Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, June 02, 1794, Image 4

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    A New NoveL
To the LADIES of Philadelphia.
This Day is Publt/heil ly
Ixß, Market street,
»• rice, bound, five eoliths of a dollar, sewed
in < arble paper, halt a d
. Charlotte, a tale of Truth,
By Mrs. RO.V'iON, of |he New Theatre,
Philadelphia, Auth ir of Vifiorin, tliejil-
, the Fille de Chanib'e,
Of Charlotte, the Reviewers havt given
the following r characler.
IT miy be a i'aie of Truth, i'or it is not
nonatural, and it is a talc of rea di 11 ei s.
Charlotte, by the artifice of<i teacher, recom
mended to a fchoot, from hhiiTa'uitr rathei
tha conviction of her in tegI*'i*>"»1*'i* >"» 01 thc re '
gularity of her former c<>nd >&> ' s enticed
from her governef., and accompanies a young
officer to America-—The marn- ge ceremo
ny, if not forgbtten, is poftponcd, ai d Char
lotte d es a martyr ~o the inconstancy oi the
over, and treachery ot his friend — ' he situ
tion are irtlefs and affe&in# — ,l ! ,e deitiip
atio. natural and pathetic ; we ftu>i)kl ie
or arlotre if fbch-fc perlnn eve-- cxilted,
who for one er or scarcely, perhaps, de! rved
so a. tninifluneut. If it is a fiction,
poetic j v :ltice i; not, we think, properly dii
t rib u ted
Sad Carey has jujl publlfhed,
A 2 sheet map of Kentucky
c jed by Elihu liaiker, price one nouar
a d t\po flii« ds.
,/ar 'Arlas, containing maps of France,
Gernla >y, Sua n,ltaly,the United Provinces,
the Netherlands, a d the Well Indies. Price
Map of New Jersey—-Hals a.d )liar.
Map?of Vermont, ConnefcVicur, Delaware,
G» )igia - -Price three eighths ot a dollai
April 29.
Four Dollars Reward.
A NEGRO MAN, named L'ETperan e, a
b u 25 ye.i.s of age, ot' the Co go nation, 5
icet6 inches high ; speak veiv lil|l> Engl Ih
tnn away frOfft bir> mailer the'?7:h mfiant —
He Itole and carricd away villi him < nr new
g e :i> brn:iH cloth coat, anil many articjes of
irni'r frriith e. Whoever Oial! take up and
fecu'e <h(? a'vive negro in ny goal, lo that
he mav hr •ug' tto Justice shall receive the
above leward. Enquire ot ihe Printer.
May 30 lllw&fyt
iu kjeller, at the Stone K<f/e in Secondflreet,
Diß'tonary of Arts, Sciences, aud Mfcel
laneous Literature,
. ON "a fatten tilery jew"; by dif
ferent f< lences and arts art o *d into the
.. form of diftinft treatiies • Jvltems. This
volume contains the article s, tvecv.i's, medi
cine, metallurgy, metaphysics, methodists,
Me ; co,. mic oi'cope, midwif y, and a great
variety of biogVapfrica} and mifccllnncou? ar
ticles, rfJuftrated with nineteen copperplates.
Tnr tables of logarithms, &rc. which
were d i ient in the volume, are sub
joined «» this.
Even volu vtfs of this work are now pub
lished , dt .l Xllth is in some forwardnefs.
O > tn ft. , L of September, 1792, the price
of ftfbfcriptfoh was incn afed TF.N dollars on
all fc .t ' not taken before thar t 1 The fub
ftfipt'on isftill open on these terms, and if
any copies remain by the firil of July next, the
price will be raised TEN dollais more, on
any copies which may be fubfLribed for after
tha* period.
* ill * As many of the fubferibers have taken
only two, three or four, See. volumes, they are
carneftly requested to take up and payhW the
remaining volumes, as it difficult to
complete the setts, and the pubiiflier does not
hold himfelf bouud to make up any setts after
the firft day of J uly next*
Ap'il 22. m&th6w .
Just Imported,
In the Ship Edward, Capt. Crandon, from
St. Peteriburg in Rufiia,
And now landing at South.street Wharf, viz.
< John Donnaldfon,
No. 12, Walnut-street.
