Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, April 23, 1800, Image 1

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    AN "
Numbfh 1363.]
tCT" The price of this oalette is Eight
Lollard per annum ro Subscribers residing
in the city of Philadelphia. All others pay
one Dollar additional, for enclosing and di
recting ; and unless-some person in this city
will become answerable for the subscription,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance,
*«* No Subscription will be received for
a shorter term than six mantis.
December 1 >799
'A— . - -
This Day Published,
By J. OhmroD, No. 41, Chefivut Street,
(Price *5 Cents)
Death of General Wajhtngton.
In imiration of th& r* an tier of O&an.
fey Kev, R. Linn, A.M.
Minister of the Firs: Presbyterian Congregation
1 ef Philadelphia.
& Mr Chaudron's Oration will be publifted
«a Monday morning.
Mi*rch d.
j For importing chef folio wing periodical pub
lic at ins :
1. The British Critick ;
3. The Anti-Jacobin Review and
3. The Gentleman's Magazine ;
4. l.e Mercure Britanique, or The
British Mercury.
iHPHt Britifo Critick is a regular Review of
; A ail tic works puMiihed in Grtat Britain ;
it is conducted with great impartiality and abi
lity, and of- the numerous publications ©f the
_Jund which do now appear, and which have
appeared in Great Britain; it it uuiverfaily
allowed to be the best.
£ Price 50 Cents.]
The Antt- y*tabin Re-view and Magazine is
a* its title seems to indicate, rather more con
fined, as to the nature of its fubjedls, but it
certainly il'not less calculated for exrenfive uti
lity. This work is divided into four depart
ments: 1 Original Criticism—2 A Review of
the other Reviews- 3 Occafmnal Efiays, in prose.
and verse—and 4th, A Monthly Suiwmry of
History arid Politics Every fix months It has
a supplement, containing a review of foreign
works, not forgetting thole of America, lhe
Anti Jacobin dwells frft on fubj«<sls which are
merely literary and ftieutifir, thaii ofl those
which have a mors immediate inflwemre on fts
eiety. With a Jjold and malferly hand,lt Cor
reds the blende rinps of error, traoes the intri
cate windings of inifreprefeivtatioß, and drips
©fiTthe naaflt ot* hypocrisy. The avowed cham
pion of the churcn and the state, it fpsres the
Yneifties ftf neither, whether open or Tecret;
and, fcoming the pufiWanimouß defenfive, np
o<i whicli the friends of truth have too long
it carries on a continual and vigorous
©fteafive warfare ayainit anarchy, immorality,
a»d irreiijiion, *»d thus IHlablifhes by its uni
form ccndu&, its right to the title it h*s as
[Prtee 50 Cents. ]
7he Gentleman 7 j Magazine* a work damped
with the approbation of three score years, con
flfts Chiefly, of communications from antiqua
ries am! cultivators, and of original cflays, in
Trerfc and profr written by leamett*and
ingenious men in the kingdom, and embracing
by turns, almolt every fabje& intorefling to
man. The mifeellaneous pwrt «f the work is
followed by a felc6lion of authentiek foreign
and domeftick intelligence, including official re
ports, ft«te*papers, and a*i atiftr<<sl of the pro
ceedings in parliament ; next enmts a very co
pious obituary, bting not merely alift of deaths,
but a valuable, fcriel of biography j to winch is
added, a Meteorological Diary and Table, a
fiiil of Morraiiity for L ndon and its environs,
a table of the average prices o<fx:©f*, and of the
stocks, f r every day in the month : So that
this work mull ever be an. entertaining aod
ufeful comp?ni®n, not only to- those who are
of the learned profefiiwis, commonly so called,
h«t ta the merchant, the farmer, ami, in short,
to rveryrnan, whatever may be the fubje& of
his study, or the obj«& of his puriuit
[Prictf 40 Q'/.'/j - .]
