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Published by R.~~AT. BUMILLER.
Feb. 17th.—David M. Krt'.o, Mndisonburg.—live
stock and household goods.
Feb. 21st—J. C. Rote, executor of the estate of
Hrnon Rote, late of Haines township,
dee'd—personal property. A . Ilar
ter, Auct.
Feb. 26th—T. Sclioll, Haines township,—live
stock and farming implements. A.
Ilarter, Auct.
Mar. 12th—B W. Shafer, Wolfe's Store,—live
stoek and farming implements. 1). Mor
ris, Auct.
Mar.l.lth.—Henry Benin and Jeremiah Winkel
bleeh, administrators of the estate of
Isaac Behm, late of Haines township,
dee'd,—live stock and farm Imple
Mar. 19th—Abs. Musser, Haines township,—live
stock and farming implements. A. Ilar
ter, Auct.
Mar 24th.—Mrs. Maria Stover.Haines, township
—live ssock and farm implements.
Mar. 26th—M. J. Hall, Rebcrsburg—personal
ri K , s . u. Zeigler. a gent for the estate
of s. B. Zelgl -r, ltcbersburg—real es
—More snow on Monday night.
—Correspondences are scarce litis week
—Sleighing parties are all the go at
—Fancy Valentines for sale at the
JOURNAL store.
—Lutheran Almanacs just received
at the JOURNAL store.
—Come to the JOURNAL oflice for
cheap and attractive bills.
—A. J. Ilarter is hauling lumber for
his new shop on Penn street.
—The Lutherans are having a pro
tracted prayer meeting this week.
—Nearly all the ice houses of towu
are filled with a good quality of ice.
—Wheat is going up a little in price
and the farmer is in better spirits.
—The list of the Democratic county
committee appears in this week's issue.
—A yearly tax of $30.03 has been
laid on the skating rink by the town
—Mr. C. A Sturgis, of Lewisburg,
gave us a brief call, while in town on
—Mr.M L. Wagenseller, Selinsgrove,
the genial salesman, was in town on
—lce is thirteen feet thick at Dako
ta. At that rate we prefer old Penn
—We noticed Mr. Thomas,the music
store man of Lewisburg, in town the
other day.
—The statiou building at Centre
Hali is finished and is now occupied by
the R. R. agent.
—Sorry to hear that Mrs. A M.
Weaver of Millheim is confined to the
house by illoess.
—Poster work is booming at this of
fice. But come ou. We can accommo
date many more.
—lf in need of an attractive poster
come to the JOURNAL oflice. Satisfac
torv work guaranteed.
—Miss Sarvis, daughter of Rev. Sar
vis, Centre Hall, was visiting at R. B.
Ilartman's this week.
—The United Brethren congrega
tion of this place started a protracted
meeting OD Monday evening.
—We notice that Millheim i 3 to have
another show next Saturday evening.
Will be held in the town hall.
Don't forget that the JOURNAL
store is headquarters for school sup
plies, writing papers, envelopes, &c.
—The wagon sale of Mr. Krumrine,
of Lewisburg, was well attended.
Some four or five wagons were sold.
—Mr. John Kurzenknabe, of Harris
burg, was in town on a short visit to
his brother Harry and other relations.
—We are informed that there are
about 10 or 15 applicants for the Mill
heim post office. Don't all speak at
—An interesting letter from our
friend, Mr. P. B. Siover, Pleasant Val
ley, Kansas, appears in another column.
Bead it.
—We see by the Centre Hall Report
er that Mr. Aaron Barter, of Ilartle
ton, expects to move to Centre Hall
this spring.
—A large and appreciative audience
listened to a fine sermon delivered in
the U. B. church last Sunday forenoon
by the pastor, Rev. Raver.
—The Keystone Thespian Club, of
Aarousburg have billed an entertain
ment for Saturday, Feb. 7th,at Wolfe's
school house, flaiues township.
—Mrs, Maria Stover, residing 2£ miles
east of Aaronsburg, will make sale of
her personal property on the premises,
on Tuesday, March 24th, 1885.
Mr. Abs. Musser, of flaines to wn
ship, expects to make sale of lis live
stock, farming utensils and household
goods on Thursday, March 19i.1i.
