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'■-B; 1 the Brig Drnn, Capt. Burnham, arrived p.t Ne~w
-Tork, in 49 dnyj from Havre-de-Grace, and other
late arrivals.
PLACENZA, June 15. 1 •
Tht garrison of this town, confiliing of 4000
men, marched from hence on the Bth inft. for the
siege of Mantua. Seven thousand men from Tor
tona, with a great truaiber of heavy cannon, are to
pass through this town for the fame place.
ST. GALL, June 28.
A colu-mn of Kellerman's army has parted thro*
the territory of the Grifoas, and carried the town
of Bregentz, after some refinance.
[Tr»nfhted for the (N. Y.) MINERVA.]
PARIS, July 11*
They talk of a conliderable armament preparing
at Brest for an expedition, the obje£l of which is
not positively known. A citizen just arrived from
thence, and wh® staid 'twere 6 days afTures lis that
there is no less than 90,000 men engaged in it.
The pacification in La Vendee, and in the country 1
of the Chouans, gives to the government thousands 1
of men, of whom theyr are resolved to make a good
use. They are determined to flr'thc tuhti-e the iron's
hot. Eiigliftimen, we will havp revenge !.
It is without doubt, for (he purpose of being at
lead orice faithful to its title, that the Journal of
Patriots of '89, reports with interest the homage
paid to La Fayette, at the entertainment which
took place <he 17th Meflidor, in memory of the
anniverfaiy of the day on which the Americans de
clared their independence. It fhoald be remerti
bered, that La Fayette is only so horribly pcrfecu
ted in the dungeons of A«fi.ri ~ has ho
roiably concurrej In the French revolution. It
fhonlo be recolltfted how frightful it is to fufFer a
jnan to peri(h in a baftile, who is only confined there
for having fcrved the cause of liberty. He only
alks to live in America, not to afford him the means,
would be to second the fury of England, Auftriaj
and the emigiant6. (L'Eclair.)
$hrintm, general of Irigade, comhimdant at MorlU
han, to Hedouville, thief of the etat major of the
" Vannes, 11 Mejftdor, June 29.
" Every thintf goes on better, and in
the diftrifts Of Hennebon, Faouet, Ponleivy, Jofle
lin and Ploerinel, astonishingly well. Gen. Mer
met has already announced to me the finding of
1 §06 muskets, 30 fabresat least, 20 pair of piftolg,
good and bad, 3 bbls. of gun-powderJ\2 culverins
and 5000 cartouches in JofTelin alone. I have been
assured, that there has been already discovered more
than 800 muskets at Ponteivy, 500 at Faouet, and
near 300 at Hennebon.
" Georges ard Allegre, chouan chiefs, inform
ed, that in the diftri& of Roche-des trois, the ope
.rations had been very relax, not on the part of the f
ci-devant chouan chiefs of those countries, but in
confcquence of thf apprehensions with which wick- <3
ed persons had Inspired the peasants, set out this li
morning with Adj. Gen. Valcutin, and have pro- a
mifed, that their endeavors should not be fruitlefs. I
(Signed) QUANTIN." a
(From an exaH copy! c
General of divifios, cWiai of the etat-majar of g
the army. e
(Signed) % HEDOUVILLE. t
General Augufte Mermet's letter, to Gen. Hoche. I
Jojfel'tn, 12 Mejftdor, June 30.
" At length, general, the arms and ammunition
t>F the haughty Bretons of Morbihan, are in our
ar/enals. More than 2000 fufils, 30 pair of sabres,
*o pistols, 2 culverins, 3 barrels of powder, and
5000 cartridges, have been given up in my circle. ft
" 1 collect here all the deserters and emigrants, i
to fend them uader convoy to Rennes, there to
await your ultimate orders. Of the latter there if
are very few. £
'• The war is finifhed, I may dare to fay. These d,
fixdayspaft, fince, the difarrning commenced, our ft
foldieis and citizens travel singly tipoa the rpads. N
All the refugees are gone home, and not a single tl
accident lias occurred. w
" Thepriefts, not emigrant arid banished, pro- ft
tell to me, that they will inceffaiit'y preach peace w
in the country : they, as well as the former native
leadsrs of the chooaws, allure me, that if any
wretches shall present themselves in the country, up
on view*of ravage, they will have them seized, and
conduced here, boHnd upon waggons:
(Signed) » AUG. MERMET."
