Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, May 07, 1800, Image 1

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    ette minted States, -■> Philadelphia Daily Advertiser;
Nirytnyß 2375.]
fCT* Tbe j.rice of tbi v Uazette is Eight
Uollhrs per annum to Subsetibers residing
intbecity of Philadelphia. All others pay
one Dollar additionalfor enclosing and di
recting ; and unless-.some purser, in this city
will become answerable fjr the subscription,
'it must be paid Six Munths in Advance.
*»* No Subscription Will be: ree.'tved fir
a shorter term than six motithi.
December I 1799.
FOR carhyiKc.
Tie Mails of the United Starrs,
On the following Koa.U,
Will be received a 1 tie Gt Mr at Post. Office,
Philadelphia, until tie ictb day of July
1. Port fen cut I; by iij-nptonfslls,
j- New'uinyport, Ipfwi.h, Heveriev, Saiem
and Lynn m B.ii?oil, tnree times a week.
From April 15 to October 15.
Leave Portf.-nouth every Tuefdiy, Thursday
a :d Saturday at 4 A. M and arrive at Boston
fime uay« hy (, P. M. Returning, love
''often every M. nday, Wednesday and Friday
ai 4 A M and arrive at Portl'mouth the fame
days by 6 P. M.
From October T j to' April 15.
Leave- Portsmouth every Tuesday, Thursday
rnd Saturday at 1 P. M. and airive at Bolton
on the following days, Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday at 6P. M. Returning, -leave Bos
ton every Monday, A'ednefday and Friday at
6 a. m and arrive at Portfmouih the next days,
Tue/ilay, Thursday and Saturday at to A. M.
2- From Bafton by Worcelttr, Brookßeld,
Springfield, Suffield, Hartford, Wethersfield, t
Middletown, nurhsm, Wallinuford, Ne*-I-Ia T
ven, Miiford, Straiford, Fairfield, Norwalk,
Stamford, New Rechelle, Haft Chester and '
Hserkm tc Nirf-Yark, three times a week.
From April r-, to October 15.
Leave Boston every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at n a m. arrive at Worcefler by
Ap M. Lfave Worceiterevery Tuefday,Thurf
day. and Saturday at 3 a m. Arrive at Brook
field by 10 a m. at Springfield hy 2 p m. at Suf
fteid by p m. and at Hartford at 9p m. the
fame days. L«ave HartlVid every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 3 A m. arriveat New
Haven ny uOon ; leave New-Haven at Ip M.
and arrive at Stamford by 9 P m. fime days.
Leave Stamfor d every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday at 3 a m. and arrive at New-York
fame days by 11 o'clock, noon. Returning,
leave New-York every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at 11 A m. arrive at Stamford in the
evening ; leave Stamford eve-y Tuesday,
Tlmtfdayand Safurday by }A M; arriveat
New-Havrn by noon ; leave New-Haven at 1
P m. and arrive at Hartford by 9 p m ; Uare
i-J.-llU.j \Lf Jji.cj.. t p, 1 1.. j-—.
by 3 A M ; arriveat Springfield by 10 A M, and
at Worc'efler by 9 p m* 4 ; le?ve WarcefUr every
Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday by 3 A m,
and arrive at Boston fame days by 1 r M.
From October .15 to April 15.
Leave Boston every Tuesday, Thursday and
Satu-day by 8 A M j arrive at Worcsfter by 8
pm; leave Worcester on Wednefdiy. Friday
and Monday at 4 a m ; arrived at Suiieid fame
days by 8p m. Leave Suffield Thursday, Sa
turday and Tuefday'at 4 am. ana airive at
New Haven by 8p m. Leave New-Haven ev
ery Friday, Monday and Wednesday at 4 A m,
and arrive at New York the next daya
Saturday, Tuesday and TkuYfday by 11 A m.
Returning, leave New-York every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 11 A M: arriveat
New-Havrn or. Tuesday, Thursday and Sa
turday by 8 P m. Leave New-Haven every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 4 a m. ar
rive at Suffield by 8 P M. Leave Suffield Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday by 4 a. m and
arrive at Worcester by 8 PM. Leave Wor
cester every Monday, Wednefday'and Friday
at 4 A M. aad arrive at Boston the fame days
tiy 4 P M.
| 3. From New-York by Newark, Elizabeth
town, Rahwny, Woodbridge, New-BrunlVick,
Princeton, Trenton. Brift il and Frankford to
Philadelphia, everyday, Sunday excepted.
