Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, July 26, 1796, Image 1

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'~y " •" • \ :• . . ... . • . A / §**
tt of the ißniteTJ |$tatCS, 6* Philadelphia Daily Ad\
mo.] • TUESDAT EVENING, JUI.T 26, 3796. •' ■ K r
—1 —; : : ; ~ fprrr oar t.< r\r?' i T"\T7TV /~\NT PADDTAPCC »l, i
Just Arrived,
In the !h» Molly, John Frost, Mailer, from Liv.rppoU
5000 Bushels Best fine jtoved bAL 1,
6oq iiufhels CO \L,
Audi ,BCrat« ot QUE EMS WAfIE aflbrtf (J,
Philip Nicklin & Co. ®
jj. B. THE S/UD i
Ship MOLL Y, j
»' CH ARTER, (he » 5
I tots old, Philadelphia built, of wnitc,; <
oak : was weii laltrd and earner about 4200 baircls-of Flour. t
Fov cms apply as above. I
July 23
: ~ /.
On Saturday the 30th inft. will be Old at public auc
tioil r
lull The new (hip
"DURTHEN .110 tons, with her "
IJ masts andJpars as delivered by Jj
the carjieme., good judges havf pronounced that tlhe
is a faithfully built 'vessel, of good and well seasoned , ,
matt-rials, one thousand dollars will be inquired of the ; *
pu-chafer at the time of sale, and for the remainder a |
credit will be given of 3, 6, 9, and rx mon the pay- ,
ments to be secured by notes negotiable at the Bank ®f -
Alexandria, with approved endorsers.
JOHN MANDEVILLE, 7 T . at fir thc
-GKORGECLEMERSTON, & > creditors of jfrfi. } 1
. ELISHA G. DICK. J aum*.& Co.
23 dt 30th.
For Sale, Freight, or Chartej,
—-j The Scho®ncr
'hundred and twenty tons burthen—
V / fix months old, a (launch, f:.ithfui!y-
Imilt. "tad-failing vefTel, hapdfomely finished off, an J well
found in ■every particular. For terms apply to
On, board said fchooncr, lying at Bickley and Bohlen's
•wharf, the firft above Market : flreet.
A few half-bbls. Prime Mess Beef.
July 14 S
■ For Sale or Charter, J
BURTHEN asout 2000 Bbls. of flour—(he may be sent
to feaat a frnaH cxp,:ice, her faiis and rigging being ia t
very good order—apply to
fames Campbell, or ]
George Latimer. a
April, 29. S (
For Barbados,
The Brigantine
Francis Knox, Maf:er,
m T TAS good accommodations for paf
'-1 " 11 fengers, and is expeAed to fail on
ThurfGay fiext For freight of a few barrel* or pajfige,
apply to capt. Knox, at Hamilton'* wharf, or
Ju'y 23 6] KEARNY WHARTON. r
For Boston,
. The Bng
WILL fail in a few days and take
v.'^freight very low. Apply on board
at Lownes's wharf.
July 23 d3t '
Schooner LITTLE JGHR ,
A BOUT 18 months old, a very fact
jAjWr'V XV failing vessel, on Virginia Pilot boat
P' an > now 'aying at South ftrett wharf,
arries near 9«.0 barrels,. is ready to take
2fca=L'~rv/ in a cargo ; a liberd credit will be given.
July 19. loteod
, No. 76 High Street,
H .AS received, by the latest arrivals from Europe and
'.he East Indies, a well feleCVed aflbrtment of Silk
Mercery, Linen Drapery and Hafcerdafhery Goods ; which
he will fell, Wholesale and Retail, on the loweil terms ;
Son-e fine India mullins embroidered with gold and JMver
Superfine Book, Jaconet, and Mulmul ditto
Do do do do Handkerchiefs
Some extra black tafFeties,luteftringsand colored Persians
Banc!ano Handkerchiefs
Long and Ih6rt Nankeens
Englilh Mantuas of thc firft quality
Daniajk table linen and napkins, very fine
Silk Hosiery, an elegant alfortmsnt
Thead and cotton do
Umbrellas—green silk, oil'd d». and do cloth
French cambrics, very fine
Irilh Linens, do. &c. &c. June 14 §
Just Arrived,
In the Snow Boston, James Kirkpatrick, master from Li
• " verp'ool,
soeo Bnfhala SALT ; (
100 Crates QUEENS WARE ; and
An Aflbrtment of SHIP CHANDLERY;
On board, at Pine-flreet wharf. Apply to
» fames Campbell, or
George Latimer.
