Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, December 20, 1796, Image 4

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    FOR SrILE,
ABOUT \1 miles from this City, situate in Abington
Township, Montgomery-County ; containing jo ]
acres, a new {lone house, two stories high, 2 rooms on u ]
floor,fire places in each, a stone kitchen and stone ipring {
Ivoufe, over an excellent spring of water, a barn, stable, t
sheds, barracks, &c. A large apple orchard, and a variety j
of other fruit, about I a acres of goed meadow well water
ed, and wood fufficient for fire, and fencing the place.
Possession maybe had the lft of April next. Property in ]
this City will be taken in exchange. Enquire it No. 37,
Philadelphia, September 13,1796.
A LEASE for fruen years, from the 2 $tb iJkreb next, in that
capital and beautiful FARM, called.
Situated within one quarter of a mile from the Brandywine
Mil!*, and half a mile from the borough of Wilmington.
THE dwelling house is built of stone, two stories high,
genterlv Snilhefl, and comainsfour handsome rooms on
1 floor, besides an entry, with capital garrets, and convenient
cellars, It is generally thought to command the molt a
rrceable profpeft of the Delaware, from the fouice of that
rivet to the Capes. This prolpefl ia greatly einbi-llilhed by
a full view of a vast b®dv ot meadow, through which the
Christiana and Brandywine creeks are seen winding in beau
tiful meanders. Near the house are a Kitchen, a spacious
stone stable and hay loft, a barn, a carriage house, miTn
houre, See. and a well of as pure water as any on the contl
nent. The garden contains an acre and quarter of land, a
bounding with fruit, and particularly with peach trees, of
,he very belt kind, brought from Maryland, and in full bear
•ng. There is, moreover, on the place, a young, apple
orchard to bear, and several old trees that produce
abundantly, betides cherry and other ornamental trees, m
great numbers. The farm consists of near sixty acres of land,
of good quality, and clear ot incumbrances, except taxes,
twenty of which are now in excellent clover and timothy,
and ten more will be ready tor lowing next spring. i re
fidenee ot nearly 8 year! has convinced the fubfenber that
the situation is remarkably healthy The great poll roa.
from Philadelphia to the Southward runs within teventv
yards of the house. In a word, the beauties and conveni
ence of this iituation eannot be enumerated in an advertife
tnsnt, and when examined, will probably command the at
tention of any person who is detirous of living at one of the
moll elegant country feats on the continent. The purehaler
may enter on the premil s net spring, or prrhaps, this (all,
if application be immediately made to Doctor NICHULAa
W Y ii PhiladelDhia, to Dotior u'H R1 ON, on the
yremiies, or, in his ablence, to Mr GEORGE THU' ' T, in
Wilmington. .
A quantity of excellent Hav, Grain in the ground some
Stock, See. may be lwd by the purcnaler at the time of sale.
Nov. ,
James M'Alpin, layior,
No. 3, South FourthJireet,
RETURNS his grateful acknowledgments to his
Friends and the Public for their liberal encouragement,
*nd begs leave to fo'.icit a continuance of their favors.
He has on hand an extensive aflortment of the
Mojl Fajhimable GOODS,
And of the bed quality, suitable for the season.
At this shop Gentlemen can be furniftied withthe fceft
materials, and have them made up in the neatest and mofl
Fashionable manner, and on the ihorteft notice. He will
thankfully receive any orders, and pay a prompt and
puß&ual attention; to them.
November io.
The Elephant
THE public are refpedt fully informed, that
this animal is to be l'fn every day, from 8
o'clock in the morning till fun down, in Market
ftreet, No. 106, south fide, between Third and
Admit .ance a quarter of a dollar, that every ci
tizen may fee him.
03" At the requell of many persons it will be
exhibited on evenings from five to ei>rhr o'clock,
at half a dollar each—The room will be well
lighted. November 7.
Treasury of the United States.
"TKI OTICE is hereby given to all persons who ?.re or
X\ may be Creditors of the United States, for any sums '
of th e Funded Debt, or Stocky bearing a present interef of fix
4er centum per annum.
