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    '""W" —KB—ww)SHifna in-iw ■ ** 1 — ».
Books and Stationary,
Wholcfale and Retail, now opened and fo£ Sale by
iookfrller, No. ?», Corner if Second and Chefnut-J} recti.
AMONG which are FnouJh, Latiw, and Griik
Classics and Dictionaries, Divinity, Law, His
tory, r ravels, Votagxs, Miscellanies, and themoft
efleemed Novels.
Prom the best manufacturers in Europe, and from his ma
nnfa&orj on Brandywine, vit.
Imperial,plain and wave fUtSmall folio post, plain
Super-royal do. do. Ditto gilt
Royrl do. do. BlofTom paper afTorted
Medium do. do. Transparent folio pod
Demy do. do. Superfine and common foolfc.
Glaied and kot-preflisd folfoWlarbled papers.
and 410 extra largr post coarse fafers.
Thick poll in folio ditojdo. London brown, afibrted I
Ditto in 4to. ditto do. Hattecs' paper
Polio wove post, fined""* Stainer,' paper
Quarto do. Common brown
Ditto gilt do. Patent sheathing
Common size folio post Bonnet boards
Ditto quarto, plain Binders' Board*.
Folio and quarto post, gilt,
Alfa, a variety of other Stationary Articles, vix.
Wedgwood and glass philosophical ink flands, well affort
ted } pewter ink chests «f various fiats ; round pewcer ink 1
(lands ; paper, brass, and poltfhed leather ink stands for the
pocket. Shining sand and find boxes, pounce and pounce
boxes, ink and ink powder. Counting house and pocketpen
knives of the best quality, ass ikin tablet and raemoraadum
books. Red and colored wafeis, common file, office ditto.
Quills. from half a dollar, to three dollars per hundred.
Black lead pencils, mathematics! inftraments, &c. &e.
All forts and flies 6f Blank Books, ready made or made
to order. Bank checks, blank bills of CXEhange and notes'of
hand, executed in copperplare, bi is of lading, manifcfU
stamen's articles and journals, ic. icc.
J""e 18 aaw3w
No. 114 South Second Street,
HAS for these two years past introduced a newfpceies
BARK, which after repeated trials by the principal-
Physicians of this city, is now preferred in all cases of
importance that require it, to the best R«d and Pale
Bark. It is a powerful Astringent Bitter, fits well on
the flomach, is certain in itsiffecls, and requires only
lialf the ufoal quantity for a dose.
Many of the citizens of Philadelphia are now ac
quainted with its virtues, the knowledge of which
ought to be extended over the Union. He has a large
fupplyof the Yellow Bark, and a general assortment of
Drugs, Colours, Glass, Dye Stuffs, &c.
Salt Jalaps and Camphor,
By the Quantify.
May 19. *iawjt
The corner of Market and Third-flreets, Philadelphia;
MOST refpeAfully informs his friends and the public,
that he has received, per the last arrivals, a com
plete and general assortment of aim of;
Every Article in his Line;
Immediately from the manufactures of London, Bir
mingham-, and Sheffield, all of wkicH are of the newest
fafhion, and will be fold, wholesale and retail, or the»ow
eft,terms, and the Nota6 of Mr. Robert Morris, and Mr.
JohnNicholfon received in payment at their current value,
N. B. The upper part of the House in which he noVir
Jives to be let, furnilhed or unfurnifhed. law
Twenty Dollars Reward.
RAN away from the Subfcrtber, living near Harrifburgh,
county of Dauphin, and Stateof Pennsylvania, onSun
<Uy, sth inft* A NEGRO MAN, named SAM, about 17 or
18years of age, 5 feet, 7 or S inches high; has no particular
mark, but apt to look down when tharged with a fault. Had
on »rd took away, a home-made cloth coat, and overalls of
(biped jean jacket, felt hat, almost new, calf.fkin
{hoes, and white (hirt.
