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    tttt of the Btlif eTI States, & Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
Kvmber 1344.] THURSDAT EVENING» DECEMBER 29, [Volume I.
— " ■i.-r .1 * • t 1 /"• 1a c u xr tr Pnm i HnmrswtMF. Nn. n6.
A C A R D.
1 ,
If Monsieur G H. Son LI,
Who left Bordeaux the aoth June last, and arrived s
at Bolton J.boltt the middle of Angatt, in the schooner ti
Jane, i» in Philadelphia, he is rrquefted to call on *
Joseph Anthony &. Co. No. 5, Chefnut-ftreet, who
will give him some information Of importance.
December 34, 1796- §
Clocks and Watches.
N». 79, Markst street, Phiiadslphij,
HAVE IMPOR I'F.D. by the late arrivals from £
London, a Urge affortmenr of WARRANTED K
WA •/ CHES, eonfiftmg of horizontal, capp'd and
jewel'd Gold Witches; with fecosds, of superior J
workmanlhip and elegance ; also capp'd and jewel d '
and plain Gold Watches ; capp'd & jewell'd, capp d,
seconds, day of the month, and plain Silver Watches ; t
eight day & chamber Clocks; elegant French Clocks
with marble frames ; eight day and thirty hour, brass
works, &c. '
Decembet 33, 1796. Irn
lihported from London Liverpool, ]
EARTHEN WARE, in crates and hogsheads, well '
Wine Bottles in hampers (
Window Glass of all sizes 1
Two cases of stationary '
One cVleft of yellow Jesuits Bark
Two cases of Roll Arnotta
A small eonfignment of Rose Blanketj, Flannels,
Baizes, Broad-cloths, Coatings, Plains, &c. (
Paints of various colors.
Basket fait in hogsheads.
Also on hand,
Madeira wine, very old, in pipes, hogsheads and
quarter calks
Holland gin in pipes, firft quality
Anchors of different sizes
A few trunks of ladies French tooes assorted
Silk nankeen,&c. r „. c
Likewise an aflortment of Dutch goods, confiding of
OfnSber*s, ticklenbergs,bed-ticks, ftnpes, checks.
Morlaix linen, platillas, ravens duck, Britannias,
And for sale by the package only by
Thomas & John hetland.
Walnut-street Wharf.
Nov. 15. eotf
F O R S A L E,
The fafi-jailing schooner ORION;
Seventy tons burthen ; fifteen months
1 ° Id ; h=r iramc " of thc befl of white
oak : fee is a taithful built vefiel, handlomely finifhed off
and well found in every particular ; is ready to receive a
cargo on board, and can be put to sea without any ex
pence on her hull, fails or riggmg : ffie flows fix hundred
barrels • has a handsome caoin and fleerage. and a haft
deck which will flow from feventy-five to eigh.y barrels;
has been newly caulked, graved and painted. For terms
At No. 1.70, corner of Market at*d Fitth-flreets,
Or to the Captain on board said schooner at Messrs.
Willis and Yardficy's wharf, adjoining Chefnut-ftreet
wharf; where there is for sale
Excellent pickled Salmon in barrels,
the best of American Mess Beef, and some very excellent
rr.anufa<fi:ured Chocolate.
December 26
For Sligo and Killibegs,
The American Ship Nancy,
Cuthbert Riggs, matter.
vVill fail with all convenient ipeed. For
freight or passage apply to '
William Bell;
Who has for sale,
4 Trunks Printed Cottons, well assorted
5 Bales Irish F.annels, and i boxes Linens
*5 Pipes Brandy
Madeira Wine j I»digo . Rwffu Matls.
A few barrels Prime IRISH BEEF, PORK,
November iij i?9®> mwftf
E;ii3^£^& ; Two hundred tonsburthen. Apply to
If the MARY is not fold in a few days, she will take
> freight for Hamburg. Apply as above.
October 31.
For Sale, or Charter, .
The Ship DIANA,
Samuel- Pile, Matter,'
Burthen aoj 47*95 register, built in
Philadelphia in the year 1792, of live oak
and was sheathed 13 months ago, she
SjSfifcXi-t ..,-6., b.
at a very trffiivig expence.
For terms apply to
pbilip Nickltn ciT Co.
