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    . PVlad-\ph'a, March, « 1794.
No. 118, Mirkel Jlntl,
Modern Geography:
Geographical? Hi/iorical, ana
Commercial Grammar;
And uTfrrtt flite »fthe f'eieral
Tfv* motions, and distances of
the pU'» Cs, acc » the Newtonian fyf
teiu and the latest obfevvations.
2. A general view of the earth, considered
as a planet; with f>veral ufeful geographical
definitions.and problems
-3 The grand divisions of the globe into
land and water, continent* and islands.
4. The liruation and extent" of empires,
kingdoms, Hates, provinces and cokhiies:
5. Their climates, air, foil, vegetables,
produ&ioiift, metals minerals, nataral curi
ollties, leas, rivers, bays,capes, promontories,
aud lakes.
6. The birds and beasts peculiar to each
7. Observations on the changes that have
been any wherp <fbferved upon the face ot na
ture fmce the molt ear[y periods of history.
8. The history and origin of nations; theit
forms of government, religion/ Jaws, reve
nues, taxes, naval and military strength.
9. The genius, manners, cuftomand ha
bits of the people.
10. Tlitfir language, learning,arts,fciences,
manufacture*, and commerce.
11. T ie cbief cities, itru&ures, ruins, aud
artificial curiosities
12. The latitude, bearings, and
distances of priwrip:'Jplaces from Philadelphia.
To which are added.
1. A Geographical Index, with the names
and places alphabetically arranged.
2. A Taslk of the Corys of all nations, and
their value in dollars and cents.
3. A Chronology a l T \ BLE of remarkable
events, from the creation to the present tim**
The Agronomical Part corrected by
X® which have been added,
The late Discoveries of Dr. Herschell,
atid othst em netit Astronomers.
Corrected, Improved, and greatly Enlarged.
The firft voiume contaiiis twenty-one Maps
and Charts, besides two Aitronomical Plates,
1. Map of the world. 2. Chart of the world.
3. Europe. 4. Alia. 5. Africa. 6. South
America' 7. Cook's difcovenes. 8. Coun
tries round the north Pole. 9 Sweden, Den
mark, aud Norway, so. Seven United Pro
vinces. ' 11 A'uftrian, French and Dutch Ne
therlands. 12. Germany. 13 Seat of'war
in Fra ice. 14. France divided into depai t»
ments. 15- Switzerland. 16. Italy, ■ Sicily,
and Sardinia. 17. Spain and Portugal.
58. Turkey in Europe and Hungary. 19 Ire
land. 20 Weft-Indies. 2t. Vermont. 22. Ar
ni'llary sphere. 23. Copernican Qrftem.
With the second volume, which is now in
the will be given the following Maps :
x. Ruflia in Europe and Asia.
2. Scotland.
3. England and Wales.
4. Poland.
5. China.
6. Hindoftan.
7. United States.
g. British America.
9. State of New-Hamplhire.
,0. State of MafTachufetts.
ji« State of Connecticut.
3 «. State of Rhode Island.
j3- State of New-York.
j4- State of New-Jersey.
• 15. State of Pennsylvania.
16. State of Delaware.
17. State of Maryland.
18- State of Virginia.
19. State of Kentucky.
2d. State of North-Carolina.
21. Tennessee Government.
22. State of South-Carolina.
23* State of Georgia.
j. This work will be compriied in two vo
2. SMbfcribers pay for the present volume on
i 'delivery, fix. dollars, and the price of bind
ing, (56 cents for boards.)
3. They may receive the succeeding volume
in twenty-tour weekly numbers, at a quar
ter dollar each, or else, when finilhed, at
the fame price as the firft.
4. The fubfeription will be raised on the firft
day of June i 794» to fourteen dollars, ex
cluhve of binding.
5. Should any copies remain for sale after the
completion of the work, they will be fold at
sixteen dollars, and the price of binding.
6. The names of the fubferibers will be pub
lished as patrons of American literature,
arts,and sciences.
