Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, July 27, 1796, Image 1

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    of the Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
n WEDNESDAT EVENING. JULY 27,5706. fTor.rwt T.
r 21 • I - ——r —; —" > 1 ■
- *rn k rr -*-» hr /"\ «rr-* T y-% I I~\T T' 1 \T f~\ T A Ti TA ( 117 v I ♦V. « I ] *-. I^. i C.'». .. ~ _..
F 0 R' SdJ* E* u
Jlfl a BOUT 18 months old, a verv talt _
J\ filling vessel, on Virginia Pilot boat tJ
plan, now laying at South ftveet wliar ,
"carries near oco barrels, is-ready to take _
in a cargo ; a liberal credit wiUbewvco. si
July 19. ,oteod I
—* ——— - j
Tuft Arrived,
In the Olio Molly, John F-oft, Matter, from Liver,wnj,
5000 Bushels Best fine ftoved SAL I,
000 Buflsr'.s HOUSE CO "L,
And 118 Crates of QUEENS W ARE affortrd,,
Philip Nicklin & Co.
JJ. 3. TyE S; 1 ID
Ship MOLLY, j
TS for SALE or CHARTER, (he...» 4 «
1 years old, Philadelphia buill, of white n
o»k. win well faked and carries about 4400 barrels ot Hour.
For terms apply as _above.
July 83 —
On Saturday the 30th inft. will be fjld at public auc
tion n
The new (hip '
"OURTHEN 310 tons, with her
n malls and spars as delivered by 1
the carper-.ter, good judges have pronounced that "(he |j
it a faithfully builc veflel, of good and well fea'oned
matt-rials, one thousand dollars will be required of the .
purchaser at Uit time of sale, and far the remainder a t
credit will be given of 3, 6,9, and 12 months, the pay- 0
ments to he secured by notes negotiable at the Bank o, (
Alexandria, with approved riidorfers. *>
JOHN MANDEVILLE, 1 Trifltv for tbc 1
GEORGE CLEMERSTON, &. [ creditors vf Jtto . I /
ELISHA G. DICK. 3 &**»> V c °-
13 d t 30th. _
For Barbados,
Th'e Brigantine
F A ivi E, '
Francis Knox, Mafcer,
-Hi TTAS accommodations for paT-
J7X fengers, and is expelled to fail on
Thurfuay next. For freight of a few barrels or passage,
apalv to capt. Knox, at Hamilton'" wharf, or
Ju'y *3 6] KEARNY WH 4.RTON.
For Sale, Freight, or Charte£,
The Schoencr
imFLwSml / v NF. hundred and twenty tons burthen —
fix months old, aftauiich, faithfllly
buifT fajt> failing vessel, handsomely finiflitd off, and well
found inavery particular. For terms apply to
On board said schooner, lying at Bicfeley and Bohlen's '
wharf, the firft above Market street.
A few half-bbls. Prime Me/s Beef.
July 24 $ 1
For Sale or Charter,
BURTHEN about 1000 Bills, of flour—fhe may be sent
#0 Ilea at a faiall tx pence, her faUs and rigging being iri
vci j good order—apply to
fames Campbell, or
George Latimer.
April, 29. ' §
Atfome place in the city or vie mty of Philadelphia,
which is hot known —\ note drawn by lfaac Beers, H'q.
of the City of New-Haven, (Connecticut,) for 150 dol
Jars drawn in favor of the fuhferiber, payable in March
next .As the note was not indorsed and payment is flop
ped it can be of no use to any one but the nwnen Who
ever has found t .e said note and delivers the fame to the
Printer at No. 1.9 Ciiefnut Street, or at the fubferibers
No. Carters Alley, (hall receive ten dollars raward.
Chejter Atwater.
July 26, 3t.
