Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, December 05, 1796, Image 1

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    of the <& Philadelphia Daily Advertiser. '%>
Vvmi* i 3 23-3 MONDAr EVENING, DECEMBER 5, , 79 5. mLalts x
~~ " FOR charter, I , ~ 7~~ — —
Tl| C fine Philadelphia, cedar and live,
John Thdm?sow, Master.
Kr retrider three hundred and ten tons, about one
old completely fitted and just coppered, i. now
j rareo and proce«d to any part of the
Tofld"' shTu afaftlumg velfel, and stand, A. N. at
Also, the fine Philaflelphia, cedar and
** li*e 01k tmilc
kIT' 5 1 Dan. C. Tillinghafi, Majler.
Burthen by refciftei two hundred and
fifty-three tons, just graved. She is four 7 «r. <*». and
*Tho*fWprl«dlemed equal to any out of the port of
~ . «,;£ kelp,, fitted in the best manner, and corn
ed br «pericnccd, sober, steady men. For term,
manded by exper.e M[ 4Ji W ARDER ,
apply to J Ko. Ij, North Third-street.
Hovembtr »0. e -21Z
For Sligo and Killibegs,
WmL. The American Ship Nancy,
1} Cuthbert Riggs, master.
Will fail with all convenient speed. For
William Bell;
Who has for fr.le,
, Trunks Printed Cottons, well assorted
3 Bales Irish Flannels, and 2 boxes Linens
Madeira Russia MatU,
A few birrels Prime IRISH BEEF, PORK,
November U, Vf** mwW
>—«• For Madeira,
The ship Concord,
Capt. John Thomson. For freight
paffaee apply on board, or to
Peter Blight;
Who has for sale, a quantity of
Brandy, in pipes
Whiting and Copperas, in hogshead.
Old Hock, in cases
Dutch Cream-Cheese, in boxes
Window Glaft
Empty Gin-Cases
Glal's Ware, in boxes
Painters' Colours, ground in oil
Sweet Oil, in cases of a dozen buttles each
v Haz'.enuts, in sacks. Nov. 11. dim
ca§ ■ SAMUEL PARKER, Masl^R,
Ssracsrs* Two hundred tons burthen. Apply to
If the MARY is not fold ifl a few days, (he will take
freight for HamEurg. TTppty it above. f — «
Ofl.ibcr 31. ' d
just arrived, and will this day be lan
ded from on board the brig FAVORITE at Chcfnut
street wharf.
25 Tons bejl Russia Clean HEMP,
56 Tons old Sable flat IRON,
200 Coils bell Ruflia CORDAGE, assorted fires,
$co Pieces brown RufTia SHEETINGS,
100 Bolis Russia DUCK,
240 Pieces Ravens do
c. 20 Half-down feather beds, and
few pieces aflorted DIAPER.
Joseph Anthony and Co.
I*- Jv~" The above mentioned BRIG
i» a few days, and tak~ freight on
moderate terms for Boston or Salem, for
.which or paflTage, apply on board or as above
O&ober ii. d
For Charter,
|l-t The Ship JO HN BUL KEL Y,
Ayres Stockley, Master.
u' »5b "^ n exce " en ' live-oak and cedar built
of about 3000 barrels burthen .-?-Ap
ply to
feffe & Robert Tf a In.
Nov. d.
For Sale,
An Invoice of Cordage,
Confiding of different fixes, from 1 z cables down
to rope of a inches, of different lengths: Imported in
the ship Swift, from Hull, and entitled to drawback.
Sept. 17. dtf
Just Arrived,
In the brigs Twins and Rambler, a quantity of
Choice St. Croix SUGAR and RUM,
and about
150,000 Weight of Fine Green COFFEE.
For Sale by
fames Tard.
November 24. dx
Just Arrived,
I* the ibip Dispatch, Captain Morton, from Havre
de-Grace, and for sale by
Isaac Snowden, jun. No. 141,
An invoice of Gloves of various kinds, Men's
"White, Silk Hose, Black and White Laces, and a few
• Itces of Black Silk.