Le Mercure Sritannique, or, Britijb Mercu
ry ;by Malice Du Pan.— Fhis work,
of which one number is publilhed eeery fort
night, in French and in Englifil, commenced in
August 1798, and is confinne4 with tncreaSng
spirit aud celebrity. If is both hrftaricaland cri
tical ; it contains a fsramary, and »• the
fitory, of all the important events, established
falls and public instruments* relate to the
present sera; it inveltigates points of fas, of
politics, and national rights; it exterwls its view
over all the nations of Eprope, examines the
fondudl and discloses the motive* of their ref
peflive courts ; it is in titof? a brief and compre
hensive hiiiory of thft times* equally remarkable
for the elsgance of its ftyie, the profundity of
its remarks, and the foundnefc of U» principles.
[Prict 50
These four work* cemprife every thing uteful
W Gtatlcrpcn m<.y sub
scribe for aJJ> or for Mtker, o( them. The fir ft
order"u iiircnrifd to br fenr off otr the ift of
May next; the lucceffive numbers will be re
ceived at New York i« two months-upon an
average after, their publication in Louden 1 so
that thWe which are fubferibed for ow oe before
the ill of May, will be received it! September;
after which they wilt with very little irregula
rity, ceme to hand once a menth, the importer
having made such arrangements as cannot fail
of securing punctuality oh the part of his cor
g? Suhfcriptions will lie received from «ny
part of America, by J. W. Fknico, Philadel
phia. N4 advance is required. The prioea are
but four cent* » number higher than in
J Afrit 3.
At No. 35 Dock-street,
ice piece* gauze,'
100 swords,
BCO joi«eri tool*,
140 faitdle tiers,
12 fire fenders, brass tnjjt,
100 lirafs compiffct,
ico wpod do.
April 9.
At tbtir Store Ka. J Cbe.taut Street, have
The following Articles, vi 2.
Fir ft quality KuSia Hemp
Ruflia Puck
Brandy in pipes, firft and fourth proof
Madeira Wine in pipes and half pipci
Claret in .cases
Winttr and Summer prrffed, Spermaceti Gil
Spermaceti Candcli, and
My foil Tea, httifclnipfirtafcion
March 24.
To Merchants.
MER CHANTS A. ccmts elegantly opened.
Books neatly and corredtiy polied, with
various other kinds of 'writing by a pcrfon
thoroughly acquainted with accounts.
Gentlemen extensively concerned, may find
it to their imtiTcft to pur bufjnei's in this line
into his hands, as the fulleit confidence may be.
rcpofed 11 hitn and ample fatjs£a«slion given.
Addreis a iine to ft. A. au4 bate it with rhe
p< inter hereof.
Philadelphia, March *9
ACRRTIfI"' \TE of one Share the Bank
of the Uri f ed States, No. 19120, in the nam<s
ol Lewis Peter 05**yn, and a Certificate <Jf two
Shares «f the said Sank, N® asj fq, in the ftame
ol George James Ch*lmondely, Earl of Cfcolinon
dely, «'ere forwatded from New-York by the
Chfrfterfield Brstifh Packet for Falnvouth, which
was"cap*uret! by the French, and the Certificates
101 lor Jeftroyed. aiad for which application is
made at laid Bank for the renewal thereof, of which
all pwfons concerned are de-fired to take notice.
February 11
ed by the fkbferibcr, im undivided Sharer or
Lots on hu purchase within ihe city of Waihing*
too. who have not yat applied for and received
their Dcefo, are hereby notified, that their several
pities will be duly, completed to the ordsr of those
who «n conformity with the terms oTtfjeYaid Cer
tificates, do make the Payments in full therefor,
either to 'Tboeias JM l Uuen 15* Of. or to the Qub
fcriber at on or at any time before
tfce 31ft dey of May next.
