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on board the Brig REBECCA, Dominic Divine,
Master, at Philip Care's Wharf, 4ird for Sale by the' H
Sublcriber, _ f
London Particular Madeira WINK-, a
In Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter Calks.
are in the above parcel io Hhds. of CHOICE X.
WINE, fit for immediate use.
Robert Andrews,
Sept. 6. mw&f No. 86, So, Wharves.
By J. ORMROD, No. 41, Chefnut-areet,
(Price 12 1-2 Cents)
The President's Address en
To the People of the United States,
Announcing his intention of retiring from public life
at the expiration of the prefcilt conftitutioual term of
presidency. r
. September 20. d
From the Press of MOREAU DE ST. MERY,
And to be had at the principal Booksellers in the city,
(Price five five-penny bits)
A Humourous Pamphlet, entitled
The Political Maflacre; a c
Or, Unexpeßed Qbfervations on the IWritings of our
present ferihblers.
By QUICKSILVER,, Author of the Bine Shop. 1.1
Embellilhed with a euriou3 Caricatur®. 4®
Sept. 19. dtf ~
-t- — 03
Brokers Office, and ; n .
No. 63 South Third street, opposite the national new Bank.
, have entered into co-partnership, under the firm of
FRAUNCES & VAN REED, in the business of Brokers,
Conveyancers and Commiflion merchants. They buy and
fell on commission every species of flock, notes of hand,
bills of exchange, houses and lands,SSec.- o ,
Monev procured on deposits, &c. &c. all kinds e f
writings in the conveyancing line, done with neatness and
dispatch; accounts adjufled, and books fettled, in the
mod correct manner. Conflant attendance-will be given.
They solicit a share of the public favor ; they are deter
mined to endeavour to deserve it.
N. B. The'utntoft secrecy observed.
f'hilad. Angtift 27, * m&wtf _
OF lft and 4th proof, and equal in quality to that import- ci
ed from Francc, may be had ot the fubferiber at his Diiii'-
Jery, No. 115, Story or New-flreet, between Third and d:
Fourth-ftreels, where the public, upon application, may
judge for themselves, 4nd will find it an obje£t well worth m
their attention. aI
RUM and GIN in any quantity, for exportation or home
consumption, and of fuperio*. quality —by Q |
Thomas Cave. w
be purchased, or taken in exchange for spirits, upon appli- tt
cation as above. Also any quantity of Claret or other wiue a]
fit for diflitlation.
Aueufk2gh. 1706. ' M4W p
Now Publijhing by the Printer, a<
At No. 3, Lstitia Court, delivering to Subscribers, hi
and to be had at the different Book-Stores in this City, re
Berriman' & Go's al
Containing the-Old and Naw e:
Tercamcnts and the Apocrypha, with marginal notes and re- j a
c rences. An Index ; or an account of the most rejnarkable h
pailagesin the'old and neyv Teftamcnt, pointing to the places
wherein they happened, and to the places of set iptute wherei.
in they arc recorded. —A Table 01 Time.—Tables of scrip
ture mealures, weightsand coins : with an appendix,contain
ing the method of calculating its measures of surfaces
hitherto wanting in Tualifesm this fubjett. A Table of Offices
aad Conditions of men. f
1. The size of this Edition will be a LARGE FOLIO, o
printed on a beautiful new type, and good paper, made par- p,
ticularlyfor it, It will be published in not to ex
ceed $0, one of which will be delivered weekly to fubfciib- 2
crs, at a quarter of a dollar. Those fttbfcribers who prefer
receiving the work complete, v/illbe attended to by fignifying f
the fame on any of the fubfeription papers in rhe Bookflores
in this city. p
2. There willbe an advance in the price, on fubferibing J,
after the firft of August next. (i
.3. In the courfeof the Work willbe given an elegant <{
Frontifpieci—From an Engraving of the celebrated artist,
Berriman & Co. gratefully acknowledge the very liberal "
encouragement they have met with; and havereaTonto believe, "
that the cxeeution of their edition will answer every cxpec- u
tation, and speak its own praise. "
May 26 "
• <t
Philip Nicklin Sc Co. "
Souchong '
Hyson Skin J
Young Hyson > FRESH TEAS
Hyson and S j
Imperial "
Yellow Nankeens
China Ware, assorted in Boxes and Chests
Bandanno Handkerchiefs of excellent quality in
London Market ") MADEIRA WINE
London particular >in pipes, hogfteads, &
New-York Market J quarter calks
. Teneriffe Wine in pipes and
Sugar Candy by the Bo*
Sail Canvas No. 1 a 8
Lead in fhee'ts
3 Calks of CutleryafTorted
A few chests of Mauchefter Goods, ifTorted tfaick
fetß, cords, striped Nankeens, &c.
