Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, March 22, 1794, Image 1

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[No. 86 of Vol. V.]
PRICE CU Jl Jl E N T. on,, ctDiis. as. ■
»Me»*««f*-*Do M .A»*»ooCcou cch-jO' l . Ditto j>r care 6 o
Sweet, best, m flalks, io 5
Ditto baskets, 1a bottles 12
PHILADELPHIA, Ma*ch 22, 1/794- Sperm-ceti pr. gall. 48
£ - ——. " —Train per barrel 10 51 J
* Dlls.Cts. Dlli. Qi. Whaie 25 33 j
Anchors pr.ib. 7 p 0 rter P r. catk, 533 433 London,pr do* afo
r\ ~~ Rnch or. lb. American ditto bot.incl. 1 8j
, ««h. P ,. bb i. .73 ,
-Pearl, l 3* j jg Burlington, per barrel, , 4
Arrack pr. gall. ■ 12<J Lower county
Brandy, common, „ ~ Carolina IO "
Coniac 45 < 0 Peas, Albany pr. bulhel ,
Bra«letto,pr.-to«. J pr. lb. 40
Bricks, pr. M. 4 333 P ' m " U ° 18
Bread, (hip, pr.cwt. 33 Raisins, bcft, pr. keg 9
Ditto, pilot _, r kcE 40 5 o Ditto pr. jar 4
Ditto, small water, P Ditto pr. box 333 j
Beer, American, in oot . ~4 Rice pr. cwt. 3 <
pr;doz. bottle, included, g't Rosin pr bJrlt ., 2 j
Ditto pr. barrel, JO Rum, Jamaica, pr. gallon 130 I
Boards Cedar pr. Mtc 1 Anligua 116
New England jg Windward 87 (<
—• Oak _ 0 24 Barbadoc. . 80 ,
— Mcrchaatablejnne 1067 Country, N. E. to
' Sap, f_ rtt 10 Salt petre, pr. cwt. J4 33 l
Mahogany, ?"^ 0 ; Saffafra. pr. ton 133 8 b
The.bovearethe!h.lloPP' dol ». q
for the yard price, ado Steel, German 9.
lar 33 cents per toou. Englilh.bliftered, pr. cwt. 10 la
Brimstone in rolls, pr.cwt. >oij American pr. ton !I 3 33
Beef, Bollon, per barrel jo Crowley's pr. faggot 1067
Couotry ditto » 67 Snake root pr. lb. >0 4?
Frcfli, per cwt. Soap, Brown per lb. • 6
Butter 18 White 17
♦ in kegs 48 - Castile 18
Candles, Sperm. pr.l»* Starch 2 A
Wax 18 Snuff pr. doz. bot, 4 $6
-Myrtle Wax 18 Spermaceti, refined, 40 —
Mould, tallow >4 Sailcloth,Englilh,No.i,pr. yard, 48
' Dipped .25 Boston, No. I. ditto 35 n .
Cheese, Engl.lh, pr. lb. ia : NOiII .
' — Country j-g 18 Sugar Lump, 26 n,
Chocolate 67 Loaf, single refined 22 £
Cinnamon j 67 ——Ditto, double do. 33
Cloves l 0 11 Havannah, white 112 14 ■
Cocoa pr. cwt. 18 i Ditto, brown, 10 11
Coffee pr. lb. 33 Muscovado, pr. cwt. 9 12
Coal pr. butnel 2 Spirits Turpentine pr.gallon 27
W Copperas pr.cwt. 16 37 Salt, Allum pr. bushel 80
Cordage, American,p l 2 Liverpool 100
Cotton Cadiz 80
Currants 14 Lisbon 80
Duck, RuTia, pr.pi" it Shipbuild. W. O. frametp.ton, 60
rV .8 so Ditto Live Oak, *. d .
31 ? 5c Ditto red cedar, per foot 37 45 q
Feathers pr. !*>• tl 12 Shingles, 18 inch, per M. 333 367
Flax ditto q 0 Ditto 2 feet, 6 50 6
•Flaxfeed pr.buln. g Ditto 3 feet, dressed, 13 15
Flour, Superfine pr. barrel g Staves, Pipe pr. 1000 32
■ Common, 67 White Oak hogftiead, 20 33
—Bur middlings» belt a Red Oak do. 19 50
—Meal, Indian 2 gy Leogan 21 33
( ——-ditto Rye, 2 Barrel x 6 .
