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% ' ' . • / x 1 -t - , •••!__.. X f
of the 6* Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
jL MONDAT EVENING, AUGUST i, J796. ffciio** X.
; NVMBE* 12*5-] — . r— : :
fr? " 7aX. f f c I DTTTY ON C.VRUTAGFS. . «l- 1 c-n
, - *tbe iii*
■j/Jkr JOHN,
Rohdiu jACfsoM, Matter,
t ° &ii * r - day5 ' - —
SS&SiixfesS HAVING two-thirds of her. cargo en
, readv t0 „„ on boird. freight or passage
fplyto on
« -'•fVri'rtwi-' "*• •"V ~j
•* - --t- §"6eotf Met
f..W it. —— — 2 -*• he \
For Barbados,
The Brigantine s
F A in E, s r
|@kSS3S. Francis Knox, f/frafter, jj
W y T TAS e oA(J it ion. for pas- L
li "fehgers, ai4d"l« eipefted to rail on 0
hurWay next For freight of a or passage, o
•*s">TiT' " j
Einjavix GtASiER, Mnjler, I*h
T7ROM Liverpool. Now discharging at P. Care's Wharf, £
V and will immediately iSkelWirds {ake in Freight for a
T O /Ijl in'*ll'n?xt vfreJk. For freight or passage, apply to
, apt. Glafier, onboard, or to _ Sold
Isaac Harwv »»"• Tav
.. j&S
■a*— - - ' ~
v *5.
, Alt, tact-failing vessel, handfornely hnifhcd off, and well
|fid ineveiy particular. For ter-sapp^^^
■On boSrd fold fchbo'ner, lying at Bickley and Bohlen's Th(
7 harf, the firft above Market-street.
A few half-Ibis. Prime Mess Beef.
July 2-4 . ■ ... "
For Sale,
Or far Charter ibthe Wetl-Miis,
—.... THE SHif
iifi cER As »
Philadelphia Built,
VfUvc Oak and Red Cedar, burthen about 350° bar-
J rels, now difchargicg at Latimer s wharf I his vef
-lis in excellent repair, welffouud-and will bear a tho- _
>ugh examination, andasfoon as diftharged wHI be rea
\■ to take in a carjjo. For terms apply to .
John Vaughan.
jj'.ily i* •• - fr
For Sale or Charter,^
MJRTHEN about aooo Bbls. of flour—Hje. may be sent
•.ileaat a small exr -ice, her fails and rigging being in de
i cry good ord^r—ipply to
James Campbell, or ~i
Geerge Latimer.
April 19, §
TJus Day commenced Landing, >~
t K'ifflins wharf, tha cargo of the Brig Lnxy and Sloop
St. Jaga, from St. JagodeCuba—confiding of tli
White and Brown Box SUGAR. ' e
MOLASSES, of an excellent quality. tn
For Sale or Charter. g
The brig I. UC " , ti.
jMMj3S|k A stout, ftrorg vcfftl, will carry a- te
_l\_ bout xioc barrel-, and may go to ye
fca with a very small expense.
' rHt above w ;be fold f<jr calh or approved notes. >
No. 64, fouthSecond-llreet. "J
jiily 1), dtf "- - 0
just Arrived, n
the rtJpfloHV, John F/bB, Matter, from Liverpool, f,
)ao Bulhels Bdft ftoved SALT,
, ButbcU HOI: il". CO L, x
d ,18 Crates ot QIJiENS WARE., affomd lt
vl philip Nicklin & Co.
TS for S ALE or CHARTER, (he il 5
j 1 years old, Philadelphia built, of white
w»weli failed and carries about 4200 barrels of Flour,
f terms apply as above. , .
"'y* 3 ]
m on board the Nancy, William Belcher, maf
:r, from Bourdeaux, a cargo, confiding of— (
2~\z Cases of 24 bottles each CLA RE 1,
286 do. of 2s. do. WHIT E INE,
For Sa'e by
| jly c^t^'
Take Notice,
lAT the Subscriber intends to mane applica
tion for the renewal of a Certificate, No* 1609,
X3O dollari, dated the 14th December, 1795, bearing
•ft at 5 * per cent, frotn rft Jsnuiry', 1796, in the
01 DavidDunderdale & Co, of Le ds, in Yerk
■ merchant!. ■ l'he fame isfuppofed to have been loit
, ; way to N:w York, under cover to Bkefker &
1, of that -ilacc, on the 6th of January last-
Thomas M'Euen.