A great amount of lumber and
grain is being hauled through town to
Coburn station since the roads are in
such excellent condition for sledding.
ache and neuralgia has no equal. War
ranted, Only 15 cents at all drug stores.
Sold by J. Ei.3enhuth, Millheim, Pa.
Regular monthly meeting of the
B. & L. Association next Monday eve
ning. The association w.ill then have
completed the 10th year of its exist
—The revival meetings being held in
the church at Coburn are well attend
ed and successful. Rev. B. Ilengst,
who conducts the same, is a zealous
—Mr. B. W.Shaffer, of Miles town
ship will make sale of his livestock and
farming utensils, on his premises, near
Wolfe's store, on Thursday, March 20th
See posters.
—J. C. Rote, Executor of the estate
of Simon Rote, late of Aaronsburg, de
ceased, will sell the personal property
of decedent on Saturday, Feb. 21st, at
one o'clock, p. m.
—Mr. E. 11. Long, of Kauffman &
Co's. store, was confined to the house
for a few days with a bad cold. At
this writing he has almost recovered
his wonton health.
—The ventriloquist with the "babes
in the woods" had not a very large au
dience last Friday evening, but those
who were there expressed themselves
pleased with the show.
—On Thursday, Feb. 2dth, Mr.
Thomas Sholl, of Haines township,will
sell at public sale on bis premises,three
tuilee east of Aaronsburg, bis farm
stock and implements. See large pos
LOST.— Friday evening the 23rd,
inst, a good woolen horse blanket, be
tween Millheim and Spring Mills. The
finder will be suitably rewarded by
leaving the same at the JOURNAL of
—On Wednesday evtMiing las' the
Howard Cornet Band was in town to
furnish music at the Millheim skating
link. The boys maki a fine appliance
in their neat suits and ate good musi
Mr. David M. Ertle, of Madison
burg, will sell at public sale on Tues
day, Feb. 17th, on his premises,
some live stock and household goods.
He expects to move to Kansas shortly
after the sale.
—The business card of Mr. L. B.
Stover, of Madisonburg, appears in an
other column. Mr. Stover is one of
the best auctioneers in tins section and
persons giving him their sales will not
be disappointed.
—Monday, ground-hog day, was
sunny in the forenoo -, ,and consequent
ly that oracular animal,saw its shadow.
According to the old folk's saying, it
means six more wiotery weeks. We
pity our coal pile.
—Our neighbor, Mr. David Ulrich,
suffers with a large boil o:i one of his
kness. He is confined to the house
most of the time and must bear cjnsid
erable pain. We hope to hear of it is
improved condition.
—Mr. Phil. D. Stover,of Mifilinburg,
former editor of this paper, who is a
member of the G. A. R , was kindly
remembered by his comrades the other
day, who brought a liberal donation to
his residence at that place.
—Henry Behm and Jeremiah Wiuk
elblech, the administrators of the es
tate of Isaac Behm, late of Haines
township, deceased, will offer at pub
lic sale on Friday, March 13th, the per
sonal property of decedent. See Bills.
FOR SALE.—Six large mules will be
sold at private sale by the undersigned.
There are no better mules in the state
and will be offered at reasonable prices.
Apply to or address C. K. SOBER.
Sobers P. 0., Pa.
—The Mt. Carmel News says that
Mr. Lemuel Shipman has suspended all
work on the reservoir at that place.and
has taken his best workmen to Centre
county to work on the railroad. This
indicates an early completion of the L.
&T. railroad. Lewisburg Journal.
—Mr. Thos. R. Zeigler, agent for the
estate of 8. 13. Zeigler.will offer at pub*
lie sale at Itebersburg the real estate
consisting of a town lot with a large
brick house thereon, and also lots
south of Itebersburg as well as valuable
woodland convenient to said town.
See bills.
—That valuable annual "The Phila
delphia Times Almanac" for 1885 lias
come to our office and it fully equips
our table. There is no more complete
and convenient work of its kind pub
lished anywhere and the book, contain
ing 90 leaves, in indispensible as a
means reference and information.
—Our friend, Mr. C. A. Sturgis, of
Lewisburg, presented his little daugh
ter, Bessie, with a splendid life-size
crayon portrait of her deceased mother.
