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    __ i-»iV>illT° --- ■■ - ■ r , I. II llUltpui^i,^^^
JT is hardly necessary to fay, that the paragraph in
the Aurora of this morning, which contains some allu
sions to Mr. F ■■■•■,' is a tissue of fallhood and mii
Yesterday arrived the (hip Independent, Capt. Cath
' • cart, from, Algiers, Alicant, and Liflaon. She left Al-.
giers the 10th of May: The captain informs, that be
rare he failed from Llfbnn (50 days ago) letters were
received from Italy informing, that ths Britifli mer
chants at Leghorn had embarked with all their proper
ty, on hoard of 39 fail of shipping, and that a large
iiotly of the French troops soon after marched in and
{00$; pofii-fßon of that city. [June 17. See Boston
f *" 'jucjubt ii» j'fifleraays.Ckacus.]
By the brig Betsey, from Lifhon, letters have been
received in this city from Algiers, dated June 16, from
one or which the following is an extfail : " The
plague still rages here, Nicholas Hartford, Abraham
Simmonds and Joseph Keith, have died of it ; Benja
min Lunt, and John Thomas, are in the hospitals,
among others of cur unfortunate fellow citizens—of
whom ninety remain still here in captivity."
The (hip William and Henry, with 250 paflen
gers, is arrived at in 42 days from
Doctor Franklin's Simile of the Cart is Well known.
Its inapplicability has been dernonftrated.
Here follows another, written also by an enemy to
a balanced government; It appears to carry its own
confutation with it. .
■» \
From the Probationary Odes of Jonathan
From Ode iiv.
NOT far from Albany, among the Dutch,
, A Jk'.pple-Jlotie is us'd to balance weight
On herfeback borne ; this balance is just such
As Daddy Vice requires in every slate.
A Dutchman who to mill went, every week,
Withfack half fill'd with wheat, &. half with (lone,
Was on'-e advif'd a different eourfe to leek ;
Double the wheat and let the (Tone alone.
The boor with wonder Hare?—takes off his load,
Throws out the (lone and fills the sack with grain,
Divides it equally, and takes the road. .
" Dis meal'two Weeks mine household will main
( He cries, exulting—but a sudden- thought
Soon turns him back.— Again lie tjkes the sack,
And emptying half the Wheat as he'd been taught,
y ■ Into its place the fkipple Jhne p its back ;
Thus mutt'ring to himfelf, as he was wont,
*• If efts been right, mine fader would a don't"
Good folks—the moral's easy to apply ; \
Go, copy mother Britain all your days 1
Keep her example ever in your eye,
' Her follies mimic, and chant forth her fraife.
Remarks on the Abo-jt.
In France they lately hada fkipple fiom,
The democrat.Convention bag to poi?e ; 1
A weight kept each rising member down,
By taking off his head, fans form or noise.
This was Robespierre's infernal crew,
Who govern'a France witti democratic rage j
Jufl such a scene th' United States would (hew, .
Should Jacobinic systems curse the age.
Divide the meal, 'tis wisest, cheapest, best ;
It gives to liberty a double chance !
A (itigle house is a machine, a pell—
Thefkipple prov'd a miliflone weight to France,
from tie QUEBEC GAZETTE, Augufl 25.
The following addrefles were presented to Colonel
England and Major Doyle of his Majefty'i 24th
regiment, previous to the evacuation of the posts
\ o( Detroit and Michilimakinac.
tenant-Colonel of his Majelty's 24th regiment
of foot, commanding Detroit aad its dependen-,
ciee, &c. &c.
■ Sir,
THE merchants and inhabitants of the town of
Detroit, impressed with a lively sense of your r.eal
ous and indefatigable exertions towards the promo
tion! of their general welfare during a period of
four years, beg leave to offer some testimony ot
their approbation, and to thank you for ihe encou
which y„ ur command tills
conferred, as well on the commercial at the general
interedsof this settlement.