jBOONE'-TON iron works
Valuable- Rsi-atc^
KNOWN by the name of the Boorcton
Works, fttnate in the county of Kldrrij ia thtf
flat, of New-Jyfe?, ccmfiflfr'£ of a Forge *rith
four fires, a afro Mill, a Grift rai't
with iwofcim 6f (tone*, and 3aw rmU, all in good
crder awd now m efe, flo-galher tfi*h an excellent,
larsje. convenient hoofc, witft d>ue->to>uffi of
every kind ; among which are an Ic<° house, an i
done milk hoafe, with a renrarkahie fine fprin£ in
it, a large Garden, and an excdlimt «o!U«ftfon of
Fruit, a hr« Orchard, and ijoqt acre* of wood,
pai-ure and arable land, and a gre<t number of
iio£cj> and workmen's houses Immediate peQcffion
will he given of houses and (lores faificient for
providing stock the prefect winter, and pofleUibn
of the whole tn. the lprvng.
For terms enquire of David Q Qgden at New
ark. Mr Peter Mackie in New-York, mr! David
Ford in Morris Town, or metfrs. Jacob aad Rich
ard Faeith on tfieprefliiles.
Janoat* H
Thirty Dollars Rrxt.rd.
FROM the Marine Barracks oti the night of the
14th infl JOHN OSBORN, born in the
town of Bedford, WeftChefter county and state
of New York, age* 2% years, 9 months, 5 feet
8 and a quarter inches high, grey ey«,s (longqurfd)
light hair, ruddy catnp-icxioH, pock marked, hy
trade a Shoemaker. Ridifted by Lieatenawt Rey
nolds in Stephen's Town, *;ear Albaay the 15 th of
Jane iaft Had on and took with him a short
round blae cloth coa: with red cape, a blue
cloth coatee, a few white waistcoats, a long grey
mixed cloth coat and breeches, a pair of boots, a
chocolate coloured great coat trimmed with black
hair phrth, i. furr haft balf worn, aud two filvi-r
watches, one a middle size, the other fnwtt. He ,
may impole hireilelJ on ibme family or getitleftian
as a waiter, as he has aAed in that capacity
Whoever apprehends said Deserter, andfscures him
in jail, fends bin. to Headquarter, or delivers him
to any of the Marine officers, or an/ officer of the
army of fh« HniCed States shall receive the above
reward and all reasonable charge*.
Adjutant Marine Corps.
January 16,
To be Rented,
AND immediate poffuffion given, if required,
a new two ftoiy Briok House and Kitchen,'
about 14 miles fxom Philadelphia, on the gr«?at
road to Nc\vu>wn. Enquire of the Printer,
march iy dtf.
A NEAT and convenient
ON theFtankford Road, two miles from the
City, with a goo 4 Stable and Garden. Pol
feftioa may be Lad immediately For csjrmi enquire
«t the Printer
FicM-Ma. fhal General in the ferviceof Hfcs Imperj
al MajcAy, the Enjpefor of aM the Ruflias,
The History of his Campaigns
Translated from the German of Frederick
A concise ami comprehensive History of
ll> itk un tie rant Print-Portrait of thai rt ■
Gentlemen defireus of poffefling *, capital Jibe*
oefs, executed in the fir ft style, ®f thw iMwllrious
Christian Chieftain, may x be fuena (fieri wjth parti
cular proof impyifions, at this office, price one
February la,
The Ttar 1800 is arrived /
in George*T«wn, upon the Pobomak, 19
Upon the prerrife«,on the firft Monday in May
Tavern was built by the fubfeription
of a number of gentlemen as a neceilary
and ufeful improvement to the town—lt/Coft
iso©o dollars in the year 1799 when materials
and workmanffcip were much cheaper than at
thii time. IfJje terms of fubfeription were that
it ftiould be fold to the highest bidder on the
day above mentioned.
It is a hanuforoe, substantial brick bui!ding,
«f three ftoriet, fronting sixty feet on the ropfc.
public Areet in the town, and running bjtffc
sixty three feet upon a wide and convenien
street— The koufe is admirably calculated for
a tavern. ]t contain* upon the fir ft floor four
large rooms, one of them 30 by 20 feet and
another 23 by 20, besides a large bar and dree
ing room, upon the second floor is an elegint
aflcmbly room, 60 by 30 feet, and three ccanve-
M'ent lodging rooms. Upon the third floor are
ten excellent lodging rooms—the garraf admit*
of adivifion often mere. There is alio a good
Kitchen and commodious ceHars fnfficient for
fnch a ho»fe. Paflages and cross pajfage* inter-
the house ia fueh a manner as to make each
roam private. .