The above reward will be paid to any person who will se
cure said negro in any goal, so that his master may hear of
the fame, and reasonable charges paid, if brought home to
June 29 *eodiw
Ten Dollars Reward.
Ran away,
TTTRrE 13d, from Brian M Laughlin, living at Henry
J Clymer'i place at Schuylkill point, a Young Woman,
who passes by the name of Rollt Morrison, low set,
darkish complexion, fmaU grey eyes, about seventeen or
eighteen years of age, had on a dark-colored short gown,
and linfey petticoat. She {Vole and carried away a trunk
and a considerable fumof money, and a great many other
articles. Left behind her a cloak of coating linejl with
greciv baize, which is foppofed to be stolen. The owner,'
by proving property may have it. Whoever lodges her in
any goal, so Jha may be brought to profecutiou, lhall
receive Ten Dollafikßeward. —
June jaws* " BRIAN M'LAUOHLIN.
For the use of Schools.
Xomkins's Text, Round, and Running
- band copies.
JUST f,l c by Vs. Young, the corner of
Second and chcfnut -^. c(si lnd , Qrmrod, No. 41
Chcfnut-ftreet. Price of imprelTions on fine paper, r
dollar. Common, 75 cents. in a ftyie fuperioi
have been formerly engraft* ; n iTim Uniled States,
and not of the kind import^fron^E^opc.
Junry>. ' U
The Old Soldiers
/~\Fthe Pennfylvan'a Jineof the army (both officers and
\jf prir«iM)are informsd that there appears in the MaiTi
fschufetts ?nd Connetlicut papeu a design to tak'e from them
nearly all theirlandt over the Allegheny. Long publication!
have appeared at Stockbridge and Hartford, fctting up the
Conneflieut claim (though exiin<;ui!hed by the decision at
Trenton) foas to take the following lands eiven by PtnnfuL
vania to the army.
Difttift No. i, about i-4jclaimed as Connecticut's
Do. No a. The whole claimed as ditto.
Do. No. 3. The whole claimed as ditto.
Do. No. 4. Thewhule claimed as ditto.
Do. No 5. Tht whole claimed as ditto.
Do. No. 6 The whole claimed as ditto.
Do. so. 7. The w hole claimed as ditto.
Do. No. 8. The whole claimed as ditto.
Do. N>. g. The whole claimed as ditto.
Do. Ni 10 The whole claimed as ditto.
The Court of "ommiffioners was a renUt con/fituted atithe
fjy —There wen among them two raf.trn members—They
were all five unanitem. What (hould be thought of the Con
ieQlcut claimants ly every friend to the pcace and the laws of
this country. ?
July 9, gt
~~ To r sal e .
ArOUNT of BtEVIER, half worn ; about four hun
dred weight. Enquire at the Office of. the Caz'ette
of tfct United StatejjjNo. 119 Chcfniit-ftrcct. 5
■■ "
Philadelphia, -
(n5" The pi ice of this Gazette is eight dollart a
year. Subscribers whose papers are sent per post
are charjcd one dollar yearly in addition for enclo
sing and diredting. Six months fubfeription to be
I paid in advance.
Advei tifements wiil be promptly aßd conspicu
ously publilhed, at 50 Cents a square for the firft
insertion, and 25 Cents for every continuation.
On Sunday tad about 10 o'clock A. M. a man
jumped off a schooner at Samuel Penrtife's wharf,
Southivark, (whether with an intention of bathing
or to end his life is uncertain.) He
fink by several persons, none of whojn took any
tlcps to;five him. His clothes were lefj at Phipps's
tavern, Almond street wharf—he was! ftippofed to
bea'tailor, having raeafures in one of hij pockets.
Any person having a right to the clothes uny have
them by applying to said PWpps.
To do good, and to communicate forget net."
