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#S?et te of the & Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
Nvmber 1260.] 7 - — ; ~~ t: c , I " The Merchants and Traders
_ for Charter,
The Ship Dominici Terry, c "
Jacob Dc Hart, master an excellent
vessel, of about' 3300 barrels burthen. j Ci ,
Jeffs <ff Robert Wain. x n
t , A hffil
September eT. I D : (
r->. For NEW-YORK, Lm
The Ship LIGHT HOUSn, J*
T° f-*' l la * few ,n< * wlll uke fre 'S ht
very low. Apply to, josEpH aNTH ONY, & Co. I \
September 20. |
For Siie, Freight or Charter, }Jf
jg-ZS?- The Ship General Wafhmgton, Mere
Now discharging her cargo from Liver- he w;
at Rofs's Wharf—She is a last fail
; (hip, and may be lent to sea at a small Sor
cnclThiviJTbwn'docked and refitted fe Liverpool. Sn,
APP ' V '° Kearny Wharton. s«n
Who has for fair on board said ship,
A few thousand Bushels Salt and Coa.. I En
d 6 I r).,
Sept -' 9 - Sll
JCZ For charter ' l\
The Danilh Barque Beneventura I p r
Samuel Stub, master, _J"
(rood vessel, of about two -hnfidre d ,
tons burthen. JESSE & ROBERT WAI.N.
Sept. 17. 1
For Boston,
The Schooner Olive, Th
Perer. Drinkwater, mafler, will P'' - 1
lively lail on TueHay the 20th inft
hTving part of her cargo engaged. For freight orjwflagc
aP S;pt to l6. No- 7°. North water-flrcet J
'^' ls ea P ,la l "*'P CERES,
fail soon For freight or paffagc S
to DAVt, ROBERTS & Co. br j**
John Vaughan, _s
September 10. Front-llreet.
V'-'E-fSwT'* The Schooner LAR K»
° ne Hundred and twenty tons burthen. .
\ A new vessel well found, well built, & J ;__4
fails extremely fall. Fotf terms apply «
to the,n\after onboard, or to I 1
Jofcph Anthony ts Co. the
If the. above vessel 'is not fold in a few days, fee will tr o
take freight on very low terms for Bolton. I
Sept. io. | lot*
, v FOR SALE, 1 _
The (hip STAR,
£aVw-"4*J Johk.Vankim.ik, Master, j .
T YING at Walrmt-ftr-et wharf, Philadel- in
*5«55.'133 lJ phia built, of live oak and cedar, will j
can/about 3100 barrels, is two years old, and in com
pleat order to receive a cargo—'-'or terras MppJf «P
Who have also for sale said vessels cargo—confiding ol—
Wine and Porter bottles, I ,
Window G ass, 6 by 8 to 16 by 12.
Pipes in boxes I
Eartben-Ware in crates.
Grindstones, Coals, Whiting, &c. & -
AUg. 29 *
•John Whitefides & Co.
Have for Sale, j p C
Venetian Red, I fti
Sjianifh Brown, _ I mi
White Lead, ground in oil.
Slict, Ko. I, 3, 3, 4» 5* j
Londow Porter, in casks and bottles.
Green Copperas. , . ,* , r .
Several crates of Queens Ware, in setts, with desert j
ditto c«mpl:'at.
Blistered Steel, |
- ' German ditto. I ht
Sept vai." •' QUV - ™
To be disposed o£,
rr-iHE time of a healthy NEtJRO WOMAN, who I
JL has between four and five years to ferre: She |
dan be recommended for her sobriety and honesty. For I r
pai'ticul4rs enquire at No. lj3, Chefnut-l.rett.
Anguft 3. I ti
Of the firjl quality, LOR SALE BT, llj
J RD. and JAS. POTTER. ti
For any, quantity above Five Thousand Pieces, a li- I
betal credit will be given. R- &J- P- e
September 13. " I
ON Tburfday the 2ld inft. at io o'clock, A. M. will j 5
be fold at the stores of Willings and Franeis, a large
. quantity of INDJA GOODS, imported in the Ganges, |
from Bengal, confiding of -j .