1! -. ladelphia, lid June, 179£. § w
From 16 to 9 £ inches, for sale by
yeremiah Ward(i\ Th
Julyl* 5 No 11 norththiiu-lVeet.
— *nce o
Nil. 76 Street, kept'
HAS reccir'd, bytht latest arrivals from Europe and !*" '
the £ait l«<lis>* 4_wdLfislsftcd iiffnrtmrnt. «rf SrHr
Merciiry,Linen Drapery and Haberdaihery Goqdi; which or "
he will fell, Wholesale and Retail, on the lowest terms;
,amongjt which are,
Spme Ane India muflms em'oroidered with gold and (Hver I
Superfine Book, Jaconet, aad Mulmul ditto
T) 0 do do do Handkerchiefs
Some extra black tafletiesjuuftringsand colored Peifians
Bandano Handkerchief.
Lpr.g and ihort Nankeens
EngiiPi Mantuas of the firft quality ,
Damatk table linen and napkins, very fine
Sijk Hosiery, an elegant aiTortm«nt
Thead and cotton do
Umbrellas—green filki oil'd'do. and do cloth
French cambrics, very fine
Irifn Linens, do. &c. &c. June 14 §
The TOWN, and OUT LOTS of the TOWNS
and WARREN. Diftr.
ADVERTISED for f3leby the State Agents, in the P+iila- of Sef
deiphia Gazette and, Uriiveifal Daily Advcrtifer, to be Carri.
in the City of Pniladelphia ; will commence at the City Ph
Tavern or CefFee-Houfe in Second-itreet, in the said city, on Ccuni
Monday the 25th day of July inft. at 7 o'clock in the. ts- =
irtg, and be continued by adjournment from day today, -. -
12 o'clock at opon, until iwo o'clock, and from 7 ttnui
9Vlock iu the {if rb<r said " ,
made known, and the f»ans of the (aid LOTS and f »
LOIS be thewn at the time and place of sale.
Bv order of William Irvine, Andrew Ellic tt and GeK -e
. Ascnt.. EDWARD FOX, Auflic?
July a 2.
Sales of India Goods. luch
5 The Cargo of the ship Oaiiges, capt. Tiiigey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal, Ol
A Large and general assortment of Bengal and Madras
A variety fine worked and plain Mujlins, ln cl
Doreas, Vc. Also,
A Quantity of Excellent Su^ar,
In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER., A
For Sale by
Willings Francis, Ou
No. II Penn Street,
f- June S S
Public Notice is given,
the nerckants and others concerned in the fnippirtj
atState-ICand, under quarantine, that a Can will
attend every mo. nir.g, Fridays excepted, from to
m ••«Udc, At No. 3?. Walnjl-ftrest, to 1 V
! convey provilions or other Refreihments to *.e Flofpital,
i and for the use of the crews. Q
j It is exped'ted thatVghe Bags, Baf :ets, or other packag
es with supplies, willbcdirciled with th« of the vef- th<
fel and captain they are intended for, to prevent mifta'kes
at delivery. t P
lt By order of the Board of Heahh for th - port of Phila
in delphla, LEVI HOLLINGSVVORI'H, Chairman.
July 13 5
Philadelphia, Weft-Che tier, Strajl>urgh,
LancaHer, York and Frederick-toivn Uc,
THE, proprietors of the above Stages, return their best c
thanks to their friends and the public in general, for
tlie encouragement received in this line of business, and beg
leave to inform the public, that they arc determined to run
their stages through from Philadelphia to Lanca& |
one day, commencing on Tuesday, the 14th July inllant, r
in the following manner, —viz. A Stage will set out on '
that day at 4 o'clock in the morning, from the house of e
George Weed, Market-street, Philadelphia, and run by ar >
the way of Weftcnefter and Strafburgh, arrive in Lancal- •
a- teethe fame evening, on Fridayjnorning run to Wright's Ho
to ferry and exchange paflen£ers with the York and Fredej
ick-town flage, return and arrive in Philadelphia on Sat
urday, and on Monday morning following, at 4 o'clock,
—— r. .g r .Mill f.r ..... tlir Phila
delphia, and arrive at Lancafler the fame evening, or «
Tuesday morning at 4 o'clack wi(l set out from the houf
qf Mrs. Edwards, Lancaster, and arrive in Philadelplfc ! f;
the fame evening, and will commence again on Thurfda
itiorning following, and continue every week—The phc
I, for each pajfenger from Philadelphia to Lancaster is three
F dollars and a half, to.York, four dollars and three qsar
' ters, to Frederick town eight dollars, the like sums for —
Ijo weight baggage, with the tifual allowance if 14 lb.
gratis to each passenger, and 5 pence a mile for all way .
paflengcrs. 30 —§4W -■
John Reilly, v
George Weed.
j£ TO LET, 1 ®
>ur - A Large Cellar,
Under the Meeting-House in Walnut-street
Enqtiire at No. J» Second-llreet, corner of Chefnut-ftreet.