Although the Indian country has Ufcen involved
in hostility, and the natural turbulence of the In
• dian character been irritated,, by enmity and re
venge; yet the property of the 'trader has been at
well secured from depredation, ar.d his life as invio
late from insult, as in times of the moil profound
tranquillity ; and latterly, when a well known cause
had aimed placed this country under the mod un
propitioits circumstances, which the horrors of war
can impose, we have reason to believe that your
wife and temperate measures landed in no incQcfi
derable degree to avett the calamities of impending
Advantages of such an ir.eftimable nature are
not the produftlons of chance, nor the common
phenomena of natural causes; we therefore assume
that they are referable in a high degree to the a&-
ive vigilance, wisdom and humanity of your cha
The affable and polite deportment of the officers
of your regiment eptitTe them to our warmed ac
knowledgments; and'tothofe of the royal regi
ment of artillery and engineers, our thinks are e
qually due.
Captain O'Brien will long be remembered for
his readiness and affability in the duties of his office
of (fort adjutant—Be pieafed also, Sir, to fignify
our thanks to the non-eommiffioned officers and
fc.ldiers of the 24th regiment for their orderly be
That the 24th regiment may always enjoy honor
and diftinflion, and that yonrfelf and family may
ire blessed with all the comforts of dcmellic happi-
Oefs, is the ardent wi(h of,
&> St r,
Yopr mod obedient humble fervantl,
[Signed by forty of the inhabitants.].
Detroit, 6th July, 4796.
"i -■? ' • I'- «"'•
\ '
To the Merchants and Inhabitants of the town of
Gentlemen, * 1
ACCEPT my warmed thanks for your very pp
lite address. 1
It is a matter of no small gratification to me,
to find my conduct, during four years residence
here, so highly approved by those I so mueh esteem.
I have communicated to the officers who com
pose the garrison, and to Captain O'Brien, the fa
vorable fentimentß of approbation expressed in your
address, who all feel much flattered, and are very
fenlible of this mark of your friendly attention to
I (hall always feel an intered in your welfare,
and will esteem it a fortunate circumstance if my
situation fliould ever be such as to afford me an op
portunity ot /hewing you how much I, am,
Your much obliged,
and very obedient humble
(Signed) R. ENGLAND,
* Col. Commanding,
To William Doyle, Esq. Major commanding His
Majesty's Garrison of Michilimakinac, Captain
ih the 24th Regiment of Foot, and one of his
Majefty'i Commissioners of the peace for the
county of Kent, Wettern diftridi.
WE the merchants, traders, and inhabitants of
this pod, cannot fee without great regret, the ap
preaching period of your departure.—The impar
tial manner in which you have fupportcd, and pro
tested the trade of Hbi's place, during your com
mand, with the invariable propriety, in which you
have jfted as a Magiltrate, has induced us to offer
you in this public manner, our sincere thanks.
The officers and other gentlemen of your de
tachment, from their affabiliiv and politeness whilst
amorigft us, merit our particular thanks, which with
your own great attention, call forth our warmed
acknowledgements, a true sense of which we beg
the favor of jrptt to intimate £0 them.
Wishing you and them a prosperous and pleasant
- passage to Lower Canada, we have the honor to be
most refpe&fully.
Your much obliged,
and very humble Servants.
Mickilimnhnac, 16th July, 1796.
(Signed by fifty-eight Inhabitants.)
Michilimakinac, 26th July, 1796.
THE very fluttering manner you have this day
expressed your approbation of my conduct, and re
gret at the near approach of my departure from
this poll, will make a lading impression upon my
The few difficulties I have during the
time I have had the honor to command, can be on
ly attributed to the advice, and uniform support j
have always experienced from you, for vxhich i beg
you will accept my grateful thanks*
The Officers of my detachment hare requcded
that I would inform you how very feiifiWe thej are
of the obliging manuer yau have conveyed your
favourable sentiments of their condudt.
Wishing that every prosperity may attend the
Canada Fur trade, I have the honor to-be with eve
ry fentiinent of regard and refpeff.
Gentlemen your much obliged,
and very Humble Servant.
Capt. ,24th Regiment Commanding.
To the Merchints, Traders and inhabitants of
the pod of Michilimakinac.
PROVIDENCE, September 8.
By the most accurate accounts received respec
ting the votes for the choice of a Federal Repri
fentative, in the room of the Hon. Francis Mal
bone, it appears that
Mr. Champlia has J 377
Mr. Greene l^2ol
Scattering - 20 J '34*
Mr. Champlin's majority 35
Mr. Bourne is without oppofitioa.
NEW-YORK, September 12.
Extn& of a letter from a merchant in Stratford,
(Conni&icut) to his friend in New-York, dated
9th inft.
