Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, December 21, 1796, Image 1

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    States, & Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
Kcmbkr 1337.] 1 WEDNESDAr EVENING 3 DECEMBER 21, 1796. X.
jfjjEL For Sligo and Killibegs, i
The American Ship Nanct,
H Cuthbert Riggs, matter.
Will fail with all convenient speed. For C
freight or pafiage apply to t
William Bell; <
' Who has for sale,
4 Trunks Printed Cottons, well aflbrted .
3 Bales Irish Flannels, and 1 boxes Linens
15 Pipes Brandy j
Madeira Wine j Indigo. Russia Matts. .
Also, (
A few barreli Prime IRISH BEEF, PORK, ,
November 11, 1796, mwftf
SAMt;rEL PARKER, Master,
"oSi lSk'ai" Two hundred tons burthen. Apply to
If the MARY >« not fold in a few days, she will take
freight for Hamburg. Apply as above.
Oiloher 31. d
For Charter,
£-3-, The Ship JOHN BULKELr,
Ayris Stocxley, Mailer. ,
An excellent live-oak and cedar built t
fh ip, of about 3000 barrels burthen. —Ap-
P ' y ,0 7# Robert Wain.
Nov. ' d-
For Sale, or Charter,
Tl,e sh 'P DIANA,
Samuel Pile, Master,'
Burthen 105 47*95 r(sns register, built in
Philadelphia in the year 1791, of live oak
and red cedar, and was sheathed 13 months ago, Pie
Jus jutt had a compleat out-fit, and may be sent to sea
at a very trifling expence.
For terms apply to
Philip Nicklin y Co.
Who have for sale on board said vrjfd,
if calks of fine yellow paint. _ ,
I 9 boxes and 11 bundles of writing slates.
I box ink ftrmds and note prefles.
14 bales of fail canvass.
And on hand,
Imperial ~)
Hyson, and, >• TEAS.
Souchong J
40,000 pieces Nankeen* of the Rrlt quality.
19 tubs Quickfilvec.
% chests Bandanno handkerchiefs.
A few chests Manchester goodswell alTorted in Cor
duroys, thicksets, Ginghams, Muflinets, DiraitKS, &c.
3 boxes black feeing silk.
Igo crates Queens ware well aflbrted.
10 tons sheet lead.
Nails aflbrted, flat and sharp pointa.
London Particular, Madeira Wine in pipes
London Market, r an( j hoefheads.
New-York Market, J
40 pipes and 10 hogfhetds Tenenifc wine.
8 tierces Snake Root.
»30 legs Mahogany. , „ r f
Nov 7. _____
At Whitefides' Tea Ware-House,
No. 99, North Second Street.
Imperial C
Hyson, > Frelh Teas. -^Souchong,
• Young Hyson, 3 <- Bohea
Dec. 9. 3tawjm.
Imported from London Isf Liverpool,
EARTHEN WARE, i« crates and hog (heads, well
Wine Bottles in hampers
Window Glaf6 of all fi7es
Two cases of ftationarv
One chest of yellow Jefrits Bark
Two cases of Roll Arnotta
A small consignment of Rose Blanket*, Flannels,
Baizes, Broad-cloths, Coatings, Plains, &c.
Paints of various colors.
Balketfalt in hogfteads.
Also on hand,
Madeira wine, very old, in piper, heigfhoads and
quarter calks
Holland gin in pipes, firft quahty
Anchors of different
A few trunks of ladies French lhoe« alTorted
Like^fe k an n alfortment of Dutch goods. consisting of
Ofnaberps, tieklcnbergs,bed-ticks, I^"P"''
Mor'.aix linen, platillas, ravens duck, Br tannias, &c,
And for sale by the package only by
Thomas & John Kctland.
Walnut-fti eet Wharf.
Nov. -
Bani of Pennsylvania, 15th Dee. J 796.
The Stockholders are requeued to mee L
At the Bank on Thursday, the twenty-ninth instant, at
10 o'clock i« the morning.
By order of the Board,
, Fro tem.
Women's Cloaks.