The picture is finely executed and is a
striking likeness of the late Mrs. Stur
gis. It will be Bessie's most valuable
heir-loom and an adornment to Mrs.
Walter's parlor.
— WHEN your children are threaten
ed with croup or whooping-cough, be
ware how you lull them to sleep with
cough syrups whose principle ingredi
ents aie morphia or opium. The natu
ral effort of the lungs toexpel the suffo
cating mucus is coughing. Dr. Kess
ler's Celebrated English Cough Medi
cine contains no morphia or opium in
any form, and bv its stimulating ac
tions on the kidneys, bowels, and pores
of the skin, more than any other reme
dy, assists Nature in breaking up and
expeling the worst colds from the sys
tem. Money refunded to dissatisfied
Johnston, HOLLO WAY & co-,
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
—Mr. J. E. Couldi on, of Sliamokin,
Pa , called on lis yesterday, and inform
ed us that he will move to Millheim on
or about the Ist of April. Mr. Cauldron
is an experienced and skillful merchant
tailor and expects to open shop iiv D.
W.Zeiglei 's house on Main street, next
door to Ka liftman's store. Welcome.
—The Ladies' Mite Society of the
Lutheran church at this place held
their annuil election of officers last
Monday evening with the following re
sult, : Mrs. Mary K. Ilarter, Presi
dent : Mrs. Sadie Smith, Vice Presi
dent; Mrs. B. O. Deininger,Secretary;
Mrs. Emma Frank, Treasurer. The
society began its fourth year with a
fair membership.
stay in Hellefonte, beginning of this
week,we heard it acknowledged by the
largest dealers there that A J. Halter's
leather from Millheim is considered to
be the best in the market as to quality
and finish. This is certainly a splendid
recommendation and will notfail to give
our neighbor, Mr. Ilarter a good trade.
Call on him at his shop,on Penn street.
—We call the attention of our read
ers to the new advertisement of
Mattck's furniture establishment oil
Penn street. They will maintain their
reputation for selling only the best ar
ticles in the matket and for as low a
price as possible. We would say bete
that their store is the best place in the
county to buy furniture, outside of
Bellefonte. Call on them, when in
need of anything.
Mr. S. D. M us3er,wl:ofor about five
years held the cflice of postmaster in
Millheim, resigned his position the oth
er day, and his partner, Mr. J. C. Smith
was appointed in his place. As far as
we are concerned we were not anxious
for a change by any means, but since
circumstances have made it so, we
must say that the newly appointed post
master is just the man for the place. We
tip oui hat Mr. P. M.
Mr. B. O. Deininger, the proprie
tor of the JOURNAL Book and Station
ery store, is almost continually order
ing new goods and persons in need of
Blank Books, School Supplies, Bibles,
Albums, Stationery, or anything in his
line will find a complete assortment
and a superior quality of goods at low
prices at his store in the JOURNAL
building, Penn street, Millheim. Call
and be convinced.
FESTIVAL OF SONG. —A musical con
vention will be held in the Evan
gelical church of Millheim, commenc
ing Monday, Feb. lGth and closing
with two grand concerts on Friday and
Saturday evenings following. Prof.
P. 11. Meyer, of Lindeu Hall will be
musical director, and Prof. Harry J.
Kuizenknabe, of Milllheim, organist.
Proceeds to go to the town clock fund.
For further particulars see posters.
FOR RENT.— That well known store
stand at Farmer's Mills with dwelling
house, bank barn and about 15 acres
of farm land. This is a desirable busi
ness location in an excellent fanning
neighborhood, convenient to churches,
schools and railroad. If so desired
the store stand will be rented separate
from the other property.
Apply to
Penn Hall, Pa.
—Take two or trhr e of McDonald's Im
proved Liver Pills for the first dose and
fellow with one pill every night at bed
time. So quietly and surely will they
correct a torpid or disordered liver and
regulate the bowels, that you will feel
like a new person by the time you have
used one box. Money returned to dis
satisfied buyers.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
—High Constable A. Ilarter has his
official notice posted at all public places,
to the qualified electors of the
boro ugh of Millheim, that an election
will be he'd in the Public School House
on Penn street on Tuesday, Feb. 17th,
1885 to elect the following officers : 2
persons for councilmen, 2 for school
directors. 1 person for chief buigess, 1
for assistant chief burgess,l for consta
ble, 1 for High Constable, 1 for Over
seer of the Poor, 1 for Assessor, 1 for
auditor, 1 for Judie of Election, 2 per
sons fji Inspectors of Elec tiotis.
