Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, January 11, 1794, Image 1

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    EVENING AD V E r T I 8 E
l_No. 2d of Vol. V.]
PRICE CURRENT. Dlh. its. Dlhxu.
UK quantity.—Dollars 100 Cents each OM, Di-tto pr cafe 20
Sweet, best, in flafks, 10 50
Twrr « t . D*no baskets, i2bottU» 10
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. u, .794- 5,,,, mjcot. p. g4 (l. 4 8
Tram per banel 10 51
ADlff. Cts. Dlh. (t\. "Vj'haie 25
WHOM 7 5 3 I
fcnjh#., pr*jrt. 4 33 ' pr.dnJ. * 1 be, Root, pr. lb. «j -American d:ilo bot.incl. ,8.
Art..., par, ?CI ton, iso- PiM> fcM
A ' k Car ' 1 Pork, Burlington, pel barrel, 15
A,r«k pr.gall. »33 1 Lower c suht> ,t
Brandy, common, 10a no $, olina ' T0
oaiac >30 »4 C peas, Albany pr. bulhel j ion. 5° on
o■ t v repDcr, pr. lh. 4P
Bricks., pr. M. 4 7 t ► «
w t, n. c iC
tread, (hip, pr. cwt. 2 07
Ditto, pilot 5 Raisins, be ft, pr. keg 7
Ditto, fin-ill water, per keg 36 P r •' j ar 333
Beer, American, in bottles, j 01: to pr. box 333
pr.doz. bottles included, 1 74 R ,cfr pr.cwt. 3
Ditto pr . barrel, 6 Rosin pr. band .78
Boards Cedar pr. M feet, 20 Ram > Jamaica,pr.gallon 116
———Xew *& 14 " Ant:gua 1
— Ojfc 14 j(i Windward 86
—Merchantable pine 20 24 Barbadors 87
.Sap, do. 1067 Country, N. E. 6c
VJahogany, pcrfoot ic Salt petre, pr. cw t. 14 33
The. above arc the shallop prices, Saffafras pr. ton 6 8
forth.* yard price, add \ do!- Shot ditto 140 141
lat 33 ccut* per 1600. ' Steel, German 9
BrimJlone in rolls, pr.cwt. 2 Englifti,blillered, pr.,cwt. 10
K oft cm, pe- barrel 10 11 American pr. io.n :*3 33
Caumrv ditto 9 10 ——Crowley's pr. faggot 1067
Fnilj, wrewt. 333 467 ] njkc Toot P r - i-b. 20 42
Butter 25 »oap, Brown peflb. 6
in kegs ' White 8
Candle*, Sperm, . j8 Caftilp i,
- ""W*» 53 S b V ar F , . I 7
-—Myrtle Wax t8 ">utt pr. doz. bot. 4 5 €c
Mould* tailow it Spermaceti, refined, 48
—Dioped 14 Sailcloth. fli,No.i,pr. yard,
"Chtcfe, Ej»glifh, pr. lb. 25 — 1 Boston.'No. T. ditto 36
Country it) i:- Mo. 11. 35
Chtrcolate j6 18 -ingar Lump, 21
Cinnamon 24® e 67 Loaf, single refined %2
Cloves 1 3,; Ditto, double do. 03
Cocoa pr. cwt. 10 it ——<H-avaunah['White 12 34
Col Fee pr-. lb. i(> >D it to, brown, 10 11
Coal pr. bushel 24 33' Mufcovado.-pr. cwjt. 9 12
■Copperas pr.cwt. 1 6; Sp:ritATurpciU!i»cp r -ga'l«n 57
C'">rda»e» American, per cwt. 9 10 Salt, ATtum pr. Vittnel |8o
Cotton 27 fa? ico
•Currants 12. -Cadir sic
Duck. RuTia, pr.pirpc *4 iifbon |8c
Rnvens 11 'h-pbuild. Yv'. O, frames p.ton. no
Do e i fail duck, 18 «o Diuo Live Oak., M
pr. lb. 550 Ditto red cedar, per fool 37
ditto it ,12 Shingles, 18 <nch. per M. 3 33 3 67
fr'laxfcec* pr. bush. So gel Ditto 2 feet, (i t>
flour, Siiperfuie pr. barrel 6 Duto 3 seer, rlrelTt d, 13
Common. 5 .67 Staves. Pipr pi. icoo 32
Sur best $ Whire o<*k liogfhead, - 20 33
Meal, Indian 2 ,52 Red Oak d-o. >9'50
■ ditto Rye, 2 67 Leogan 21 33
-Ship-fiufF pr. cwt* 440 x 67, Barrel
Fustic pr. ton, 20 Hcad-ng 25 33
Gin, Holland, pr. cafc, A 66 Ski,,i ' hc * P r - P ! «« 4 67
Do. pr. gall. 83 qo " lnks «> 4°
Clue, pr.cwt. fio 21 3j' ox, grt*y 40 .So
Ginger, white race, per ; ib. 12 lu'orrd t 2 o
Ditto, common 8 e 4 - *•
Ditto,ground ic rilncr? 23 67
Ginseng, 420 24 cars 3
