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    £he WUluim journal.
TiiritsnAY, Ji nk JfH 1887.
Published by R. A. BUMILLER.
Local Paragraphs.
—Try n for fine job printing.
—Ladies, buy your line shoes at J/us
sers' Shoe store.
—'Tuesday's Ilarrisburg Patriot came
out with A now head.
—The state board of agriculture met
at Bellefoute yesterday.
—Green apples will soon be the for
bidden fruit for the small boy.
—Did you see those Summer C olli
dross goods at D. S. Kauffman A Co's.
—J. 11. Breon, on North street, lias
erected a substantial barn on his prem
—J. J. Iloy's announcement tor Sher
iff appears in this issue. And still they
—Clinton county will hold Its demo
cratic convention on the 2Sth of this
—Strawberries have made their ap
pearance in Millheim and sell at Ift
cents per quart.
—Miss Bertha Wormian and Miss
Eva Kreamer of this place siKHit last
Week m Bellefoute.
—A band of gypsies inhabited A. It-
Alexander's woods, south ol towu, sev
eral days last week.
—Last Saturday was pay day in
Crawford's factory at this place. Mon
ey was no object then.
—Rev. E. Lenhart, of ltebersburg,
wishes to make kuown that he has a
full setter dog for sale.
—Clinton county tobacco growers are
abandoning the Havana for the old
Pennsylvania seed leaf.
—Miss Sarah Taylor, from Farmer's
Mills, was a visitor at 11. E. Duck'*
residence on Main stieet.
—Miss Minerva Mauck, of Salona,
was here a few days ago, on a visit to
her sister, Mrs. J. C. Smith.
—A new Reformed church will be
dedicated at Pine Hall, near State Col
lege, next Sunday, June 12th.
—Owing to the chilly rains and damp
weather of last week a little fire in the
sitting room was quite acceptable.
CHOICE BRICK.— The undersigned
has for sale a lo; of choice brick.
C. C. LOSE, Rebersburg, Pa.
All are invited to call at J. 11.
Musser& Son's shoe store where you
get your money's worth of shoes every
—lt is stated that during the past
year 6000 persons visited the celebrated
Penos Caves, seven miles west of tnis
—Boils, pimples, hives, ringworm,
tetter and all other manifestations of
impute blood are cured by Hood's Sar
—Such garden insects as the cabbage
worm and corculio will soon be in their
glory. Make battle on them early in
the morning.
—Cabbage, Peas, Bean's, Strawber
ries, Pine Apples and all kinds of green
groceries, just receiyed at D. S. Kauff
man & Go's.
—Centre Ilall citizens are making an
effort to reorganize their band which
organization has been defunct for the
last few years.
—Jotn Miller, the former butcher,
now handles the ribbons of 11. G. Sha
fer's bus team,and he makes a safe and
reliable driyer.
—District Attorney J. C. Meyer, of
Bellefonte, was seen in town last Sat
urday. We think he looks improved
since he is married.
—The scholars of Miss Laura Keller's
school presented their teacher with a
large photograph album last Saturday in
honor of her twenty-first birthday.
—B. K. Jamison, the Philadelphia
banker, is riding over the couutry in
his tally-ho turnout. On his round
trip he took in Bellefonte last week.
—Green county, at tha southwestern
extremity of the state is way ahead
with harvest. They will be cutting
grain in a few weeks.
—21,000 new buildings are to be erec
ted in Philadelphia this summer. The
one thousandth part of that would be
considered a boom in this place.
—Miss Sallie Warntz, staying with
John Wagner's at Bellefonte, spent the
greater Dart of the week with relatives
and friends in this and Brusbvalley.
—The hotel registers of this place
last week were crowded with the names
of commercial men, representing nearly
every branch of general merchandise.
--Dennis Lose, of this place, carried
his arm in a sling last week,having had
an ugly felon on one of his lingers. He
is now rid of the painful inflammation.
—M. L. Wagenseller, of Selinsgrove,
a very successful commercial man for a
Pniladelphia firm, pleasantly greeted
his many friends in this place last week.
—Mrs. Sarah Emerick, who has her
home with her parents, Peter Itarick's,
on Rev. Swengle's farm in Snyder
county, was up on a week's yisit to
—To be economical don't wear holes
in your pockets by carrying the wagon
wheels but take them to Kauffman's
store where you will get $1.50 worth of
goods for them.
—J/rs. Luse, who had temporari'y
been residiug with Iryin Williams'on
Penn street, moved on Jfichael Ulrich's
renovated property on the island south
of town yesterday.
LOST.—A cream-colored linen cro
chet collar was lost uy J. 11. 13. Hart
man's daughter. The finder is kindly
requested to return the same to the
owner's residence, Penn street.
—Children often need some safe ca
thartic and tonic to avert sporoachiug
sickness, or to relieve colic, headache,
sick stomach, indigestion, dysentery
and the complaints incident to child
hood. Let the children take Simmons
Liver Regulator and keep well. It is
purely vegetable, not unpleasant to the
taste and safe to take alone or in con
nection with other medicine.
—For good and cheap goods go to
Kauff man's store.