We ate assured, and every benevolent mind mud
exult at the recital of the fa£i, that the fubfeription
c in New-York for the relief of our fuffering breth
ren in Chnrlellon, very soon amounted to Thirty
II Thousand Dollars; only a part of the molt
wealthy of th» citizens had been applied to—the
fubfeription was going on, and it was expc&ed to
c double that sum before it was finifhed. What a
f noble ! What a spirit of emulation mud
4 it excite in other cities ! This is the way to
lighten the burthen of heavy misfortune, to raise
the desponding heart, and once mote to "open the
windows of hope to the mind, which the sweeping
element had stripped of the produce of the indus
try of years. There is a most glorious of
s philanthropy and benevolence which pervades this
r continent —On ths- prcfeot occasion it will un
-1 doubtedly manifeft itfelf with distinguished luflre.
_ Every avenue thro' which this benevolence can be
| cOndu&ed (hould be opened. Jtet us remember
, that thelofsof the citizens of Charleston is at le-ft
half a million sterlinc ; large contributions
will be neceflary to realize to all the fufferers re
-1 Ipeftively a small proportion of this sum.
; Every religious and corporate society will of
course turn their earliest attention to the business,
and the good work will be recommenced by the
governors, magistrates and ministers of th?t gospel
which direAs us " to weep with those that weep"
•• to call our bread upon the waters, for after many
days we shall find it."—The cup of misfortune
goes rcund, and it is not in human wisdom always
to put it by.
' t The twenty firft annivetfaiy of our Indeppnd
. enceasa Nation was yesterday celebrated in this
City. The Day was nlhered in with ringing of
Bells, filing of Cannon, and other demonstrations
. of joy. At twelve o'clock, the society of the Cin
cinnati, the officers of the state government, and
the militia, met in the state-house, and from thence
proceeded to the house ofthe governor,to congrat
ulate him upon the occalton. After which they
partook of an elegant cold collation in the govern
or's garden.—Public dinners were provided in dif
ferent places in and near the city, where the citi
zens and uniform corps nffembled, to felicitate each
other on the return of that anniverfjjry which
marked a new era in the Annals of Man. The
birth day not only of the U. S. but of the Free
dom of the Universe.
Died, on Friday last at Germantown, Mr. Antho
ny Armlrijler, Printer, formerly of this city, aged
■ 79 years.
The Courtier Francais speaks of an atrocious
maflacre, recently committed in the quarters cf St.
Louis, du Botgneand Gros Morne. That almost
all the Whites who dared to continue there had
been aflafiinated, The authors are not mentioned.
Mean jime it is pretended that this new crime is
committed by those whom Lawaux has denounced
as the enemies of France.
The public voice point* out Piucbinat as th« an
| thor.
Wbereas, by the firft article of the terms and con.
ditions declared by the President of the United
States, on the seventeenth day of Giftober, 1791,
for regulating the mateiials and manner of build
■ ings and improvements on the lot* in tt e c fly of j
Wafliington, it is provided, « that the ooter and
f party walls of all houses in the said city, (hall be '
; built of brick orftone and by the 3d article of
, the fame terms and coniitioßS, it is declared, «' that
, the wall of no house (hail be higher than forty feet
to the noof, in any part of the city, nor (hall any be
lower thatnhirtj five feet, on any of the avjnues."
And whereas the above recited articles have been
, found, by experience, te impede the settlement in
„ the city of mechanics and other., whofiYtreum
n nances do not admit of creftiog. bouses of the
» lcription authorised by the said regulations. It is
t therefore declared, operation of the said
- -TOa d .' h J'j and
the Hereby suspended, until the f„ft Mon
day of December, in the year one tWfand eight
hundred, and that all the houses which (hall be e
recled in the said tity, prior to the said fad M on .
day of December, one thousand eight hundred,
conformable in otherrefpefts, to the
toreiaid, (hall be considered as lawfully eredted.
Given under my hand this twenty fifth Hay of
June, in the year one thousand seven hundred
and ninety lix.