No. 76 High Street,
HAS received, by the latest arrivals from Europe and
the Eafl Indies, a well feledlcd assortment of Silk
Meretry, Linen Drapery and Haberda(hery" Goods ; which
he will lell, Wholesale and Retail, on the lowed terms ;
AMONGST which AilE,
Some fine India muslins embroidered with gold and silver
Superfine Book, Jaconet, and Mulmul ditto
Do do do do Handkerchiefs
black taflfetiesjuttftrings and colorad PerfiaiK
Bani'ano Hindkerchiefa
Xiong and (hort Nankeens
English Mantuas of the firft quality
Damask tahle lineo and napkins, very fine
Silk Hosiery, an elegant assortment
Thead and cotton do
Umbrellas—green (ilk, oil'd d». and da cloth
French cambrics, very fine
Irilh Linens, do. &c. &c. June 14 §
Just Arrived,
In the Snow Boston, James Kirkpatrick, master from Li
Jooo BuflieU SALT ;
100 Crates QUEENS WARE ; and
An Assortment of SHIP CHANDLERY ;
On board, at Pine-llreet wharf. Apply to
fames Campbell, or
George Latimer.
April 19. j
There will befijld on Thuifday the 4th of Augufl, at
the Merchants' cpffe: house. in Second street,
One thouland lhares of the stock of
the North America Land Company.
If not previously disposed of.
Philadelphia, 20th July. dts
THAT application will be made for the renewal o
the certi'.cates, iffui-d by Joseph Nourfe,
Kegifler of t!.e Treasury, in th- name of Roger Grit
wold, Esq. of Norwich, Coniie'!Vi.;ut—
1 certificate, fix per ctnt domellic (lock, No. 13,907 °
' —dated the 17thDecember, 5795, hearing intc-refl from t
1 the firft day of January, i-qi, for i,sn; 65100 dol- a
' 1 ditto. thre» per cent. do*n.;!lic stock, No. 10,68t |,
: dated December 16. 179.-, bearing ir.terelt from the 0
* firft day of January, 1191, for 994 30-100 dollars. ■_
I dilt", deferred flnik, No. 9,166 —dated the 17th I
December, 179?, bearing interest from the firll Jauu
" ary, 1801, for 793 S3-100 dollars.
Said certificates are supposed to have been loft or
fto en in this city some time in December or jauua y
1 last.
No. 59, North Front-^reet.
Philadelphia, July it, 1796. d6w.
For Sale,
A Three (lory BRICK HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
street, between Front and Second ftraets, in which
i i Messrs. James Calbraith & Co. have for man} years (and
c now do) carried on business.
PoffiKion will be given in one month, or sooner.
For terms apply to WILLIAM BELL, or
April 11.
The TOWN, and OUT LOTS of the TOWNS •
and WARREN. <
r A DVERTISED for sale hy the State Agents, in the Pbifof- I
y /x Gazeue and Uutverfal Daily Advertiser, to be i
e Sold in the City of Pniladclphia ; will commence at the City
Tavern or Coifee-Houfe in Second-Street, in tha laid city, on
Monday ti»e 25th day of July inft. at 7 o'clock in the even-
C ing.aod by. adjourn meat from day w day, from, 1
a is o'clock at noon, until two o'cloiV, and from 7 ■
" o'clock in the evening until the whole of the hid LO FS and
'f OUT LCT-'Sare difpoied 6f. The conditions ot falc will be
made known, and the plans »f the said LOIS and OUI '
LOTS be (hewn ar the time and place of sale.
'' By order of William Irvine, Andrew Ellic tt and Geor?t Wilson
»• Agent.. EDWaKD FOX, Auctioneer.
July 22.
Sales of India Goods.
The Cargo of the ftiip Ganges, capt. Tingey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal,
f_ \ Large and general assortment of Bengal and Madras
n f\. *CO I'TON and SILK. GOODb. ;
A. variety fine marked ai^dplain Mujlins,
Doreas, Sr*c. Also,
A Quantity of Excellent Sugar,
In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER.