—l.ast Thursday started in with a
number of heavy thunder storms and
rains and it has l>eon taitiing more or
less ever since. Out door work is great
ly delayed by the wet spell.
—,l. 11. lteifsnyder, Esq., is absent
on a business trip t> Erie, I'a. We un
derstand that lie islookingalterthenew
engine which the Knitting factory
company are purchasing from a linn at
that place.
—Harry A. llall, of Elk county, who
will lw remembered by most of our
readers as one of the political stump
speakers in last fall's campaign, has as
sumed editorial control of the St.
Mary's (ia;<tt<.
LOST.— Geo. Holier, of (Vntro Mills,
lost twenty dollars or money Ist ween
the toll-gate south of town and Coburn
on Decoration Day. The tinder will
please return it to the owner and receive
a suitable reward.
Ex-post master J. T. Johnston, of
Bellefoute, and one of the most promi
nent Republican |>oliticians in the coun
ty has secured an important position in
the oillce of tin Secretary of Internal
Affairs in Ilarrishurg.
—Belle font e was treated to music hv
a Bavarian hand last week, and in view
of ltcllefonte not having a band of
their own, the Doihi .Years editor pro
poses that the town engage "dot leedle
German band" permanently.
S. Musser, of the Musser House, Mill
heim, offers for sale a One, jet black
horse, weight 1240 pounds, guaranteed
sound, and suitable for all work. For
particulars inquire of owner.
—The band lost one of its old mem
bers in the person of Samuel Weiser,
who resigned all band property in his
possession last week. Here is a chance
for one of our young men to become a
musician by tooting the tirst Eo Alto
—Bey. E. D. Keen,of Liverpool, I'a.,
was here on a visit to his parents, Ja
cob Keen's. He was accompanied by
his wife. Mrs. Rev. M. I. Jamison,
of Clinton Democrat, I'a., also spent
several days at the parental home in
this place.
—On Monday evening will be the
next regular moot ily meeting of the
Millheim Building and Loan Associa
tion. Since Mr. Delninger, of Centre
Hull, fails to put in his periodical ap
pearance, one is aut to forget the time (
of these meetings.
—Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Musser took
the Monday morning train to go to
Lutherville /Seminary and attend the
commencement exercises there. Their
daughter Mabel, who is a member of
the junior class, will return home with
her parents after commencement.
—By some mishap one side of E. W.
Mauck's foundation wall on I'enn
street was put up wrong, the southern
corner being five inches oyer the line.
He thinks he will have to tear the wall
out and have it rebuilt. The frame
work of the building was raised yester
—The petitions in circulatihn for the
pardon of the proprietors of the Will
iamsportSundayGrit are said to contain
already over four thousand signatures.
Last week a petition was returned to
the Grit office bearing the names of fif
ty-five ot the leading newspaper men in
—ln the line of improvements the
town council at Us regular meetiug on
Monday evening ordered the construc
tion of a new crossing uear Fred Cath
erman's residence on North street, and
gave notice to Wm. Walker to recon
i struct the side walk in front of his
property 011 Main street.
—Our Bellefonte exchanges contain
an account of a pleasant wedding which
came oil at the Bush House at that
place 011 Tuesday of last week, the con
tracting parties being Geo. G. Ilieter,
of Miftlinburg and Miss Alice Foote,
daughter of Geo. W. Foote, editor of
of the Mifllinburg Times.
--A "dispatch to the Philadelphia
Times from Lock Haven says that the
spring wheat crop in Clinton county is a
failure. The Hessian fly has destroyed
at least two-thirds of the entire crop of
Clinton county. The farmers are dis
couiaged and little wheat will be sown
this full. All other grain is thriving.
—A number of young men played a
a scrub game of base ball on Saturday
afternoon. What's worth doing at all
is worth doing right and we advice the
orgnization of a regular club. It's all
the go and the game is of a healthier
and purer character than many other
games that are being played around
—lt is gratifying to observe, says
Menamiu's Printer's Circular , Phila
delphia, that the socialists and all the
many expounders of new-fangled doc
trins of labor and capital, make few or
110 converts among the printers. They
are too intelligent to be fooled by the
crazy theories which are floating around
in every direction.
—Democratic candidates for county
oflices should not forget that it will pay
them to announce their candidacy in
the JOURNAL. The truth of the mat
ter is they can hardly expect to reach
all the democratic voters in this demo
cratic stronghold unless it bo through
the columns of the local paper. A
word to the wise is sufficient.
—"Let your light so shine," that oth
ers may get over the .ground safely, is
evidently the maxim which guided
Musser & Smith, the hardware mer
chants, when they illumined the dark
boardwalk leading down Penn street
from their corner on Main, by a bright
street light. The lamp post was erect
ed on Tuesday. Next ?
—What would be in the way of get
ting up a grand Fourth of July celebra
tion in Millheim ? Besides the M. E.
festival there could be band music,mar
tia' music, parades, fireworks, &c. Let
some of our younger people stick their
heads together and fix on a plan to ar
range matters and solicit the nec
essary funds. It will certainly benefit
the town and the festival.