3 Small packages oi' black feu ing-silk*
8 Tierces Virginia Snake-root.
Nails assorted in calks
July t8 mwScf
» • • Mr, FRANCIS,
[Of the New 1 beatrc)
T HAKES this opportunity of returning thanks to his
scholars and to the public. Mr. Franc:* intends,
on his return from Maryland, to open a public aca
demy for dancing, Lpnn a plan entirely new. He
flatters himfelf his attention to his pupiU hi
therto renders any promises of conducing his future
schemes on the most liberal and itrifled tcntis, of pro
priety, totally HncecefTary.
N. B. Private tuition ai tiivaL
june 5 law j
. ' »
' Have Imported in the late vessels fVam Europe, &c. w*
A general afifortment of GOODS, Juitable to the fcafon vfo<:
Amongst which arc, Sou
BROAD -and narrow CLOTH 3,
Plain und twill'd COATINGS,
Rose striped and point BLANKETS,
HATS assorted in cases,
INDIA GOODS, generally,
A Consigned Invoice of IRONMONGLk f, j
CJbftlprifiag a capital afTortnient to open a ftprc—
ding Thirty Cash of NAILS. This invoice will be ioid
i entire on very-advantageous terms, >
September 20.
, Lottery
FOR raifmg fix thousand fix hundred and
dollars and fifty cents, by a deduction of fifteen per
cent from the prizes, and not two blanks lo a prize, viz
1 Prize of sobo dollars is dollars 5000
x rooo • 1000
i JOO 5 00
5 200 IOCO
ao '100 aoo °
09 50 495°
200 ai- sooo 1
2000 10 20,000
5 Last drawn numbers of 1000 dollars each, 5000 r1
, 2331 Prizes. 4-4,45° —
4018 Blanks. J
6350 Tickets at Seven Dollars each, 44>45° i
By order of the Directors of the Society for eflab.ifh- Tic
ing Ufeful Manufactures, the fuperinteildants of the Pat- tick
erfon Lottery have requelted the Managers to offer the ■
foregoing Saheme to the public, and have directed them or 1
to refund the money to those persons who have purchased any
\in the former Lottery, or exchange the tickets for tickets ]
in this Lottery. _ vat
; Hie lottery has actually commenced drawing, and will T«
continue until finifhed. A lift ot the Blanks and Prizes hoi
' may be seen at the office ot William Blackburn, No. 64 it is
south Second street, who will giveinformadon where tick- {
ets may be procured. thei
Dated this 17th day of June, 1796. the
J. N• GUMMING, 7 A 1
JACOB R. HARDENBERG, Managers. the
. dtf eo, Un
— 1
Samuel Richardet,
RESPECTFULLY informs the Gentlemen nHI
• Merchants, that he has this day opened the CITY dra
city of Philadelphia; the
The Subscription Room will be furnifhed with all the j n g
daily papers-publiihed in Philadelphia, New-York, Bos- '
' ton, Baltimore, together with those of the principal com- 3re
1 mercial citias of Europe—They will be rugularly filed 0 f
and none permitted to be taken away on any account. mo
Tea, Coffee, Soupes; Jellies, IceCreams, and a variety
of French Liquors; together with the usual refrefhrnents. the
will at all times be procured at the bar. He
1 Gentlemen may depend on being accommodated with a f
- the choicest of Wines, Spiutuoos Liquors, and the most ba
" approved Malt Liquors from London and other breweries. f r ; (
The Larder will befuppjied with the p'rime and earliest j c £
productions of the Season. ,
Large and small Parties, or single Gentlemen, may be c 0
accommodated with Breakfafts, Dinners, or Suppers, at ha
, hours most convenient to thcmfelves—a cold Collation is dr:
, regularly kept for conveniency, the Billof Fare to be had ca ,
at the bar. th«
The Lodging Rooms will be completely furnifhed, and
the utmoftattention paid to cleanliness, and every other
requisite. j al
SaMoel RichardetWill behappy to reccive, and 0 ;
execute the commands of his Friends, and the Public at
- large; and with gratitude for their favours, he pledges —
e himfelf thaft nothing on his part (hall be wanting to pre
s fervethat patronage with which he has been so diltinguifh-.