VTho have fir fait on hard said vtffil,
~,<1,5 0 f fine yellow paint.
o boxes and j> bundles of writing slate..
J box ink flands and note presses.
14 bales of fail canvass.
And on hand t
fttU? teas.
ISSTJiie.' !k< « W'%-
10 tubs QuickfiWer.
thicksets, Ginghams, Mufl.nets, Dimities, &c.
, boxes black fewingfi'k.
,8o crates Queens ware well assorted.
to tons sheet lead.
Nai!. assorted, flat and scarp points.
London Particular, 1 Madeira Wine in pipes
London Market, f and hogflieads.
Nevlr-York Market, J .
£ pfpes and .0 hogsheads Tenenffe w.»e.
) S tierces Snake Root.
t3 o logs Mahogany. tt ) lSc f t f
Kov 7.
North-American Land Company. A
NOTICE is hereby given to the Stockholders that
an eleflian will be held at the company's office, on Sa
turday the 31ft December, agreeably to the articles of
aflociaiion, tor a board of managers, to conlift 6f five j;
Diredlors and a Secretary.
Fashionable Waistcoating.
Has received per the Diana, from L.ondoft, q
Clouded and striped Spanish Swanfdown
Clouded lilrminats arid Moleskins
Striped I do. and do.
Figured Manillas
Scarlet figured Erminets
Printed Florinetts
Do. Csffinets and CafTimeres
Superfine printed Quilting, newest patterns ®
Also, per different arrivals,
A large and general aflortment of Dry
Goods, r
Suitable to the present and approaching season. 1
November 5. dtf
Insurance' Company of North-America.
THF STOCKHOLDERS in this company are desired
to take notice that the second Tuesday in January, (being
the 10th day of the month) is the day fixed by charter for
the ele&ion of twenty-five Directors for the enfuingyear.
1 he ele&ion will be held at their office, and commence
at!i>,o'clock, A. M.
Theiisbjeft if the bye-laws of the Corporation will, be
fubmittcd to their consideration at this meeting.
Dec. is. tthioj
At* Whitefides' Tea Ware-House,
No. 99, North Second Street.
Imperial r Hyson Skia.
Hyson-, > Fresh Teas. < Souchong,
Young Hyson, j
Dec, q.
Insurance Company of the State of
THE Stockholders are hereby notified, tha f an election
for thirteen DireiStors to fervs for one year, will ba held
at the Company's Office, on Monday the 9th January next,
at II o'clock.—And agreeably to the acl of incorporation
a statement of the affairs of the company, will then be
laid before them.
Philadelphia, 1796. dt 9th Jan.
Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike
Road Company.
A Meeting of the Stockholders for the Eltijlinn of
a President, Managers', and other officer:,, will be
held at the Company's office on Monday the 9th Jan.
next, at 10 o'clock.
By the Bosrd.
WM. GOVF.TT,Sec'ry.
December 8, 1796- uwtifl f.dto h
Imported in the late srri-ih front liuropc and the
Holland Gin, in pipes
Choice St. Croix Sugar and Hum
Martinique MolafTes, ir. hogfheajs
Choice old Lifbnn Wine, in pipes and quarter-calks
London Particular K London Market Madeira Wine,
in pipes, half pipes and quarter-c-fks
Malmsey Mj.teira Wins, in pipes and quaHer-cafks
Teperiffe Wine, in pipes
' Rutfia & Flemish Sheeting and Ravins Du L -k, in cajes
Window Glass, 3 by 10, in boxes
Coffee Mills and Straw Knives, in calks
Mill Saws and Cross-cut Saws, in boxes
Also, on hand,
A few chests of Bohea Fea ; Jefdits Bark ; Aflafas
tida arid Tnpioca ; antl a few bales of Cofiaesj
Baftas, Gurrahs, Bandanna and Muslin Handker
chiefs, and a complete aflortment of 5-4 and 6-4
Boulting Cloths.
For Sale by
Pragers Sff Co.
OiSlober 20 diwm&tham
Any Person
Who is well acquainted with the River
0 And will give Directions for failing into the fame,
I that can be depended on, (hall be gtneroufly reward
ed I ed for his information, provided he will leave the
directions with' Mr. John Fenno, printer, Philadelphia,
or Edmund M. Blunt, Newburyport.