For Sale I>y
Willings & Francis,
No. ai Psirn Street.
June 8 . §
On Monday next, 25thinft. (July,)
*s Will be landed at South itreet wharf, the cargoes of Superb
Weft Indian and Ifabclla, from Jamaica and Hjivanna, con
fiding of #
Molasses in Hogsheads,
- Coffee in hogsheads, barrels & baa;s,
Who has also for sale,
A quantity of Jamaica GINGER,
it Pimento & 1 T „
" Cocoa, \ Ba S S '
And 150 boxes Hambro' WINDOW 7 by g, will
be fold chcap,
July 2 9 diot & tuth & s tot
~ Take Notice,
' j 'HAT the Snbfcriber intends to mwe appliea-
I tion for the renewal of a Certificate, No. 1609,
J' for 4000 dollars, dated the 14th December, 1795, bearing
c j l interest at 5 A per-cent. from ift January, 1796, in the
name of David Dunderdale & Co. of Leeds, in Yerk
(hire, merchants. The fame i« foppofed to have been loft
j. g on its way to New York, under cover to Bleecker &
, rs March, of that place, on the 6th of January laft
d. Thomas M'Euen.
Philadelphia, aid June, 1796. J w
From 16 to 9 J inches, for sale by
nd • Jeremiah Warder,
ilk J M S No 12 north Third*ftrcet.
eh .
rcr From on board ths Nancy, William Belcher, mas
ter, from Bourdeaux, a cargo, confiding of—
[ns 360 Hhds. CHOICE CLARET,
232 Cafe» of bottles each CLARET,
286 do. of 24 do. WHITE WINE,
For Sale by
F. Coppinger.
July 2 3- . dtf.
Just arrived,
A ' 220 boxes best Claret,
Containing two doaea each, for sale, Wholesale & Retail, by
William Sheajf,
*d 6 July as. No, 168 High-flrect.
11 1 . —-
Public Notice is given,
j~"0 the merchants and others concerned in th« (hipping
at State-Island, under quarantine-, that a Cart will
attend every mo.ning, sundays excepted, from nine to
ten o'clock, at the Health office, No. 31 Walnut-flreet, to
convey provisions or other Refrefhments to the Hospital,
and for the use of the crews.
a It is expe&ed that the Bags, Baskets, or other packas;-
with supplies, will be direA'td with th« name of the vel"-
31 fel and capt :»i they are intsnded for, to prevent millakes
at delivery.
y' By order of the Board of Health for the port of Phila
delphia, LEVI HOLLINGSWORTH, Chairman.
July 13 §
' ' '
Notice is hereby Given, T**
"J"*!! AT 3fjrc(;ably to an aft of Cougicfs of the United | of
1. Siatesot America, p-ifTcd at PhtUdclphia, ihe sßth. day j per
of May, 1796 ; laying duties on Carriages, for the convey- < j
a nee of perfonj, and repealing the former a£ts for that pur- | 281
oolc.—That rhere ihall bf levied, collected and paid, upon |
all carriages for the conveyance of peiloi*«, which shall be .
kotby or for aoy pcrit>i», for hta or her own use, 01 to ict j |
o'*t to hit, or f or the convoying ot palfengers, the ievetal du- j
iit»» and wtes follow ing, to wit. I\ t
For and every Coach, 15 dols. tt j
OOf»n evc/y Chariar, 19 (( ,
upon every Chariot, it doU; t4
upo»v every Port Chaise, 12 dols. (<
upon every Pi>ae.on, wiihor without 9 dol»*
upon-every Coach<e, 9 dola.
upon other Carriages, having panne 1 work atjov, 11 J
with blinds, glaffesor curtains, 9 fiois. " t
upon lour wheel carriages, tjaving framed posts and M t
topi with Iteel fp ings, 6 ciois. " t
anon tour w*:eel top Carriages, with wooden or iron u j
springs or jacks, 3 dols. " <
upon curricles with tops, 3 cob. ft {
upon cnaifes with topSj 3 dois. *4 <
upon chairs with tops, 3 dols. «
Ufon lulkies with top*, 3 dols.
ui*» other two whceUop carriages, 3 dols."
u (< on two wheel caniageo, with iieel or iron springs,
3 dols. .
