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Published by R. A. BUMILLER.
Did you hear something
If not DROP IN and try
some of those
just received at
No. 32 Main Street.
They are deadripe, juicy
and have a thin shell.
Also received the finest
Sweet Potatoes, IV i lies,
to be had in the market.
Big Drop
in the prices of some of
my goods.
Among my new goods
Salad Oil and Soaps
deserve most mention.
My stock of Confectioneries,
Canned Goods, Tobacco, Cigars
&c. &c. &c.
is always complete and the best
—Cool after the rain.
—The ponies were quite an attraction
this week.
-First-class iob work done at the
JOURNAL office.
—A new stock of Candies just re
ceived at J. W. Lose's.
—Best Sugar Cured Ilams at D. S.
Kauffmau & Co's store,
—Jesse Kreamer is building a stable
on his premises on Water street.
—Dr. J. F. Ilarter took a flying trip
to Mifflinburg on Monday, on busi
—The much wanted rain came on
Monday evening aud was very wel
—The plasterers are putting on the
first coat in the new Dnited Brethren
—The Central Synod of the Luther
an church will meet at Centie Ilall,
September 29.
—Wm. 11. Smith is putting a new
coinice ou his farm house on the hill
south of town.
—Rev, Herald, of Roaring Creek,
Pa., is here a t present on a visit to
friends and relatives.
—F. D. Luse and family rusticated
Selinsgroye last week, and were the
guests of S. T. Frain.
—The potatoe crop this year is hard
ly up to the average. Potatoes sell at
25 to 30 cents a bushel.
—A large selection of spectacles in
Stover's jewelry department. Grades
enough to suit almost any eye.
—A fresh supply of watermelons,
bananas, peaches and sweet potatoes at
J. W. Stover's store on Main street.
AUCTION.— The grass on Fairvievv
Cemetery will be sold at auction to the
highest bidder this (Thursday) evening
at 6 o'clock.
—Those Frosted Lamp Globes with
floral designs at Kauffmau's are a
unique ornament in any room. Call
and see them.
—A new and by no means insignifi
cant department in J. W, Stoyer's fine
store is the line of Pure Drugs, of all
kinds, just received.
—Forepaugh's bill posters were in
town on Monday pasting up showbills
at all available places. The show will
be at Bellefonte, Oct. 12.
—ssoo is the premium offered for
Light Wagons at the coming Lewis
burg fair, not $5.00 as we had errone
ously stated in our last issue.
—The excursion train to Lewisburg,
on the 9th of September, will leave
Bellefonte at 6 o'clock, a. ra., aud wil
be held at Lewisburg until 10 p. m.
—Summer Goods and Straw Hats are
still offered at very small margins at
Kauffman's store in order to make
room for winter goods. Take advan
tage of the fast.
U. B. FESTIVAL.— As announced
before the U. B. Allworkers society of
Millheim will hold a festival in the
skating rink on Penn street, on next
Saturday. Sept. 4th, 1885. The liberal
patrouage of the community is respect
fully asked.
—Tinware given away with Baking-
Powder at Lose's grocery.
Dr. J. W. Stain has John M.
the mason, *at work laying a stone
pavement along his biiek residence on
Penn 3treet. Of course it will be a
good job,
—A three year old boy of Lindenian
Wingert's, residing at lVnns Creek,
died yesterday morning, of brain fever.
The funeral will take place on Friday
—Prof. W. T. Meyer, of Shamokin,
arrived on Tuesday to pay a visit to his
native town, Aaronsburg. lie and his
brother Calvin, of Beilefonte, called on
us yesterday.
—We hear that several of the little
folks of town are on the slcklist,among
them Jas. 1). Lose's little girl, Bessie,
with erysipelas, and one of Abe.King's
children with colic complaint.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Thk lUsr in the world for Cuts, Hudson,
Sores, Hirers. Salt Kluuun, l-Vver Sores, letter.
Chapped Hands. Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively eures Files, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give perfeet sat
isfaction, or inomw refunded. I'riee -"> cents
per Ihix, For sale by .1. Fisenlmlli.
—A cow belonging to Win. 11. Bit-j
ner, of Spring Mills, was struck by the
engine of the evening passenger train
going west on Thursday in Grenoble's
cut near that place and was instantly
—W. T. Auman, who for several
terms was a student sit the New Ber
lin Seminary, left this morning for the
theological seminarv at Lancaster,
where he will complete his studies for
the ministry.