; Walhington, Commissioners' Office, 28th fuue
[ v. v J 9
From a late London Peter.
■ nl 7 ct f W r ] "\ 3 Boa,d of
: ? xV S 'f C j C " for ~U" f e four da y s . fining at
' r ,hc liotfe Guaroe, 111 confgltati4n for the |>urp D fc
- ,\A
* 0 f adopting an entire new form of dxefs aed accou
trement* for the Cavalry.
The Swords are to be lengthened, and the V-ar
biiies (horteucd.
a The W aidcoats are to reach a good way a own
t the thighs.
i- The Boots are to be made so ftroiig between the
e calf and the thigh, as to resist the droke of a iabre.
Helmets indead of bats, in a new form, are fug
i- geded : they ar« to clasp at the chiu, like the old
1 fadiioned fi'pnting-caps.
An alteration likewise is to take place 15 tha lad
dies, and indeed in almost of the accou
n treroents and dress.
r Many people are misled by the pompous found of
the French Republic having iflued forty thjufuni
y million: of livres, in a%oats. Theminifterif l writ,
s '<rrs never fail to take advantage of tins eircum*tanc<*
5 and to rjprefeni thedebt of France to be so im
. menfe that it mull lead to a national bankruptcy,
e —What does the fiun of forty tfioufand millions ol
livrcs in afiigoats I<"ke ia pounds sterling. Taking
the Louis a-. 6000 livres, it is not seven millions
fterfing !
\ There is a set of phrases of which our inlnifters
1 are so fond, that they never fail to make use of
them upon every occasion.—Thus, Mr. Pitt has
f his exiting ; his relations of amity and
i Peace } rnd his renewals of theprejfure npon Francs.
, Mr. Wikdham is remarked for his use of vigour be
, yondjhe' ; His acquitted felons ; for being not
j scratched by the war ; and for killing off.
The following is the fubdance of the principal
. claufesof the new Game-Bill.
, After .dating the a£b to be repealed, it ena&s,
' that every owner and oceupier of land (hail
p have liberty to hunt, course, and kill hares, pheaf
, ants, and partridges, found, sprung or darted, on
the grounds by him so occupied
Game-keepers, however duly authorized, arc to
be pnnifhed if con»i£led of Healing the game.
The punishment of poachcrs is to be infti&ed,
and with fume new fererity. For the firfl of
( fence, the puni(hment is commitment to the county
gaol, foi space of ( ). For the second offence,
the house of correction, and hard labor for a (pace
p to be agreed upon.
I U What mod particularly engaged the attention of
J the public was, a charge againtl a woman of the
_j rtame of Ann Hoon, aged 25, for the wilful mur
-1 der of her infant child, about fourteen months old;
J the circumQances of this murder were as follow :
on Friday last this poor creature, who ia the wife
of a labouring man, was about to heat her oven,
and being (hort of wood, had broken down a rail
( or two from the fencing round the plantation of a
- gentleman in the neighbourhood ; some of her
t neighbors threatened her with a prosecution, and
told her (he would be transported for it.
1 his so much alarmed her mind, and the idea of
. being separated from her child, whom (he had al
ways appeared remarkably foad of, so wrought on
her imagination, that (he formed the horrible deiign
of putting her to death, in order that, by surrend
ering herfeif into the hands of justice, (he might
be executed for the murder, and so be forever re
: united in Heaven to that babe whom (he hadioved
more than life. As soon, therefore, as her hus
band was gone out to his labor, (he proceeded to
put this diabolical design into execution : (he filled
a large tub with water, and taking the child in her
arms, was about to plunge it into the yvater, when
. the babe, smiling in its mother's face, difavhned her
for the moment, and fee found herfclf unable to
commit the honid fad. She then lulled the babe
( to ileep at the, and wrapping a cloth round
it, plunged it into ike tub, and held it t»der water
till hfe became extinct , ,h« B took it%,t of the
I tu >i and laid it on the bed, and taking tier hat and
cloak, locked her street-door, and left her key at a
( neighbor's for her lmlhand when he (hould return
from his labor : die then proceeded to walk eight
ornuie miles to a -qiagiftratc, and, requesting ad
. m :7 on to hlm > to 'd Km the whole story, concluding
with an earned desire immediately to be executed.