Leave New-York every day, Sunday except
ed, at 1 PM. and arrive in Philadelphiathe next
day at 7 A M 18 hours. Returning, leave Phi
ladelphia exerv day, sunday excepted at 1 P.
M. and arrive at New-York the next day by
7 AM. From November 1 to May 1, the
hour of arrival at Philadelphia and at New-
York (hall be extended to 8 A. M.
4. From Baltimure by Bladenlburg to Wa
-1 fiiington every day, Sunday excepted.
Abril 1 to November 1.
Leave Baltimore everyday at 11 A M. and
arrive at Washington by 6 P M. Returning,
leave Wafhingion ev«ry day at 3 AM. and ar
-1 rive at Baltimore by 11 A M.
November 1 to April j.
I>«ave Baltimore every day M 4 am, and arrive
at Wafbitgton by 2P m. Returning, leave Wash
ington every day at 10 a m. and arrive at Balti
more by 7 p m.
5. From Washington city by Ceorge town,
Alexandria, Colchefier, Dumfries, Aquica,
Faimcuth, Frederiekfburg: Bowling Green and
Hanover court howfe to Richmond, c. h. every
day, Sundays excepted.
From April 1 to November d.
Leave Washington every day at 8 A M. itid
arrive at Frederickfburg by 7 P V.. Leave
Frederickib■;rvr every day at 3 A M arid arrive
at RicVnond by 6 P M. Returning, leave
Richmond every day by j A M. and arrive at
Frederickfburg by 6 PM. Leave FrcJcrickf
burg every day by 3 A M. aad arrive at WAlh
mgtoti by 4 P M
November 1 tc Apr i' t.
Leave Washington evtry day at 4 P M. and
arrive at Alexandria by 7 P M. and arrive at
Fiederickiburg the next days by 7 P.M. Leave
Frederickfburg every day it 4 A M. and arrive
at Richmond the next days by 10 AM. Re
turning, leave Richmond evtry day at 1 P M.
and arrive at Frederickfhurg the next days by
7 PM. Leave Fredrricklbuig every day at 4
/V M, and arrive at Waftinjtom ths next days
by 8 A. M.
riT-f "~"T | 111 111 II ll—Hill
! 6- Prom Rir!im 1 rul! o Petersburg every day,
Sunday! excepted. I.eive Kichrn >r d evtry
, day at 4 AM. and »rrivr at Peterlbu'-g by h
u'clock, A M.- Returning leave Pcterf'jurt; ev
ery day at 2P M. and arrive it Richmond the
fame my» by ■/ P M.
> 7 i'lom Richmond by New Kent court house,
Vyilliair.Jburjf, Yjh k-in'wn and Hampion to
. Noifolk, 3 times i week.
April i to November I. '
I.erve Richmond every ' r uefday, TKurfday
• ■v.d S.'.;-.!iday rt j M. Arrive at New-York
bv t P M, and arrive at 'Norfolk the next days,
Wed»ijruUy«, Friday, and Sundays by i P M.
Returning. 'rave Norfolk every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday, at pA'H; arrive at York
' tht overling. Leave York every WesSiict'day,
I ri lay avd
ivichmoad the fame days by 6 P M.
November 1 tt April 1.
Leave Richmond every Monday, Wednesday
»rd Fri Say at 1 P VI ; arrive at Norfolk in two
days on \*'cdnt!'dav, Friday aad Monday by 10
A f.l. "'turmng, leave Norfolk every Mon
day, Wewnefday and Friday at 2 P M- andar
n-'i; at Richmond in. two days on Wednesday,
Friday av.d Monday by 10 A
8 From Peter,turg bv Cabbin Point Surry
court hi.'ufc, S.nirhKeld, Suff»lk-and Portf-.
mourn to ihrce times a week.
Leave PeteifbWg every Afonday, Wedf.ef
dav Friday at 12 o'clock, noon, arrive at
Suffihc the next da*s by 1 P M; leave Suffolk
at 1 P AT, and arrive at Norfolk by 8 P M.
