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    •' V \ m ''
of the tHnitftJ o 5 P Advertiser.
Number 1280.3 - SATURDAI E; ENING, OCTOBER 15, 1796. \Vqlume X.
For Freight, or^Charter,
The Brig ZEPHYR,
Ca p t - hinchman.
This ve/Tcl is about 3 years old, staunch,
wr |j fotmdj has two decks, and is
bunhened aboui 1200 barrels: lying at firft wharf below
Cbefnut-rtreet. If not fold or chartered on or before the
soih inft.wt, she will take freight for Norfolk* For terms
apply te the captain on board, or to
No. 89. south Third-ftrcet.
22 hhds. New-England RUM,
May beiiad on board said vclTcl.
Paiiad- Oftobcr 14, 1794. d6t
For Boston,
The Brig Diana, '
WW Lying at wharf; will fail I
in a few days, and take freight on mode
rate terms —for which, or pafTage, apply on board, or to
Joseph Anthony Eiff Co.
O&oicr 10. ' d 5
For Sale,
Captain Richard Calley, . I
AN entire new vessel, and well finifhed J
|.)VV fl 'Sy. built at Newbury-port, (N* E.) her plank '
"**- - ' and timbers white oak : Sails well, and
is completely fitted—her dimenSons are 57 feet keel, strait
rabbit—si feet beam—B feet 8 inches hold, and 4 T-2
between docks. She is now discharging spars, near the
Still-honfe wfiarf, Southwark, and if not disposed of i« t
a few days will tje fold at public sale at the City-Tavern,
on the evening of the 1 ;th inft.— Apply to
$ South Water Street. f (
lothmo, loth. „ diw.
"" ~ ~ ~ ,'J
% h < Br, g MART, * (
Lying at Messrs. Willings and Fraricis's
' Wharf,burthen zoo Warrek, built in Philadejphia in 1793,
•f live oak and ted cedar.—She is well found, and may
feefent to fca at a small expencc. For terms apply to
Gurtiey & Smith.
o<ft. 6. « dtf.
The eapital ship CERES,
foen :—For freight of passage
giglsksSSsapply to DAVY, ROBERTS & Co. or
John Vaughan,
September 10. Front-flreet.
. Cc
For Charter, °et
The Danish Barque Bineventura-, «<
Samuel Stub, mailer*
.j. good vessel, of-about two lid
, tons burthen. JES6E & ROBERT WAI.N. tor
Sept. 17. dtf me
— . —... ■ , an^
!or Charter, j one
The Ship Dominic! Terry, —-
Dc Hart, master : an excellent
veflel, of about 3000 barrels burthen.
Jeffe Robert Wain.
l September it. d
Boarding and Lodging
TWO GENTLEMEN may be accommodated with
Boarding and Lodging, in a private family and pleasant
part of the city. Apply to the Printer of the Gazette of
the United States.
Qdober 11. tt&stf (
Washington Lottery.
The Twenty-eighth & Twenty-ninth days' drawing of
the Washington Lottery, No. 2, are received at the office Feb
No. 134, Market-flreet, where tickets may be examined. MiT
N. B. Information given where tickets in all the other
lotteries may be procured. ou *
O&obcr 13, 1796. d an y
— _ will
No. 76 High Street,
HAS received, by the latefl arrivals from Europe and
the-Eaft Indies, a well feleftcd assortment of Silk Ti
Mcrcsry, I inen Drapery and Haberdashery Goods; which
he will fell, Wholesale and Retail, on theloweft terms ; °' *
Some fine India muslins embroidered with gold and fiiver t ' le 1
KuperSneßook, Jaconet, and Mulntul ditto ' ow '-
Do c!o do do Handkerchiefs "
Some extra black tafietiesjuuftringsand colored Per Cans " ittl
Bandano Handkerchiefs " m
Long and short Nankeens > " a>s
English Martuas of the firil quality " eo
Damask table linen and napkins, very fine °f
Si'.;-. H-ofiery, an elegant affortmsn't !n
Thead and cotton do " vi(
Umbrellas—green silk, oil'd do. and do cleth wl
French cambrics, very fine " ws
lrifti Linens, do. See. Sec. June I 4 5 "of
I or Sale, 'p-«
30 Hogsheads of choice New-England i«l?
Rum, the a
I.anding from the fchooncr John,atVanuxem's wharf— tU " C
For terms apply to No. 71, North Water Street atth
head of the wharf. ' ,
Great is Truth and mutt prevail. F
Judfor sale at No- 41 Chefnut-jlrcet by J. OR AT HO B
An Apology for the Bible,
By R. IVaTson, d. d. f. x. s ,
Br/hop of Lar.daff, Ciff. XI
Being a complete refutation of Faine's g " v
Age of Reason,
Amtl the only anUer to the Second Part. cit-
August 30. dt yj
The Members of the Society of the Sons of St. George,
eftablilhed at Philadelphia, for the advice and afiiftance of
Englishmen in distress, are reqQeflcd to attend a quarterly
' meeting of the said Soci«Ey on Monday the 24th inft.