No. 25, South Third-street,
Has just received," per Eagle, Capt. Fofdick, via Lon
don, an assortment of
Drab ( Cloaks trimmed with fur and
Purple and T ermine.
Pearl J -
December 15.
EWant~Bruffels h Turkey Carpeting,
For sale by George Dobfon, No. tj,South Third-street.
December 15. —
For Sale,
By the Subscribert —In PENN-STREET,
6c Pipes Excellent Madeira Wine,
Immixd by the Eagle.
TV- vt&f
Imported in 'the late arrii'ils from Europe and the
Weft-Indies, Al
Holland Gin, in pipes
Choice St. Croix Sugar and Rum
Martinique Moliffis, in hoglheads an
Choice old Lilbon Wine, in pipes and quarter-calks of
London Particular & London Market Madeira Wine,
in pipes, half-pipes and quarter-ciflts co ,
Malmsey Madeira Wins, in pipes and quarter-calks
Teneriffe Wine, in pipes f oi
Russia & Flemish Sheeting and Ravens Duck, in cases pe
Window Glass, 3 by 10, in boxes
Coffee Mills and Straw Knives, in calks de
Mill Saws and Cross-cut Saws, in boxes La
Also, on hand, va
A few chests of Bohea Tea ; Jesuits Bark ; Aflafai- th
tida and Tapioca ; and a few bales of Coffees,
Baftas, Gurrahs, Bandanna and Muslin Handker
chiefs, and a complete assortment of »'nd 6-4
Boulting Cloths. _
For Sale by p
Pragers & Co.
Oflober »o diwm&tham
For Sale,
An Invoice of Cordage,
Confiding of different sizes, from 11 inch cables down
to rope of 3 inches, of different lengths: Imported in C
the ffcip Swift, from Hull, and entitled to drawback.
Sept- »7- B dtf
Fashionable Waistcoating. £
Has received per the Diana, from London, s
Clouded and striped Spanish SwioCdowit 1
Clouded Erminats and Moleflcims F
Striped do. and d». '
Figured Manillas
Scarlet -figured Erminets
Printed riorinetts
Do. Ciflinets and Caffimeres
Superfine printed Quiltings, n«weft patterns.-"
Also, per different arrivalj,
A large and general aiTortment of Dry
Suitable to the present and approaching season.
N ovemher r.
A few Calks and Boxes of Excellent Fresh RAISINS,
just received, and for sale by
Jo/epb Anthony & Co.
Also a new II i-a inch CABLE, 120 fathoms long.
December 5. 1
Beit Bolton & Nova-Scotia,
Excellent Halifax Salman in bbl>.
47 bbls. prime Coffee,
Best Boston Beef,
Codfifli in hdi.
Speiraaccti Candlet,
Spermaceti, and "1 Q j J,.
Northern 3
Mould and dipt, tallow cand'ts, of a superior
A few boxes excellent brown fonp,
6 Bales of Corks.
40 Pipes excellent Lilbon Wine.
A few sacks of Feathers.
A few India Muflino.
Oflober 31.
Insurance Company of North-America.
| THP STOCKHOLDERS in this company are desired
to take ntftice that the fccond Tuffday in January, (being
the 10th day of the month) is the day fixed by charter for.
the ele&ion of twenty -five Dire&ors for the mfaing year.
']* he elc&ign will be held at their office, and commence
atjli o'clock, A. M. , f-
ThefubjeS >f the bye-laws of the Corporation will be
fufemitted to their ccnflderation at this meeting.
Dee, 11. tthioj
To be Rented,
A Large Vault and Cellar,
1 That will contain zro pipes, fit'iate in Walnit
between Fourth and Fifth-ftreets. Alio a COACH
HOUSE and STABLE, wifti Stalls for five horses.
N. B. Goods Stored by the month.
Enquire of Benjamin W. Morris.
November 30. m\Tfia
About'l,6oo acres of Land,
WELL fltuated, laying oh and between Marsh
and Beech Creeks, Mifflin county, Pennfytvania, in
four fgparate Patents. For terms of fak- apply to
Wm. Blackburn,
No. 64, South S'cond-flreet.
* O(Sober 31. mwftf
A large quantity of Double-Refined Salt Petre for
'• sale at No. aj, South Third-street.