July 19 ( ;k 'i'hetmidor.) I
A part*of the camp of Crenelle having mani- y
fefted some fympturas of meeting, especially by ic- d
fufing to ree;<ive ma,ndats in paynrent, the camp h
was almost e.itiiely railed this morning, at 4 v
o'clock. These troops are feut to Vincennes; it n
appears that they are to be replaced by soldiers a
from the camp at that place.
One MafTue, in Paris, at tlx place of viSory, a
has formed an institution, whi.h bi<)s fair to eon- o
found the flock jobbers, and aid ttMnmcrce, if it »!
foould ever prosper. The objeftffs to discount h
■ good paper, at a nfbderate frtterefi, and to receive
deposits gratuitowdy, and fell of them the value at c
light, upon oraer or acceptance payajle at his
ho'ufe. %
Letters from Germany assure us that a body of
French troops are passing, by forced marches, the
country of the Grifons, end that they may not vi- 1
o'ate the -neutrality of the country, prmies cf men transported or carriage. Should this be true,
rno doubt vhi6 corps moving from th* hike of Con
stance-; whence l cy can easily efle£i a juattion
with the army of General Moreau
Ift Thermidor, July 19. j
u> the name of a committee of seven, «
» »
™ reported on the inftitutlon of a court of jufticc
for trial of members of the Diic&ory an l Lejgjf
lative Body. He proposed that this court (hauld
consist of 16 members and 14' jurors. Th« ac
cused to.have the right of challenging 30 jurors,
w- within 24. hours after the lift (hould be presented
to them. The Rational acccfers (attorneys gene
ral) not to have a right of challenge, without as
signing their reasons of the fufficiency of which
the court is to judge. The accused to designate
30 their witnesses, within three days after their inter
lic rogatory. The decisions of this court not to be
ir - fubjedt to appeal to any o % .her tribunal; and to be
to attended neither with a substitute nor comnnfiary
of the Dire&ory. Ordered to be printed and ad
BoifTy d'Anglas was chosen prcTiJent ; Ruclle
o* Paftoret, Baraiilon and Borne, fecrijtsric*.
'n The council decreed, that provilioiialljr one half
of the maintenance of the public turi&ionaries
(hould be paid in corn at 10 francs (livres) the quin
tal, or the reptefentative value.
They have refolvcd also, thafl the officers of the
ig customs (hall reccive specie for duties, or their re
is prefentative value. But the firft resolution wa» re
tn je&ed by the Council of Elders, as placing their
st officers in a worse iituation.
t. The Council of Elders, admitting urgency, pafT
■y ed unanim mfly the lefolution, dimmilhing the tax
is on the conveyance of Journals and other papers,
id ' —
's '■ The ambafladorof Tunis to the coutt of London,
pafied through Paris, and was treated with great
it civility, as well as pomp, by the minilter of the in
s interior. On his visit to the miniiter, he was re
e ceived in the gallery of the hotel of the interior,
h ,and with his fuit'e seated cm fophas in the midst of
e the minister's family. Vases and flower boxes were
arranged around the roam, all glowing with per
1. fumes. The banquet daerbets, fruits.
1. ice-creams, See. Many tables were fpi.ead for the
i- ladies, who embelliflicd the"company. Attheclofir
t of the entertainment, the minitler presented to the
a ambaflador a box containing a collection of arms,
e manufactured at Versailles, a carbine, elegantjy
v mounted pistols, holflers, See.