July 30 3t
THIS surprising animal is arrived in this city on his way
to Charleston. He is to be {eetl in High-street be
tween Tenth and Eleventh streets, from fix o'clock in the
morning to Sunset.
Admittance —Half a Dollar—Children, a quarter of a
Dollar. July 30 §6eotf
A well-finifhed, commodious
Eor Sale, and immediate possession given,
SITUATE on the north fide of Spruce-street, No. m,
Fourth and Fifth streets. The hcufe, piazza
609, buildings are three flories in height, andperfe&i ""
ring ly well for the accoinmodation of a large family,
t^e as they contatK*welvc good rooms, exclusive of two del- i
erk- ed garrets. In th~ yard, which Is neatly paved, there are t
1 loft two pumps ; one in n cistern, the other of as 1
;r water as any in the ciry : cellars are dry,and large.
The terms of payment will be « ? fy ; a great part of the
purchase-money in all probability lay for years on in
-1 tereit. Apply at Nd. 109, next d-sor - r d.
• v J ul 7 3° -
k 1
Notice is hereby Given, i
rH att of Congrei* ot the Uoited
States of America, puffed at Philadelphia, ike iSut da>
of May, ijq6 i laying duties oir Carriage*, for the convey
ance of pcMoas, and repealing xhe foimer fer that pur
pose.—Th :• be levied, collected aad oaid, up'»o
iLi 'ar' f<#r the conveyance of perfotU, which (hall be
kept \>y <>: lor any pcrfoo, for hii or her-own ulc, ,01 to r—
run r K-.r, >r (or the conveying of paffeagcri, the fevcral du
- 10 *«a i.ur'i wm '
For and every Coacli, 15 dols. ' A *
up£>n eve 1 y Chariot, 12 do!s. *- *• 11
up<knevery Baft Chariot, 12 dols;
uv-ou every Potl Chatfe, 12 dols. ?ow dc
upon every Phaeton, with or without top, gdo!s Pofie
upon every Coachee, 9 dols. Fc
upon other. Carriages, having panne 1 above,
» with blinds r glalfes or curtains, 9 dols. April
u>>"»ji four wheel carriages, having framed posts and
tapj with fttel springs, 6 dols.-
upon four wheel top' Carriages, with wooden or iron
springs or jacks. 3 dols. ° J n t }
upot curricles with tops, 3 dols. t j,
upon chaises with tops, 3 dols. p
upol chairs with tops, 3 dols. \
upou futkics with tops, 3 dels.
upon other two wheel top carriages, 3 dols.| A.IK
upon two wheel with steel or iron springs,
3 dols.
For and npen all other two wheel carriages, 2 dols.
j upon every four wheel carriage, having framed posts
atd tops, and reitiug upon wooden spars, 2 dols.
The Coll**£tors of "the Revenue of the wrft s urvey of the All
Diftri&of Poinfylvania, wiil attend daily, untilthe 33th day
of September next, for the purpose of receiving the duties on
t Carriages, at yo. 117,10 Race or Saflairai llreet, in the City J u ':
y of Philadelphu, at the house of Daniel S. Clair, Efq in the
a Ccunty o: ; ar.s k lie house of Abraham Du
os which all peifonspof ff
r ~W .#as§BenßßnrtptT-'• -$t n6
i,J .ci to them ; li river
ailing of Wiuei, in a frame
g.lloos—aud one .j"
, ictailing Spirituous li- .
o at the fame time and
at. .uc placet, by the officers legally authorized to grant w :,
[uch Lceices. f r
Infpefiir of Ihe Revenue ot the fiift survey Jf" 1
1- of the diilrift of Pcnnfjlvania.,
Office »f Infptflion, at > con\ei
Philadelphia, aifl July, 1796 S
as — " '
Just Arrived,
In the Snow Boston, Kirkpatiick, master from Li
' verpool, TT 01
500 c Bttfl'.ela SALT ; - 1 - f
lr.o Crates QUEENS WARE ; and centl.
