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    J. Simpson Africa.
.T. Simpson Africa, who was selected
as the candidate for the ofliee of Secre
tary of Internal Affairs, was born in
the town of Huntingdon, which is still
his home, on September Id, 1832. lie
is descended from Revolutionary stock
through the .Simpsons, of Rucks, and
Murrays, of Lancaster. He was edu
cated at the Huntingdon Academy,and
after completing his studies there he
adopted the profession of surveyor and
civil engineer, and has since then devot
ed his entire time (except when engag
ed in public duties) to his profession,
and was first employed as a civil engin
eer in the location of the Rroad Top
Railroad. In 1853 he was electedCour.-
ty Surveyor of Huntingdon county on
the Democratic ticket oyer the nominee
of the Whig party, and served until
1857. He served as one of the'.Clerks in
the Senate during the sessions of 1858
and 1559. In October,7>9, lie was elect
ed to thellouse of Representatives oyer
the Republican nominee. He was sev
eral times elected Rurgsss of his native
barough,and is identified with the lead
ing business enterprises there, lit May,
1875, he wis appointed bv Gen. Mc-
Cmdless Deputy Secretary of Internal
affairs, and upon him tell the labor of
organizing the new Department of In
ternal Affairs created by the Constitu
tion of 1573 lie gave the duties of the
oilice his undivided attention. In May,
1878, he was nominated as Gen. Me-
Caudless' successor by the Democratic
Convention, receiving 159 votes to t>7
for two other candidates. Ihs Repub
lican opponent, who was elected to the
oilice in November of that year, was
Colonel Aaron K. Dunkel, of Philadel
phia, but Mr. Africa led bis ticket by
from -1.000 to 14,000 votes. In Feb 1880,
Mr. Ilayes appointed him Supervisor of
the Census for the Seventh district of
Pennsylvania, ail oilice for the duties
of which he was peculiarly qualified. In
June, 1882, he was again p'aceu on the
Democratic ticket for the edict of Sec
retary of Internal Affairs by acclama
tion, and this time he was elected
through the Republican dissensions
which carried l'attison and tlie whole
Democratic ticket through. Mr. Afri
ca's discharge ot his official duties have
been painstaking and conscientous
from first to last, and he thoroughly
understands the duties of an oilice of
which he was practically the creator.
Maxwell Stevenson.
Maxwell Stevenson, who was nomin
ated for Congressman -nt-Large, was
born on February 1, 1817, near Lon
donderry, Ireland, of that Scotch-Irish
stock noted for its energy and ability,
lie was brought to Philadelphia in De
cember, 1851, when not quite five years
old, and been a resident there ever
since. Ilis ear'y struggles for advance
ment were untiring and severe, but no
more striking than tbousauds of oth
ers. He left school between the ages of
12 and 13, after reaching the class in
Jackson Grammer School preparatory
to the High School. During the years
of 1859 and 1860 he was engaged in
hard, unremitting work on the truck
farms of the 'Neck.' 1861 he obtained
•work as an errand boy in a shoe store.
A ytar later he bought the outfit of a
news stand. In connection with this
business he got the right to canvass for
subscribers to the Evening Telegraph,
and so satisfactorily was his work that
Mr. Charles E. Waiburton, the pro
prietor, without regard to the b>v'a
youth iinhesit.iti gly and generously
assigned to him an important newspa
per territory. Saon after this lie
bought a 'scholarship' in a business
college and devoted himself to seeming
a thorough business training. He rap
idly improved his mind and from then
until 1873 was employed as bookkeeper
by several firms. In all of these years
Stevenson's ambition was to become a
lawyer, and to that end he had already,
in 1870, registered as a student with E.
Coppee Mitchell, afterwards transferr
ing it to the late Judge I. L. Pratt,
and on October 31, 1574, after a highiy
creditable examination, was admitted
to the bar, being at that time some
what over 27 years of age. Since his
admission to the bar his life has been
well known to the public. Ilis fiist
public interest in the labor movement
was as its unanimously chosen candi
date for Congress in the First District.
It was hoped that the Democrats
would also nominate him, but the nom
ioation in the convention was lost to
him by a majority of only ten votes.
In this canvas, without an inside offi
cer, with both organization s bitterly
opposed to hira, he made a plucky fight
getting a couut of nearly 4,300 votes.
He has ev9r been an active Democrat
from conviction, but deeply in sympa
thy with every movement for the ad
vancement of labor everywhere. And
that no man should charge that his in
terests in the great struggle of lahor
for recognition was prompted by mer
cenary or selfish motives. he has abso
lutely refused compensation for any
services rendered to any properly iden
tified member of organized labor.
-First-class job work done at the
JOURNAL office.