She was tried this morning, and many drong in.
fiances of fan. t y for some year, pad tppeiW
the Jury feund her—M/ Guilty. /
Yefteiday at the New-Rvoms, after several con
ted, between Mr. Chabas a„A Mi. Galindo, in
1 . K 3 Vanet >■°fn«nauvr« ; the
'to M S ad r emo ' dIC D ' E ° n ,bod - opposition
,to Mop.. Maifon, the, mod powerfM aitapornft of
f Mow St. George, where tl,ufe two marten of the
t jf defence adomfhed a numerous let of fpe&a
---| tor, with their fc.«nce and acuity. The female
■ Chevalier, in the 69th year of her age, ii not leco*-
ered of the (train m her wnft . but Mr. Delaunay,
the young Lngliih profeffor, fenced along time with
Mons. Maifon, and acquitted himfelf f 0 admirably
the general .pplaufe of » brilliant audi
The quantity as ,ice disposed of by the Agent
to the provision committee at the Town-UU every
Tuesday and Friday, at 3d. a pound, has Wreaf
, rapid.y from s oolbs. to 3 ooolbs, each day,
- afltrrobled at Ha,r^ S) in G^of-dr^D^
r t'7 that
1 rendered that country when Lord Lieutenant Thjf
was the twenty-eighth return of a J Jh J
been thus g»,cfully celebrated, but never X
• S el;;; P y rctt: umber and of
; Th .^RPOOL,
eft 'f w 7 °« the public to le!lrn th; urther
■ effects of thofc viftones, i, naturally grfat ; the
general opinipn iecms to be, thn the/will force
i- either vlie einp«ior or :lv« or
both, to :m immediate peace. It is i.«.t f<>
. tilt nuirber of men that they have killed, and taker
as the fmpreffioo it will make on a difaffe&ed cou. 1
n try. The Piedmoßtcfe peasantry are to a man rr e
for revolt, and all Ittbordination js likely to be de
e flroyed by a blow so terrible—The fir ft (Feeling of
the king of Sardinia, therefore, w iH i, e to
. himfclf by and it will not be iucunlift
d ent with the hereditary politics of Tin in to Jiifc
to a proposition of an alliance with the French
- far the reduflion of Aotlrian Lombardy. At
- least, it is likely for the emperor to dread such ;i
cotnpaft, and after fitch a footing gained by the
x French, we fufpeft it will be a race of conning,
f who stall be the firfl to make their peace with :t,iu
ij conquering enemy Lor Jan Evening Chronicle.
i 111 confluence of the reiterated of
1 government, the senate of Venice has
at lad ordered Louis XVIII instantly to quit
Yirona,as well as the whole territory of Venice.
The fate of tliTs unfortunate prince is truly dif
trefling. At fird obliged to quit tha court of Itfs
father-in-law, the king of Sardinia, he is now &!fo
expelled from his retreat. The cabinet of Vienna
has prohibited him in the mod positive terms, to
enterthe Audrian territory, and has also threaten
ed to difhand the army of the Prince ®f Cottar,
diould he attempt to ds so. Thus banished fain
his own dominions, driven out of those wluV
long to the princes of his family, and prev
from seeking flutter in the proviheefi of the v
princcs of Italy, by the fear of exposing tl . t..
I the resentment of the French Republic, whe<e,'is lie
now to find an nfylum ? Op a review of f ;na?y
perfecutionj to which the defendants of tlx ror
ofFrance have been exposed, we surely ma> »: \\.
lowed to a(k, what then is now the objef f
war ?it cannot be the restoration of royalty, as .
unhappy French king finds no asylum from he
governments on the continent.