3 . Ta\r 2 m
Davis's Law Book Store,
GEORGE DAVIS announces to his profeffional friends,
" and the Gentlemen of the Lav, generally, through the
k Union, that his ineimportation of BUOKS is now arrany
e ed, and r ady for Sale, ftom a single volume to an entire li
a brary, without any advancc upon his former exceeding low
[•■•ces, wliith forfeveral years pa A have in so diliinguilhcd a
manner recommended ihrrrno notice.
Printed Catalogues combining the mod e*tenfive collec
tion cf the latest English and Irish Editions evo imponeo
into this country, arc pnblilhed, and will be delivered gratis
en application.
Orders addretf'd 10 G. D. in writing from any distance
Ihallbe punctually aticndedto.
A number of T RUNKS for Sale.
A convenient LOFT, near Market Street Wharf.
cv.B. lu&fgir
A PL ANTAION, ia the town of Woodbury, coun
ty of Gloucester, and (late of New-JefAy, contain
ing about one hundred and fifty acres ; a Cuitable proper
r" tion of which is woodland and improved meadow. A
c• great part of the arable land is in a high flats of cultiva
tion, and very natural to the production of Red Clover
On fuid plantation there is a genteel two-story brick houTe,
with four rooms on a floor, and a good dry cellar under
the whole ; together with a barn, corn-cribs and carriage
hsufc. The garden is large, and contains a good collec
8 tion of the bell kinds of grafted and inoculated fruit trees ;
the orchard consists of about three hundred grafted app e
treos. Any person inclined to purchase said premil'es, may
he inform, d of the terms, by applying- to
f Jul}- *9 f
A few hogsheads of choice N. E. Rum,
and a quantity of LAUD, for sale;
Enquire at No. 71, North Watcr-ftrcet.
December it, d lw
frefh Garden, Grass and Flower-Seeds,
Roots, &c. &c.
This day landing from the ship Eagle, captain Fofdick, "
from London,
And FOR. SALE by
Corner of Walnut and Second-flrects,
A moji capital and .•xlenftvs Jjfortment of
ROOTS, &c. &c.
Among which are,
Five kinds Afparagusj Three kinds Cresses
Four Berecolej Twelve Onion
Twenty-five Beans, Thirteen Radish
Six *, Beets' Fifteen Turnip
Eleven Brocolii Fifteen Peas
Twenty-fix Cabbage' Six Savoy
Six Carrot Four Parsnip i,
Three Caulifiower Twenty-three Melon
Five Celery Twenty-one Lettuc«
Ten Cucumber
Common and errton TKywie
Curled lsaf and sprigged Parsley J
Pof Marygold Pot Mar j brum
fealm Thyme Mangel Wurtzel
Leek Kail Shallots
Rape Seed Rye Grafa Saint Foin Lucerne
Red and white Clover Timothy, &c. &c. J
"With a curious colleClioft of the most clteemed
Being thc most extensive ever imported into this city.
Thc abosre are from a capital Seedsman in Londen, and
are warranted frefh and good.
Printed catalogues may be had by applying as above.
Dec. 17. 4tf.
Just Landing, i
At South fifed wharf, from cn hoard thc fh'tp Stdg- J
ley, Captain Hedge, from St. Peterjiurg, f
The following Goods : 1
P.uffia Sail Dvck, firft quality.
Do. Shectiag do.
Do. Diaper.
Do. Huckaback. .
Do. Crash.
Do. Mou'd Candles, 4, 5 and 6,^t6 of the (
Englifk fia>e.
Do. White Candle TalloHv.
Do* White So-p in (mall btxen f
Do. Cordage of fine yarn.
Ravens Duck.
lfmglafs, Ift and 2nd fort.
Horse Hair uncurkd.
Rufiia Bar Iron.
Do. Hoop Iron.
Do. Nail Rods.
10 Tons Oakum and Junk.
St. Peter (burg Clean Hemp.
For Sale by
Philips, Cramond, & Co.
Old London particular Madeira Witie,
Landing from on board the barque Eagle, Capt. Batei
and for sale by ROBERT ANDREWS,
No. 86, South Wharves.
• Noveknbcr 29. codtf
Cheap French China.