—Miss Katie Pinges, residing back
of Main streeet, near the race, while
.white washing her bakeoven the other
day, was so unfortunate as to slip oil
and sustained painful but not serious
injuries by her fall.
—Sam'l. Frank, Executor, again of
fers the valuable real estate of the late
Michael Frank, in Haines township,
for sale. Posters have been put up
which announce the date of tho sale to
be Saturday, October Oth.
—Revs. Deitzler (Lull).) and Swengie
(Ev.) preached in their respective chur
ches on Sunday, the former in the fore
noon, the latter in the evening. Both
hau large and attentive audiences not
withstanding the oppressive heat.
—A new law obliges proprietors of
threshing machiues passing on public
highways to send a messenger at least
one eighth of a mile ahead to give
warning, and at night to carry a red
light. Failing to do so, the proprietor
is liable for all damages.
—Charles Lasbelle, who is imprison
ed in the Carroll Co. jail, 111., for a
murder of which we gave an account
several months ago.had a narrow escajie
from being murdered himself, as will be
seen by the item headed "Attacked by
a Maniac," on our second page.
—The Miftlinburg Times announces
that C. K Sobers,the champion marks
man of this state,will be at Lewisburg
during the reunion on the 9th inst.,
to give an exhibition of his wonderful
skill in shooting glassballs. That a
lone is worth spending the excursion
—The Sunday schools of Spring Mills
will unite with six other schools in the
surrounding country to hold a basket
picnic in the grove back of the Presby
terian church, on Saturday, Sept. 4th.
A big crowd is expected. Don't for
get the date, September 4th.
—Mr. Smith,of Kansas, was here be
ginning of the week, with a carload of
ponies, which he offered for sale. We
understand that Israel Confer, Jerome
Spigelmyer and W. J. Springer, of this
place, and Mr. Stambach, of Aarons
burg each bought one, while 11. G.
Shafer, of Spring Mills, purchased a
—We are told that there will be
be an entertainment given in the Town
Ilall this evening, by a party from Re
bersburg, the programme to consist of
literary and musical performances.
The two principal performers will be
the Misses Shafer, from Reading, who
will be assisted by home talent from
our sister valley.
—Among the recent publications of
music we find but two songs published
by Ign. Fischer, Toledo, C., that are
really worthy of special mention,Tenny- j
son's "Break, Break, Break, on Thi/
Cold Gray Stones, 0 Sea ," music by
the well-known Frederick fl. Pease,
and Longfellow's " Stay at Home My
Heart and Best, "music by W.A.Ogden,
an author whose works rank among the
most popular of the present day. Price
of each 40c.
A Captain's Fortunate Dis
Capt. Coleman, sehr. Weymouth, plying be
tween Atlantic City and N. Y., had been troub
led with a cough so that he was unable to sleep,
and was induced to try Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption. It not only gave him in
stant relief, but allayed the extreme soreness in
his breast. His children were similarly affect
ed and a single oose had the same happy effect.
Dr. King's New Discovery is now the standard
remedy in the Coleman household and on board
the schooner.
Free Trial Bottles of tins Standard Remedy
at J. Eisenhuth'S Drug Store.
CORRECTION.— A report is in circu
lation that the festival to be held in the
rink by the U. 13. Allworkers Society
on September 4th is for the building of
the parsonage. This is a false state
ment. Mr. Elias Luse and myself are
building the house and the proceeds of
the festival are solely for the benefit of
the church.
Will you please give this statement
room in the columns of your valuable
paper and oblige,
—The best 2- I-A Cigar in town —the
"Way Ahead'' at Lose's grocery.
—Just as we go to press we receive
information that Mis. Sam'l. Frank, of
j Uebersburg, took seriously sick. We
(1 ill not learn what her ailinv.l is but
sincerely hope the lady may recover.
—J. Eisenhuth informs tho public
that he has added to Lis ding stock the
EY and other pure liquors. Sold only
on preset iptious of physicians,for med
ical use. 33-fim.
IT IS ESTIMATED that there are one
hundred thousand sufferers Iron) hay
fever in the United States ; a number
about lour times greater than the regu
lar standing army. This number could
be reduced to a mere regiment if all
would lesort to Ely's Cieam Balm.
Kenews Her Youth.
