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    J *' -■ c ' .V - , ' .% • »• •'».
Auction Sales.
This Evening, ?
At 7 o'clock, £
WlLfc BE SOl.rf BY AUCTION, at the Coffee- u
House, the following
"> > Building Lots, in the City. |J
No. I. A Lot ojj the north fide of Filbert-street, at the tr ,
* v — dift'nce of about 180 feet from the North-Haft cor-
N < tier of Tenth and Filbart-ftreet, and extending north
wardly 140 feet, to where an 18 feet allc? is intended
to br opened.
No. 2. A lot East of and idling lot No. I, 10 feet
front on Filhert-ftreec, and extending 140 feet, to the T
said intended alley. •
Nn. 3. A lor Eail of and adjoininj No s, and. ot the •<
fame dirtienfiohs. w
No, 4. A lot East of and adjoining No. 3, a»d of the ur
sam« dimensions. , ,
No. 5. A lot East of and adjoining No. 4, and of the
fame dimensions. • .
No. 6. A capital lot, on the north-eift c»rn«r of Tenth
and Filbert street*, being 20' feet on Tenth and 100 feet
011 Filbert-street. ,
No. 7. A'lot north" of and adjoining No. 6, and of the
fame dimensions
No. 3, 9 & 10.-Three lots, north of and adjoining No.
10, each 20 feet, making 6»feet front on Tenth-street,
aad 140 feet deep to the said intended alley.
No.ll. Alot north of and adjoining No. 10, having 20
Ffeet front on Tenth-street, and 140 feet depth to the
said intended illey.
No. t». A lot north of and Adjoining No. 11, and of the
feme dimensions.
Edward Fox, Audt'r.
Aug. 9. '
' Cargo of the ftiip Union Fraterna,
'from Leghorn.
ON Friday nest, at. 10 o'clock in the morning, 011
Messrs. Rofs & SimfonS whatf, will be fold by auc
tion, (and continued from day to day, till the whole is
fold) the cargo of the Venetian Ihlp UniomFratera, from -|
Leghorn, confiftijig of the following articles. J
Florence OjJ in cases of 12 bottles, and flafks of 50 a
Caflile Soap iri cases-• a
Tallow Candles , c
Anchovies . I
■ ■ Caiero • ■ \
Olives ( '
I _ Juniper Berries id bale* 1
Mama, Flakey
Ditto,, in forts '
Perme'an Cheese •
Frenth in calks
' Ditto, in bottles i
r Twine - ' ■
The conditions of sale will bt—all sums under 50CI.
to be paid in calh : frotiVsoo to in approved
notes at 60 diys: from 1000 dollars upwards, in ap?
proved endorsed notes at 90 and 120 days.
Edward Fox, Au&ioneer.
**' X
Aisguft 9 • • ' y
A Great variety of elegant Globe and Vase
TpOR halls and entries, of the best London glass, with
J- pullies, balance weights, and every neceiTary appen
dage, of fizcrfuualjU'ft accommodate buildings w all
• C dimensions.
Also, an aflortmentof Lamps, adspted for the use
. -at pirlours, thambers, counting-houfee, with patent
burners, wick, glasses, &c.
Jufl Imparted, and Far Sale by
W. P O Y N T E L L,
' 'Jfo. 7®, Chefnut, between Second and Third Street 3.
T Also, a handsome alfortment of mahogany knife ca
ses for fide hpards.
♦ August 4- fmw3t.
Philip Nicklin & Co.
Souchong -v
Hyson Skin /
Young Ilyibn S* FRESH TEAS
Hyson and N % , *
Yellow Nankeens
China Ware, assorted in Boxes and Chefls
Bandaimo Handkerchiefs of excellent quality in
chefls '
■Lo.don Market } MADEIRA WINE
London particular >in pipes, hoglheads, &
New-York Market J ' quarter efflts
Teneriffe Wine in pipes and hogfteads ,
Sugar Candy by the Box
Sail Canvas No. 1 a 8
Lead in (heets
3 Casks of Cutlery assorted
m A few chests of Manchester Goods, assorted thick
sets, cords, striped Nankeens, &c.
