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of the &tlitoTj & Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
tfIiMBEK 1220.] -— * —
-. ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■!■■■' "•" /-» 1 • 1 . /"*!_ _ .... I T../1 A !.. 1 P n *
Take Notice,
THAT the Subferiber intends to rnace applies
tion For the renewal of a Certificate, No. 1609, /
tor 4poal dollars, dated the I 4& Detember, 1795 .tearing
interest at j A per cent from rft January, 179?> '** £
'jarneof Df.vid Dunderdale & Co. of Leeds, m York- ,
ihire, merchants. The fame isfappofed to have been kW - u
on its way to New Vorlf, under cover to Bbecker & so
Much, of that placc, pnthe 6tn of January lalt-
Thomas M'-Euan. - wl
Philadelphia, aid Tune. !Tt;6.; 6vv ■-
bates of India Goods.
The Cargo »f thelhip Ganges, capt. Tingey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal,
A Large and general afiTortment of Bengal and Madras J
A variety fine worked and plain Mu/lins,
Doreas, t?fe. Alio,
A Quantity of Excellent Sugar,
In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER,
Willings Francis, .3
No. II Penn Street. ™
June 8 £_
E L E P H, A N T.
This Ar.imal if to be seen in High-Street, between
the T, nth and ths Eleventh-Street. "
HE will positively leave Philadelphia the tenth of Sep- 5
tembcr, for Baltimore, in his way to Charlei'ton, J
■where he will win'er.
ADMi ITANCE Half a Dollar—quarter of a Dollar V.
The PANORAMA, or th« VIEW of the CfTfES cf m
Is to be open till the loth of September, and the fub
je& will then be removed to Baltimore with the ELE
One quarter of a Dollar.
August 3- 1_
A well-finiftied, commodious i
For Sale, and immediate possession given, j,
SITUATE on the north fide of Spruce-street, Na. 111,
between Fourth and Fifth ftreeU. The house, piazza
and back buildings are three (lories in height, and pet s eAs
ly well adapted for the accommodation of a Urge family,
as they contain twelve good rooms, exchifive of twoc;el
ed garrets. In the yard, which is neatly paved, there art
a two pumps | one in a rain ciilem, the other o. as good ■.
water as any in the city 1 The cellars are dry and large.
The terms of payment will be easy : a greac part of tin g"
■urchafe-money in all probabilitj may lay for years on in- ( ■>
tereft. Apply at No. 109, next deor eastward. Vl
July 3° _JlT f
Philadelphia, WeQ-Chefter, Strajburgh.
Lane after, Tork and Frederick-town ■
THE proprietors of the above Stages, return their best ■ Ie
thanks to their friends and the publi; in general for .
tfee encouragement received in this line of business, andbeg J
leave to inform the public, that they arc determined to run 6<
their stages through from Philadelphia to Lancajte; in A
0110 <day, commencing on Tuesday, the 14th July instant,
in the following manner,—viz. A Stage will, set out on
that da-'at 4 o'clock in the morning, from the house of
George Weed, Market-street, Philadelphia, and run by
the way of Weftcncfter and Strafburgh arrive is} Lancas
ter the fame evening, on Friday morning run to Wright's
ferry and exch.-.ngc passenger? with the York and Frecjej
ick-town (lage, return and arrive in Philadelphia on Sat- o;
urday, and on Monday morping following-, at 4 o'clock, f
said ft age will set out from tlie said George Weed's, Phila
delphia, and arrive at Lancaster the fame tvening, on
Tuesday morning at 4 o'clack will set out from the house
of Mrs. Edwards, Lancaster, and arrive ill Philadelphia 1
the fame evening, and will commerce again on Thursday
morning following, and continue every week—The price
for each paffeng r from Philadelphia to Lancaster i? three
dollars anil, a half, tpYork, four dollars and three quar
tets to Frederick town eight dollars, the like sums for
150 weight baggage, with the usual allowance •<" 14 lb.
gratis to"each palfenger, and 5 pence a mile for- all way
paflengers. 3° —§4 W
John Reilly,
George Weed.
lufurance comp. of the state of
The Directors have dcelared a dividend cf sixteen dol
lars on Sach fliare of the capital of said company, for the
lad fix months which will be paid to the stockholders or 1
iheii legal reprefentauves on every day after the loth
4 S. W. Fijher,
August 1. diot.