Mrs. l'hoelio ('lii' Shy. Peterson, Flay Co. lo
wa, tells tbe following remarkable story, the,
Iriuli of wliteh is vouelied for by the residents
of the town: '1 am 7d years old, have been
troubled with kidney complaint and lameness
for nmiiv years: could not dress myself without
help. Now lam free from all pain and sore
ness, and am able to do all my own house
work. I owe my thanks to Electric Hitlers for
haviiur renewed my youth, and removed com
pletely nl disease and nuin."
Try a bottle, only ode at .1. Elsenbuth's Drug
—The Ladies' Aid Society of the E
vangelical congregation of MillLeim
have placed a costly and very hand
some chandelier in the audience room
of their church. It is of a neat design,
of polished brass with IS lamps in two
rows, 7 feet wide and 8 feet high. It
was puichased of Ilackenburg AiYorso,
Milton, Pa., and seems to give entire
—Mr.B.O.Deininger met with unusual
good success this season in raising a
fine and large crop of sweet corn on
his lots on Penn street. By persevering
and untiring labor he got the soil in a
first-class state of cultivation and the
result is a superior crop of corn. lie
baptized it as above heading reads and
will sell quantities of it for seeding
—A western paper alludes to some
fellow it don't like as "a blear-eyed,
slab-sided, pot-stomached, black heart
ed, hide-bound, white-livered, lantern
jawed, hump-backed, addle-beaded, sil
ly-minded, pigeon-heeled, sin-stained,
ham-strung, weazen-faced, web-footed,
foul-mouthed liar." The editor of
that paper has indeed a rich flow of
emphatic adjectives in his language
which hardly leaves a good spot on his
—At the lowest estimation there will
be 3000 veterans at tl'ie grand soldiers'
reunion at Lewisburg on the 9th. Cen
tre county will be strongly represented.
Several fire companies expect to fall iu
line In tlie large parade which will take
place most likely in the forenoon. The
town will be decorated with a splendid
profusion of national colors and there
will be no end to band and marshal
music. The excursion rates are low
and many people will visit the burg to
spend the day with the "boys in blue."
—While waiting on the down train
at the Spring Mills station last Friday
afternoon we had the pleasure of meet
iug Key. S. G. Shannon, of Sunbury,
who had been ou a short visit at Squire
Ilering's and was about returning
home. Mr. John C. Colt and Mr.
Todd, of Northumberland, both wide
awake representatives of the Psnn Mu
tual Life Insurance company were
also on hand and ready to board the
train. When compelled to wait on a
train there is nothing more pleasant
than to fall in with congenial company.
—Can't we organize an excursion and
have a grand Picnic on the Lewisburg
Fair ground during their fair Y We
ought to take down such a carload as
would astonish the natives. The rail
road company offers excursion rates,
but such an excursion as we suggest
would get us much lower rates. The
display at the fair will be worth all it
will cost, besides having a picnic and
railroad ride. It will afford an oppor
tunity to witness some fine races and
see some of the finest stock of all kinds
in the country. Who will be first to
move in this matter Y Did you see
their bills Y
—A few of our half-grown town
boys played one of their thoughtless
tricks last Thursday, which might have
resulted in much damage had it not
been discovered in good time. They
filled a hollow tiee, about two feet in
circumference, and standing on I). A.
Musser's land near the foundry dam,
with dry leaves and with a match lit
the intlamable pile. In a short time
the tree was a column of fire, burning
very briskly igniting a fence near by.
Several dozen buckets full of water
checked the lively conilagration. Boys,
if you are ever tempted to indulge in
that kind/>f fun again, remember that
you may have to pay dearly for it.
monarch, death, made his appearance
among us again last Saturday, taking
from Mr. and Mrs. Irviu Williams
their only child, Freddie. The little one
would have been two years old in Octo
ber. His death, which was caused by
that dread disease, cholera infantum,
seems to set so much harder on his pa
rents, because he was actually only
sick four days and having been a real
bright little boy was growing dearer
to his parents every day. The parents
have the sympathy of the entire com
munity in their sad bereavement.
May they find consolation in the Sa
viour's loving words "Suffer little chil
dren to come unto me, and forbid them
not, for of such is the kingdom of
Ileayen." The funeral took place on
Tuesday forenoon, Rev. Deitzler otli
\ ciating.