Uecenjber J. Jxv.
A larqe quantity of Doubie-Uefined Silt Petre for
sale at No. Z5, South Third-flrcet.
November 5.
THE general confuraption of P.vt<nt Shot having bern
prevented by the high price it ha» hitherto bt-en fold
at, the Proprietors take this method of informing the
Vublic that they may in fututc be supplied with that arti
cle at the fame prices as common vhot, ky ordering their
Corrcfponpjntt to apply to WaLß.sk J, Malt a 1 U Co.
J.ondon. mct. 9 w/m^w
Fashionable Waistcoating.
Hat received per the Diana, from London,
C. ouded and flriped Spanish Swanfdown
t-louded Erminats and Mole&ini
Stnped do. aß d do. *
Figured Manilla? *
Scarlet- %«red Frminets t
Printed Floiinetts
D®. Caffmcta and Caflirrreret
Superfine printed Quiltings, newest patterns
Atfo, per different arrivals,
A large and general afiortment of Dry
Suitable to tile present and approaching season.
November 5. dtf
For Sale, >
By the Subfcribers—ln PENN-STREET,
65 Pipes Excellent Madeira Wine,
Imported by the Eagle.
Noy - 30 w&f
To be Rented, r
A Large Vault and Cellar, d
That will contain 2co pipes, situate in Walnut ®
between Fourth and Fifth-ftreets. Also a COACH- r
HOUSE and STABLE, with Stalls for five horse*.
N. B. Goods Stored by the mouth. J
November 30. m wfi2 c
Old London particular Madeira Wing, t
Landing from cn board the barque F.aglc, Capt. Bates t
and for sale by . ROBERT ANDREWS, 1
No. B<s, iSoutß Wharves.
NovcmKcr 29. « o dtf
Irish Linens, &c.
Imported per the Jbips Clafgow, from Dublin, Liber
tj, fnm Cork, and brig Mentor, from Belfajl,
4-4 and 7-8 Wide IRISH LINENS, 1
In whole and half boxes, {
AfforteJ from lid. to 4 s. sterling—Also 5-4 wide t,
Sheetings, and k>w priced yarn and worfled Hose. f
On Hand,
7-g Wile Lawns. ].
Diapers and Table-Cloths
A few boxes Ticktns and Checks
A few baks Flannels j,
Cork and Beffaft Sail Cloth, Nos. 1 and 6
IS Boies } r 6 by 8,
10 Ditto > Window Glass, 7 by 9,
S Ditto 3 L t by 10.
The above mentioned Goods are all entitled to the
drawback, and will be disposed. of by the package on
reasonable terms. a
James, Clibborn & English,
No. (>, N. front-ftxeet.
roth mo. 19th. dtf
10 hogsheads St. Crcix Rum,
5 Pipe* Viuegfir,
For Sale, by
Ezckiel Hal!, (
No. 20, Pemi Street.
Nov. 7.
To be Rented,
A complete Coac/.'-Hcufe,
With tlabling frr four horl'es; lituated near tie
Univerfitj, with a passage iKto Market-street—apply,
ior terms, at No. 49, South Front-street.
Nov 11. <
Wm. Holdernesse, No. 76, 1
Has received by the late arrivals,
A Weil Selected As so 7Mr i\ T of
Silk Mercery, Linen Drapery, and '
Haberdashery Gooc^«,
Which hs will fell, wholefalc and retail, en the very s
lowest terms ;
Amor.gfi which are '
Some elegant 4-4 artii 7-8 Chintzes and Cottons, new
patterns a
Ditto Furniture <Jitto c
< Duo Dimity I
Tamboured, Book, and Jaconet Muslim
Ditto in Gold and Silver
Ditto Neckcloths, very fine
Maiituas of the firft quality I
SJilk and Cotton Hosiery
Dmhfellax of the firft quality, assorted
lrifti Linens, very fine, and Table Linens
Marfeillts and Cotton Counterpanes t
Role Blaukcts aflorted—See. Sec. i
Oflober 26 d <
Imported from London Liverpool,
EAKTHCN WARE : , In crates aad hoglheads, well <
' afibrltd 1
Wine Bottles in hampers 1
Window Olafs of all sizes
Two cases of llationary (
One cheli of yellow Jesuits Bark
Two cases nf Uoll Amctta ,
A small consignment of Rose Blankets, Flannels, 1
Baizes, Broad-cloths, Coatings, Piaim, &c.
