Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, November 02, 1796, Image 1

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    #afette States, Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
Number 1295. J _ _
.. ■ " " — I f-. 1 T»L!. T\ * TO" 1- 1 */l . J
" For Freight or Charter to Europe, er
I the Weft-Indies.
The new Brigantine
is in romyl'at w-'.-r, and in readme!* for receiving
raodations for pKen- Apply to C.lley,
o» hoard said velM, laying Ae upper fide of th_ iall-
Iloufe wharf, Southwark, or to
Isaac Harvey, jun.
No. i, So. Water-street.
. ,0 diw.
nth mo. lit..
Brjgt. Olive Branch,
' Powers Etheridge, Matter.
To (in about the sth November. For freight, apply to
IhecsDtainon board, at Walnut-ftrect wharf, or so
philip Nick/in & Co.
October 31.
To be fold by au&ion,
rfTft-. At the Merchant's CofTee-Houfe, on 4th
day, the second of next month, at 6 o'
clock iii the evening,
|BjfjzThe Ship WILLIAM PENN,
!•, Philadelphia built, of cedar and live-oak; burthen
about 360 tons; flic is in good order, now ready to tulce
in a cargo —This ship being well known, it is needless
giving a detail of further particulars, as any person in
l dining to purchase may he kite" d thereof by enquir-
ing of the Cap'ain on h -it I Robert Wain, er
The terms' nfnavmcnt will be approved notes at
fa, 4, and 6 months.
»orb too. 59th. dtW
Bor Charter,
"The Ship Domtnick Terry,
Jacob De Hart, matter : an excellent
vessel, of about 3000 barrels burthen.
Jeffe & Robert Wain.
September 2T. d
Gr Charter,
The Danilh Barque Benhvfntura,
Samuel Stub, matter,
good vessel, of about two hundred
tons bnrtheu. JESSE & ROBERT WALN.
Sept- 17- ' dtf
The capital ship CERES,
&V*j] T° fail soon :—For freight or passage j
to DAW, ROBF.RTS & Co. or \
John Vaughan, 1
September in. ' "mnt-flhjd* '
For Sale,
X' : 7he Brig MARY,
It*- I.yingat Mcflrs. Willingsand Francis's
wharf,burthen zoo? barrels, built in Philadelphia in 1793 J.
. of live oak and ted cedar.—She is well found, and may
be sent to i'ca at a small expence. For terms apply to
Gurtiey & Smith.
* oa. 6. dtf . d
Just arrived, and will this day be lan- e
ded from on board the brig FAV ORITE at Chefnut 1
street wharf. ' 2
25 Tons bejl Rujjia Clean HEMP, 2
s 6 Tons old Sdble flat I RON, 11
too Coils'bell Ruflia CORDAGE.'aflbrtcd sizes) ''
400 Pk'ccs brown Ruflu SHEE TINGS, a
100 liolis Ruflia DUCK, ti
240 Pieces Ravens do. u
20 Half-down feather beds, and v
A few pieces assorted DI PER. v
Joseph Anthony and Co» tl
rO-v The above mentioned BRIG I
fi''o 3 fev.- days, and tak- freight on 1
terms tor Bnfton or Salnm, for K
wife»iSiji'-r*,which or pa(fc<>e apply on board or as above
-1 he SHIP MART, t
fUkll'd S AMU£L PARKER, Master J
•wo hundred tons burthen; Applv to tl
„ i „ . J° SEPH ANTHONY, & Co. h,
h the M. iR {is not fold in a few clays, she will take ra
freight tor Hamburg. Apply as above. ■ hi
C)d>ober jr. * j
a w
For Boston, Newbury-Port and Ports. }°
mouth, New-Hampshire, e.-i
J"" The Schooner LUCY, l \
\ ® aniel Prowfe, matter; will- fail J„ ag
J ', thtf cour,> of Y veek > and take freight th
f' on terms, for which, or frc
- panage, apply on board, or to ha
Qflober,,. J ° feph Amhon 7' CO. an
For SALE, ica
Schooner INDUSTRY, fm
, »■«.JtttLi'Jtyv c '-, 4
freight very low for Boston. ' 1 take
, OAobcr 24. [ "
' "* d 7 ' 1 '
For Freight or Charter, "
eam. v terms apply on board at Bright'. w h a ,f " nr f
Joseph Anthony & Co
J -or Sal.' on bout J the above Vefjel \
A quantity 0 f excellent COAL. S
ed mfod th"*r'perafiu 4re e " ncftl y "quest-
Oißobci 41.
diot r
er at* For BRISTOL,
™ e sHip
J Therfdore Bliss, miller.