„There are stables fufficient for the aceonamo,.
dati-on of fifty hoi fes, with convenient sheds for
carriage®—attached to the building are three
lots of 60 reet by 120 each, which front ni|
three streets, and in the hack yard and not jo
yards from the kitchen is a copioot and never
failing spring of moffc excellent running wafer.
Samuel i$ } odget,
The nature of improvements and theirVrti*
veni&ice to the city of Wa/hington rrtuft render
thu property a mo ft definable acqtiifirion to any
person who may wish to carry on a tavernirpou
an e*t'enfive ft ale. 'Tfit immediate removal ©f
the government of the Unitdfl Sfates muii re
ceive toil full and complete cuftrym.
The terms of fate are, one third ?n cafh-~
one third iri 120 days th? other third it!
*lO dayt, to be fecnrcd by approved note* ne
potiifele at the Baft* of Columbia or at eiihc
of the Banks in Baltimore, pofleffian 10 he giv
en o«t the day of sale and a perfedl title made
clear, of all incumbrance®, on the lift payment
being made.
JuJi Pull'ijatd, and to be Sn'J,
(Price is Cent.)
AV Id 6, Clef nut Strut,
Tie Report of the Committee
Proceedings of fin: dry of the other States,
The said Poulfon hat now in the prefix and
fpetdtly -will he puili/bed,
Argued and determined in rhe High Court of'
Admiralty ;
Commencing with the Judgment! of the Right
Hon. Sir Williawiijcott, Michaelmas tevm 1 798.
By Christopher Rnbinson, L. L. &. Advocate.
Vol. I Pakt I. '
April 19.
TH AT application will be made to the PrHidcnt
and Directors of t\ie Batik of the United State* for
ffce renewal of the following. Certificates of Shares
in the said.Bank, which were loft on Board the (hip
John, of Baltimore, Hugh Bavay, naafter, bouod to
London, via :
B. No, *9884"}
Of which application, all |>erfon» concerned, will
pltafe to take notice.
Baltimore, Jth april, 1800 inrya
%ift an& Cfmrattcr
To which it addtd,
His Italian Campaign.
By William Cobbett,
noivned Warrior
[Krice a I.a DoiUrs.J
Portrait of Marshal Svzvarfrt.
THOMAS BEALL, »f Geo. } ~ „
£ March 8J iawtrMa.y
otf THE
Notice is hereby given,
| Each for obc (hare, ?n the name
i 9526
s9i'B7 I dated jft January,
19888 J
Notice is hereby given,
' I *HAT separate propolais will fae received
A at the office of the Secretary ©f the De
partment of War, until the expiration of the
of Jujy nexteniuittg, for the firnply of all
rations, which may be required for the use of
the United Statli, from the lit day of Odlober,
, *Boo, to tile 30th day of September, 1801,
both day® ihcltifive, at the places and withih
thetwo diftri&s hereinafter firft mentioned ;
and alio that separate "jjropofala will be received
at the said office until the expiration of the 2jt(i
day of July next enfying, for the fuppiy of ail
rations which may be required js afpreiaid, from
the itt day of January in the year 1801, to the
31 ft day of December in the sam« year, both
days inclyfive, at the place and within the fev- ;
cr*i states hereinafter njentioned, vi*. •
F/ryl- Proposals to supply aerations, that
niajr be required, at OlWe£o ; jr N&»ara j at
PittflJurg ; at Prcfqii'ilc ; at Miehiiimaclunac j
at Fort Franklin ; at Hfcuf; at ; at
Picque Town iv.d Lorftmtes stOres; it Fort
Wayne; at Fort Defiance; at any place IseloKv
Fort on the Miami nvjrr to Lfcitt
Erie ; at Fort Knox, and Ouatonon on the ri
ver Wabafli ; at Maflac ; at any place or place*
on flic nv'er MjjnflEppi, abov? the mouth of the
TlVtf Ohio, and Upo-i the Monois ri. er.
