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PhilwMK.l*, March.,' 1794. |
No. 118, Market Jlreet,
Modern Geography :
Geographical, HJlorical, and
Commercial Grammar-,
And present state of the teveral
f. The figures, motions, afld distances of
the planets, according jo the Newtonian sys
tem and the latsft observations.
2. A general view of the earth, confrdered
as a planer; with ieveral ufeful geographical
definitions and problenw.
3 The grand diyifions of the globe into
land and water, continents and islands.
4. The situation and extent of empfcts,
kingdoms, states, provinces and colonies.
5. Their climates., air, foil, vegetables,
prc/duftiGns, metals, minerals, natural' curi
osities, leas, ri bays,capes, promontories,
aud lakes.
6. The birds and beasts peculiar to Men
, 7. Observations on the changes that have
been any where observed upon the face of na
ture since the most ear|y periods of history.
8. The history and origin of nations; theit
forms of government, religion, laws, reve
mjes, -ta?cs.s, naval and military ftiength.
9 The genius, inanneis, cuftoins, and ha
bits of , the people.
10. Their language,learning,arts,fciences,
and commerce.
It. The chief cities,.fttuftures, ruins, and
artificial curiosities
12. The longitude, latitude, bearings, anc 1
liitances of principal places from Philadelphia
alliances UI pi i >«c tjjdi piacc:> »i k nii«uvij/«»— i
To which, are j
j. A Geographic al Index, with the names ;
and places alphabetically arrange*). i
2. A Tabl £ of the Coins of all nations, and !
their value m dollars and cents.
3. A Chronological Table of remarkable
events, from the creation to the prelpnt time.
The Aftrotiomical Part corre&ed by
D . Rittenhouse.
To wnich have been addetfj,
The late Discoveries of Dr. Herschell,
and .)thj' eminent Astronomers.
Corrc&ed, Improved, and greatly Enlarged.
The fiKt volume contains twenty-one Maps,
and Charts, beiides two Agronomical Plates,
viz. '
i. Map of the world. 2. Chart of the world.
3. Europe. 4. Asia. 5. Africa. 6. South-
America. 7. Cook's discoveries. 8. Coun
tries round the north Pole. 9* Sweden, Den
mark, Hofw.ay. :C>. Seven United Pro
vinces- 11 Aufti'ian, French and Dutch Ne
tberlurKls. 12. Germany. 13* Seat of war
in France. 14. France divided into depart
ments. 15- Switzerland. 16. Italy, Sicily,
and Sardinia. Spain and Portugal.
18. Turkey jn Europe and Hungary. 19. Ire
land. 20. Weft-Indies. 21. Vermont. 22. Ar
millary sphere. 23. Copernican system.
With the second volume, which is now in
the pre ft, will be given the following Maps :
1. Russia in Europe and Asia.
2. Scotland.
3. England and Wales.
4. Poland.
5. China.
6. Hindoftan. *
7. United States.
8. British America.
9. State of New-liampfhire.
10. State df Mafl*achufetts.
11. State of Conne&icut.
j 2. State of Rhode Island.
i - State of New-York.
j4* State of New-Jersey.
15. State of Pennsylvania.
j6. State of-Delaware.
17. State of Maryland.
18. State of Virginia.
19. State of Kentucky.
20. State of North-Caroljna.
21. Tennessee Government.
22. State of South-Carolina".
23- State of Georgia.
j. This work will be comprised in two vo
2. Subscribers pay for the present volume on
delivery, fix dollars, and the price of bind
ing, (56 cents for boards.)
3. They may receive the fuaceeding volume
in twenty-four weekly numbers, at a quar
ter dollar each, or else, when iinifhed, at
the fame price as the firft.
4. The fubfeription will be raised on the firft
day of Juae 1794, to fourteen dollars, ex
clusive of binding.
5. Should any copies remain for sale after the
completion of the work, they will be fold at
sixteen dollars, and the price of binding.*
6. The names of the fubferibers will be pub
-1 ilhed as patrons of American literature,
arts, and sciences.
It is wholly unneceflary to expatiate on the
advantage,to American readers, that this edi
tion poffefles, over every imported edition of
any system of Geography extant. The addit
tion of maps of the several state.-, procured a
a very great eKpenfe, and from the best ma
terials that are attaiuable, fpcaks such full
conviction on this fubjett, that it would be
difrefpeft to the reader's understanding to
suppose it requilire to enter into a detail of
arguments to prove its superiority. In no
si mi far work have Tuch maps beenever intro
duced. »
The emendations and additions which are
made in this w*irk,are innunierab e y and occuj
iu every page. The public are referred to
the preface for a flight Iketch of a few oi
The publisher takes the present opportu
nity of most fin cere thanks to
those refpeftable tharafters who have favored
him with documents for improving the maps
of several of the dates. He requests a conti
nuance of their kindness; and hopes that such
I public spirited citizens, as are poflefTed of il
imlar documents, will favor him with their
alliftance in perfecting his undertaking.
