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    THURSDAY, JULY 23RD, 1885.
Published by R. A. BUMILLBR.
Dog Days began last Sunday.
—The days are growing shorter and
—Mr. John Kauffman, of F. &M.
College, is here on a visit.
Mr. Smeltzer, from Illinois, is the
guest of Dr. D. H. Mingle.
—Millheim has been exceedingly dull,
since the farmers aie harvesting.
WANTED. —One or two niceShoats.
Inquire of D. S. Kauffman & Go.
—Miss Kitty Musser, of Hartleton,
is visiting relatives at this place.
—The small boy is strongly tempted
by the green apple. Better not 1
—Advertising is a branch as indis
pensable to good business as book-keep
—Go to Wm. Pealer of Spring Mills
for general merchandise. He is a reli
able dealer.
—The July meeting of the Millheim
Fire Company will bo held next Mon
day evening.
WANTED.—An experienced baker at
Mrs. Zeigler's bakery on Penn street,
Millheim, Pa. •
—Huckelberries are selling at 6 cents
per quart and the market is running o
ver with them.
—The Democratic County Conven
tion will be held at Bellefoute, August
11th, [Tuesday.]
DRUGS—a full line, strictly pure and
fresh at Kauffman'a store. All kiuds
of patent medicines.
—The Evangelical ladies have billed
a festival for next Saturday in the town
hall. Don't forget it!
—Rev. Memminger, of Milroy, will
preach in the M. E. church at this
place on Sunday evening.
—The painters are at work on P. S.
Mever's house on Penn street. It will
look splendid when done.
—The interior of A. J. Harter's new
and fine house on Penn street is ready
for its final coat of plaster.
—The Bellefonte Daily News counts
33 practicing lawyers in that place.
Quite an array of legal lights.
—Miss Mamie Hall, sister of our
townsman John Hall, is staying at her
brother's residence on North street.
—Bellefonte expects to have another
eircos on the sth of August. This
time it is Cole's great Railroad show.
—Gospel Hymns, No. 12 & 3 combin
ed,with or without music—at the Jour
nal store. tf
—The summer heat seems to have
effected our regular correspondents last
week. They are out again this week.
—Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the best ef
fective blood purifier ever deyised. It
is recommended by the best physicians.
—A BUTTER CHURN with 14 bock,"
good as new, can be bought cheap for *
.cash. Inquire at this office. tf
—Baxter's Mandrake Bitters cure in- (
disgestion, Heart Burn, Costiveness
and all malarial diseases. Twenty-five <
cents per bottle.
-We are requested to announce that i
the Augsburg Bible Class will meet in £
the Lutb. Chapel next Saturday even- I
log. J
—Miss Cora Beifsnyder of this place
will teach an eight weeks term of
school at Coburn, commencing next
Monday. {
—Reports of cases of sunstroke will ,
soon be coming in if the mercury con •
tinues to stay up between 90 and 95 in
the shade.
—Mrs. Nogle, of Philadelphia, and <
Mrs. Toner, of Eagleville, are visiting
their parents, ex sheriff Mussers, on
Penn street.
—Mrs. Sam. Beesqian, who bad been
spending several months among friends
in this town, left for her home(Nebras
ka) on Monday.
—Harrjsflurg is commencing work
for its centennial in September. Elab
orate preparations aye being oqafle. It
is to last six days.
—A bright meteor, falling from the
heavens and illuminating the mountains
north of town, was seen by several of
our citizens on Friday eyening.
—Mr. A Mrs. D. A. Musser intend
starting on a Western trip some time
next week, expecting to pay a yisit to
T. R. Stam's,at West Uaion, lowa.
—Mrs. Ida Musser, of Altoona, a sis
ter of Mrs. J. F.Harter,and Miss Bella
Musser, of Pine Grove Mills, are visit
ors at l)r. f . F. Barter's, on Main St.
—For Earache, foothache, Sore
Throat, Swelled lseck,and the results of
cold and iuflamation, use Dr. Thomas'
fglectric Qil-the great pain destroyer.
—Tflp fancjeqt, best cheapest
*{<eq Setts, Fruit Baskets, fake Dishes,
Jelly Glasses, &c., at D. S. Kauffman
& Co's mammoth store on Main street.
—Miss Mary Musser, of Aaronsburg,
and Miss Mable Musser, of this town,
are attending the concert of Miss Kate
L. Shriner's Music School at Mifflin
burg this week.