•ne o'clock P. M. at the City Tavern.—The members art"
inch, requested to be pun< in their attendance, as the rules
1 15 and regulations of the Society are to be considered.
e A. Humphreys, Sec'ry.
erms Q,St '
Printed Calicoes.
:t. '
Have received per the William Pcnn, in addition to ;
their ewn afibr raent,
A consignment «f twenty trunks of Calicoes, ele
gant London patterns ; also a few cafe* of handsome
Buttons—Which will be fold at a (hort credit, on very
reasonable terms, by the package only.
Oil. 14. dtf
f a jl — t
On Tueftlay next -will be published,
r to By William Cobbett, opposite Chrft-Church, *
An Answer to. Paine's Rights of Man, t l
By R. Makenzie, Esq. of Edinburgh.
10 <whicb is added, f
A Letter to Citizen Swanwickj e
»t By Peter Porcupine.
' The whole is dedicated to Dosor Joseph PHeftley, ®
Fellov ef the RoyVl Society of London, Citizen of
le d America, and Deputy Eledl to the National Conven
jnlt tion of France.
ind I 4* !j
i-a Benjamin and Jacob Johnson,
the No. 147, Market-street,
i« Have received by the last arrivals from Liverpool and
■n, Hull,
A very general ajforiment of DRY GOODS, p
Wellfuitedte the approaching which they will
fell on the leweli terms by the piece or pavkage.
Oiftsber 14. taw4w g
■The Cargo of the Polacrelndependent, in
/CAPTAIN CATHCART, from Alicant and Lif
v_>( bon, landing at the fubferibers wharf— l
; 5 > s a 8 Pipes of Brandy
~ 18 Bales of Spanish wool ~
jy 3 do. of Annifeed
7000 Bushels of best Lisbon Salt
80 Boxes of Lemons
Seventy Hogsheads of prime JAMAICA SUGARS,
received by the ship Dominick Terry, Capt. De Hart, Jj
from Kingston.
Sept. 13r- d
Loft last Evening, t0
At Richetts's Amphitheatre, (supposed to be taken by th<
some villain out of a gentleman's pocket)
A red Morocco-Leather POCKET-BOOK, _
— Containing about 185 dollars in banknotes; three notes
of hand of Rofs and Simfon, No. 304, 305 and 306, da
ted nth last August, payable 60 days after'date, to the xh
«rder of Paul Siemen, together for $ 150 dollars; an order
of Mrs. Ann N acpher.'on, from Paul Siemen, 011 Lach
j iin Mac Neal, Port-au-Prince,for ioodollur* ; be- .
L . fides several letters and papers of no use but to the proprie- /
tor. The notes oi hsui<J and order arc without rnaoric
ment. EIGHTY DOLLARS REWARD is offered to j
any person v/ho will dilcaver and secure the thief, and
r FOR FY DOLLARS for only bringing the above menti
oned notes and papers at No. 129, corner of Front and
Mulberry streets. Qfl. n.
lt just Imported,
Tin Plates in boxes
Sheet and bar Lead
Shot—all sizes, paten" and oonimon , ]
Copper bottoflis and flicets
Engiiih Ihoes and boots in cases
Taunton Ale in caflcs of 10 doz. each
Baflcet Salt
, Wool Ca<ds
Gold Watches.
j For Safe by
Simon Walker, e <
Oil. 7. mwfim Dock-street. — :
IT rnEREAS two notes drawn by Benjamin Haikell
lf VV and George W. Kirkland, dated Boston, the 24th
e ryary, 1796, payable to Joseph May, or order, in 18
mamlis after date, one for One Thousand Dollars the A
r other Fifteen Dollars, were stolen with some other papers
out of a trunk on the Lancaster road lt is requelh d that
any person to whom they may be offered for negociation
will give notice thereof to the fubferiher.