March 4,1794. diwjtawtf
To be Let,
For Merchants Comptfhg Houses or Public
Two brick 3 story Houses,
HAVING 6looms in eacn, wi h fire place«
beQde garrets, on (he fouih wetterly fide
of pock ftrect, between Pear and Walnut
streets. Enquire of
April 17. tuth&«tf
Scheme of a Lottery,
To raise 39,900 Dollars, on 266,000
Dollars, dedudiiij, 15 />«* Cent: from
the Prizes—this Lottery conjip of
38,000 Tickets, in which there are
\ 14,539 iVi>6« and 23,4.61 Blanks,
being about one and an half Blanks to a
Tilii Dn eftors of J he Society for eltabnfhing
Ijlciul Manulafctures, having relolved to
erect LOTTfcRi H.S tor raising Otf* Hu nuked
Thousand Dollar s, tagji Att of
,I,c o! the State ot New-jFffry, have
aopoinitd the following pcrfoos to luperintend
• iici.dircdihe drawing ol the fame, viz. Nicho
las Lovr, Rufus King, Herman Le Roy, James
Watson, Richard Harrifon, Abijah Hammond,
ana Cornelius Ray, ol the city ot Nrw-York-
Tliomas Willing, Joseph Ball, Matthew M'Con
ncl and Andrew Bayard, ot ihe cny ot Phila
delphia—His Excellency Richard Howell, Esq.
Elias Boudinot, General El'as Dayton, Jam s
Parker, fohn Bayard, Do&or Lewis Donham, W. Stockton, Jolhua M. Wallace, Joseph
I Bloomfield, and Elista Boudiriot, ol NiW-Jer.
1 fev, Who offer the following Schcme of a Lot
i tery, and pledge themselves to the public, that
they will take every assurance and precaution in
their power to have the Monies pud by the
Managers, from time to time, as received, into
the Banks at New-York and Philadelphia, to
remain for the pui pole ol paying Pri/.-», which
(hall be immediately discharged by a check
- npon one of the Banks.
r Prize of 20,000 Dollar* is 20,000
1 10,000 10,00 c
2 5)000 10,000
- 2,000 , 10,000
10 I,COO 10,000
2 o ,0 ' 000
100 100 10,000
300 5° l s> oco
1030 20 20,0C0
2000 15 3°> oco
3000 12 36,000
8100 10 81,000
14,.-39 Prizes. 262,000
23/(.ox Blanks. First drawn number, 2,000
Laitdrawn number, 2,000
* ; —
38,000 Tickets at 7 Dollars each is 266,000
Ihe drawing 11 commence, undei the m
fpettuMi ,1 a Committee «»* the Supenntendants,
as loon as the Ti' kc.s are fold,of which timely
nonce will he g'veil
l he Supenntcndants have appointed John N,
ni New i»k, Jaeoci R. Hjj deribcrgi
ol w-Biurifw ick, and Jonathan Rhea. oi
Trenton, as jmmed oie Managers thereof, who
have given ampl> iecuiity ior discharging tbc
trult lepofcd m them.
lit order to fecurethe pun&u.l payment
of the Pnzcs, the Supei intendamsof the Lottery
direCled 1 ii^L the Manageis fhal! each enter
into bonds in 40,000 dollars, with lout fu&cient
i ciriti s, to jjt riorm their initt u&ions, the lub
lUi.ce of which is
I. That whenever either of the Managers
fh*4l receivethr ium ot Three Hundred Dollars,
he ihall unmdiauly place the fame in 6ne of the
Banks of New-York or Philadelphia, to the
eiedii of rhc Governor of the Society, and such
of the Superiniendants as live in the city whtre
the monies are placed, to remain there nntil the
Lotterv is drawn, for the paymntof the Prize:.
11. The Managers to take fufficient fecuiity
for an> Pickets they may trust, other wife to be
refponuble for them.
111. To keep regular books of Tickets fold,
Morres re< ( ived and paid into the Bank, ab
ftratts of which shall be sent, monthly, to the
Governor of the Society.
Paterfon. January 1, 1794.
On application to either of the above gentle
men, intoimation will be given where tickets
may be had.
February 24. tu&ftf.
Diflriftof Pennsylvania
1 it rememliered, that on 'tlie
„ ' twenty fourth day of March, in
lie eighteenth year of the independence of the
UiitedStates of America,Ebenizsr Hazard
of the laid diftrift, nasdepofired in this office,
th; title of a book,the right whereof'heclaims
as author, in the words following, to Wit :
" Historical Collections; confiffing of Hate
papers, and other authentic documents ; in
tended as materials for an history of the U
nited States of America.
Member ot the American Philosophical So
ciety, held at Philadelphia, for prrmiotiiig
u.eful knowledge; Fellow'of the American
academy of Aits and Science*; and corref
pondent member of the Maflachufetts Hiflo
rical Society.
Ingenium, Pittas, Artes, acbellica virtus,
Hue profugae venient, et Regna illuftria
Et Domini hie Virtus erit, et Fortuna mi
In conformity to the afl of the Congress of
the United States, entitled " An aift for the
eucoui agement of learning, by feeui ing the
copies of maps, charts ant! books, to the au
thors and proprietors of such copies, duiing
the times therein mentioned.''