3 Small packages of black sewing-silks
S Tierces Virginia Snake-root.
Natls allbrted in calks
July 18
Lottery and Broker's Office,
64 South Second street,
TICKETS ;n the Canal Lottery No. 11, are now rea
dy for sale, a Check Book kept for the examination
of Tickets, and Prizes paid, without dedudtion.
The Subscriber solicits the application of the Public or
any ot his friends who Nvifli to purch/fe or fell Bank Stock,
Certificates, Bills of Exchange, or Notes, Houses, Lands,
Lott» or Merchandize of any'kind, er to obtain Money
ondepofitof property.
Late jf?efl for the Canal Lottery .Company.
Shares an Tickets in the late Newport Lfcng
Wharf, Hotel and Public School Lottery examined ; a
' complete lift of'all the prizes having-been received at
■» jTjnC 6. ,
On Monday next, asthlnft. (July,)
Will be landed ai South (Irfct Wha. f, t)»e cargoes of Superb,
Vv, i> In ian a*d Habilla, from Jamaica anil Havanna, coo
fifting of . -
4 Mobfles in Hogflitads,
% .GdiPte in togiheads, barrels. & bags,
' . .1 * r?R SALE BY
, 1 Whtf has also foriale, «
id i'A quantity of Jamaica GINGER,
« ' "7 In '. B
Cocoa, ) •
.' And 1 ,0 boitrjHarnbro' WINDOW GLASS, 7 by 9, will
' * ' be foid chcap.
liily.«o ■« dlot & la'h & 1 jot
si' AN AX?SST, ,
i.- Refiner.', at Mr. Oiltcfs r s Hold,
\ RE taken f.ld executed in that eleEant and dehcat,
l\. stile, which is so ncceffary to render a Miniature Pic
ture an interesting jewel. rd'em- 1
He will warrant a strong and mdifputable reje
blance; and he takes the liberty to lay before the
OS this place his moil earnest intention to defcrvc their p - i
tronage by his best endeavors to please. c
N. B. Specimens are to be seen. f
May 12. " 1
George Dobson, |
BEGS leave to inform the Store. Keepers in Town and 1
Countrv, that he has removed from Marlv-Slrcit to
N°- 25, south Third-street,
where be is opening a Large and Elegant Aiforiment <)f the
undermentioned articles.—viz.
Superfine LondonClotbsand Kerfeymcret,' ■ ' !
Yorkthire second Do. Do. |
Elastic do. do.
Mix'd and Blue Coatipgs ' (
Flannelis, Ac.
Manchester Printed Callicoes, 1
London Chintz ditto, i
Blueand ditto Furnitufes, ,
India ditto.
Long Cloths, ColTaes, Baftas, Battillas& Conjevremi,
4-4 9-8 5-4 & 6.-4 Superfine India Book Muslins,
4-4 and 9-8 India Book Handkerchiefs,
4-4 and 9-8 Scotch ditto,
4-4 &6-4 plain do. Muslins,
4-4 & 6-4 Britilh Jaconets,
6-4 Britilh Checks and Stripes, 1
4-4 India'do. do. do.
4-4 ditto Chilloes, Madras Handkerchiefs. &c.
A large assortment of figur'd and plain Mullinets,
Quiltings. Dimities, and Striped Nankeens,
Fancy Waiftcoatirlgs,
Ginghams of the firft Quality, (übjeCt to Drawback,
India Nankeens,
Men's White and coloured Silkjlockiags.
May 9
Twenty Dollars Reward. *
RAN away this morning from the Subscriber, living
in the county of Monmouth, New-Jersey, remark
ably black Negro Man; named BEN—about 4® years of
age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inclits high, stout niade, bald on the
crown of his head; had on and took with hipragtey
ho'mefpun coating coat and jacket, a brown clcth coat,
with a black collar, homespun tow lhirts and irowfers,
with other fhirU and small cloaths wbich cannot be enu
meraf ed. He is a complaisant, artful and deceitfal fellow.