Iv ingly honored. <
Philadelphia, April 19. ' mwf p
' Treasury of the United States.
NOTICE is hereby given to £ll persons who are or
may be Creditors of the United States, for any sums
1, of the Funded Debt, or Stock, baring a present interef. of fix
per centum per annum.
1 ft, Th3t pursuant to an A<St of Congress palfed on the g
- 28th day of April, 1796, intitled an aiit in addition to an
r ift, intituled " Ar. ad: making further provision for the
5 support of public credit, and for the redemption of the
s public debt," the said debt or flock will be reimbursed and
paid in manner following, to wit. " First, by dividends
■' « to be made on the last days of March, June and Septcm- fr
t " ber for the present year, and from the year ope thousand
" seven hundred and ninety-seven, to the year one thou- ~
' " sand eight hundred & eighteen inclusive, at the rate of
,] " one and one Jialf per centum upon the original capital.
c " dividends to be made on the last' day of
> " December tor the present year, and from the year one _
" thousand seven hundred and sinety-feven, to the year :■
" one tho'ufand eight hundred and l'cventecn inclusive, m
_ " the rate of three and one half per centum Upon the ori- p'
" «;inal capital; and by a dividend to be ma e on the last
" day of December, in the year one thousand eight hun
" dred and eighteen, of such sum, as will be then ade
" quite, acrording to the contrad, fer the final redemp
, " tion of the said flock."
2d. All distinction between payments on account of n
Interefl and Principal being thus abolished by the establish- *-
ment. of the permanent rule gf reimbursement abovu do- 3
scribed, it has become necessary to vary accordingly ,t.he ;. c
powers of attorney for receiving dividends; &= public
creditors will therefore obfervc that the following form
is established for all powers of attorney which may be
granted after the due promulgation ot this notice, viz.
1 of
do make, eonjtftvt* and appoint
6 ®/ true dnd laivfrJ At- •
torney, forme, and In rr.y name, to receive the dividends zvhlch are,
or Jbajt be payable according to la.iv, on the (here deferring the' *
llock) Jianding in tny na?ne in the books of (here describing the
books of the Treasury or the Commiffiotier of Loans, \
where the stock is credited) from (here insert the com
ment(iment and expiration of time for which the power of V
, k _ attorney is to amtinue) tvlfb power alfi ,an aUnrey or rttor- f 1
hUs undir !iia,fcrtbat purpose to mate andfuljliiuic, and to do all ,
Uwful aUt reqwjttefor effeftwg thefnmifa, hereby ratify, n„ and
confront all that my said Attorney or tufMihtfjjbM lulofxl
ly dc, by -virtue thereof. t
In WHnfs hereof, I Lave hereunto set my Ha,id and Seal the b
day of m the war
Sealed euid Delivered
BE IT KM OWN, that wtle day of
his ******perfomaUj tame
J s rail tin namui and acknowledged tbt above letter of attorney to le
9 If is sB and eUed, J 1
He U i»h:recf I bane beretuttofct my Hand and affix
, . Seal lie day and year last vf re said.
Givtn under my Hand at Philadelphia, this twen- '
t tth dayof July i 7 96, pursuant to diteaiens ,
; ftom the Secretary of the Treasury
1 reafurcr of tie United States.
' j tl
t J
A Manufactory FOR SALE.
'. * t
r.SroSJ conation, and igg' ' \
materials, and may be kt to work -mmed ate>• Kr.on,
wifn to pun'hafe, are rcquefted to apply a. No v 3< & (
South Secbnd Street. ttf tf tor
September 13.