Gunpowder,cannon, pr. q.cafk, 3 73 4 Racoons 27 60
Ditto, fine glared 4 Mulk-rabs u 20
Grain, Wheat pr. bust» 1.00 lic Beaver, pr. lb. €7 133
Rye 7 o Deei, in4iatr 20 30
al ? 35 ar >^-,Jerfey i 24gaJ.p.l)bl. 1
Indiin corn s fi -Carolina, 32 gall. 2
-&a»lev 1 i ,q Turpentine pr. bbl. 2
- Best shelled pr. Ib. j I obacco, J. River, bed ioolb. 4 3^
Buckwheat, perbufti. 40 inferior 333
Hemp, imported, pr. ton, ifjo |ro ' 4
American, pr. Ib. - Rappahannock 3 33
Herrings, pr.bbl. 3 ' Coloured Maryland, 333 8
Hide-*, raw pr. lb. 9 I *>ar-k, 2 40
Hops Long-leaf 2 40
"Hog(head hoops, pr. M. ° ■ Eaftern-Iliore 2 2 23
ti , - T- 1 Carolina, new 27 q
Xbatgo, Frencli pc. lb. . 6 T . „ld, ' \ „
: 1 1 83 Tci ' H y son p'-n>- 9? . 28
Iro« (ad pr.ton, , 3J s3 Hyson Ikm, / 3 60
Iron Cill.ngj pr. cwt. 3 4 Souchong, ,0 o,
~l" P ' t0n ' 8» 66 Congo, | 3 so
2 -5 Bohca, o* '*6
rod, 173 33 TaU " W ' ,cnncrf ' .T" lb - 9
~ r ° d> 100 33 Tin pr. box, .Sfi?
J.",k, pr.cwt 4 4 \'c,digrcafc "60
Laid, hogs pr. lb. „ «h.. 3? 3 , 6,
Lead, mp.gipr. cwt. 553 K6 ? Varnilh, per gallon « 37
'"'T 1 . Wax, Bers ,5 ,y
" d "° "g 3 g 7 w hale-bonr, long 13 30
feather,foal, 17 2C Wine, Madeira,pr. pipe, 176 226
Lignum vita: pr.ton, I.ifbon 120 126
Logwood Teneriffe,pr. gallon -63
Mace ] Fayal £ 2
Afaefcarel, best pr.bbl, o Port pr. pipe I*3 33
- ■■ -f,-cond quality . Ditto in bottles, pr.doz. 4
Madder, bcfl pr. lb. <6 e0 Claret 4 6
Marble, wrought, pr. foot, iOO 12-67 Sherry pr.gall. a2c
•Mast spars ditto <0 Malaga 77 sic
MolavTes pr.gall. 1,1 COURSE OF EXCHANGE.
Mnftard per. lb. g 7 On London, at 30 days, per £ .400 fieri. 466 2
f)our, in bottles, pr.doz. 1 c? c ~ 31 60 days 4'4
Vail*,B-i. tod. 1 id. and zoif, pi,lb. 10 7 T" at 9° aa V s 464
>J:»tmegs pr. lb. j 8 Amsterdam, 60 days, pr. guilder, 42
OU, I.infect, pr, gall. rr 90 days, 40
- Olive g- Government bills, drawn at 10 daya
figlu, at 42c per guilder.
Cfeclfe of fljeljttifel) #fates
SatupvDay, January i i, 1794.
Lift of prisoners, citizens of tl»e United
States, in the Creek nation, who are
treated as slaves and fold from mailer
to matter, at as high a price and in the
fame manner as negroes arc fold.
In the Covalegiee.—Mrs. Williams and
child—Alice Thompson of Naftiville—
Mrs. Carfray and child, of Nashville.
In the Hog villages.—Mr. Brown of
the district of Mero.
In the Clewvalley town.—Miss Scarlet.
In the White Grounds —Miss Wilson
of the aiiirict of Mero—and a boy and girl
whose names are not remembered.
In the Bolummies.—A boy five years
of age.
In the Big Tallaflee.—A boy 10 or 11
years of age—and a girl 7 or 8 years of
In the Coofee town.—A boy ] y years
of age.
In the PocontalanafTee.—A boy J 2 or
13 years of age.
In the Oakfufka town A lad 1 c years
In the Red Ground, —A man called
In the Cafauders.—A boy wliofe age
and name are not known.
In Lfflic's town.—A young woman
who has been frequently threatened with
death, for refufmg to .cohabit with his
murdering rascally for>.
In towns net reeollefted. —Mi'. Crock
et, and a woman and child.
Our informant was lately a resident
among the Creeks, and fays he has heard
of many other citizens of the United States
in captivity among them, but can giye nei
ther the names nor description .of ihofe un
fortunate persons.