3OQO pieces Gurrahs '
2000 do. Baftas, different kinds J
3500 do Coflas, do. j
•VSO do. Hiitnhumsdo.
boo do. Patna hdkfs. for women
100 ho. Addacies
80 do Table cloths
300 do. F.nierties
8a do. Pmijuras S
3to do. Fine Mu'imuls
soo do. l'ine Dacca hdkfs.
xoo do. worked Mufiins '
100 do.* Doreas
100 do. Book Mufiin a
r 100 do. black and colored PerfiSns or Taffeties i
J Bandannoes, chocoiate, red and blue r
l.'.a do. Choppa Romals
id quarter ca&s of Hyson Tea of'goad quality
40 Souchong
The coarse goods will be fold by the bale, the taffetas
aaj.bandannoesin lots to fait the purch:uers, the teas by
the chc'fl. The whole is entitled so the drawback, and will
oc fold for approved n»te.'. on a liberal credit. r
Tl.'-■j:cKj,dsmsy be seen lrom the 15th inft. to the day <
•" previous to the sale. 1
JOHN CQNXIiLLYi Aftioneer. ,
September 8. * d
French Goods.
Received by the Sally, Mitchell, from Havre-Je- '
20 Trunks *> Ladie t SHOES of all colors forts ancl sizes
I Cafe \ Eig!
1 1 Ditto white arjd colored Silk STOCKINGS g O ,
1 1 Ditto Fine LAWN {ion of
| 1 Ditto bed fine CA,\IBRIC Apf
. I Ditto Ladies' best and Grenoble Gloves
I *«g. V * - ,
——— — Sept
No. 76 High Street, 1 -
T TAS received, by the latest arrivals from Europe and
1~1 the Eaft'lndies, a well felefted assortment of Silk Me( f r ,
Mercery, Linen Drapery and Haberdashery Goods ; which nQW j
he Will fell, Wholesale and Retail, 911 the lowest terms; p o f
Some fine India mullins embroi.lered with gold and (fiver
Superfine Book, Jaconet, and MCilmul ditto r
( Do do de do Handkerchiefs —
I Some extra black taffetics.lUttftringsand colored Pcrfiatis
Bandano Handkerchief* _
Long and short Nankeens \ )
janglifh Mantuas of the firft quality ,
Damask table linen and napkins,-very fine abl^-
I Silk Hosiery, an elegant assortment ,
I Thead and cotton do
Umbrellas —green silk, oil'd do. and do cloth
French cambrics, very fine P_ e
Irish Lineiis, do. Sec. &c. , June 14 § ,
70,000 Pieces Nankeens,
j Of the bejl quality and on reasonable terms,
, 1 fox Sale by
Philip Nicklin Iff Co.
j 26.
The Cargo of the Polacre Independent,
FAIN CATHCART, from Alicant and Lif-
I bon, landing at the fublcribers wharf—
: I 28 Pipes of Brandy °
I 18 Bales of Spanith wool
. J 3 do, of Annifeed
- I 7000 Bulhels of best Lilbon Salt
So Boxes of Lemons The
c| Seventy Hogsheads of prime JAMAICA SUGARS, A
r I received by the Ihip Dominick Terry, Capt. De Hart, —J
-1 from Kingston. .
Septi 13. d A 1
C A' B L E S,
From 16 to 9 \ inches, for sale by
Jeremiah Warder,
M July 21 S No 12 north Third-flreet.
•' Washington Lottery. jt
1 THE Twentieth and Pwenty-firft Days' Drawing of
the Waftiisgton Lottery, No. 2, are received nt the office J
1 No. 234, Market-ftrect, where tickets may be examined. J
N. 13. Inlormation given where tickets in all the other
j lotteries may be procured. >
- September 15, 1796. y .df
WINE, London particular Madeira, 4 years old,
■1- I in pipes and hogsheads —u
ill ' Claret, genuineold, in cases
a- Gin, in pipes, from Holland
Earthin Ware, in crates
Balket Salt,.in hogsheads '
- Shnt, Nos. 6, 7, I and 9 "Q
I, Bar Lead, Red and white dry lead lS
I Steel, German ond tfuffia, in barrels beii
Anchors,, cables, junk, bunting, tarpolin canTas, of
Tin plates —An invoice Stationary, by. inti
j 7>rtv 19 ■ ' ' ? p rc
I S hereby cautioned, n'ot to trust any person or —
j persons on my account, under any pretext whatever, s 1
I (hall not pay such debts as may have been, or hereafter
j may be contr.idted without my knowledge.
j Sept. >13. ttfcfl
ert |"S give?! daily of the drawing of tbe WASHINGTON G f
I i LOTTERY, attheOfiice anC
I No. 147 Chefmt-jlreety po
I between Fourth and Fifth streets. Also, where Tickets all
I may yet be had. Sept. 15. ttf e !