—Last Sunday morning the family of
Mrs. Annie Wertz, residing on east Sev
enth street, this place, were discovered
in an insensible condition from the ef
fects of gas from a coal stove. The
daughter had arisen in the morning in
a dazed condition and fell down the
stairs. The noise attracted neighbors
who burst open the door and found the
rest of the family, consisting of the
mother, son and visiting lady, in an
unconscious state. The house was
thoroughly ventilated and a physician
summoned. He stated that a few min
utes more would have proved fatal in at
least one of the case 3. They are now
recovering. It seems they had filled
the stove before retiring,and had turned
the damper before the fresh coal had
thoroughly caught firf, and in this way
sent the gas into the room. This is a
lesson that all can profit by. Lewisburg
Journal Jan. 28,
At a fire of the livery and boarding
stables of Charles F. Smith yt Philadel
phia, last Friday morning, 38 valuable
horses were burned to death ; besides
lqO carriages, wagons and sleighs, 80
sets of harness and a large quantity of
hay and feed were consumed by the
flames. The loss is estimated at $50,000.
Letter from Kansas
Pleasant Valley, .Inn. 2f>th ISBS.
As I have not written
anything for your worthy paper for
the past year, 1 would ask you for a
little space in your columns. Your
paper is a weekly welcome visitor at
our home, but I hardly ever see any
thing in it from this part of Kansas, so
I thought that a few words might be
of some interest to our many friends in
Penns valley, who are readers of your
JOURNAL. We had an extraordinary
cold winter so far. Ever since the 20th
of December it was very cold and we
had a great deal of snow, more than \e
had the four past winters together,since
we are in the coun try. Mr. Editor 1
often wish for one of my bob sleds,that
I used to have in old Penns valley, J
would make good use of it. But I
don't want your re aders to think that
we have no sleds in Kansas. I venture
to say that if you would see all the dif
ferent styles and patterns of sleds you
would laugh. We have at present wri
ting about G inchts of snow and the
wind blowing cold from the North,
with good indications of more snow.
It keeps us busy to haul and cut wood
to keep warul and to attend to our
stock. This is a severe winter on Kan
sas stock. Hundreds of cattle have
died from the cold and for want of shel
ter and feed. So many stock men here
have no she ding for their stock at all.
Tne poor animals are exposed to all the
storms and very often do not get hall
the feed they ought to have, which is
all carelessness on the stockmen's side.
Ftfed is always plenty with us for cat
tle. Our crops were very good of all
kinds last year. 1 wish, Mr. editor,
that our Penns valley farmers could
have seen the wheat stacks and rye and
oats and barley and the tremendous
crop of corn. Thousands of acres of
wheat made 45 to 55 bushels to the a
cre and some claimed they thrashed bO
bushels to the acre. I had some on my
farm thx i went 45 bushels to the acre.
And then the amount that went to
waste you have no idea of at all. But
to test the truth of my statements you
can ask my worthy friend 11. E. Duck,
of Millheim, who honored us so highly
with a very pleasant and much enjoya
ble visit. As we were riding over our
beautiful Kansas land together and over
the grainfields he raav be able to give
you a faint idea of the grain that went
to waste in Kansas. I will give you an
account of the crops we raised on our
fai ms. We had 130 acres of wheat and
thrashed bushels and I am suie
there were 500 bushels w<sted on ac
count of extreme wet weather. We
had 70 acres of rye and thrashed 140
bushels and there was fully 75 wasted
on the Held. 70 Bushels oats,2oo bush
els barley aud 20C0 bushels corn shelled.
But, after haying such a pile of grain,
until expeuces are all pi id, there isn t
much profit in it. Wheat was sold
here as I>was 20 cts. per bushel. Best
wheat now brings 00 and 05 cts. per
bushel, rye 20 cts corn 20 cts oats 22
cts and barley 30 cts. Times are dull
and money scarce, I have 85 head of
cattle, 9 head of horses and 30 head of
hogs. Stock is on the downward road
in price, and bound to come down
more. Kansas land is in gieat demand.