The extraordinary encouragement with
winch he has been favored, has, excited
in his breast (he warmest sentiments of grati
tude-— sentiments which time will not efface.
He pledges himself to the citizens of the
United Srates, to spare neither pains nor ex
penfe to r ender the present edition ofGutlvric's
Geography improved, deftrviiig of their pa
tronage. waft*
Scheme of a Lottery,
r 0 raise 39*900 Dollars, o« 266,000
j Dollars, deducing 15 /><?/' Cent. from
! Prizes—-tins Lottery confifls of \
38,000 Tickets, iff winch there are
1 4,539 Prizes and 23,461 Blanks,
and an half Blanks to a
| Prize.
THE Dire&orsof the Society for eflablifhing
Ufetal Manufactures, having lefolved 10
crt-61 LOTTERIES for raising O.neHumdked
Thousand Dot lar s, agreeably to an A£t of
tiie Lrgifljture ot thr State of New-Jerley, have
appointed the following persons to fnprrimend
and direfct the drawing of the fame, viz. Nicho
las Low, Rufus King, Herman Le Roy, James
Watlon, Richard Hamfon, Abajah Hammond,
and Cornelius Ray, of the city ol New-York. —
Thomas Willing, Joseph Ball, Matthew M'Con
nel and Andrew bayard, of the city of 'Phila
delphia—His Excellency Rt.qhaid Howell, Elq.
Elias Boudinot, General El as Dayton, Jam s
Pa ker, John Bayard, Dott .r Lewis Don it am,
Samud W. Stockton, Jolhua M. Wallace, J feph
Bloomtiv ld, and Elilha Boudinot, of N w- Jer
sey, who offei the following Scheme of a Lot
tery, and pledge themselves to the public, that
they will tak< every affurmce and precaution in
their power to hav? the Monies paid by the
Managers, trom time to time, as receivtd, into
the Banks at New-York and to
remain for the purpofeof paving Pnz s, which
(hall be immediately difchargtv by a check
npon .one of tho Banks.
1 Pnzeof 20,000 Doliau is 20,000
1 10,000 10,000
2 10,000
5 2,000 10 000
10 1,000 10,000
2 0 500 I**,ooo
IGO 100 10,000
300 50 15.000
1000 BO SO,OCC
2000 15 30.00 C
3000 1 2 ,'j6,oo<
ir bt,oo<
14,539 262,000
23,46* Blanks. First drawn "number, 2,000
Lad drawn number, 2,0c0
38,000 Tickets at 7 Dollars each is 266,000
The drawing will commence, under the in
fpe&ion of a Committee of the Supermtendants,
as ioon as the Ticket* are fold,oI which timely
notice will be given.
The Superintendants have appointed John N.
Cumming, of Newark, Jacob R.
of New-Brunfwick, and Jonathan Rhea, o
Trenton, as immediate Managers thereof, who
have given ample fecurityf for discharging the
trust reposed in them. (
(f3T In order to secure the pun&utl payment
of the„Prizes,the Superintendants of vhe Lottery
have directed that the Managers fhali each enter
into bond»tn 4c, 000 dollars, with four fufficieni
fecuriti s, to perform their initiuftious, the fub
(lance of which is
I. That whenever cither of the Managers
shall receive the sum of Three Hundred Dollars,
he {Hall imnidiately place the fame in one of the
Banks of New-York or Philadelphia, to the
ciedit ot the Governor of the Society, and such
of the Superintendants as live in the city where
the monies are placed, to remain theie until the
Lottery is drawn, for the payment of the Prize*.
&11. The Managers to take fufficieni lecurity
for any Tickets they may trust, otheKwife to be
refponnble for them.
111. To keep regular books of Tickets fold,
Monies received and paid into the Bank, ab
ftra£U of which (hall be sent, monthly, to th<
Governor of the Society.
Paterfon, January 1, 1794.
On application to either of the above gentle
men, information will be given where ticket
may be had.