Whoever will take up and secure the said Runaway, so
that his owner m.iy him again, ftiall have the above re
ward, and rcafonable # charges paid if brought home.
Elijha Laiurance.
July 18—Aug. 1 §2w
For Sale,
Three-story Briek House,
(The late residence of General Walttr Stewart)
' .XTTITH a'LO I' of GRQDND thereuntobelof ing,
<1\ the weft fide as Thirfl-ftreet, near Uhion-flrect
containing in front 31 feet, and in depth »oo feet, to an
alley leading into Unjpn-ftrcet. The houfs is 32 feetfront
and 50 feet deeps; the several rooms contained in it are
' large, commodious, andcompletfly finifhed; thetwofirft
stories are each 13 feet high; there are 10 mahogany
doors in the house ; a geometrical staircase, with mahoga
-1 ny rails and a geod Iky-light. The kitchen is in the cell
- ar, which is spacious andconvenicnt, and finifhed with'aH 1
I oven, stew-holes and pantries, hall and large
wine-cellar adjoining the kitchen, in frent of which is an
; area in which there is a punm The yard is vuil"*l»-
t Commtinicattng whtr the f»id tuiliflng is a neat ttirel-ilory
brick house, on the north fide of Union-street, contain
ing 30 feet front by 20 feet deep; the lower part of which
is at present occupied as a compting-houfe, and the upper
part divided into wall-finilhed large chambers. This house
• may at a small expense be tonverted into a convenient
- dwelling: The street door is very handsome, and
and back have Venetian window-shutters. Adjoining the
last house, upon the lot belonging to the firft, are ere&ed
bathing-rooms, &c. There are likewise very good coach
honfe and flables.finifhed equal (or nearly so) with " any in
the city, on alot containing on Union street 30 ftet, and
in depth 011 the weft, fide of said alley 52 feet. There are
good cellars unde, the whole of the buildings, and a wine
room over part of thejlable, with a hay-loft ov>r the re
mainder. For further particulars enquire of
At their Office No. 64 Dock-street. between Walnut & Pear
eo .streets.
6ih month 24th,' 1796.
n For Sale,
A Valuable Grift and Saw Mill,
IN New Jersey, near the Forks of Little Egg-Harbour.
The Grift Millis.fiity by fort) feet, two water wheels,
and calculated for four ruYi of Stones, with screen, fans
and boulting-cloths, &c. TheSaw'Millhastwofaws,and
capable ofcuttingfiveto 6 100 thousand feet of Boards per
year. A valuable piece ef Cedar Swamp, witjiin a rnilel
and a half of the Mill, and within three quarters of a mile
of a Landing The Lumber, &c. ma»be taken by water
. from the mill tail. v
Several Valuable Tra£ts of Land,
In Pennsylvania, for all of which pigment will be receiv
ed in tlie notes of MelTrs Morris and Nicholfon, or in
For further information apply to thfe Printer.
May 17. law
n TNFORMATION is hereby given, that the late John
1 Paul Jones was a proprietor of fWe lhares (amount
r ing to about 5867 icres) in a trail of land purchased by
the Ohio Coirlpany, in the territory ef the Uilited States
s ' of America, north-weft of J;he river Ohio ; and that his
heirs, or legal reprefent;ative, on application to the direc
tors of said company,3t Marietta in the territory afore
faid, will receive a deed ef the laid five-fhares, or riehts'
of land..
The application maybe made personally or agent,
" but proper documents must be produced, to prove tlie'
• claimant or claimants the legal hei»6 ov "of
tb{ said Jonei"
■"n.b. As it is n«t known in what country the £erfon
or perfonsinterefted refidg, it will be an ail of benevolence
• in every Printer in America and Europe, who
- -
(i " 'In behalf thediredo*of theObio Company,'
)- ' " ItIJFUS PUTNAM.'-
Marietta, May 20,1796- Quae .J < 3awgw
To be difpiofed of, ~ .