J The 20th and 21 fl Days drawing is arrived °.' J|
;h<- j Lottery and Broker's Office, Fo
l ll ' A r o. 64, South StCCNO STREET.
L 'or 1 r -p ICKETS m the Canal Lottery, No. 2, for sale—a
J. Check Book for exarnryiatian—■-and prizes paid in
I the late lottery.
j Check Books kept .for examination and raftering, for
I the City of Waftiingttin, No. 2, and Pattefon Lotteries,
I both of which are now drawing—information where
I tickets arc to be had, and prizes exchanged for undrawn
tn_ I tickets. A complete lift of all Chs prizes in the ldte New
-1 Port Long-Wharf, Hotel and Public ScKool Lottery, for
J: J examination.
I The fubicriber foficits the application of the public
j and his friends, who wish to pur chafe or fell Bank Stock,
Certificates.. Bill's of Exchange or Notes, Houses, Lands,
■* j Si.c. 1 or to obtain mopey on deposit of property
Wm. Blackburn.
a 'l Philadelphia, i%. 1796. mth c
A Complete Font of Brevier, D
j new , and yet unopened. The weight of this ol
JLi font is about 3121b. It is from the FounJery of C
Wilson & Sons,Glafgow,andwillbefold at cost & charges, c/
Also for Sale, a pair of Super Royal Chafes.
Enquire at the Office of the Gazette of the Uftitde h
Statse, 119 Chjfnut-ftreet. Aug. 19 $4\v 1:
Diflblution of Partrierfhip.
THE Partnership between ROBERT ANDREWS and ti
D AVID MEREDITH, undei the firm of ANDREWS c
and MEREDITH, being diflolvcd All persons who are li
indebted to, or who have claims against the bid house, are 1
requested to apply for fcftlement to the fubicriber. q
No. 86, So. Whaivcs. f
5ept.6,1796. d tf
• ct by s WA N T E D,
will A Middle-Aged WOMAN, who c. n be well|rtcom- .
mended, to take charge of the entire management of
day children—Such a peflon/will meet with fuitabje encou
tagement, and rpay. hear of a platre, by applying to the .
-r. p,-li ter of this Gazjtte,
i Sept. 14. mwf
For Sale, • m
((ti an excellent situation for business,) publi
A thrEe-story brick House and Lot cf to m<
Ground, 1j
Eighteen feet front and twenty-five feet in depth, on
the South fide of MarketJiear Fronf-ftreet, now in pofle:-
fion of Samuel Read.
Apply to ,
Ifratl Pl.eafants, or B
Charles Sc Jcfcpli Pleafantv. \rn
»ept.T3. J
For Sale,
A Three ftofy BRIQK HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
street, between Front and Serond ftrsets, in which
Messrs. James Calbraitli Ji Co. have for many years (and
now do) carried on business.
Poffefiion will be given in one month, or foo'her. _
For terms apply to WILI.IAM BEI.L,
April 21. ' I
A Book-Keeper,.
OR Clerk's place is wanted by a person properly quali
fied, and whole charadler will be found UnexCeption- Am
able. Apply to the Printer. . A
Aug. il I 111-
Dutch Goods,
Received by the Punnfylyania, from Amjlerdam.
GIN, in pipc^
Morlaix *S
Ticklenburgs > In Bales
Ofnaburgs j t J_
German *> Stripes, in cases
Hacr}em j
Hollands \ DUCK, in ditto
Ravens 3
, Be-iiti'-ks. in di"o A
f- ?■ ;ntUtto
Platuie* S A^
Aug. 29 ;
Sales of India Goods. By
The Cargo of the Clip Ganges, capt. Tingey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal,
; \ Laree and general assortment of Bengal and Madras
A variety fine worked and plain -NLuflins,
Doreas, luV. Also,
A Quantity of Excellent Sugar,
In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER,
For Sale by
Willings y Francis,
- No. il Penn Street. _
June 8 §
0 £ , , — — ———A.
ce JUST A RRIVE D, from Lisbon, t
' And for Sale by th'j Subscribers, i t
Lilhon Wine, 1'
In pipes and quartcr-calks ; pc
5000 Bushels Lisbon Salt.
fefl'e iS Robert i'udn.