Prof. W. T. Meyer, tells us that
the famous Rescue band, of Shamokin,
ot which he is the. conductor, will bo in
attendance at the <. A. U. minion at
Lcwishiug on tliC 9th of September and
will some time during the day give a
grand open air concert. This will bo
another attractive feature of Lewis
burg's ga'a day.
—The tolling of the Evangelical
church bell on Monday evening an
nounced the death of I). ('. Wilt, Esq.,
which occurred at Franklin, Pa., on
Monday, Aug. .'lO. Mr. Wilt was un
til of late years one of Millheim's old
est. and best known citizens, and sewed
a term as Justice of the Peace of Penn
township about twenty years ago. lie
will be remembered by many as a very
affable gentleman and a passionate vio
linist. In 4t ye olden times" he would
on fine summer evenings sit on the
porch of bis brick residence on Main
street and treat the neighborhood to
some lively strains on his violin. Sev
eral years ago be and bis wife left this
place to take up their residence with
their son at Franklin.
—John Kerstetter, Jr , and bis crew
(•f carpenters, finished the inside work
in Musser & Smith's new and elegant
storerooms on Tuesday evening. The
large plate glass show windows were
fitted into the sash last Friday and af
ter the woodwork is painted in dark
green with gold trimmings, it will be
the finest stoie front on this side of the
mountain. As usual Mr. Kerstetter
displayed great taste and mechanical
&kill in the erection of this large and
imposing building, which needs only to
be seen to convince you that, as an
architect and builder be is second to
none. He says he is now ready to ac
cept any other job of the kind and of
course insures perfect satisfaction. It
will pay you to give John a call if you
have anything to build.
—There will be a great outpouring of
the people of Penns and Brush Valleys
on Saturday, September 11th, next, to
attend a general basket picnic at the
celebrated Penn's Caves 011 that day.
The committee who are managing the
affair have spared 110 labor to make it
the most pleasant and enjoyable occa
sion of the season. The Itebersburgand
Millheim bands have already signified
their intention to furnish the music
and the bands of the western end of
Penns Valley have been invited to bo
present, and are expected to take part
in the day's pleasures. An excursion
through the interior of the caves will
form an interesting and spicy part of
the programme. Other amusements
will be 011 the grounds and the gather
ing promises to be one of extraordinary
size and enjoyment. Come one, come
all :
THAT FACTORY.— Millheim and its
citizens have been agitating the project
of getting a hosiery factory here for
the last three weeks and we think by
the time this paper Is in the bands of
our readers the question will be settled
either one or the other way. Mr.
Crawford, the here at
present to complete negotiations and at
the time of this writing it would seem
as if the necessary funds could be rais
ed and the enterprise started. Should
the matter be decided favorably as we
earnestly hope it will tor the sake of
the town, it will give Millheim a boom
that will be a blessing to all its busi
ness people as well as to the poor and un
employed element of town. A factory
that will employ fifty hands at the low
est calculation, both sexes and from
fifteen years up, is exactly what this
town has been wanting ever since the
railroad is completed. And of all
industries this one is especially adapt
ed to this country, and will throw out
its beneficiary infiuence over a radius
of several miles around the town. We
trust the business people, the mechan
ics and the laboring men will look at
this undertaking in the right light and
comprehend the immeasurable good
that all will derive from it. Let every
man, rich or poor, show his willing
ness to contribute according to his
means and thus secure the establish
ment of this factory. Of qourse there
are quite a number of mechanics and
laborers in our town that are unable to
assist in a pecuniary way, but we
would say to them that several days of
work at the proposed factory building
will be as acceptable as so many dollars
in money. All that is necessary is
the will to do your share and success
will he the result. We say take a hold
of the project and keep the factory here
and you will neyer regret it.
Neighboring News.
Brushyalley was visited with a soak
ing rain on Monday evening.
Sam'l. B Shafer has his wash house
and shop up and under roof.
Rev. Basom and lady have returned
from their visit down the country.
I)r. W. V. Runkle, of Philadelphia,
paid his sister, Mrs. McClellan, of this
place a short visit last week.
George Kern, son of Jacob Kern, got
his, heel badly bruised last Monday by
being caught in a field roller.
Quite a lot of squirrels were shot
this week mostly to supply the sick
folks with a tempting morsel.
E. H. Dong, and wife, of Millhiem,
were in town on Monday.
The potato crop is small and the po
tatoes themselves are small in siae.