Insurance Company of the State of
THE Stockholders are hereby notified, that an eleflion
for thirteen Directors to serve for due year, will be held
at the Company's Office, en Monday the 9th January next,
at 11 o'clock.—And agreeably to the ail of incorporation
a statement of the affairs i)f the company, will then be
laid before them.
Philadelphia, December 19, 1796." dt 9th Jan.
t. Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike
Road Company.
A Meeting of the Stockholders for the EUilion'of
a Prcfxdent, Managers, and other officers, will he
held at the Company'* »ffice on Menday the 9th Jan.
next, at 10 o'clock.
By the Borrd.
WM. GOVETT,Sec'ry.
December S, l*wuftj.dt9 h
On Wednesday, the 28th inft.
At 6 o'clock in the evening will be fold at Public-Ven- .
due, (if not before disposed of at private sale) at
the City-Tavern, w j.
All that capital mansion-house, stables, owt-hoafcß, &c. f or
and three contiguous tracts ©f land situate on the Weft-fide
of Schuylkill in the townfhi|> of Bloikley and county of
Philadelphia, generally known by the name of Lanfdown,
containing 199 acres i®l perches more or lefsand a messu
age plantation and tradl of llnd in Blockley townfliip a
forefaid adjoining Lanfdown, containing 64 acres one
The premises are so well known as to need no particular
description. Few feats in America can compare wi'h |
Lanfdown for convenience and elegance ;it commands a ~
variety of rich beautiful profpeCl* and i 6 remarkably heal
thy. Terms of sale will be made known by La
PHILIP NICKLIN, Attoruies in an
AND > faA to
ROBERT E. GRIFFITH, J James Greenleaf.
Dec. 12. •
Frejh Garden, Grass and Flpwer-Seeds,
\ Roots, &c. &c.
This day landing from the (hip Eagle, captain Fofdick, jg
from London,
And FOR SALE bv n
Corner of Walnut and Second-llreets, ][)
d mojf capital and extevfive djfortment of D
ROOTS, &c. &c. N
Among which
Five kinds /fparagus Three kinds Cresses _
Four Berecole Twelve Onion
Twenty«five Beans Thirteen RadiHi
Six Beets Fifteen Turnip
Eleven Brocoli Fifteen Peas ft
Cabbage Six Savoy b<
Six Carrot Four Farfnip ti
Three Cauliflower Twenty-three Melon ft
Five Celery Twenty-one Lettuce
Ten Cucumber!
Common and lemon Thyme
Curled kaf and sprigged Purfley
Pot MarygoH Pot Marjorum
Balm Thyme Mangel Wnrtsel
Leek Kail Shallots
Rape Seed Rye Grass Saint Foin Luccrne
Red ar.d white Clover Timothy, scc. &c.
With a curious collection of the most esteemed
Being the most exteuiivc ever imported i'-to this city. x
The above are from a capital Seedlnian in London, and
art; warranted frefh and good.
Printed catalogues may be had by applying as above. t<
Dec. 17. dtf -
Jult Landing,
At South Jlreet tvharf, from cn bfard the /hip S*dg-
ley, Captain Hodge, from St. Peterjlurg, t
The following Goods :
Ruflia Sail Dwck, firft quality.
Do. Sheeting do. j
Do. Diaper. - (
Do. Huckaback.
Do Crash.
Do. Mou'd CandJes, 4, 5 and 6,_to tbo ib. of tht
Do. White Candle Tallow.
Do- White ioc.p m small boxes.
Do. Cordage of fine yarn.
Ravens Duck.
lfir.glafi, ift and and fort.
Horiy Hair uncurled,
RtiCia Bar Iron.
Do. Hoop Iron.
Do. Nail Rods.
10 Tons Oakum and J'uik.
St. Pecerfburg Cleat* Hemp.
For Sale by
Philips, Cramond, & Co.
Oflubcr ra. 5
New-England Rum, Salmon, Beef,
d Chocolate, Rice, Boflon mould and dipt Candles, a
g few quarter-calks of Sherry Wine, a few barrel? of
r Cyder, and a few quintals of excellent T'ible COD
"• FlSH—for sale by
;e Ezekiel Hall,
ie No. 44, North Water-street.