3°- ' ttstf
Na 1521 "
D'jlriß of Pennsylvania, to wit ;
T> H it remembered, that on the seventeenth day of Sep-
XJ 'ember, in the twenty- rft year of the independence
°[ t r he , Umted States of America, William Mitchell, of
tliL .aid diftr:(ft, deposited in this office the title of a book
the right wheteof he claims as author, in the Words fol
lowing, to wit:
« A new and complete system of book-keeping, by ah ° htfl
" ™ 1 ?, rOV e,hod * f d ? U V e entr y- ada P ted retail, do
„ '' c ,»- rei o" lu » "h'bitmg a variety of tranf
aaions wl*n usually occur in business. The whole
" c ° m P rifed in th t ee lets of books; the last set being a copy
of the ftcond, accordiag to those lyftems most generally
in use, is given m order to exhibit, by a comparative
i view, the advantages of _he system »ow laid down- To '
„ whlch 15 a , ddcd - a tablc ®f the duties payable on goods,
.< war " and nierchandife imported into the United States
of America. Ihe whole in dollars and cents. sets.
" By William Mitchell."
In conformity to the adt of the Congref, of the United
State, mtituled," An act for the encouragement of learn
ii.g, by fecunng tl )e copies of maps, charts and books to July
tl.e authors and proprietors of Aich copies, during the ■
tunes therein mentioijed." ° c
had T 'of B th Ti ß a tf V || B ° ok ' S "° W P ub,ifted / a " V «t a "'ay hi Wi
— the jookfellers Ofloberj. . 4Wl aw the c
Plans of the city of PhiJadelphi.i T o "''
Including tteNoRTHERN Liber T i ES ail) j S J"
Pirfilifhcd, and fold by '
benjamin davies,
- No 1 . 68, High Hreet, T 5
T .. TO , . (Pnce one dollar.) *-
i LIS plan is 26 inche square, and 0
graved by one of the firft artifl t ' he cltv f rol l " Ce
and accurate furvev. Parchaf-s 1 for z
phlet With each plan, z
ci,y.i„p.^- f ""
' ,tc&ftf Ph
rtcrlv FOR SALE,
id. t; THE subscriber, intent on moving to the country,
rs are offers for file, the HOUSE in which he now relides.— .
ruies Its healthy and beautiful fituation,oppofite the gardens H
of Bingham, needs neither cettiment oreulagiura.
ry. Pofiefli,on will be given on or befoi e the 15 th cf the
ensuing month.
No. 121, South 3d Street.
ffe lai also fir Sa!;* tc
A fftiollhandfome aifortment of work'd and plain 01
INDIA ML..LINS, which he difpefe of realm- a'
n to ably. dtf. Oflober 10. v '
Lottery and Broker's Office, ™
very foutk Srccnd street. fa
r 2 'ICKETS in the Ckmal Lottery, No. 2, for fale—n
X Check Book for examination—and prizes paid in
—- the late lottery. ( , O
Cheek Books kept for examination and for
the City of Washington, No. 2, and Pattefon Lotteries
Si! nre now drawing—information wher"e
5 ! tickets are to be had, and prizes exchanged for undrawn
tickets. A complete lift of all the prizes in the late New-
Port Long-Wharf, Hotel and Public School Lottery, for
The fubferiher solicits the application of the public j!
tley, his f r^en d c ., who wish to pufchafe or fell Bank Stock, °
n of Certificates, Bills of Exchange or Notes, Houses, Lands, f 0!
ven . c - or to obtain money on ctepofit of property. y
*** Also 1 icketa in the Schuylkill Bridge Lottery for i Gn
sale at J en each, which will be drawn early in I
the Spring. I ro<
Wm. Blackburn.
Philadelphia, Avguji 18, >796. mth (fee
and " * ; I nil
Pennsylvania DiftriiSt. J JU' lanI an
Wl. NOTICE is hereby given, that purfuarat to a writ
to me, dirtfltSd from the honourable Richard Peters, Uv
Esq. y-üßg?-of the Diftria Court of the tfhited States. aK ,
n {. in and for the Pennlylvania Diftrifl, will be fold at in
Lif. P u hlic faie, at the Custom-House floras, in Front, kelcw jhs
Walnut-ftrect, on Monday the 24th ink. at la o'clock I rot
at noon. j f ro
The fame having been libelled aeainft, profeetitcd, and an.
condemned as forfeited in the fai.l Diilrifl Court | abt
Office, Bth of Oilober, 1796. 1 'ha
" For Sale,
An Invoice of Cordage, and
CanCfling of different Szcs, from 12 inch cables down I '»cl
to rope of 2 inches, of different lengths: Imported in I i'hi
by the ship Swift, from Hull, and entitled to drawback. per
&pt -17 dtf the
sa e - Sales of India Goods.
til Cargo D f the ship Gangas, capt. Tingey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal, j
,V* A Lar S e an d gcseralaffortment of Bengal and Madras ! —
£ CO r i ON and yfLK GOODS.