Returning, leave Norfolk every A/onda.y, We<l
nel'day and Friday at 4A M; arrive at Suffolk
lime Cays by to \ .ij, Leave Suffolk at Ji
A M, and arrive.l Peterfhurg every Tuesday,
Thursday ana Saturday by noon.
9. Petersburg by Ilarrifville, Goldfanville
and Warreiitcsi to Ljuifburg three times
a week.
Leave Pe;»rfburg every Monday, Wedsef
day and Friday at 2 P M. and arrive ft Lou if-
I burg in two days on Weciuefday, Friday and
Sunday at to A M. Returning, leave Louif
burg every Ai -ndsy, W«lntfday and Friday at
2 1' M, and arrive at Peterlburg in two days nn
Wednesday, Friday and Jl/onday at 10 A. M.
10. I'rom L' uifburg by Raleigh, Averyfbo
ro' and Fayetteville to Mc Falls," three tin es a I
Leave Louifburg evtry S jnday, Wednesday
and Friday at » P AT, arrive at Mc, Falls on
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday by 9 A AI.
Returning, leave .M'Falla on .Monday, Wed
nesday and Fr day at 3 PM, and arrive at
Louifburg on Wednesday, Friday and Monday
at 10 A M.
11. From Zf'Fallaby Chereau court house to
Camden three times a week. Leave A/'Falls
every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday at 1 P AI,
and arrive at Camden on Tuesday, Thursday
and Sunday at 10 A M. Returning, leave Cam
den every Tuesday, Thursday and SaiuHay at
a P At, and arrive at jtf'Fall, on Thursday, Sa
ijirdj.v>od .! <•■ al.. . 1 xs ...
12. trom Camden tiy btatefburg and Jamef
villc toCharleftoti, thre« time* a week. When
the river is so high as to make long Ferries, the
maii shall be carried from Camden on thefobth
fide of Santee river
Leave Camden ever,y Sunday, Tuesday and
Tlmrfdsy at 2 P M, ai.d arrive at Charleston
on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 10 A M.
Returning, leave Charleston every Sunday,
V«efday and Thurlday at j P AT, and irrive at
Camden tiie next Tuesday, Thursday and Sa
turday at 10 A AL
13. From Ci-ndeflhy Columbia, Edgefield
court house, arid Campbell town to nwgufta,'
three time? a week.
Leave Candeneverv, Sunday, Tuesday and
7hyrfday at 1 P !'i, an-i airive at tergurti on
Tuesday, Thuifday and ®iturdjy at 10 A TIL
Returning, leave AURufta every Sunday,
Tuesday, and ThurTday at 3 P *4, and arrive at
Camden on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
at 10 A M.
14 From CVarlefton by Jachforifborough and
Coofawhatehy f u Savannah twice ?. week.
Leave Chariefton every Tuesday and Thursday
at 6 f m arrive at JaeUfonfborough onWednefday
and Friday itim. arrive at Coofawhatehy on
Thursday arid Saturday liy 5* M and arrive at
Savannah on Friday and !i«ndayby 8 am. Krturn
ing, Leave Savannah every Sa'urday and Tuesday
hy 4 a M. arriveatOoofawhatchy hy S p M.and ar
rive at Chariefton on l'uefday and Thursday by
10 A M.
15. From Augufla by Leuifville to Savannah
once a week.
Leave Augufla every Saturday at 3 p M.iarrive
Louisville 011 Sunday hy 6 P M. leave Louifvillc oh
Monday at 8 a m and ari ive at Savannah on
Tuesday at J. p. m. leave Savannah on Wednesday
at'S a.m. and arrive at Louisville on Thursday by
j p.m. leave Louisville on Friday at 6 a. m. and
arrive at Atigufta on Saturday at 10 a m
16. Fr«m Augusta by Waynefbjrough to Sa
vannah once a week
Leave Auguda every TueQay at 2 p h arrive
at Waynefborosgh on U edneflay by 8 a m and
arrive at Saarannah on FrHay hy 3 p m. Return
ing, leave Savannah every Saturday at 9 a m.arrive
at WayLfbqrough on Monday by 3 p m. and ar
rive at Augusta on Tuesday by 9 a m
17. From Wa) nefborodgh to Louisville.
Leave Waynefborough every Wednesday at~ 9
AM. and arrive at Lcnnlv lie by 3 pm. Heturning,
leave LourfvUlr e«ry Thursday at 5 am. and ar
rive at Wsynefborough by 1 p ».