Paints of various colors.
Balketfalt in hogiheads.
Alfe on hand,
Madeira wine, very old, in pipes, hogsheads and
quarter casks
Holland in pipes, firft quality (
Anchors of different sizes
A-few trunks of ladie» French ftioes assorted
Silk nan keen, &c.
Like wife an assortment of Dutch goods, consisting of
Ofnaberos, tkklanbrergs, bed'tickt, stripes, checks.
Morlaix linen, platillas, ravens duck, Hritanniai, &c.
And fur sale by the package only by
Thomas & John Ketland.
Walnut-llrett Wharf.
Nov. 15. wtf
Walhington Lottery.
The and 43d days' drawing of the Walhington
Lottery, No. 2, are received at the office No. 234, Mar
ket-flreet, where tickets may be examined.
N. B. ltolormation given wher« tickets in all the other
lotteries,be procured.
Dectwber I, d ;
Three Hundred Dollars Reward.
WHEREAS the Stores of the fublcribers, situate near
Walnut.street wharf, Veie, in the night of Saturday the
26th inft. broke open, and robbed of a variety of arti
cles, contained in two chests, (which y-re alftj forccd
open) and of which the following are afijertained, viz.
No. .17 One piece London printed muflinct, 38 1-2 yds*
I One ditto ditto >7 3.4
a ©ne ditto fine Ma'rfeiltes Quilting IJ
3 Three ditto ditto Trench Stiteh dt>. 42 I-*
4 Five ditto ditto Mirfciilei Qutiring pj 3-4
6 Two do. Mancheftrr print Quilting 25 3-4
5 One ditto ditto Dimities , 23 1-2
f 9 Two ditto ditto Muflinet 46 1-4
lo Four ditto ditto ditto 7c#
13 One*ditto clouded stripe fine Quilting S3
t j One ditto Corded Dimity a 6
16 Four ditto ditfo ditto 101 t-a
One ditto wkite Jeanett
No. a One ditto half-ell clouded Nankeen 23
4 One ditto ditto Fancy ditto 2a
s» Oae diit» half-yard olive Ihickfett 83
s2 Two ditto ditto olive ditto 47
13 Two ditto ditto mud ditto 4S
14 One ditto ditto olive ditto
>b Two ditto ditto bottle ditto 44
A reward of one hundred and fifty doilcrs will be
paid for the return of the goods* and in proportion for
any part of them ; and the farther sum of one hun
dred and fifty dollar* to any person or perfone who
it shall prosecute to conviction the perpetrators of the
[. robbery.
An iron crow bar, with which the door was forced,
pointed at one end, and maafced with the letters P- F.
on the other end, was left in the (tore, by ;be villain*
_ committing the robbery ; who are fiippofed to have
gone off by water as a boat was taken the fame night
' from a neighbouring wharf, ~»d was left fattened to a
liuliop at Almond ilrect wharf.
Nov. 29.
Baltimore Office if Discount and Deposit,
2J/h November, 1796,
300 Dollars Reward,
FOR apprehending aod securing m jail PETER
, NOUCHET, a handt'omc-fjced French VVtft-Indian,'
for Counterfeiting a Check on this Office. He ,» not
e more than 20 years of age, upwards of fix feet high,
flout limbed, round shouldered, black hair, dark coihv
pk*ioned, with large black eyes and eye-brows j
has but little beard, and that chiefly on nis upper lip ;
his teeth have been lately filed, aud particularly one of
his eye teeth has been half filed off; he fpfcaks English'
but badly and with some of fluttering; —
he r» fuppofffdto be yet concealed in thb town or iti
vicinity, but as he may escape, the different printers in
the United States are requested to pubijfti thjs adver
tisement. DAVID HAkRJS, Cafliier.