1 ft, That purfuantto an Ad of Congress parted on the
aßth day of April, 1796, intitledan a£t in addition to an
a<ft, intituled " An a& making further provision for the
support of public cr«dit, and for the redemption of the
public debt," the faiddebf or flock will be rcimburfed and
paid in manner following,to wit. " First, by dividends
» to be made on the lail days of March, June and Septem
" ber for the present year, and from the year onethoufand
• c seven hundred and ninety-seven, to the year one thou
•« sand eight hundred & eighteen tnclufive, at the rite of
» one and one half per centum upon the original capital.
" Secondly, by dividends to be made on the lall day of
44 December for the present year, aad from the year one
44 thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, to the year
44 one thousand eight hundred and seventeen inclusive, at
-» 44 the rate of three and one half per centum upon the ori
" ginal capital ;and by a dividend to be ma?e on the last
44 day of December, in the year one thousand eight hun
u dred and eighteen, of such sum, as will be then ade
-44 quate, according to the contract, for the final redemp
-44 tion of the said flock."
ad. All diftin&ion between payments on account of
ntere/l and Principal being thus abolished by the eftabliftig
jnent of the permanent rule of reimbursement above de
cribed, it has become necessary to vary accordingly the
powers of attorney for receiving dividends; the public
reditors will therefore x obferve that the following form
1 s established for all powers of attorney which may be
granted after the due promulgation ot this notice, viz.
I of
do male, conflitute and appoint
ej my true and lawful At
torney,fir me, and in my name, to receive the dividends which are,
or Jball be payable according io law, on the (here describing the
QcocVyjlanaing in my name in the books of (here defcribingj.the
books of the Treasury or the Commifiioncr of Loans,
where the Hock is credited) from (here insert the com
mencement and expiration of time for which the power of
attorney 1S to coatinile) with power also an attorney or attor
tties under him, for that purpose to make andfubfiitutc,aiidto do all
iaiejul a£ts requifttefor ejf'eflingthepremifes, hereby ratifying and
tonfrming all that my said Attorney or hisfubflitute,ftaU lawful
ly do, by virtue hereof. ,
In Witness hereof \ I have hereunto set my Hani ajid> Seal tbs
day of in the year
Sealed and Delivered
in presence tf,
BE IT KNOIVN, that on the day tf
eforc me personally came
loithin named and acknowledged the above Utter of attorney to be
his aft and dsed.
In tejlimony whereof I have hereunto set my Han I«nd affix
id Seal the day and year la ft aforfaid.
Given und«sr my Hand at Philadelphia, this twen
tieth day of July 1796, pursuant to diredions
from the Secretary of the Treasury
Irtafurer tf the United States.
July 3s. «, If, tlj
The Par trier flip belivetn 1
Israel Whelen and Joseph J. Miller,
Trading under the firm of Whelen & Miller, was
Ditlolved, by articles of agreement, 011 the 15th day of
February last ; but the said Joseph had a right, by the
said articles, to life the name of the firm for a certain
time, which lias now expired, and of which this pub
lic notice is given.
All persons indebted to the said co-partnership will
please to make payment to Joseph J. Miller, to enable
him to adjust and discharge the debts due from the
Israel IVheUn,
Joseph J. Miller. 1
Philadelnliin, December 16, 1796 17*
Hori'es taken in,
For the Winter Season,
And fVd on clover hay at the Subscribers place, 12
! n iles on the Brifto! Road, where good stabling is pro
vided, and great tare will be taken of then)
William Bell.
Nov. 23. towfjtwmthtf.
Bank of North America.
THE STOCKHOLDERS are hereby notified that an
elc&ion for twelve Directors lor the ensuing year will be
held at the on Monday the 9th of January at ten
Dec. 6. §'9l-
Lottery and Broker's Office,
No. 64, South Second smebt.
TICKETS in-the Canal Lottery, No. 2, for sale—a
Check Cook for examination—and prizes paid in
she late'lnttery.