Of Interest to Ladles.
The new treatment for ladies' diseases dis
covered by Dr. Mary A. Gregg, the distinguish
ed English Physician and nurse, which has rev
olutionized the entire mode of treating these
complaints in England is now being introduced
into the U. S., under a fair novei plan.
Sufficient of this remedy for one month trial
treatment is sent free to every lady who is suf
fering from any disease common to the sex who
sends her address and 13 2ct stamps for expense
charges, etc.
It is a positive cure lor any form of female
disease and the free trial rocLu/e is many times
sufficient to effect a permanent cure. Full di
rections accompany the package (which is put
up in a plain wrapper) also price list for future
refereuce. No trial package will he sent after
Aug. Ist, 18St>. Address, GREGG REMEDY COM
PANY, PALMYRA, N.Y. 19-3 m
i :v Ip. \ ■
meohnnn-s,cndinoor nj: diK'ovorie*. m
\ out iiinn and patents over publi. hod. ry ini' • •
l>cr illustrated with splendid onirraviiiff"-. I ;.s
pr.lil lent ion ttirnislieKauioi-t vahi.nh eeneyt mee-ia
• U ill format ion wliieh no person should he wit 1 out.
The popularity of the Si 11 N 1 It li' Asi''.tti in w
Hiteh that its circulation nearjy equals that of all
I.tlier papers of its class combined. I'riee. -t' a
venr. 'tisi-ount toClnhs. Fold by all newsdealers.
MUNK A CO., Publishers. No. 9Hßroadway, N. V.
S3 r.atent Office and have pren.v. -d
5 | ran more jhau Ono Hundred Tlicu
*. Msnnri applications tor patent- in t.;
|H M" ||' ("nited Matt s ami toreu a t untru .
mS&ZW Caveats. Trade-Marks, Copy riirhts,
and all other pap- as for
>5 secarinti to inventors tlteir rurhts tn the
m United States, Canada, lvnyland. t rance,
HGermany and other foreign countries, pi.-
pared at short notie* 1 andon reason aOl tctnis.
Information as to ol>tainini; pa. ents cm er
f3fully Kiven without charm", llaud-l!>s of
information sent t're". Patents o. taim .l
thronch Mutin A Co. are noticed in the Scientmo
American tree. The advantage of Mich not ice r
wsll undsrstood hy all pstsons whs wisn vonts-
ro. office Gcmmno
AMUIUCAN. 3CI Broadway, New York.
STATE GD1.1.1 til'.
Next Tcnn lu'uiiis s,>pt< lni er s. 1- 1!.
This institution in located in uno of i!i > tn st
beaut ilul and iti'tthliftilNjuits of Hi" <"tilti <' a 11 1 "
glicn\ logiitn It is open in siudi'iils of i nih
spxrs, and offers tin' following Coins > ot "-iud\ :
1. A Full Seiottli if (hntrso ol hour Vi ai-a
2. A Latin Sclent I lie Course.
The follow 11. ; VI)VANGKI> ('OIJUSFS, if
two \ ears eiell, fol'ow it. ; ! lie !i! ". (wove ol
the Selentilie Course: (~) AG lllcl' I. ' U!■ :(i 1
riIYSICS; (li) CIV n. FNGIM "UlNt..
I A short SFKt I M. COFICSK in A lini't ire.
5, A short si'FCI A!. col'K-1 :a X 10111: c >
t'> A ivorgauized Course tu M i t'll \NIC
A UTS, >oiui<iuiug with titudy. New
building and M.teliinei > ■
7. A now SPECIAL COl !'SE (two in
Literature and science, for Voung Laules
s. A Carefully graded I'repaiatory Cout e.
p. SPEC I AL COURSES are arran.a.'d to meet
the wants of Individual students.
Military dr.II is reunited. Expenses for board
and ineidentals very low. Tuition free. Young
ladies under charge of a competent lady Prin
For Fata'ocue*, °r other infoi mat lon address
GEOUGi: W. A'l 11KRTON. I 1.. 1> .
Pi esidellt,
27-29 State College. Centre < o„ IM.
' t> T.T
Lw # •T'- • udfe.<J4a >nw# KfiW-i -
Main Street. Milllieim, Pa.,
jt+OI'POSITE Til E It AA K. A-:-
F-y-Ilepair Work a Specially. Sat
isfaclion guarautfCfl. Yctir jicnago
solicitrJ. 5-ly.
/ ' N
/ .' a • -
/-g j \
s K; k ' J S ••" >
• y;
offm s his professional services to the public.
He is prepared to perform ail operations in the
dental profession. He is now fully prepared to
extract teeth absolutely without pain.