Land buyers are very numerous and j
land is wild in price. All grades of j
! land have raised over sin value in the
last 9 months. Emigrants are coming
in from all parts of the world and are
seeking homes. But there is still plen
ty of room for more. Should any of
our Penns valley friends wish a nice
home we sav to them, come, here is the
place to get* them, and cheap yet. A
man with industry and snap and some
self denial can secure for himself a nice
home, where he can never get one in
the eastern states where land is high.
Elmer my son was thrashing since the
middle of July right along till the mid
dle of Dec. 84 and has to thrash for 0
weeks yet. lie thrashed over 30,000
bushels besides our own. He has more
then paid for his machine. Well now,
I must close my lengthy letter or else I
wearv you. This leaves us all well and
in good spirits. Kindest regards to you
and all old friends in Penns valley.
Yours fraternally,
ALL.— A gentleman writes to us from
Philipsburg, Centre Co., Pa., that his
little girl was horribly afflicted with
scrofula. Iler body was full of sores,
ears discharging continually thick yel
low purtrid matter, and her eyes so
swollen and inflamed as to be almost
blind. One Bottle McDonald's Blood
Purifier lias to all appearances entirely
cured her. Our neighbors as well as
ourselves consider the cure remarkable.
A bonafide case. The addiess of the
family can be obtained from the editor
of this paper.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
—Many of my customers are ac
ouaiuted with the fact that for some
time past I have been the only member
of the firm of Benson,Maule & Co. The
world-wide reputation of thi-. firm's
name as sending out none but the best
of seeds, has been so great that I have
heretofore hesitated to change it, but
now that the name of Maule is almost
pquaily as well-known, I decided Janu
ary 15th, 1885, to change the name of
our firm from that of Benson, Jfaule &
Co., to simply Win Henry Maule. Very
truly, WM. HENRY M AULE, proprie
—Tn horrible nauseous worm-seed
vermifuges and worm syrups have had
their day. It's downright cruelty to
compel a child to take when Mc-
Donald's Celebrated Worm Powders
are so easv and pleasant to take that
children take them and never know a
medicine is being administered. Can
be procured at any drug store for the
small sum of 25 cents.
Philadelphia Agents,
gold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim,Pa.
Perm Hall Shavings.
Mr. Bidwell is with us again, doing
work for J. C. Condo.
Mr. Calvin Weaver, one of Aarons
burg's boys,was in our midst last week.
Always glad to see you, Cal.
Our little town can boast of a dentist
now. And Frank is not so slow at it,
Reuben Kline is as busy as a bearer,
serving subpoenas, warrants, fcc.
Boys,go at once and buy a new blank
et ! The one you lost will never turn
up. Take my word for that.
The festival at Spring Mills netted
$75, which will pay the dubt on the
church. Glad to hear it.
One of John Condo's Guinea Pigs
went where "The Woodbine twiuetli,
and the Whang Doodle mourneth."
James Condo has all his sleighs sold
and is now as happyas a hug in a rug.
James, advertise in the JOURNAL for
the spring trade and you will be sure to
Birthday, surprise, and other parties
are still going on, and our young folks
don't seem to tire of it.
We think the "Mountain Boy'' might
as well show his colors in regard to the
school affairs. It is very singular, that
the directors do not make a better
choice of teachers. It is really no won
der that some of the citizens growl a
bout the teachers in some of the dis
tricts. Turn the rascals out.
On tho 20th. ult , by Rev. Z. A. Yearick. at
Aaronbunr. Mr. Ileston s. Arncy, of Woodward
ami Miss Lizzie Buyer, of Freeburg, Snyder Co.
_ _ _ _ _ M Chronic Cntarrli
LATAR H H The bridge or dl
visum of my
aMTrPCAkI rM result of 35 years'
•^"rrv\^ , ' ltt; >rtii. 1 obtained
■ fc^^£ U ßES C iNl a U),ne of ,:| >' S
1125f Htihl • 'ream Balm : have
■ sfl LAD! used four bottle.*,
Jiiv/rr\/rri C\u5 M which has alxiutcur
p5" C ,v liiui previously tried
<Y fSM all other remedies on
-BT / s feMihe market without
IP permanent relief.—
A. North
lliizh street, Colum
bs< L>iiio.