Check Books kept for examination and registering, for
the City of Wafhingtorf; No. a, »nd Pattefon Lotteries,
both of which are now drawing—information where
titkets are to be had, and prizes exchanged for undrawn
tickets. A complete lift of all the prizes in the late New-
Port Long-Wharf, Hotel and Public School Lottery, for
The fubferiber solicits the application of the public
and his friends, who wiftt to purchase or fell Bank Stock,
Certificates, Bills of Exchange or Note?, Houses, Lands,
&c. or to obtain money on deposit of property.
*„* Also Tickets in the Schuylkill Bridge Lottery for
sale at Ten Dalkrs each, which will be drawn early in
the Spring.
Wm. Blackburn.
Phftadelnlwa, Augufi 18, mt^
Brokers Office, and
No. 63 South Third flreet-oppofite the national new Bank.
have entered into co-partncrlhip, under the firm of
FRAUNCES & VAN REED, in the bufmefs of Brokers,
Conveyancersand CommifTion merchants. They buy and
fell on commission every lpecies of stock, notes of hand,
bills of exchlnge, houses and lands, See.
Money procured on deposits, &c. &c. all kinds c f
writings in the conveyancing line, done with neatnefsand
dispatch; accounts adjusted, and books fettled, in the
molt correift manner. Conflant attendance wUI be given.
They solicit a share of the public favor ; they are deter
mined to endeavour to deserve it.
N. B. The utmost secrecy observed.
Philiid. August 27, 1796- m&wtf
City of Walhington.
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, Mo. 11,
A magnificent ) 20,000 dollars, & ?
'Idwelling-houfe, 5 "'h 30,000, are 5 '
1 ditto 15,000 & cash 25,000 40,000
1 ditto 15,000 & cash 15,000 30,000
1 ditto 10,000 & cash 10,000 20,000
I ditto 5,000 & cash 5,000 10,000
I ditto 5,000 & cafr. 5,000 10,000
I cafli prize of 10,000
a do. 5,000 each, are ■ 10,000
10 do. 1,000 - - 10,000
jo do. 500 - - 10,000
00 do. iod - • 10,000
200 do. 50 10,000
40Q do. 25 • - 10,000
1,000 do.' 20 - 20,000
15,000 do. 10 - 150,000
16,739 Prizes.
334261 Blanks.
50,000 Tickets, at Eight Dollars, 400,000
N. B. To favour those who may take a quantity of
Tickcts,the prize of 40,000 dollars will be the la»t drawn
ticket, and the 30,000 the last but one :
And approved notes, securing payment in either money |
or prizes, in ten days'alter drawing, will be received for
any number not less than 30 tickets.
This Lottery will afford an elegant fpeeimen of the pri
vate buildings to be ere&ed in the City of Wafliington—
Two beautiful defigi* are already fele&ed for the entire
f fronts on two of the publfc squares; from these prawing*
3 it ispropofed toereel two centre and four corner buildings,
■ as soon as poflible after this lottery is fold, and to convey
- them, when completes, to the fortunate adventurers, in
: the manner described in the scheme for the Hotel Lottery.
1 A nett dedu&ioi? of five per cent, will be made to defray
; the necefiary expenses of printing, the surplus
will be made a part of the fund intended for the
t University, to be erccled within the city of Washington.
The Drawing will commence as soon as the tickets are
Old off.—The money prizes will be payable in thirty days
- after it is finilhed ; and any prizes for which fortunate
, numbers ate not produced within twelve months after the
: drawing is closed, are to be considered as given toward#
; the fund for the University ; it being determined to fettle
, the whole bufinefsin a year from the ending of the draw
ing, and to take up the bonds given as security.
f The real securities given for the paymont of the Prizes,
are held by the President and two Djre&ors of the Bank
I of Columbia, and are valued at more than half the a
{ mount ot the lottery. ;
The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late Commiflioners aflifted in the management of the
j Hotel Lottery are requefled to undertake this arduous task
a second time on of the public ; a fufficient num
ber of these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
friends to a National University and the other federal ob
jects may contiwue to favor the design.