For and upon all other two wheel carriages, a dols. r
upon every four wheel carriage, having tramed posts P°
and tops, and «pon wooden fpais, 2 dois. ere
The ColK dors of the Revenue of the firft iurvey ©1 the is<
Diftriftof Pennsylvania, will attend daily, until the 30th day gr;
«f September next, for the purpose of receiving the duties on
Carriages, at No. 117,10 Race or SalfafraJ street, in the City /
of Philadelphia, at the house of Daniel S. Clair, Efq in the
County of Montgomery ; and at the house of Abraham Du
bois, Esq. in the County of Kucks; of which all persons pot tor
felfird ol fiifcb Carriages are desired to take noiiee. or
Notice is also given,
TO all retail dealers in Wines, and foreign distilled fpiri
tilous liquors, that liceocei will be granted to them ; one li
sorter Sox carrying on the ot retailing of Wines, in a m»
le f f,qtiantit.y, or in lef^Quantifies than 30 gallonsT—and oor- att
licence for carrying on the business of retailing Spirituous li-
quors in leis quantities than 2Q gallons, at the fame time and ht
at the lame places, by the officers legally authorized to graut ou
luch licences. ly
Infpeftor of the Rcveftue of the firft survey
of the diftrift oi Penufjlvania.
Office of Infpe£lion,at )
Philadelphia, 21ft July, 1796 > * 3° f-
A Young NEGRO GIRL, 11
Of Fourteen years Old y FOR $AL E y
SfiK has near Eleven Years to serve, is healthy, and well
acquainted with the business of a Chamber Maid, and
other house work. Enquire of the Printer.
July 25. . d tf
Twenty Dollars Reward.
WAS STOLEN, last evening, from the pa flu re of the
fubferiber, a black Rockingham GELDING, 15
1-2 hands high, has a star, and some white under his
throat, (the part being formerly chafed) ;hasi leather on
hi. neck, the on the near fi<!e, his foot-locks fretted
with a ciog, ar.d i«,a horse of much bone and size. Who
ever ftiures him with the thief, Ihall have the above re- ■
ward, or for the Horse alone a very generous compensa
July 7 eo4W
Now PubStJh) r:g by the Printer,
At No. 3, I.afctitia Coifrt, delivering to Subscribers, r
and to be had at the different Boak-Stores in this City, ■'.
Berriman 8c Co's e
Containing the Old and Naw J
Testaments and the Apocrypha, with marginal notes andte
ctences. An Index ; or an account of the mod remarkable
I paflagesin the old and new Testament, pointing to the places
whercitvthey happened, and to the places of fcriptdre where
in they arc recorded.—A Table of Time.—Tables ot scrip
ture mcalures, weights and coins : with an appendix,contain
ing the method of calculating its measoris of surfacec j
hitherto wanting in Treatises on this JubjeS, A Table of Ojjiets
and Conditions of men.
[ l. The size of this Edition will be a LARGE FOLIO, {
printed on a beautiful new type, and good paper, made par
ticularly for it, It will be publiihed in Numbers, notto ex
ceed 30, one of which will be delivered weekly to fubferib
: ers, at a quarter of a dollar. Those fubferibers who prefer
receiving the work complete, will be attended to by
the fame on any of the fubfcTiption papers in ihe Bookltores
in this city.
2. There will be an advance in the price# on fubferibing
after the fiifl of August next.
3. In the courfeof the Work will be given an elegant
Frontispiece—From an Engraving of the celebrated artist,
Gr 1 cm ion.
