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    out si ve or fix people being executed in form
ajid the aiTaffinations in the streets and hou
fes were numberless. The prisons were al
crammed full, and it was expe&ed they weii
loon to be cleared by a general maflacre, for
provisions were become so scarce that with
out a very great reduction of the number of
mouths the people mud soon be reduced to
eat each other. At Lyons rhat was said to
be already the c;ife —and as'the army had
secured what little provisions there was, the
miserable inhabitants have risen en masse and
fought defperattly with knives, flicks, and
any other weapons they could meet with,
that in (hort, no description could equal the
1, errors that reigned thro' all the south of
France ; and nothing prevented an immedi
ate general counter-revolution, but the abl'o
lute want of arms with' every description of
people, except the soldiers, who feenied de
termined to make an end of every body and
every thing that does not dire<SUy luit their
present purpose.
House of Representatives, U. S.
This day the committee of the whole
house, having finiflied the discussion of the
Report on the Ways and Means, the fame
was reported tothehonle with sundry amend
ments. The amendments were immediate
ly taken up by t'.Se house.
The debate continued until the adjournment.
Married on Saturday evening last by the
Rev. Mr. Keating, Mr. Joseph Wiseman,
Merchant, to Miss Catherine Dough
erty, both of this city.
By this Day's Mail.
LEGHORN, Feb. 14.
We have had accounts from Madrid,
that the Spanifli court, upon receiving ac
counts that Toulon was evacuated by the
allies, and that the French aiiny which lay
before that place was sent against the Span
:(h forces ur.der Don Ricaidos, in Roufil
lon, which would give "the French a ma
nifelt superiority of numbers, had order
ed their General to evacuate ajl the places
they had taken, after carrying off the ar
tillery, and deftrfiying the fortifications:
In the mean time, several new corps were*
railing to reinforce the Spanilh army in
VIEJSNA,. Feb. 22,
Alinoft all the letters received from the
frontiers of Turkey within these ten or
twelvii days, announce in a pafitive man
r.rr an .tp'proschiftg beUvefn..Ruf
iia juijt the Porte 5 »hoi< irom. ConlUnti
nopie are to the f;imc efß'Ct. What ren
tiers this news the more worthy of credit
is, that all, the Pachas who command
towards the Danube, and the.Dneifter,
• have received orders to eflablilh maga
zines; and the fortreltes of Brailow, If.
mailow, Bentler and Choczim, ate to bei
pnivifioncd, without delay F3r one year,
B.\USoELS, i>' :T_h Ir.
Lau n;ght major general Haddick arrived
- ; ?m Vienna,with important difpatehee rela
tive to the conduct of the Campaign, and
the inauguration of the Emperor. The in
auguration is to take- place in the course of
this month, and the Arch Duke Charles to
- ail as proxy f or the after which
»t is supposed that Gen. Haddirk has brought
jum the Emperor's leave tf> join the army-
In the mean time, hi, field equipage is kept'
in coaftant readiness. 1 t
The duke of York's are ?t
ourtiay. On Sunday the 9til be advanced
with about: 3000 of the combined troops and
took poffe/Tion of Mcnm, Koubue, IJaliuin
and Roulhcque, from whjfch the French re
treated in s uc h haste as to leave some field
p.«ees behind them. The troops were so
elated, that they offered to attack the flrong
pest before Billed ; but hjs R,>va! Highoels
Mfralned their ardour, affirt-Tng them that
n/i'-f i ave fu^icient opportunities
of d, ip l a^„lg their valourt Q f peasants
who marched on this expedition, fifven re
ed the gold medals,as the reward of their
zem and bravery.
