adopted by the Baltimore (Presidential)
Convention, and which emlwxly the Re
publican creed. For the "Republiean,"
which has as many hues as the chameleon
and more phases than the moon, we care
nothing, but it is a positive tn truth to
say that the resolutions cited by the Union
were adopted at the Baltimore Conven
tion. It may appear so upon the record,
but it is not so in fact.
The Convention met on the 27th of
May, 18 H, and adjourned on the 30th.
The whole business of making a Pre
sident was finished on the afternoon of
the 29th, Mr. Hubbard of New Hamp
shire, having introduced Mr. Polk's name
on the morning of that day !
On the morning of the 30th, (the ses
sion being a short one,) Mr. Butler of N.
York introduced a series of Resolutions,
among which we find the following, now
quoted by the Union to prove that the
whole Democratic party is pledged to the
whole of Oregon :
"Resolved, That om title to the
WHOLE or the territory of Ore-
no portion of the same ought to be ce-
ded to England or any other power, and
4 that the reoccupation of Oregon and the
reanncArion of Texas, at the earliest
practicable period, are great American
measures, which this Convention recom
4 mends to the cordial support of the Dc
4 mocracy of the Union."
In answer to this resolution, and the
authority claimed for it, wc assert that not
SENT when it was adopted, and there
fore that it was not the act of the Con
vention, but at most the act of a commit
tee. All was "confusion, worse confoun
ded," when the Committee on Resolutions
was authorized, and when the resolutions
were adopted. Great bodies of the so
called Democratic party then, and ever
since, have practically repudiated the doc
trines of this resolution.
All this was after Mr. Van Buren had
been kicked out of the Convention by the
perseverance of bold and open foes, and
the intrigue, trcacherv, and weakness of
professe d and real friends. The world,
we believe, never gave exliibition to so
much double-dealing, falsehood, and hy
pocrisv as was practised in this same Bal
timore Convention of 1814, from which
the Union now put.- forth a new "Republi
can creed !' What now is to become of the
creed of '98, which the memorable organ
has harped upon for forty-one years past.'
New lork Express.
We understand that the Pottawatamie
Indians had another interview with the
President yesterday, when Half-day, the
Indian orator, through the Interpreter, in
formed him that their grievances had not
been relie ved, as they were unable to come
to any satifactory adjustment of their bu
siness before the Commissioners appoint
ed to treat with them. The President re
plied that he would direct the negotiation
to be re-o pencil, perhaps on a new basis.
It is understood that the Indians declined
the country offered them as a new home
in exchange for their lands northeast of
the Missouri river, and another location
will in all probability be tendered to them.
Every philanthropist must hope that the
remnants of all the Indian tribes on our
border may be fairly and kindly dealt
with. Nat. Intelligencer.
Horrible Murder.
Just as we were putting tlie paper to
press this morning, Ave M erc startled widi
the news of an aggravated murder, which
was committed yesterday about one o'
clock at the house of Thomas Evans ort
the Mount Braddx-k farm, in Dunbar tp.
It appears that Evans and his brother-in-law
named Bliss, had some misunderstan
ding previous to the fatal affray, and that
Bliss repaired to the house of Evans with
a stone in his hand, in order to make an
assault upon his person, w hen Evans in
flicted a great many blows on Bliss head
with an instrument called a corn-cutter,
cutting open and fracturing his skull in a
most shocking manner. They were both
men of families. Evans lias fled, but
pursuit is now being made bv officers and
citizens; and it is hoped, he will be cap-
lured, to answer before the tribunal of his
country, for the awful deed he ha? perpc
' tratcd. Usi'jatown Dcra.
Tlac Camanelie Indian's.
These Arabs of the American wilder
ness range over our continent from Arkan
sas to California, and from Oregon to
Mexico, plundering frontier settlements,
murdering the whites, and stealing chil
dren. They sell the white girls to neigh
boring Indian tribes, retaining the boys to
train up as chiefs and warriors. The
present great war chief is a red-haired
Scotchman, who was stolen from his pa
rents while quite young. They use the
bow and arrow; and among their twenty
five thousand warriors, they have.only
twclve hundred rilles. The British Go
rwnmpnt is snid to have had an interview
with some of their chiefs early in the pre-,
sent vear, near Monterey, m I'.ppcr v an
foniia; nnd the presence of their warriors
in Texas is always attributed to hostile
motives; thev having an old grudge against
the Texans for the murder of a number of
their chiefs, out of revenge, at San Anto
nia a few years ago, while in the Texan
camp. HH'y are a iaumc i.u..,
seldom or never make treaties. They
live principally upon parched wheat,
which they carry with them in small bags.