1, This manufafliire of arms at Versailles, eftab!i(h«
i ; ed by the minister when couimiflloner of arms, ex
ceeds any other fabrick of the kind in Europe. The
arms unite perfection and baauty with the richness
of the East, and the ambaflador declared he had
f, never seen any thing more per fed than the articles
, e ptefented him.
The gates of the garden were open, and bands
of music entertained the company, who took a walk
in the garden. Or.e might read on the eountenance
d of the ambafTador, whose phyliognomy is mild aud
> indicative of genius, a most lively isriprefiion of
- pteafure and fcnfibili'.y, He then entered the mi
s nifter's cabinet, where were exhibited pictures, fta
, tuary, vases, and other monuments of the arts.
s —
n The Council of Elders have approved and con
e verted into a law, a resolution granting to every
1 entire freedom of contratting and receiving
what he pleases in payment, without however ena
bling him to tefufe rpandats, according t» their cuv
. rent value, on the day and at the place, where the
; payment (hall be made.
1 This refolu'ion admits the depreciation of man
. Dats indefinitely, which are abandoned to their fate
e like other paper currencies. These measures are
. a consequence of the flood of specie poured into
France from the dates of Italy, collcfted by Buon
aparte's exadliuns. A free trade has also received
confidence there, as formerly iti America, and the
f gold and silver which had been concealed during the
existence of lender laws, again appear in circula
. Extof a letter from citizen Hauflman, commif
fioner of the government near the army of the
Rhine and Moselle, to the Executive Directory.
Head-Quarters at Bichelle, 20th
1 Mcludor, (July 9.)
I I have just seen the cammander in thief, who
ftopt with me litre but a moment, and returned to
, Baden.
1 Nothing of consequence h'as taken place the
: important affair which made us maflers of Raltadt.
General Feijno has occupied the residence of Car
dinal Rohan. General St. Cyr occupies Frender
ftatt. His patrolcs go to the banks of the.ii*er
Necker. Prince Charles of Austria, who was at
; the affair of Raitadi with a numerous reinforcement,
was not saved by the fuccourshe brought, from the
- fhanu of being beaten. He hardly knows which
: way to turn his head.
r '*mmm
A letter from the fame to the fame.
I Head-Quarters at Bit-belle, zzi
Mefiidor, (July 11.)
Citizens Direflors,
The divisions under the command of generals
Defatx and St. Cyr, had a battle with the enemy
- yesterday on the plain beyond Raftadt, and in the
- defiles 111 advance of the Guerfbatk. The enemy
) had sent thither all their forces ; our troops have
vanqmftied them—have killed and wosnded a great
t many men, taken 1300 prisoners, and one piece of
I artil^ry.
The enemy had received confiderabk reinforce
, sients, and it even seems 1 hat they had ordered some
of the troops to the Tyrol j notwithftandino this,
t they have been obliged to fall ba.k behind Dour
t lacn.
e Onr troops w ill not give the enemy a moment's
t quiet. -I he commander in chief is indefatigable.
s Health and refpeO,
C ,S AL/^ I§ ''3 th J u 'y (Jjth Meffidot.)
... -The Commiflary of tl»c Executive D.reaory with
a the Municipal Admintfration of the Canton of
■, Ca id is, to citizen Canuit, President of the Fx
ccutive DiicClory of the French Republic.
II Citizen President, -
I have ju(t obtained certain proof that the En
glim government, to pay its fub/idies to Au(tr : a
, to the rebels of La Vendee, aad the faAions of the
interior, tas been fabricating an immense quantity
, 01 couaterfeit Louis, worth col/ j 1 liviei. They
• '
• are .well made ; the alloy is the fame as in tb •-. u<\ •
• and the only difference- is in the size of tjie coin,
I whfch is {matter by an eighth.
