Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, May 06, 1794, Image 1

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No. 125'0f Vol. V.]
For Sale or Charter,
(An American bottom )
y o h„ Moors, Mafler.
IS a ft out good vittl-l, about two years oW,
bnvrhep 232 tons, has only made three voy
' *Xe*~, arid uny lei tto sea at a filial! ex
pence. She may be seen at V'me-ftreet wharf,
and the ternts made know*) by application to
March 2i. dtf
For Norfolk & Frcdericksburgh,
John Earl, Mailer.
A iiauncli good vefiel, will fail in a few
days. For freight or p fijge, apply to the
matter on board at Chefaut street wharf, or
March 31. dtf
For Amsterdam,
""J--, The new fall-failing, copper
bottomed SHIP
f§|| ADRIAN A,
r "■' " K. Fitzpatrick, Matter.
BUILT of live oak and cedar and was in
tended for a Liverpool Trader, will fail with
all convenient speed. For freight or paflage,
having excellent accommodations, apply 011
board at Walnut street wharf, or to
N. B. PafTengers will be landed in Eng
land if required.
March 6, 1794? dtf
To be Let,
Por Merchants Compting Houses or Public
Two brick 3 story Ploufes,
HAVING 6 1 ooin> 10 each, wi;h'fire
i> garrets, fiiuate 011 the foul h wriierly fide
oT Dock Prar and Walnut
street s. Enq <»"c of
A P nl '7- ruch&rstf
Excellent CLARET^
In hogsheads and in cases of 50 bottles each.
A L S-O,
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
In pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks,
for sale by t
N« til. South Front Ureet.
Jaa. a, 1794.
Just Imported,
In the Ship Apollo, Capt. Fitz pat rick,
from Amsterdam, and now landing
on Walnut-street wharf, viz. I
GIN in pipes y
A fezu bales Holland Duck,
Ditto OznaburgSy
Holland Sheetings
Juniper Berries,
Glass Ware, -viz. Tumblers and. Mugt, va
Sheathing Paper,
Swedes Iron, square and flat bars,
Hair Ribbctnd, No. 4.
Dutch Great Coats,
A quantity of Junk and Oakum, 13c. &c.
The above-mentioned Ship is for Sale
ftouldapphcation be made <,within a few dap ;
other wife fie will take freight for Amfltr-
March 1, i 7Q4 . d __ tf
-Lately Fublifhed.
Thomas Dobfon,
No. 41, South Second-Street :
H '" or y ? f , New -Hampfliire, from the
A Difcqvery of the River P:fca(aqua—bv 71
TcmmtMhap, D. D. 3 Vols. Price in Board.,
4 1-2 Dollars. '
The Forreftcr an American Fable, being'",
Sequel to the Hrfloryof John Bull the Clothier
rrce, 75 Cents.
A D ltrfurfe, intended to commemorate Ihe
D.fcovery ot A,none, by Chriltopher Colum
bus; delivered at the of the Historical
Society in Maffachufettj, Oaober 3 ,d t 7Qe
being the completion of the Thud CentuTv'
fmce that Memorable event. To which are
aoded, F.,ur Diflertatlon.v, connected with th,-
fuMeR-By the /ame iutbor. 50 c
March 17. t..MW 3 w
■»9HHMP9l>«»S«ra>' ■* - "*•* » ..»» : S;-»f -.- \ '■ ----si*-'- " • -p> '• *.T< - ; -.- »..;■ .i^-..' :m. '"-"
Tuesday, May 6, 1794.
! The following Certifi-
of the funded three per Cent Stock of the
| Dome(lie Debt of the United States Handing on
the books ot the TreafuYy of the laid United
States, in the name* ol Dvmnald and Barton of
London, merchants, and signed by Jofcph
Nourfe, Register of said Treasury, to wit :—
No. 5476, dated 24'h August 1792 for 29.59
dollars and 5-3 cents was transmitted from Lon
don in the lhip Peter, Paul Hll Hey, mailer,
•wund for New York, and has been loft.—
Tltc Subfciiber intending to apply to the Trea
fu/y of the United States 10 have the fame re
newed, dc fires all per Cons who arc iritereffed in
the said certificate, to make their objections
thtreto, if any they have.
Francis Macy.
Philad. March iy. d6w
Philad. April 11, 1794.
*** Notice, agreeably to charter, is here
of given to the members of the Corporation
for the Relief, of Poor and bijlrejed Prefby
■ tenon Mir.ijlen, and of the Poor and Dif-,
trejjed Widows and children of Prejbyterian
Mmifters, that a meeting of said corporation
is to take place, 011 the 2jd day of May nejft,
in the lecond Preibyterian church in the city
of Philadelphia, at 4 o'clock P. M. for the
ui.patch or all such bufinels as may then be
brought before the board.
Secretary of the Corporation.
A New Novel.
To the LADIES of Philadelphia.
This Day is Publijhed by
118, Market street,
p.icr, bound, fn/e-eighjn of a dollar, sewed
in 11 arble paper, hall a dollar,
Charlotte, a tale of Truth,
fly Mis. ROWSON, of the New Theatre,
Phladelphia, Author of Victoria, the In
qmfitor, the Fille de Chambre, &c.
Of Charlotte, the Reviewers have given
the following char alter.