It it wholly unneceflary to expatiate on the
advantage,to American readers, that this edi
tion pofTelTes, over every imported edition of
any system of Geography extant. The addit
tion of maps of the several state*, procured a
a very great expense, and from the belt ma
terials that are attainable, speaks such full
conviction on this fubjett, that it would be
difrefpett to the reader's understanding to
fupp jfe it reqoifite to enter into a detail of
arguments to prove its superiority. In no
fimtlar work have such maps beencver intro
Thi eiiiendUiions and addition? which ar
made in this wurk,are innumerable, and oecuj
uieve'V page. The public are referred to
the preface for a flight flcetch of a few of
The publiflier takes the present opportu
nity of returning fvs in"ft sincere thanks to
t:iofc rei'p,ft.iblc characters who have favored
liim with documents for improving the maps
of several of the ftaus. He requests a conti
nuance of their kindness; and hopes that luch
public fpinted citizMs, js are poflejTed of h
tnilar docum irts, will favor hi:n with their
alSltanc' i" perfecting his undertaking.
The extraordinary encouragement with
which he his been favored, has excited
in his bread the warmed fentimentj of grati
tude—(entinisnts which time will not efface.
H_- pledges himfelf to the citizens of the
United State"., to fparr neither pains nor ex
penfi to render the present edition ofGuthrie's
Geography improved, deserving of their pa
tronage. wafti
N O T I C E.
THS OFFICE of the Secretary of State is
removed from H-j»h Street, to the New Build
ings the corner of Sixth & Mulberry streets
May 15 1 w
A quantity of ft«ut well made Men's size
SHOES, adapted for the Southern market, foi
sale at
No. 36, North Third Jireet.
May" 6 niw&fiot
Nankeens of Superior Quality,
No. 40, north Fifth Street.
April 21. mw&ftf
For the Tooth-Ache,
Prepared and fold by Dr. Lee> Golden-
Square, London. I
THE pub ic 's ofjied one of the most 1
efficacious and fafe medicines, that ever ap
peared, for that most excruciating pain, the
Tooth-Ache —the numerous inft-ances of its
happy eflfefts, in relieving the aifli<fted, have
now brought 11 into u.ii versa] estimation ; it
notonlv relieves the but is of the
utmost service in curing in the
Gums, in preventing the diflitfreeatye smell
that is produced from unfonri«ftee hj & wi VI |
' occasion ,a sweet breath jit bkfewHe pri vents
the teeth from decaying, and will be found
a general prefei vet of the Teeth and Gums
Sold in Philadelphia only at
Pojntdfr Stativnaiy Store, —-
No. 21, Second ltreet.
April 24. tuth&s 3W
T'be Ground Plan
City and Suburbs
IT is with pleasure (hat the publisher has to
inform his fubferibersand the public in gene
ral, that the plate now under the hands of
the engraver, and in greater forwardnfs than
was at firft contemplated. At the fame time
he begs leave to t\mind them, th-t fubferip
tion papers are Hill open at most of the noted
book-ftnres in the city ; and that he hope
from the whole of them to be enabled to so r,
such a refpeftable catalogue of names, a? will
do a credit to the work, is well as alfoid a'
reasonable encouragement to the undertake-
Thole who are delirousof further informa.
tion are requested to call on
Benjamin Davies,
No. 68, Market street.
Ap r, l T 4- m&thtf
freafury Department.
xrn-ru-7'"T°^ f ' May Vh >
NO 1 ICE is hereby given, thai Proposals
Will he ferrived at the Office of the Commis
siOner ot the Revenue, for Ship Timber of
the following kinds, fu'table for the building
ol the Frigates authorized by Law. A par
ticular detail of the sizes and proportions will
be communicated, on application at the said
White Oak T,mlcr and Plank.
98 Piece, of various Dimensions, includ
'"g Keels, Floor and Rising Timbers,
&rc. for a Veir e l of 140 or i«o feet
. 2 ' °°° Feet of Plank, Scantling, Wal.
u pieces, Bilge Streak-:, Clamps, &c. &e
Sj 200 Logs, for various ules. '
£ Pitch Pine.
J. 2 5,°00 Feet of Plank for Decks.
0 210 Beams, from 42 to 28 feet long, and
1 from 10by 12 to ,5 by t8 inches thro 1 .