I have procured one of thrfe pieces to use for j
, comparison ; 1 have recommended to the Cultqni
houfe to guard against receiving anv of them ; I
have written to the Miniflet of the Police j but it
would be very ufefu) to give the public official no
tice, to be oti their glldtd against this falfe money.
Health and refpeit,
A Fast Day, to he kept in this place, having
been relieved on, a proclamation to that purpnfe
was yeftetday issued, and is thus fmgularly prefac
ed ;
The Prefijent and Council of Middleburg to their
Fellow Citixccs
*' Health and brotherhood !
" If we attempt to persuade you that our city
and land were not in a precarious lituation ; that the
fundamental dodtrines of liberty and equality had
not icraught us to a piuacle of lustre, which might
fiuitlefs be fought for in our annual chronicles ; that
the difficulties which the citizens have encountered,
being temoved, their prosperity was liuw become
perfect ; would you not fufpeft that we lirovc to
coi!- eal the aflual (late of things ! Would Hot the
confidence that jou have in U6, quickly change in
to suspicion and diftrult ?
" Although conquered by a powerful neighbour,
through whose geneiofity, and the bh flings of God,
we remain % people, is not » review of the present
circUanftanees diftjeartening and mournful ? The
warn >>to which we have been surprized ; the inter- '
nal difientions, iiill v.oife than war ; the loss of
many valuable poffeffioi;s in the Eaft»lndies ; the
critical lituation ofthofein the Weft ; the sources
of fubfiitence obflru&ed ; the inhabitants impovc
ii!h!d by contributions ; the decline of commerce ;
the diminution of the manufactures ; all tend to
exhibit out too true and too melancholy a pidture
of our failen country !—And the incomputable ex
actions, the extraordinary exertions bellowed on
the marine, uncommon addition made to the
land forces, the solemn summoning of all burghers
to defend their country; js it not so many tokens
of dijlrefs ? so many proofs sf danger ; so man- e
vident signs of the ehaftifiiig hand of Godlike juf-j
tice ?
" But 'torn whence came these mifeiies ? and
where m\ifl we enquire for the foutces? In our
selves, brethren ! They originate in our punifhahle
ambition, in fordid interefl, or dcteftable voluptu
ousness, in despising all the virtues that contribute"
to render society happy, in degenerating from re
ligion and morality; and, more than all, to our
disunion and party-rancour, that, like an eating
cancer, has uaftnewed thejjody of our State, and
brought it to a skeleton.
"Snould we, then, remain indifferent fpe&ators
of these accumulating evils, and not Endeavor to
remove them J Always, feeing a friend or telation
in dangerous circnmflances, do we not, in spite of
our reliance on medicinal aid, diredt our eyes and
■;cur hearts tow-atds heaven, beseeching Qodto com
municate the means of recovery? And, burghersj
.ftioukl we not then, to preserve our country, which
is the mend of 413 all, that is our mother, who has
the molt faefed claim to our love, offer up, unani
| mcufly, our. prayers to the Almighty Deliverer,
imploring his aid and protefiii>n ?
FiftyJiflh Silting.
The Prcfiaeut announced, that the Commiffijn
for foreign affairs had received an official coramu
rncation from Admiral Lucas, confirming the re
port of the capture of 25 English ships by' the
Bataviafl fleet.
The PiefiJent next announced to the afTembly
the departure of the fetond battalion ps the 7th 1
demi-brigade, and likcwife that the Commission for,
foreign had piop.jfcil, iJiat the gariifon of
the Hague should 111 fiitute cohfil of one battalion
ol Efench tioops, two .battalions of Dutch infan
try, a detachment of Ft-Mich hussars, aid a corps
of artiikry, fo.ming a force of 22,000 men.''
LONDON, .June 4. I
Thursday, according to annual cußom, all the 1
charily chiidien, in and loujid the metropolis, to 1
the amount of gooo, of both sexes, afTembled in c
St. Paul's Cathedral, a:vi heard divine feivice.— 1
I he fpeftacle was truly exquifiie and sublime.