—TheGreatZingari Toothache Drops,
for toothache and neuralgia, have 110
equal. Only costs 15 cents at any drug
store. Warranted. Sold by J. Eisen
huth, Millheim, Pa.
MILLHEIM,— As complete a line of
Embroideries as is now.on exhibition at
D. S. KaufTmau & Go's store,Millheim,
—The lawn social of the Luth. Sun
day school of Aaronsburg, which was
advertised for August Ist, has been
postponed- to August Bth. For partic
ulars see bills.
NOTICE.— The new Process Holler
Flour, manufactured by J. B. Fisher,
Penn flail, is for sale at D. S. Kauff
man & Go's new store, Main street,
Millheim, Pa.
—Milton already speaks of its cen
tennial anniversary in 18(H) and has e
veu sent out some invitations to neigh
boring organizations. Nothing like
being in time.
NOTICE.— Tho festival of the Ladies'
Aid Society of the Evangelical church
will be held on Saturday afternoon aud
evening insteadot Friday and Saturday
evenings, as announced.
—The railroad company has taken
the new road from Bellefonte to Le*
mout from the contractor's hands and
regular trains are running on the B. N.
ft L. branch since yesterday.
—Ladies, here goes at GOST— our
Lawns, Swiss and all light summer
goods are marked down down to GOST,
in order to run them out with the sea
son. D. S. KAUFFMAN ft Go.
PIANO TUNING.—I expect to spend
my vacation in Centre county during
the month of August aud persons wish
ing any piano tuning can address me
at Aaronsburg, Pa. W. T. MEYER.
—M. I.Jamison wishes to give no
tice that his summer school will com
ment e next Monday morning in the
Grammar department on Penn street.
He respectfully solicits a liberal patron
—Mr. &Vfrs. E. Hoover, from Sun
bury, are visitors at Thos. Frank's
since Saturday. The baud gave them a
musical treat on Saturday evening, to
which Mr. Hoover made a suitable re
—Adolf Lalloz. carriage manufactur
er, 119 Carroll Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
writes : "I was troubled with nausea
of the stomach, sick headache and gen
eral debility. Burdock Blood Bitters
cured me."
—The Ist Evan. Lutheran congrega
tion at Selinagrove comtemplate secur
ing the services of Dr. Kiotel of N. Y.
City, at the Dedication of their new
Church which will take place sometime
in September.
—The Democratic Party rules with
list of delegates and chairman for the
Delegate elections to be held Saturday
August Bth,reached us too late for this
week's publication. Will appeal in
our next issue.
—The grain is nearly all cut and
most of it in the barns. If the weath
er stays fair it will be all in the dry by
the eud of the week. The crop iu this
section is better than was expected sev
eral weeks ago.
—The real estate of J. Adam Morr,
deceased, on Main street, is advertised
for sale by Michael Ulrich, Jr , execu
tor, in this week's issue. The s*le will
come off on Saturday, Aug. 15tn, at
one o'clock in the afternoon.
—Musser & Smith's horse, while be
ing partly unhitched the other day,
started off on a run with the truck wa
gon, upsetting the same and breaking
the shafts. The run-away was caught
before any more damage was done.
—Benjamin Smith, of the firm of J.
R. Smith & Co., MiltOD, spent several
days with hts aunt, Miss Elizabeth
Reighard, on Main street. He gave us
a very pleasant call on Monday morn
ing and returned home on Tuesday.
Session of six weeks, opens Monday
evening, July 27, for the study and
Training of Young Ladies in Vocal
and Instrumental Music. For circu
lars, address
F. C. MOYER, Director,
Freeburgh, Pa.
-Ex-sheriff Musser had an attack of
famtness yesterday at theMusser house.
Just as he entered the office door he
dropped helplessly to the floor, presum
ably oyercome by the heat. After ap
plication of restoratives he reyiyed a
—The following citizens of Millheim
have been chosen as jurors for the Au
gust court : Wm. P. Catberman,
grand juror ; Wm. M. Ilartman and
J. W. Snook, traverse jurors, Ist week ;
Adolph Miller, traverse juror, second
—ln our item of last week giving an
account of the wedding of Miss Mary
Ann Maize and Wm. Cassel we erron
eously stated that the ceremony took
place in J. H. Maize's house. It oc
curred at the residence of his brother,
Wm. Mai^e.