Pennsylvania District, 5
Notice is hereby given,
Tl> AT pu rfuant'to a Writ to me directed, from the ho
• norable Richard Peters, Efqnirc, Judge of the Di
ftriil Court ol the United States in and for the Pennsylva
nia Diftridt,
Will be ezpofed to Sale,
at the Custom-House, on Monday, the 15th day of Au
-3 Bags of COFFEE
1 Bhl. SUGAR
J Half do. do;
3 K«jjs do..
3 Bags of Sngar and
3 Do. Coffee
The fame having beca libelkd against. prosecuted, and
condemned as forleited, in the said court-
Marthal's Office, 30th July, 1796.
Plans of the city of Philadelphia,
Including the Northisn Libkhtips and d:ftri<ft of
Pu!)lilhed, and fold bv
No. 68, High street,
(Price one dollar.)
THIS plan is 26 inclie; fqtiare,-and hn<: been en
griveii Ir: o- e. of the firil artihVin the city, frofli ajate
S'.kl ac. 1 ate farvev. .Purckafers are entitled to a pam
•chltr with plar., giving " forne account of the
vtvf in •lojwfetion, trade, government,
• July zc) ' ri &f ,r
KJ jfX M. U X V 4J. A- ilil'Vl
For Sale, Freight, or Charter,
• The Schooner I
hundred and twenty tons bv*then—
v_/ fix months old, a staunch, faithf illy- ,
\iilt, fad-failing vessel, haadfomely finilhed off, ami well
found iu evety narticnlar. Por terms apply to
O* board said schooner, lying at BickUy aild BoWen's
wh*rf, the firft above Market-nreet.
A few half-bbls• Prime Mess Beef.
July 14 * :
Jamaica Spirits
JUST arrived, and will be landed on Monday next, a
few puncheons high proof Jamaica Spirits.
For Salt by
James Brown,
No. 119 South Second-street.
Who offers for Sale or Charter,- Or
MA R 1,
BUHTOEN about 800 barreln, 16 months
old and well found. * u g: 3 If 4t
For Sale,
Or for Charter tothe Wefl-Indies, _
C E R p: S, i
*»£■?£ Philadelphia Built, pol
OF Live Oak and Red Cedat, burthen about 3500 bar» all
rels, now discharging at Latimer's wharf. I'his vef- he|
fel is in excellent repair, well fouud-and will bear a tho- °. ul
fiughibcaminatico. •" aXcu^rg'.-trv,ai"Be. 1
dy to take in a cargo. For terms apply to
John Vaughan.
July »8 f_
schooner Hope,
Brig Bet'iey.
HEY are faft-faiHng vessels, and have elegant accommo
dations. For palTage only, apply to
Richard & James Potter,
1 Aug. 5 5 "No- 8 north Front-flreet.
. for Sale or Charter,
BiJRTHKis a.-out aooo Bbls. of flonr—fhe may be sent pi
tc lea at a small expertce, her fails and rigging being in of;
very gpod order —apply to , , C.i
James Campbell, or
Geerge Latimer • I ho
April iQi, §
Just Arrived, •
In the (hip Molly, John Frost, Master, fronr Liverpo*)l,
' Bufliels Best fine ftoved SALT,
1 600 Bushels CO -iL,
, And 118 Crates of QUSENS WARR affonrf'.,,
Philip Nicklin & Co.
' S. B. THE S." ID
• molly,
s ¥S for SALE or CHARTER; (he is 5
A years old, Philadelphia built, of white pj.
oak, was well faked and carries about 4300 barrels of Flour.
For terms apply at above.
; J"'yg 3 . d.f
? This Day commenced I-anding, i
a At \ ilSins vrjiarf, the cargo of the Brig X.ucy and Sloop' 1-
St. Jago, from St. JagodeCuba—confuting of
c White and Brown Box SUGAR. hi
, e MOLASSES, of an excellent quality. w
r COFFEE. e\
, r HIDES and HONEY. Also, w
i> For Sale or Charter.
' y The hri Z LUCY '
\ (lout, strong vessel, will carry a-
hout 1200 barrels, and may goto ""
1 1 s ea with a very fmallexp nfe.
The above will be fold for cash or approved notes, ft
f Samuel Emery, u
No. 64, fotith Second-street.