Ship-ftuff pri cw • #0 ——Heading 25 33
Tuftic • pr. ton, Skins, Otter, befl pr. piece 467
* Cin, Holland, pr. cafe, 133 Minks so 40 a ,
Do. pr. gall* lo ß# tl ® Fox, grey 40 80 fl
Glue, pr.cwt. ,0 33 p.tto red 1«o
Ginger, white race, p« Martins *4 1
Ditto, common Filhers 33 67
Ditto, ground pr. lb. Bears 3
C.infeng, _ 1 10 4 Racoon. «7 60
Gunpowder,cannon, pr. q.caiK, 5 Mu(k-rats 11 *0
Ditto, fine glaied 4 Braver, pr . lb. 67 IJ3 J
(Grain, Wheat pr-bulb iao 1 Deei.inhair »o 30
Rye 35 Tar,N.Jerrey, 24g al.p.bbl. 1 *
Oats g Carolina, 32 gall. 2 '
Indian coro , c Turpentine pi. bbl. 2 i.
B,rIC L» (helleipr. lb. 7 Tobacco, j. R.ver, bed toelb. 433
— Bettincn r inferior 333
Buckwheat, per bulh. 4° oUJ
Hemp, imported,pr.toß, »6o 140 Rappahannock 333 _
American, pr. lb. 5 " Coloured Maryland, 533 8
"Herrings, pr.bbl. 3 ~ Dark, 24°
Jlidcs, Taw pr.lbj 9 Long-leaf 2 40
JJops *3 Eastern-shore 2 E 23
Hoglheadh.ops, pr. M - Carolina,new * 7 3 k
Indigo, French per lb. 1 <>7 ? '
Lcarolina « 180 T «. Hyson pr. lb. » >*S m
Irons, fad pr. ton, '33 33 Hyson Ik.n, 9i 60
•Iron, castings pr. ewt. 3 4 Souchong, 90 93 bl
Bar pr.too, Congo, 5° 5° .
Pic «S Bohea, 40 36
Sheet 173 33 Ta "ow, refined, P«lb. 9 r
Nail rod. .oo 33 Tin pr. box, .333 .367
t l rwt 4 5 Verdigreafe pr. lb. oo
iT,i' hogi pr. lb. «* Vermillion, do. .33 .67
Lead in Ivgs pr- cwt. 533 567 Varnilh, pergallon 33 37-
I _i'„b,rT 7 Wax, Bees E5 2;
j wh ; te "o to 67 Whale-bone,long 13 3 C
——red 640 6 6 wine, Madeira,pr.pipe, 176 2fi6 C
fc*irt*r,foal, pr. H). *7 20 Lilbon 120 .26 •
k Lignum «iw pr.too, 7 gallon 67 I
Logwood 3° Fayal 52
Mace " Portpr.pipe ..3 33 rj
Maelwrel,beft pr.bbl. 9 Ditto in bottle.,pr.doi. 4 M
second quality 4 Claret 4 6 of
Madder, beftpr. lb. <6 »o Sherry pr.gall. 90 110 d
Marble,wrought,pr. foot, >33 867 Malaga 80 80
Mall spars ditto 33 COURSE OF EXCHANGE.
Molafles p».g a 'l. 47 On London, at 30 day.,per £ .icofteil. 466 J
Mustard p« ®' at 60 days 463 ? c( j
flour, mbottles, p.r.doz. 120 ~, , a t 90 oays 461 £
Nails, B<i. 10^. and 10 Amsterdam, 60 days, pr. guilder, 42 ?
% 1 8 90 dayi, 40
Oil, Linf<etfiP r « 55 Government bills, drawn at 10 days
Olirc fight, it 42c per guilder.
of <;jt
Saturday, March 22, 1794.
Andrew G<win, Majier•
A good veflel, and will Sail on Monday
next—For Paflfage only, apply to
d 3 t.
March 20.
(Ty* The Letter Bag will be taken from
the PoJl-Office y at 12 o'clock Sundy next.
For Amsterdam,
The new fact-failing, copper
bottomed SHIP
K. Fitzpatrick, Master.
BUILT of live oak arid cedar and was in
tended for a Liverpool Trader, will fail with
all convenient speed. For freight orpaflage,
having excellent accommodations, apply on
board at Walnut street wharf, or to
N. B. Paflengers will be landed in Eng
land if required.
March 6, 1794. dtf
For Bojion,
William Nichols, Matter
WILL Sail in about eight days; for freight
or patfage apply to the Captain on board at
Hodge's Wharf, bet wen Arch and Race-
Streets, or
,jd Mod. i4i 1794- diw.
For Bojlon,
George & Harriott,
Jofiab Bernard, Majler.