,' Scvc r n t}loufa nd Pioneers are to be employ
ed in forming entrenchments between Lan-
J Urcom - Th e number of troops
• along tie frontier, from Orchies to Nieuport,
is computed at 45,000, commanded by the
duke pt York a,d General Clairfait. 7
jy.i! tr '' ea "hfeu, whose head-quarters are
SaMS? ~. a S/ e m to the P n-e of Saxe
; reinforcements, to enable him
5 thp'*s- nf ttCmpts of the Fre nch Armv
the Mozelli on that part of the frontier
The Prince of Saxe Cobourg has his head
, V Valenciennes, General Mack is
ar- K ''. , / report * S that the French
are to be attacked without delay, that they
may be obliged to fight before they can corn
fefey« ,h "«-»
cur A < rn) le^ 5 j at ° n °f R;!^c Mottapha,
onr Ambafiador at the court of Peterf
&As not u> lmvr -' tab,T vsry
1> The iii!tructions given to tliis miniitcr, I
related to two very principal objects. The J
■ e firft-was, that the Ruffians should in frt- j
,r Jure fubrnit to the new duties eftabfifhcd , ,
[. in all the Turkiflj dominions, and the le
>f cond was, to in fill upon thp liberation of ■
o all the Turks who are prisoners in the
0 Ruffian territories.
e These two demands have suspended
1 the negoeiation ; but it is hoped, that the
i new Ruffian Minister, M. Codlabey, will
? renew them, although the Grand Signior
- appears determined, notwithstanding the
f interposition of the courts of Vienna and
London, to abide by his demands.
f The Divan have ordered the neceflary
. preparations to be made. The Captain
1 Pacha has visited all the sea-ports, arid
r given directions for fitting out the (liips
with the utmost speed. At his return to
Constantinople, he had a long conference
with the Grand Signior. Preparations
. equally active are making by land, and the
; commandant of Bender and Annaps have'
. I received orders to spare no expence in put
i ting these important fortreffes into a res
• : peftable (late of defence. A war with
J Ruffiafeems to be inevitable. Diftrafted,
. however,, by internal commotions, the
• Porte is not now in a condition to oppose
with any probability of fuaeefs, the migh
ty monarch of the North. °
Mahmud Pacha's probations of fide
lity were only made for the purpufe of
blinding the Divan to the immense prepa
rations which he is making All that
pait of his army which had .gone over to
the Seralkier of Rotr.eba, is returned to',
his service. Aii Pacha of Janima has also
declared in his favor, and has, in Conse
quence, refufed to pay any tax to the
Roused, at length, from its lethargy,,"
the Turkilh government has resolved to
check the operations of the insurgents,
and for that purpose has ordered an army
of 120,000 men, under the command of
the* Captain Pacha, to march from Na
volm against them.
PARIS, March Tl.
Thomas Paine, in his prison here, is
determined not to remain, idle. A proj
du£tion- of his has just made its appear
ance in English, and bears the followfrJ
title; " The Age of Reason ; aq
I'lvtftfgation of True and Fabuiwis The";
oWv. By Thomas Paine, Citizen and
CuWvatdr, of the United States of Ame-j
tica." See. &c.
1 he inhabitants of this Metropolis, and
its environs, to the distance of feyerar
leagues, are all extremely discontented :■ j
the poor cannot,obtain the common nej
ctfTancs of life, and provisions are ex
tremely scarce and exorbitantly dear.'
The Convention is publicly vilified in
hand-bills difbibuted and (luck'up through
out Paris, and a division even fubfifb be
tween the mod hot-headed Patriots.
In the fitting of the Cordeliers on the
29th, Vincent demanded the puirifhment
of the remainder of the Briffo tines who"
are in confinement; and denounced'* new
faction, pointing out Philippeaux, Bour
don, and Camille Defmoulins, as its
chiefs, who wished to destroy liberty and
those deputies have since been expelled
from that society.
general of the army of the
North, died in the Conciergerie, the e
vening before he was to have been con
duced to the guillotine.
The quantity of fait-petre colMed in
the levfral fetftions of Paris, during the
fii It decade of this month, was reported
to be 13,256 pounds.
.The Pandour and L,e Courageux pri
vateers are arrived at Dunkirk : they took
19 prize* in the Northern Seas, many of
which are fafs in port.
A great number of Emigrants are now
aid to be in this metropolis, as
liackney-coaciimen, barrow-driverc, and
The Revolutionary Committee of Lisle has
tound out an excellent way to flop kankrupt
cics, by refufing certificates of civifm to all
thoie who have not honorably paid tkeir
Amongst the persons who have been lately
guillotined, are the Count de L'Aigle, Mare
chal de Camp, and Louisa de la Rochefou
cault. Ninety-one prieltshave beeh conduct
ed from Rouen to Rochefort, condemned to
[ betranfported to the coast of Africa.