50,000 Locufl 18, 24 and *o
inches long. c
S,ooo Feet of Inch and half-inch Cedar
30,000 Feet of Yellow Pine Boards and
''"'"e t0 supply any part or ttie
T, T b ; r !" r Sh 'P. <" prnpoil ion
the whole fix, will make tl eir Pr fak
accordingly, tu Jw
The Public are cautioned to
beware of counterfeited Five Dollar Bills of
the Bank of the United States, and Twenty
Dollar Bills of the Bank of North America,
several of which have appeared in circulation
within a few days pajt; they are a good ge
neral imitation of the genuine Bills, but may
be dijlinguifhed by the following
Five Dollar Bills cf the Bank of the
United States.
ALL that have appeared have the letter F.
for their Alphabetical Mark.
The Texture of the Paper is thicker and
whiter and it takes the ink more freely than
the genuine paper.
The O. in the word Company is smaller
than theM. and other letters of that word,
so that a line extended from the top of the O,
to touch the top of the M, would extend con
siderably above the range of the whole word.
til the word United the letters are narrow
erand closer tbgether than th« reft of the bill
The i and Jin the word proinife are not
parallel, the /inclining much more forward
than the i.
The engraving is badly executed,the strokes
of all the Letters are stronger and the device
in the margin particularly ismuch coarser and
appears darker than in the true bills. Some
of the counterfeits bear daie in 1791—Where
as the Bank was not in operation till Decern
ber, and 110 five dollar bills were ilTued in
ihat year.
Twenty Dollar Bills of the Bank of North
ALL that have appeared have the letter
B. tor their alphabetical mark.
They are printed on a paper nearly similar
to that of the couuterfeit Five Dollar Notes
above described ; the engraving is better exe
ucted, and they approach nearer to the ap
pearance of the genuine bills.
The fine ruled lines through the word Twen
ty) in the body'of the bill, are in number thir
teen in the genuine bills, and but twelve in
the counterfeits.
The word Company is much like the fame
word in the Five Dollar Bills as described a
bove, the 0 being less than the m, and others
There is no stroke to the t in the word North
whereas in the genuine bills the stroke is well
The letters ent in the word Twenty, to the
left hand at the bottom, do not come down to
the line, but are so cut as to give an irregular
appearance to the word, the Tu> and go
ing below them.
The signature J, Nixon, has the appear
ance of being written with and
oil, and differs from other inks used in
printing the bills and the caihier's iignature.
It is luppofed these forgeries were commuted
in some ol the Southern btates, as all coun
terfeits thai have appeared, have eome
ihenci, and two perloos have been apprehend
ed in Viiginia,on (ufpicTon o? bt ugTTie « oßtcr - -
of them.
wiil be paid to any Person or/ Persons who shall
difcovti and profecuie to convi&ion the leveral
offenders of the following de r mptions or any
of them, viz.
The person or persons, who manufzftured
the paper on which the Bills arc printed.
The person or persons, who engraved the
The printer or printers, of the bills.
Every perlon who has acted as a principal in
( aoy other way, in the counterfeiting and utter
ing the said bills.
r Philadelphia, March 28, 1794
April 22, 1794,
Other counterfeit bills
of the Bank of the United States have appeared
in circulation.
The denomination is of TWENTY DOL
LARS,and the alphabetical mark is the let
' ter B.
They may be distinguished from the genu
ine by the following MARKS :
The paper ot the counterfeits is of a more
tend r texture and glofley furface than the
genuine, and ther« is no water mark in them.
The letter C. in the word Cashier, in ihe
true bills is ftrongiy marked, whereas in the
counterfeits, the whole letter it a hair
stroke, evidently in an unfinifhed state. The
letter a in the word demand, is badly formed
and the whole word ill done, andtheie is no
comma at the end of it, as there is in the
j. genuine bills.
marginal device, ismuch daiker in
• I,' Ik j t ' la " " le g enu '"e bills owing to
I ,6 1 ro^es being coarser, much nearer
I o g e ther, and consequently much more nu
merous. This difference strikes the eye at firft
I 8 rcward of ON E THOUSAND
AUS, will be paid for apprehendinji, &
' P r "' ec "ting to conviction the several above
o<ftnder s in refpeft to this, as to
the last described bills.
of the Bank United States.
JOHN NIXON, Prefidcnt of the
Bank of North America.
By order of the Committees of the Res
! pedfcive Boards.
