Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, February 15, 1794, Image 1

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    evening advertiser.
[No. 56 of Vol. V.]
price CURRENT. bu,. as. diu. as.
*«* ttfANTiTT.-Dollars too Ctrms each. Oil» pltt» pr cafe 5 o
Sweet, best, in flafks, 10 5
PHILADELPHIA, Feb. i 5, 1794. Dmo balket., 14 bottle. ,0
—"—Spermaceti pr. gall. 48
"3'rain per barrel 10 ci
Dili. Its. DUt.Ch. Whale s ,
MCHORS pr.lh. 7 10 _ „ 4 33
Allum, Englilh, pr.cwt. 43,3 Porter pr. cask i 33
D.tto, Roch pr. lb. .. Undon, pr.doz. ■So
Ashes, pot, perton, no —American diuo bot.ibel. ,8,
-Pearl, .34 140 7 £" c . h - P'- bbl - «73 «
Arrack pr. Mil. 131 116 Pork > Burlington, per barrel, lg
Brandy, common, ioo ,ao Lower c<w«y „
—Comae .30 .40 p ~~ C Vu u n. , 10
Braziteuo,pr. ton. JO P«s, Albany pr. bulhel ,
Brick,, pr. M. 4 7 p fpF> "' pr " Ib " 4°
Bread, ftlip, pr.cwt. 2 67 P "" n,n •«
Ditto, pilot 5 Raisins, brft, pr. keg 7
Ditto, small wafer, per keg 36 40 Ditto pr.jar 2
Beer, American, in bottles, Ditto pr. box 33
pr.doz. bottles included, 1 74 R«ce pr.cwt. 2 20
Ditto pr. barrel, 6 Rosin pr. i»arre! 278
Boards Cedar pr. M feet, 90 Rum, Jamaica,pr. gallon jl6
'N'ew England to 14 Antigua l
—Oak 14 16 Windward *
— Merchantable pine 20 24 Barbjdocs g
■ ■ Sap, do. 1067 Country, N. E. 4 6c
Mahogany, perfoot 10 Salt petre, pr. cwt. x a 4
The aboveare the shallop prices, Saffafras pr. ton 6 8
for the yard pricc, add 1 dol- Shot ditto , .0 aai
' ar 33 cents per 1000. Steel, German pr, lb. £
Brjmftone in rolls, pr.cwt. 2 Engl *h,bliftered, pr. cwt. to
Beef, Boston, per barrel 10 11 Ametican pr. ton *13
- Country ditto 9 10 7 Crowley's pr. faggot 10 67
"Frefb, per cwt. 333 467 na ke root pr. lb. 10 40
Butter 25 S° a p, Brown per Jb. 6
in kegs 15 18 White 8
Candles, Sperm, 48 Castile XJ
Wax 43 56 St *rch 7
■ -Myrtle Wa.x , , 8 pr. doz. hot. 4 5 60
Mould, tallow 16 Spermaceti, refined, 48
—- Dipped 14 Sailcloth,Englifh,No.i,pr. yard, 40
Cheese, Engti/h, pr. lb. 25 Boston, No. I. ditto 06
Country 10 i?_ No. 11. or
Chocolate 16 18 Sugar Lump, pr.Jb i"j
Cinnamon ? 4° 2 6 7 Loaf, fmgle refined 22
Cloves 1 33 Ditto, double do. 00
Cocoa pr.cwt. 10 11 Havannah, white 12 ,4
Coffee '6 Ditto, browft, j® ~
Coal pr, bushel 24 33 -Muscovado. pr. cwt. 9 S 2
Copperas pr.cwt. 1 67 SpiritsTurpentine-pr.gallon
Cordage, American, per cwt. 9 10 37 Salt, Allum pr. buftiel 8c
Cotton 27 12 Liverpool lC c
Currants Cadiz 8c
Duck,Ru(Tia, pr. picee 14 Lisbon g c
.. »
feathers pr. lb. 5° Ditto red cedar, per foot 97 4 c
'lax ditto tt 12 Shingles, 18 inch, per M. o qq 2 67
Flaxfeed pr. bulh. 80 9° Ditto 2 feet. 6 50 6
Flour, Superfine pr. barrel 6 6 33 Ditto 3 feet, drefled, 13
■Common, 567 6 Staves, Pipe pr. 1000
—Bur middlings, bell 5 33 White Oak hogshead, 20 jjq
Meal, Indian 2 5 2 Red Oak do.