On \V ednefdav an ■action was brought in the j:
court of common pleas, to recover 1001. being the
deficiency and expences upon the re-sale of an estate 1
purchased by Mr. Cattle the defendant, from Mr. c
Howard the plaintiff, which he refufed to complete,
aliedging that he had been imppfed upon at the firft f
sale. It appeared, that different puffers had been c
employed by the feller to keep up the price. Up- L
on this, the court weTe unanimously of opinios, x
that pbffers being employed on the behalf of the '
feller to keep up the price, was a fraud upon the 1
public, and therefore renderetf the sale void alto
In the court of cimnura picas on Thnrfday,' an
action was tried, Herbert versus Hervey, of tome
importance to the trading world. It was brought
by the afiignees of a bankrupt to recover a large 1
sum of money, being the amount of a debt due
from the bankrupt to defendant, and which he ]
had paid him a few days priyr to his bankruptcy.
The rounfel for the plaintiff contended, that if any
debt was paid by a tradesman, in contemplation of
his becomming a bankrupt, v.ith a view to bestow
an undue preference to a pirticular creditor, fnch
payment, according to the spirit and meaning of
the bankrupt laws, was an illegal payment, and the
isffigiier* had a right to reewver the sum so paid foi i
the be«rfit of all the creditois. i. being piovtJ, f
that the dtfbt had been paid a few dij pc. .iom to, '
aiid in contemplation of the taokrupn-j, tit j iry,
under the direction of the learned j . 'ge, fy. c a
veruidl foi the plaintiff,for the whole lam,
J«'y *5-
A fiugular circumllaqcehappeißd off the Isle of
Wight last Monday, The Dolphin pilot cutter, of
! Hailing* with nine men, obirrviiig » Ftench priva
teer eapturj; a trading veflel, bore down upon tiicm,
on which the privateer (not likingher appearinocj
lload oir, and the Dolphin coming along lide the
veflcl, the men, (having neither aims noi ammuni
tion) armed themselves with mop flicks, and a fire
poker ; immediately grappled tlie vcfl'el, boiided
her, overcame the Frenchmen whom they had feea
put on board, seized and.carried her into Rye.-—-
She turned out to be the Caenarvon. Tlie Cap
tain, his wife, child, and fiftci, who were oh boaid,
heartily thanked their deliverers. It is a fr.4;, fc
rioully to be regretted, that the Admiralty refill's
letters of manjne to the vcfiels on this coast, which,
if granted, v. cnl! greatly contribute to theprof«e~
tion of the coa(!i„ t < and' keep off the pViva
teeis which infett it. There is rto dofbt, br't i.nd
the Dolphin a few m'ufkets only, die would Uav* la
ken the privateer also.
T he Emprefsof Rufiia's declaration to the king
of Piuffia and the Emperor, that to prevent their
Jidnfhiuius disputes about the fetilement of the fron
tiers of Weil Gallicia and South Phtffis, fte will
be forced to march an army to tske'poffeffioo of the
disputed places, merely to keep tie W remind* us
of the fable, where a monkey arbitrate* between
two cats, who had doleo a quantity of ch.-efr, and
after greatly dimiiiifliitig the lump, by eating alter
nately from either iesle, in order to dift(ibu;e im
partial ju(Jlce, at length retains the remainder for
tb£ trouble of fettling the 1
ju!v 25.
lady jEßsr.r.
The following is hooded about as a copy of a
Utter sent by the Cmtntefs of Jersey to the Prin
cess of Wales, on the occifion cf her Ladyfh'p's
resignation :
Z\ H r': Rcy - ! the Prh.eefs of Wafts. ,
" ! ze the eailicft opportunity in my power
to have the houpii£<^v»fo r^n^ your Hieh
nets, that 1 have this day obtalntfe permifiion \>f his
Royal Highness the Prince of Wrtles to rcfigu into
his hands the situation of Lady of the Bed-cham
ber in your Royal Highnefs's family ; a fituatiou
which I had the honour of being appointed to by
him at the fame time with the reft of those ladies
who coroprife your Royal Highnefs'e household.
