Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, January 20, 1794, Image 1

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[No. 35 of Vol. V.]
jind to be fold by
Thomas Dobfon,
Price three eighths of a Dollar,
«« An Enquiry into the principles
and tendency of certain public
January 16.
Virginia, Smhumitt kni l} ec a 8 1700
A Valuable Tra& of LAND,
1U thu county, containing about eight
liurtc 1 ./«j aero, one fourth of which is low
grounds, of excellent quality; ih* other thrcr
founta is high land, well eovocd with oak,
hickory '31til ch<Tnuf.
The fiiuanon is pleasant aud healihy, on Ycn
coroico ri*cr» about tk»rc roilrs from the Poto
"Mck. There i»«>n h a fwo floty buck dwcU
Img-houfr, with fom roonu and a palldge on
eich Quoi, cxci>»five of ci«icu ; a ,joo<i kitchcu,
and other oecpflary onr-houff*. It has orchards
«f apple aod p arb trees, and u well watered
by many delightful i'priaga. The terms m*y be
known on application t«» thi Howorable ]OHN
WEATH, in Phibdclijhii, or to the tiblcribei,
Kvnigon (he prrmifei.
Fan. to.
fcckuf the New Lhiary, between Ckeiuut
and Walnut-Streets.
George Rutter,
RES PEC 1 FULLY informs his friends and
th< public in general, that he continues
on the business of
Sign and Fire-Bucket Painting,
fur dronor wiuduw-(hntters,done in themoft
elegant manner, and with iliijxitch.
Order-;from the country will be thankfully
rece : vrd. and dniy attended to.
D -eenibsr 30, dtf
Now opening for Sale,
A large and valuable colle&ion ofBOOKS,
imported from London in the Mohawk.
Dec. 19. '
Parry and Mufgrave,
Goldfmitbs & Jewellers,
No. 42,
An elegant AJfortmtnt of
Which tfeey will dispute of*on«ttie most rea
fanable terios. Devices in hair, Miniatures
fctt, and every thing in the gold and filvcr
way, done as u'ual.
December 24.
This day is publijhcd,
No. 11 8, MA K KLT-STR E ET,
( Price a quarter dollar)
A short account of ALGIERS,
Containing a deicription ot the climate of lhat
•ouMry-of ike mannm and euAomi of ihe i»-
Iraimanu, and ot their levcral wari ajamft Spain,
France, England, Holland, Venice, and other
power, „f Europe, liotn the ufurpaiion of Bar
baruUa and the invasion of the Emperor]cs
V. lo the prefenl lime; with a eoticife view of
the origin of ihe rapture betweca ALGIERS
I J " 9-
Excellent CLARET,
In hogC.cMh and in c»fc« of jo bottle* etch.
A, few cases Champaigne Wine;
Ib pipea, hogfhcads ind quarter caflu,
So. in, k«tb fraat'llreei
J**- »■ 1 794- dtf
ALL persons having any de
nianda a g aintt the rllate of GtORGE
WIBLE, law Of the C„y „f Philadelphia, b.krr,
arc rrqurftcd to brine i„ the accoonu, pr.ptrlv ; and thole who are indexed, are
•curcd to make immediate payment.
HENR\ R£ES, Administrator.
J'""')' '3- sawgw
d tie o>fsite%
Insurance Company.
Philadelphia, "January 6, 1794.
NOTICE is hereby given 10 the members
ul the Insurance Company of North-
America, that the Directors have declared a
div'dend (for the last fix months) of sir rn
cint, on the amnunt ot the firtt and lecond
inlialments; and ot one per cent per month
on the sums paid in anticipation of the third
instalment, calculating from the firft day of
the month following that, in which ibofe pay
ments were made. The dividend will be paid
to the Stockholders, or their representatives,
at the company's office, No. 119 south Front
ftrect, at any time after the 13th instant.
J" n -9- w&r.ini.
Robert Campbell,
No. J4, South Secfnd-Jlreet,
Seconddoor brlow the corner of Cbefiiut-Itreet,
By the lite arrivals from Britain and Ireland,
A large and general Ajfortmcnl of
New Books and Stationary,
Which will be dilpolvd of on the terms.
Dec. 23. imv&ltf
Bank of the United States.
January 6th, 1 794.
NOTICE is htri-fey given, that there will
be paid at the Bat k, after the fixteenrh
'nftant, to the Stockholders or their reprefen
tirives, duly authoi ized filteen dollars and
fifty cents for each (hare, beioj the dividend
declared for the last fix montht.
Treasury Department,
Notice is hereby given, that proposals will
he received at the Office of the Secretary
of the Treafufy, until the 6ih of February next
incltifive, for the supply of all Ration® which
•nay be required dining the present year, at the
fevcral places of rendezvous hereafter mention
ed, for the Recruiting Service, viz.