December 14th, 1796.
A Short Delay
In the Drawing of the Canal Lottery,
In Washington city, has been unavoidably occasioned
by the onforefeen intervention of Mr. Blodgct's Lottery
, —but as the majqr pait of the tickets are now disposed
of, this is to inform the public that the drawing of the Ca
nal Lottery will certainly commence without iail, on the
firft Monday in January 1797, and those holding tickets,
aje hereby requelted to l'end a statement of those fold, and
th«fe on hand.
DANIEL CARROLL, ef Duddington,
10 rh« Printers who gave our advertifemenn a place in
t0 their newfpapcrs, are reqaeftcd to give this notice admis
sion, as the remaining tickets arc exptfted to be soon above
par, and we wiSi adventurers to be tiniely informed
N»v. ti.
Washington Lottery.
TICKETS, warranted undrawn, may be purchased or
exchanged for prizes, at the Office, No. 147* Chefnut
®r where a corre<st Numerical Book is kept for public
infpcdHon. Also Canal Lottery Tickets for sale or ex
changed for prizes diaww in the Washington Lottery, of
' r which rhe 46th and 47th days returns arc received.
* Bufmefs of a Broker carried on as usual.
A SHARE in the NEW THEATRE to be foM
on reasonable terms. December 15. ttstf
*n ■ -■
' £ d Davis's Law Book Store,
3n ' No. 313, HIGH-STREET.
b c GEORCE DAVIS announces to his friends,
and the Gentlemen of the ftw, generally, through the
Union, that his late importation of BOOKS i* now arrang
ed, and ready for Saie, from a single volume to an entire li
brary, without any advance upon his former exceeding low
prices, which forfeveral years pail have in so didlinguilhcd a
-p manner recommended them to notice.
Printed Catalogues combining the molt extensive collec
tion cf the latest English and Irilh Editions ever imported
c f into this country, are published, and wiil be delivered giatii
« on application.
Otders addrclTed to G. D. in writing from any distance
in * (hall be punctually attended to.
1A number of 1 RL?vKS for Sale.
A convenient L©iT» Maiket Streei Wharf.
ov.B. tu&fjw
For Sale,
AN ELEGANT PHAETON, almost new, with pla
ted Harnef* equally new ; and also a Pair of handlome
CARRIAGE HORSES, warranted good and found. Ihe
whole to be seen at the Indian Queen, in Fourth Street;
for term 6, apply to THOMAS Mc. JCLANE.
December 19. *3
For Sale,
By 'Jehu HollingPworth, His 9 Co.
25 hhds. Weft-India Rum, 3d and 4th proof,
5 Barrels bed Indigo, and,
A few thousand buftels of Turk's lfland fait.
Oil. 17. d.
Old London particular Madeira Wine y
Landing from on board the barque Eagle, Batei,
and for/ale by ROBERT ANDREWS,
No. $6, South Wharve».
November 19. cqdtf
For Sale,
By George No. 91,
Nova-Scotia Prime Salmon, in barrels
and half barrels •
Ditto Herring and Mackarel.
Smoiked Herring in barrels and kegs
Ditto Salmon, by the dozen or (ingle one
Dry C»(ififh, from one to fifty kentals
Fine and coarle Salt
I Nova-Scotia and French Plaster of Paris, in the stone
and ground, for manure and flucco-wotk
December i. ' ?tf
Cheap French China.
THE fubferibers finding it impoffiblc to supply t#eir
store with any more China from France, the price*
being too immoderate in the manufactories, give no
tice that they will fell at prime cost the remaining
ftsck on hand, consisting of
Deflert Setts,
Tea-Table Setts
Separate Cups and Saucers
Groupes and Figures
Alabalter Vases
Looking Glasses, in gilt frames,
Betid;* India Japan'd Toilet Desks, Chairs, Tablet
nad Quadrille Boxes. PASQUIEK & Co.
No. 91, South Scfcond-llreet.
December sth. . ...