• ditto Rye, 267 Leogan 21 „o
Shtp-ftuff pr. cwt. 1 40 1 67 Barrel jg
Fustic pr. ton, 20 Heading
Gin, Holland, pr. cafe, 4 66 skin «» Otter, best pr. piece 467
Do. pr. gall. 90 -Minks 20
Glue, pr.cwt. 20 11 33 * ox, gray '40 80
Ginger, white race, per lb. 12 Ditto red , 2 o
Ditto, common 8 Martins 24 t
Ditto, ground pr. lb. 10 ' Fifhcrs 67
Ginseng, 20 24 Bears
Gunpowder, cannon, pr. q.caflc, 3 73 4 Racoonr 27 go ,
Ditto, fine glazed 4 Mnfk-rats 11 20 I
Grain, Wheat pr. bulh 100 110 Beaver, pr. lb. 67 133
Rye 70 —Deei, in hair 20 30
Oats 35 Tar,N.Jerfey, 24gal.p.bbl. 1
Indian corn 56 Carolina, 32 gall. 2 1
"Barley 1 1 10 Turpentine pr. bW. 2 f
Bed fhelledpr. lb. 7 Tobacco,. J. River, best 10010. 4 33 (
Buckwheat, per bulh. 40 inferior 333 j
Hemp, imported, pr. ton, i 6« 150 old 467 -
American, pr. lb. 5 7 Rappahannock 3 33
Herrings, pr.bbl. 3 Coloured Maryland, 5 33 8
Hides, raw 9 Dark, 2 4 ©
Hops 13 Long-leaf 2 40 J
Hogshead hoops, pr. M. 15 Eastern-shore 2 2 ?3
. , , . Carolina,new 27 9
Indigo, French per lb. 1 67 , . ' 1
f arolina * '80 Tea.Hvfon pr. lb. 93 ? J
I*.n. fad pr. ton, .3333 H yson (k,n, ?! 60 "•
Iron C.a.ngs pr. e«t. 3 4 Souchong, $ q° h
Bar pr. ton, » i 66 r „ 4 Ha „
Pig g ' 43 50
cl Bohea, ofi
v c .« l , Tallow, refined, per lb. q
7— Na,lrod ' 100 33 Tin. pr. box, P I 2„ „6? -
J.nk pr.cwt 4 5 Verdigreafe Jr. lb. 333 360
Lard, hog. pr. lb , 2 vermiilion, do. ,67
Lead,in pig, pr. cwt. t33 567 Varnin , pcrga „on 33 37
5 . Wax, Bee. 2 3 f \l
white 10 10 67 1 w 1 1. 0 7 ,
rcd 640 g6; Whale-bone, long ,3 3 o }
Leather, foal, 17 20 Wine, Madeira,pr. pipe, 176 226
Lignum vita: pr.ton, 7 — Lisbon 120 126
Logwood 30 Tcneriffe,pr. gallon 63
Mace pr. lb. 9 Fayal
Mackarel, bell pr.bbl. 9 Port pr. pipe **3 33 D
' .second quality 4 Ditto in bottles,pr.doz. 4
Madder, bed pr. lb. 16 20 Claret 46^
Marble, wrought,pr. foot, 133 267 Sherry jpr.gall. 90 12c
Mast spars ditto 33 Malaga 77 80
Molafles pr.gall. 33 41 COURSE OF EXCHANGE.
Mustard per. lb. 87 On London, at 30 days, per £.ioofterl. 466 f ni
—flour, in bottles, pr.doz. 1 20 a ' 60 days 463 $ f 1(
Nails, Brf. iod. izd. and iod. 10 at 90 aays 4 6i j
Nutmegs pr. lb. 7 8 Amsterdam, 60 days, pr.gtiilder t 4s t^(
Oil, Linfccd, pr. gall. 55 90 day*, 4 p b(
— Olive 87 Government bills, drawn at 10 day* tQ
fight, at 42c per guilder.
lUfecffe of tlje IfJmfell
Saturday, February 15, 1794.
Excellent CLARET,
In hogfkeads and in cases of 50 bottles each.
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
In pipes, hogsheads and quarter caflcs,
No. lit, South Front llreet.
Jan. 2, 1794.
Parry and Mufgrave,
Goldsmiths & Jewellers,
No. 42,
Jin elegant AJfortment of
Which they will dispose of on the most rea
sonable terns. Devices in hair, Miniatures
' * nd «very thing in the gold and lilvei
way, done as nfual.
December 24.
THE 1 rufteesof an Academy,
or any individual wifliing to engage a
per on to superintend the Education of youth,
111 the course of studies usually adopted iu
Academies, or any branch of business requir
ing Umilar qualifications, may open a com
munication with a perlon willing to be em
ployed a few years (for a generous compenfji
tion) by writing (letters to be port paid) to
Mr. John Fijwo, Philadelphia.
Printers to the Southward would possibly
oblige some oj their friends, oy injtrting theforegoing
a Jew times in their papers.
February 8. j. „
City Commissioners Office,
January 30, 1794.
JN pursuance of a Refolvc of the Common
Council, dated the »oth.d*y of January,
1794. for dividing the City into five DiftVifts,
by lines drawn East and Weft, whereof each of
the City Commissioners is to take the fuperin
tendanee of one of the said Diftr.fts, and to be
accountable tor the cleaning, good order and
regularity of the fame.