13. From Savannah hy Rieeborough,
Darien and "tunfwick to Stary's once-a week
Leave SavaMlrahevery Wednesday at 9 a m. ar
rive ac Rice'iorough on Thus-l'day by 10 a m. and
arrive as Starys 0:1 Saturday by 9* m. Return
ing, \e~-i - St. Marys every Saturday at 3 t u. ar
rive at RiceboruUKh the next Monday by 3 p m.
and arrrVe at Savannah the next Tuesday by j p.
AI. The itiai! oh the route Ko. 9, jo,
II and ij is to be c.irrird in 5 wherl earn
aye or hy a led hoi Sr. A penalty at thcr ate
of" H cents a mile %ill be incurred hj't,he
cor,traitor for each time and niile that lie
{bail carry the fanitj without nulri-ig use of
cither a carriage or led hcrfe. No altera
tion vvkil be maile in the times fixed fjr the
arrival and dei-artim* of t're ithtil; in these
Note s. The Piiftiiianer-GenefsJ may al
ter the times ofarrivd and depsrturf at any
time during the CMitinuanc? of the contrasts, j
he previeafly ftipulaticg ..u adeq i-ite com-
1; 1 L AD E L Pll I A,, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAT 7 , ,800
: proration for anv extra expel t tnat may
be (Jccriiion. i thereby.
Note 3. Fifteen minutes fir. ,-be allowed
for opening and closing tiie maiiatall offices
where- 110 ptithfjilar time is fpe
Note 4. For every fifteen m l-.ter delay
(unavoidaLile accidents excepted , in arriving
after tiie times prefcribcd in a contvati,
the contra&or (itall foiiilt trie 1- 3 : an£ |
it the delay continue until 11 • H ti.-ie erf
any drpending mail, * r.-Oy rhe ciatfs ctet
tmej tor such depending n aillofe a trip, an
additional forfeitur- of five dollars fhill be ]
Nete's. Newspapers ss well sslrttettare
to be sent in the mails : - id if any pert'on,
making proposals, desires to carry newspa
pers, other than thoft nveyed in the mail,
for Ins own emolument. l.c 1 iuft state in his
proposals for w(iat ... n he wit] carry it
with that emolument, and for what sum
without that emolument.
Note 6. Should any pe;foli, making pro
posals, desire an a'-eration of the times of
arrival aad departi., . hove fpecified, he mud
(fate in his proposals me alterations delirtd,
awd the difference they will make in the
teqns of his c-strail, This iiote does not
apply to the routs No. g 10, n and 12.
No alteration will be made itj tiiofe timfs.
Note-j. Persons making pfopolals are de-
GreiJ to state their prices by.. (Ie- year Thote
who contract will receive ti ir pay quarter
ly, in tiie month of Jaiiu-, y, April, Tulv
and Oaober.
Note 8. The contrails for tiie rout?
ntinibeied 1 to 13, are to be n operation on
the ill day of Oiftober ne> ;ndare to son
tinue in force until tiie 1 f ! Otflc l
Contracts fer the routs r nbei 14, u t t
17 and 18, are alto to be in operr.ticn o-i the
1 ft day of Odober next, and are to continue
ir?force until the Ift of April 1802.
General Post Office, )
Philadelphia, March 20, I ?. eotjy.
NICKLIN and W ib'FITH, j
small chests of Ginghams, -> on bi^rd
4 ditto of colored Muflinett, j the flip
4 bales of St. Fernando Serges, .Neftolin
4 ditto of Camblets, r the ri'rer
10 ditto of colored and white I fron
C.iffirneres, J Livcrpol
14 trunks of printed Callicoes,
Tie above an tM mall ajftrted iolnuUiel ]
either for tie W r ejl India Or home trade.