A.' r
Mrs. Sarah A. Zeigler's
011 Penn street, south of race bridge,
Milllieim, Fa.
Bread, Pies & Cakes
of superior quality can be bong lit at any time
and in any quantity.
for Weddings, Picnics and oilier social gather
ings promptly made to ord< r.
Call at her place and gt t your supplies at < x
ccedingly low prices. ;
Tailoring Eslablisli^nt,
Wm. A. San doe is prepared to do all
kinds of tailoring work in a first-class
manner and at reasonable prices.
CvC -:oc--:o:--:o:--:>:• -:o:- >g5i
perfect jjifs |juarantee(l
Urn-** -:oc- -:o - -:o:- -:o:- -:e:- j
Mr. Nandoe will bo down in Miilheim every
Ist & 15th of eaeli mouth to take measures and
orders. Anyone wanting work done will
please leave their ordeis at Katiffmaii's or
.Snook's Store or at the First National Hotel.
AGENTS Par the great new hook.
♦'The World"* Wonders."
The most successiul subscription book ever
published. Orer half a million copies were sold
the past eight months , and it is selling three
times as last r.ow as ever before. Uegu Jar can
vassers clear from sls to #25,5>40 and per day.
Nothing like it was ever known in the history
of book publishing. Proofs sent free on appli
cation. No experience needed to insure suc
cess. We help persons without nutans to do a
huge business; no capital needed. Write b>r
particulars. Salaries guaranteed to persons
who do not wish to canvass on commission.
We mean business, and want live agents in
every Township. It will cost you nothing to
write for terms and full descriptions of our
plans of doing business. We also give away
standard books 10 persons who send us names
of book agents, write for our list of free stan
dard books.
120 & 122 N. Tth St., l'liila., Pa.
curely wrapped, to any address in Hie United
States for three months on receipt of
Liberal discount allowed to postmasters, a
gents and clubs. Sample copies mailed free.
Address all orders to
Newspaper Advertising dnreau (10 Spruce
r ', / \ y* • >•' *| ; , (
' / WfWk ' -
1 'rV * - .- i . - ;
i\( . u.y ??
Warranto• . e " ■ |v -Vet Fiu-re-Trod
Fertilise*HrllOn o? Ie • 7 nd toy cir
catui f' -- T • ' ' • •
Pennsylvania A, 1 Pi ;' ) •• '• j
-- • V' -u....-.- ; ;
57 ■-' j v v . JKills. '
' -./ —• •iirV.. .. .-,
I ok. .v:— .. ;
Addr..c,/,. li. ] . .iIQUILAIi, lor*, 1 •
etkaiil riec """
A. B. F '.r.QBEA.\. Tor': tS • ')
c uu i I I '
( X I
;.l M- .-
itMuinu* rroii>uy •
s _ !
r*.f:Q : . ; KAil V."'j
' $
vt: \ - x \
at; a <l A
•? u; /•-
feMrfw, V. li. I AUill - ...
,-n <\ •.. —. ' n C' 7~* i
AG kk ' L
v.. !i j2d a v iui w u v,
r> -/ T
7. . .
/$0 ' ' - ' • \j<\
jr. , A '-■ -KJ
v . -C7
OJIJ &0., ilv L JCGY.
YV. manufacture Oi*n ami To; > oi Iha > iJo i7 ii bal I
:• xinj •. Brex rster, Timken ftnd r..lwurd
Bterm8 term Hp
nl|O \ riou stji - -• J
/C| v ' '} r '\
/\ .
Lr.w'-i*l U---W | U.7j LJ t.- v
Send for Catalogue c :d 1 Vices before ;
Automatic Sevang Li-ttiiiae Co.
72 West 23d St., Ucw Yor;:. K. Y.
Ci-'N v.i
V'* 1 -i tly tarn a
s7\- > ni-. -It ; j V.. Wile >x Si
refnnded. I?nt wVat it rnoro ro:ar.v'. Yi
never know a womaQ v ill [to do r < family
sewing on ashnt'l - irsi Luuoait r L..vinj tie.i our
new I'atQiit AUTOMATIC.
Even M&nufactnrars find it best snird to
their work—ito clastto r una in moi dorablfl.
Truly—Automatic Bwin .Um him - are fa ■■ ; m
soiling slnittlo maohines, ami it )-> no i o to
deny it. Truth is ml. it;, and d 03 proV-.1. bliuttlo
Ma- liiuca Lavo uscu t—itr L. '. .
Send for circular. tuli. iteil.
[lfXdC j
/ PniLAM !S7S.