By accounts received from the different parts of the
? Continent as well as fpom Europe, where the tickets
have been font for sale, the public are afTured that the
. drawing will speedily commence, and that the care and
caution unavoidably necefTary to insure a fafe disposal of
ths tickets, has rendered the fhon fufpcr.fion indiipcnlable.
Tickets may be had at the Bank of Columbia ; of
James Weft & Co. Baltimore ; of Peter Gilman, Boston ;
of John Hopkins, Richmond ; and of Richard Wells 1
Cooper's Ferry. ««
A larjie quantity of Double-Refined Salt Petre for
sale at No. 25, South Third-street.
November 5.
VVafhington Canal Lottery,
NO. I.
WHEREAS the State of Maryland has authorised
the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix thousand,
two hundred, and fifty dollars, for the purpose of cutting
a Canal through the City of Washington, froai th Po
tomacto theEaftern Branch Haruour.
The following is the SCHEME of No. I.
Viz--I Prize of 10,000 dollars, to,ooo
I ditto 10,000 10,000
7laftdrawn") ,
Tickets, each j S '°°° 35fi00
6 ditto 1,000 6,000
10 ditto 400 4,000
20 ditto 100 a,OOO
55 ditto 50 2,750
STSO ditto 12 69,00$
To be raised for tlw Canal, 26,15®
5850 Prizes, 175,000
11650 Blanks, not two to a prize.
J7500 Tickets, atTenDollars, - 175,000
The Comniiffioners have taken the Securities re
quired hy the aforefaid a& for the punctual payment oi
the prizes.
The drawing ef this Lottery will commence, without
delay, as loon as thr Tickets are fold, of which timely
notice will be given.
Such prizes as are not demanded in fix months after the
drawing is finifhed, (hall be considered as relinquiihed for
the benefit of the Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
City of WaCiipgion, Feb. 11. 5
Paterlon Lottery.
FOR raising fix thousand fix hundred and sixty-seven
dollars and fifty cents, by a deduction of fifteen ji,er
cent from the prizes, and not two blanks to a prize, viz
I Prize of 5000 dollars is dollars 5000
I 1000 1000
i s°o i°o
5 »oo lOCO
so 100 4000
99 S° 495°
200 2J J°°°
2000 10 20,000
5 Last drawn numbers of 1-900 dollars each, 5000
2332 Prizes. 44>4J0
40 j 8 Blanks.
6350 Tickets at Seven Dollars each, 44,45 c
By order of the Directors of the Society for eftabliOi
ing UfefulManufaftures, the fuperintendants of the Pat
erion Lottery have requested the Managers to offer the
foregoing Ssheme to the public, and have dire&ed them
to refund the money to those persons who have purehafed
in the former Lottery, or exchange the tickets for tickets
n this Lottery.
The lottery has adtually commenced drawing, and will
continue until finiihed. A lift of the Blanks and Prizes
may be seen at the office ol William Blackburn, Nt>. 64
south Second street, who will give information where tick
ets may be procured.
Dated this 17th day of June, 1796.
y. N• GUMMING, ")
1 Prize of 5000 ... 5000
I 1000 - - - 1000
I 500 - 500
5 aoo . iooo
20 100 - - 2000
90 50 45°°
165 25 41*5
The five last drawn tickets, 1000 each, 5000
Being all the valuable prizes, besides a full propor
tion of the ro dollars.
As the Lottery is considerably more than one third
drawn, the value of the undrawn tickets is great
ly increased, and it is worth the notice of those
who hold tickets in thoold scheme, that they can ex
change tjieir tickets for thole in the above, if they ap
ly soon, and at a moderate advance considering the
now real value of an undrawn ticket.
The tickets being nearly all fold, the drawing in
future will be oftener, and the Lottery soon finiihed.
November 12. mws j
By Authority.
Schuylkill Bridge Lottery.
South SecondJlrest.