City of Waihington.
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, No. 11,
A magnificent ? 20,000 dollars, & £
[ dwelling-house, ) calh 30,000, are )
I ditto 15,000 & calh 25,000 40,000
1 ditto 15,000 & cacti 15,000 .-jo,ooo
1 ditto 10,000 & calh to,ooo 20,000
j ditto j ,OOO & cadi 5,000 la,l 00
1 ditto 5,0a0 & calh 5,000 10,000
1 cash prize of 10,000
2 do. 5,000 each, are - jo,ooo
3 10 do. 1,000 - - 10,000
j 20 do. 500 - - 10,000 qu
3 00 do. 100 - - 10,000 1 'tin
> 2M do. 50 - - 10,000
j 4CO do. 25 - 10,000 ds
) 1,000 do. 20 " 20,000
> 15,000 do. 10 - 150,000
> 18,739 Prizes. l^'
50,0c0 Tickets, at Eight Dollars, 400,000
1 N. B. To favour those who may take a quantity of
■ Tickets, the prize of 4G,0p0 dollars will be the la .t drawn
■ ticket, and the 30,000 th.e iast but one :
: Ahd approved notes, fecufiag payment in either money
: or prizes, in ten days a'.*: _r drawing, will be received for —
' any number not less than 30 tickets.
> This Lottery will afford an elegant specimen of the pri
vate buildings to he trebled in the City of Waihington—
1 Two beautiful designs already felefled for the entire
5 fronts on two of the public iquares; from these prawings f ,
1 it ispropofed to erecf two c.entreand four corner buildings, <
• as soon JS possible after this lottery is fold, and to convey
them, when complete, to the fortunate adventurers, In ££
the mannerdefcribed in the* fclieme for the Hotel Lottery.
A nettdedu&ion of five per cent, will be made to defray
■ the neceflary cxpenfes of printing, &c. and the surplus
will be made a part of the fund intended for the National
University, to be creeled within the city of Wafhiiigton.
The Drawing will commence as soon as the tickets are
fold off.—The money prizes will be payable in thirty days
after it is finifhad ; and any prizes for which, fortunate
numbers are not produced within twelve months after ths
r drawing is closed, are to be confidercdas given towards
e the fund for the University ; it? being determined to fettle "T
the whole buftnefs in a year from the ending of the draw- \
" ing, and to take up the bonds given e? security. co
The real securities given for the payment of the Prizes, all
are held by the President and two Directors of the Bank an
f of Columbia, and are valued at more than half the a- 1 :i:
mount of the lottery. ft(
V The twenty four gefttlemen who by appointment of dc
'« the late Commissioners aflifted in the management of the n)
Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake this arduous task. a r
'* a fe'eond time on behalf of the public ; a fufficient num c,\
ber of these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the w
• friends to a National University and the other federal ob- ar
• je<£ts may continue to favor the design. C
By accounts received from the difierent parts of the. hi
e Continent as well as from Europe, where the tickets in
t have been sent for sale, the public ai>e the js
' s drawing will speedily commense; and that the care and p :
d caution unavoidably necessary to insure a fafe difpyfai of u:
the tickets, has rendered the i'iiort suspension indifpenlable. d'
r Tickets may be had at the Bank of Columbia ; o la
James Weft & Co. Baltimore; of Peter Oilman, Boston b;
of John Hopkins, Richmond ; and of Richard Wells hi
'' Cooper's Ferry. e® tl
- Watson's Answer to Gibbon. g,
' - 1 r<
And for lale by J. ORMROD, No. 41, Chefnut-ftreet,
Apology for Christianity,
In a feriet of Letters, addrejfed to
* s ' Edward Gibbon, Es<^.
x Author of the History of the Decline and Fall of the
Roman Empire:
ie By R. JVATSONy d. d. f. r. s. Bishop of tandaff.
(Price 75 cents bound )
Watson's Answer to Paine,
,d To be had at the fame place.
Is The enemies of Religion are awaJte ! Let not her •,
I- friends Jleep. I
id Sept. 1. ' - mw&ftf c
II - Music PR 9 FES son,
No. 96, North-Sixth Stref.t.