The Commissioners have accordingly made
the following arrangement for the prefer.!:
Dijlrifl the \Ji. Nathan Boys, to have the
charge of that part of the streets, lanes and alley,
from Cedar-street, to the north fide of Spruce
ftreet. 1
DiJlriEi the id. Hugh Roberts, from the north
fide of Spruce-street to the north fide of Walnut
J°^ C Claypoole, from the
north fioe of Walnut to the south lide of
street. 6
Diflrift the 4tk. William Moulder, from the
north fide of High, to the north fide of Mulberry
street 7
DiJlrtß the S th. Nicholas Hicks, from the
north iide ot Mulberry, to the nor:h fide of Vine
Ext* aflfrom the Minutes,
N B. The carriage way in Market-street, is
under the charge of the Commissioners generally,
for the present, the foot-ways on the north and
south fides thereof, are connected with the ad
joining Diftridls refpedively.
A large elegantHoufe,
and Lot of Ground,
IN an eligible situation, —also a Country Seat
within 6 miles of the City, with 9 acres of
land, or 42 acres of Jand and meadow, the
House is not exceeded by many in the vicinity
of the city, in size or convenience.
For terms apply to the printer.
Daily's Hotel.
Formerly Keeper of the City Tavern, and
of the Merchant's Coffee-Houfe of this
City :—
RfcSPECTFULLY informs his Friend* and
the Public i" general, that he has THIS
DAY opened a HOTEL in Shippen-Strcet, be
tween Third and Fourth-Streets, at the House
formerly occupied by Mr. Timpionj, which
has lately been greatly improved, and is now
very commodious ; where he has furnilhed him
felf with the best of LIQUORS, and will fur
nilh a TABLE for Parties, with the best provi
sions the Markets afford, at any hour, on the
Ihorteft notice. From his long experience in
this line of business, h<?flatters himfelf he (hall
be able to give fattsfa&ion to all who may pleafr
to favor him with their company.
Philadelphia, January 291*794.
[Whole No. 514.]
Mr. E. Rutledge reported from the
committee on privileges and ele£ion9, to
whom was referred the confederation of
thepropriety of Dr. Jacob Robert Brown'®
retaining his feat in this house, as a mem
ber thereof, which was read and ordered
to be taken into immediate consideration,
which being read through, is as follows,
Report, that m obediencfc to the or
ders of this house, the committee fat as
soon as this house adjourned, and having
required the attendance of the said Dr.
Brown, they informed him " that a com-
mittee to whom was referred the business
of examining into, and ascertaining the
truth of a report, that an armed force was
levying within this state, by persons under
a foreign authority, without the permis
sion, and contrary to the express prohibi
tion of the government of the United
States, and of this state had reported,
that they had- enquiry ref
pefting the truth of the said report, and
that they were perfectly fatisfied from
the information on oath, of divers cre
dible persons, that he, Dr. Brown, had
received and accepted a military com
miflion from Genet, minister plenipotenti
ary from the republic of France, autho
lizing him, among others, to raise and
organize troops, within the states of A
Your committee further informed the
said Dr. Brown, that by the 2iftfe&ion
of the lit article of the conftitutron, it
was declared, " that any member of the
legislature, who (hould accept of any
place of profit or trust, under a foreign
power, ihould thereby vacate his feat."
To this information, Dr. Brown an
swered, " that he had not accepted of
any commiflion, either civil or military,
or any place of profit or trull, under any
foreign power."
That he had sworn to support the con
stitution, and knew as a member of the
house, that the acceptance of a commif.
fion under a foreign power, would vacate
his feat. That true it was, a foreign
commission had been proposed to him,
and a paper stating the pay, rations, pro
portion of spoil, numbers of men to be
raised, and battalions, divilions of land,
and other particulars, had been put into
his hands for his consideration, which
paper he kept for some time, and on the
day on which he was to give his answer,
he declined accepting the commission, and
refufed to have any thing to do in the
That moreover, to fatisfy his wife,who
was much averse to his being engaged in
that affair, and who pressed him to burn
the paper above mentioned, he threw the
fame into the fire, where it was consumed
in her presence, and in that of another
person who had come to receive his final
answer. Your committee are therefore
of opinion that the said Jacob Robert»
Brown, be admitted to his feat. The re
port being read chrongh, a motion wa»
made and seconded, that the report be re
committed for further inveftigation,which
was agreed to.
Mr. E. Rutlcdge reported ftom the
committee on privileges and elections, to
whom the report on the cafe of Doctor
Brown Vas recommitted, for the purpose
of ascertaining the length of time of
which he was poflefTed of the paper men
tioned in the report, and also to ascertain
the day on which he burnt the fai'd pa
The report stated, that they had Dr.
Brown before them ; that lie said, « the
day on which he burnt the paper, was on
Friday or Saturday previous to the day to
which the legislature flood adjourned; hut
with refpeet to the length of time which
he was poflefTed of the said paper, he de
clared his reluctance to mention, as he