SetonJ. Propefdhto supply Jil rations that
may oe required, at iuy plkfce or pllee*. oU the
east fideofihe Mifliffippi liver,be'.ow the mouth
of the river Ohio to the southern boundary of
the ftite of Kentucky and within thefaid ftatej
at Knoxville ; at all posts and pjpees withia the
ttate ©f Tennefice ; at Soyth V»eft F^int: at
I tilicoSlOck Hoiifc; at St.Sevens, or other fort
or pofl on the rivers Mobille or Tombigby, and
any place or places within the Cherokee bounda
ries ; below the southern of the state
of 1 enneiTet and within the boundary of the
Third Fropofals to supply all rations that
maybe required, at Point Petre ;,,at Coleraine,
At Savannah, and at any other place or plates
where troops are or may be Rationed, marched
or recruited within the slate of Georgia; at all
forts or stations on the Oconnee And Alatama
ha, and at all other places in the Creek nation,
within the limits of the United State®, where
troops are or may be ftarioned.
Fourth PropofaU to supply all rations that
may be required at Fort Johnfton, at Fort Pinck
ney, at Charleston, or at any other place or
places where troops are or may be ftatioaed,
marched or recruited in the state of South-Ca-
Fifth. PropofaU to fuppfy all rations that
may fce required at the Fort at Wilmington,
Cape Fear; at Beacon island, Ocracock j at
■Charlotte ; at Fayette«ille | at Salilbury, or
at any other place or places where troops are or
i»af be ftationsd, marched or recruited in the
Hate of North-Carolina,.
Sixth. FfopolVlj to fVpply aH rations thtf
may b# required at Norto'k, at Portsmouth, at
Kempfville, at Chariotteville, at Winchester,
at Staunton, at Richmond, at Alexandria, at
LeriWg, at FrcderitUbHrg, at Carterfville, at
Harper's teny, or at any other plate or places
where tfoops are or rfiay be flatiotied, marched
or recruited, in the slate ol Vitgima.
Seventh. Proposals to supply all rations that
may be rrqtiired at Fdrt M'HtMryi at Balti
more at Annapolis, at Frederick town, at
Leonard town, at Hjgers town, at Bladenffcurg,
at George town, at Eaftuwu, at the Head of
Elk, ami at any other place or places, v here
troops are or may he ftat one 1 , inarched or re
drui.ed within the limi.s us the state of Mary
Frghtb. Prrpofal« to fuppty all rations that
tnay be inquired at Fort MtfrHn, at Philadel
phia, at Darby, at Lant after, at Wilkeftiarn ,
at Reding, at P.riftol, at Y rk town, at Oarlifle,
at Lewiftnwn (Mifflin county) at ficdfonl, at 1
Greer.fljiirg, at • Wilhington, at Eaftown, at
Wilmington, at Chriliiatia, at Dover, or zz,
any other pTace or places where tronpi are or
may be ftatioded, marched or recruited within
the limits of the Sates of Pemlfylvania and De
laware, except the pnfts within the state of Penn
sylvania, enumerated u> the firit propofais a
Ninth. Prop fats to f:'pply alt rations that
may be required *t HPat krnfatf; at (ilhaibtth
town, ai New-Brunf* ick, at Burlington, at
V* ood'eury, at Trenton,and at any othef place
or places wjiere troops are or may he fiationed.
niarchfd er recruited witiin the litplts of the
state of /erfey.