Grand S*r!rr !I<Klnl, tn, JSTS.
t: w -' ■ ><kN, // 1 7'
/ . .. .—t T . . 1 - .a ' ,f
It ■ , I ' i-" 1
, ' • * 1 I, £ ■ . 1
'7 /
IV\ A* ' • ', • X/f
V . . . ■; .'
j . • • Of
Iil: . e.-'-ZJ
Ask y irCi r for It. IVm. Wwytfopixl,Mfr^
2- X rilt Ft ntr . I'iiiLADELPiIIA, FA.
BK'a'tiLsLJ Li'-:-...
. .A Al-ncJ- .5 /
ed-y. .7.- ? B".a \o ti ... - .
'/ • ' j wlio arc r.-v.
w--7 . -
Jee Tr.rcrcst T-.etcr-. ~ •'
ond BE3T 1 iiAIRB in UlO world. Ht -tu -u.v .r
to only nianuiaeturcra of rce. n;ns
tasv Chair Ca., Uz\ : i Haven, Co::n.
V Hxir-Cp, hi V\lla v \ V. . "AkV A V
k. V- . 7 \ 7 A > ' 1 *
I \ v.. > vi' A \ • j v ■ •- > •
WEBnm Clt
A Lifo Experience. Eomailxable and
quicix curca. Trial Packages. Send
Btarnp lor sealed particulars. Address
Or, WARD & CO. E,ou3!ana y t-dc.
L : 7 -7 7 : • '■ 1
Fv'A* 4 f { "Vtii S>.. -v. . j
* *-3 h . A /-tiZ-V O"' i
■ \- ,: r j V ' v -• V v f : I -. •' • ; I
ULa —II'HPJM t IT' '1 I"V A 11 _ L"j
Boys and Middle-: "-d IUII <3 \'c t: J a;'i *.cd
f r.t succcv.ful '.".irt in I utinesilife ai Colctnr.n CollcgP,
Newark, N. J. I.lfe scholarship S4O. No Vs .ti 111. .Situ
ationssrrurcd m hrntl sired. I litis-rated ratal<.(-ne mailed on
epplicatiun. Henry Colcaian, I'riii., White, l'rcs.
"nc\ ,-v-rf "x *i /&. \ i : .\ ; '• " \
, : I O'y . • • i \ •:/
! . 7 ~ J ■'
Lost one', j-J srvonsaess
V/'-nisticr.K, I-ac's of
Vlgoi' ci- i>ovclopiiic:;t",
Caused byindfisorotions, ezcessi s, tto R . tit* in a
dny; Cares usual 1/ within a month. X'> 1 ■'■■■ n
norQuookerr. Posit ito I'roef.-, full d • ri; 1 a ami
j 'i• r"f ndvioa In plain sealed envelope, fie•.
]UUE MEDIGAL CO.. P.O. Drawer 119. Buffalo,. u
Ei m [757
Lori llard's Climax
with RedTTn 'i'ug; KOHC leaf Fine Cut Chew
ing; Kav y t'lippiijg-i.un <1 Liuck.Prow and
Yellow SNUFF :ue the bestund cheapest quiiii
ty considered.
RfiiflOV/ FciiA -ZMZ
Simple, Ht:to, reliuhn. and n v rfoctr : It fa
r.Ot a Truss, Day an ' I.irht . -d iei
proaeaoe xorgotten. Send tori.-:: ■' r . Ltl :L
--moaialM from gratefol sufferer* tam-l by thisap- I
lili.-.u.ce. AddressCsntrallXedical andSuiyioal
Institute G2ol.ocnst St., St. I<OUIF, MO.
Skillful treatment eiven ell !.' ids vt sr.." [teat
and medical cases. Weakening dis naea unci pri
vate iroublaei imfilean I • *.m opeoialtr. bo
euro'..* .witoU'.hi". rot;.!'. .'t:nuntoLvwhcra.
CouAUit-tion. ir no u. .d
rt-jsv ■— ! t . -•• • -
77.:. ■ ■
i Em r t-. : ■ : ■
LJ taA: '•••'* !
uo-latro. ECHIKT.K & CO..' ■ A?:.- . Nov/York.
T~ • i • e~ rm
i "s' T* * * A* f t "! <T A
JL .i. * . . .. . V- ZJU.X,
v. p(>w xitj i'licd ici'h
*, -v —•> / 1"-( ff T—
-1 .fc v- • - . ,•• • / , I/)
/ /!*. r */.• i-rhiirii/ of
r\ "V f r S\ r ~ n r - : ~ r'r ,
•■V,; [ / ■ • •; V f '.:,
' Lr' C' U t: d:> .J 3 Li Li" 1... a
inll lirnu,;
# J > 1 1 i : / 't
. Ct EC L i. LI'S.
i\ >$ 77.' fuS, .
*1 B i I Ci ■ ■ B I •!