" The fame duty and attachment which 1 (hall
eVer \ie proud in profefliig for his Royal Highneft,
arid which induced'me to accept of that appoint
rtient, urged me to obey his commands 'fa retain
ing it a long time after the infamous and ui judic
able paragraphs in tlie public papers lendered it rm
poffi'ble for a person of the rank aod station I hold
in this country, indeed for any woman, polTcfiing
the honest pride of an English woman, to fuhmit to
hold a station which was to make her the obj:it of
a dark and defigtirng calumny. Upon mentioning
my carneft requed to his Royal Highness fur rcy
instant resignation, he rtprefentcd to me that faeh
a step would not only be legarded as a confirmation
of every absurd and abominable faKhood that had
been so indudrioufly fabiieated for the present
purposes, but that it would be further promoting
the views of those who had so wickedly laboured to •
injure his Royal Highness in the public mind, and,
through him, to degrade the Royal Family." But
the moment is now arrived when I can with pro
priety withdraw myfelf from ftich per-fecotiofi and
injudice, with the conscious fatisla&ion of know
ing that, by my silence and forbearance, I Inve
ven the ftiongcft proof of my duty to the Royal
family, and of that attachment and gra
titude to his Ri>ya! Highness the Prince of Wales,
which can never end but,with my life.
" I am, Madam, with all pofiible tefpcf>, your
-Royal Highnefs's moll hunibL fuvent, &c.
DUB-LIN, June 20.
This age was very unaptly called hy Mr. Butke
an age of mediocrity ; for it seems to be remarka
ble for extraordinary things; and aaipngft them, fur
nothing so much as the production of human phe
nomena. Dum.iurier has been foliowed_ fry hun.
dreds of the f.ime damp 011 the Continent ; poor
Ireland furcifties but one unprecedented man, but
his excellence lies in the arts of peace, which may
be accepted as fame atofiement for cur t»arrer.nef*
in other rcfpeQs.
This is no other than Couut Rumlord. He is a
fort of noble mechanic, or.mechanic noble ; cuftpm
gave him a title, and nature inquifitivenrlj; which
lad has induced him to look into the mod minute
tliingß. He has taught the beggars in Channel
low how h-fs meat will make more broth j and that
one third of the fire used in the process is more
thanenough. He has coritiibuted to the wealth
of our cottagers also, in diminidiifig their cxperces,
by (hewing them how to manage with a third lels
fuel, that is, one sod of turf wftead of three on
their hearth ; and to their comfoit by his plan for
curing smoky cliimnies, when they (hall build them,
for at present mod of them have none. Govern
ment have alreadv rftvarded his exertions with an
office in the Cadle, although the r.ecefiary appen
dage of a place remains yet to be added it,
which renders liirn dill more a singular man ; for
however there'may be placemen without offices,
there is no i.iftance of oEice without place.
GOOD iteady workmen will meet with err.-
| ' ployment.and good wages ;"By applying to JOHN
I CURTIS, No. 43, North 1 o.irlh-dreet.
N. B. BOOK BINDING in all its different branches,
I capeuted with neatness and dispatch. PuUlic and private
lis rafief repaired in the neatest and bed mann :r.
I September 20. ~ t k iw
rll is i) Jrls'puis lis he 17, '
By W. YOUNG, MILLS and<Kou>
Corner cf Second and Chefnut Jlreels,
Price 11 i-a cente,
The President's Address
iTo the ; People of # the United .States,
the rxfuluiion he hn< f«rmed to decline being
among the number of tliofe out of whom a choice ii fa
Iz made, at the er.fuir.f, election of a Pttfidcnt of th'
United States.
j ** ws6