An AfTortuieut ol SHIP CHANDLERY;
Ou bdard, at Pine-street wharf. Apply .to
James Campbell, or 20
Georze Latimer. 99
April 19.
I c - notice.
to TVr^vll! —
il, vhc Me-chants'coiTce house,. m Second Itreet, « —
Or.e thouiand ihares. of the stock of 6 3|°
ff- the Nort.i America Land Company, mgu
e» i not prrviouljy disposed of. V "",
Pkiladelpbii, 20th July. dts
:i " , 4 In th<
, npHA7 applcation wiU be made far the renewal of c-onti
' 1 the followiig certilicates, i(Tue<J,by Jofeph ; Nourfe, may
Kegifler of the'l'reafury, in thr name of Roger Gril fopth
woid, Esq. of Norwich, Conneilicut— et» m
I certificate, ix per cent domestic stock, ISO. 13,907 C*
—dated the 1 ?tlDecember, 1795, bearing mtereft from
the firft day of January, J79-1, for 1,597 6j-ioo dol
'eg I ditto, thre'per cent, domestic ftoi k, No. 10,68 a
-—4at,ed Uecemier 16, 179S> bearing interest from the J1
n *f firft day of Janiat;y, 179»> for 994 JO-joo dollars.
on 1 ditto, defeued stock, No. 9,l66—dated the 17th
of December, 179;, bearing imereft from the firft Janu
by ary, 1801, for -,9s 83-100 dollars.
;af. Said certificates are supposed td have been loft or |~J_
lit'e Ho:en in this cit\fome time in December or January I w i lc
lej- "|am
iatr DMAS, The'
orth Front-street. I (j on ,
ils— d6w. The
ov • _ RY
,us ,J- . . iED OF, by
ilii ,iy NEGRO MAN, who J fc
da J . serve. He is acquainted j J
. . i'-'-'c- "r 1 I
iree Esquire at th'. Office.
lar- July 29 3 I \
sot — .—; — j
kvay . A colledion of Papers, hn
N the fubje4.ef bilious Fevers, prevalent in thsUni- j »
• J ted States t>i;.a fpw tw "'
Cqmpitd by NOAH WEBSTER, 1 (
Is this day cone to hand, price One Dollar. Sold by I ton
Tiooklellers and Stationers, No. 52 Second-street, the cor- j
uerof Chefnut-ftreet. I
July 29 3t_ j
3t WINE, London particular Madeira, 4 years old, I
in pipes and hogtbeads
Claret, genuine old, cases I v
way Gih, ii pipes, fiom Holland
: he- Earthen Ware, in crates
1 the Baikct Salt, in hoglheads
Shot, N.os. 6, 7, 1 J i»d 9
of a Bar Lead, Red aad white dty lead
Jtf Stcef, Gerrnar and Kufiia, in barrels
An.-hor', cibles, juiit, bunting, tarpolin canvas, I
)QS Tin plates—An invoice Stationary, by t q 1
Joly«9 $ I
■jen, , ——— 1 ■ d
nzza Twenty Dollars Reward.
tfe<£U "11TAS STOLEN, lift evening, from the pafltire of the I
•mily, W fubferiber, a black-Rockingham GELDING, 15 I 1
aciel- 1.. hinds high, has a star, and fotne white under his J
re are throat, (the part being formerly chafed); has a leathcrjor.
goo j his neck, the mine on the nesr fide, his foot-locks fretted
large, with ji'clog, sod i«a harfe cf viuch bone and size. Who
af the him with the thief, Ihall have the above re
on in- or for the Horse alone a very generous compeafa
. July 7 cc^w
, — ■ —. ■ ■■ 11 I ....
To be Let,
A large convenient: hre» llory TriA-Houf;, pleafEnt-y '
fituatod, on the weft fide of Second-otreet, ofpclilc to t!ic
jSew-JVfcu&ci;- now in the occupation of Retry Clyaur
Apply Lo
WiP.icr.i Bingham.
J ■'' y ~7 ■
—, , — — ■»■
A THrce ftnry BRICK HOUSE ;md Lor, in Chefrct
il ffMet, between frphtanct Sccor.d iWw, in which
MefiK James C':iJbri:;h & Co. have for manj years (and
pow Jo) carrwd -on bftfineis. '
Poffeflion Mill b« given in one month, or sooner.