' Job. of &11 &incLs j
r.x:: i r::; promptly anl> cheaply,
tji : r ■ • *• • A r*!M
I . L. : ; .w t :•-/ t■i
*e\ ' •_ :-J
/' : ; \ r:
/\• K ' |
: I •- . x •"" ■ 'nU: 'w
I j • . - #1 }s b
—. J M d
V .. tratrrs
i ! ' i ■ i . ~v. -A a rcc.-i-J .
. yaonc.
H ' . \. XANTE'O
, r : d rrn. tmlei tb
a- \
{ „ j, , :, 'it! I; or." t
nr.y wir. ! Li . • •••; .1 rn
L'.. : . •; • ... ..i.... a. : . „. w r
V- rk il . : ,
\>'j 1 !!!',! C :•• 1
Ituls and cart; o .. Mill Bnppii< .
-;j ; 'A ZD.
Rciiil for Ca!r:!<"Hmo. Circular and Prices.
Li. e1.... ai.a. lad.
\u'n ''
t. —.t. i . .. 3 Li ..i -IV.'
Efe; •!;
t a /
/ 1
(v..! /•.
V -1 (V.- --
i \v. _•;/
kJ v !
\ I C : >
Lj>_. j
A, C •'
C 2 V'** - ■
Warrantod / lutoly . '
proof. \\.o: , I j .1
b!e, jjont"*-?!, r. • 1 v. I
sweat t!:o f - I": ' • C ' 7
rubbdr t DQt .. 3
wear two pairs of < ?dm . ; " 'boots,
a!.l can bo re; .1 !•/ .. .. .
Ask retail dcalera fo *tl jo * nd v *OO
for smuiiio i ... : r of . !.< .. ' . i >
•l. . \
i'j J> L. .v. •-
r . - . - - -a
I.# ' . ; . .i . Ji
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p o o i-1 cv
"u'pp o l z x "JF2
O . _ '• ;
| U .... H
?1 rs \ UO
ry ' r \ ["•> I*l
Ii At p |i|
(?" ) :: J
M U • \• /
\ \ ; : ■•;
M • ' ! :I- ?
0 |
1 a.
Wi i 3
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l-i L i
CliiMrcn'.*:, toKjf-arn, - - -r
ditlu, Iwo iiltaeliiiiciilL", - - '•
Mi .s* " •• I
1/ulii",' •' " |
Mi-:-. v r liaait, '• - -'/ ■.
•• •• -
Si- : AIKIOJ:;-.- I : . -
uia l 1' i.. ..L ■ : • ,• i .i-
Lin r - _• :
Ileal! Il S!vi;lSi;i ..
. - 11:.
all fir; ;•-( .... t:; a
Samples sent ; ost-pui |toay ad A upon
reefcipt of pi iuu in 2-cei;t .1
Solo Owner - • -~i
IfS Coutrc Street - A:aL:,
h^R it RV
r> f" . v*r *1
I 1 111 ' "
f. k'J
■ t xT --
/ I
' SWIFT j |•,{J'il
I • ' ' sufiE /
X f'l Irir
|,I ii; J. : ;!.j
t ;■ i if" T' 1
e--. ) . •. <
( •:' it •;/ f.f a, Auio
, : &5 Direct on i 2 erfect fiction
i'' :?; n •>* ci iff 7 Hclf-criiir j Ncc
cU, Pcri'.vQ FcM, ilo
Fao Pane, M. ..rnum Weight, 110
Fridion, No Noise, £To Wear, No
Fatigue. No " Tanirumc," Capa
city unlimited, Alwatus in Crar.r,
Richly Ornamented, lhcbPplated,
and drives Perfect Pq. I :sfaction
Send for Circulars.
28 Union Square, New York.
Buy Diiecl from the Manufacturer.
Wholesale! Manufacturing Prices from
—545 i 5155, —'
j S3
P. J. SANTNER, Manager,
JPa. "
I f\ s , M
'/ v f? >/-• • H
.... j u . 'y- . I 4u B . U
. . > i
1 -. led
t • !
j • .T
! c
■ ■ t i ■
f : i ?
- ..} i . . ..v,
.IA • • ;
{ i . . . .. . . _1 ...... L ... U'J I
.:. ';; . r n-'--\ n. ur.icnCq.),
... i. l'.jU.ibash Ave -Chicago.
i. ■ j
v. ' L'~*—- ; \p\
- r-P]:,
v • • - • . " ■■■ ,
i ; I.' 1
. ; )v - • \
I'j-stoy Organ.
5@5-legant Finish.
of Popularity.