50 fen* Le«»v? 1 jw.niers.. ]
r 7 cafits "t line dry Yellow Paint,''
6 ditto of Mineral Itlaujr,
I ditto of ditto White,
10 ditto of Colcorhar,
3 ditto of Purple Brown, 1
1 o cases English China Ware in fetti,
36 cafksof Nails ifTorted,
300 barrels pickled Salmon,
8 j half ditto ditto,
80 barrels Herrings,
20 ditt-vShad,
10 ditto Mackarel,
7 casks of Purler in bottles,
io purichecins Rum,
t"o pipes of Brandy, 4th proof,
15 pipes old Madeira Wine,
27 quarter chests Young Hyson Tea,
13 boxes of Imperial ditto,
Eng'■ ifh Gunpowder, HF
F wired Copper Naiie an 1 Kilts,
Sail Canvjfs,
Empty Wine Butties,
Crrk in (beets,
Green Coffee in hhd?.
February 13. tniyHfJ
Just Published,
And to be Sold by Robert Campbell., No.
30, Chesnvt Street and Wm. Wood
house, No. 6, South Front Street,
£ Price 31 Cents, j
Pj onr-unced at Bofion, on Wednesday, l'ebru
ary 19, 1800, before the American Acade
my of Arts a d Scieuces, by their ap
pointmeHt, and publiflied at their
Member of the Academy, and of the MafTachu
ietts Hifliirical Society,
[Price iߣ Cent?.]
Pronounced at Milton, aid Feb. 1800
h,a y I dijt
WHF.RF.AS MatJiTw Irwin did on the B'h
flay of July 1797 make an affignmsntof his
eflate anu effedts, to us the fubferibers, for the be
nefit of such of hii creditors, as ftiould on or before
the »oth ol September, 1797, execute ro him a full
and final discharge—Now those of his creditor;
who are entitled to a divi-'end under i'aid align
ment are requested t'i furnifh their accounts re
Namuel Meeker, with interefl calculated up to the
Bth day 01 july, 1797, as a dividend will ahfolutc
ly be struck on the firll day of April netr, and these
who neglect t» comply with this notice will there
after be excluded f rom the benefit ol the fame.
Philip Nicklin ~]
Samuel Meeker j
Nath'l Lewis, hy his Ads. AffigneCs.
Pearson Hunt
John M. Taylor J
Phiradelphia, March 14 m&
, U»UTI» STA-tf S "> r
J* Dijlrifl j
Notice is Hereby Given,
• 'HA7 ,n pursuance of a writ to me directed
i from the honourable Richard Peters, lifqnirc,
Judge of the Diftrifl Court of the United States in
nd for th» PcnKfylvania Diftrirll, will be ezpofed
to fak. at the Ouftam Jlonle in rhff City of Philadel
phia, ca i hiii r .iay rhe fifteenth iTuy of It ..) next
at I a o'c;«ek. at r.eoo, viz.
1 Large cbeft of Sugar,
i Keg of Sugar,
5 Bags Coffee.
1 do. do.
1 do. do.
1 Bag and 1
. Barrel of j oraD S CS *
1 Bag Pimento.
2 Barrels Coffee, and
1 Bag do.
1 Small Box, cantaining tie appara
tus of a Barber or Hair Drefler.
30 B irreU Snuff and Sugar.
19 Boxes Sugars.
1 Bo* Sweet-meats.
The fame having f.een libelled againfl, prcfecu
ted and cond-mned io the fail court as forfeited
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Mil-dial's Office, anril 19. lawtf.
By WillijtM T. Bihchijf Abkjm :m Small
of the City of Philadelphia,
that invaluable wark
History of Vodcrn Europe;
iroHfc T; ; !NING
nn History of the Decline and Fall of the Ro
man Empire
of Modern Kingdoms, generally
A particular History of the French Monarchy
Spain from the Dumiij
ion of the Vifigr«thi
Italy—with the Kife and Progress of the Tem
poral Power of the Popes
Britain—from its reiinqui/hm;»t by the Ra
The German Empire—from Charleir.agn;
The Empire of Sonftantiiisple—to its over
Empire of the Arabs
Rife and Progress of the Turks, and Fill of the
Greek Empire
History of Portugal—View of the Progress of
Navigation—Conquest in the East and Weft
Indies—lJffcovery of America, See.