A new (hip, on her second voyage, with the heft
accommodations for patTengers, and is intended tofai l
with all (XDeditien. For freight or palfagf apply c
, , tt.e Matter on board, or to <
,u! Thomas & John Clifford:
Who have just imported in fiid vefftl, and have for
sale, besides their general aflortment
A quantity of fine drawn and common fllarp at d
j flat point NAILS ; double & single rolled Sheet Ire 15
Iron Pot 3, Kettles, and Iron Weights, ot all ftz-3; (
London and Briftoi Pewter in calks, assorted ; br te:
r, of Tin Plates; cases of Men's, Women's and H ys'
Hats ; crates of earthen and flint Glass Ware ; crate.*
yto of Phials; boxes of Window-Glass ; boxes of ong
and short Pipes ; Copper in Sheets ; Oval Quart Bot
tles in hampers; also, a few casks of bottled Ileer,
and two bales of Superfine Broadcloths and Caffi
Oflofcer 27. m&thaw
4th For Sale,
' °' By Jehu Hollingjworth, & Co.
25 hhds. Weft-India Rum, 3d and 4th proof,
W 5 Barrels best Indigo, and,
. A few thousand bufliels of Turk's Mand fait.
h f n oa. 17. ' i.
ake l .
Sale by Audion,
lir- — 1
er To be fold on Saturday evening the sth of November, at
7 o'clock, P. M. at the Merchants' Coffee House.
'■. 'Itt» j u;v^r4f<X7coMw i.i'cut KU
nortli fide of Market,between Seventh andEighth-ftreets, '
r each house with the priviledge of an alley is 16 i-a.feet
front lot is 150 in depth.
One two story brick house in Zate-ftreet, commonly
called Sugar alley. The house is 16 i-z feet front, on said
alley, with a good kitchen ; the lot 15 90 feet in depth.
Oae vacant lot,adjoining the said house, in Zane-ftreet,
16 i-z feet front, arid 90 feet deep ; ,at the end of 90 feet
CIU the said lot widens 33 feet; and runs back of the Marke'
street lots in feet, 33 feet wide.
One two story brick house and kitchen in Zane-ilr ,
16 Z-1 feet front; the lot 45 feet in depth. 1
45 acres of excellent meadow land in Greenwich,,
which will be fold either by small parcels or 12 acre lots.
50 tons of excellent upland hay. Enquire of
EDWARD FOX, Auiftionser.
osober 19.
I ... r
The Creditors of Clement Biddle & Co.
are requested to meet at the City-Tavern, 011 Thursday
e the loth inft. at 6 o clock, P. M. in order to procure
R from the aflignees a fettlemrnt of theii affairs, which -
or have lain »ver thsfe twelve years: the fobferiber's de
mand is for a returned bill of i.oool. sterling, damaTes %o
percent, and intcreft.