" I have been op part of the night in confe
queni e of an alarm from Newfield, occasioned by
the most (hocking tranfaftion 1 ever knew in thip
town. AHont ten o'clock at night, the dore be
longing to Mr. Isaac Tomlinfon, which we used to
OCT upy, was discovered to be on fire ; the neigh
bours were called, and put it out, when they found ;
a boy lying in the (lore was murdered, by being firft
knocked in* the head with a (hoe hammer, and then
his threat cut. The (lore was robbed of a sum of
money, which Mr. Deferred, the owner, fays, was
about one thousand dollars. The inhabitants mus
tered out in all direfiions—two came to me, and I
got a number out from here, and sent to dop all
the passes, to prevent, if possible, the escape ef the
villain or villains. The store was set on fire, no
doubt, to prevent discovery. It is. fuppefed the
b(>y let some perf®n or perfons.mte the store, as
there was (landing on the counter, near where he
lay dead, some liquor, and the nppearance of some
one having been drinking. The boy was (Jreffcd,
artd with his hat on. I have as yer, this morning,
heard nothing further of thi6 melancholy bufinefa."
Extract of a letter to_a friend in Salem, dated Bil
boa, July 1.
"The public news here is, thlt the National
Convention have petitiort the king of Spain for li
berty to march 70,000 men thro' Spa in into Por
tugal, Captain Eainey has taken the command of
three frigates, and failed for Cape-Francois. I fell
in off Cape Ortogal with 1 v fail of the line, by whom
I was boarded, and treated very politely, morefo
than I have -ever been by the English. This fleet
were in pursuit of 8 fail of the Enghrti, l'uppofed
to be cruifiHgoff Cadiz, forGx fail of the French
who are lying in that place,"
%> v .
We are authorifcd to inform the public, that the
two commifliouers for fettling the true St. Croix L
river, as the boundary line between the United p
States and the Biitifh territories, have chosen Eg- o
bert Benfon, Esq. one of the Judges of the Su
preme Court in this Hate, to be the third commif- ti
lioner; and have dispatched n veffei to this port to
conduct him to St. Andrew's, where they are to
convene, far the accomplishment of the bufinefa.— B
The e'xprefs has arrived here. Judge Benfon is ab
sent in a northern county, aniadvices are forward
ed to him. Whether he will accept or not we can!
i not inform the public.
It gives us pkafure to heat of this amicable a
, greement of the Commiffioiierj, and to know that
r they have fallen upoa so diflinguifhed and impartial S
a m in as judge Bcnfon. S
From eaptain Tailman, of tke brig Commerce,
arrived on Saturday from Cadiz, which place he ir
left the 29th July, we learn, that a few days be
fore he failed, a French cutter arrived there with a S
Portagueze prize, laden with wheat, from Barbary C
, bound to Lisbon. The French vefTel obtained o
much credit by carrying in her prize through the p
i English fleet, which was llretcbed across the bar- v
1 bour.
1 By la gentleman, pafienger ir. the above brig,
: we are informed x that'fuccefs still attends the J
French army in \ Italy. Mantua, Placeiitia and
fomeother fortreffes had fallen into their hands.— 5
F He confirms the arrival of the French at Leghorn,
but fays, that the Eiglifh merchants there had con- '
veyedmolt of their pcrfonal property t6 Venice and 5
and Corsica, and their immovable property they had
afligned over to merchants in Legh ore, that it (
might appear Tuf an propjrty.
Brig Commerce, captain Isaacs, arrived on Sa
turday from Baltimore. Off Cape Henry, was
boarded by the Prevoyants, in company with the {
Refolufton and Topaz; the officer who boarded, )
1 informed captain Ifaacß,-that they had taken cap- L
tain Barney and his fqusdmn.
t PARIS, July 7.
•• AR MY of the SA MERE and ME USE. (
Head-Quarters, Neuwied, July 2. (
JoVRDA*r t commander tn chief, to the Exe«utive
Dire&ory. a
Citizen Directors,
I have the honour to inform yon, that the divi
sion of the army under general Klebei, left Duffel ],
dorT on the 28th of June. The division underge ]
rieral Grenier passed the Rhine at Colognt on the
29th, and joined tl.e tf»oops under Kleber. This J
corps arrived en the 30th as Sieg, on the left bank
- of which the eijtmy had Rationed about 1200 light'
1 troo»8. Adjntant-genual Ney attacked with his -f
v ufua! impetimfity, took about sixty of the ca
valiy, bdides killing and wounding a tolerable num '
e ber. The lb:* regiment of ChalfeHis exhibited the
- ilrongeft proofs of courage in this action and per- 5
I foriHed all their movements with the greatest celerit)
> and preiifion. ' , , 1
General Klebei* halted, otr the Ift of July, or
3 thel«ft bank of the Sieg, in order to wait the arris
val of provisions, and to give time to general Le- c
r febvre, who had dtreftcd his march to Siegen, Ui
reach the place of his defoliation. This division oi f
t the aimy had ordtrs 10 advance this day in front of [
- Ukeradt.