History of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia,
Poland jnd Prufila
North Aiperica—as connected with European
n tninpi ciiunn t mur
I. Th» whole shall b* co.hprized in five large
c&avo volumes, printed in the best manner, on
a fuperline paper.
11. It is intended to deliver one v-'lume sver-y
two months, at the pr ce o-f Two Dollars per
volume ih board«, payable on delivery.
11l A? it may be inconvenient to deliver them
to distant fubferibers in finvrla volumes, those
who w.ifh 'it, may let them remain with the
; pu'olifhers until the whole are fiftiflied ; in which
afe t ! «e price of one volume will be required«n
fubferihing —the remainder on the delivery of
:he whole.
It will be put to press immediately, and pr in
tcd 011 a i eautifal new type cast for the pitrpole. j
f'he encourages of this undertaking may reft
aiVured, that nothing now forefcen (hail delay
its regular proeeedure —so that in one year at
fart hell, ihe citizens of the United .States S.all
be presented with an Anjerican Edition .f Dr.
Rufiell's History of Modem Europe, equal to
the Euglifh copy, ai d at a L >wrr Price.
* m * Subftriptions rtcei-ved by Wm. T: Birch
No. 17 Sovtb Second Jlreet, and A. Small, No
145 SpruceJlr -et.
April 50 ewrra
Cf the Pittsburgh Glass V/arks,
AVING procured a fufficient number of
tie nrloft approved Euro, cap Giais Manu
fuflury'rs, and haVißg 011 hand a large fto-.k of
the beA Materials, on which their workmen are
now have the pleasure of afTuring
the nfiblic, that window glass of a fupciior qua
lity >nd of any fije, from 7 by 9, to 18 by 24
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
too feet ea b, may be had at the fhortcft notice.
Gi»f> of larjrer fiieu for other purposes, may
alrfi be had, fifch as for pifluies, coach glaflVs,
clock faces, See. Bowies of all kinds and of any
q iantity may also he had, iogether with porker
fidfks.picklingjais, apothecary's Oop furniture,
or other hollow ware —the whole at lealt per
cent, lr wer than articles of the fame quality
hrctigltt from any of the sea port? 01 the United
Stafs A liberal allowance will be made on
sale of large quantities. Orderyfrom merchants
?nd others will be punctually attended to on ap
plication to JAMES O'HAKA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store of MefiV, PRATHER
and SMILIE, in Maiket-Street, Pittsburgh,
March 4, tuthtf.
j HF. Governor ef the State hav.Bg thought fit
X to dcpiive the fuhferiter ■>' his . jiu.fuiiliuu.
of Regif'er of Wilis arid grantinf ! etter< of Ad
minifrration for f.he city and county of Phifa el
phia (which he.hatj held for eightfeil years rift)
and to give the lam? to his Excellency's !or Jus.
E. V'Kcr.n, Efq he informs his sri rids the
purilic, that he lias opened an office at No. 145,
North Water flrcet. as Attorney at 1 .aw, where
the flri&eft attention shall be paid to the bufmcls
of such of iix friemis and fellow eitlz ni as may
think proper to apply to hirn : he lurther informs
therr., thar a number of probates of wills with co
pies annexed -, also certified copies of vvrls and of
iottlcd accounts, yet rtiuuin in the offite ol the
fulifc-iter, which tiie persons concerned are're
q»efted to call for.
Philapelp'iit, aad April. aawtf
For importing the f-.Honing periodical
r • ftv blic-oti »n& % *
d , T' ie Britifli Critic,
1 he Anti-Jacobin Review an<f
The Gentleman's
t The New Yearly Register.
Le Mercure Britannique, or lh»
Britifli Mercury.
The preceding pubh'cDioiis will be received r»-
igwlar Jy at Philadelphia bjr the way of New-York,
about t»o Month, after their puWicatioa in Lon
Sutfcriptions will b« received for all or rither
of thwn from any fJr t of the Continent, at bic
"s»' Dook - No 25, North Second Street,
oppofit. thrift Church, Philadelphia.
I a P rii *9 dtf
By A.
"The Pursuits oj Literature,
WITU N Off 9.