Bf.kriman 8c Co. gratefully acknowledge the very liberal
encouragement they bavemet with; and have reason to believe
that the execution of their edition will answer every expeo
tation, and speak its own praifc.
May 26 gaeoww.
Lottery !
FOR railing fix thousand si* hundred and (ixty-feven <
dollars and fifty cents, by a deduction of fifteen per
cent from the prize*, and not two blanks to a prize, viz.
I Priac of jooo dollars k dollars 5000
i 1000 1000
l joo 500
5 100 loco
zo 100 aooo
99 SO 495°
joo aj 5000
aooo 10 10,000
5 Last draws numbers of 1000 dollars each, jooo
*33» Prizes. 44,450
4018 Blanks.
y 1 —
6350 Tickets at Seven Dollars each, 44,450
By erder of the Directors of the Society for eftablilh
ing Ufeful Manufactures, the fuperintendants of the Pat- 1
erfon Lottery have requested the Mapagers to offer the 1
foregoing Seheme to the public, and have directed them
to refund the money to ihofe persons who have purchased 1
II in the former Lottery, or exchange the tickets for tickets 1
0 in this Lottery.
l'he lottery has adually commenced drawing, and will 1
1 continue until finilhed. A lift of the Blank* and Prizes t
may be seen at the office of William Blackburn, No. 64
south Second street, who will give information where tick
• ets may be procured.
Dated this 17th day of Juno, 1796.
June 18 e«
Treasury of the United States^
I "X"j"QTICE"ij hereby given to persons who ?re or
! JL\ may be Creditor? of tlie Umtltf-State... tot any far.*
d) of tti * /,tutted Debt, or Slock, hearing a j.rcfent interejt rv
y J per ccn'^uper axnvtn. .
f I lit, *! i...t pursuant to an A& of Congress pa(Ted ou the
r " | 28th day of April, 1796, imitUM an in jddition to a a
D i siA, intituled " An ad making fuither r>r.-vifion lor t'na
le I support of public Cridit, and (or the redemption of the
" j public debt," tli- fairt debt or l.ock will b; reimhiirfed and
'* paid in rm.nner following, to wit. Firll, by dividends
" to be made en the la;t days of March, Juif- and Septefn
•' bcr for the present ye-r, and from the year oae thoufi nd
" fcy«S»fcor»ira I uui aim iy-fevcri, to the year one thcu
" faad eight hun. red & eighteen th& rate of
" tine and one half per centum upon the original capital.
" Secondly, by dividends to be made on rhe' lad day of
:, " December tor the present yesr, and.from the year one
" thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, to the year
d •< one thoufandeiglit hundred and fevintteri inclusive, at
" the rate of three and one half per centum upon the c.,-i
---" ginal capital; and by a dividend to be ma c on the laii
" day of December, in the year one thousand eight huu
" dred and eighteen, of such ,um, at will be then u-'e
•' quate, according to the contrail, for the Cnal rsdeir.p
---" lion of th ft id llock."
xd. All diftin&ion between payments on account of
s Intcreli and Principal being thus abolilhed by the eflahlifh
meiit oi the permanent rule of reiinburfement abovs de
l'cribed, it has become neteffary to vary accsrdingly the
b powers of attorney for receiving dividends; the public
S. creditors will therefore observe that the following form
ic is eftabii&edlor all powers of attorney which'-may be
ly granted after the due promulgation ol this notice, viz.
'V 1 °f
ie do male, C-i.jl.iAc and appoint
°f my true and laivful At
torney, for me, and in my name, to receive the dividends -wbch ere,
or fiatl he payable according to laiu,on the (here describing the
lUick) Jlan*rs'i inmy.'iamtih the book: of (here deferibing the
books of the Treasury or the Commissioner of Loam,
j where the flock is credited) from (here insert the com
a mencement and expiration of f ime for which the power of
)f« attorney IS to continue} ivith ponver also an attorney or aiter—
1j- nits under him for that purpofc to muie andfubflitute, and to do all
id laiufnlnHi rvquj.tef, ejfettinv thepremifei, hereby ratifying and
ut a,/firming all ijjai my said mtorney or Litfuhjiitute Jlaii lawful
ly do y by 'virtue hereof.