April 29. 5 i
CO N O fl C E. '
There will be fold on Thutfday the 4th of August, at '
the Merchants'coffee house. in reet, ,
One thoufafid shares of the stock of i
the North America Land Company. :
If not previoufij difoaAd of.
Philadelphia, 20th July. " dts
The TOWN, and OUT LOTS of the TOWNS
DVERTISED for sale by the State in the Phila-
l\ delpliia Gazeiie and UuivcrJal Daily Advertifrr* lo be
Sold in trie City of Pivladelpbia ; will o<«iii;iie«ice at the Cily F
Tavern of Co^ce-Houfe in Secohd-Vreet, in 4he faiil ciiv, on 2
Monday the 25th day of July inft. at 7 o'clock in the c v e«»- />
ing. and be cominued fey adjournment' Iron) dav to Uav*, tiom, fl
12 o'clock at {won, until two o'tiock, aud from 7
in ihc ®ve<i«rj/. until the wbok of the said LOTS and d
•1 OUT LOVSaredifpofed of. 'I'he conditions of sale will l>c
made known, and the plans of the said LOIS and OUT
LO'I S"be shewn a< the time and place o £ sale.
By order of William Irvine, Andrew Etlic tt and Gectyt J Vi!fon
EDW/.RP FOX, Auctioneer. *
July 22.
Take Notice,
'"P'HAT the Subfcrib-r intends to mace applita
-1 tion for the renewal of a Certificate, No. 1609,
fcr 4000 dollars, dated the 14th December, 1795, bearing
interell at 5 £ per cent, trom ill January, 1796, in the ,
name of David Dunderdale & Co. of Leeds, in York
shire, merchants. Thf fame isfuppofed to have been loft
• on its way to New York, under cover to Bleecker & I
1 March, of that placc, on the 6th of January last-
Thomas M'Eucn. f
Phiftdclphia, «2dJune, 1796. J6w
Sales of India Goods. i
The Cargo «f the ship Ganges, capt. Tingcy, from Cal- C
cutta and Bengal, 0
A Large and general aflbrtment of Bengal and Madras
A variety fine -ju/orked and plain Mujlins,
Dorcas, \sfc. Also, 1
A Quantity of Excellent Sugar, J
In boxes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER. 1
For Sale by t
Willings £sf Francis, \
No. 21 P&nn Street.
June 5 ' §
THAT application will be made for the renewal of
the following certificates, issued by Joseph Nourfe,
Register of the Treafui y, in the name of Roger Gril'
woW, Esq. of Norwich, ConneiSicut—
i certificate, fix per cent domeflic flock, Ne. 13,907 r
—dated the 17thDecember, 1795, bearing interell from [
the firft day of January, 1791, for 1,597 65-100 doi
-1 ditto, thre- per cent, doineflic llock, No. 10,683
—dated December 16, 1795, bearing interell from the
firft day of January, 1791, for 994 30-100 dollars.
1 ditto, deferred stock, No. 9,166 —dated the 17th
December, 1795, bearing interell from the firft Janu
ary, ISOI, for. 798 83-100 dollars.
Said certificates are fuppafed to have been loft or
ftoien in this city foijne time in December or Januaiy 1
last. ' ;
No. 59, North Front-ftrcet.
Philadelphia, July 21, 1796. d6w.
For Sale,
A Three story BRICK. HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
street, between Front and ftraets, in which
Messrs. James Calbraith & Co. have for many years (and
now do) carried on business. 1
Pofleflion will be given iti one month, or sooner. 1
For terms apply t© WILLIAM BELL, or
April 21. §
On Monday next, 25thinft. (July,)
Will be landed at South Itreet wharf, :he cargoes of Superb,
Weft Indian aud Ifabtlla, from Jamaica and liavaona, con- <■
filling of j
Molafles in Hogsheads,
Coffee in hogsheads, barrels & bags, !
Who has also fvr sale,
, A quantity of Jamaica GINGER, ,
t Pimento & 7 T -n 1
; Cocoa, | In Ba S s » !
And 15® boxes Hambro' W INDOW GLASS, 7by q, will 1
be fold cheap. 1
July 20 diot & tuth & $ tot
From.l 6 to 9 i inches, for sale by
i Jeremiah Warder,
t Julyia 5 No ia northThirJ-Ilreet.
1 '
r From on board the Nancy, William Belcher, mas
ter, from Bourdeaux, a cargo, confiftkg of—
s 360 Hilda. CHOICE CLARET, •
232 Cases of 24 bottles each CLARET,
286 do. of 24 do. WHITE WINE,
For Sale by
F. Cpppinger.
July 23* dtf.