J. L. Roush started for Lancaster on
Wednesday morning, where lie will
complete his college course. He ex
pects to be through by June 18S7.
• Still, Another,
The grain house here has changed
hinds and will U* run in the linn i.ame
of Grenoble, Badges Co., the iu v
members of the litm being I). Badges
& son.
The warm, dry spell we bad was
breeding considerable sickness through
out t ho country.
What has becomo of the candidates
since the nomination V They have not
put in an appearance yet, but we sup
pose when they enter the lleld they will
open a red hot campaign.
On Saturday last the picnic of the
Coburn Sunday school came off in An
drew Darter's grove, about one mile
west of Coburn. Three schools were
invited and paiticipated, ihe George's
Valley, the Liberty and the Paradise
The Milllieim band was also present
and discoursed some of their choice so
lections. Addresses were delivered by
Keys. Fisher, Yearick and Deitzler.
After a pleasant day enjoyed by all, the
people wended their way to their differ
ent homes. The crowd was estimated
at 800.
There was quite a knock down in ttie
post ofiice on Saturday evening be
tween one of our merchants and a
clerk in another store. They had a
dispute in settling an account when the
paities became angry and the former
picked up a weight and threw it at the
clerk, whom he fortunately missed and
shattered some jars instead. The clerk
thereupon clinched and downed the
other party and mauled him until lie
yelled enough. The tight i esult din a
court-plastered nose and a colored eye
for the merchant. Such scenes are a
disgrace to the community and should
not be tolerated. VALE.
Welcome showers on Monday after
noon and evening.
A new arrival on North 2ml St., at
B. F. LUnd's—a little girl. At Ed.
M ingle's on Front street likewise.
A few of our citizens have already
made apple cider this season.
Ed. Kister struck up a shanty in the
northeastern part of town and moved
into the same last week.
Miss Katie Musser, daughter of M.
M. Musser,has decided to attend school
at OberMn, 1 Ohio, for which 'place she
will leave some time during this week.
Katie will make the study of vocal and
instrumental music a specialty.
Almost daily we see loose horses run
ning upon the streets. This should not
be. We fear some accident will happen
therefrom to tho children who are pass
ing to and fro on the pavements.
Jacob M. Stover and family returned
to Selinsgrove, their present home, last
week. They appeared to enjoy their
vist to Centre county very much.
The Ist of Sept. was welcomed with
delight by some of our boys. Almost
daily we hear tiie crack of the sport
man's gun in the woods and mountains
surrounding town.
We noticed Key. W. 11. Gotwald and
wife, of Milton, Pa., in town one day
last week. Mr. Geo. Gross and wife of
New Berlin. Pa., were tlie guests of
Mr. Thos. Yearick. Paul Pontius, or bis uncle's.Jerrv Kline's,
Mr. and Mrs L. 1). Kurtz, of Mitffin
burg, at Mr. Ettinger's, while the two
Miss Maters from Dauphin county are
visiting their uncle, Mr. I). 11. Lenker.
Our Aaronsburff people have entertain
ed quite a large number of visitors dur
ing this summer. ANOTHER.
The much-needed rain came at last.
Miss Jamison was the guest of Miss
Lizzie Keen last week.
Smith Town had quite a jolly party
last Friday evening. But some sly
rogues got away with all the ice cream.
Our community was wakened up
last and this week by the whistle of the
steain thrasher. The first of the sea
son lhat passed through here.
Two unknown young ladies make
frequent visits to this vicinity and (hive
a splendid turn-out. What is peculiar
about their visits is that they never
stop at any house, but tie anywhere a
long the road and rove about over the
fields. There must be some special at
There is quite a watery fight in our
town just now. First Dr. Musser's
dam was torn out, and the water com
pany's pipes were cut oft and dragged
away. Next the doctor's pump stock
was removed and the pipes stopped up
with rags and stones, so both parties
had no water tor a while. At this
writing the company's as well as the
doctor's water is running but the fight
has only commenced right. JUMLIO.
In the way of improyements we no
tice Samuel William's house is under
Adam Weaver is having his house
The turnpike company havo erected
a very substantial bridge over Pine
Mils Ida Miller, of Spring Mills, has
been visiting in our village for the past
two weeks.
A bush meeting is to be held soon at
some place in this neighborhood.
We expect to have a lively time here
on next Saturday, September 4th.