Februar tn&ftf
Just Imported,
In the/hip Abigail, Captain Horton, from St
Peterjburgb in RuJ/ia, and now landing at
Riijfell'3 wharf,
And for sale at the (lores of the subscriber in
WalDut ftrcet, No. 22.
'John Dcnnaldfon.
diw w6c tf
April 4.
CJ* This Gazette fiall be enlarged, as it
receives encouragement—The Sulf riptkn
encreafes daily—Advertising Favors are
foliated —These cenjlitute an ejfential Itim
in dimin'fhing the Debit fide of the Auowt.
To be fold by Public Vendue*
The 19th liifiant,
At the Cofefe HovSf.,
At Seven o'clock in the Evening,
By oriier of the Keftor, Church Wardens and
Veftrv of the United Epiicopal Chjirthes
of Chnlt Ajhijrth and St. Peter's ChurcU in
Phibdelphia, .the Trustees of theUniveifi
fy, and ne Managers of the Pc(tnfylvan»
. The House and Lot bequeathed
by the last Will and Testament ot James
Stoops equal proportions to the
a' ore institutions, being
House, No. 20,
Whe ein Joflph bpencernoiv livtswellfitu
ated for I'Blinels, on the weft fide of Third
(beet, about midnav between Market and
Arch street. It is 17 feet front upou Th rd
itreet, and the lot is 132 feet deep
The pmchafer paying half purchase mo
ney on delivery of the deed, may have twelve
months credit for the remainder, on giving
good feenrity and payirg imereft.
Committee fur the SeAor,Church Wardens
and appointed to tell.
Committee for the"T7ni verfity.
Committee for the Peimfylvania Holj'ital.
April 14. ts
Concluding Sales.
THE Subscriber fraVirig entered into C<
partner (hip wrth Mr. John BjrthukmuAv i
the bufin«fs of Sugar Ruling, will diffof
of ihe
Remaining Stock on hand
Silver, Plated, & Japan Wares,
Plated Coach & Saddle
Furniture, he. &c.
By Whole/ale at Prims Cojl for Cajh.
John Dorfey,
No. 22, North gd street.
April 12. tnth&l6w
Pennsylvania Hospital,
~1-h Month, Jtli I 794
• 1 J - ■ ' 7~r-
The Contributors are desired
,?> attend the Ejection, to be held at tjic
Hospttal on ihe sth/dav of the sth Month
next,at 3 o'clock iu the afternoon ;to cbonfe
twelve Managers and a T*E*scnrE*,
the fenfuing year:
By order of a board of Managers.
Samuel Coates, clerk.
On Thursday the 15 th May next at Twelve
o'clock at the Tontine 6offee House,
Israels of Land,
111 Watkins and Flio 's purchase, in thecoun
i*ty of Tioga, state ot New York.
The containing acre;
Southwell quar. of Towd&ip No. 2, 9,424
Noithweft tlo. do. 4, 5,647
Northeast do. do. 6, 10,525
•Southwell do. do. 7, yj?o
Southwell do do. 8, 3,950
Northwest do. do. 8, 6, 53
Southeast do. do. g, 6,25 a
Sontheaft do do. i?, 9,000
Northwest do. do. 10, 1^,475
These lands are rapidlyeiicreafitigin
large settlements are already made in feveial
of the townfhip<; the goodness of foil, and
the advantages in point of situation being so
well known, render any further defenption
unneceflary. Amp of the Hafts and condi
tions of (ale may be seen at No. 10, Oueen
street, New-York.
April 10.
Thr following Certifi
rateof the funded three pir Cent.Stock of the
Domrftic Debt ol the United Statrs flinding on
the books of the Tieafurv of the said United
States, in the names of DonnaJdand Bur-ton of
London, meichanu, ami figmd by Joteph
Nnuil'e, Register of said TVtaftfrj, to wit :
dated 24 h Auguli 1792 tor
dollar., and cents was t'anfniitted from Lon
don in the Ihip Pctei, Pajn HulTey, mallei,
Dnund for New Yoik, and has been 101 l
The'Subfcriber intending 10 apply 10 the Tiea
fury of the Un*|ed States to have the faye rf.
newed, defiles all peifons who are >ntereft;d in
the said certificate, to make their objedtous
thereto, if any they hav .
Francis Macy,
Ph'tlad. March 27. '
To the Printing Business, Enquire at this
Office. .
St. Domingo Siffirers.