Just arrived,
220 boxes best Claret,
Containing two doz«a each, for fjle, Wholesale Sc Retail, by
William Sheaf ',
*dS July a. No, 168 High-duet.
Public Notice is given, '
ro the merchants and others concerned in tht (hipping
I at State-Island, under quarantine, that a Can will
attend every ,mo.ning, sundays excepted, trom nine to
ten o', at the Health office, No. 31 Walnut-street, to
convey provisions or other Refrefhmcnts to the Hospital,
and for the use of the crews.
[ It is cxpciled that the Bags, Baskets, or other »acka»-
es with supplies, will be with thj name of the vef- .
L - uu l captain they are intended for, to prevent miflakes
at delivery.
■ By order of the Board of Health forthe port of Phil»-
delphla, L?yi HOLLINGSWORTH, Chairman.
J u| r 'S §
Notice is hereby Given,
f PHAT agreeably to an act of Congrels of the United ! r
'i Statesot \merica, palled at Philadelphia, the aßtb day i .
of May, 1796 • lav 'tug duties on Carriages', tar the convey- j
anoc of pcrlocs, iind repealing the former acfi for that pur- |- ,
ptife.;—That rtiere (hall be levied, eolicfled and paid, upon j
all carriages for the conveyance of perlona, which shall be : ' by or lur any person, for his or her own use, or to let {
out to hire, or fpr the conveying of paffciagers, the icveral du- I
| yces"follo-.viog, to wit. ' 1
and upon e\'ery Coach, doW
up a every Chariot, 12 dols.
upOli every P 4\ Ch;;npt, \i dols^
ui'Ort every Cnaife, ia'doi».
vpon every Piiac:on, w\th(>H-w,iiboUt top, gdols. j
• uf«.iii every 9 dols. j
upon other Carriage®, having panne 1 work abpve,
with blinds, gialfes or curtains, g d<*»ls,
upon four wheel camagfi,, hariftg tramed posts and
top: with rteel fptings, 6 c|oii. I
upon four wheel tup, Carnages, with woaden or iron |
tpriugs or jacks, 3 dais.
upon curricles with tops, 3 cols.
, upon chaises with tops, 3 dols.
upon chairs with tops, 3 dois.
ufon lulkies with 3 d«ls.
I upon other two wheel top carriages, 3 dols."
upon two wheel caniages, with Reel or iron springs,
3 dols.
For and upon all other two wheel carnages, 2 dots.
upon every four wheel carriage, paving framed posts
and tops, and reitiug upon wooden fp3fs, 2 dols. ,
The Colk&ors of the Revenue »t the iirli larvey of the
Diftnftof Pennsylvania, vv'ill attend daily, uoiilthe 30th day j
tsf September next, for the purpoi? ot rece.ivihg the duties on
Carriages, at No. 117, in Race or Hreet, in the City
of Philadelphia, at the house of Daniel S. Clair, Efq iu the
County ot Montgomery ; and at the house ot Abraham Du
bois, fifq. in the County of Bucks; of which all person s poi
lelTed of such Carriages are defned to take notiep.
Notice is also given, i
TO all retail dealers in, and foreign distilled fpiri- I
tuous liquors, that licences will be granted to them ; one li 1
cence for carrying on the bafmefs of retaking of wines, in a 1
less quantity, or in krls quantities than JO gallons —and one j
licence f«r carrying on the business of retailipg Spirituous 1;- ,
qaors m less quantities than 2® gallons, at the fame time and 1
at the fame places, by thc officers legilly authoriled to grant c
such lice Aces. t
Infpe&or of the Revenue of tti« firft survey
of the diflri&of Pennsylvania.
Office of at )
Philadelphia, 2itt July, 1796. > t 30 f.
— — 1
Choice St. Croix Sugar & Rum,
NOW landing from on board the Bng Willian Pen- 1
nock, Capt. Thomas llallcday from St. Cioix and for
sale by
Pragers ess Co.
July 19. diw.
Twenty Dollars Reward.