- George Meade. ~
Nov. 1,1796. lot
n An elegant HOUSE, No. 78, Walnut- " J
iy m street;
WHICH is 25 feet fror.t, by 171 f eet deep, with a
lot adjoining, ao 1-2 feet wide, by 72 feet g' inches
- r feP ' L,?!? J S back ot ' house occupied by
George Willing, Elq.) The house is completely fmifh
-- ed in every refpejt. It i s J0 feet de , us twQ
,ut large p .rlours, the front ode 24 feet, the back one is v
22 feet, by i 8 1-2 feet, a handlbme drawing-room,
24 1-2. feet by 24 feet. The rooms helow, the draw
ing-room and the chambers adjoining, have mahogany
doors, and these as well as the rooms above them have
a commurncation with each other. The height in the
hrll *],t second ltory is 12 feet, arid have ftoco cor- "
n.ces and nine rooms up flairs, besides the garrets,
whichl are: divded into three rooms, a good kitchen
wash-house, milk and bathing-h'oufes, a large ice- T
house, a pump 111 the yard, and a 3 feet ■> inch aliev - 1
that leads into Fourth-flreet, The cellars "are laid with _
lime, and floored with two inch plank, and plastered P
on The yard is well paved, and the house is clear of „
or S rou " d -rent. All the rooms have bells in them and
bells nr.gin the. garret, as weltas j' n .j, V
flairs. All the chambers havet hte" e,
: xCe Pf, th - n --t to the drawing room, M
a» w ell as the drawing-room and the two parlours be
low, marble chimney pieew. The drawing-room, the 1
» jf« b, k i,uii£nj.* ' t ?,™ ;£"■ 'iiTh/™;, *" d
tsrift-T ,i,u " r •" ;::L
- , w ' h ; (he whole cellar and the ceck
- t n" e a V V t P ' aftcrtd any room in the h ou £
ed P°offi.ffl e fl!'« ! f ev(,ry , ' tf P ea completely fr,i(h-
I f g ' ven in te " da Y s the ho; . e re '
S fold. Two brick liable, in Walnut-street, with
two coach houses. one of them will hold two cl
n ages, the other one. The smallest 'tahu ar ' —
r front on Walnut-ftrefer by 50 feet, , inche- rle P n TV, Oi
have excellent lofts over them. The buiMin '
S Sr? :r "°-™ h '■ 4
- ren riflb 1 P 'P eS of wina : clear of ground' *
on Fourth-ftrpflf Kxr c 1 ' '''• «eet riont
on rourtli ltreet. by 50 teet deep, which might at a K <
fnwl. expence beturned ihtoa handfomcdwelling house Sw
having been so contrived iathe building. ItZiVv°"rd
48 feet 6 inches wide, by 24 feet deeps has a rain wm
. er pump, and other conveniences, and the celhr is la,d Ch
with two inch plank, and is now rented a' 10 <] II tfca
per mo nth . This building i.s fubjecl to a Sos Ya
■1 do lars 3-4 per annum. The i ore and LhWT wl U Bt:
give immediate pofleffion of. re and ltables I would flu
George Meade, 6d _;
oa. 26. No " Walnut Street. of I
FOR~salet~ — ~
f l ' 6 °°. acres of Land,
and Beech C^eks/ifficounty/s^ 1 C
four separate Patents, for tern"' I [" ~
Wm. Blackburn,
Otfofcirjr. *4, S»uth Second-, 'Ireet. 1
ir-vftf j
For Sale,
Carolimßice in whole and half tierces;
A Cotton of Cayenne and Trinidad, «
> Soal Leather, entitled to drawback,
Botlnn Beef, and
; U M.mld _*!id dipt candles.—Apply to
V|l Isaac Harvey, juh.
c No. 5, South \V»tor-ttr*st.
For Sale,
° By f. WARDER, PARKER & Co.
An Invoice of Cordage,
Conftflhig of different ftzes, from 1 z inch cables down
„ # to rope of 2 incites, of different lengths: Imported in
; the ship Swift, from Hull, and entitled to drawback.
P Sept. 27. . dtt "
£ JOHN MILLER, Juu. & Co.
of- . No. 8, CHESNUT STREET,
er. Have Imported in the late vessels from Europe, &c,
\ general assortment of GOODS, suitable to the feafori—
Amongfl which are,
BROAD and narrow CLOTHS,
Plain and twill'd COATINGS,
Rose striped and point BLANKETS;
HATS assorted in cases,
INDIA GOODS, generally,
_ A Confignrd Invoice of IRONMONGERY,
Compriling a capital assortment to open a {lore—inclu
ding Thirty Cadksof NAILS. This invoice will be fold
entire on very advantageous terms.
at 10. d
Ad. Sales in India Goods.
tc The Cargo of the ship Ganges, capt. Tingey, from Cal
l>ct cutta and Bengal,
l] 7 A Large and general afloetment of Bengal and.Madras
«t variety fine worked and plain Mujlins,
e t Dorea;, life. Also,
A Quantity of Excellent .Sugar,
» In boxes' and bags—and BL'ACK PEPPER,
For Sale by
Willfngs & Francis, *
No. ai Penn Street.