The French fay he mud now look to F. ugh no,
and get a palacejind an[ ertjbjifhment at liv- ;~r
John Birfl, tome FreiidS papers add, that it
repaying the compliment, as France gave an as))
to the exiled Stuarts and the Royalists wf\p Sol!
Ed his eril fortunes.
The quartern loaf was at iod. April 30
[Further London accounts
WORCESTER, (Mafc.) June 29
A young gentleman, the outside of who • hea _
was, by far the bed part of it, defiied a y< ootfla
dy where he boarded to dress his hair Sh com
plied, «nd after spending, as Ihe thought fu?\; nt
time upen it, deiired to know wliether it . d
him—He went to the glass, and observed i it
needed aliltle alteration—die immediately m -tl c
proposed amendment, and then_\»ifhed to I
it would do any better. He replied that it aid,
but that still there was one lock which was lit
quite afcit should be. She with much good nature
arranged the offending lock in itsptoper -pv
'• Very well," exclaimed he, looking in the
with much fatisfaflioirat his own appearancc, " it
does verjr well now." This head," h.., put
ting histiand upon it, « this head I won'.'! not
give for any lady in North America." '• - L
you had been at the Siege of *Samaria," ft
" you would have stood a chance (o have gott
pieces of silver for it."
*2. Kinrs iv 25. And there <was a greet fnrtii-it
i* Samaria >• and behold they besieged it, until an
ajft head was fold for four score pieces of silver,
NEW-YOR'It, July 2.
"Frojn the Dominica Chronicle of June 2, received
V* e to what we dated in ouj lad,
relative to at Trinidad ; rhat by a
gentleman at rived we are afltired that
»o mifebief of consequence had happened previous
to his departure the 20th tilt, exccjst what bow and
then proceeded from nightly rencountres of the
OitMi of'bur ships of tsar on the daiion, and the crews
two republican privateers, who had taketl
fjtelter in the town, after the dedrtnJUon of their vef
ftis by our brave and vigilant cvuifers : further that
/ such prudent steps had been taken by governor
, Chac.on, and so great moderation adopted on the
part of the English coiiiniander, capt. Vauglian, as
not to leave a doubt of t{je colony's being redored
to its wonetd date of tranquillity. It is alio to he
observed that the embarkation of the Emigrated
French Royalids is imputable rather to a premedi
ated intention, of embracing the fird favorable oc
canon, and which then offered of participating of
the glory of the present campaign, than to an ap
prehension of any iofidious enemy at Trinidad.
We have delayed this Gazette, in the expecta
tion of official information from St. Lucie, to this
island, but hoac having as yet been forwarded, we
ourselves of the intelligence obligingly'eom
municated to us by a mod refpe&able friend, just
arrived from the head quarters.
. surrender of that island teok place at the
time, we have already dated, but the garrison ob
tained terms, permitting them to marcli out with
\ '3*l °f war, and lay down their arms on
the Glacis.
in number, upwards of 2opo men of
■» e crptieni, of which, there were near 400
w ties ; these are all embarked on board of prison*
'P» in Uie Calcnnge, and are to remain uniila con
voy iaiis, which is fixed for the !d of August next.
the surrender, and probably whild
W H.fl. ? pl,ulaticn were nr gociating, about
\ SSer" Z * fr " m ,he htC garrison, being
fervit r ' J n '®' an, * orc °l'red people formerly in our
he l ° f the Prench reached
plenTvof a' B ®° u^r '®re quarter, and having a
trouble before "f" ma^fiive fotne
woorh°b 400 nen ' a ""° escaped into the
W beer7 Cn t ' ,a ' fh " and "«« ! thefc
e' ,-ho at Ce , rUrro " nded the G f rm 3 n Y,gh-
U r l, B of u5' n,O I V' k ft Same ' Th
famefstt, ii: reft caanot elude the