TJ ESPECTFULLY informs his Scholars, that he has
ar Cv re-commenqed his attendance after the summer va
cation ; and, as usual, teaches Ladies SLaging and the
Piano Forte. Sept. 3. *jS j
~ NOTI C l
' E 'HRSubfcribef, having been redtked in his circum
X stances, by sundry misfortunes, aird-teing, thersby
Q f' nuable to fatisfy his juit debts, hereby gives notice to his
ij. Creditors and to all persons concerned, that he intends to
le- 3fP ! y to the General Assembly of Maryland at their next
j,. fellion to be held on the firft Monday of November next.
U c for the benefit of an adl of insolvency.
v e Eafton, ift of the Qth month. 1796. lawtiftMN
'bnt To be fold,
A PLANTATION, iifthetown of Woodbury, comi
ty of Glcucefter, ans llate ol" New-Jersey, contain
" ing about one hundred and fifty acres ; a suitable pro.por
tion of which is woodland and improved meadow. A
, e great part 01 the arable'laad is in a high state of cultiva
c tion, and very natural to the production of Red Clover.
ns ' On said plantation there is a genteel two-story brick house,
m " with four rooms on a floor, and a- good dry cellar urfder
the whole ; together with a barn, coin-cribs and carriage
houfe. The garden is large, and contains a good collei;.
' tion of the best kinds of grlfted and inoculated fruit trees ;
fxl 'he orchard ccmfifh °f about three hundred grafted apple
" " trees. Any person inclined to purchase said premiles, may
be informed of the terms by applying to
Ny -9 $ I
To be Sold,
At* A 'j. I3>B, North Second-Street, and by several of ■
a f c the Apothecaries in this City.
of the right to remove pains and ixiflamma j
a x _ t'ons from the human b»dy, as fecurcd to Dr. EUSHA
™ PhRKJNS, by patent, with instruments and dircßioas r.c- i
ceflaty for the This mode of treatment is particu
larly ufeful in relieving pains in the head, face, teeth j breast,
" j! ' s fide, stomach, back, rheumatifrtw, recent gouts, &c. &c.
Not-.vithftanding of this pra&ice, it is not pre-J
fumed but there .are cases in which this and every "Sthct
'■ remedy may l.jmetimci fail.
i ;
Washington Canal Lottery,
N°. r.
WHEREAS the State vf Maryland has
the to raise twenty-i'x thoufnrtd
two hundred, and fifty dollar.s, for (he purpose of cutdn;;
a Canal through the; City of Waflnnj>ton, fro.*n th
tomacto theEaftern Branch Harwaur.
The following is the SCHEME of No. I.
Viz ■'I Prize of 20,0<yp dollar*, 20,000
I ditto 10,000 10,000
7 last drawn ■> Q 35,000 .
Tickets, each j
6 tiitto 1,000 6,000
io ditto 4°o 4,000
20 ditto 100 2,<£>3
55 ditto 50 2,750
5750 ditto 12
To be raised for the Canal, *6,250
5850 Prizes, 175,(500
1*650 Blanks, not two to a prize.
1750Q Tickets, at Ten Dollars, - 175,000
jPjr' The Commilfioners haye taken the Securities ic
quired by the aforefaid aist for the puni&ual payment oi
the prizes.
The drawing kl thisLotterywiHcoranieiice, withoyr
delay, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of which timely
notice will be given.
Such prizes as are rot demanded in fix months after th*
drawing is tinifhed, shall be confidcred as relinquished for
the benefit of the Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
LEWIS l>2liLOlS,
City ef Washington, Feb. 11. $
Mordecai Lewis
NANKEENS, long and ihort.
China, well affortcd.
Bandano Handkiffclycfi.
iioll Brimstone.