Estey iHrgan iDo.> nrattieboro,vt
/ x t; IE
f* . . . .. . J
J' . 'V tCi
'? * ft
A —- -— 1 li-wAWiiQI
Men an Women of goo 1 dmractcr and intolHMnM
/ < • r.i. ' atl. A v.'.ilis' ti of
' • t.i Ijo r •: i 1 ;. r . cxrenr •if nni
I ; ■ t ..t.:: ■ > ; r i„
t ,:... BTG BWHg. In*
1 "' ■* *'• * h. 1 1 I ; l if.
1 • . "a it',- stifc r.ijl
r -' : - • . O a i —i* •>
, - •; : .■
; . - ~ A.. • •-AJ. ■ • • '
- - . . , . . .
. ... * •;: "I.'ja:;* ' :K.K>
, > ij ( cl- u uic on a
'- - . -I i fo! :,* (■■■:£*
.—rr~~ L, \' a! . •'.ii'Jd pay.
• w -*■ - r* \'!:;r7, T;.
** • • """9 . Ji hfu! 1 iioff.
i.. 1 lAj'-'Oiw iadul,-.-aco,o
—. _. _ V- or overbrnin work. Avoid
\ c% ( ■ r- ' j; ooj prctcne
\ v ,'y. -1 rtli„i)'c:l for tlicto
- • ' - • .It. I.':! !. Got our Frcs
A IfArrCALUURti FCi: • iC'lr.-a' - rr.:dXl6! i ! :c -
wu .i...:..: c-ie lAiajtrcat-
.'T* ll " . ..' j.' c!-> ..lier3. %Y>hs A
f . .£* • ;m in: |i *i::i>ythutiiAS
. r.- •*,*s >vpi. -rrrn " Lm.i u th^watid*,does
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f 7'?' *'• "? T - -' V * rSVC bCCII
■ • -i I Y.-J> r. t ,;i ,IcrcyivcLaek.r.iul
- ~ - $3.00 : u; r-ulii'iit 'ivcameßchsec
'> J - ao, - 0.0'.!' . . Ailaad rapi'Hvpniriii; >:a
a--: -'"; .iliand&aualvi^iw
I— t I'Y
; 0 ■: N. T nth St., C'S. 3:,5\Ti3,A*C.
; L■' ;i "2TU? rj> MS! Not t; Truss,
• a A . - irtorroaofonr AcDlinnco
V XI <3rX VtKI aii-XtlSIiS '. CQOLx!atijb
*•: rr i kei:t on file at llieofSec tif
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•a-, ■ ■.:! ;• a Choste.Pt Otiii rnciowi.i
. - * -ifcibiliSts I "ILAL'ELPIIIA
" x i :• *SK,VSPm; ADTERTISIVfi r&ce
• -t Lc .vest Casli Rates rRtE
1 i, SOU'S HlHliAl
f( "* J-' ;■-;ijl ' <T) <r\ beautiful wnrk of ip pages, Colored Plate, and 101
/ v : . . -;*?Ts&_ i) illustration*, with descriptions of the best Flowers at
■f iV " s* ■ (*As I Vegetables, prices of Seeds and Plants, and how to gro
j* \v *''^"** , s v them. Printed in English and German. Price only i
1 ~\ cer.ts, which may be deducted from first order.
j\, - v % It tells what yon want for the garden, and how to pet it instead of running
<\r , V ■>* ' ! , T n . t l^c moment to buy whatever seeds happen to be left over, mcetit
, with disappointment after weeks of waiting.
/'} 'Lg* BUY ONLY VICK'S seeds at headquarters.
7 /vTir VICK'S ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY MAGAZINE, 3 pages, a Colored Plai
' \ \J / V' CN '' > numlt-r, and many fine engravings. Price, |tt.s a year; Five Copies f.
\T/ t.' J"'I"' r '" ;< -n numbers to cents ; 3 trial copies as cents. We will send toany addrci
f ;• " ->y ' nc and any one of the following publications at the prices named belo'
' > —really t. 1 at the price of one—Century, $4.50: Harper's Monthly, $4.01
t r 'f'" \ (' Nil!.' !■■ , f C...(.d Cheer, 51.25; Illustrated Christian Weekly, $3.00; 0
• v(1 V/ide Awake, Good Cheer, and Vick's Magazine for $3.00.
A Plate , nca uy issju iui£ruYings # J1.25, in elegant cloth covers.
>avv7; V JAMES VICIL. Rochester, N. Y.
Complete Hovelsand Other Works, by Famous Authors, Almost Given Away'.