—A lot of Men'a and Women's line
shoes at J/ussera' shoe store this week.
—Dr. John F. Hurler is improving
pail of his time in laying the curb
stones in front of the M. E. church on
Main street, and judging by his pulls
yesterday forenoon lie had been doing u
heap of muscular work. Go in on it,
Doe, yon are working for a good cause.
—The associate editor of the Dentin
County VYitn.s is awfully jealous of the
book and ladder boys here. The reason
is that Smith is just dying to belong to
a book and ladder company ami can't
find anything of the kind in Centre
llall.—Dai/// AYirs.
We invite editor Smith to come to
Millheim. He cnnhuU'Cie book .ilid
ladder truck of this place all to himself,
consider himself the company, fill all
the otliees and do all the work. We are
quite sure nobody wilt object.
—John Chambers, of Milllinburg.who
about seven years ago was a citizyn of
this place, made his appearance in this
his former home for the first time since
his moving away. and his many friends
welcomed him warmly. John is the
same jolly good fellow as ot old. He is
selling trees for Chase A .Co's nursery
in New York and as he expects to give
this section a thorough canvass he will
likely be with us oil and on during the
next few months.
For a time my life was despaired
of. My trouble was with the Kidneys.
Liver and Bladder—also Constipation.
Finally I used Dr. Kennedy's Favorite
Remedy, and in tuy opinion it saved
my life. 1 make this statement to
save those who suffered as 1 did.—A.
J. Gilford, Lowell, Mass. Druggists ;
sl. fcH'iid 2 cent stamp to Dr. David
Kennedy,Rondout, N. Y., for his book
on Kidney, Liver and Blood disorders.
: Mention this paper. 23-4 l
Rev. M. L. Deitzler has received a
pressing invitation to assist in laying
the 'corner stone for a new church
building at McClure, Snyder county, in
Ins former pastorate,on June 12th. He
i has accepted the invitation and I'royi
; deuce permitting will go. The appoint
ments at St. Paul's congregation for
June 12th, 10 a. m.,and at Aaronsburg
7. 30, p. m. will therefor be postponed.
The next regular services will be June
26th, at Aaronsburg 10 a. m.,and at St.
Paul at 2 p. m.
—Last week's Clinton Democrat is
authority for the follow ing snake story:
Sunday, while the employes of the
Beech Creek construction train were
clearing up a wreck near Peale,Bome of
them strayed a short way into the
woods when they suddenly found them
selves near a large tl it rock on which to
their surprise they discovered lying in
the sun ten large rattle snakes. They
succeeded in killing nine of the snakes,
and brought the rattles home for tro
—John have you seen that woman
lately ?
John, in astonishment: What woman ?
That woman Picking Grapes for
Speer's Wine. Just see her in another
column and read about it,the wines
are found by chemists to be absolutely
pure and equal to the best in the
World. The Board of Health in Laige
Cities and leading Hospitals have a
dopted their use where wines are need
—Two young strangers peddling rags
and tin passed through town last
Thursday with a one horse conveyance
on their way lo Coburn, when they
were overtaken by one of the thunder
gusts which were a frequent occur
rence on that day, filling the air with
sharp electricity and heavy claps of
thunder. One of these electric charges
frightened their horse, which became
uncontrollable and upset their wagon
breaking the shafts and otherwise dam
aging the vehicle. Nobody was hurt,
but they had to lay over for repairs uu
til the next day.
—Large and bushy shade trees in
front of private residences and along
the streets are ornamental as well as
useful. But when they are allowed to
grow iu anyshape and the lower branch
es are but seven or eight feet above the
pavements they become a nuisance and
an inconvenient impediment to pedes
trians. A tall gentleman wearing a
silk hat or persons carrying an umbrel
la on a rainy day will haye to dodge or
else run the risk of spoiling their hat or
umbrella. We have a number of sucli
trees in this town and we suggest that
the owners trim them and thus confer a
favor upon the public.
arl of cultivating the Oporto vinos and
fermenttug the Oporto Grape into wine
in this country, and of preserving the
Grape Juice Iresh without fermentation
has been brought to a greater degree of
I>erfection by Mr. Alfred Speer, of
Passaic, N. J., than by any other per
son; in fact, he was the pioneer in in
troducing and 'advertising Native
Wines, lie has purchased hundreds of
tons of crapes, besides his own vintage.
Mr. Speer's success has arisen from the
strict purity and valuable properties of
his wines for invalids and feeble per
sons,and his reputation extends around
the wot Id.
Hotspur Remarks.
"The sun doeth nourish Agues,"
therefore in the Summer months it is
only a measure of common prudence to
guard against malarious diseases, in
termittent fevers, agues and billious at
"Many cases of Fever and Ague.
Dumb Ague and Congestive Cnills
were promptly arrested and entirety
banished by the use of Simmons Liver
Regulator. You don't say half enough
in regard to the efficacy of that val
uable medicine. Relieve mo when I
say I was a sufferer for years and only
found relief by its use.—ROIIERT J.
WEEKS, Batayia, Kane Co., 111.