Id) "
At a special meeting of the Board of Di
reß ,*s f'ir ejlabhfoing ufeful Manufactures, ha.den
at Paterfon, July B_, 1796,
T> ESOL.VED,'That a special meeting of the. Sfock- f<
holders of the Society be called.on the firft Monday, o
being the third ay of Odober next, at Paterfon,.by ten U
a3, of the clock cf tbe fany day ; tlien and there tot ke
into confidcration the propriety ol diifolving the said
, - corporation, agreeably to tlu.' law iti such cafe made-and
1 provided—and the Stockholders are earneftl'y refuelled
to attend the.said meeting in person or by proxy.
AuguO 2: dt,othO
or . —Ht— '1 '' ■, —*— - '' 1" 1 '
$ Notice is hereby Given, |
—' AT agreeably to an ail of Congrcfs of the United
I Slates of \merica, n iffed at Philadelphia, the 28th day
ON 0 f Mav, 17q6 yljyin: duties 00 Carnages, for the convey- | J
ance of periods, and 'repealing the former a6ls for that pur- .
pore.—'Thai thdre (hall be levuS, colleaed and paid, upon -
bets all carriages f/r the conveyance of persons, which thall be
-tf "kept by or lor any person, for his or her ownuie, or to let
o'Jt to hire, orfor the conveying of palTengcrs, the several du.
- ties and rates following, to wit.
For and upon every Coaph, doh.
apo.i eveTy Chariot, 12 dols.
uponeve;y Poll Chariot, it dolJ; f
- a upon every PoA Chaise, 1a dqjs.
j i a upon every Phacion, with or without top, 9 doli
Upon every Coachee, 9 dols.
f or upon other Carriages, hiving pannei work above,
V with blinds, glallesor cUrtains, 9 dols. .
' upon four wheej carriages, having trained pofls and
tops vvith steel springs, 6 dols. •
upon lour wheel toj» Carriages, with wooden or iron
J l ' * springs 01 jacks, 3 dob.
ior upon curricles with tops, 3 dols.
upon chai tes with idps, •) dols.
'hliC upon chairs with tops, 3 dolS,
ock, tipon sulkies witfi lops, 3 dols,
tnds, upon other two wheel top carriages, 3 dolj.
upon two wheel carriages, with ficel or iron springs,
. 3 dols,
" for and upon all other two'wheel carirages, a dols. .
upeiT ' vtry lour wheel carriage, hiving tramfd pods
and tops, and reftiug upon wooden spars, z ( dols.
The Colli ftors of the Revenue of th.c firft turvey of the
Dillriftof Pernifylvania. will attend daily, until the 30th d»y
' this of September next, for the purpose of 1 ece iviiy; rh<: duties on
■y of Carriages, at No. 11;. in Race or Saffafras flreet, in the City
of Philadelphia, at the hotife ol Daniel S. Ctair, tf<) in the
| Cburtty of Montgomery ; and at the house ol Abraham Du
tiitde ' b6iS, tfq. in the County of Bucks; of whieh all persons pol
}w lefled t>! f»tb Carriages are defued to take notice.
-— Notice is also given,
TO all retail dealers i", and foreign diftiUed fpiri
i> and tuous liquors, thai licences will be granted io them ; ane li
EWS cence for carrying* business oi retailing ot Wind, in a
>o are left quantity* or in Icis quantities than 30 gallons—and one
e. are , licence for carrying, on the boftnefs of retailing Spirituofts li
quors in lefsquantities than 20 gallons, at the latne time and
at the fame places, by the officers legally authorised to grant
's. fuck licence*.
t f Wll4-1 AM NICHOLS,
i Infpcftof of the Revenue ot the firft survey
of the dillrift of Pennsylvania.
Irtfp?£iion,at ) j 3®
:com- phllacMphid. 21ft July, 1796. )
rjlt of •
tHhe . *E D \
An APPRENTICE to the Printing Business.
iwf Enquire at thia Office. Aug. 9
1 y
The Merchants and Traders
OF thij City, who have claims upon the Frcuch ■Re
public, either irt the Weft-Indies, or Europe, ar-. reoueJ-a
to meet at the Coffec-Kotf., on Tucfday the sftth in-t
---at I a o'clock, Sept. 19,
HOI-LAND GIN;of -he firft fltiafitiesin Pipes.
Eroktrs ami CCTttirnilfu;". VC-' c!K :.t», N"©.63, *>0 3 I St,
\Vn" KCTES r.«*».
N. B. An a'pPRENT!C£ Wanted.
September 14. rnwf
Rofs arid fnmfon
Have for Sale,
A few calks Bees-Wax,
Of an excellent quality*
Ana a parcel of Lampblack.
Sept. 14. d
Great is Truth and micft prevail.