AMQJJx; wmci
nd " variety fine worked and plain Muslins,
ti- Dorcas, 13V. Also, «j
nd A Quantity of f Excellent Sugar, wh^
_ In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER, N
Fc)r Sale by j i
Willings Francis,
No. 21 Penn Street.
June g , §_
Of the firjl quality, FOR SALE Rr, 4(
For any quantity above Five Thousand Pieces, a li- r,
beral credit will be given. R. &J. p. |
September 13. ' T tf
,70,000 Pieces Nankeens, AI /
11 Of the befl quality and on reasonable terms, W
■ h U FOR sale BV A ls o
8 Phi lip Nicklin Sis Co. leav<
le August 26. ' dt f their
l Philip Nicklin Sc~Co. |
hafe for sale, , 0
Souchong ~ I .''7"
Hyson Skin ) j "
Young Hyson I FRESH TEAS be at
llyfon and \ I q
" Imperial •'
e Yellow Nankeens I
'f China Ware, assorted in Boxes and CheGs tt
-> Q'.iiekfilver I j-j
" chests BaHdinn ° Harw3kerchiefs of "cellcnt quality ia Brift,
' London Market } MADEIRA WINE I '111
London particular pipes, & iFC
iJJar^ ar ! cet . 3 quarter cask»
, Fenenfie Wine in pipes and hogfkeads
Sugar Candy by the Box
Sail Canvas No. ia 8 I r " .
\ - Lead in fheet9 j tat i? r
, 3 Casks of Cutlery assorted I Mah
' fete i fe rl T C^ft3l^M la f hefter Ported thick- forrr,
lets, cords, striped Nankscns, &c. j Sep
3 Small packages of black fewine r filks
f 8 Tierces Virginia Snake-root. I tj
Nails assorted in calks 1
. I jJ_ mw&f
Wanted to Rent, 1
A convenient, well fimi/hed. Bed Chamber, To
the dtt a The 5 e r P in an ;liry and health )' of
f'V- Ihe rerfon whe wants to rent fyh „ I
would have no objection to ttfard, or brcakfaft only, wi t h The "
the family occupying the house, as may be moil agreeable
Apply to the printer, « a reeaDie. |j e r
September 20. I Urii
— 2- taw I g
take notice. —-
rHErabfcriber intends to make application for a re- By
loft ofX rr foUoT/1! *ertificate, fupnofed to br
ft on the passage to England in April 1794 : -pi
for »8-o C d»ll I0 ,«5. dated ijth November, 170, Tfii
»Oi ZSjO dollars and 02 «»cnts Sir r»rt- j
Philadelphia, *<*»
's.l! A few pipes of Madeira Wine, Brt
dens boar<3 the schooner Lucy, Capt. Prows, atNiv, ( f nut .
uin. " rect whirl, and for file by the fubferiber. \
the Robert Andrews,
o<ft. 14. rnwt No. 86, So. Wharve*
iet. The Subscriber requelts every Man
to whom he fiands indebted, to meet at the CityTave-a
lain on Thurfdsy -''tcrnooji, at fguk o'clock, frecisklv,
sim- a> be wiffi,viti tl.t: •course of-rhe tveniftg, to con
vince every imeartiu man he moans to dp him flrift
justice. He will personally attend and bring his books
with him, and fee, ptepared to m ike luch propofaU to hi!
creditors, as will, he hopes and flatters hirtifelf, he fatif
faa°r)'- GEORGE MEADE,
—a Fonrth-ftreet, Philad. 14th Oftali-r. 1796,
' n On Sa urday, the 22nd inliaat, at 6 o'clock in tha
'for eveigng, will be fold by Public Vendue, at the City
-ie'£, Tavern, (if not before disposed of at private sale)
>ere An Elegant House, No. 78-.