The Sunday schools of this place and
some five or six schools from the sur
rounding country will hold a joint
basket picnic in the grove near the
churches in this place. Several bands
will be in attendance and every effort
is being made to make the affair a
grand success. A day of general en
joyraeut may be expected.
S. J. Ilering, Esq., has been spend
ing a few days in town surveying and
dividing several tracts of land.
The creamery building will be finish
ed by the last of this week and the
manager of the company informs us
that the machinery will be put in at
once and that all will be ready to start
by the middle of Septemler, This
will certainly be an advantage to our
farmers and should be patronized by
W. R. From, our obliging miller,got
a yery ugly fall on Monday evening,
while coming down the stairs of Gren
oble's hall. He made a misstep in the
dark and was precipitated headlong
down the stairway. lie was somewhat
bruised but not seriously. ***
Rev. .T. E. Swit7. r is at present in
nut Miliei'tog .mG'SClibera for the
Lutheran ()!i civcr. The reverend
| gent I -man ia the guest of Rev. Len-
Intid ilui ing Ins stay here.
Dti i. I Well 'purchased a small hand
printing press. Dan will soon bo ready
to print small hand bills, letter heads,
cards, A*p. on short notice. Something
our valley needs very much.
Some hold robbers weie about on
Sunday night, Aug. 22. The thieves
first attempted to enter Tlios Jhum
garl's house, hut being met by the lady
of the house, fled and betook them
selves to Tlios. Walkers, who were at
tending church. There the scoundrels
took tlie precaution to ting the dinner
bell to make sure that the coast was
clear. The neighbors heard the hell,
tnit thinking Mr. Walker's children
were ringing lor sheer mischief, paid
no further attention to it. Thethievss
then cut out a pane of window glass
and thus gained entrance into the
house. They rummaged every room,
even to thf garret tint procured only
between four and five.dollars of money,
a bed sheet and a ham of smoked meat.
Tliey next tackled Wes. Snyder's house
where they helped themselves to sever
al loaves of bietd. Mr. Walker says
after this he will tie at home and ready
to give the thieyes a proper reception.
Jno. Darter sold a valuable horse to
Ad.Auman. .johnny is now in posses
sion of a tine llamiltonian horse and
lakes the lead in horse flesh around
Mrs. Jacob Burkert. of whose illness
I had made previous mention, died on
la. c t Tuesday morning, Aug. 21, of
dropsy. Iler age was 04 years, 0
months and 2 days. She was a con
sistent member of the Reformed church
and was buried last Friday forenoon.
Last Friday, while Win. Kreamer's
hireling was hauling manure his horses
ran away and while in full speed ran
ovrrseyeral gates entiiely demolishing
them. Luckily no one was hurt, hut
Dan swore vengeance on the luuaway
Geo. Wale left last Friday for Mt.
Gorman to take charge of a livery sta
t le, a position George can well fill.
Duck's steam thresher seems to take
the lead in this section. Fact is there
has never before been a machine a
round here that threshed 05 bushels of
wheat per hour. Mr. Duck and his
assistants, Bryant and Taylor, are
much thought of and their work has so
far proved entirely satisfactory. Mor
al. (-all on Mr. Duck if you have any
threshing to do.
Mr. Ira. Walker and wife, who were
here on a visit left this wet k for their
home, Freeport, 111.
Mr. Gephart has engaged Gnflin
Garret, one of our boss carpenters, to
finish his barn, the Snyder county hav
ing left the job In despair.
The other diy a certain young man
took his hired girl over to Sugar Val
ley, her home, and by all appearances
the young lady must have taken sick on
the road. At least the young man dis
played much tender care for her.
Please explain. Squibob.
"When Baby wm sick, vro pave her Castoria,
W lien she wait a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she beeaine Miss, she clung to Catoria,
W hen she had Children, she pave them Castoria,
o the 21th of Aug., at KeDorsbnrg. Elizabeth
Burkett, wife of Jacob Burkett and daughter
of Jacob and Margaret Schmull, aged G4 years,
G months and 2 days.
On iheiNtliof \ug., at Millheiin, Frederick
Kay, son of Irvin and Maggie Williams, a red 1
year, 9 months an i 29 days.
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Children complaining of
Colic, Headache, or Sick
•stomach, a teaspoonful or
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If taken occasionally by pa
tients exposed to MALARIA,
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I have been practicing medicine for twenty year*,
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