Tenth. Propo/als to supply all rations thlt
may be required at New Ycrk, at Weft Point,'
at Flufliing, at Haerlrm, at Weft Chester, at
pQiigbkepfir, at Konderhnak, at Stillwater, at
New berg, at Albany, at Conajobarie, at Cher
ry Valley, and at any other place or places
where troops are or may he ftatiorwd, marched
oi> recruited within tile limits of the <tate of
New York, exit t the po!i« within the hid
slate enumerated in the firft propofais aforefaid.
tLlei'enth- Proposals to supply all ratiops
that may be required at Hartford, at Hebron,
at New London, at Brooklyn, at Wyndham,
at I/itchfiek!, at Guilford, at at
Fairfield, at Danbury, at'Middietown, and at
any other place or places wheie troops ai*e or
may be ftatitned, marcfied or recruited within
the limits of the state of Connt&icot.
Twelfth. Propofalt to supply all rations that
may be required at Fort Wolcott, at Br.ntotf 7 *
Point, at Newport, *t Providence, and at any
dace or place* wh'ere troops are or maybe fla
rioned, marched or recruitffd within the'liihitf
of theflate of Rbode-Ifiand
'Thirteenth. Propofafs fupp!y ail ratiotos;
tharittay bt required at Portland in the Dif-:
tridl :>f Miine, Gi<*ucefttr, Cope Aim, Salem,
Marblchead, Boston. atUxbridge, and at any;
other place or place* where troops are or may be
stationed, marched or recruited within the li
mits of the state of MaflachuTetts.
saw^w Proposal? to supply all rations that
may te required at at Eia'fcr, at
Windfot*, at Brtnningson, at Rutland, or ac arty
fort, place pWrs, where troops are or may be
ftaiiorted, marched or recruited withio the States
of New Hampftire and Verknoat.
rations to be fupj)lied,i3 to conftft of the
following articles, viz. cighteeu ounces of bread er
flour, or When fleithei can be oMained, of one
qimrt of one ahd a tiaif potted ot lifted or
bculted Indian meal, one pound •snd a qu' rtcr of
frefk beif.o* one pound ef felted titef, of thrie
quarters 9 f o nonnd of fa!ted pork, ami whet, fkfh
meat it ifujed, fait, at the rii* »< two quarts for
every hundred ration*; soap "at the rate of fear
pouttdf, aad t:dl sat the rate of a pou,id *i:ii a
half M every knndi'n! ratlona.
March 12, xSco
U it eipded the pfopofat ttilt jtfo attend to
the supply oi ryn, wfcitlvjr, <«• other ir&tn fpi.
rits at (fie hilf > gill j** ranom, and Vine
gar at the rate of two rjuaru for every huiiij-ed
'Mf/ias. -The pfijpcfals »ii{ Ipecify tie price of
the levcral component parts of the ratio*, u W«ll
ai these Of mhaitKUJ or Jlierxatiyek Tor parts
i anions are to i>e furntfaed in &>cb cjuanti
t'kc* fs'that tftcre at aii during tiietcxci
of the firo poled cofltrads be futScient for the cqq
fumption' of the troops «t Klichilimackißac, Oc
troi*, Niagara and Qfwego, for fix rnoeths in ad
v«n,td, Rptl at each of the other j>q(U on the wtf
tern waters, at le&fl thrfe months in a/ivnpr-<* (
°' jPOyu
be required. It is also to la, permitted all arid
etfery of rfjfe commandants bf lortified placed, or
cr to call for seasons when the fame ran
be tranfportxrd, or at any titoe in rfee cast <>T srgej,-
cj t iuth of like pr«vifif>f»* in as
in the d fpr&rioo of the cororr-aadanc fjiall he destti
ed picyur. It is :o Ic undw ood that the cor
[ tractor bt?t the cjtfpencetfriti J ilk of tffiSng fli«
: fjegto the ifed ar-a?Jfi (V- ftifiahiccf, by
! of*n Cue y, mly itie fliodalfcf
the tffcjjf, oi tii« ,U/Ut« d lhai! I?er*id for at
! e PtV**" f; f deiXrcy c J,,on tj-*«
dfcpoufions of tvx » or mo re jjerlons of creditable
afT4* fht feH'ifr'rjft# of I cWon&cned
officer, ascertaining the circumfla - c s of tlriHfifc(
4>»<J the amount df dieafUcJtJ for which coAjpen
fation shall be claimed. ■> » )
to the United 3:at«s of wq'ulrisg,
fuppliW Whfph in ay anv of the
propoled tornfalha!!- h<• i! ttfvii, a'-'til the » uj>-
plies whieh havedr ntaybe friPrjktrf under cen
tra &s now in force ha we hTfren cort'tfmed.and
' 3 auv < anc<\_mny a-i any
c+ the fiicd poAs ouf the Sea-Hard cr Indian ivtjx*
tiers, not exceeding three ftior.ths.