T f ' ill Inv a- i iitili li-1 In wet! nanihli) t form, manrof them iuind.omi I lllu.l ratcil. nti.l all arc printed
f go. .1 n ... !i>>< 1. guo.l paper. Tbev treat of aen .1 variety of auhjecu. uut we think Boon, can examine! he
lit . ,i , , , I.lit,t lu or .he would like W |k)..e.. lu clutb-LuUhit lorw these books auuhl co.l |l lM
tlx U. i... a I la . .111, : • i.. llsiif.
The Wliioir llclott I'ltpera. T! is la (he At the WnrM'a Merry. A Novel. By Florcoeo
p i 1.1 . •, 1. , | tin u,, r cried, and TTwdoii. author of •• The House on the Harsh, • et.
it i 1 i.t toiiiiy u-d. u ever. Mildred Tret union. A Novel. By"TheDueh-
Fancj Work l'r Home Adornment, an rn- ess," author of"Molly llawu. ' etc.
ti : , .1 I St I t ,eoiitatuini at.d llurk Hay a. A hotel. tjr llngh Conway, author
I il 1 lioas for making t..ney baskets, wall |of " Called Back. ' _ „ _
i-, to.l 1 t> . embroidery, etc., etc., pro The Mystery of the Holly Tree. A Novel,
lap and * gaudy iiiuatrat I. ' By the author of •• Dora Tliorue."
('r l "tft l a Entry l-loc!.** fjr t?ie Young. The Shtnloa a on the know. A Novel, Br H, L. Par
f! , >• ■ ,rl . ever puliU ... 1. 'i'ho child- jcon, au'lior of " Un-ad nnil-Cheeae-atid-hlaaea." ola.
ton will * i ! v m tiH-m. 'i'be (Iray Woinnn. A KovuL By lira, (laakell,
The 1. oi the Luke. Br Sir Walter author of •' Mary Barton," etc.
•i Th r l.ilV'l ti. I.ak ■" la nI ' .ian . In Ner<-, and of ail The Froren Deep. A Novel. By VTllklc Colllna,
Oi.- „ of . ti-.i- i.< 1.1 •I. -..-.ful than thl. author of " The Woman >u Whiu*," e.
Manuul af KtlquettO hr 1.. i <• • 1 t.mitlwn, n Ited t'ourt Furrn. A Novel. By Mr. Henry
rul I' in poll', m*-1 r'. t t I .* In, gitlns the rulca of Wood, author of •• K&at t,yuue. v * etc.
I■■ t upld'a Net. A Novel. By the Author of " bra
VUe .rd l.i '.ler Wr!l*-r ' r T.tiliri and Thnrin-."
f , i ii. ,Inlll' ItmU to the Dl<l Home. A Novel. ByMaryCecll
. I ... u r . , the maiHalil i ra of erary I Hur. author of" Hidden Prrlle,"ete.
i i - ihle' .r .< anli'tattii ' -i. I " Joltn ltovi rrbuuL'a Wife. A Novel. P.; kin
Winter Kvealnff Ueere.Uluaa, a larer collection . Muio--*. -u.hor of ••Job,, Halifa.
of Autln* Ciarad , "I:'.'.eau-. (itm. ■<, l'i rxh a. etc.. for . l.ndy < wendullnc a Urmia. A Novel. By tba
ao.ial satin-: inpf, private thoatriuaU, aod eveniusa at author of " iJorTl.ortiv. etc.
Lotu * UlMMtra rl. I Oaw i A TToreL Bj Mii M. K.
IHnlogitem Keettntlona mid Heading*, a laroe Brad lon. author of "J**™
%nl rli . ii**i cxhiiiiliou* ai*4 public auJ Keollfif. ># A Novel. Ljr .Slarj Oell Iy Bninor
Pr,4 7urior^M'.L'le'nnd Ch -mleal luxertmea. '"fiahtdel'a Mapdage. A Novel. By TTllkio Colllna,
k >t ,\i \. i.K it i i btfW ti pri iriu lu. i !r U -f aiii miii-j asthofof "* No wsinc, etc.
Ii *l(4 lu ma:ii aii'l in truiivc i -• liiutDUi villi ilinpie . llunta A Novel. BylfrieAnii S. Stephen %
t j f g n tiior of ** K*iiioQ and Famioe. etc
* The Ilomt Cook T'.o !. nti.l rnmily Phv.l- Iteuplng the Whirlwind., A Novel. By Mary
-tan. Vf.lulus l-ntfir la -f <n . v. ..11-' *-I. t.iltllay author of "Old MiddleMl R .
i ;!.i.* -• - a!*.j t' !.r how to cure- all com i Dudley lirlcon# A No*el# By aiH M. E'Mla*
p... ,-jii, i \ -iiu ri'nr. tin. don, author of *" kadv Aud ley* a Bet ret, etc.