—Hall's yegetalfle Sicilian IJair Re
, newer never fails in restoring gray hair
to its youthful color, lustre, and vitali
ty. Dr. A. A. Mayes, State A-ssayey
i of Massachusetts, endorses it, and all
, who give it a fair trial unite in grateful
i testimony to its many virtues.
LOOK HERE.—I cure Piles. 1 have
a positive remedy for piles. By its use
many cases ,of the worst kind and of
* long standing have been cured. It cures
B as if by magic. Money refunded to dis
- satisfied patients. Addres3,
H.K.SUMMERS, Aaronsburg, Pa.
Frank, west, of Millheim, gives notice
that he has for sale a superior quality
of Wheat, which he calls "Farmers'
friend," for seeding purposes. Farm -
ers desiring some of this excellent
wheat are requested to apply to him.
NEVER FAILS.—NO instance of a
failure on record when Simmons Liver
Regulator has been properly taken. It
removes bilious secretions, cures dys
pepsia, constipation and sick headache,
strengthens the kidneys and gently as
sists Nature.
Music SCHOOL.— The next session of
i the Mifllinburg Music School will open
August 10th, 1885. Instructions will
be given in Voice Culture, Harmony,
Piaro, Organ, Violin and Guitar.
KATE L. SHUINEU, Principal,
Mitllinburg, Pa.
—S. T. Fraln, of the First National,
reclved another 123 pound turtle on last
Saturday. Ho expects to have a turtle
supper on Thursday evening, and is ar
langing for a tubraco at the Main
strcot bridge 011 Saturday evening be
tween 6 and 7. Three Gash prizes will
be put up.
—Or. P.T.Musser having withdrawn
his permission to have the Harvest
Home picnic 011 the flrstof August held
in his grove,the committee of arrange
ments would notify the public that they
haye secured J. C. Smith's woods, ad
joining Dr. Mussel's on tho north for
that purpose.
—Glad to hoar that the members of
the M. E. church of this place have
succeeded in raising over SI9OO for
the purpose of repairing and renovating
the exterior and interior of their church
edifice 011 Main street. A thoiough
overhauling will make quite a line
building of it.
NOTlCE.— Having been appointed a
geut by the Middletown Tube ft Iron
Company of Middletown, Pa., for the
sale of their Iron l'ipts, Sec , all persons
needing anything in this line will save
money by calling on me.
20 3m Spring Mills, Pa. J
Thompsontown, Pa., wiites :
4 J. A. McDonald.
DEAR Slß.— Send me two dozen box
es of your Liver Pills at once. Some of
our people say they have cured them of
chills and fevei and they do not want
to be without them.'
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eiseuhuth. Millheim ,Pa.
Hay Fever Specific.
I found it a specific for Hay Fever.
For ten years I have been a great suf
ferer from August 9th till frost. Ely's
Cream Balm is the only preventive I
have eyer found.--Frank B. Ains
worth, of F. B. Ainsworth ft Co.,
Publishers, Indianapolis, Ind. 2S-4t
LAWNSOCIAL.— There will be a Lawn
Social under the auspices of the Luth
eran Sunday school of Aaronsburg on
the lawn in front of Mr. Emanuel Et
tinger's residence, on Saturday after
noon and evening, August Bth, 1885.
The refreshments will consist of ice
cream, cakes,&c. A cordial iuvitation
is extended to all.
—Persons should particularly avoid
throwing decomposing articles, which
make an unhealthy stench, into the al
leys or streams in the borough. In this
kind of weather it is a very dangerous
transaction and we were disagreeably
surprised to hear that somebody had
violated this important rule of health
in our own town. The good sanitary
condition of the community is at stake
in such a case.
—The Millheim band expects to at
tend the harvest home picnic, in J. C.
Smith's woods, near Smithtown, next
Saturday a week. We undeistand that
ice cream, lemonade and other delica
cies will be served on the grounds. Let
us all get ready and spend a pleasant
day in the woods. The committee who
have the matter in hand have spared no
labor to make the programme for the
day as attractive as possible.
—Notice is given to the public that
Prof. Miles O. Noll, of Lewisburg, will
take charge of the Aaronsburg Acade
my after harvest. A term of TEN
weeks will begin on the 27th of July.
All grades of scholars will be admitted
on reasonable terms. Special attention
will be given to those preparing for
teaching. The patronage of all desir
ing the education of their sons and
daughters is respectfully solicited.