A large elegant House,
and Lot of Ground
I I Y N an eligible situation,—also a Country Seat
6 miles ot the City, with 9 acres of
or 42 acres ot land and meadow, the
HTmTe is not exceeded bvmany in the vrcinity
1 of the city, in (ize, or convenience.
For particulars apply to the printer.
I !
Beef, Pork, and Butter.
BEEF, prime and cargo ot good quality
PORK, prime and cargo of do.
BUTTER, ill firkins
Landing at John Weft's Lumber Yard, near
Pool's Bridg , from on board the Fail Ameri
can, from thr Ba\ of Honduras, and
3000 bushels of Good Wheat
No. 35, No. VJater Street.
May 15. d, 25 .
Just Published,
A one handsome volume, 12010. Price 5s
At Franklin's Head, No. 41, Chefuut
Natural Equality of Men,
On the Rights thai result from it, and on the
Duties which it imposes.
To which a MEDAL was adjudged, by the
Teylerian Society at Haarlem.
CorreEled and Enlarged.
1). D.
Profeflor of Moral Philosophy, and the Law
oi Nature, and of Ecclesiastical History ;
and Minister of the Englilh Chuich at I).
Aliquid Temper ad communem utilitarem af
ferent nm. Cicero.
Tht Firjl American Edition.
THEgrand principle of Equality, if right
ly understood, is the only basis 011 which
universal justice, I'acred order, and per fed
freedom, can be firmly built, and permanent
ly secured. The view of it exhibited in this
eflay, at the fame time that it reprcll'es the
insolence of office, the tyranny of pride, and
the outrages of oppreflion ; co«fiini», in the
mod forcible manner, the neceflity of subor
dination, and the just demands of lawful au
thority. So tar indeed, from loosening the
bands of focicty, that it maintains invioliUe,
every natural and every civil diftinaion,
draws more clolely every social tie, unites in
one harmonious and justly proportioned sys
tem, and brings men together on the even
ground of the inherent rights of human na
ture, ot reciprocal obligation, and ol 1 a com
mon relation to the community.
March 18. tuts
In the House of Representatives,
- * - *** «- -PiCiMRU 9 lit, 17Q3.
X the Comnnflioners oT public
\ V Accounts, have repoited, that they can*
not proofed to the invcßigation.of the Treasury
Accounts, refpe&ing <p" cial Indents, without
knowing the outstanding amount thereof in cir
cu!a r 101^:— Therefore,
Refolvcd, That all holders of special Indents
be dm &ed, and required, on 01 before the fiift
day of Nov mber rr xt,to deliver the fp-cial In
dents in poffeflion to one or other of the
CorTtrnifliOners of the Treasury, who are to give
rceipts for the fame, and to rep> rt totheCom
miffioriers on public accounts, on or before the
trrith day of November next, the amount by
then® relpeftively received, and also to the Le
gislature, at their meeting in November next,
and that all special Indents not tendered into
the Treasury as above, on or before tbe firft day
of November next, shall be, and the fame are
heieby barred.
Refolvedy That public notice of this resolution
be given in the several Gazettes in this State,
once every three weeks, until the fiift day of
November next. And ihat the Delegates of this
State in the Congrels ot the United S ates, be re
qucfted to cause this rdolution to be published
in one or moie papers in the cities of Philadel
phia and New-York, and that provision will 4 be
made for the expences attending such publica
Ordered, That the resolution be sent to the
<Seuate tor their concurrence.
By orderof the House,
In the SENATE,
December 21ft, 1793.
Refolvcd, That this House do concur wilh the
Houle of Representatives in the foregoing reso
Ordered, That tire resolutions be lent to the
Hpule ot Representatives.
by order of the Senate,
Stock Brokers Office,
No. 16, Wall-street, New-York.
THE Subscriber intending to confine himfelf
entirely to the PURCHASE & SALE or
STOCKS on COMMISSION, b<gs leave to of
tf r his fervicesto his friends and others, in the
line ol a Stock Broker. Thole who may please
to favor him with their bufwefs, rrfay diprnd
upon having it tranlafted with the utmost fide
lity ar»d dispatch.
Orders Itom Philadelphia, Boston, or any
other partot the United States, will be ftri&ly
attended to. LEONARD BLEECKER.
Printed by JOHN FENNO, No 3
South Fourth-Street.