N. B. All mafleri of fei vdfeli «r packets are fort id
at their peril to conceal or take him away.
This Day is Published,
And to, te Sold by W. WOODHOUSE, No. 6,
South Front-flreet.
Constitutions of the United States^
The Latefi Amendments.
To which are annexed,
The Declaration of Independence,
e AtfD
•. The Federal Constitution, N
IVith the Amendments thtreto.
This Edition contains the late Conflitutions of N«w»
Harnplhire, Kentucky, aud Tennessee, not in ahy for*
mer one. Nov. 26.
J A LEASE for /even years, from the 2s*b March next, in tbmt
capital and beautiful FARM\ calltd »
y Situated within one quarter of a mile from the Brandywine
v Mills, and hilt a mile from ihe borough of Wilmington.
THE dwelling house is built of (lone, two stories high*
gentefly finifhed, and contains four bandfpnne rooms on
a floor, besides an entry, with capital garrets, and convenient
cellars It is generally thought to command the mod a
grccable profoe<l of the Delaware, from the source of that
livtr to thcClapcs* This prolpeft ia greatly einbJlilhed by
a full view ot avail body ol meadow, through which the
Christiana and Brandy wine creeks are leen winding in beau
tiful mtfarfclers. Near the house are a KitChea, spacious
stone ftab!e and hayloft, a barn, a carriage house, milk*
house, &c. and a well of as puie water as a»iy on the conti
nent. The garden contains an acre and quarter of hind,- a
bounding with fruit, and particularly prach '.redfc of
the veiy best kind, brought f'om Maryland, and in full bear
ing. There is, moreover, on the place, a ,-otutg, apple
orchard to bear, and leveral old trftsthat pr >ciuce
abundantly, bendes cherrv and oiher ornan*cn»l. in
great numbers. The farm confifls of near sixty icrrs of Itfnd»
of good quality, and clear ot incumb'anc s, cxcrpc axe« t
twenty of which are now in excellent cloveif and nmothyj
and tcD more will be ready lor Towing next »'p 'ng. A re ot nearly 8 year has convinced the fubicriber that
khe si liation is remarkab.v health* . The great poll road
from Philadelphia to .h<-' Southward runs wnitm seventy
verds of the house. In avv rd, tlie bea.«tivS and conveni*
ence of thi< canncSt be enumerated in "an ?iirertife»
ment, and when examined, will probably commana the at*
tcntion ot any person who isdefirous of living at on- ot ;he
molt elegant country feais on the continent. The purehafer
may enter oil the premiss next spring, or perhaps, tfii» frfflj
if application be immediately made to Dottoi MICHOLAS
WAY, in Philadelphia, to Dottor WHARTON, on the
id premiles, or, in hu ablcnce, to Mr. GEOXGE rRUi IT, in
A quantity of excellent Hay, Grain in the ground, some
Stock, «scc. may be had by the purehafer at the time of sale*
Nov. 7 eoiict
(f Dancing.
MR. FRANCIS of the New-Theatre, in conjun<stlon
Cl with Mr. B'iRN, late Ballet-master, and principal dan
cer of CoVent-Garden Theatre, now of the New-Theatre
— will open an Acad, my at Mr Oellers Hotel, on Tues
day, December 13, where th#y propolir to teach in the
most new ind approved methods, dancing in its various
ujelul and ornamental branches.
Mr. Byrn's recent attention to the dances o London
and Paris will endble him to complete this branch of
education in his scholars in the most finifhed (fyle.
in Favorite Scotch reels will also engage their pail.cular
r . attention.
For farther particulars enquire of Mefirs. Francis
er andMyrn, No. 70, north Eighth-greet.
Private tuition as uXual.
[ . Noveaaber ja* mwScf