—H. E}. Duck, Esq,, of Penn town
ship, has purchased the lot, on Main
street, where formerly stood Alexan
der's store room, from Me3sers. Mus
ser & Smith. We are informed that
Mr. Duck contemplates erecting a
good-sized building on said lot, with a
fine storeroom on its first story. We
earnestly hope that this may be so, as
it will improve that part of Main street
wonderfully. Besides that, we gladly
welcome Squire Duck as a freeholder
and citizen of our borough.
LAY THEM AWAY —We mean the
horrible, naiiseops worm-seed com
pounds called worm syrups and vermi
fuges ; many of them as worthless as
they are obnoxious. They have out-liv
ed their usefulness, People do not
want them since McDonald's Celebrat
ed Worm Powders,so easy and pleasant
to take, oan be had from any dealer.
Everyone who ha 3 tried them say they
are the nicest and best vermifuges ever
discovered. The children take them
and never know a medicine is being ad
ministered. Any case of failure to
cause expulsion where worms exist the
money promptly refunded in every in
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
day morning early the Lutherans of
Millheim and immediate vicinity were
awakened by I lie ringing of their bll,
reminding them that a day of religious
services had dawned for them. And it
was a clear and bright Sunday morn
ing, the glorious rays of the midsum
mer sun inspiring the churchgoing peo
ple with happiness. After Sunday
school from 9to 10, a. m. the spacious
auditory of the Lutheran church soon
Idled up with the large crowd of people
who had'.ussembled from all directions
to witness the installation of lie v. M.
L. Dietzler as pastor of the Aaronsburg
charge. The choir opened services
with an appropriate anthem. Rev. W.
E. Fisher then preached a masterly
sermon from 2 Timothy, IV : 2
"Preach the word ; be instant in sea
son, out of season ; reprove, rebuke,
exhort with all long suffering and doc
trine." The gentleman posesses a rare
combination of qualities, which make
his discourse paticularly pleasing to his
hearers. lie is a man of learning, a
fine orator and an earnest and outspo
ken minister, and bis text was analy
zed in the most pointed and effective
manner. This sermou was principally
directed to the new pastor and was in
dorsed with emphasis by ltev. Divens
who followed in a trief address of ex
hortation and instruction. The instal
lation cermonies were next in order af
ter which the large congregation was
dismissed. At 3 o'clock in the after
noon a children's meeting was held,
when Revs.Fisher and Divans addressed
the I'ttle and big children, interspersed
by prayer and singiug. The work of the
day was capped in the evening by a
splendid discourse on "And ho brought
him to Jesus," from St John I : 42, by
Rev.Divens. That gentleman gave some
sharp and well-directed admonitions
practically applying the words of the text
to the professing christian of the present
day and his remiuks were eagerly re
ceived by the attentive people.
The church on this occasion was a
gain filled to its utmost capacity and
all went to their homes satisfied that
their knowledge of scripture was in
creased and their hearts and minds en
lightened with gospel truth.
SOUTH FOR.— There appears in our col
umns to-day the advertisement of the
well-ki own (and universally used in
the Southern States) Simmons Liver
Regulator. Years ago it won its way
into every household of the South by
pure, sterling merit. It there takes
the place of a doctor aud costly pre
scripts ns. The medicine is becoming
widely known in the North,and where
ever used the demand for it lias steadily
increased. It is a family medicine,con
taining no dangerous and deleterious
qualities, but purely vegetable, and so
gentle in its action that it can bo safe
ly given to any person, no matter wnat
age—the centenarian of the crowing
youngster. Working people are often
in that miserable state of health which
really renders them unlit for labor;
but they havn'ttime to take medicine
and be sick. Simmons Liver Regulator
can le taken without causing any loss
of time,and the system will be huilt up
and invigorated by it. The Regulator
promotes digestion,dissipates nasty sick
headache,aud gives a strong,full tone to
the system. In malarious climate it is
invaluable, both protecting attack from
the disease and expelling the poison af
ter it has entered the system. It has
no equal as a preparatory medicine,and
can be safely used when a doctor can
not be called in. Persous of the very
highest character and eminence have
given Simmons Liver Regulator their
cordial and hearty endorsement.
Neighboring News.
Oulp 9!) in the shade at tliis writing.
Clias. 11. Stover lives in his new
house now, on tanneiy hill.