. Manner* and In Ftir \tvny I.ind. _ K*len: o* Ttia Mvwirav > toe A
a vrrv iut ting o'td in.fructlve uf nave u. d Novel. By KttaW. Pierce, author of The Birth Mark, ete.
itic t l :.' i -.Hur life, h.vhit *. manni rtand custou*. of U.c . A Gulden Duwn. A NoveL hy the author or
t. ...i ■ of -rvlfn eountrtea; tllu trat d. i "Dora Thi>rne." vte.
t*lvteen Comuit4 Bforlt-a I r Popular Authora. .. Vulerle a Fate. A Novel. By Mr. Alexander,
t ; . I. .• > , •u: .tori *of author of "Th WooiuxO't," etc.
r -i •: i liic, of adventure, cf raiiwu . Uh-, •: all tiry lu- . slater Uoae. A Novel. By Wilkle Collina, author
torwiitiC. ' of "The Woman la White." ete.
. The Iludget of Wit, Jlttmerand Ftin, r. Inrro —. Anne. A Novel. By Jin. Henry Wood, author of
C'\ i .:i i f the I.i .i.N -. t :U :itu-idote. j-o m>, i "Kal l.ynne."
The, l.nnrel Roah. A Novel. By Mlaa Muloek,
.. f c„| k lowled*'- for the Million, u I author ef "J- hu Halifax, Getniemaa." rtc,
ru 1. upon u any uoJ Amoa Ilnrten. A Novel. By Oeovfa F!lot, author
fll i i-tra'- i. of "Adaiu Bode," "The Mill ou the Hoa," etc.
ruil.-d Tt-n-k. A Novel, by Hugh Conway, author
•f "Dark Day*,"ete. I i * ■* pm W.- will .end ntr f'.nr of the" hook* and onr oatalojroo, containing
\ ■ • I t.'„.v, f..r i a<-*-nt* lu etamp-i. Any 8
L,, 1 ",! ' ' r. u. It. -i-ti-.-.l Utter, or Mon,y Order, aud addreat at
Ti! J FKVMCUX M." • '.-ert. I'aila.Mphlu, Fo.
c:: '' ~
c : - ' :
; x -. a .?> *
•• . ...
iv11":t Lot ua*l Fifth Wheel. Ask you clonkr for the r. 1.
■ r CZjx . rcit-i, with the Ilaydock Safety Rms Dott and Filth WheeL
j.;- i 3 j ; tjr? riding over any other.
(1 • . .... VHIIK Itaslalal a a lifp c*"li | rl'.u.! In elegant gtyfcy to nayaan whn wg| agvra tn ftntna it.)
,1 - ri' sL p.J tjp m O
C " r,L ' r-T L£S? Cor. nam aud Twelfth St. f CINCIFHATI, O.
"W". Gr- -HJid-A I JldiJiLi j
2^£ezi6Lsn. 7 Ocrkrx.,
H, s, BICE & CD'S,, ffiCcaiirtliictods asdSpiadlsWagoas, single aid double sailed.
Elding qualitiesHTißnrpassed[. No jar to tho f Durable and stylish. Price® reason
aTjlf. 6'. i.tucats t agij" cr by carload to all parts of toe i mted States.
Ib-sponsihlo Agent wanted la every town. Send for Prico last and descriptive Catalogue.
for r U. -ill uvo hi.
ne:it of Wan .s alvertißcd in the leading paper of tho county or town where Agent resides,
gratis for six months.
,-< :f v :
Ekrrew frsgsat r- A-g!e orrcrty-fvs PeTrtee. Lijat, f ■ .7 : .1 I urtllr. T'ai Fesl Harrow wcr xnJe.
j t v>- award d 1 'irst Premium at the Ohio St iter eor .• forty-four v inipetitors. Euccis-ful
in .-.11 il l trial f. Wrought iron l'. a.uo aud steel teeth. Ratisfheticn guaranteed. SotidierCir
culars. t;.'SKBERI!r: MFG. CD., Ind:anap>olis. InJ.
C! — —.-,.7!2kT|38 Mado in different sizes, and can 1>
j attached to nearly all wagons, bug
gies, phaetons and carts. Easily
,-ri I removed ami folds like an umbrella.
I If you cannot get it of A"our local
Avagon maker or dealer, send to us for
A, ' illustrated circular and price list.
/sA T\ Agents V/anted everywhere.
h \\. jKw / A Mention this paper.
D. C. BEERS & CO.,
\/ \ * \ j \\s Patentees and Manufacturers,
X sg sample
f i . SI.OO
Address the IN THE WORLD,
* Sis- _j>*U-ALv vt'kages miuled to r- £\r vifiV dle * Arthee troubles, gad all Ouackm
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TREATMENT;—(h. K. 1.58, Tle.
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