And for fait at No• 41 Cbefnut-ftreet by J. ORM'IODr,
■An Apology For tire Jiible,
By R. WatsoK. d. v. f. jr. s.
Bijhop of l.cndef,. rfct
Being a complete refutation of Pairte's
Age of ReH/on,
An! the only aijfuer to the Second fart.
August 30. ■!
By W. Young, Mills and Son,
[Price 10 cts. in boards, 62 i-i neatly bound]
An Apology for* the Bible,
In a fries of Letters,
' Addrefled to Thomas Paihe, author of a book entitled
Tlx Age *f Reason, part the second, being an in
veShation of true and fabulous theology. .
By R. WATSON, D. D. F. R. S. Lo.d Bifliop of
- Landaff, and Regius Profeffor of Divinity
in the University of Cambridge.
.Sept. 16. ,u&f6
IS "
For sale by the fublcribers,
5 quarter Chests trefh Hyson ica ;
100 ditto *0. frelh Souchong Tea ;
300 Boxes China, containing irnall tea ietts of 41
400 pieces Bandinoef.
Willirh Is? Francis.
January 30
One Hundred' Dollars Reward.
Q OME villainous perfoii or pcrfons having, in the night
, oof the 7th ir.ft. broken and rmich injured the Marble
Steps at Mr. Piercb Butler's door in High-ftfvCt, No;
the above sum of 100 dollars will be paid iinrrjecU"
*tely to any one who will discover the perpetrator or
perpetrators, so that he or they may be apprehended.
Apply to FiERf. E
Sept. 15. *tffcm3 . . I
'/- "J"HE fubfcrlber intends to make application sos a re
r, newa' of the following certificate, supposed to bs
e " loft on the passage to England in April 1794:
Certificate No. 10335, dated Ijth November, 1
■k- for 1830 dollars and 91 cents—Six per cent, domeftife
debt, on the books of the Treasury of the United
rUI in the name of the Hon. John 1 rcvor.
' ke ROBERT BIRD, at John Warder's,
aid Philadelphia, August 30th, 1796. «tu&f6w'
ted India Tamboured Muslins.
L A finally handforne affortmeni of Mujlins^
Pine tamboured Mafda and Safitiptre Muslins, .Various
patterns and prices.
Plain 6-4 Jaconet.
, j Corded and cross-barred Muslin Shawls.
j. Ditto ditto 6-4 and Dorcas,
Muslin Handkerchiefs, fine arid coarse.
iur- ' Japan Muslins, and
□on I A few pieces extraordinary fine Long Cloths.
let 1 jThomas Tingeys ■
u " J No. 111, South Third-ilreet.
Sept. is. tu&itf
That Neat and Convenient- Plouse,
. j "TT THEREIN the fnbferiber now lives. There are loaf
I W rodtus on a floor : the house is two (lories high
ove, j with a good garret above : under the whole js an excell
ent cellar, with a dry well, m which is a convenient
and J framed chamier f6r prefetving meat, butter, &c. in warm
' weather. Attached to ,he house is a> Stable for three
iron horffis, hay-los , granary, and carriage- houf-', a wood-
S yard paved with (tone, and a garden with foil of a fine
(quality. An indlfptftable title will be made to the pur-
I chafer. For farther particulars apply to the fubferitjer in
I Princeton, or, in her abfencc to Thomas D. jOTinfon, Esq. -
1 or the rev. Samiel S. Smith.
in S s ' I Princeton, Aug 14. aawtO
posts Plans of the city of Philadelphia,
d°ls. I including the N*oßthern LißEtTi es and diftrid of
f the I 0 SoUTHWARK ,
* M I PubHfhed, and fold by
11 the I 68, High street,
1 Du- j Price one dollar.)
pof» j THIS plan is ih incite fqua.-c, and has been enl
I graved by or.e of the firft artists In the city, from a late
I and accurate survey. Purchasers are entitled to a pam
fpiri- I pblet with each plan, giving " forrle account of the
re li 1 city, its population, trade, government, &c.
,in a j July 19 tij&ftf
i one I '
£ By N and J. FRAZIER i
1 No. 9J, S. Front-street,
• I Prime Boston B«ef, in barrels.
luvvey I ijeorgia Cctton.
1 Carolina Rice arid Ir.digo.
j Sherry and Teneriffe Wines, of excellent quality.
■ I laveris Duck.
I . n dio BaadanOo's.
1 iewing Silks, various colours,
ess. I l offahs and Gurrahs. $
I Sspt, 17. ttJ4W.