mj '[ ft i r<i
March 24
A ( U 1 A ij
■Of tie Pinsburfb Glass Works,
HA VINO f> r otViScf 1 °ft fftcfrtit nutobet .of
the molt approved Europt'«"p GiaTi Manu
fudiurers, ahd hiving on hand a lafge ftuik of
the belt Materials, on which, their workmen are
now empjoyed, have the f>lea!V>re of afluring
tbepubiip, that window£laj» of 4 fupeiior qua
lity and of any size, from 7" oy 9, to 18 by 24
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
100' feet ea h, miy be had at the ftibrfeft notice.
Glifs of larger fiies for other purposes, ttiiy
aJfo be had, fnch ssfor pictures, coach glaflVs,
clock faeesp &c. Bottles of all kinds and of any
quantity may alio be had, together-with pocket
flfftt»,-picklinpj»rs, apothecary's Stop furnitßre,
or other heltow ware—the whole at leaift (f CT
lower than articles (jt ilie- fame quality
brought from any 0? Ael'ea ports of the United
State®. A liberal allowance will be ittade- da
sale of large quatttlti#. Orders fr<m merchants
Jnd Others *ill be ptui&ualJy attended to on ap
plkation to JAMJJS OIiAICA or ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store ot Messrs PRATHER
and FMILIE, in Maiket-Street, Pittlbuigh.
March 4, tuiht'f.
In tit Harmony, Cajttain Kollocl, froth
CNo. so, bock Street)
Sugar* and £-of the firrt Quality*
Hyfoh Tea, )
Baits well cholen low" priced Piece Goods.
gj" Apply t<s Jo'hn Miller, Jun or Alexan
der ], Millet'.
April 9
r | 1 /. KF, c ' tfiis method of orice more informing
1 'Tie Public, that the partntrfhip of Molea
artd ttohert -"M'Clitre, which was cater
ed into (Dr the pufpfffc of Goods in the
lown of Weft Liberty and Commonwealth of Vir
ginia, on the teoth day of August, 1790, expired
on the tenth day of August 1793> agreeable to the
terirt i'ipulatcd in their article of copartnership;
February ia.
Tbe Cargo of the ship Molly, captain Sivahl,
SUGAR in *vhole and half caaoifcers,
Ceribon Coffee,
f>apao'Dyc Wood,
Blioriy, and
Tkirtj twobahss of Cottar. Yarn.
BURTHEN four thoufind tbi^c
I)un' jfiUlJr rrb of f^P u r, zicuacs. i.B
«irtV pounders, witfc small arms compteat
and is newiy coppered to thte kendk with
copper. Apply to . '- •
t. Match 25.
Valuable Properly fer Sgfe,
!ta~. ClietaiV*ta* f\re«t, dlro&ly oppofiie
f«et front in Chef
- \ put ftrect and 73 feet in whereOn is.a
•ffood irstcfie n%ufe t iVr.W : r. the tenure cf Semuc-l
! 3errgt iufcjV# bf itt. per a-onun:.
The; ad v*utin?efc» as si fustic* of this property re
quires no comments, known, th're
-re lev. m this to ,e,qua.l»t, ar. unecceptionahie
title wiifbe aiidc to the ';urchafer. A^ly'^o
Ity: Ctufiat Tf. "o"#*: Jodr to tht prtmlTft.
tn*ri.h i y ti,.U» i'a a
f VOl.umk X.VII.
The Subscriber
Far Sale,
Jrom Batdvit,