Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, January 23, 1794, Image 1

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    o<i>rttr of t!,r Unite) States
[No. 56 of Vol. V.]
Notice is hereby given,
r the fubferiher has been duly ap-
X pointed Adruiniftrafifix on the estate of
his Excellency John Hancock, Esq. late of
Boston, in the county of Suffolk, ilecealed, and
has taken upon herfelf that trust, by giving
bondi the law dire&s—and all persons in
terested, are desired to take notice accord
Boston, Nov. 13, 1793.
Take Notice.
ALL perfunswho have anydemands against
the Estate of his late Excellency JOHN
HANCOCK, Esq. deceased, are requested to
exhibit the fame to the Subscriber, Attorney
to the Administratrix of said Estate : And all
persons who stand indebted to said Estate, are
rrouefted to fettle with him immediately ; as the
Ast of Limitation of Actions, which is to take
place on the firft day of December next, will
©therwife render it neeelfary for him 10 com
mence suits aga nft them.
JOSEPH MAY, Attorney
tn the A'imir.iftrat l ix.
Boston.Nov. 1
N. B. The Printer... throughout this Com
monwealth, are requested to insert this in their
refpeftive newspapers ? and forward their ac
counts for the fame, to J. M.
Virginia, Morthumber/anU ( Dec. 28. 1793*
A Valuable Trad of LAND,
in this county, containing about eight
hundred aeres, one iourth of Ohich is low
grounds, of excellent quality; the other three
fourths is high land, well covered with oak,
hickory and chefnut.
The fuuation is pleasant and healthy, on Yeo
eotnieo river, about three miles from the Poio
mack. There is on it a two story brick dwel
ling-house, with four rooms and a palTage on
each floor, exelufive of closets ; a good kilchcn,
•nd other necessary out-houfes. It has orchards
of apple and piach trees, and is well watered
by many delightful springs. The terms may be
known on application to the Honorable JOHN
HEATH, in Philadelphia, or to the fublcriber,
living on the premtfes.
Jan. 10.
Robert Campbell,
No. 54, South Sccond-Jlreetj
Seconddoor below the corner of Chefnut-ftreet,
By the late arrivals from Britain and Ireland,
A hirge and general Ajfortment of
New Books and Stationary,
Which will be disposed of on the lowest terms.
Dec. 23. mw&ftf
Bank of the United States.
January 6th, 1794-
NOTICE is hereby given, that there will
be paid at the Bai-k, after the fifteenth
instant, to the Stockholders or their represen
tatives, duly authorized fifteen dollars and
fifty cents for each (hare, being t!»e dividend
declared for the last fix months.
Bv Order,
JOHN KEAN, Caftiier.
Parry and Mufgrave,
Goldsmiths Jewellers,
No. 42,
An elfgant AJortmtnt of
Which they will difpoie of on the most rea
sonable terms. Devices in hair, Miniatures
sett, and every thing in the gold and silver
way, done as n'uai.
December 24.
7 his day is pubhfhed,
(Price a quarter dollar)
A (hort account of ALGIERS,
Containing a description ol the cltmatc of that
country—of the manners and customs of the in
habitants, and of their leveral wars against Spain,
France, England, Holland, Venice, and other
powers of Europe, from the usurpation of Bar
barofTa and the invasion of the Emperor Charles
V. to the present time ; with a eoncife view of
the origin of the rupturr between ALGIERS
J«o. 9.
CO" Gentleman, in poffejjion of Subfcriptwn
tapers for this Gazette, are requefled to
tranfmt them to the Editor 'j Office.
Excellent CLARET,
In hogfocitds and in cases of 50 bottles each.
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
la pipea, hogfhrr.ds and quarter daflcs,
No. in, Sooth Front-llreei,
J>n. », 1794.
ALL persons having any de
mands agauift the estate ot GiORGE
WIBLE, Uie ol the city of Philadelphia, baker,
are rt-qucfttd 10 bring in their accounts, properly
authenticated ; and those who ait indebted, are
desired to make immediate payment.
HENRY RELS, Aimniftr*tor.
January 13.
And to be fold by
Thomas Dobfon,
Price three eighths of a Dollar,
" An Enquiry into the principles
and tendency of certain public
January 16.