At New-Brunfwick, in New-Jerfcy ;
Al Philadelphia,
At Lancaster, > in Pennsylvania.
At Reading, )
The ration* to be furnifhed are to consist of thf
following article's, viz.
One pound of bread or flour,
One pound of beef, or £ of a pound of porkj
Half j Jill of rum, brandy or whiiky.
One quart of fait }
Two quarts of vinegar (
Two pounds of soap >P" 100 ration,.
On pound of candlcs)
h n - a
Drawing Academy,
Under the Dircß'wn of
mu, in a few days, be reftimed*
HE feels a gratitude to thole parents
and guardians of the young ladies,
who have entrulled to him their tuition—
and as mod of them are to return, he will
have an opportunity, by his endeavors for
their further improvement, to acquit him
felf of a debt, which he efteema it an honor
to have incurred.
One or two large Rooms,
In a central situation, suitable to accom
modate his pupils, are wanted. Apply to
him, at No. 2, Lxtitia Court—wher« he
will be thankful to receive commands for
Miniature Painting or Hair Work, and all
kind of Drawing on Ivory, Sattin or
January 13, 1794,
Pennfyhania Hospital, ift Mo. 15.
THE Contributor! are requested to
meet at the Hospital on 3d day the 28th
inft. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, to ex
amine a ground plan, with several efti
matet of the buildingt, which are propo
sed to be extended to accommodate a
greater number of Lunatic Patients, and
for other uses. Also to determine the
propriety of building the ensuing season.
By order of a board of Managers.
N. B. The Printers of the Neius-Pa
pers in this City, -Mil! oblige the Contribu
tors, by iuferting the above Advertisement-
tCy GerJlemen, in poffejjion of Subscription
papers for this Gazette, are refuefled to
transmit them to the Editor's Offite.
Monday, January 20, 1794.
By order of the Dirtftors.
By Order,
JOHN KEAN, Calhier.
This day is piMJhcJ,
United States Register,
For the Year 1794.
Pr-nted by Stewart and Co. ni«n,.No o 4
S<cond.ftrrei t and John M'Culloch No' , T:.ird.|lr«t, «.d ,0 be fold b) th.'m «, d '
the book.fellers.
J "1.,,
In the House of Reprefemaii-vcs f
W DlCUim, 2i(t, i-p«.
HI.RtAS ihe CoinmifTionrit oi t>liu
Accounts, h v? reported, that they can.
not p»<K,-fd to the >■.<•«, g », lo „ „f , hc Trealu.v
Accounts, iclp.-ct.o- fpi cial Indents, without
knowing ibe mullaridiitg amount thereof in iii.
cul.ition :— I'lkic<.,.c,
That all holder, of special Indents
« dlrrtl.-rf, and rrqui. - cl, on or befciie the fi.U
d»y ot November n- xi, 10 deliver the fixcial In
drills 1,, their poir.-fliun to ~„c or other ot the
Cnmmiflionerj of the Trrafury, w |,o arc „;, e
receipts lor the fame, and to re.-. , 0 iheCon:.
miHtoners on public accounts, on or belorc the
tenth day of November next, the amount by
them relpeftivcly received, and alio to the Lc
g itLre, at their meeting in November next.
And that all Ipecial Indents not rendered into
tile I rcafury as above, on «r before the fiill day
ol November next, fball be, and tho fame are
hereby barred.
Rcjotui, That public notice of this resolution
be K iven in the several Gazettes in this State, every three weeks, un'il the fir ft day of
November next. And that the Delegates aftkis
Slate in the Congress of tlie United Siaiei, be re
(Jueffed to cause this rclolutiou to be published
in one or more papeis in the cities of Philadtl.
phia and New-York, and that provision will be
made for ibe expences alicudinr fnch vubbca
Ordered, Tbat the resolution be Lot to the
£«u<itc for thrii-cnnmi fcncr.
b', «mier of ihe Hmifr,
In the SENATE,
Df-CKMMkk ?I ft . i 1 <}£.
Refolv.d. That this Howie do concur with the
Houie oi Rcprefcntativej m the fQicgo-na refo
Ordered, Thar the resolution* be lent to the
House ot Reprelrmative*.
By oitler of thf Sen»»e,
Congress of the United States,
Friday, January loth, 1794.