IT may be a i'ale oi Truth, for it is not
unnatural, and it is a tale of real diltrels.—
Charlotte, by the artifice of a teacher, recom
mended to a fcliool, fropi linmanity rather
than a convi&ion ol her integrity, or the re
gularity of her former conduit, it enticed
from her governed, and accompanies a young
cer to Amenta— The marriage ceremo
ny, if not forgotten, is postponed, and Char
lotte dies a martyr to the inconstancy of her
'jver, and treachery ol his friend.—The fitu
tioits are artlels and aflTefting—the defenp.
anons naturil and pathetic; we Ihotfld feel
to.- Charlotte if such a person ever existed,
who for one error scarcely, perhaps, deserved
lo revere a puoiihrnent. If it is a fiction,
poeticjuftice is not, we think, dhjperly dil
Said Carey has jujl published,
A 2 sheet map of Kentucky
compiled by Elihu Barker, price one dollar
and two thirds.
War Atlas, containing maps of France,
Go. many, Spain,ltaly, the United Provinces,
the Netherlands, and the Weft Indies. Price
two dollars.
mp of New jersey—Hals a dollar.
Maps of Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware,
Georgia -Price three eighths of a dollar
Apr'! 29. tqth&sjw
—NO. 21—
Second Jlreet, between Market and Chefnut
Jlreets, Philadelphia.
WHERE he keeps up a constant stock of
ten thousand pieces for sale, comprising every
variety of colours, in grounds and figures, of
the most modern and tasty patterns, for eve
ry part of a house. Thfc perfection attained
in this manufactory, in peculiar neamefs of '
workman/hip, durability of colours, variety
l'n'aefigns, and good quality oi the paper, will
be fotnid to exceed any European papers at ■
the Q»me moderate prices.
: Ao-elegant variety of rich fancy feftoon &• 1
narrow borders, and of ftuccoand other co- '
loured pannel papers. i
Plain grounds made to any colour orfliade. ;
Wtiolefile orders for any quantity, from ,
the country or for exportation, executed on
a Ihort notice, on advantageous terms, on '
ulual credit. :
In addition to the above afTortment, hehas 1
aTieautifal variety of
French paper hangings ' 1
if very fuperinr quality, (Paris inanafiCtoiy) '
with a variety of Rich "Borders. '
April Jj tuth&saw i
Whole No. 519/
Far th'e Gazktta of the United Status
Mr. Fenno,
IT must be very real friends
of genuine modern democracy, that the de
mand for many articles of the growth and in
vcrttion of European nations is rapidly de
clining. This cireumHance, although in
lotne cases the result of a diminilhed con
lumption; is rather to be attributed to the
mdultry 'and indefatigable zeal of several of
our own citizens. The fabrication of news
tormftaHce, may be adduced as an example
M, P ° mt -r> I tle BrUfrels London
Morning Port, with many others of less note
slave hitherto claimed the exclusive rioht of
deftroymg .private charatfers, and palmihs
upon the,public thesnoft prepufterous, impu
dent and improbable falfehoods for truth!—
ihis monopoly, however, is now happily
done away by the spirited exertions of the
writers m the American BruJJih Gazette,
whose talents for Scandal and the Marvellous
are beyond all praise. Great merit is a rfo
due to the several manufacturing Societies
lately established throughout the Union, afld
more especially at Norfolk, where intelli
gence of the mod important nature is
fabricated, packed up, and forwarded by ex
press to the Editor of said Gazette, who aAs
as their agent in this city. The profits re
lulting to the agent from this fmgular retail
trade are not yet fully known—the general
opinion however is, that they are not equal
to the expence that will accrue in profecut
mg the business.
Foreign Intelligence.
January 7.
General Weftermann appeared at the
bar, and said, " Citizens Reprefentatites,
a wound which prevents me from all exer
cise on horseback, is the motive of my
journey to Paris. I corne to present to
the Convention some remains of the sacer
dotal spoils of the bishop of Agra.jfo fam
ous for the part which he aded in the late
Catholic and royal army_l come alf® to
anure you, upon my head, that of that ar
my, which was still 90,000 men ftrong
while in the diftrift of Mans, not a furgfe
combatant has remained Chiefs, officers,
soldiers, bishops, countefTes, princeflesj
& marchionefles, all perished by the sword,
by the flames, by the waves.
This dreadful example is unprecedented in
the annals of history; and Europe, aftonilh
ed, will fee that a Republic, which, like the
Everlasting Father, dicftates its laws from the
iummit of a sacred mountain, will be able
to maintain ltfelf, and to reduce, like La Ven
dee, every country which shall be foolilh
enough to form a plan of reftoratiirg Royal
ty to France." '
The President answered Weftermann, and
invited him to the honors ps the fitting a
mong the Representatives of the people? a
midll the loudest plaudits.
A Spanijb Regijler Ship was captured left
Summer by a Frertch privateer, and after- '
wards taken by the Ertgljfb. The sol.
towing article relative to the trial of ihis
capture, appears to be interefling.
LONDON, Dec. it.
High Court of Admiralty.
Yesterday, after a reply and rejoirtder
rom the learned Civilians on both fides
>ir James Marriott, the Judge Advocate'
ironounced judgment upon the cafe of the
hip S. Jago.
The learned Judge said that the cafe be
org the Court was pferfeftfy novel, and
herefore a novel decree mull be pronoun
ed, The numerous cases that had beer*
titrodueed in the course of the different
rguments proved the learning arid itidufc
17 of the Advocates, but had no appfrca
ion to the The novelty of the cafe
rose from the Angularity of the present
oltilities, which so much agitated the
wblic mind. -The learned Judge said
e was not bound by any jfrecedent that
ad been cited, or by tli»» authaiity of any
nctent authors, who had Seah in learned
nd abttwfc upon the
v>,"- 1