In order speedily to eflefl my junction with ; gen. t
Kleber, I made that division of the army which was -
encamped between Coblentx and Andernach pals
the Rhine this morning. The paffsge was perfor
med in prefencc of a corps of 5 or 6000 men ; the
f whole of which would have been made prifonrrs of
war, had it been possible far the cavalry to qryfsthc ,
liver footer. As it was, we took two pieces of j
camion; and about 200 prisoners.
To morrow I fhsll have the honour-to fend y4B
the particulars of this affair, in which ieveral regi
ments and several officers distinguished ihemfelves. ]
I have ordered one column to march to Monta
" jvautft', and another tq ThierdofF. I hope to mor
row to be able to join general Kleber, and I {hall
then endeavour to bring the enemy to a general en- I
gagement, Greeting and refpefl.
PHILADELPHIA, Stplmler 13.
Schr. Betsey, Baruet, Virginia 3
Pinero, Carvello, Ports-Rico 20 ,
Winfield, NJ'Neane, Richmond 3
3 Sloop Nonpareil, Hammett, BaltimoVe 12 |
Phoenix, Tennifs, Norfolk 4
Sally, Gault, ' Virginia 2
~ PoUcrft Independent, Cathcart, Lifbca
Schooner Maria, Hudgen, Virginia
Mary Ann, Swail, do.
f Sloop Ann, Corbin, Watson, do.
Arrived at the Port.
3 Ship Dominirk Teny, Kingston
Brig Minerva, Quandrill, , do. '
, Schooner Hope, Farren, Cape Francois
Sloop Nabby, Bingham, Bermuda
Hannah, Dunton,. Cape Francois
; Ship Margaret, Babcock, New-York
5 Snow Mercury, Keawn, Cork I
■ Biig Abigail, Lakes, Leghorn ;
Planter, Hawkins, St. Croix
' Sally, Hayes, n, Antigua
J New-York Packet, Strong, Charleston
John Henderfon, W hitej Cambden
Susannah, Parrock, St. Christophers
A6tiv&, Bemiet, New-York
1 Schooner Two Friends, --Foster, • St. Thomas
lnduftry, M'Kean, Jeremie
Comet, Carson, Richmond
Prudence, Deming, Baltimore
Hannah, Hammond, Boston
Sloop Laura,. Bunker, New-Ysrk
Sally, Hall, Baltimore
The brig Induitry, Ca;*. Stewart, belonging to '
Philadelphia, was run down by a Spanish Frigate 1
in Cadiz harbor, about 24th July, Captain, Crew,
and part of cargo saved—vessel totally loft.
Capt. Cathcart from Liftjon, informs, that the
U. S. brig Sophia, Capt. O'jrien, arrived there
previous to his iailiag, in 24 days from the Cape?
of Delaware. "
The Ship Friends Adventure, Caldwell, of Bal
timore, had failed from Li(bon for, Cadiz.
New-York, September 12.
Brig Fanny, William*, Grenada
Commerce, Isaacs, Baltim r
Diana, Pratt, Anii.a') ! 7 1 e, Harvey, M ,n>e-o Bay
WeftmoreUnd, Troop, Jirrtai. a 23
Trio, Smith, St Thorn >3
Mible, Reynolds, Savanna-la Mir. Jim
Sc'nr. Sally, Chriilie, Gonaivfs 14
Sloop Bet fey, Hevrlrieks, Guadaloupe.
The i'hip Pan Mary is fafe arrived at Liverpool
in 25 days rom this port.
Brig Fanny, Captain Cofnvri ;ht/rom Grenada,
Sept. 8, spoke the (loop Harriot of N. .v-Y k,
Captain Navarra, bound to Philadelphia, difmaited
off the rapes of Delaware, c?pt. CoTswig lit ex-
I pe&ed (he would get within the Capes that e
■ venjfg.