THE time of a healthy WOMAN, who
has between four and five Jear« to ferv» : She
be recommended for her sobriety and honelly. 'For
enqtiire at No. 132,-Chefnul-ftrtet.
Am. mi ll ). , «. • tf.
OniviSrluy of Fenafylvania, '
July 16, J7q6
•yHE Summer Vacation will take place on Monday ~c xt
t!rc-ißth,iidl. and continue for Four weeks.—-Thediffer-
II ent Schools withth: several Tutors will accordingly re!
alfemblc on Monday, the 15th day of Aauitt b
• By ihc fruity, Wat, E.o<. llttj S«c'y,
'• •
v ■ %1C";•
Foreign Jnicliigi-ii^'
LONDON, May 21. -
Wcbear, that it is at length finally concluded
that tlx; Princess Royal is to give her hsnd to the
Prince of Wirtemberg. Count Z ppcli it is said
has been the fuectfsful suitor for his prince on the
occasion. _
The Autfrian general Argenteau, second ill com
mand, has been arretted ona charge of mifcondutt
during the late campaign in Itidy, mio is to be
brought to a court martial. He is a priiofier ai
The report of peace is again very prevalent in
London, and the return of Mr. Netmai/ from Pa
ri* is anxiously expected. This gentleman has been
associated with M, Charretier, as agent for French
prifonens in this country, and approved of as filch
by our Ministry. He was formerly under M. Bar
thelami," in the service of .the French Ambaflador
in London ; and was sent off on Monday fe'night
express to Paris, supposed to be charged with a
mission of importance. An express was sent off to
Dover 12 hows before Mr, Nctman left London,
with a letter from the,. Duke of Portland to the
Mayor, to let this gentleman meet with no delay,
and that a packet mighf be in readiness to receive
him. He failed from Dover to Calais under a flag
oftrueeand was only two hours and a haif on his
paflage. Mr. Charretier accompanied him to Do
ver, but not to France.
Scarce any thing of the events which have occur
red in the progress of the French revolution arc more
extraordinary than those of the present day. Al
most in the fame fitting of their k«giflative bodies,
theyconfult on the firft movements towards peace,
made by Mr. Wiekham to Mr. Barthelemi, they
receive news of victories decisive of the fate of Italy
and the submissive proposals for peace from Sardi
nia and Naples, aod in the fame breath they an
nounce to the. people that a conspiracy has been just
discovered in the perpetration, headed by men of
the firft abilities, ibme of them of the legislative bo
dy, threatening the mafiacrc of all the conftitutcd
authorities, and the re-establishment of the bloody
fyttem of 1793.
The conspirators accuse the present powers of
intending to restore the monarchy they retort the
charge on the conspirators and urge the nation to
oppose the reftoratiori of the conltituticro of 1793
to the utmost, as the o<ily means of ettablifhing the
Republic and the liberty of France.
L 0 N D O N, May 30.
A letter from the Hague, of the 18th inft fays,
that the Committee of Union having communica
ted to the National Assembly the contents of a note
from Gen. Btouinonville, in which he infills, that a
commander in chief of the army of the State (hall
be appointed without delay, the Affcmbly nomina
ted Gen. Bournonville to that office, and invested
him with full power.
The Louis d'Or fold at Paris, on the 18th infti
for the>enovmouß price of 8,400 livres in Affig
nats 1 ; and Rescripts or Promises of Mandates,
r *ben bore a discount of 88 per cent.
At the close of the. Poll for Weftmiofter, on
1 Friday, Mr. Fox and Home Tooke addrefled the
" mob, in pretty long speeches :—that of the former
; Gentleman was the molt inflamatory we aver heard.
t He said (among other strong thinga)- he re
: mcmbered but two Wars in which this country lias
1 been engaged—the one directed against the Liber.
ty of America, the other against the Liberty of
j France—both caused by the despotic principles of
. the existing the present War
a was nothing more nor less than a combination of
- despots to overturn the liberties of Europe. That
a constitution was good, exadUy in proportion to
r the (hare that the people" had in tjie government of
the country—that the sovereignty was in th»peo-
P le - . ,
He cautioned the people against entertaining the
fantaiiic notion—that ail exiftingconftitution might
not be destroyed.