THOSE perfbt- sw ho undertook to collet
tie fubJcr ptK>n made for the relief of the a
bpve urtfo tunate persons, are rsyuefted to
complete th«rir ietun%'s» where they havt, not
already done it, and to deliver tlie lame with
any balance they may bold, into the funds oi
the Trrafurer, who will receive any fafrfcrsp
tion which remains uncollected, or any fxe(h
(ttjnation. It is hoped inttant attention w;Ji
be paid to this notice, to enable tjie commit,
tee ofd'^ to close their accounts and
give further relief toa.number of those per
sons fti 1 remaining here, whose iituatw>n i>
truly dfti effing.
By order of the committee of diftribitKni,
Robert Smith, Treasurer.
April <), ;794-
P. S. It is lequtited riie different Printers>r 9-few days, publilh the above.
In the Name of the French
EVERY Frenchman is forbid to violate
the Neutrality of the United States.
All commifiions or authorizations tending to
infringe that neutrality, are revoked, and are
to be returned to the Agents of the French
Philadelphia, Ventofe 16th, fecojid year of
the French Republic, one and indivisible
(March 6th, 1794, o. s.)
The IVlinifter Plenipotentiary of the French
Republic. JH. FAUCMET.
The .Editors of newspapers within the
United States, are rcquefted to republifh the
foregoing notice. 4
And rut- red upon 'he fi»lt o* May,
The noted F.Jlate, called
John [on Hall:
Lyt"g i" the MohA wk. country, ol New
t'ork, fofrnerly the feat of Sir William Joiin
!on, containing about (even hundred acres of
[and, which is of the \ery befl quality ; toge
ther with the ftoQk, and farming uienhls. The
buildings are large and (,ouvenient, and fit tor
a gentleman's feat. The payments will be made
eafv, on good (ecuruy. For'inther particulars
enquire of Mctealf, E'fq. on the premis
es, of Silas Talljei, fcfq. at Philadelphia, of
I Ward and Bro:hos, in New York, oc
>f the fubfenber in Providcnce.
jabez Bo we7i.
Phi lad. March 26
Lately Pubiifhed.
Thomas Dobfon,
No. SyrTfl S«eOM»-ST*ER^T
THt, fcWtory oJ Ni"w Hampfhue, horn th<:
D'fcovuy.of the R ver Pis ataqna—by Je
remiah Belknap, D. D 3 Vols. Price in Boards,
4 12 D 'lUix.
, T,h* Forrcßrr, in Amiicln f'tsfej heisg a
StoMtft£*W Bjiil tticCJiajhicr.
'VfCt, ■ ' ." - vf ,
A D ictjurfc, intended to commemorate the
Difcoytry of America by ChnUopher Col*«m
bui; delivered at ihe uquett of the Hillortcai
Society in felts, October 23d, 1792,
the> cr»mpleti<»o of the Thud Cenuiy,
lime that memorable event. To which are
addd. Fur Ditfcrtation*, cpnueffed with the
iu )j £t— By ihe feme author. ?ncr,.£o Cep.s.
March 17. , tuth&f^w
Just Published,
In one volume, iamo. Price 5s
At Franklin's Head, No. 4T, Second
Natural Equality of Men,
On the Rights that result trorp it, and on the
Duties which it imposes.
To which a MEDAL was adjudged, by the
Teylerian Society at Haarlem.
Cor reded and Enlarged,
D. D.
ProtefFor of Moral PhiJofophv, anj* the Law
ot Nature, ai.d of Ecclesiastical Hifiory ;
and Miniiler of the Engiilh Chuich at U
tree lit*
Aliquid Temper ad commune m utilitatem af
fcrenduin. Cicero.
The Firji American Edition.
THE grand principle of Equality, if right
ly undeiftood, is the only basis on which
u.nverfa! juffcice, sacred oider, and perleA
freedom, can be nily built, artl permanent
ly recured. The vewof it exhibited in th»s
eiTay, at the lame time that it reprefles the
inlblence of office, the tyranny of pride, and
the outrages of oppreflion ; cowfis n s, in tVie
must forcible manner, the nceefijty of fiibor
dmation, and the jnft demands of IntvfuJ au
thority* So fjr indeed, from loosening the
bandt of lociety, that it maintains inviolate,
every natural and every civil dftinftion,
draws mpi e Cloiely every (ccial tie, unite* in
one harmonious and juftlv p ©portioned sys
tem, and brings men togetlteron the even
ground of the inherent rights of human na
ture, of reciprocal obh aticn, and of a rom-
MOII relation to the comrpuuity.
IVtarch 18. eod I w n&ritf
tuth&s U4M
Printed b X JOHN FENNO, No 3,
iw w & * i «n
South Fourth-Street.