Back of the New Library, between Chelnut
and Walnut-Streets.
George Rutter,
RESPECTFULLY informs hrt friends and
the public in peneral, that he continues
carrying on the business of
Sign and Fire-Bucket Painting,
for doors or window«ftiutters,done in the most
elegant manner, and with dispatch.
Orders from the country will be thankfully
received, and duly attended to.
December 30, dtf
This day is pubttjhed,
United States Register,
For the Year 1794.
Printed by Sfewart and Cochran, No. 34,
South Second-Arret, and John M'Culioch, No. j,
North Third-street, wd 10 be (old by them and
the book fellers.
Jan. 18. cUf
Treasury Department,
NOTICE is hereby given, that proposals will
be received at the Office of the Secretary
of the Treasury, until the 6 h cf February next
inclusive, tor the supply of all Rations which
may be required during the preKnt year, at the
several places of rendezvous hereafter mention
ed, lor the Recruiting Service, viz.
At NCw-Brunfwick, in New-Jerfcy ;
At Philadelphia, j)
At Lancaster, V in PennfyWania.
At Reading, )
The rations 10 be furnifficd are to consist of the
following articles, viz.
One pound of bread or flour,
One pound of beef, or £ of a pound of poik,
Half ajill of rum, brandy or whiflty,
One qirait of fait }
Two quarts of vineearf
, ir > per too rations,
Two pounds ol soap C r
One pound of candles)
Now opening for Sale,
By M. C A R E Y,
A large and valuable colleftioD ofBOOKS,
imported from London in the Mohawk.
Dee. 19.
£> Terms of Subfcriptwn for this
Gazette, are Six Dollars per annum—to be
paid half-yearly. Subscriptions of persons
<who reftde at a d'tflance from the city, to be
twelve months in advance, or payment to be
guaranteed at the place of publication.
Advertifementß of one square, or less, in
fer tedfour times for One Dollar-—once y for
Fifty Cents—and continuations at Twenty
Cents each—those of greater length in pro
portion. Favors in this line f and Subscrip
tions , ivill be gratefully received at the Office
in South Fourtbflrectyfivc doors north of the
Indian Queen.
Thursday, January 25, 17^4.
The Young LADIES'
Drawing Academy,
Under the Dtrcflion of
mil, in a feiv days, be reftimed.
HE feels a gratitude to those parents
and guardians of the young ladies,
who have entrusted to him their tuition—
and as most of them are to return, he will
have an opportunity, by his endeavors for
their further improvement, to acquit him
felf of a debt, which he esteems it an honor
to have incurred.
One or two large Rooms,
la a central situation, faitable tp accom
modate his pupils, are wanted. Apply to
him, at No. 2, Lxtitia Court—where he
will be thankful to receive commands for
Miniature Painting or Hair Work, and all
kind of Drawing on Ivory, Sattin or
January 13, 1794
Pennsylvania Hospital ijt Mo. 15.
THE Contributors are requested to
meet at the Hospital on 3d day the 28th
inft. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, to ex
amine a ground plan, with several esti
mates of the buildings, wliich are propo
sed to be extended to accommodate a
greater number of Lunatic Patients, and
for other uses. Also to determine the
propriety of building the ensuing season.
By order of a board of Managers.
N. B. The Printers of the News-Pa
pers in this City, will oblige the Contribu
tors, by inserting the above Advertisement.
Foreign Intelligence,
Received by theJh'tp Hunter, arrived at
New-Tork from London,
Thirteen persons, accused of having
been in corrsfpondence with Gen. Van
Damme, when he besieged Nieuport, and
who endeavored, by their influence a
mong the inhabitants of that place, to fa
cilitate the surrender of it, have been ar
retted at Ghent.
The indictment against BrifTot, and the
other arretted deputies, was drawn up on
the 2 jth ult.
The infamous Egalite, in obedience to
the decree of the National Convention, is
arrived at Paris, in order to take his trial
with Briffot, and the other arretted depu
Mr. Elliot, minister plenipotentiary
from the King of Great Britain, in deli
vering to the States-General of Holland,
the declaration relative to the affairs of
France, accompanied it with a memorial,
in which he said, " That his Britannic
Majesty doubted not but that the senti
ments contained in this declaration, were
perfectly conformable to those of the other
powers of Europe.