To which vjiil be Annexed,
Of all th_- Greek, Latin, Italiaa, and French
passages, quoted in the Prefaces,
Vindicitioa ani Soldi.
it TH£ Aurif qR.
The v/crk-will be print It feall be elegantly ex.
Ed from the lati Len* etuted and be deliver*
don edition, and will edto fubferibers at the
form a large odlava moderate price of ttv»
volume of ahout 500 dMars andfifty tents, in
pages,including an in boatds. To" other sit
dex which this edition will be 1 ailed,
will alone poflifi..
A—lt is now in the Press, and will
be finished with all possible speed.
Subscriptions will be received by A. Sic.
kins, No. 25, North Second Street, opposite Christ
Church, and J. Ormrud, No. 41, Chefnut-Arest,
and by the principal Bookfellsrt throughout the
United States.
march *7, 3 awtf.
Forty Dollars Rsward.
RAN AWAY from the Subscriber, livin*»* in
Saffi&lras Neck, C«cil County, State of Ma-
i 4 thiipa. a-;r gro
failing by water in the Chesapeake Bay about
twelve months, and is smart and adtive—He ha>
been formerly used to farming and taking care "of
horses. His doathing he took with him is un
known— It is exptdted he has (lwped his course
for Philadelphia or Chester Tows, and th« above
reward will be paid for fecuringAim in any g®al
in the United States, an<; reafoaable chaiges paid
if brought home, by
M; E All mailers ofveffels and ail other person
ajre forwarn'ed of harboring the said r.t^ro.
Siffafras Meek, march 18. iaw6w
HIS Swcdift Majedy's Consul General, and au
thorized to tranfadl the Consular BuGnefs,
for his Majeft'y the King of Denmaak iu the United
Status of . n-.erica, residing at Philadelphia,
Hereby ghes public Notice,
That in obedience to recent inftxuitiong received
from hi? government, it it the duty of all Matters
ef Swedish and DaniHt veiTels, te-for.* their failing
from any port in the said States, to call upor him
or tfi.i Vice Coßful/ in to le granted such
Certificates for theic Cargoes, which the exigency
of the {late of the Neutral Commerce ani the fe
ver 1 Decrees of the Belligerent Powtrf, render
indifpcrfably necessary, and, that any Mailer of
vefteis belonging to the refpp&ive nations, or na
vljratli-jg- uwdcT the prote&ion of their flags, in
omitting to take such certificates, will personally
ftaiiU re:pos{ible for the consequences.
Philadelphia, lßth December, 1799.
Notice is hereby given,
THAT application will be made to the Prslident
and Direflors of the Bank of the United States for
the renewal of the following Certificates of Shares
in the fa; 3 Bank, which were loft on board the (hip
John, of Baltimore, Hugh Dav.y, matter, bound to
Leaden, viz •-
B. No. 29884")
19885 j Each for oEe stare, in the name
19826 of Tho's Holy, tfhcffi«ld (G. B)
19*8; j dated sft January, ißjo ;
39888 J
Of which application, all perfor.s concerned, will
[ leatd to take notice.
Baltimore, jth april, 1800 iaw3m
Valuable Property for Sale,
lu ChefVitr, near Sixth ftVeet, diraflly optiofuc
C&ncr*sj Hall.
A • OTofgr-".'r>d, ?ht)ut ji feet front ia Chef
l .* r»jt (Vrset and 73 feet in depth, whereon is a
good irme ho'jfc, now in the tenure of Samuel
.leiwfi ; utj"6' to a ground nnt of ios. per annum.
The, advista'jrcous f:tuati'oH of this property re
quires no co-,iiitnts, -f«r it mil it beknewn, thtre
are few ii tins city to equal it, at; Unecceptionabl*
title willhemadetc the purchafcr. Apply to
N:j *9B, Chefi ut-41. next door to the prtmifei.
march y tu.rh.fa-tf
A FiFTH DIVIDESB < f th- EPats of MAT
TH-.S SI.OUGM, bankruj't, will he paid
to the Creditor; who have pr >ve<i their debts un
der the CcmrcilT.'.n, at any time when called for,
at-Kb icy, Ara tt.rcet.
f Vol L'VP. X\'l]