In IVitnefs hereof\ I have hereunto ft my Hand and Seal the
c y day .of in the year
Sealed and Dcli'verei
in presence of
BE I'T JCNOIVJt r , that pn the day of
— befre me personally came
within nam id and acknowledged the above letter of attorney to U
his aft and detd.
In tejiimuny •whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and cjjiK*
ell Stcl the day and'year last afortfaid.
nd Given under my Hand at Philadelphia, this twen
tieth day of July 1796, puj-Jfyaiit to dire&icns
from tile Secretary of the Treasury.
1 re&furcr (f the United States.
7"b 23* IV &st I J.
He For sale by the Tubfcribers,
130 quarter Chests frell. Hyson Tea;
ISO (jitto <io. frefli Sotichong Tea;
, 0 . 3°° Boxes China, containing ftnall tea setts of 4»
rt . pi ecei ;
j- a _ 400 pieces Ban,d.anoes.
Willing & Francis.
January ,;o. jtaw.
University of Pennsylvania,
rs July '6, >796,.
' /THE Summer Vaealior. will take pl2ce on :V!ondc;» next,
' tlie 1 B'.h inlt. and co ntinue for r week'.—The diller.
ent Schools wiih'h* fcveral Tutor s will accordingly rc.-
assemble on Monday, the t jih day of Au^uft.
By the Faculty, Wu, Roc rs, Src'v.
New Hat and Hosiery-store,
No. 1 34 Market-Jlrect,
a!n _ Third door from the corner of Fourth, fsuth fide
cee Men's Black American and Englilh HATS, of various qui
or litits and prices
' Ditto Drahs aod Green underi *
Ladies' ditto, black, and a large adbrtment of fancy do.
IO Coloured Beavers, With a great variety of elegant and
' fafhionable Trimrnings
youths tflack and Drab-coloured do.
" Children*rfaacy do
cfer AH kinds of Silk, Silk & Cotton, Cotton & Thread HOSE
• Knit, coloured Pantaloons
r ' a * Do. Drawers
ores Do. lirecches Patterns
Silk Gloves
" Knotted, coloured do. Cotton
gant A quantity of Mending Cotton, for ted colours.
tift T^lC Hals tbc ncweft falhion.
' June 27. COIm
•eral —— — ■ — —
Washington Canal Lottery,
no. 1.
'• XT/-HEREAS the State of Maryland has authorised
— VV the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix thousand,
two hundred, and fifty dollars, for the ptirpofe of cutting
a Canal through the City of VFaihington, from the I'o
:ven tomacto theEaflern Branch Haruour.
per The following is ;he SCHEME of No. I.
iz. Viz .1 Prize of dollars, 10,000
080 1 ditto 10, coo 10,000
000 7 last drawn")
500 Tickets, each f 5,000 35,000
oco '6 ditto 1,000 6,000
000 to ditto 400 4,000
95° ditto 100
°°o 55 ditto J0 a, 75 0
000 5750 ditto iz <9,008
000 ToTje railed fer the Canal, »6,ajo
4JO 5850 Prizes, 175,000
11650 Blanks, not two to a prize."
450 I7joo Tickets, at Ten Dollars, - 175,000
lilh- 0* The Commiflioners have token the Securities re
?at- quired by the aforefaid a& lot tjie pundual payment of
the the prizes.
icm The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
afed delay, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of which timely
kets notice will be given.
Such prizes as are not demanded ic fu months after ths
will drawing is fmifhed, {hall be confidercd as relinquifbed for
izes the benefit of the Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
64 (Signedj NOTLEY YOUNG, °
lck " DANIEL CARROLL, ofl>.
9 City if Walhingtou, Feb. xj.