SOMETHING NEW.- Outsiders fre
quently wonder where the railroads ob
tain proper return for some of the in
genious but costly methods adopted in
advertising thiir lines. One of the lat
est K> attract our attention is a nicely
hound G4 page book entitled, "What
to Do,"containing a descriptionand the
correct rules of a large number of gam
es suitabte for parlor or lawn, which
lias been issued by the Passenger De
partment of the St. Paul, Mi: neapolis
& Manitoba Railway, and will, under
stand, be foi warded postpaid upon re
ceipt of 8 cents by O. 11. Warren, Gen
eral Passenger Agent at St. PunL. It
is a book that would ornament almost
any table and interest both old and
•— l The (Hinton Dtiuocrnt suggests lo
the yolers of that county to re-elect one
of the present democratic Incumbents
of the commissi*.iter's office, pointing
out the inconvenience which may arise
from electing three entirely new men.
The suggest ion is aw ise one and what
is more, we think, would answer ts
well foi (.Villi*) county, ll stands to
reason that tlit* ull'aiis of our Imard of
commissioners, which huvo been well
regulated and successfully handled
during the last six years, will suffer
more or less in the hands of new and
in* X|iei ieiict-d melt and we repeat editor
Furev's advise to retain one of the old
tlemoetat ic commissioners, as applica
ble to tins county.
—We want mo'tey and we want it
bad. Tins may fecnt a blunt, utiooin*
promising statement, but it is neverthe
less true, and the truth might as well
he admitted. And to Im still more frank,
we want those of our subscribers who
owe us fioMi three to live years' sub
set iption and who have repeatedly re
ceived statements t> that effect from
this office, to settle up promptly. In
order to give them u chance to do so
willi the Vast inconvenience we have
secured the services of a collector who
may call on them during the next few
mouths and we hope they will be pre
pared to meet our demands. As said
before we need the money to run the
Jot una i. successfully and that is the
reason for these straightforward re
Thanks UETUUNF.i.--My humble
and sincere thanks are hereby extended
to those kind hearted people of Mill
heim, who visited the U. H. parsonage
onTuesday evening and left a lot of gro
ceries and eatables. Those who re
member God's embassadors in such a
kind and substantial way are people
who appreciate the Gospel and show
clearly that they are under its hallowed
intlueuce. Not once only, but several
times within the past few months have
the pastor and his family lieen remem
bered in this manner by those kind jieo
ple, and I wish to say to each of them,
accept our warmest thanks and may
your kindness to God's servants be re
membered before the throne on high
and cause the blessing of kind heaven to
follow you forever. C. Woktmax.
—What more certain sign of real
prosjKTity than numberless railroads ?
says the Daily Netcs. That is just
what Bollefotite is now getting tne ben
efit of, and soon can claim the site of
the State Capitol, not only liecause of
its central location, but also because it
is the radiating point for the groat
highways of travel. Another is added
to the list, the Lock Haven Democrat
being informed that the Wilkesbarre
and Western railroad company are now
surveying a line for a railroad from
Watsoniown through Sugar and N'it
tany valleys to Bellefonte, with a
branch from Washington Furnace to
Mill Hall to connect with the Beech
Creek road at that place, with a view of
carrying coal from the Beech Creek
coal basin to the eastern market. It is
said this will ln> the shortest line from
the Beech Creek and Snow Shoe coal
fields to New York.
—From last week's Centre County
Times :
Sunday afternoon C. F. Smith, of
Centre Hill, and Miss Sadie Mitchell
started on horseback en route for How
ard, the home of t lie latter. On reach
ing the Fort hill, Mr. Smith's horse
stumbled and fell upon the rider, break
ing one of the bones in liis foot. The
lady's horse tTightened at the scram
bling of the falling animal, leaped over
a stone pile and threw the rider from
his back. Miss Mitchel, who is a good
horse-woman, on seeing the danger a
liead losened her foot from the stirrup,
but unfortunately her riding skirt
caught on the saddle pommel by which
she was suspended while the steed
made several leaps in the air. The
skirt gave way finally and the rider fell
to the ground, receiving no other in
juries than a bruised limb, caused by a
kick from the iiorse.
Ttikee Effects.— The thousands
of remarkable cures which have been
accomplished by Hood's Sarsaparilla
are due simply to three effects which
this great medicine has upon those who
take it :
First. It puiifies the blood.
Second, It strengthens the system.
Third. It gives healthy action to
the digestive organs.
With these three ellect3 no disease
can long retain its hold. It is forced
to leaye the system, giving place to
health and strength, through the po
tent influence of Ilood's Sarsaparilla.
Sold ny all druggists. Try it.
—The annual statement of the re
ceipts and expenditures of the Millheim
Borough school district for the year
ending June 6th is posted up and shows
a balance of $56.59 in excess ot liabili
ties. The receipts during the year a
mounted to $1379.54 while the expenses
were $1162.95, leaving $216.69, in which
amount are included a balance of $56.33
from the duplicate of ISBS, $113.76 from
the duplicate of is,s6 and cash on hand
$46.60. After the payment of a loan of
$l6O there will be a balance of $56.59 in
the treasury. This is a creditable
showing, consideiing the heavy item
of expense for new furniture.