The number of falfe aflignats which now
circulate m France is so very great, that Jjo
body can diftingmlh them from t(ie o-ood
committee of afiignat? fu S
pub.iifced mftru&ions on this fubje<sl.
A great number of troops file, off to the!
right towards Givet, and to the left timaVda
Dunkirk, which (hews that the army of (he-"
j North is oil the point of making feme great
I attempt.
j The quarrel between the Cordeliers, and
the Ja-o'nins was made up by Collot d'Her
j boisj and one Lojrs announced that th» Ge-
I noeit- had font to Marfeiiies 8000 loads of
February 27.
Le Carpeitfier writes from St. Maloes,
that by the means of Revolutionary pur
gatives, he has delivered the country thro'
which he passed of all the Royalists and
Federalills which in felled it. 'Latterly,
a refra&ory Prieit had been laid hold of
and delivered up to justice, as well as the
old deyotee who concealed him.
The widow of the Exminifter, Le
Brun, appeared at the bar, with her fix
children, and fulicited the National Bene
volence, as file was at the eve of perifhinp*
j for want of food.—Referred to the Com-
I mittee of Succours.
The Popular Society of Dreux, presen
ted a cavalier, armed at its expence, and
chosen from among the most vigorous Sans ,
Culottes, who compose it. " The Priests,"
said this focietv, "in our diftfidl are full
of remorse for having preached imposture:
falt-petre is the order of the day, which
is taken from the earth to make room for
tyrants; will deihoy the thrones of despots,
and the irons of slaves."—Honorable men
After hearing the report of the Com
mittee of Finances, the Convention autho
red the Comptroller of the Treasury to
draw out of the chest of the Three Keys
the ium of 18 j millions for tbe expences of
1792 and 93 in arrear, and those of the
month Nivofe, and the deficit of which
was only 41 millions.
LONDON, March, 19.
Letters from Leghorn, state, that Ge
neral Paoli, having heard of the surren
der of St. I'lorence, marched against Baf
tin, at the bead of 6000 Corhcan royal
ists. Being arrived at a proper placed he
gave a signal to the Britiih fiquadron,
, u . hich , was '''en off the Island. The Bri
tish ships of war immediately approach
ed, and landed the troops within fight of"
Baftia, and at the distance of four Itali
an milts from it. Immediately after,
Ballia was blockaded by the combined
Britifli and Corfitan troops, who eredled
different batteries, and intimated to the
Republicans, by a fumijions, that they
must surrender the fortrefs in
hours. Tlk master of the above vefl'el
adds, that 3t, his departure he heard a
' '* ,VV
. Tfle'-Captairi of a Tartane which arri
ved at Leghorn from Porto Ferraro, de
posed, that he heard a cannonade, w'hich
Med all day long 011 the 25th, and fegm
ed to proceed from Baftia.
Yeflerday Field-Marshal Freytag arri
ved in town from Valenciennes.
Letters from Vienna, dated the 26th
ult. Hate, that Dumourier has sent to the
1 Court of Vienna, several plans for the
prosecution of the war in the present cam
Generals Pichegru and Fenand have
had a long conference at.Cambray, with
refpeft to the operations of the ensuing
campaign, and the plans of the commit
fee of public fafety. A,s soon as this
conference was concluded, a mefTenger
was sent to Paris, and the two Generals
immediately set off to take the command
11 of their refpedtive armies of the North
and the Ardennes.
f Sch'r. Polly, Motley, Portland
Sloop Mercury, Weeks, ditto
The Brig Thomas, Capt. Bunker, is ar
'' nved at Fort Mifflin ,in 40 days from Dublin. J
Philad. May 3d, 1994.
Letters for England will be received at
this office until Thursday the Bth ,M a y> a '
f i o'clock noon.
N. B, The inland postage to STew-York
must be paid.
Ad vertifemcnt.