Alexandria, Sept. 4.
• Ship Parkman, M'Mitlan Ant'jua
Pomona, Haywood Cadis
. Brig Martha, Atkins Bo if on
, Leopard, Putnam Salem
Schooner John, Blocker Marblehead
Sloo'jp Nancy, Ward , A igiii f
K&jmonys Elfwood Philadelphia
Ship Potowmac Chief, Mag ruder ( Europe
Lexington, M'Keiucic do.
. Brig Martha, Atkins Baltimore
j George, Quirk Weft-Indie®
. Sally, Rutherford t do.
Schooner Dispatch, Moore <so.
Sloop Diana, O'Mesta do.
Folly, Mann <Jo.
Norfolk, Sept. 5,
Yesterday morning arrived here (he bi igDryadeg,
Capt. Eldridge, in eight weeks from Havfe-de-
At the time Capt. E. left Havre, best (lour fold
at 5 and 6 dollars a barrel, andevery other kind of
provisions equally lon'.
A ship anived yefterdfcy from Boston, spoke in
long. 67, 30, lat. 38, 40, the (hip Liberty, Thomas
Berry, master, from New-York sot Leghorn.
Schooner Charlotte, CalifF Nevis
Ranging Polly, Southwick, P. au Prince
Mary Ann< Homer St. Croix
'Sloop Barrett, Newcomh Grenada
Schooner Ranger, Brown Barbadoel
Baltimore, September 6.
ixtraS from the of the ship Charleilon.
July 25, spoke the Adriaoa, of New York, fron*
Barcelona, bound to Guernsey, out 40 days.
A ugtaft 16, lat. 1 42, 36, long. 46, spoKe
ship Echo, from Bouidatx bound to Philadelphia, ■
out 34 days.
Au f ;uft 28, lat. 37, 17, long. 65, spoke the
snow Eliza, capt. Benfon, 44 days from Liver
Augufl 31, lat. 37, 20, parted company with
the Eliza.
A QUARTERLY MEETING of the Hibernian
Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland,
will ba held at Mr, M'Shar.e's tavern, ip Third-street, on
1 Saturday the 17th inft. at seven o'clock in tht Evening.
I September 13, 1796. dj
P. S. It is particularly requested the members will be
pundual in their attendance.
1 1S hereby cautioned not to trust any person or
on my rccount, under any pretext whatever, isf
{hall not pay such debts as may have been, or hereafter
may be contracted without my knowledge.
Sept. 13. tt&f
Cf the frjl quality, FOR SALE RT,
For any quantity above Five Thousand Pieces, a li»
beral credit will be given. rf R. &J. P.
September 13. T. tf
5 The Cargo of the Polacre Independent,
CAPTAIN CATHCART, from Alicant and Lif>
bon, landing at the fubferibers wharf—
\ a 8 Pipes of Brandy
18 Bales of Spanish wool
' 3 do. of Annifeed
1 700 c IVuthels of best Lifboti Satt
80 Boxes of Lemons
, Seventy Hogtheads of prime JAMAICA SPIRITS»
received by the lSip Dominick Terry, Capt. De Hart,
s from l^ingfton,
A very Valuable Estate,
CALLED TIV ITTENHA M, situate in the
township of Upper Derby, p.ndcoanty of Delaware,
7 i-Z miles from Philadelphia, and half a mile from the
new Western road! containing 430 acres of excellent land,
45 of which are good watered meadow, 90 of prime wood*.
land, and the reft arable of the firft quality. Therejre-
on the premises a good two ftoy brick house, -with 1; rooms
s 6n a floor, and cellars ur.der the whole, with a pump-well
of excellent watan; in front; a large frame liam, (tables,
and other convenient buildings ; a and Hone,
spring-house ; two good apple Orchards, atld one of peach
es. The fields are alfin clover, except those immediately
under tillage, and are so laid out as to have the advantage
I of water in each of them, which renders it peculiarly con
venient for grazing.
The situation is pleasant and healthy, from the high
cultivation of the land, the good neighbourhood, and the
vicinity to the city, it is very suitable for a gentleman's
c country feat.
' The foregoing is part of the estate of Jacob Harman,
e deceased, and offered for sale by
, Mordecai "Lewis,
0&.9. tt&f Surviving Executor.