WILL fail the 25th inft. has good accommo
dations. For freight or paflage, apply to the
Captain on board 01 Mr. Sims'* wharf, or to
March »7« di2 5
The American Brig
T R I T O N,
BURTHEN 700 barrels, with her tackle
and apparel as ihe came from sea, She is a
Haunch velTel, not two years old, and may be
put to sea Immediately. For terms apply
to 7
Arch Street wharf,
Who have for fale>
Pork, Lard, and Hams as usual,
a quantity of Bacon, Bees Wax, and a few
calks Timothy Seed —also
Pig and Bar Iron, and Iron cart
ings, in any form executed on the
fliorteft notice.
March 14.
For Sale or C^harter,
IS a flout good veflel, about two years old
burthen 232 tons, haj only made three voy-'
ages, and may be lent to Tea at a fniall ex
pence. She may be seen at Vine-Greet wharf;
and the terms made known bv application to
March 2i
One Hundred Dollars,
IS hereby ottered by the President and Direc
10rs ot the Bank of the United Slates, to any
person who lhall, on or bilorelthe full day of
May next, pioduceto them such a plan and de
ration oi a Banking House, as lhall be approved
of by them.—A plain, yet hand feme Iront ii
dc fired t The whole building is to be substantial
and commodious with as space around it.
as the ftze of the ground wnl admit.
The Lot on which thebuilding is to be ercft
ied, is fixated on the weft fide-ol Third flrcet,
between Chefiwt a«d Walnut ft,rets in Philadel
phia ; and its dewrnfions are 110 Jcct on Third
street, and aboui 100 feet weft ward.
eop 3*
[Whole No. 544.]
Just Imported,
In the Ship Apollo, Capt.
from Amlterdam, and now landing
on Walriut-ftreet wharf, viz.
GIN in pipes,
A few bales Holland Duck,
Ditto Ov.naburgSy
Holland t Sheeting,
Juniper Berries,
GtafsWare> viz. Tumblers and Mugs, ia
rious Jizcs.
Sheathing Paper,
Swedes Iron, are and fiat bars,
Hair Ribband, fyo. 4.
Dutch Great Coats 9
A quantity of Junk and Oakum, B'c. &fc.
The above-mentioned Ship is for Sale—
Houldapplication be made within a few day t;
otherwise Jhe will take freight for Amjhr
March i, 1794.
Lately Published.
Thomas Dobfon,
No. 41, South Second-Street:
The Hiiluty ol Horn the
D 1 (covi y ol thr R r , p,( lta qua—i,y ?f
---rcmiah Belknap, D. D. 3 Vol*. Price in Bgan'.s.
4 DJlljis.
The Forreftcr t an American Fable, being a
Sequel to the H.ftory of John Bull the C.oihjcr.
Pict, 75 Cents.
A D.fcourfe, intended to commemorate the
Difcovcry ol Artieiica by Cnnltophei Colum
bus; delivered ai the request of the H
Society in Massachusetts, Q&ober 23d, 1792,
being the completion of the Thud Century,
lin>.e that niemoiable event. To which arc
added r ur Difftrrationfc, couriered with the
i-b)ft— hy the fame author. Price, 50 Cenu.
March 17. lutl)&f 3 w
fcj* This Gazette Jhallbe enlarged, as it
receives encouragement—The Subscription
encreSjes daily——Advertjfing JTavors are
filiated■ —These conj itute an ejintiai Item
in 4imini)linx the Debit fide oj tbt Acroupt.
A General Meeting of the
This afternoon.
The fubferibers having been appointed
by their fellow-citizens, to prepare and
report an Instrument expreflive of the pub
lic thanks, for the ferviccs which were
rendered by the Committee of Health,
during- the calamity that lately affli&ed the
City and neighborhood of Philadelphia ;
and to suggest the measures proper to be
pursued, in order to carry the recom
mendation of that benevolent Committee
into effect, deem it their duty again to
call the attention of the citizens to a fub
jeft so interesting to the community upon
principles of gratitude, honor and policy.
At the meetings which have been hi
therto summoned, there have not attend
ed a fufficient number of Citizens U> ex
press the public sentiment; owing, it is
prolumcd, to a general acquirfcence in
the plan which has been proposed and
published : But as the fubferibers cannot
think themselves warranted in proceeding
further, upon this important occaiion,
without the express approbation of their
Fellow-Citizens—they request a General
Meeting to be held at the City-Hall, at
5 o'clock This jlflernoon.
It will be remembered, that unlefr the
citizens attend agreeably to the above
appointment, the molt meritorious servi
ces mult pass unacknowledged. A nume
rous class of Orphans will probably be in
volved in great distress, and even the ba
lance due to the Committee of Health
must remain unpaid.
Pbiiai. March ft.