THE fubferibers finding it irapoflible to supply their
store with aily more China from France, the prices
being too immoderate in the uiatwifa&eries, give no
, tice that they will fell at •prime cost the remaining
deck oa hand, conflfiing of
Defiert Setts,
Tea-Table Setts
Separate Cups and Saucers
Groupes and Figures
( Alabaster Vales
Looking Glasses, in gilt frames,
, Befidts India Japan'd Toilet Desks, Chairs, Tables
nad Quadrille Boxej. PABQUIER & Co.
N®. 91, South Seeond-ftreet.
December sth. tts
For Sale,
An Invoice of Cordage,
Conflfiing of different sizes, from 11 inch cables down
to rope of a ftiches, of different lengths: Imported in
■, : the ship Swift, from Hull, and entitle* to drawback.
1- Sept. 17. . " djtf
.! ~~ S W AN N'S
Riding School, Horse Academy Iff Infirmary.
Adjoining the Public Square, Market Street.
RETURNS hitfincere thanks tothofe gentlemen by whom
he ha« been cmptoyed, l dwring his refidenoe in this City, and
flartershimfelf thac ihe fucceft of his etfoits,' in the numerous,
8 » obstinate 2nd dangerous djfeafas in Horses, in which he has
1C been conitthed, together with his moderate charges, will (e
----ure their (utwrefavors end rccemmendation'.
l * He now begs leave 10 infoim them and the public at large
" that his lp%ciou« and coajmofiious prcmif«£, cie<sk*d for the
8 purpofea »bpve de-fenbed are open for the reception of pupils
of either sex, who with to bt inflru&ed in the Art of Riding,
c * and the method of governing their horses, so a*to ride
■0 them with ease, elegance, and fafety—their horses will be
,J carefully and expeditiously broke, for every purpoje, and
made obedient to ihe will of the riders ; the natural powers
2c whicti are shut uprn them, will be unfolded by art, calling
forth uniformity of motion, and giving to tbai noble animal
all those beauties of action wfilcii piovidence has so
Ijrflly bestowed on thern.
Also, at hofpiial, every to which the horse is
liable will be treated according to the rules of art, confirmed
- by k»ng and tepeatcd •xperience. t ,
Thc utility of the above i nit nut ion has never been qneftion
ed, that ii has long been wanted in this city, gentleman's
n- ttud will manifcfl, T. Swann as tiie Hi ft cttihlifher of
n fche veierenary art, foltcifs a«d relies upon the lupport of that
r- public (which he is ever anxious jn (erving) to enable him to
A biiingit to perfection. The idea of a fubferjption for uhat
a _ purpose has beeu hinted by fevcral gentleman, who wish to
r promote the inftitntion—the amount of each fubfeription to
e be returned by services in any of the departments he profefiTei,
LM ' agreeable to the rale of charges ttated in hin haiid bfll. Such
( fubfeription is now open, and the signatures of many relpedt-
able gentle men already r brained. He thetdore injorms hi«
friends and fu< h Ladies and gentlemen to whom he has not
' the honor of being, know n, that he lhall in a few days take
*** the liberty of waiting upon them and folicvting their support
a y and protection.
N. B. Hoi fes are properly p»epared for those Ladies and
Oen'lenxen who wish to l« ioUi«»tti«.
Nov. i uh&f.
Wm. Holdernesse, No. 76,
Has received by the late arrivals,
A Well Selected Assortment of
Silk Linen Drapery, and
Haberdafhety Good«,
Which he will fell, wholesale and retail, on the very
lo\*eft terms ;
Amongst which are
Some elegant 4-4 and 7-8 Chinffies and Cottbns, new
Ditto Fnrniture ditto
Ditto Dim>ity
Tamboured, Boole, and Jacdnet MttfHna
Ditto in Gold and Silver
Ditto Neckcloths, very fine
Mantuas of the firft qualitj
Silk and Cotton Hosiery
Umbrellas of the firft quality, aflortefl
IriSi Linens, very fine, and Table Linens
Marfeilks and Cotton Counterpanes
Ilofe Blankets alTorted—Zee. &c.
O&ober 26. d
For Sale,
By George Defchamps, No. 91,
Nova-Scotia Prime Salmon, in barrAs
and half barrels
Ditto Herring and Mackarel.