The schoolboard has also made ar
rangements with Mr. F. A. Foreman,
of Centre Ilall, to teach a term of se
lect school in this place, after harvest
and has engaged the gentleman for the
winter term of the grammar depart
ment. It is to be hoped that our peo
ple givo the select school their hearty
encouragement and support as it is just
exactly what this town needed for some
time. Should the work warrant it Mr.
Forman is authorized to engage an as
sistant teacher.
A bottle of Curtis'Carmelite Cor
dial should occupy the handy corner of
every traveller's satchel. No prudent
person willthinkof undertaking a jour
ney involving-changes of climate, diet
and water, without first procuring a
bottle. It never fails ! It never disap
points ! Money refunded in every case
when a single bottle, as directed, fails
to cure any case of cholera, dysentery,
cholera morbus, diarrhoea, cramps,
pains in the bowels, or any intestinal
irritation. Sold by all dealers.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
IjtM'ill CoiTCS|)oll(lcil<'o.
Cohiirn had quite a runaway one day
last wwtk. A team ul' horses belonging In a
Mr. Gramley licriimc Iri^l>t<*■ iI at the ears
ami tow louse from the grain house, run
ning across tin' bridge ami striking a wagon
ill front of tin* hotel. In front of the store
they struck a buggy belonging to Mr. Iet
wiler, lilting it up pretty badly. The team
wan caught here liefore iloing any more
Koyer ami Shoop received a ear of
reapers ami mower* from Hpriuglbld, lii,
las.' Kriil.ty. The ear wiw followed in hy
representalive* of the Knight*of Labor who
eireiilateil through the vieinity Isiyeolting
the niaehi lies ami giving Koyer X' Slump
Home trouble to get the machines out.
Ileeeher \ Holier have Imiight a large
tract of laml along the lUs-eh frii-k It. It.
ami will NliortJy disjMtso of their Intercut*
here ami remove there.
Kev. Aiiuiaii pre.u heil for the Ueforme<rit
Sunday afteriiiKiu and Kev. Dcilzlcr for the
LutheraiiH Sunday evening. The annual
report of the Treasurer was read, allowing
an ejqieudiniru of over $441(1 during the year
which indicate* that the Lutheran* have
liocn up and working.
The pay school w ill close in another \v*ek.
The late rains have liecu making Kid
roads, csjM-clally so up along the creek and
the turnpike from t'ohurn to Millheim,
which is scarcely lit to travel oil, let alone
the privilege we huvo of paying 10 cents toll
|M-r trip. There is no attempt made to even
k<n-p it in repair. Occasionally an old man
is put on a day or two to hreak up the stone
that are piled in the middle of the ro;ul and
then left lay until they are tramped in the
mud. We venture to say that our August
court will have something to say on the
road question, if the proper repairs are not
made liefore that time, as pisiple who use
the roads are lieroitiing tired of the mauuer
in which they are kept up. V.VLK.
Aaronsburg has a candidate for sheriff.
Kev. Veariek (Reformed) is attending
Synod of that chureh at Akron, Ohio.
W. 11. Philips, wife and daughter are at
present visiting the gentleman's parents and
other relatives in Stark Co., Ohio.
J. C. Meyer, Esq., and wife, of llcllcfuute,
closed out their wedding tour among the
geiitletuati's parents and friends. They
departed for their home, I >< llelbnte, lust
Monday afternoon.
Win. It. Mussina and son, from Cowan,
l"a., w ere among the last week's visitors to
this place. William looks natural.
There are still some families in and alsutt
town who are sulfcring with the measles.
The wet weather seems to Is very encour
aging to this particular disease.
Miss l'olly Stover lias had her front yard
enclosed with a new fence. This makes a
great improvement to the lady's property.
Mr. and Mrs. I>. H. Janker wen- to
Dauphin county last week attending the
funeral of the gentleman's mother.
Dr. C. S. Musser left last week for Chica
go to attend the National Mistical Associa
tion. He w ill continue his journey to lowa
and probably to some of the Southern
P. Gross Yea rick, from Pliiladelphia, is
1 mying his annual visit to his parents, Thus.
We noticed attorney C. M. Dower and
family, of ltellefonte, pass through town
one ilav last week. They no doubt paid
the gentleman's father. Mr. Jacob llower,
living Isdow town, a visit.
Mrs. J. P. t'ohurn and her sister, Mrs.
Eva lingers, arc visiting in Philadelphia
and other Eastern cities.
Almost daily we see candidates for the
different county otiiees llitting liaek and
forth through town looking up their pnliti
eal friends. AnoTHKU.
The gypsies were in this ndgblorhiioil
plying their usual avocation of Is-gging,
liorset railing and fort tine-telling.
The late heavy rains did considerable
I damage to corn fields, meadows, Are. How
ever, the present outlook is for an abun
dance of hay.
The school house in the Gentzel district is
fast being nndermimsl hy the waters of
Penns Creek and one more tiwd would lie
likely to take it away altogether.
Mrs David Necse returned from her
western trip last Saturday. She seems to
lie delighted with the writ and Illinois in
Mr. & Mrs. Womeldorf, of Sugar Valley,
were the guests of Mr. Joel Herb last week.