For terms apj«ly to WILLIAM HELL, or
April ii. *
Jult Arrived
In the brig Betsey, from Jeremic, and for sale by
the fubCL'ri'rters.
Forty thousand wt. of very prime Coffee
in hogsheads and bags *
And, in the schooner Hope, from New Orleans.
A liberal credit will be given for Approved Notes.
Richard and James Potter.
July »7- dtf
A Country Seat to be fold.
BOUT £even acres and
extending wiph&geaHe clec'iv'fiy froircthe f*id road -o ;Ue
river Schuylkill—on which arc ere<, a convenient
frame house furtable for a tenant, a frame barn and Itable,
a large Brick House forty-eight feet front, two (lories
J hiyh, a fery elegant piazza fronting the river, the whole
. breadth of the house lupported with turned pillars, floor
ed with cedar commanding an extensive and pic
turesque view of the Middle Bridge* Gray's Gardens, the
, Seat of Wm. Hamilton, Eftj. the Turnpike Road and
Canal. The improvements are all new—and the ground
convenientJy divided and inclosed by new cedar fences.
For terms apply at No. 151 Market-ftrect.
July 27 *7t
FOR rr.'.firtg fixthoufand fii hundred and fixty-fevea
dollars ami fifty cent-s, by a deduction of fifteen per
cent from .the pr:z;s, and not two blinks to a prize, viz.
I Prize of 5000 dollars is dollars jooo
I ICC2 1000
i 500 <0o
. 5 lit loco
3,0 190 2000
99 jo 4950
200 25 JT-ooa
2000 ro 20,000
5 Lafi drawn cumbers of icoe dollars each, s°oo
433% Prqg». • ---
f 63 JO Tickets at Seven Dollars each, 44.4'J0
By oeder of the- Directers of the Society for eftabliih
. ing Ufcful Manu failures, the fupe-rintendatits of the Pat
w;vC Lottery have requested the Managers to offer the
foregoing Ssheaie to the public, and have dire&ed them
to Refund the money to thofc persons who have purthalid
In the former Lottery, or exchange the tickets for tickets
in this Lottery.
rhe lottery hasa&uslly commenced drawing, and will
)f continue uatil fin-ilked. A lift of the Blanks and Prizes
may be seen at the office ot William Blackburn, No. 64
if fopth Second flreet, who will give information where tick
ets may I>e procured.
>7 Dated this 17th day of June, 1796.
m y. n cumm me, 7
ic June 18 eo
!h Jsjheton and Jamej Humphreys
HAVE removed their office to No. 61, Walnut-street,
next door but two to the corncr of Dack-li sect,
■y where all INSTRUMENTS IN WRITING are dreivn at
a moderate charge, with care, accuracy and dispatch.—
They likewise buy and fell Real Estates upon commit-
Cons, and procure Money upon Loan on good security.—
The bufinels of an ATTORNEY AT LAW and NO :'A
— RY PUBLIC is also trail faded at the said office usual
ho N. B. Good Notes discounted.
ted July 5. eo6w
Waftungton Canal Lottery,
N°. I.
WHEREAS the State of Maryland has authorised
the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix thousand,
two hundred, and fifty dollars, for the piypofe of cutting
a Canal through the City of Waihington, from the Po j '
tomac to the Eastern Branch Haruour.
The following is the SCHEME of No. I.
_ or _ Viz -I Prize of 20,000 dollars, 20,000
X ditto 10,000 10,000
6 dkto l,oo« 6,000
v . 10 ditto 400 4,000
old ; 20 ditto 100 a,ooo
55 ditto JO ®i7J°
, J 7jo ditto 12 69,008
To he railed for the Canal, • 26,aj0
5850 Prizes, 175*500
11650 Blanks, r.ot two to a prize."
17500 Tickets, at Ten Dollars, - 175,000
ivas, t? The Commissioners have osken the Securities re
quired by the aforefaid a<fl for the pundual payment of
D. the prizes.
4 The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
„ delay, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of which timel
, notice will be given.
]. Suchptizes as are not demanded in fix months afte' th^
,f t - rr . drawing is finiihed, Oia.ll be considered as relinquithed for
, 6 the benefit of Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
*• U. (Signed) NOTLEY YOUNG, \
, e rc . Wm. M.DUNCANSON,
penfa- ' THOMAS LAW,
X4W Ckv of Washington, Feb. 11. $