July a;, 796. > dtf - t]
J - Landing
Dr From on board tht Nancy, William Belcher, mas-
th ter, from Boutdeaux, a cargo, confiftir.jr of—
360 Hhds. CHOICE CLARET, j
232 Cases of 24 bottles each CLARET, a
286 do. of 24 do. WHITE WINE,
For Sale by
F. Coppinger.
0- J"'y *3- ±L
For Sale,
1 \ Three story BRICK HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
J~\- street, between Flint and Second flrsets, in which e
MefTrs. James Calbraith 6c Co. have for many years (and t
'** now do) carried on business. f
Poffeflien will be given in one month, or sooner. ;
For terms apply to WILLIAM .BELL, or ]
April %l. ._§ <
nd No. 76 High Street,
HAS received, by the latest arrivals from Europe and (
tbe'Eaft Indies, a well fele«slcd aflortment of Silk
Mercery, Linen Drapery and Habere!afiiery Goods; which
— he will fell, Wholcfale and Retail, on the lowest terms ;
of Some fine India with gold and fHver
Sv.perfineßook, Jaconet, and Mulmul'ditto
Do do do ' do Handkerchiefs
Sortie extra black tafFetics,lut.efl:ringsand colored Pcrfians •
Bandano Handkerchiefs
1.0n<7 and lhort Nankeens of the firft quality
Damask table linen and napkins, very fine
ate Silk Hosiery, an elegant affortnunt
ro Thead and cotton do
the • Umbrellas—green silk, oil*d do. and do cloth
French cambrics, vqry fine
f Irlfh Linens, do. &c. scc. June 14 §
1 I 111 ■ ■ , ■
Just Arrived
Inth brig Betsey, from Jeremie, and for sale by
the-f'jbicdl-iers. j; t j
Forty thousand wt. of ver)- prime Coffee Ne
, i<i hogfheidsand bags
And. in the schooner Hap?, from New Orleans
A liberal credit will be given for Approved Notes.
Richard and Tames Potter. _ ,
jui y >7 . dtf i:
Just Arrived, . 1
In the Snow Boston, James Kirkpatrick>mafter from Li
verpool, "T"
5000 Bnfbels SALT ; V
100 Crates QUEENS WARE; and tw
An Afibrtment of SHIP CHANDLERY; ' a l
F O R S A L E tor
On board, at Pine-llreet wharf. Apjily to
James Campbell, or
George Latimer.
s April 19. r f
Notice is hereby Given,
THAT agreeably to an aft of Congress of the United
Slates of America, palled at Philadelphia, the «Bih day
of Mav» 1796 ; laying duties on Carriages, for the convey
ance of perlons, anH repealing the former acts for that pur«
pose.—That there ftiall be levied, collected and paid, udojh
all carriages for the conveyanec of persons, which shall be
. kept by or for any person, for his or her own use, 01 to let
„ out to hire, or for the convey ing of l he fevgralidu
upon eve»y Cbariot, 12 dols. t^l<
oponevery Post Chariot, it dols<
upon every Post Chaise, 12 dols. Q '
upon Phaeton, with or withotlt top, gdols no
upon every Coachee, 9 dols.
upon other Carriages, having panne 1 work above, dr.
, with blinds, glafles or curtains, 9 dols. th<
upon four wheei carriages, having framed polls and
topi with fleet springs, 6 dols.
Upon four wheel top Carriages, with wooden or iron
' fpriugt or jacks, 3 dols.
upon curriclcs tops, 3 dols.
upon chaises with tops, 3 dols.
upon chairs with tops, 3 dols.
upon fulkie> withtqps, 3 dols.
upon other two wheel top carriages, 3 dols.
upon two wheel carriage*, with steel or iron springs, _
S dols. U]
For and upon all oiher two wheel carriages, 2 dols.
upon c-vcry four wheel carriage, having framed polls j
and tops, and reftiug upon wooden spars, 2 dois.
The Cojle&Or* of the Rcvcnut ot the firil turvev of the
I Diflriftof Pennsylvania, attend: daily, Until the 30th day
1 of'Septembcr next, for the purpose of receHnng the duties on
Carriages, at No. 117, in Race or SafTafra® street, in the City
ot Philadelphia', at the house of Daniel S. Clair, Etq in the
County of Montgomery ; and at the of Abraham Du- 1
hois, E'Cq. in the County of Bucks; of which all pertpns pbtf *
fcfi'ed ot such Carriages are defued to take notiee. i"'
" . Notice is also given,,
TO all rrfail dealers in Wmes, and foreign diftiUed fpiri- aj
tuous liquors,that licences will be granted to thern ; one li p (
, oenct for carrying on the business ol retailing of Wines, in a
IcfiCjuaAtity, or iu lef» quantities ihar go gallons—-and one
ieeoce foi carrying on the btifinels of retailing Spirituous li
qwrs :n Icfs rjuaikities than so gallons, at the fame lime arid
ir ihe lame placcs, b ( y the officers legally authorized to grant L
ucli licences.