M. CARPENTIER, an inhab'tanf* of Si.
DoiningOy Roirig to Baltimore in tNe ftagr,!ofg
on his loutr the sth inft. a POCKET BOOK
containing several and papers, parti
cularly a draft for livces or one thr.ufand
dollar, in favot'rff NjeflVs Zaehaiie Coup
man and Co. o,t B£ltimt>r«-
Whoever thai! return the pocket Inok ancj
papW< to M. fca'rptntier at Baltimore, or to
rhe Jrcompenfed for
tneir trouhjr. v.
"« <* •' j
/X' {
i I THE Subscriber acquaints the gentlemen and
lades, Retailers of Dry Goods, that
t On Monday the 12 th inji.
At 9 o'tjock jn the morning, he wjll have rea
dy -for sale, at his Wholcfalc AVarehoufe,No.
ii 7, north Sccond street, opposite to Mef
lis. J. W. anil Win. Gibb-,
Ju/l imported in thejhip iVtllium Perm, from
i Confiding of an atlortment of
Sattins, modes & perfl-
MiS) narrow corded Dimities, and
£ some India Mufl'ns.
Louis Ofmoht,
Who has alfofor sale,
, T ■ A quantity of
Looking Glasses, Framed,
Chre.t in ci!l"s of superior qu~.«jty,
Champaigne Wine, and a few
B«.xes Spersqaceti Candles.
May 7. dtt -
Treasury Department.
May Vh> ' 794 -
iNUliciL. is hereby .given* . tfai Piopofals
Will oe received at % Office ?! the Commif
(iOßex ef tie Revenue, for Ship Timber of
t';e.followwg kinds, Suitable (ot the building
of the Prigate,s authorized by Law. A par
ticular detail of the sizes and pu>poitioijs will '
be communicated, 011 application at tire fold
Urate. ,
White Oak Timter and Plank.
98 Pieces ol various Dimensions, inclad
ing Keels,, Floor and Rifmg Timbers,
&c. tor a Vellel of 14.0 or 150 feec
2 7,ood Feet of PlanK« Scantling, \V«le
aj pjeces, Bilge Streak :, Clamps, &c.
to 200 Logs, for. various uses.
£ Pltch pine.
_ 25,000 Feet of P ank for Decks,
ov 210 Beams, fr m 42 to 28 feet long, and
w from 10 by 12 to 15 by 18 inches thro'.
£ $0,00:5 Locust Treenails, 18, 2(4 and go
inches long.
5,000 Feet ol Inch ancl balf-inqji Cedar
30,000 Feet of Yellow Pine & >ards and
i - Scantling.
Perfo.n? willing to supply any,part of tfye
above Tiniber tor one Ship, or in propofiyja
U )r whole ilx, will wake their Piopofals.
Diftri&of Pennfyh ~ania
t 0 w 1 t :
(L~S.) BE iirnenibered, that on the
W twenty fourth day of March, in
tne eighteenth yejr ot" the independence of the
U litedSrares of America, EBlNEitil HaE/j*i>
of the Paid riifUirt, iiasdepofited in {his office,
[j tlu' title of a book,the right whereof heclaiins
as author, in the words following, to \frit:
" Historical C elections; consisting of state
papers, and other authentic.doctments ; in
tended as materials for an history of the U
nited States of America.
, Member of the American Philological So
> e'ety, held at Philadelpha, lor promoting
ufeful knowledge; Fellow of she American
academy of Arts and Sciences; and corres
pondent member of the Maffcchufetts H fto
rical Society.
Ingenium, Pietas, Artes, acbelliea virtus,
Huu profugae venient, et Regna ilMftria
Et Domini hie Virtus eri t, et fortuna mi
In conformity to the atf of tlie Congrcfs of
the United Stater, entitled " An ast for the
eucouragement of learning, by fecoring the
copies of maps, chi-fs and book?, to the au
thors and proprietors of fnrh copies, dining
ihe times therein mentioned."
Clerk of the D jlr 'id of Pennfylvtiniti.
Ma V ' ew4'v
By Particular Desire.
May 7.
WHI be performed,
A COMEDY, called the
ProvoJid Hujband; /
0 R '
A Journey to London.
To which will be .added, a new serious PAS 4 '
1 OMIML, ffiglnaily performed at cte
Theatre in Paris, called
La Foret Noire;
o R,
The Natural Son.
Boxes, one dollar—Pitt, three quarter*
oi a dollar—and Gallery, half a dollar.