The Infpeftor of Flour in this oitv has
favored U6 with an account of all the fit:or
infpefted by him during the last year, by
which it appears that llie total amount is
24,332 barrels.
NEW-YORK, Jan. 7,
Yefterdav afternoon failed from this port,
the Ambiifcade and Normande French fri
gates, with the Carmagnole, privateer, on
a private expedition.
January 6, 179+.
At the annual meeting of the Contri
butprs held this day, at the Djfpenfary,
the following persons were elected Mana
gers for the present year, viz.
William White
Henry Hill
Samuel Pleafants
Lawrence Seckel
Robert Blackwell
George Meade
George Fox
John Field
Robert Smith
F. A. Muhlenberg
Robert Hare
Samuel P. Griffitts
JANUARY 9, 1794.
At a meet ing of the Managers of the
Difperfary held this day, the following
officers of the Inftitiition were appointed,
Attending Physicians and Surgeons-1—
Doctor Michael Leib
John H. Gibbons
John Porter
Philip S. Phyfick
Thomas James
James Woodhitufe.
Corrfnhing Phyftcians and Surgeons—
Doctor William Shippen, ji(n.
Adnm Knhn
Benjamin Rush
Thomas Parke.
Treasurer—John Clifford.
Apothecary—EJjenezer Hickling.
C?" Gmtlafun, in fafiejjion af'Svifcriptitn
papers for this GatuJe, are rcqatfled jo
tmnfmit -them to the E&tot'i Office.
[Whole No. 484.]
Continuation of Foreign Intel-
ligence, per tke Eliza, Ccpt.
Harrifon,frotn Liverpool.
October 2J-
British fubjefts in France
The hte decree of the National Conven
tion fSr the arrest of all the fubjefts of the
King cf Great Britain, and for the con
fifcation of their whole property, mult
make the public anxious to know who are
sub eft to this harsh and indifcriir.inate pu
nishment—This severe decree pafied the
Convention on the 19th day of the fit ft
month, and was dispatched to all the de
partments by extraordinary couriers, with
orders for its immediate execution all over
the Kepubiic.—Seals have been put upon
the papers of all who have been thus ar
The number of British fubje&s, who
are liable to fuffer by this decree, is efti
ir.ated r.t no ljcfs than ten or eleven thou
land, besides a vast uumber of merchants
and manufacture™, not resident in France,
who will fuller in their property !
The minister of justice has written to all
the cantoii6 of th? Republic, to have an
exact return of all the Englilh. It is to be
hoped that a little time and reflection will
induce the Convention to mitigate the fe
veritv of the decree.
TOULON, Sept. 25.
The French army that attacked Gener
al Clairfait near Maubeuge, amounted to
one hundred and thirty thousand men.
From before this army this able General
made a retreat, which had some circum
stances attending it which marked it as a
victory, as he took no less than twenty.
eight pieces of cannon,
The retreat of the Prince of Cobourg
across the Sambre was effected without
the loss of a man. The loss lay wholly
withOen. Clairfait's army.
At the village of l Waltignies, the Auf
trians were repuhed three different times
by the superior numbers of the enemy,but
they as regularly returned, and forced the
French to retire. The fourth time, how
ever, the Auftrians were obliged to give
way & retreat to a redoubt, evacuating'
at the fame time Eclaubes and Solveanirs.
In this bloody contest one Austrian regi
ment loft 700 men.
The day after the action with General
Ciairfait, 15,000 of the French army de
serted—a proof that they did npt relilh
the fer.vice into which they had been forc
Of the Hereditary Prince of Orjncre to
the State* of Holland and Weft-FJauders.
" High ana 31 ghty L,i,rih,
" I have the hosor at pr-efcut to make
a report to your high fnightinefl<s,,that
the .enemy again attacked the
wood of Soon after 4ay-ljreak
they attacked the advanced polio: s,*', in
a moment, tlie (ire became general along
the whole chain.—jßy -their great tuperio
rity, being;, ,the ffgatt ps of
ficers who are prisoners, mgrc .four
thousand men ; they fucoeeded to
drive in the advanced polls,j biit loon al
ter, they were replied with jlo.fis, hy the
valour of our troous*Caloa_'l .Van Hjwke,
who commamiei! the 5. fey yjiitjbthe
wood wap -Ids immured cl i; 'ec(ly to
the la i Batl .been raifejd the
fame not halt idl
ed, and v.-;.'.'. 1 was t-'ir-dsd by a four
poui}»ler ;li ,by the feci-*'u: attack of
the enemy,"was the great
ell impetuoljfy, lie found that tl»M> gun
had he a carried off.
" I ir>\ ever, the enemy, who had alrea
dy made thcjnfelvet mailers of it, were rj
puifed a fecund time. But, :.s they were
resolved at all events tp get ppfld£jon of
the wood of TUleul, thty ma !e a third
.attack ; and, as they aivaaced time