He spoke of Mr. H. Tooke as a gentleman
>. whom he refpeded, and whom he «onfidered as the
I injured and perfected man alive ; this speech
r might be called a canvass for Mr. Tooke.
s. Mr. H. 1 ooke said, I uat he would o6t conti
c nu,e a candidate, if heconceived, that by so doing,
r he would endanger Mr. Fox's eleaion. He agreed
in every finglc fenliment that Mr. Fox had ut
Is there not then a coalition in principles atvow
i ed between Mr, Fox a«d the Chief of the Cor
responding Society.
Extract of a letter from Cadiz, April 29, 1796.'
1 give you «n abftiaft of a letter, dated Alii
cant, April 10.
„ "On the 10th inft. an American brig came in
- three days from Algiers to this place ; reports, that
T the Moors had just carried 9 Danish veffcls into that
» port they were all loaded, one had Sicilly a(h for
London, some others wine and brandy. The
S rol,ud ° f ,his unexpeaed hostility seems to be
, this :_Some time ago, a Dane, bringing , 00
Moors from Conftam.nople going to Algiers, l as
. (topped by a Tuscan man-os war, and carried into
f i.iples, where the Moors are detained. The Dev
ot Algiers makes Denmark answerable for them •
„ and, we understand, that he. ha, intimated ,0 the.
i, . ( r on{ ° l t * lat ! he y mull be returned within a
inuudtime j tWat if they wrre, he would conti-'
nye a friendl to Denmark, -and release the vcffels
d?iained, and if they were not, they would be fold
a j Screws made slave, ; the Danini flag- decla
. red enemy, anfcthe Co ß ful turned out of Algiers
, •"Asit is so.Be timelinre the Consul ha/been
e writing for cornp.omifing the master at Naples, it
r may oe hoped he w,« be able to pacify the Dey. in
which, cafe the Prizes would be restored
_ " This intelligence "may be depended upon, btH
however it is not improbable that you may, ere
th.s leaches, be .informed of this circumstance."
rl rj he - Treaty with the Airlines, it
_ seems „ „ great forwardnefs, and .he ex
pcaed to depart da,ly f rom Algiers. Mr. Donnald
fon, it was likely, would be *bk tQ a;ceffinod^t
matters on a permanent footing tei'tlt the Rcjeney
of Tunis and Trpoli—and when . this tak<« [lace,
the Americans will have nothing more to appre.
hend'from the Barbary jjfii wrei s.
From the (Bklfafi) Northern Star,
The Council of five hundred.had conn
tp no rcfjlution relative to the treaty.ctecludcd-be* la
twcen the French republic and the King of Sard!-'
ilia. A 'coniTiffion was appointed to ex-arriine it,. ?
and to deliver in their report this day. ■ The com.
miflioners are Boiflfy d'Anglas, Leftierer, Syeyes, J
Jean Debri, and EfchniTeiieaux.—The Council
again to day will fotm itfeif into a secret «aimmit- «
tee to receive the 1 report
May 20. ,
Dumas is the member who presented to the 1
Council «f. Elders, the report in the name of ihe
qonamiffion appointed to examine the treaty of
with Sardinia. His speech, tho'
studied in a'few hours, was-a work of a coniidera
fele extent, and a well drawn picture of the prefcnt
situ at ion of Europe, and of the new relations of
the republic with refpefl to the other powers.
Of the war, Dumas fpeke with profefiional know
ledge. The plans of the campaign he praised in
the highest terms, and was liberal in his
praifeof -those who concerted them, and of those
also who put them in execution. He appreciated
the merit due to the political dexterity of thnfe who
condu&ed our negociatiqns ; and paid a tribute of
applause to our generals, to the 'heroes of the
North and of Italy ; to Buonaparte, to Berthier,
and those who emulate their glory. He exprefied
his wilhes and his hopes for a speedy, wife, and ho
norable peace ; a peace such as it becoMn France to '
grant to Europe, that now loudly calls for a return
of its blefiings. >
Buonaparte Commander in chiif of the arm*
of Italy. 4
HiuH'Quarters, Cherafco, April 26.