There is quite a change the in jsilitieal talk
since the announcement of Jacob Eineriek
for Commissioner appeared in the papers.
Mr. & Mrs. Neat hers ami Mrs. Noll, from
Zion, were the guests of Mrs. Funk, a sister
of these ladies.
Our genial and kind-hearted overseer of
the jioor is liked by all his dependents.
George Charles was in our village last
week with two horses. They were not ex
actly of percheron or Canadian breed, but
they were gissl eaters. George always has
an eye for a trade.
One of the Jacobs' of this place has at last
succeeded in obtaining a clear title to bis
land in Florida.
Last Saturday evening this place was the
scene of quite an interest ing debate between
two of our lielles, each contending to hare
bad the most beaux. Zit/.ka.
John Nofska, a bright young man from
Altoona, has ls-en s|iendiug a week with
his aunt, and other relatives in this place.
Joli n Stover lias accepted a position as
operator in a telegraph office at Derrysburg,
Dauphin Co., Pa. Hope be may prosper in
bis new field of labor.
The creamery is running at its full capac
ity and is turning out gilt-edged butter
quite fast. Farmers are realizing the bene
fit of this enterprise niul are therefore anx
ious to sell their cream and save the trouble
and work of butter making.
Wm. Gray, the young man who had his
limb amputated some time ago, is getting
along very well. Dr. Van Valzah is the at
tending physician.
Wm. H. Jones, one of Altoona's best bus
iness men, is spending a few days with
David Hurree, of this place.
John I), ollrner, who had made quite an
extended trip through the western states,
returned home on last Saturday. Ho is
much taken with the west and expects to
move to the state of Nebraska.
Mrs. Moore,widow of the late Col. Moore,
spent a few days among her old friends in
this place. *
Active, Pushing and Reliable.
Mr. J. Eisenhuth can always ba relied upon
to carry in stock tlio purest and best goods, and
sustain tbe reputation of being active, pushing
and reliable, by recommending articles with
weli established merit and such as are popular.
Having the agency for the celebrated Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption, colds aud
coughs, will sell it on a positi 'e guarantee. It
will surely cure any and every affection ot
throat, lungs, or chest, and in order to prove
our claim, we ask you to call aud get a Trial
Bottle free.
Wet and muddy.
Wheat is blossoming and harvest is not
far "IV.
Wui'k is progressing on the new township
road leading from this point to the X roads
and will soon lw re ulv for travel.
John Kimport planted several thousand
euhhuge plants. John look out for Hollow
Several Is .id of cattle are roving around
in this iieighltorhiMid. II Is hu|i|m>hihl that
they Ktru.ved from Drushvalley. Theowner
ought to he apprised of the way they got
Joseph Grossman's home was greatly im
proved hy several coats of paint which his
house and ham reeolvtsl lately.
Several of Smith Town sdogs are attlieted
vvitli a disease wldeh makes them very slek.
George Koyer, John HatwhlM-rger and W.
Din k eaeli hoiight a cow from Jacoh
Last week Wm. Koyer and t'layt Duck
discovered a nest of white ruts with ml
eyes under a large piuu tnst iu Jon. Barter's
woods. They say ll was a novel sight.
Our regular correspondent "Nanod" tak
es a little rest this week and in his stcml one
of his friends furnishes the following items.
Thos. Walker bought a horse from
Stover. Consideration $l4O.
Clark Gramley can claim the honor of
having helped to increase Miles township's
population. He is a full-tledged pap now.
"Gut ter der Drinker."
Scott Stover is on the sick list hut is get
ting 1 letter.
KuebctiGratuleyJhc wide-awake supervis
or of Mi lies township has a large force of
men at work on the turnpike east of itebers
J. li. Kreamer and C. C. Ltstse, of this
place, are shipping a carload of cattle this
Geo. Wate returned home for good from
ten-k Haven.
Austin Gramley'h farm buildings are
completed and make uu excellent ap|iear
John Hosteriuau was unfortunate in los
ing a valuable horse. His l*y was riding
the horse while fetching the cows home
from the fields, w hen the horse tell and broke
his leg. The animal had to Is- kilhsl.
John Harter put on the matrimonial
yoke hy marrying Miss Ida Wolfe, adaugh
ter of Commissioner Wolfe. The writer of
fers his hearty congratulations.
Our school board held their settlement
last Monday and find themselves between
S2OO and S.IOO in debt.
A new school house is being erected in
Hruuigard's school district. Tin* building
w ill be a frame structure.
Harry, the sou of landlord Gorman, is
sick with quinsy.
< >ne of the Itoard of school directors of
Miles school district refuses to give C. S.
Gramley, our teacher, the winter school in
this place. We are sorry that such is the
case ami hope. that the rest of the hoard
will outvote his decision.
Philip Gramley and wife returned from a
week's visit to Nittany, Iss-k Haven and
Wayne station. They enjoyed their trip
Nearly all of \Ven. Snyner's horses are
siek with distemper.
Dr. Ilafer, the ltellefonte dentist, was
in town on a visit to his mother.