Clerk of the Dijlrift of Pennsylvania.
May 7 e\v4'.v
A quantity of stout well made Men's size
SHOKS, adapted for the Southern market,for
sale at
No. 36, North Third Jireet.
May 6 mw&fiot
The Public are cautioned to
beware of counterfeited Five Dollar Bills of
the Bank of the United States, and Twenty \
Dollar Bills of the Bank of North America,
several of which have appeared in circiclation
within a few days jhaft ; they are a good ge
neral imitation of the genuine Bills, but may
be diftingui/hed by the following
; Five Dollar Bills of the Bank the
| - United States.
\ ALL that have appeared hav? the letter F.
for their Alphabetical Mark.
| The Texture of the Paper is thicker and
whiter and it takes the ink more freely than
s the genuine paper.
, The O. in the word Company is smaller
than the M. and other letters of that word,
so that a line extended from the top of the O,
to touch the top of the M. would extend con.
fiderably above the range of the whole word,
s In tht word United the letters are narrow.
> erand cloffer together than the reft of the bill
The i and Jin the word promise are not
parallel, the J inclining much more forward
than the i.
1 The engraving is badly executed,the strokes
n of all the Letters are stronger and the device
c in themargin particularjy is much coarlcr and
° appears darker than in the true bills; Some
h at the counterfeits bear date in J 791 —Where-
in as the Bank was not in operation till Decern
ber, and no five dollar bills were issued in
ihat year.
Twenty Dollar Bills of the Bank of North
0 America.
>° ALL that have appeared have the letter
>0 B for their alphabetical mark.
)0 Tl>ey are printed on a paper nearly similar
;G to that of the counterfeit Five Doilai Notes
>0 above described ; the engraving is exe
ucted, and they approach neater to the ap
'° pearance of the genuine bills.
o The fine ruled lines through the word Twen-
J0 (v, in the body of the bill, are m number th r
)Q teen in the genuine b.lls, and but twelve in
__ the counterfeits.
)0 The word Company is much l ike the fame
)0 word in the Five Dollar Bills as defer ibed a
-50 bove, the 0 being lels than them, and others
— following.
50 There is no stroke to the t in the word North
n- whereas in the genuine bills the stroke is well
s, defined.
ly T*he letters ent in the word Twenty, to the
left hand at the bottom, do 'noi come down to
SI. the line, but are so cut as to give an irregular
g* appearance to the word, the 1 w and go
of ing below them.
10 The fignatuie J. Nixon, has the appear
be ance of being written with lamb-black and
01, and differs from Other inks used in
nt printing the bills and the cashier's signature.
r y It is supposed these forgeries were committed
er in lorne of the Southern Slates, as all the coun-
Ilt rerfcits thai have appealed, have come from
1 hence, and two periods have been apprehend
ed in Virginia,on (ufpicion of being the author
of them.
will be paid to any Perlon or Persons who shall
discover and prolecute to conviction the/lever al
offenders of the following defci iptions or any
of them, viz.
The person or pcrfons, who manufa£fured
the paper on which the Bills are printed.
The person or peitons, who engraved the
The printer or printers, of the bills.
Every perf >n who has a£ted as a principal in
any other way, in the counterfeiting and utter
ing the said bills.
Pniladelphia, March 28, 1794
April 22, 1794,
Other counterfeit bills
of the Bank of the United States have appeared
in circulation.
The denomination is of TWENTY DOL
LARS,and the alphabetical mark is the let
ter B.
They may be diftinguiflied from the genu
ine by the following MARKS :
The paper of the counterfeits is of a more
tend r texture and glofley fur face than the
genuine, and there is no water mark in them.
Ttee letter C. in the word Cashier, in the
true bills is ftrorigly marked, whereas in the
counterfeits, the whole letter is a fine hair
itroke, evidently in an unfinifhed state. The
letter a in the word demand, is badly formed
and the whole word ill done, and there is no
comma at the end of it, as there is in the
genuine bills.
The marginal device, is much daiker in
the falfe, than in the genuine bills owing to
the shade strokes being coarferj much nearer
together, and consequently much move nu
merous. This difference ft; ikes the eye at fit ft
The fame reward of ONE THOUSAND
DOLLARS, will be paid for apprehending, &
profecuiting to conviction the several above
described Offenders in refpe<st to this, as to
the last described bills.
of the Brink United States.
JOHN NIXON, Prefidentof the
Bank of North America.
By order of the Committees of the Ref
pe&ive Boards.