WAS STOLEN, last evening, from the paflure of th<
lubferiber, a hlack Rockingham GELDING, 15
i-2 hands high, has a star, and Tome white uilder his
•liroat, ffhe part being formerly chafed) ;has a leather on
hi. neck, the mane on the near fide, his foot-locks fretted
teitha,t:p£, and is a horse of much Who
ever fecitr. s liim with the thief, lhall have the above re
ward, or for the Horse alone a very generous compensa
tion JOH>' LAWRENCE. 1
JulV 7 eo^v
Kotv Pui/i/bing by the Printer,
At No. 3, Laetitia Court, delivering to Subscribers, ,
and to be had at the different Book-Stores in this City,
Bern man & Co's
Containing the OW and Naw
Tcflarrients and the Apocrypha, with marginal notes andte
erences. An Index ;or an account of the moll remarkable
pafTagesin the old and newTeftamcnt. pointing to the places
wherein they happened, and to the places of scripture where
in they are recorded. —A Table of Time.—Tables of scrip
ture mcafures, weightsand coins i with an appendix,contain
ing the method of calculating its measures of surface
hitherto wanting in Treatises on this fubjefi. A Tabic of Ojfeis
and Conditions ol men.
i* The size of this Edition will be a LARGE FOLIO,
printed ®n a beautiful new type, and good paper, made par
ticularly for it, It will be publiiied in Numbers, not to ex
ceed 30, one of which will be delivered weekly to fubferib
ers, at a quarter of adollar. Thafe fußfcribers who prefer
receiving the work complete, will be attended to by fignifying
the fame on any of ti«e lubfeription papers in rhe Bookllorcs
in this city.'
2. There will be an advance in the price, on fubferibiog
after the fiift of August next.
3 In the courieof the Work given an elegant
Front if pi cw—From an Engraving celebrated artist,
Bf rkiMan & to. gratefullyacknowledge the very liberal
encouragement t&ey have met with; and ha<rereafonto believe
that the exceution of 'heir edition will answer every
and /peak its own praise.
May &6 3aeoww.
FOR raising fix thousand fix hundred and sixty-seven
dollars and,fifty cents, by a deduelion of fifteen per
cent from the prizes, and not two blanks to a prize, viz.
I Prize of 5000 dollars is dollars 5000
I 1000 *1000
t s°« J°°
5. 100 lOCO
20 .100 2000
99 JO f 4950
i-o 15 S°°°
2 ceo 10 40,000
5 Lafl drawn numbers of 1000 dollars each, 5000
2331 Prizes. 44,450
4018 Blanks.
6350 Tickets at Seven Dollars each, 44,4J0
By erder of the Directors of the Society for eftablilh
»ng UfefulManufaiSlures, tfte fuperintendaats of the Pat
erfen Lottery have reqnefted the Managers to offer the
foregoing S.heme to the public, and have direiSed them
to refund the money to tHose persons who have purehafed
in the former Lottery, or exchange the tickets for tickets
in this Lottery.
The lottery has a&ually commenced drawing, and will
continue until finiflied. A lift of the Blanks and Prizes
may be seen at the office ot William. Blackburn, No. 64
south Second street, who will give information where tick
ets may be procured.
Dated this 17th day of June, 1796.
JACO& R. HARDEN BERG, > Managers.
.June 1S ea
I Treaiury of rh.-
I "XTOTICE is hereby give
| Jl\ may be Civdiiors of •
lot t\\t F*nJcd Debt, or Stoci, baring a prcfent intcrcfl <J : :x
; fer centum per cbtrym*
j i ft, That pursuant to an AS. of Congref* passed et>. the
: sßih day »f April, 1796.- incitlect an art in addition t« an
: r-ii, intituled « An aft miking fuithcr provision for ha
1 fuppm.t of public credit, tz# i v r the redemption (of the
public.debt," tSc faiJda.t or ioctwjil be reimbursed and
paid in »snner.f(>!lt)wjHE,to wit. " Pint, hy c::-. ir«»ndj
" to bo made oil the Jul <k*s cf March, June a.*l Si,:;ctn
•« bet in- the prifeht year, and from the year onethoufand
" seven hundred and nincty-feven, to" tae year otic-rfiCTB-
" sand eight hundred & eighteen in.hifivc.'at the rate of
" one and one hail per centum upon the original capital.
" Secondly, by dividends to ''v ma<|e on the lift day of
" December ior the'prefent yqar, and from the yer.r ore
" thousand seven hundred and niriety-feven, to the year -
« one tjiouland eight hundred aud'ftventeeu inclusive, ac
" the of three aud one hjiif per ceottim upon the ori
" Jli'ial capital a dividend to he ma e o« the lad
" day of December, in the year one thousand eight hur.-
" drcit and eighteen, of such sum, as will be then ado
" quate, according to the ecutraft, for the final redenfp
" tion of tllr said ljock."