A party from York county was here on a
visit to Jeremiah Haines. They were some
of his relatives, whose names we could not
Wilson Hazel has his house np and the
plasterers have given it the first coat.
Jacoh N. Uoyer's three children have the
Andrew Gtiiser has treated his yard fence
to a coat of paint.
J. L. Roiish came home from Franklin
and Marshal College, at Lancaster, to sjtentl
a few days with his parents. His friend,
Mr. Abner Dechant, is with him. Mr.
Koush exjiects to return to college in a few
days when lie will graduate. He carries
one of the honors on a German essay, the
prize being valued at thirty dollars. So
much for the Hrushvailey Dutch.
Mrs. Mary Kline, of Marysvilie, Dauphin
Co.,is paying her father, Mr. Andrevv
Shatfer' of this place a visit.
It would lie quite a comfort to the church
going people if the sextons would give ven
tilation a little more attention.
Mr. George Hoy and wife, of Jackson
ville, spoilt Su inlay with Mrs. Rebecca Koy
er, near town.
Mr. Middles worth and wife, and Mr.
William SjMsiit and wife, of 1 leaver-town,
Snyder couuty, siciit Saturday and part of
Sunday with Mrs. Eiseinan, the mother of
Mrs. Specht. Mrs Eiseinan has lieen quite
siek for the last six weeks, hut at this writ
ing we are glad to say, is on a fair way to
recovery. #
—Druggists as a rule are extremely
jealous and careful of the honor of their
profession,and are loth to praise a med
icine whicli they do not from personal
knowledge know to be a meritorious
article. They all agree, however, that
for smallness of dose, easiness to take,
and effectiveness as a worm destroyer,
McDonald's Celebrated Worm Powders
are the best and most desirable vermi
fuge in their slock, and do not hesitate
to recommend them. Dissatisfied buy
ers can have their money refunded.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold bv J. Eisenhuth. Millheim, Pa.
—Don't get caught this spring with
your blood full of impurities, your di
gestion impaired, your appetite poor,
kidneys and liver torpid, and the whole
system liable to be prostrated by disease
—but get yourself into good condition,
and ready for the changing and warmer
weather, by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
It stands unequaled for purifying the
blood, giving an appetite, and for a
general spring medicine.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Thk 11 est Sai.vr in the world for Cuts, Bruises,
Sores, Ulcers, Sal! Kheum, Fever Sores, Tetter,
Chapped Hands, Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Plies, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect sat
isfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale bv J. Eisenhuth.
On the stli Inst., at the bride's home, ly Kev.
K. Lenhart, Mr. John W. Harter to Miss Ida A.
Wolfe, both of llebcrsburg.
Millheim Market.
Corrected every Wednesday
by Whltmer& Lincoln, Coburn, Ta.
Wheat .red 87
" white ... 82
Corn 45
Kye 50
Oats white 3O
Buckwheat - — 50
Flour, ltoller 1.50
Salt,ner barrel 1.40
Land Salt, per ton 7.87
Plaster, ground 9.00
Cement, per bushel 45
Barley 40
Tymothyseed 1.25
Flaxseed 1.00
Cloverseed 4.0U-4.50
Butter 18
Hams - 10
Sides ti
Veal - -
Pork - 4
Bfcef . 5
Eggs - 10
Potatoes 4o
Lard. 6
The importance of purifying the Wood can
not be ovcrcitinmtcd, for without puro blood
you cannot enjoy good health.
At this aoaaou nearly every one needs a
good medicine to purify, vitalize, nd enrich
tho blood, and we ask you to try Hood's
D | • _ r Barsat'arilla. It strengthens
I CCUIIDI A J„] build* up the system,
creates an appetite, and tones the digestion,
while it eradicates disease. The peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation
of the vegetable remedies used give to
Hood's Barsapaiilia iMJCuI- Itc/aff
lar curative powers. No ■ l*s>Csll
oilier tncdiclne has such a record of wonderful
cures. If you have made up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to
take any other instead. It is a Peculiar
Medicine, and is worthy your confidence.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold by all druggists.
Prepared hy C. I. Ilood Si Co., Lowell, Mass.
100 Dosos Ono Dollar
Next Tetm begins September S. 1086.
This institution Is located In one of thi most
beautiful and healthful spot* of the entire Alio- I
glieuy legion. it is open to students of both I
sexes, and offers lite following Course of Study: I
1. A Full Scientific Course or Four Years.
2. A Latlu Scientific Course.
H. The following ADVANCED COURSES, of
two years each, following the first two years of
the Scientific Course: (a) AGRICULTURE; (b)
4 A short SPEC! A LCOURSK lu Agriculture.
5. A short SPECIAL COURSE in Chemistry.
6 A reorganized Course in MECHANIC 1
ARTS, coin hlniiig <bop-work with study. New
building and Machinery.
7. A new SPECIAL(JuURSR (two years) in
Literature and science, for Young Ladle*.
K. A Carefully graded Preparatory Course.
P. Hl'ECl At. COURSES are arranged to meet
the wants of Individual students.