Thev never eat animal food. Their vil
lages are usually built among the moun
tains, where their wives, children, and old
men are protected by natural fortifications.
A Camanche always lights to the last;
and seldom or never has one of them been
taken prisoner. In athletic and equestri
an feats they excel every other tribe; and.
to their honor Ik? it recorded that a Ca
manche never offers an indignity to a fe
male. In burning the frontier settlements
in the United States and Mexico, they
makc it a principle to murder every adult,
male and female, over fifteen or sixteen
vears of age; but on some occasions,
when they rob the dwellings of the rich,
thev carrv off the young women to o!
taiii random money from the relatives or
friends of the captured. In one instance,
a few months ago, they took two daugh
ters of a rich Mexican in Durango, and
received five thousand dollars for their
safe return.
Bv the Mary Clinton we have intelli
gence from Cape Haytien to the 30th ul
timo. On the 2Gth ultimo the Dominicans
surprised the Haytien garrison at Lexa
von, consisting of about three hundred
men, and after killing, according to the
official accounts, one hundred and twenty-eight
men, including a colonel, took
possession of the place. On receipt of
this intelligence, the President, ordered all
the troops at Cape Haytien to march for
Lexavon; but informaiion arriving tlie
next day that the Dominicans had evacu
ated and burnt the town, the order for
inarching was countermanded. Lexavon
is the principal frontier town on this side
of the island, alout eighteen leagues to
.the eastward of Cape Haytien, and just
-within the Spanish lines. The Haytiens
!took it from the Dominicans in July last.
The President is still preparing his
grand expedition for the reduction of the
Spanish part of the island, which, it is
said, will be ready to inarch in the course
of a month.
The President had ordered all the min
isters and members of die Council of
State to reside at Cape Haytien, and seve
ral of the officials had already arrived
from Port au Prince. Boston W hig.
pAnothcr eruption of .Mount Ilecla,
in Iceland, the first during 80 years, has
burst forth and threatens to ravage the is
land. A Danish paper says:
In the night of the 1st of September a
frightful subterranean groaning filled the
inhabitants with terror. This continued
till mid-day on the 2d, when the moun
tain burst in two places with a horrible
crash, and vomited masses of lire. In
former times these explosions came from
the summit, where Hccla has no regular
ly formed crater; but this time torrents of
lava flowed down two gorges on the
flanks of the mountain. For the clouds
of smoke and vapor the top of the volca
no could not be seen. The sheep on the
heaths were driven down to the plains,
but till several of them were burnt. The
waters of the neighloring rivers near the
eruption became so hot that the fish were
killed, and it was impossible for any one
to ford them even on horseback.
The Basle Gazette publishes intelli
gence of the slipping of a mountain in the
Grigons on the, 7th ult. It occurred at
Buschlaws, and carried away an entire
forest of young trees. On the 14th, an
other catastrophe of the same nature oc
curred; immense masses of rock were roi
led into the valley, inhabitants of whicli
fled in the greatest consternation. The
damage done is estimated at 100,000f.
Tlie llomitJfii! TTcst.
A run westward upon the Railroads,
and along the line of the Canals, enabled
I us to see, and to some extent realize me
abundant and abounding Agricultural re
sources of the West. The quantity of
Fi.orn coming forward is beyond all pre
cedent. The canal is taxed to its utmost
capacity, with Boats. An intelligent For
warder, who has constantly upon the Tow
Path for the last fifteen years, and who
knows pretty accurately the extent of the
means for removing property, and with
whom we travelled on Monday, gave it as
his opinion that there was then at least
afloat between Buffalo and Albany. He
counted, within the distance of ten miles,
east of Utica, seventy-five Boats, sevex-tv-three
of which were loaded wholly,
or in part, with Flour. Even thing in
the shape, form or semblance of a Canal
Boat, has feen set in motion. . An enter
prizing Miller at Rochester, foreseeing the
exigency that occurred, purchased an a-
ere of old Scows that lay sunk in the Ba
sin, and now has a dozen of them em
ployed in the Transportation of Flour.