Z" /« ikaltiuijlrti t f
for WHICH is twenty-five feet front by one hundred and
seventy-one feet deep, with a lot adjoining, 20 1-2 feet
blic wide 72 feet 8 inchcs de q>—(This lot is back 01 the
>ck, house occu P icd b y George Willing, Efq.-f The house is
ids' com P ktel y in evel 7 refpeiS. It is fifty feet deep,
' has two large pnriours, the front one 24 feet, the back,
for ona 22 feet by 18 1-2 feet; a handfoine drawing-room
•inl 44 feet 24 fcet - The rOB ITS below, the drawing
room and chambers adjoining, have mahogany doors,
I and these, as well as the rooms ?beve them, a com-
I munication with cach other. The iieighth in the fir It and
i I second stories is twelve feet, and have ltoco cornices, and
— I nine rooms up-ftairs besides the garrets, which are d'ivid
led into three roomti a good kitchen, wath-boufe, milk
I and Ivathing-houfes, a large ice -house, a pump in the yaru,
. j and a three feet three inch alley that leads into Fourth
■'rit llreet. The cellars are laid with lime, 'and floored with
;rs, I two inch plank, and plastered. ihe yard is weii paved
:es- j and the house is clear of ground-rent. Two brick tallies
at J in Walnuc-ftreet, with two coich-hi uf«s; one of theia v.ill
csv J hold two carriages the other one. The smallest fcaulc hag
ick < room for three, the largest for four horses. It is 21 feet
j ii-ont on Wainut-ilreet, by 30 feet 3 inches deep. They
have excellent lofts over them. I'he building is arched
,nd j af, d laid with lime add two inch plank, ancf will hold
j about one hundred pipes of wiua ; is clear of ground
j rent, and has the privilege of an ij and 1-2 feet alley
1 that leads into Fifth-ftreet.
— I Also, a large, Brick Store, 33 feet-front on Fourtfr-
I I'.reet, by 50 feet deep, wbich might, at,a small expeaee,
j be turned into a handsome dwelling house, having been
'0. jf° CQnt rived in the building. It has a yard, 48 leet 6
j inches deep, by 24 feet wide ; has a ram water pamp,
I and other conveniences; and the cellar is laid with two
vn I inch plank, and is now rented at,4o dollars per month,
in I his building ufubjedtoa ground-rint ol »i 3.4 d«llir»
I per annum. Purchasers before the sale may apply t»
the fubferiber, GEORGE MEADE,
I Or R. FOOTMAN, & Co. Au&ioncers.
I Odtober 14. J
University of Pennsylvania,
I Odober 5, 1796.
The Medical LetSlures will commence the 'firft Monday
in November. , aw . w
j HOLLAND GIN, of the firft qualities in Pipey,
Brokers and Commiflioh Merchants, No. 63,30. 3d St,
Who discount approved NOTES of hand.
September 14. m^f
for sale by the fubicribers, '
130 quarter Chests frelh Hyson Tea;
j ieo ditto do. frefh Souchong Tea;
I 300 Boxes Chjna, containing ftnall tea setts of M
I pieces;
j 400 pieces Bandanoes.
WUlings Francis.
January 30
Loll, last Evening,
A new, red Morocco Potket-Book,
With sundry Papers of no value except to-he owner—
Also, about Fifty Dollars in Ban* Notes Whoever wilt
eave the fame at this Office fiull receive the fconey for
their trouble, and no queftior.s aflced.
October 13.
A Young Woman
OF unexceptionable and who has been
brought up genteely, « ouldbe willing to engage in
a deaent family zschambermaid, andaffip. in sewing, &c.
A line left at the Printers hereof directed to A B will
be attended to,
° a - ,t " ' d«.
Thomas RynTon
TTAS just received, by the (hip, Molly and Hamburg
! , e ! ° m Llver P° o1 ' and the Light Horse from
1 Briltol, and is now opening f«r fate, at his Sore No.
I 177, Market-street, an extensive alTortment of
t Ironmongery, Cutlery,' Hardware
and Saddlery.
™ C Ca r °line, now on her pafTage from Liverpool
to Philadelphia, brings the remainder of his fall impor
j tation. , 1
. . N - B ' At '¥ aboTe store ma >' be had - a few eieganc
Mahogany Cases for Table Fornuure ; also, a K ood af
iftrtment of the best kinds of Knives and Forks
Sept- *3- d
By W. YOUNG, MILLS and Son,
Corner of Second and Chef nut Jlreets,
Price 13 i-2 cent.,
The Preficknt's \ddrefs
To the People of the United States,
I The resolution be has farmed to decline being considered
among tne numbe-r of thofc out of whom a choice is to
Umg ° leai ° n ° f a Prefidcnt of the
I Sept. 20. V ,
J ws 6
I By J. ORMROD, No. 41, Chefnat-ftreet,
( p "ce is 1-3 Cents)
The Preside nt's Address
T" the People of the United State.,
Announcing his intention of retiring from rublie r.'f.
' ' \ ■ . "• •