For Sale,
A capital fta«d for business—l hat well known tavern,
the Kwe aiid Lambs, North Front Street, in the
Northern Liberties; a brisk house containing nine fire,
places, and ten rooms well finilhed 5 good /tables and
chair-house, with a frame-houfe on Water street; tht
buildingftands on fonr lots, seventeen feet front each, ma
king a front on front-ftreet, thirty four feet, and nearly
the fame on Water-fircet, and is one hune'red and forty
fe«t d«ep from flreet *0 street, fubje& to 10s. each
lot per annum, ground rent, this property is near the hay
fcales, and public docks, easy communication with the
Delaware waters and advantageoully situated for bufineft
of Various kinds
The above premises are now rented until December
next at X- 1 75PPr® r annum. —Enquire of We Printer.
Dcc i». §iwjaw6w.
\Vm. Holdernesse, No. 76,
Has received by the late arrivals,
A Well Selt He J A ssoRTMtxT of
Silk Mercery, Linen Drapery, and
Haberdashery Goods,
Which he will fell, whole&le and retail, an the very
low eft terms ;
Amongji which are
Some elegant 4-4 Snd 7-8 Chintzes and Cettoas, new
Ditto Fnrniture ditto
Ditto Dimity
' Tamboured, Boole, and Jaconet MiHlins
* Ditto in Gold and Silver
" Ditto Neckcloths, very fine
Mantuas of the firft quality
Silk and Cotton Hqfiery
Umbrellas of the firft quality. alTWrtcd
t lri(h Linens, very fine, and Table Linens
Marseilles and Cotton Counterpanes
- Rose Blankets afTortedf—&c. &c.
Oiftober 86.
; d Riding Sthool, Horfc Academy Isf Infirmary.
\ Adjoining the Pablie Square, Market Stieet.
ie RETURNS his finccre thanks tothofe gentlemen by when*
:t % he has been employed, during his residence in this City, and
id Hatters himfelf that the fnccefs of Wis efforts, in the numerous,
obstinate 3nd dangerous diseases in Horses, in which he hat
been confultcd, together with his moderate charges, will se
cure their future favors and rec«mmendatton.
He now begs leave to inform them and the public at large
that his spacious and commodious premises, ere&ed for the
purposes above dcfcribed are open for the reception of pupil*
of either sex, who wish to beinftru&ed in the Art of Hiding*
and the right method of governing their horses, so as to ride
. in them with ease, elegance, and fafety—their horses will be
l{ " carefully and expeditioufly broke, for every purpose, and
vc made obedient to the will oi the riders ; the natural power*
which arc (hut up in them, will be unfolded by art, calling
forth uniformity of motion, and giving to that noble animal
all thole beauties of a&ion which providence has so bountl*
fully bellowed on them.
3r Also, at his hospital, every diformer to which the horse ii
it- liable will be treated according to the rules of art, confirmed
lie by long and repeated experience.
x- The utility of the above institution has never been qneftion*
0 f ed, that it has long been wanted in this city> gentleman'*
stud willmanifeft, and T. Swann as the ftrtk eftablifher of
the veterenary art, solicits aed relies upon the fuppoitef that
)ld P u^^c ( w bieh he is ever anxious in serving) to enable him to
bring it to perfection. The idea of a fubfeription for that
— purpose has beeu hinted by several gentleman, who wi(h t*
promote the inftitution —the amount of each fubfeription to
be returned by services in any of the'departments he profefles,
agreeable to the rate of charges stated in his hand bill. Such
ds, fubfeription i*now open, and the fignaturesof manyrefpefl*
:he able gentlemen already, obtained. He therefore informs hit
ig- friends and such Ladies and gentlemen to whom he has not
li- the honor of being known, that he ftiall in a few day* tak«
the liberty of waiting upon them and folicking their support
i a and prott&ion.
N B. Horses are properly prepared for those Ladies and
ec« gentlemen who wish to be inftru6ted«
ted Nov. 5. tth&f.
itif -—— ""
a « As Cook, in a private family,
A YOUNG WOMAN who can produce good re
commendations of an unexceptionable «h»ra<3er. En
quire of the Printer. -
November 17. $tf