For raifmg Sixty Thousand Dollars, agreeably to an Aft of
the Lcgiflature of Pennfylvatiia, palled dining the last
' feflion, for building a Stone Bridge over the River
Schuylkill, at the Borough of Reading, in the County of
1 Berks. Dollars,
1 Prize of 20,000 Dollacs - 20,000
1 do. of ie,ooo do. • - io,coo
3 do. of 5,000 do. - 15,000
4 do, of 2,000 do. • - 8,000
to do. of i,eoo do. - - - 20,000
39 do. of 500 do. - . >9*500
i 8a do. of »oo do. ... 16,00©
aoo do. of 100 do. «• - - 20,00 c
t 300 do. of 50 do. - - 15,000
1 do< of 500 do. to be paid the posses- >
for «f the lirit drawn no. { °
c do* of 3,000 do. to be paid poflefTors )
of tjie fire iaft drawn nos {
9,400 do. o 15 do. : - 141,000
10,051 Prixes i 300,000
10,046 Blaaks -
30,000 Tickets at Ten Dollars 300,000
All Prizes (hall be paid fifteen days after the drawing is
finiihed, upon the demand of a polTeflor/ of a fortunate
ticket, fubjeft to a deduction of twenty per cent. The
' Drawing will commence as soon as the Tickets arc difpoftd
" of, or perhaps sooner. of which public notice will be given.
Philip Miller, Peter Kerjhner, William IVit man,
\ J°f e pk Hiejleri James Diemer, Thomas Dun das,
t James May, John Otto, John Keim y Daniel Graejf,
1 Sebajiian Miller, Commissioners.
I Reading, May the 9th, 1796.
Tickets in the Canal Lottery, No. 1, to be had at the
above office, where the earlieit information of the draw
f ing of the "Washington No. 2, and Patterfon Lottery's,
: are rcceivcd, and check books for examination and regif
4 tering are kept.
Q&ober 7. jawtf
Le Breton,
Pupil of the celebrated Mr. Dubois, late Oentift to the'
King and Royal Family of France, memher of the
College and Academy of Surgeons at Paris,
Keeps a complete afiortmjnt of every thiiig neteflary
to be used for the
Preservation of the Mouth and Teeth.
Patent Minora I Teeth, and Human & "ivory Teeth ;
Dentrifice in powder; Opiate; excellent Elixir Tor
sweetening the mouth and preferring the teeth —he
also fumilhes Brulhes and foft Sp'riges.
* # * He lives in Chefnut-ftreet, No. 135, above
November 16. tts
day the 3ill inft. at ten o'clbck in the morning, at hi«
Elegant hew Ball Rooms,
In Fourth, between Chefnut and Walnut Streets.
Hours of tuition for young ladies, from 10 to 1 o'cioek
on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday mornings; and for
young gentlemen from 6 to 9 o'clock on the evenings o
the fame days.
In addition to a number of new cotillio»s, he means too
introduced variety of Scotch Reuls-
Note. The firft pra&ifmg ball to be on Tuesday e
vening, the firft of November, and to be continued every
Tuesday, during the season.
For terms, &c, enquire at his house, N0.134, Market
Q&. 17. tthf
A Ma/iufaitory FOR SALE.
A Valuable SOAP and CANDLE Manufa£tory, Situate
in a convenient part ol the city ; the works almost new,
on an entirely .-original con{Uu£tion, and built of the . Left
materials, and may be set to work immediately. Persons
whowiflito pujrenafe, arc requeued to apply at No 273,
South Second Street. September 13. t t f tf
Twenty Guineas Reward.
RAN AWAY from the fubferiber on the 23d O&ober,
a Dark MULATTO BOY, named MOSES ; n years
old; about 5 feet 8 inches high ; had on a mked green
coat, with a green velvet cape and oval yellow buttons;
a striped veil ; a pair of dark spotted pantaloons, and
whole boots much worn. If is probable he may change
his name and dress. He has been accustomed to driving
a carriage, and waiting. The above reward will W
paid for fccuring him i'o that the fubferibef- may get him
again, and if brought home all reasonable charges paid by
Robins Chamber!,tine. Y
Eaftcn, Maryland, Nov. 10. 14 £miaawtf
Samuel Richardet
D ESPECTFULLY informs the Qentlemta
Merchants, that he has this day opened the CiTY
city of Philadelphia.