. The weather ccntinties. mild and there
is reason to suppose that the Canal will
continue navigable for a week or two lon
-Albanv Jour.
Accident to the Steamer Hicf.rnia.
The steamship Hibernia, which left
Boston on the 1st instant for Liverpool,
struck on the point of Cape Iiace, New
foundland, in a dense fog, on the night of
the 5th, three days out from Halifax. In
consequence . of leaking considerably
she put into St. Johns, Newfoundland, for
repairs, where she arrived on the subse
quent evening. A letter from Mr. Cu
nard, at Halifax, gives t3ie particulars of
occurrence, from w hich wc learn that the
steamer received but slight damage, and
it was expected that she would proceed on
her vovagc in a couple of days. Nation
al Intelligencer.
On Tuesday morning last, by the
Rev. II. R. Kern, Mr. L. Bkacam. of
CouneMsville, to MUs Milvina Kki
eixcKK, of Somersft bor.
Accompanying lb above notice
we receiveil a hansome li e of delicious
wedding cake, fur whicli the young
couple luve our thanks and best wishes
for their happiness and prosperity.
On Monday the 24 .h ult.. infant child
of Mr. Geo. Knepper, aged about 2
years. .
On Thursday mornin? hst, after a
protracted illness. Mr. Sis as consort
of Daniel Berkry, in the GGih year of
her age.
In Somerset township on Saturday
morning last. John sou of Isauc Young,
in the 3d vear of his aje.
Somerset Lyceum.
WILL meet in the Lyceum room on
Friday Evening next.
Question for discussion.
Is offensive war justifiable under ar.y
Essayist, Runnells.
Those interested will please attend.
THE sloekholJers of the Bedford
and Sioystevn Turnpike Road
Company, residing in Somerset county,
are hereby informed, that a dividend of
one per cent will be paid to them by Mr.
Samuel Kimmel near Stovstown
Jec2 '45
"7IIEREAS my wife Lydia has
If left my bed and board without
any just cause or provocation, I hereby
camion all persons against trusting er
harboring her on my account, ms I am de
termined to pay no debts of her contrac
ting from and after this d ue, iih day of
October. 1S45. SAMUEL REAM.
Turkej foot, On 24 ,45-Her-2.3t
A CCORDING to a late Law, unless
the State lax due from llip sever..!
counties be paid ii?to :be Stsie Treasury
by the 1st of janua'-y 1846, five percent
interest is to be added to the amount.
The collectors rf Somerset counly must
therefore pav up immediately or costs
will be made." F. W ELMER,
dec245 Conimisiopers.
To-O O A-C-R-E-S
ron SALE.
"irnE sutseriber will offer at pwMic
B sale, at the house of George Par
ker in Jennervillc, on Satuidav the 27th
day of December, 1845. the pJemisca
and site of Jackson Furnace, together
with about 5000 ACRES (F LAND
Hituminous Coalt Limes tone
well supplied with water power and tim
ber for several furnaces. Sic, situate in
Jenncr lownsip, Somerset county. Pa.,
adjoining a good settlement of farmers,
Conner ted by a gond turnpike road with
the Pennsylvania Canal at Johnstown,
and the Stoystawn and Greensburg turn
pike pi9fiag thrnnjh these lands, being
pari of the estate of the late Charles O
gle, deceased.
This property will be well worth the
attention of these wlia mav wish to sc
cure mineral lands.
A draft of these lands can be seen at
the house of Mr. George Parker, in Jen
neri!le. Further information can be had by ad
dressing a letter to the subscriber, resi
ding in Somerset, Semersct county. Pa.
EMILY OGLE. Acting Exccn-
tiec245 trix of C. Oile. decd.
in Somerset,
for sale on reasonable terms.
HpilE subscriber will sell the house
H and lot which he now occupies,
situate on Main street in lbs Borough of
Somerset, on accommodating terms.
ALSO, an out-lot, adjoining the bor
ough, containing one entire square being
in meadow and under good fence. Per
sons wishing to purchase cheap property
will do well to call and examine.
iept2'15 Sui WM P SCI1ELL.
mmg HJ Mr o
Slray Caltle
pi AME to the premi
tl i erihpr ill Tlirkevli
ises of the ?ub-
nt township, a-
bout the first of August last, two red
brindled HSI?"3?.S, ;vIt;i
spreckled faces, supposed t be 3 yeari
old; 2lso on.? red heiffer. same 5gc each
has a slit in the tight ear.