J«ne 8 §
For Sale,
AThree-ftory BRICK HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
street, between Front and Second ftrcets, in which
JamesCalbraith & Go. have for many years (and
now do) carried 011 buftnefs.
PcffMlion will be given in one month, or sooner.
For terms apply to WILLIAM BELL, or
" April 11, «
ch ——« - —;
!e - 70,000 Pieces Nankeens,
ZQ • /
Of the bejl Quality and on reasonable terms t
or s • 1. r. B Y
Philip Nicklin Co.
Auguf* s6; dtf
For Sale,
This d<vj Landing from on hoard the fijip Concord,
Captain Tbompfov, from Amjierdam,
G'n, iii pipes ]
a Empty Gin Cases
cs Hock ill cases of 4 doz.
ly Glass Tumblers in chests
:i- Sweet <i 1 in e?.fcs
r o P -tte GfalTe Cheese in boxes, &c.
is Alf 6 Landing, by ,ibe I.outfit,, Capt. Bell, jrom Lijbon,
1, 60 Quarter-casks LiiTaon Wine.
v- On Hand,
,y A quantity of Brandy, Hazle-Nuts in fades, &c.
Peter Blight.
u Prober 17. daw eo2w
r- : —— — .
s> Just Arrived,
'> By the Fly, Captain Hubber, from London,
Double racked, Brown Stout PorTer,
in hogsheads.'
J. Painters' Colours, in 1-2 and 1-4 cwt. kegs, packed in
Copperas in hogsheads. \
' Whiting, «c. For Sale by
£ Peter Blight.
is O&ober i 5. t dxttsaw
; e " The Cargo of the Polacre Indeperfdent,
0 pAP TAIN CATHCART, from Alicant and Lif- 1
n VJ bon, landing at the fubferibers wharf—
.{ i 8 Pipes of Brandy
18 Bales of Spanish wool R
e 3 do. of Antiifeed K
„ 7000 Bushels of best Lifbnn Salt n
, So Boxes of Lemons
Seventy Hoglheadsof prime JAMAICA SUGARS,
. recen-ed hy the ship Dominick Terry, Capt. De Hart, L
t from KingUon.
- d 4
; landing,
. Out of different vrfe/s from England, and for file SI
__ h 'be fubjeribers on reasonable terms,
1 Sup;ifine ar.d common cloths, and caflimers
Ribbed and liriped do. do.
Blankets , mottled green and silk rugs.
Suptrfine blue, Claret, and cemmon costings,
Kerseys, Bear-flcins, plains and Halfthicks'/
Swanikins, SergC3 and Flannelsj
British Ingrain Carpeting,
jlatsafforted in cases of 1 z doz. each. 3
ChocoluL- chintzes, printed Callicoes and Handkerchief: C
Scarlet Cardinals, and Scarlet Snail,
\arn, WoHlcd, and Cotton hosiery, *6e,
Beavers, 1 hickfetts, Velvets, Corduroys, £cc. &c.
BuFapd drab oenoa Cords of a superior quality.
6d. bd. iod 12d. aod. nails, and frying pans,
An assortment of Ironmongery, Cutlery and a variety —
of India cotton, and silk goods.
Thomas & JoJhua Fisher.
«,r , , No - 5, Dock-Rtrect. ofl
Also by the Glasgow from Dublin,
1-8 ajid 4-4 Irifli Lirens affortedin boxes of 30 pieces, we
do. Brown, Glazed Linnen.
oft - r ?- dtf. -
University of Pennsylvania, F
Oflober 5, 1796. 4
T he MedicalLedurertcill commence the firft Monday
in Novsmber. taw 3 w
This Day is Publifhsd,
And fold by JOHN ORMROO, No. 41 CI» Triut-ftr«t,
f Price oneJixteenlh of a Dollar.)
' On reading the Prisident's 4 .ddrefs,
r o -a rue.
P RtSlVt % ft C Y.
This elegant little Poem is printed in a form to be bound
, with the President's fareWeil adiireis,lately published by
John Orrarod.