The Subscription Room will be furnifhed with all the
daily papers published in Philadelphia, New-York, Bos
ton, Baltimore, together with those of the principal com-/
mercial citiss of Europe—They will be regularly filed
and none permitted to be taken away on any account.
Tea, Coffee, Soupes, Jellies, Ice Creams, and a variety
of French Liquors; together with the usual refrefhments,
will at all times be procured at the bar.
Gentlemen may depend on being accommodated with
the choicest of Wines, Spirituous Liquors, and the most
approved Malt Liquors froniLondon and other breweries.
The Larder will befupplied with the prime and earliefl
productions of the Season.
Large and small Parties, or single Gentlemen, may be
accommodated with Breakfafts, Dinners, or Suppers, at
hours most convenient to themselves—a cold Collation is
regularly k*pt for conveniency, the JBillof Fare to be had
at the- bar. j
The Lodging Rooms will be completely furnifhed, and
the utmost attention paid to cleanliness, and every other
Sv4UEL Richardet will be happy to receive, and
execute the commands of his Friends, and the Public at
lirge; and with gratitude for their favours, he pledge*
himfelf that nothing on his part (hall be wanting to pre*
fervethat patronage with which he has been so diitinguiQi
ingly honored.
Philadelphia, April IQ. rnwf
Treasury Department,
September 28, 1796.
NOTICE is hereby given, that proposals wilj be re
ceived at'the office of the Secretary of the Treasury
until the expiration of the firft day of March next en
suing, for thefupply of all rations which may. he required
for the use of the United States, from the firft day of
June, 1797, to the thirty-firft day of.May, 1798, both
days inclusive, at the places and within (he diftrl£ts here
after mentioned, viz. At Ofwego; at Niagara ;at
Pjefque Ifie; at Sandufky Lake, and on Sandulky
River; at Detroit ; at Michilimackinac; at Fort-Fraak
lin; at Pittlburgh ; at Cincinnati; at Foft-Harailton 5
at Fort St. Ciair; at Fort-Jefterfon; at Grenville; at
Picque Town and Loramies Store; at Fort Adams; at
Fort Wayne; at Fort Defiance ; at any place below Foi't
Defiance on the Miami River to Lake Eric; at Fort
Stsuben ; at Fort Maffac ; at any plaee from Fort Maffac
to the south boundary of the United States on the river
Miflifippi; at Fort Knox ; at Ouiatanon.
If supplies {hall be required lor any posts or places not
mentioned in this notice, all such supplies shall be fur
nifhed at prices proportioned to those to be paid at the
posts before recited, or as may be hereafter agreed on
between the United States and the Contra6lor.
The rations to be supplied are to consist of the fol
lowing articles, viz.
One pound two ounces of bread or flour.
One pound two ounces of beef, or fourteen ounces of
pork or bacon, )
Half a gill of rum, brandy or whiskey.
One quart and half a pint of fait."*\
Two quarts of Vinegar, ( . . .
Two pounds of Soap, ( P er hundred ratlsn »
One pound of Candles, J
The rations are to be furnifhed in such quantities, as that
(here ihall at all times during the laid term, be fuflicient
for the consumption of the troops at Michilimackinac, De
troit, Niagara, ant) Ofwego, for the term of fix months in
advance, and at each of the other posts, for the term, of
at lealt three months in advance, in .good and wholelome
provifions,ifthefamofhall be required. It is to be ur
derllood, that the Contra.s,o» isto beat the exwnce and
risk of ilfuirgthe fuppliss t6 the tropps ateach poll, and
that all losses sustained by the depredations, of an enemy, or
by means of the troops of the United States, fliall be pai«t
for at the price of the articles captured or dt-flroyed, on
the depositions of two or more persons of creditable ch_-
ra&crs, and the certificate of a commiffioncd officer, as
certaining the circumstances of the loss, aad the amount
of the ai tides for which compensation fliall be claimed
Secretary of the 'I reafury.
—No. xi 9—
[Price Fight Dollars par Annum.}