id. All dil.inftion between payments on account of
Intereij and Principal !»cing thin ahpliOied by the eftablifh
mcnt lit the permanent rule of reimbursement above dc
fcribed, it has • ne'eiffary to vary accordingly the
powers of attorney lor receiving di'. "iuids ; the public
. creditors will therefore observe that the following form
iseflabiifht'dfor all powers of attorney which may bi
granted after tht due promulgation ot thii notice, viz
"J in
do malt, conjliiute and appoint
'-f nry true and lawful At*
terniy,f,rmt,andin my nam, to receive tie dividends, which are,
or Jhall be payable according to law, on the (here defcrihing the
ftoci) Jiatiding in my nam tin the booh of (here describing the
books of the Treafurv or the Commiflioner of Loans,
where the floelc is credited) from (here mfert the coni
-1 menccment and expiration oi time for which the power of
attorney is to continue) with power also an attorney or attor
nies under him,fit; that paipfe to maU andfubflitate, end to Jo nil
lawful aßt riqu'/Uefor .-J'tJUitg thepremifes, Hereby ratifying .ind
confirming all that my said Attorney or bisfuhflltute l'aiij
ly do, ly vh-tue hereof
In Witness hereof, Z Lave hereuntofet tny Hand an:'. Siul the
day of in the year
Sealed and Delivered
in prfence of,
BE IT Kl\VW2*,that on the day of .
btflre jr.- perfonaV.y came
within named and acknowledged the aieve letter of attorney ,to U
bis aH an d deed.
li: tefi,itony whereof I h.zve hereunto set my Hand end aJJiK
ed Seal the day and year last aforefaic^
Given under my Hand at Philadelphia; this twen
tieth day of July 1798, 'pursuant to directions
from the Secretary«fthe Treasury.
Ireajurct of the United Siatts.
ftA 1 23- w & / * I J.
For sale by the fubferibers,
in penn-stk£etj
130 quarter Chests frejh Hyson Tea*
isjo ditto do. Irciii Soucfipng Tea;
30c Boxes China, containing Frhall tea setts of 44
400 pieccs' XJandanoes.
Willing y Frpr/it.
January 30 ■ jtaw.
University of Pennsylvania,
... .My «6, 1796^
r F'HE Summer Vacation will take place on Mouday next,
t,ne j 8" hiiift. and continue for Four weeks. —The differ
ent Schools ui.htV fcv'eraJ Tutors will accordingly re*
aifemblc on Monday, tiie Au^uft.
By the Faculty, Wm. Roc »crs, Sec'y-
New Hat and Hofiery-flore,
No. 154 Ma,ketjlreet,
Third door liom the corner of Fourth, south fide
e ' Men's Black American and English HATS, of various qua*
s lilies and prices
Ditto Drabs and Green unders
Ladles' ditto, black, and a large ailortment of fancy dp. 1
, Coloured Beavers, With a great variety of elegant and
I fafhionaUle Trimmings
Youths Black and Drab-coloured do.
Children's faacy do
r All kinds of Silk, Silk 8c Cotton, Cotton & Thread HOSE
Knit, coleured Pantaloons
% Do. Drawers
Do. ISreeches Patterns
Silk Gloves
Knotted, coloured do. Cotton
|t A quantity of Mending Cotton, sorted colours.
t The Hats finiftied in the newest falhion.
June 27. e#im
»1 —
I Washington Canal Lottery,
n°. 1.
WHEREAS the State of Maryland has authorised
the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix tho.fanJ,
twohundred, and fifty dollars, for the pttrpofe of cutting
a Canal through the City of Walhington, from the Po
n tomac to the Eastern Branch Haroour. \
r The following is the SCHEME of N«. I.
Viz -J Prize of jo,ooo dollars, 10,000
o I ditto 10,000 10,000
o 7 last drawn >
o Tickets, each j 3Sfioo
o 6 ditto 1,000 6,000
o 10 ditto 400 4,000
o jo ditto 100 ifieo
o 55 ditto 50 1,750
0 J7jo di «° 11 69,008
o To be raised fer tho Canal, 16,150
0 5850 Prizes, 175,00 a
11650 Blanks, not two to a prize.}
0 175°° Tickets, at Ten Dollans, - 175,00*
The Com mi !!ion er s have taken the Securities re
quired by the aforefaid aA for the pundlual payment »f
e the prize*.
n The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
d delay, as soon as the Tickets are fold, of which timely
:s notice will be given.
Such prizes as are not demanded ic fir months after th«
[1 drawing is finiihed, ihall be confidercd as relinquiihed foe
:s the benefit ®f the Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
4 (Signed) NOTLEY YOUNG,
City »f Wa(hi«gto», Feb. 11. §