Th« Senate resumed the consideration
of the report of the cpmmittec, on the pe
tition of Conrad Laub and others, ref
pe£hng the appointment of the Honora
ble Albert Gallatin, a Senator of the Uni
ted States ; which report is as follows ;
" The committee to whom was refer
red, the petition of Conrad Laub and
others, dating, that the Honorable Albert
Gallatin, at the time he was elected a Se
nator of the United States, had not been
nine years a citizen of the said United
States, as is required by the conltitution;
" Report,
That the committee have conferred
with Mr. Michael Smyfer, agent for the
petitioners, and with Mr. Gallatin; that
Mr. Smyfer has declared, that the pe
titioners are ready to adduce proofs in
support of the petition at such time as the
Senate may think proper to appoint, that
Mr. Gallatin states no objection to the
trial's commencing at an early day.
u The committee therefore recommend, ;
that the Senate adopt the following refo- I
lution :
" Resolved, That be afligned for
Hearing the petition of Conrad Laub and
othera, refperting Mr. Gallatin's right to
a feat in the Senate, and that melTrs. Gal
latin and Smvfer, be furmihed with a copy
of this resolution."
On motion,
It was agreed to postpone the report of
the committee, and to take into conside
ration the following resolution.
Rciolved, that a committee of elections
to consist of seven be appointed to report
rules for receiving petitions and conduc
ing enquiries relative to the qualifications
of a senator—and that the petition oi*
Conrad X<aub 8c cithers be referred to the
fame committee, to state the fiiifts, and
that tlvey be authorized to fend for persons
and papers.
[Whole No. i.]
On which a ftiotion wis made and U
conded to poll pone this motion, ami to
take lip tlic following,
" That lie a committee to ascer
tain and state to the Senate the fca* rek
tive to the time Whenthc honorable Albert
OaUatin became a citizen of the l),iit;d
te«, and that the said committee
power to fend for pcrfons and papeu.
Whereupon a motion was made and se
conded, to postpone the preceding, a:i<i
to take into conlideration the fufWimr
motion : °
" Resolved, That a committee of flec
tion. be appointed, and that the petition
ot Conrad Lanb, and others be referred to
It, to report their opinion on the merits
of the laid petition."
And after debate
The Senate adjourned to 11 o'clock on
Monday morning.
Monday, January 13,
Mr DandridgenotifiedtheSenatethatthe
President of the United States hath th'j
day approved and i'igncd a bill which ori
ginated in the Senate, entitled, " An
making an alteration in the flag of the
United States." 6
, ® r . cier^ d ' That the Secretary acquaint
the House oi Representatives therewith.
Xhe Senate resumed the conlidention
of the petit,on of Conrad Lanb and otherb,
rejecting the appointment of Mr. Galla
tin to be a Senator of the United States.
Uii motion
Ordered, That a committee of electi
ons to of seven be appointed, and
that tne petition of Conrad Laub and «-
thers be referred, without prejudice as to
any queitions which may upon the hear
'nAb"aiW h y thc "ember, as to
the futficency of the parties and (he mu
ter charged in the petition, to the fame
committee, to ftaie the fids, and that
they be authorized to fend for persons aTid
t l ha , t " r - Mr. E'lfu-orth,
Mi. Mitchd, Mr.Rufherfuid, Mr. Brown,
Mr. Liver more and Mr. Taylor be this
Agreeable to the order of the day the
Senate took into confederation the lub'ect
ot amendments to the co.jftitution of the
united States.
It was agreed to confer at this time
the tollowincr motion ;
" Refplved by the Senate a:id House
of Reprefcntat.ves of the United States
of America ,n Congref, assembled, two
thirds of both House, concurring that
the following article be proposed to the
legislature» of the fevcral States as an a
miJndment to the conftit jtion of the Uni
ted States ; which when ratified by three"
fouithsof thefaid legislatures i!, a |i va
hd as part of the laid conft.'tutioii, ,i z .
" Tl ' e Judicial power of the United
States (hall not be construed to extend to
any fmt in law or eijuity, commenced or
£1 olecuted agaiult one of the United
States by citizens of another State, or by
citizens or fubjefts of any foreign State."
And after debate,
The further confijeration thereof was
postponed until to-jnwrrow.
On raption,
Ordered, That the further conficL-ratJon
of the motions ot the z 4 th Dec Ja(t, a „d
9th of Jan. inlt, oa the fnhjed of amend
mentsto the cwititutiyn, be portioned un
til to-morrow, and that the federal mo
tions on this fubjeii be printed for the
use of the Senate.
he Senate relumed the eonfideration
of the motion made the 3d jnftjitf, res
pecting certain ftaument.s from the Secre
tary of the Treasury, and, having agreed
to fundiy amendments titereou, .it wa«
adopted as follows :
Ordered, 1 hat the Secretary of
Treasury lay before the Scuate,
A statement of the goods, .vares and
merchandize, exported from the frveral
States from the 1U day of July iyu 2 ta
the 30th day of J„.,e 1~7y3, ipecify.w'the
quantities and value gf each kiud/and the