11. 11. Yearick and family, from
Philadelphia, are here visiting the gen
tleman's parent, Tlios. Yearicks.
Donahower and his assistant, Kers
tetter, have finished the interior of the
new Reformed church in ornamental
painting and haye left our burg.
Prof. \V . Frank Musser bid us good
bye 011 last Wednesday morning and
turned his face west ward, lie spent
last Sabbath in ludianapolis, lud.,from
whence he will go to Ellsworth, Kan
sas. He expects to locate at the latter
Rev. Irey left for his field of pastor
al work at Chester Springs, Pa., last
Saturday. Mrs. Irey and her little boy
are staying with her parents, Dr. Mus
ser's,several weeks longer.
No—the reservoir will not be built
for the present. But now a few fami
lies living at the extreme northern and
northeastern end of town, ask the wa*
ter directors to pipe the water to their
very doors. This can only be done by
a wonderful expense to our citizens.
By special invitation our Dutheran
choir assisted in singing at the install
ation services in Millheim last Sabbath.
Quite a number of others from our
town (your humble servant included)
were out. It was considered by all a
very pleasant service.
Our MA ggie has returned from Le
mout with Sack und Pack. We would
suppose the Jfillinery trade during Ju
ly and August was very slack. Guess
Jlfaggie thought so too, and therefor
came home. ANOTHER.
Miss L'zzie Heck man and sis* or were
the guests of Lizzie Keen on Sunday.
John Frank and E E. Rressler trim
med up the road which leads to the
picnic groye. Rusiness.
Jfelville Adams left for his home at
Williamsport on Saturday.
Mis. S. I). A/usser and family were
in our midst last week one day.
W. F. Smith claims to have an ap
ple tree that has more apples than any
other tree in the valley.
11 . M. was hero last week to practice
swinging for tho picnic. He is better
at swinging than tubracing.
Harvesting is over in this ueck o'
woods and the wheat is nearly all haul
ed in. J. 11. Frank intends threshing
his crop with tho steamer tho latter
part of this week.
A/iss Carrie ('undo was visiting our
The rumor that we will liavo no pic
nic is false, l'rovidcnco permitting,we
will have it and make a fine time of it.
Keep on guessing, George, you may
nit the right man yet. JUMUO.
NEK HI nous.—Mr. Levi SiaW, Merch
ant and postmaster at Fostoria, Pa.,
writes ■
•Mr. J. A. McDonald, ReedsvilleJ'a.
DEAR Slß.— Some time ago I had a
severe attack of chronic diarrhoea.
Could obtain no relief. A friend gave
me a part of a bottle of your Curtis'
Carmelite Cordial, aud a few doses en
tirely cured me. The balance of tie
bottle went around among the neigh
bors. Since then I have written to
New York and Philadelphia for the
medicine hut could net procure it. 1
traced up the bottle we had and found
it was purchased of Mr. Jacob Cowan,
merchant in Altooiia,and from him ob
tained your address. Pleasu forward
me one dozen bottles by express at once,
as 1 do not wish to be without it in my
family and wish to sell it i: my store.'
Single buttle Curtis' Carmelite Cor
dial guaranteed to cure any case chole
ra. dysentery, diarrhoea; cramps,pains,
and all irritation ot the bowels incident
to change of climate, diet or water.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
Adam Richard is happy now, a new
giil baby having arrived at his house.
Samuel Ulrich lo3t a valuable horre
the other day.
W. 11. Kreamei's new dwelling will
present an elaborate appearance after
it is painted.
Miss Ella Rankle, from Woodward
is visiting John Ilowersox.
JelT Florence went up the road with
a bundle. Anything in the wind.?
David Miller has been appointed mail
carrier between here and Woodward,in
place of J. W. Musser, who had served
four years in that capacity. It seems
Miller's bid was the lowest of the two,
—ONE dose of McDonald's Great
Rlood Purifier or Sarsaparillian Altera
tive is guaranteed to contain more al
terative properties, more truly remedial
power than three doses of any other
known alterative or blood purifier.
Many otlier blood remedies are good e
uough in their way, only that you are
compelled to buy a gallon of medicine
to get a pint of remedy ; tlie manufact
urers having sacrificed strength and
usefulness to palatability and profit.
McDonald's Rlood Puriliei is put up in
seyenty-live cent bottles containing as
much as most dollar bottles of other
makes. Dissatisfied purchasers can
have their money refunded.