1 Infpcftor of the Revenue of the firft lurvey A
of the Pennf) lvania.
h Office of lnfpcfiion,at ) e , 3°
e Philadelphia,. 21 ft July, 1796 )
Twenty Dollars Reward.
WAS STOLEN, last evening, fromHhc pasture of the
fubferiber, a black Rockingham GKLDINfJ, 15 r
,p l-a hands high, has a- star, and iome white under his
throat, (the part being formerly chafed) ;has a leather on
his neck, the mane on the near fide, his foot-locks fretted
with a clog, and is a horse of much bone and size. Who-
ever secures him with the thief, shall have the above rc-
ward, or for the Horse alone a very generous compenfa- _
July 7 , eo ** t ,
"-pHAT application will be made for the renewal of 1
X the following certificates, ifliied by Joseph Nourfe,
Rpgifter of the Treasury, in the name of Roger Grif
wold, Esq.. of IVorwich, Conneilicut—
1 certificate, fix per cent domestic flock, No. 13,907 f|
—dated the 17th December, 1795, bearing interest from e
- the firft day of January, 1791, for 1,597 65-100ddo- t
I ditto, three per cent, domestic flock, No. 10,682 f.
r —dated December 16, 1795. bearing interest from the v
firft day of January, 1791, for 994 30-100 dollars. t
1 ditto, deferred flock, No. 9,166 —dated the 17th t
December, 1795, bearing interest from the firft Janu- c
ary, 1801, for 798 83-100 dollars.
Said certificates are fuppoled to hive been loft or
fto'.en in this cltv some time in December or January
No. 59, North Fror.t-ftreet.
Philadelphia, July al, 1796. d6w.
— A Country Seat to be lold >
ABOUT seven acres and a half of land near the three
mile (lone on the road leading to Gray's gardens and
ich extending withagentle declivity fromthe said road to the
nd river Schuylkill—on which are ereifted, a convenient
frame house suitable for a tenant, a frame barn and liable,
a large Brick House forty-eight, feet front, two stories
high, a very elegant piazza fronting the river, the whole
breadth of the house supported with turned pillars, floor
i ed with cedar plank, commanding an exteftfive and pic
turesque view of the Middle Bridge, Gray's Oardens, the
Seat of Wm. Hamilton, Esq. the Turnpike Road and
Canal. The improvements are all the .ground
, conveniently divided and inclosed by new cedar fences.
!?jf For terms apply at No. iji Market-street,
ich J ut >' V — *A±-
WINE, London particular Madeira, 4 yeariold,
vel in pipes and hogsheads
Claret, genuine old, in cases
Gin, 111 pipes, from Holland
Earthen Ware, in crates
Basket Salt, in hoglheads
Shot, Nos. 6, 7, 1 and 9
Bar Lead, Red and white dry lead
Steel, Germar and Ruflia, in barrels
Anchor', cables, junk, bunting, tarpolia canvas,
Tin piates—All invoice Stationary, by
§ July 79 S
To BE Lft,
A large convenient Are- story Brtck-Houfe, pkafantly
situated, on the weft fide of Second-Street, eppofite to the
New-Market; now in the occupation ofilenry Clvmer
Apply to
William Bin?bam.
July *7- »t. ' ■{
Fromi6 to 9 J inches, for sale by
Jeremiah Warmer,
J»lyi2 | Mo ia north Third-ilrect.
VVafhmgton Canal Lottery,
No. I. J
WHEREAS the State of Maryland has luthcrifed
the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix thousand
two hundred, and fifty dollars, for the purpefe of cut-ins'
a Canal through the City of Washington, from th iPo
tomacto theEaftern Blanch Haruour.
The following is the SCHEME of No. I.
Viz ■-I Prize ot ac.oco dollars, jo coo
I ditto 10.000 . io'qoq
7 latk drawn 7
Tickets, each j 5,000 35.c00
6 ditto 1,000 6000
10 t. tta 400 4>coo
ao ditto 100 5 cco
jj ditto to 3 7f#
j?jo ditto ia 6 " g
To be raised for the Canal, a 6,250
"" _ >
5 Bjo Prizes, irj,ooo
il6jo Blanks, not two to a prize.
, ■ 'I-? 00 tickets, at Ten Dollars, - 17y , Q00
qyired by the aforefaid aft for the punctual payment of'
the prizes.