Smoaked Herring in barrels and kegs
Ditto Salmon, by the dozen or single one
Dry Codfifh, from one to fifty kentals
Fine and coarse Salt
Nova-Scotia and French Plaster of Paris, 111 the
and ground, £or manure and stucco-work
December I. $tf
For Sale,
A capital stand for bufiaet's—rhat well known tavern,
the F.We and Lambs, North Front Street, No. 333, in the
Northern Libertiss; a briek house containing-nine fire
places, and ten rodtnt well finifhed ; good and
chair-house, With a irame-houfe on Water street ; the
build:#g stands on fonr lots, seventeen feet front each,ma
king a front on firont-ftrset, thirty four feet, and nearly
the fame on Watcr-ftreet, and is one hundred and forty
feet deep frosn Greet o street, fubjeft to j£B. 10s. each
lot per annum, ground rent, this property u near the hay
fcales, and public docks, easy communication with the
Delaware waters and aivaatageoufly Gtuated for bufinefo
of various kinds
The above premises ate now rented uhtil December
ne*t at £.17$ per *nnum. —Enquire of toe Printer.
Dec. 12. §iwiaw6w.
WHEREAS very large and heavy i'ehn are
due and owing from meflrs. Blair i/L'Clcnacban and
Patrick Meore, of the city of Philadelphia merchants,
trading wnder the firm of Blair M'Glenachan and P.
Moore, and frum Blair M'Clenarban in his separate
capacity ; to which, by the lalws of the land, all the
joint as well as separate property of the said Oen'le
men, is, and *ught to be, liable. And whereas
it is clearly and .fatisfaftorilv ascertained, that mr.
Blair M'Clenatbafi, of the said firm,- has Conveyed
away to inr. Jebn H. ilhjlor., his fcn-in law, to hi*
daughter, miTs M'Clenaclian, and to his son, George
M'CletiacL'«»i fs\eral large and valuable rial eitates,
as well as cotifiderable perioral property, in the city
and county of Philadelphia, in the county of Lancas
ter, in the county of New-Castle on D'Jawarc, and
<lfewhere, with a vi«w, as it is apprehended, 10 de
feat the Creditors in the recovery of their just debts.—
This is, therefore, to forewarn all persons whomso
ever, agsinft the purchase from the said grantees, or
either of them, of any portion of the said real or per
sonal property, as the moll vigbrous measures will
without delay be taken to render the fame liable to
the just demands oj' the Creditors.
By order of the Creditors.
Thomas Fitz/imons, ~~1
Philip Nicklm, /
jfaac //barton, J 1- Committee;
William M'Murtrie, \
s Samuel W. Fijher,
Philadelphia, December 17th, 1796. acth.}
- —— ——.— ~
THE caution introduced into the public
wafning all persons against purchasing from the
jranteesof Blair M'Clenachan, any portion of the
n large, real and ptrfonal ellates h(e conveyed' away to
n his fon-in law and to his children was the result of
a deliberation had upon the fub}e£t by a general and
- numerous meeting of the creditors as well of Blair
M'Clenachan and P. Moote as of Blair M'Clena
chan individually. It was no more than an execu
tion of that trust confided in the fubferibers by
those creditors: a step which it woold have been a
m bieach of duty' and honor in them to have omitted,
id The very ftatcment of the fa£l therefore mull dif
*• pel the imputation that it was. either " precipitate
or vindifliVe." It originated in a desire to frcure
the property of the debtor as a fund for the pay
ment of his just debts. It was fan&ioned by the
j' advice of council as' a rtreafure necejfary to the fafety
of the creditors. If the advertisement has been
le injurious to Mr. M'Clenachan he owes that injury
50 to his own unjuftitiable conduiS, not to the iub-
fcribers who have merely publilhed the truth in
i g terms as mild as the fadt vfoilld admit, and who
a ' mean to investigate in a high court of justice the
validity of thile purchafeSj of whicb Mr. M'Cle
naehan so confidently speaks.
d Tfee fubferibers therefore are bound by a sense
of duty to the creditors in general to repeat their
]' caution. againtl purohafing of those grantees or
jf either of them, and to extend tbe terms of it to a
at purehafe from any other persons (if such there br)
10 to whom Mr. M'Clenachan fnay have made similar'
io (Signed) T. FITZSIMGNS,
" Philad> Dee. 21, 1796.
»rt »
)( j Those printers who luve been requcfled tn
publiJt the firft Caution, are defied to publiih t;«
if, I »tfa-