The States General, in reply, thanked
Mr. Elliot for the above communication,
and prayed to him to make it known to
the Miniftryof his Britannic Majesty,—
" That, as the causes of the present war
have been the fame with his Britannic Ma
jesty as with their High Mightineffes,who
are united by the bonds of ft rift alliance ;
so the end which the States General have
propofedto themselves in continuing it,
have never been other than that expressed
in the said Declaration ; to wit. To rc
pulfe an unjust aggrelfion ; to co-operate
in the defence of their allies j and to ob
tain an honorable and solid peace, as well
asajuft indemnification for the immense
expences occasioned to the Republic and
its allies, by the violence of their common
enemies. In consequence, the States Ge
neral fully partake ofthe sentiments of his
Britannic Majesty, and will enjoy the ut
most fatisfaftion, when the French nati
on, restored to itfelf, and united under a
government which refpe£h the sacred
bonds of civil society and the rights of o-
[Whole No. 494.]
ther nations, (hall be able to renew its re
lations ot peace and union with other
states; and enforce the maintenance of
The following dispatch was received
this morning from Sir James Murray, &c.
&c. by the Rt. Hon. Henry Dund'as, his
majesty's principal Secretary of State for
the Home Department.
Champhin, OA. 30, 1793-
" I have the honor to inform you of
the success of an attack upon Marchiennes,
which, by order of his Royal Highness,
took place last night.
" Eight battalions were put under the
command of Major General Krav, for
this enterprize. They marched at mic'-
night from Orchies in three columns, each
column headed by two officers and 60
volunteers, fupporfed by 300 men. These
were not permitted to load. The reft of
the troops of the different columns, with
their cannon, followed at fomc diftancc.
A detachment from the corps of Major
Gen. Otto, ported by Denain, marched
about the fame time, formed iu 4 columns,
in similar order that the town might be
attacked at once Upon all fides. The lat
ter troops were discovered by the enemy's
out posts, and prevented from penetrating
by the opposition which they met with.
Those under Gen. Kray, one column of
which advanced upon the high road from
Grchies, and the two others npon the left
of it, got, about 2 o'clock in the morning
within a ftiort distance of the town before
they were perceived.
dl w
" The volunteers at the head of the
column which was upon the road, fell in
with a picquet about 100 yards from th*
gate, which they surprised, killed the
greater part of it, and pursued the reft l.»
closely, that they entered the place 1-
long with them. The troops in the town
made little resistance. After being- driv
en from the market plate, where they
had assembled, they retreated to a con
vent near it. They there proposed
terms of capitulation, which Gen. Kray
consented to, as they surrendered prison
ers of war, with the folc condition of the
officers being permitted to wear their
" There are 1629 prisoners, officers
included, most of them troops of the
line. There arelikewife 12 piecesof can
non and 22 or 23 tumbrils taken. There
arc supposed to be about 300 of the ene
my killed. The lofsofmajor gpn". Krav's
corps is between 70 and 80 tilled and
wounded. Thefofs upon major gen. Ot
to's fide is unknown,, hut it is not imagj
uedtobe conflderable.
I have the honor to be,
with the greatest refpeft, Sir,
your most obedt. humble ferv.
Rt. lion. Henry Dumks, &c.
Sitting of October 22.
Report from Toulon,
OSober it.
" At Toulon, the force of our enemie*
in (hips, is 25 frigates, or armed (hips:
200 cannoneres have Bern sent on Ihore
from the (hips, for the protection of the
forts. There are 2000 Englilh soldiers,
2000 Spanish, ijoo Savoyards, 5000
Neapolitans, 2000 Slavonians - r in all, a
bont 10,700 men.
" The repert is common at Toulon,
that a large convoy is daily expected there
with 6000 Portuguese, 6000 Spaniard*,
and 2000 more English.
" The 14,000 whom they expect, ad
ded to the 10,700 already at Toulon, will
form an army of from 24 to 25,000 men j
and as soon as these corps are joined, the
plan is, to make a sortie in force, in order
to march to Aix, where they mean to re.