November i.
vn Imported in the late arrivals from Europe and the
Holland Gin, in pipes
— Choice St. Croix Sugar and Rum
Martinique Molafiss, in hogsheads
Choice old Lisbon Wine, in jjipes and quarter-calks
, c London Particular & London Markef Madeira Wine",
in pipes, half-pipes and quarter-calks
Malmsey Madeira Wine, in pipes and quarter-calks
Teneriffe Wine, in pipes
Russia & Flemish Sheeting and Ravens Dusk, in cases
Window Glass, 8 by 10, in boxes
Coffee Mills and Straw Knives, in calks
Mill Saws and Cross-cut Saws, in bo*es
Also, or. hand,
A few cherts of Bohea Tea ; Jesuits Bjrk ; Affafce
tida arid Tapioca ; and a few ba ! es of Cofiaes,
Baftas, Gurrahs, Bandanna and Mifflin Harcdker
!u- chiefs, and a complete aflortment of 5-4 3'.J 6-4
Did Botilting JCloths.
For Sale by
Pragers £f? Co.
Oflober djwmJt'hirr
ras John Miller, jun & Co.
Exclusive bf their own Importation now opening,
r Haye received by the William Penn, Caroline, and Diana
Which comprize a capital aflortment to open a
Dry Goods Store.
—Amongfb them are—»
Common, Fuper and fuperfine Cloths,
Plain, twilL'd and Itrip'd Coatings,
Baizes and Flannels,
Point, rose and dufifil Blarikets,
— Plain and puritea CafTimerefc,
lUt Printed Calicoes,
nd H°fiery
-1 hey will be fold either in whole, or in part, by the
package, on terms which render them an ebject worthy of
attention to purehafers. dtf Oil. 21.
Wm. Holdernesse, No. 76,
Has received by the late arrivals,
A Well SeltSed sfsSOKJTAtFVr rf
Silk Mercery, Linen Drapery, and
Haberdashery Goods,
Which he will fell, wholesale and retail, en the very
lowest terms ;
"> Amongjl which are
Some elegant 4-4 and 7-8 Chintzes and Cottons, new
Ditto Furniture ditto
Ditto Dimity
Tamboured, Book, and Jaconet Muflini
Ditto in Gold and Silver
Ditto Neckcloths, very fine
n> Mantnas of the firft quality
Silk and Cotton Hosiery
Umbrellas of the firit quality, afTorted
lriih Linens, very fine, and Table Linehl
Marseilles and Cotton Counterpanes
Rose Blankets afTorted—&c. &c.
Oiftobsr 26. j
Country Rum,
And a few pipes of Vinegar,
' For Sale by
n Ezekiel Hall,
At the stores of Mr. Edward Stow, jun. No. 4,' South
Watcr-ftrcc-. October to. d
Printed Calicoes.
: JOHN MILLER, jun. & CO.
f. Hav e received per the William Pcnn, in addition to
their own alTorment,
A consignment of twenty trunks of Calicoes, ele
gant London patterns ; also a few cases of handl'ome
•iuttons Which will be fold at a short credit, on very
reasonable terms, by the package only.
° a - T 4- dtf
Irifli Linens, &c.
Imported per the /hips Glajgozo, from Dublin, Liber
ty, from Cork, and brig Mentor, from Bel faff,
4-4 and 7-8, Wide IRISH LINENS*
In whole and half boxes,
AfTorted from i id. to 4s. sterling—Also 5-4 w ide
f Sheetings, and low priced yarn and worsted Hose. *
On Hand,
7*B Wide Lawns.
Diapers and Table-Cloths
A few boxes Tickens and Checks
A few bale' s Fir anels
Cork and Belfaft Sail Cloth, Nos. 1 and 6
25 Boxes } f" 6 by 8,
10 Ditto J. Window Glass, < 7 by o
J Ditto J C. 8 by 10.
\ t . Th , e above mentioned Goods are all entitled to ths
'drawback, and will be disposed of by the package on
0, -afonable terms.
v James, Clibborn & English,
. , No. 6, N. Front-street.
10th mo. 19th.
Washington Lottery.
The 32 and 33' d Days Drawing are arrived at the
office No. 147, Chefnut-ftreet.
Prizes in the above Lottery are exchanged for ticket*
warranted undrawn.
° a - *7- tt&s
At No. 63, N. Seventh-flreet,
Four Gentlemen may be accommodated with
Boarding and Lodging.
November 1.