Sept. 6. tt&fim
For Sale,
Three-story Brick House,
(The late residence of General Walter Stewart)
WITH a LOT of GROUND thereunto belonging,
the weft fide of Thira-ftreet, near Union-ftrect
containing iniront 3a feet, ahd in depth 100 feet, to an
1 alley leading into Unioii-ftrcet. The house is 51 feet front v \
and 50 feet deep \ t the several rooms contained in it are
■ latge, commodious, and completely finilhed; the twofuft
stories are each 13 feet high ; there are 20 mahogany
F doors in the hgufe ; a geometrical staircase, with mahoga
: ny. rails and a good iky -light. The kitchen is in the cell
- ar, which is spacious and convenient, and finiihed with zg
oven, and pantries, a servants' hall and large
: wine-cellar adjoining the kitchen, in front of which is-.n
- area in which there is a pump. The yard 1 vaulted.
Communicating with the said building is a neat thrce-ilorj
1 brick hoafe, on the north fide of Unioti-ftreet, contain
s ing 30 feet front by ao feet deep; the lower part of which
" is at present occupied as, a compting-houfe, and the upper
1 part divided into wjiil-finifhed large chambers. This house
f may at a small expense be converted into a convenient
. dwelling: The street door is very handsome, and the front
and back have Venetian window-lhutters. Adjoining the
0 laflhotife, upon the lotrbelonging to the firft, are erected
bathing-rooms, &c. There are likevvife very good coach,
s house and stables finilhed equal (or nearly so) with any ?n
the city, on a lot containing on Union street 3P ' L '''' ■*'- tl
in depth on the weft fide of said alley 52 feet. There arc ■
good cellars undei the whole of the buildings, andawiuc
room over part of theftable, with a hay-loit over the re j
mainder. Fbr further particulars enauire of
EDW4RI) bON'S-.LL & Co.
' At their Office No. 64 Dock-street. between Walnut & Pear
t'&f ® (Ircets.
6th month 24th, 1796.
• F 0 R S A L E.
ABOUT it, utiles from this City, Situate in Ahitig
ton Townfiiip, Montgomery-County ;
70 acics, a new (lone house, two stories high, £ roorm on a
floor, fire places in each, a ltone kitchen and stone spring;
r house, over an excellent spring of water, a barn, stables,
Iheds, barracks, &c. A large ayple orchard, and a variety of
other fruit, about 12 acres of good meadow well watered,
and wood fyfEcient for fire, and fencing the place. Poffcfli
on may be had the ift of April next. Proocrty in this city
will betaken inexchapg , or MOkRIS and NICHOLSONS
Notes in ppyment. Enqu'uie at No. 3,7* Arch-Stieer
Philadelphia, September 13, 1796. ttftf
£ W ANT E D,
! For any term from one to four years,
A HOWSE, pleasantly fituatcd In any of the principal
fireets within the pavement, Und not very dillant flora
n the State-House, capable of accommodating a l'mallfami
by ly ; the house mull have stables and coach-house, and
bis would be required to be ready by the firft week in No
to vember next —Euquire of the printer,
:xt' Sept. 14. ttf
St. , r : ■ .
F 0 R S A L Ji,
in A very Valuable Ellate,
CALLED T IVI TTEN HA M, fifaate in th<!
township of Upper Derby, and county of Delaware,
1 j-a miles from Philadelphia], and lwtf a mile from the
in _ new Western road t containing 230 acres 9! excellent land,
or 45 of which are good watered-meadow, 90 of prime wood-,
A land, and the reft arable of ths firft quality. There arc
V 2 on the premises a good two story brick house, with 4 rooms
* on a floor, and cellars under .the whole, with a pump-well
J. ' of excellent water ill front ; a large frame lotyn,
j„ r ' and other conveiticnt buildings ; a Imbke'-houlc i-one,
spring-house; two good apple orchards, aad one resch
es. The fields are clover, except those immec'.tHtcly
. under tillage, and are so laid out as to have the advantage
,i e * of water in each of them, wl.itrender» it peculiarly con
lay venient for grazing.
The situation is pleasant and healthy, and from
cultivation of theland, the good neighboarhood, and the
vi tinity to the city, it is very suitable for a gentleman's
country feat.
The foregoing is part of the ellate of Jacob Harmmi,
, b j l.ecceafed, and forfale hv
J Mordecai Lewis,
™ Oa. 9. tt&f . Surviving E.tceutpr.
H A .
r.c- ..nig. —L_ .n
icu- , I T
prc-i —No. 110 —
tbci I * .
M J [Priec Dollars per AnnuijO
I '