Phiiadelolua Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim,Pa.
Spring Mills.
11. 11. Yearick, Esq., an extensive
coal dealer of Philadelphia was regis
tered at the Spring J/ills Hotel one day
this week.
Jfiss Shaw, of Washington, D. C., a
former employee in one of the depart
ments is visiting W. F. Rearick.
W. R.From, the gentlemanly miller
in Runk's mill has gone to Oil City to
spend a week with his relatives.
Our academy will open next week
with bright prospects for a very large
Alfred 3/iller and wife are visiting
his parents in this place, lie is em
ployed in the paper mill at Tyrone,
Pa. " *
—A misstep will often make a crip
ple for life, A bottleot Henry A John
son's Arnica and Oilljniment at hand,
will not prevent the misstep, but used
immediately it will saye being a cripple.
Mr. Westner, of Philadelphia, a son
ot John Westner, west of town is at
present paying his father a visit, having
been in the city for five years.
George Miller's little dog was bitten
by a rattle snake the other day, from
the effects of which he died iu a short
John Hazel, son of SimoD is
according to last reports in Big Stone
city, Dakota.
George Reber and David Burd are
using self-binders this season.
Miss Annie Pellman, of Ilartletou,
is visiting at her uncle's, R. Grimm.
Mrs. Kate Klidder has returned from
her visit to Bellefoute.
There will be no harvest home picnic
at this place as was expected.
By the time your paper reaches its
readers the grain will be all on shocks.
The crop is much better than was ex
pected by the farmers. STILL.
—lf you are troubled with a 'hacking
cough,' Down's Elixir will giye you re
lief at once. Warranted as recommend
' ed or money refunded.
-ajfor. THE GREAT
MWJMG disease.
CVMPTfIMC I ni,,< ' r or |,r "' ,v,,e mnutfi!
O 1 Ifll I UIVI9 ■ toii|{ue cnttcd white or covered
wltn aliiown fur; |>.nn in the u*rk, vide*, or joints— often
mistaken for Khcumutlxni; wur *lOOlOOlll lon* of np
petite | sometimes nausea and water! >r.ish. or indigestion;
flatulency and acid enu'tations: bowel* alternately costive
and lax : hrndnctiet loss of memory, with a painful sen
sation of having failed to do something which ought to
have Ik en done ; di-Mllt v I 1 >w spirits ; a thick, yellow
appenram eot the skin and eyes ; a dry cough; lever ; rest
lessness,' the urine is scanty and high-colored, and, if
allowed to stand, dc|>otit a sediment.
Malaria, Iysppla,
Coimtipution, ItflloUHiieM,
Sick Headache, Jaundice,
Nauiien, Colic,
Mental Depression, Bowel Complaints,
Etc., Etc., Etc.,
It generally used in the South to arouse the Tor
pid Liver to a healthy a<slion.
It acts without disturbance to the system, diet
or occupation. It regulates the Liver, and
Causes the bile to act as the purge. The excess of
bile being removed, a torn I c effect is produced
and health is perfectly restored.
The Regulator is given with safety ami the
happiest results to the most delicate infant.
For all diseases in which a laxative, altera
tive or purgative is needed it will give the
most perfect satisfaction. The Cheapest, Purest
and Best Family Medicine in the World I
See that you get the genuine, with the rod Z
ou front of Wrapper, prepared only by
Persons who suffer from Indigestion
cn nrrest the progress of that painful
malady by the use of an after-dinner
pill, so composed that it will give tono
to the stomach, prevent heartburn, rouse
the liver to healthful action, invigorate
the kidneys, and thus, through the activity
of these organs, promote the natural
movement of the stomach and bowels.
AYKR'S PILLS are so compounded that
their action, though mild, effectually pro
duces the above results. They also, in
curing Constipation, remove the cause of
Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Kidney Dis
ease, Rheumatism, and many other serious
contain no mineral nor poisonous sub
stance, aud do not gripe unless the
bowels are irritated, and even then their
influence is healing. To continue their
effect In constipated or chronic cases, they
need only be taken in diminishing instead
of Increasing doses. For seamen, and in
habitants or travelers in sparsely settled
countries where physicians are not at
hand, they are of* inestimable value.