Mllltary di ll is required. Expenses for board
and Incidentals very low. Tuition free. Young
ladles undercharge of n competent lady Prin
For Catalogues, or other infoi mat lon address
27-29 State College. Centre Co., Pa.
"m™ house,
Cor. Maiu & North St.,
W. s. MUSSER, Prop'r.
©ootf Sample gooms,
RT Fir e and eoiufurtahh Das running to I
-and frotn all trains.
Fine Single and Double Teams always in
readiness for the use of guests.
All the Year Round
*■•■ •*
Is open anil ready for business. (>i course dur
ing the Holiilav season more effort Is made on
special lines and display, but other times and
seasons hare tbetr special runs too. Just now
envelopes for business men and flower paper
for l lie dear ladies are all the go. If lit 1 say
again thai
"All the Year Round"
I keep n full assortment of
All kind* of School Supplies, Writing Paper,
Sunday School Supplies, Bibles,
Hymn I tools. Albums, Tys,
Barnes, Vases, Blank
Boots, Purses,
Bone ij
Boots, Tablets,
Dolls, Basics,\ Fancy
Batch Safes, Stampeil Linen
BOCHIS. All hind* of Cards,and Many
other fancy articles not found in other s or#.
anything In that line to be had at my shop,
Harness made to ortlcr, and repairing neatly
and promptly done.
Air Anything not on hand will be cheerfully
especially adapted for farmers' use and all or
dinary team work. A STAPLE ARTICLE,
at prices to suit all parses.
A cull nt my place and a trial of my goods
will convince you that 1 deal fairly and squarely.
PoaltlveCnre. BAINS
$lO 0 3\J
Woman or Clulfl |T y Jlfi
suffering from
Not a liquid or sni/JF-nAY"I" EV L
A partlc'e Is applledllnto each nostril and Is
agreeable. Price 50 cents at Druggists; by
mail registered 60 cts. Circulars free.
ELY BKOS.,l)ruggists,Owego,N. Y. 21-U I
>V All 111 II US at their homes. 17 to %iof
per week tan be quietly made. No photo >
painting; no canvassing. For full particulars, I
please address, at once, CRESCENT akT CO., I
147a MUk St., Boston, Mass. Bo* 5170. 23~4t
I Ku Sail AKttite,
I W HtiStremtl.
| y Xifif
|/\ Happy Days.
4 Er^ swtslcc p.
that tho most delicate stomach will bear.
and all Germ Diseases.
FUL BLOOD PURIFIER. Superior to quiulue.
Mr. K. A. Miller, 6,10 East Unfit street. New
York, was cured l>y Ka*k(ue of exlreran malar
ial po-i ration after seven years suffeilng. Ho
had run down from 175 bounds to 7, began
Kaskiui in dune, 18M. went to work fit one
month, regained bis full weight in six months.
Quinine did hi in no good whatever.
Mr. Gideon Thompson, the oldest and one of
the nio*t respected dttzen* of Bridgeport.
Corn., says ; **l am ninety years of age, and
for the 1 st three years have suffered from ina
larta and the effects of quinine poisoning. 1 re
cently began with Kasklne which broke up tho
malaria and increased my weight 21 pounds.
Mrs. T. A. Hotomons, of 150 HalUday Kt., Jer
sey City. writes: My wu Harry, eleven years,
w:ii cured of Malaria by K ask inc. after fifteen
months' Illness, when wo had given tip ail hope.
Letters trom the above persons, giving full
details, will las sent on application.
Kaskiueeaii lie tl;on without any special med
ical advice. #I.OO per bottle. Hola by
or sent by mall on receipt of price.
K ASK INK CO.. 61 tt'armi St. New York.
AT J TUa l/
Williamspori ? Commercial I Collejc. ■
Nsllarsrtion or ffoney ItrfiiiulNl.
2.t4t Address F.M.ALLF.N.WilHamsnortTa
The largest and finest Assortmcal of
in town. Tk ant ing myfriewlsfor their libera t
intronafK I desire to express my determination
to merit a continuance of the same by a low
scale of prices and completeness of stock, awl in
this connection J wish to add that at my store
you will find fneryiWsjt In the line Of
Ladies and Gents' Gold
Silver II dtchcs, Clocks.
Jewclrij, Silverware
and Spectacles.
Sdr I buy largely for cash, and, doing my
own work, can afford to veil cheaper and give
my friend* the benefit, which I icUl always make
a point to do. Remember Vie place. Main St.,
Milthcim, Pa., awl come, see and be convinced.
i* w, sra vs§t,
Something Better
This time and therefor
Down in Front
So the people can see what's going on
Mnsser's Shoo Store
In the first place there will be a big
for summer wear at our store this week •-
About the prices we shall say nothing
for this
without the shoes to compare. And
theu even you are sometimes beat.
But we would ask if
in a pair of shoes bought at our store.
And why is it that we are already sup
plying whole families with shoes ?
There must certainly be something in
pur shoes, the merits of which you can
not fully know and appreciate without
for yourself,
igr Remember we do not put up
Our goods are all as represented.
J. I\. ]V[q ssei< <Js^
- Wain 81., Millheim, Pa.