The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
dalay, as loon- as the Tickets are fold, of which timely
nQtice will be given.
Such prizes -as are not demanded in fix months after th*
drawing is finifhed, shall be confidercd as relinquilhed for
the benefit of the Canai, and appropriated accordingly::
(Signed j NO.TLEY YOUNG,
City of Waihingtoh, Feb. 11. § '
Pennsylvania District, j
1 Marfbal of the Pennsylvania DiHrift,—
WHEREAS the Congress of the United States, at
the ftrflfefKon of the fourtk Congress, to wit, on
ihe twelfth day of Maylaftpaft, pafled an aft, to r peal
so much of an Aft, intituled " an aft to efiabhfh the
Judicial Courts oi the United the
alternate fefiion g of the Circuit Court for the Diftrift of
a Pennsylvania, flull be holden at Yorktown ; and for other
purposes, in the follow ing voids, to w.t.
_ Fourth Congress of the United States :
j At the firft fefiion, begun an ' !.Ud at the city of Phila
t delphia, in the State of Pennf/lvania. on Monday, the
Teventh of December, one thousand seven hundred and
nine y-five. 1
yr An Aft to repeal so mucb of an aft, intituled "an aft to
efl rtblifh the judicial courts of tin; United States", asdi
fefts that alternate fed!oils of the said circuit court (or
the diftrift of Pennsylvania. (hall be holden at York
town ; and for other pur; ofes.
Sect. I. BE it enacted- by the.Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America, in Con
gress assembled, That so much of the £fth feftiorrof the
? aft, intituled "an aft to eftabliQi the judicial courts of-'
n the United States", as directs tliat alternate feffians of tlie
d circuit court for the diftrift of Pennsylvania (ball be hold- '
ert at Yorktown, be, and the fame is hereby repealed; •
and that all the feffior.s of the said circuit court shall, from
and after the passing of this aft, be holden a: the city o£
Philadelphia, excepting only, when at any fefiion of the -
said court, the judges thereof shall direst the next fefiion
— to be holden at Yorktown ; which they arefeereby authn->
rized and empowered to do, whenever it fball appear to
3 f them to be necessary.
e Ssft. 11. And be it further enacted, That all such pro
cess of the said court, as may have ilTued before the pas»- -
ing of this aft,, and all.recognizances returnable, and all
suits and other proceedings that were continued to the -
said circuit court for the diftrift of Pennsylvania, on-the -
"P eleventh of October next, in Yorktown, (hall now here
' tsrned, and held continued, to the fame court, cn the
• 2 fame day, at Philadelphia. An<J to the end that suitors.
3e witnesses, and all others concerned, may have noticfe of
the alteration hereby made, the Marshal of the said dif
th trift is hereby required t» make the fame known, by pro-
II- clamation, on or before the firft day of Auguftnext.
Jonathan Dayton,
or Speaker of the House of P eprefentatives.
"y Samuel Livermqre,
President of the Senate, pro tempore.
Approved, May the twelfth, 1796, /
George Washjncton,
President of the United States,
p Dcptrfited among the Rolls, in the Office of the Depart
-1 ment of State,
. ee , Timothy Pickering,
m l Secretary of State.
he I DO HEREBY MAKE KNOWN, that ail such
, nt process of the said court as has, or may,be issued, end all
j e recognizances returnable at Torttnvn aforefai,d, *on tlfe eU
;eB ven'tt day if Ofitber next, will be returned to the Circuit of
o j e the United States, at the City Hall, in the city of Phila
)r_ delphia, onTuifday, the rievr»t'i day of October next, at
; c _ eleven o'clock in the forenoon, A®d that all fnitsand other
the proceedings that were cintinued to the said court at York
ind 'own, will be held and continued at the said Circuit
in( j Court, at Philadelphia/ on the faille Eleventh day of Octo
ber next, of which all persons concerned are desired to
take notice, arid give their attendance thereat.
t GIVSN under my hand, at my office, in the Diftrift
— of Pennsylvania, the twenty-seventh day of July,
inthe year of our V-ord one thousand seven hun
ild, dred and ninety-fix, and of our Independence the
July a* * }.vr
Board & Lodging in the Country. >
A Single Gentleman may be aeeommodatsd with bo"r,
and lodging nsar GerraantoWn, with the use of
liable, and grufs for one or two ht>rfes : as an bl*
society is the chief object, the terms will h. made petlcftr
ly easy. Enquire »f the Printer as tbe Gaffettj.
Aujuft 4 jt