A large elegant House,
and Lot of Ground,
IN an eligible situation, —alio a Country Seat
within 6 miles of the City, with 9 acres of
land, or 42 acres of lard and meadow, the
House is not exceeded by many in the vicinity
of the city, in size, or convenience.
Ft»r particulars apply to the printer.
yHEofficeof the Prrtdent and Director, 1
X »f the Insurance Company of Noktk
America, ls removed to No. .07, South
Front street, being the Couth eafl corner of
F1011! and Walnutftretts. » •
Ma ?'- tfcf.m
Just imported,
In the/hip Abigail > Captain Horton, from St
*nd now landing at
RuJell'j wharf,
bar iron,
ravens duck,
u , A . n6 sale at ll * stores of the fubferiber In
Walnut street, No.«.
John Donnaldfon.
A P nl 4- ri,ww& t ■
Stock Brokers Office,
Wa"-ftrcet, NrV-Yrt^
I He. Sub It riber j ntfn ding to confin? hi m felf
10 'he PURCHASE & SALE or
STOC KS on COMMISSION, l.,gs l f .« to D f
ftr hisfervicesto h„ l,it„di and o ,h e r s in ,he
me of a Stock Broker. Thole who may p l e ,f e
to favor him wuh their liufinrU, may d. pend
upon having it tranced with the u ,mod fide
lity and dlfpalch,
Orders from Philadelphia, Boston, or any
other partof the Un.tcd Slate., w,|| be
attended to. LEONARD BLEf CKER,
Just PubHfhed,
jt one handsome volume, iimo. p r ; ee 5s
Franklin's Head, No. 41, Chefuut
Natural Equality of Men,
Oil the Rights that result from it, and on the
Duties which it inapoles.
To .which a MEDAL was adjudged, by the
leylerian Society at Jiaarlem.
Cor reded and Enlarged.
D. D.
ProfefTor of Moral Phiiofbpfiy, and the Law
of Nature, and of EccJefiaftica) History ;
and Minister of the Englifti Chutch at U
Alsquid semper ad communeni utilitatem af
feremltim. Ctcero.
The Firjl American Edition.
THE grand principle df Equality, if right
ly underwood, is the only balis on wjiich
univerfa! justice, sacred order', and perfect
freedom, can be firmly built, and permanent
ly secured. The view of it exhibited in this
elTay, at the fame time that it reprelfes the
itrfojeiice of aflice, the tyranny ofpride, a-<>d
the outrages of oppreftTon ; confirm®, in the
mpft forcible manner, the neceiHty of subor
dination, and the just demands of lawful au
thority. So far indeed, from loosening the 41
bands of society, that it maintains inviolate,
every natural and every civil diftinftion,
draws more clol'ely every social tie, unites in
one harmonious and justly proportioned sys
tem, and brings men together on the even
ground of the inherent rights of human na
ture, of reciprocal obligation,-and of a com
mon relation to the community.
March 18. , tuts
In the House of Reprefetitatives,
December 21 ft, 1793.
WHEREAS the Comnuilioners of public
Accounts, .have reported,.that they cap
not proceed 10 the invr(ligation of'the Treasury
Accounts, relpr&ing fprcial Indents, without
knowing the outstanding amount thereof in cir
culation '.—Therefore,
Resolved, That all holders of special Indents
be dire&ed, and requir: o» on or before the firft
day of November n xt,to deliver the fp cial In
dents in their pofieflion to one or other of the
Commiflione-s of the Treasury, who are to give
receipts for the fame, and to rep rt to theCom
miflioners on public accounts, on or before the
tenth day of November next, the aroouOt by
them refpe&ively received, and also to the Le
j giflature, at their meeting in November next.
and that all special Indents not rendered into
} the Treasury as above, on or before the firft day
of Novem.ber next, ihall be, ami the fame are
hereby barred.
1 Rejotved, That public notice of this resolution
0 be given in the fevcral Gazettes in this State,
r once every three weeks, until the firft day of
>- November next. And that the Deligatesof this
ft State in the Congress of the Uuited Spates, he re
quested to cause this resolution to be published
[) in one or more papers in the cities of Ph i ladel
& phia and New-York, and that provision will be
e made for the expences auending such pubhea
o tion.
Ordered, That the resolution be sent to the
it <Seuate for their concurrence.
By r>rderof the House,
In the SENATE,
f- December 21 ft. 1793-
Resolved, That thij. House do concur with the
Houle of Representatives in the foregoing reso
Ordered, That the resolution* be sent to the
House of Reprefentaiives.
by order of the Senate,
3f ""
Printed by JOHN FENNO, No 3,
South Fourth-Stceet.