The owner is requested lo come for
ward, prove property p:y charges 'd
take them away, or they will be uts
nosed of as the law directs.
THE following accounts have been
filed in my office and will le pre
sented to the Court of Common Picas,
at the Atljoumrd Court, 9ih December
next, for cmifirn:iitftn and allowance, of
j which all persons interested ?rc required
io take notice, viz:
The Account of Ilenrv L. IWbrook,
assignee of John Younkin, (of F-)
The Account of Charles Hellley, as
signee of Jacob Flick inner.
Prot'ys office. Somerset, novl 1.
Yolicc to Creditovs.
57HERE.S, I-' pursuance of nn net
H of the GenerJ Assembly of ih
Commonwealth of Peunsylninia, an at
tachment hath been granted by the sub
scriber, one of the Justices of the Pence;
in and for paid counly of Somerset, at
the instance of a certain Elias Did, ;f
Greenville township, in the county of
Somerset, yeoman, against a certain Da
niel Flexer of the township and county
aforesaid, yeoman, whereon certain gondj,
chatties, and other effects of the said Da
niel Flexer have been attached, and ari
row in the custody of George Klinga
man, Jr, anl Jacob Lint of the same
township until they shail be disposed of
according to law.
This is, therefore, to give notice to tl.o
creditors of the ?aid Daniel Flexer to ap
pear on Saturday the G;h day of Decem
ber next, at the otlice of Genrgo W Hal
Icr, Esq, in l! e township aforesaid, then
and there to discover and nake proof of
their demands, agreeable to the direc
tions oi the said act.
October 25. 1S45 nov25
Administrators Sale of
N pursuance of an order of the Or
phans' Court of Somerset county.
there will be exposed to sale by way of
public vendue or outcry on the premises.
Jon Friday the 19. December next, the fol
lowing real estate, late the property of
! Valemine Flamm, Deceased, viz : One
! Vlantation or tract
j of land, situate in Somerset township,
containing ONE HUNDRED AND
NINE acres and allowance, adjoining
lands of Nicholas Bowman. Jacob Mos
i holder, Samuel Pile, fof A.) ami others,
on which are erected a TWO fi-rfl
! story house, log 'jarnJfU!
land other iniprove-TS
n.eiits. about SIXTY acres clear. F1F-
I'l'EEN thereof in meadow.
I 7'ern. Ouo third in hand, and the
j remainder in four equal annual payments
j wilhnut interest, to be secured by judg
j ment bunds.
j Attendance will be given by Jacob
; Mosholdcr and Nicholas Flamm, admin
j istrators, of the estate of said decea.-d.
j By the Court,
! lT3 If he above property is not
Isold on tlie day aboe mentioned, it will
'be offered for rent, on the same day, bv
(public outcry for one year from the 1st
'f April nest.
n0v?5 Adin'r.
Administrator $ Sale
o r
iEea! Ustate8
I PURSUANT to an order of the Or
' JL phans Court of Somerset county,
j ther will be exposed to sale by way of
: puMie vendue or outcry on ihe premises,
on Wednesday the 10th day of Decem
ber next, the following valuable real es
, tate, late the property cf Peter Wingirt,
' deceased, viz:
or tract of land situate in Greenvilla
township. Somerset county, containing
j 50 0 ACRES,
: and allowance, more or less, abynt 60 a
Icres whereof are cleareJ, about 7 acres
'of which are in meadow the remainder
j is well timbered end abounds in white
pine, adjoining land of John S Weimer.
land Christian Meese, commonly known
'as the "Gibler tract." The buildings
are a two storv LOG-
i EIlULior! ana i.iuui
I sk-dSSiuble. The Cumberland and
Samcrict turnpike pusses through the
I properly,
Terms One third to remai'i a lien on
j the premises, the interest thereof to be
I paid to the widow annually during her
divided amongst the heirs and legal rep
resentatives, of said deceased. One
tkird in hand, and the balance in four e
qual annual payments, without interest,
ta be secured on the premises by judg
ment bonds.
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Attendance will be givvn by Benjamin.
Hay, administrator.
By the Cor.xf.
nov25 "45 Clerk -