There is hardly a sickness they will not
alleviate, and in most cases cure, if taken
promptly. To young girls just entering
upon womanhood, and to women whoso
period of maternity is drawing to a close,
Aver's Pills, In moderate doses, merely
sufficient to ensure regular action of the
bowels, will be found of
Incalculable Value.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists,
T. Fit A IN, Proprietor of the
>gFirst National Hotel,§ -
wishes to inform the public that he keeps the
following liquors constantly 011 band and in
sures them all strictly pure, and especially a
dapted for medical purposes:
Ilannesvllle, Imported Holland,
Pouch keepsie, London,
hush, WISIES;
Hang, Blackberry,
• Louisville. Elderberry.
Kentucky. Port
iut.4\ DYS; Huckleberry,
Plain. Catawba,
Ginger, Grape.
Blackberry, Applejack,
Peach. New England Itxim.
A#- These liquors are all guaranteed to be not
leas than four years old aiiu can be strongly
reccoin in ended as wholcs ime and liealthv.
LAGEUalwuys 011 draught. 22-3 in
The MOST goods for the
LEAST money
{ AT \
No- 32 Main Street,
Millliciin, Pa.
Headquarters for' Gro
ceries, Provisions, Con
fectioneries. Tobacco and
Cigars, &c.
Remember we do a strict
cash business and sell at close margins.
Proprietor and Manufacturer of
Buggies, Carriages, Spring Wagons, Ac,
Experienced workmen employed and satisfactory work guaranteed at all
times. New and improved machinery in the shops.
Repair work promptly attended to. Prices as low as anywhere
Printing Office
18 now (supplied with
and a large assortment of
and, in short, neat and tasty
Job Printing of all kinds
Lorillard's Climax
with Red Tin Tag; Koie leaf Pine Cut Cdew
ing; Wary Cllpplaga,and Black, Brown aud
Yellow SNUFF are the best and cheapest qual
ity considered.
Is atteu ded byau in-
flamed condition o!i|Tp^lkß|
of the nostrUs,
ducts and throat af-M i* *?. ■
fecttngtbe lungs. AnBgL'CW/JI7 'UAIII
acrid mucus is te- uTm
crated, the discharge jFJffl
Is accompanied with Jws Jfmm
a burning sensation. K*.
There are severe
and inflamed' eyes
Ely's Cream Balm ISMMM Y
a real cure for Mil IPFLIIGR I
disease and can BEM CCVCP
d epended upon. * KJBS WK*
A particle is applied into each nostril and Is
apreeable to use. Price 50 cents by mall or at
Druggists. Send for circular. ELY BROTH
ERS. Druggists,Owego, N. Y.
to sell THE*- Life and Deeds of Gen. Ulysses 8.
Grant." The best, cheapest, and most popular
book published. Write for terms and secure
territory at once. Address GLOBE BIBLE
PUBLISHING CO.,7osChestuut St. ,Phila. 28*4t
QUITO BITE €U*E,gives instant re
lief, and drives them away. Address
S ALL APE ft CO., 8 East 18th St., New York.
Parker's Tonic.
It gives tone and power. For com plaints of the
Kidneys, Bowels, Stomach. Liver aud Lungs,(or
all the subtle troubles of women and lor those
bodily disorders induced by anxiety, eare and
mental straln.its effects will surprise and charm
vou. It is not an essence of ginger. Delicious to
the palate, an antidote to the iiquor habit, and
exceedingly helpful to the aged and feeble. 50c.
and 1 sizes. IIISCOX & CO., New York.
YI7" A YTPII —Ladies, and gentlemen to
W AH I fill* take light, pleasant employ
ment at their homes (distance no objection);
work sent by mall; $2 to $5 a day can be quietly
made;no canvassing. Tlease address at once
GLOBK MFG. Co., Boston, Mass , box 5344.
His OWN ACCOUNT of the greatest miUtary strug
gle of moderntimes. lOoJWO! ! orders already
taken. Will sell Immensely. For particulars,ad
dress HUBBARD BROS., Pub's., 723 Chestnut
St., Phila, Pa.
DP I fiNESS and how I cure it, by one who
UL 111 was for 28 years. A succaaslul homo
treatment. Address T. S. PAGE, No. 128 East
28th St., New York. 23-4t
Corner Maryland and Atlantic avenues, Atlantic
City. N. J. This splendid hotel is now ready to
receive guests for the season. Fine view of the
ocean, aud excellent bathing, boating, fishing,
&c. Dancing pavllliou attached. KBLSHT &
LEFI.EU, Proprietors. [Mention where you saw
this ad.]