" Soldiers,
" You have iu a forfnight gained Six victories,
taken 21 stand of colours, 71 pieees of cannon, se
veral tlrong phces, conquered the richest part of
Piedmont ; you have made' 15000 prisoners, and
killed or jvounded more than 10,000 men.
" You had hitherto fought only for fterite
Vocks, rendeied illustrious by your courage, buc
useless to the country j you have equalled by your
services the victorious army of Holland and the
Rhine. Deprived of dvery thing, you, have suppli
ed everything, you have won battles without can
non, made forced marches without shoes, watched
without brandy, and often without bread The Re
publican phalanxes, the foldieis of Liberty were
alone capable of fuffering haye fuffered.
" Thanks be to you, Soldiers;the grateful coun
try will, in part be indebted to you-for her pwpfpe
rity ; and if when viCtors at Toulon, you predicted
the immortal campaign of 1794, your nrefetit vie
tories will be the presages of more brilliant victo
ries, The two armies which attacked you wi h
audacity fly difhrartened before you. Men wLo
' failed at your roifsry and rejoicoLlii thought at tie
idea oFthe triumphs of your enemies, are con
founded and appalled—But it mufl nqt, Soldiers,
be concealed from you, that you have nothing,
since fometliing remains yet to be awe. Neither
Turin nor Milan are in your power. The athesof
the conquerors of the Tarquins are dill disgraced,
by the«fiafliiv» of. Bafleville. At the commence
ment of the campaign you werf dellitute of everyt
thing, now you are amply provided ; the magazines
taken from your enemies are numerous, the artille-
ry for the field and for besieging is arrived.
" 'Soldiers, the country has a right to expedl
great things from' you { juftify her expeflajions.
The greatest obstacles are undoubtedly overcome, .
but yon have still battles to fight, cities to take,
jivers to pafs.—ls there one among you whose
courage it dimiuifhed i Is there one who would
prefer returning to the summits of the Alps ajid
the Apennines ? No, there is not one amongst the
conquerors of Montenotte, Millelimo, Dego, Mon
davi. All burn with the desire ef extending the
glory of the French. All wish to humble tile
proud kings who dare to meditate putting us again
in chains j all wish to dictate a peace that shall be
and that shall indemnify the country for
the imtnenfe facrifices which she has made ; all of
you burn with a desire to fay on your return to
your home, 1 belonged to the victorious army of
" Friends, I promise this eonqueft (o you, but
there is one condition which' you must swear to
fulfil, it is to respeCt the people whom you deliver,
to repress the horrid pillage, which some wretches
mitigated by our enemies, praetifed ; tinlefS yoti
do this you will be no longer the friends bat the
scourges of the human race ; you will no longer
form the honor of the French people, they will
disavow you ; your vi<3ories, your fileceiles, .the
bl6od of brethren who died in battle, all, even ho
nor and glory will'be loflf. With frefpeCt to myfelf,
to the Generals who poflefs your confidence, we
(hall blush to command an army without discipline,
and who admi,t no other law than that of force.
" People of Italy, the French army comes to
break your chains. The French people are the
friends of all people, come \pith confidence to
them, your property, religion, and culloms shall be
■ refpedted.
'* We make war as gcnerMis enemies ; W»m'
only to make war against the Tyrants who oppref3
(Signed) ' Buonaparte.
Plans of the city of Philadelphia,
Including the NgrthkrM Libirties and diltriiSt of
Published, and fold by
No. 68, High ftrett, » ,
(Price one dollar.)
THIS plan is 16 inrhe square, and has been en
graved by one of the firft artille In the city, from a lat«
and accurate survey. Purchasers are entitled to a "
phlm with cacji pian, giving " some account of the
city, its popufatiau, trade j c';v;ra«aeiK, fee-
July iy :« & f rf