JJA 1 lam cured of ca-
BfiflK- \r ' 'J turrit and deafness
UAVOETFVFP bv lily's Cream Halm
" ■ My aunt was deaf.
It restored her hearing.—K. I>. Morse, insur
ance, Elizabeth, N. J.
Give it a trial.
I*llee 50 cents at druggists; 60 ets. by mall* reg
i-lered. Sample bottlelby mall 10cents.
ELY BROTHERS, Diugglsts, Owego, N. Y
s.jt * A MON TH and BOARD for 3 live
> i, Ivoung Men or Ladeis. In each county.
1 ' 'Address I'. W. ZEIULEU & CO., Phila
delphia, I'a.
A| A LcadincLondonPhy-
SlVIVin itirian KamblUht-n aa
fglllllml Olttce iu New York.
ML ■ Am. Journal of M*L
"Dr. Ab. M*rol*. who
* rr
i* MM I IAS without doubt treated
idfc ■■ gQI Pg and ciirad mora CAMS, than
any other livm* phyaiclan. Htseucoeae baa simply
been astonishing: we hare heard of caaea of over 90
rears at and ing cured by him. H fftmranteea a cure.
1 jirpe I Kittle and Treatise acut free. Give P.O. and
Kjpre-.saddrviwto . _ .
Dr. AB. MESEUOLE, No. 96 John St., New York.
IVV.VSC, WATER-PRO OF, Hon wot ru.t
or rattle. I> alo A SUBSTITUTE for PLANTER
at Half the Coat. the building. CAUPKTS
anJ Kl'bS <>f •am.', double the wear of oil clothl. Catatofua
t'loa frt*. W. H. FAY & CO.CAMDEN.N.J.
1 have a poaltt ve remedy for tho above dleae, by tt
u.o thou*anda of cae of the worat kind and of ion*
a* miiintr have l>ffn curod. IND©**L. poitronffl' ®y fßlth
l^hSalßdSylthlti will .end TWO ItOTTI.ES KRKB,
"crther Wltfi a VAIX AUI.ETREATISE onthl.dlaea*
And will want the Heal at the leat mooY. Then
mi new Seed Catalogue will urprie you. ho mutter
w litre vou have been dealine it 'rill *u* money. It la
mailed'Kree to all, and you on a lit to have It
iiafore buying anywhare.
IJ9 & 131 Front St., Philadelphia.
Baugh's Raw Bone Manures and
High Grade Agricultural Chem
icals and other products, on exhibi
tion at the Pennsylvania State Pair,
September Bth to 20th, 1884,
were awarded five first premiums.
They were also awarded three
first premiums as follows :
Lehigh County Fair at Allentown, Fa.,
September 30th to October 3rd; Berks
County Fair at Kut/town, Fa., October 7TH
to 10th; Northampton County Fair at Naz
areth, Fa., October 7th to 10th.
The above arc the only exhibits
made by Baugh & Sons during 'B4.
Baugh's Raw Bone Manuroa have se
cured a great many premiums including Cen
tennial, "Paris and other medals.
Farmers have discovered that
Raw Animal Bone is a most valu
able enrichcr of the soil and pro
ducer of crops. Baugh's $25
Phosphate contains the life and
essence of Animal Bones. This
article is manufactured only by
ILa ugh & Sons, Office No. 20 South
Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia.
Whitmer & Lincoln,
Having leased the GRAIN HOUSE of
Smith & Co., at Coburn, Pa., for a
number ot years, we are prepared to
pay cash
Wheat, Rye, Barley, corn,
Coal, Salt & Fertilizers
For Sale.
Coburn, Pa., Aug. 1., 1834.
i 'Jki
A Strictly Cash Store
Where good are bought and sold
:j - ' T 7 •'' if
** ■
f? •/•£.<
Believing that the people of Centre county arc fully awaKe-te thctt* •
best interests and that they have the intelligence to comprehend and the
courage to recognize the means best calculated to bring about the most 4 *•'
desirable results, we would most confidently and earnestly submit the
following for your careful consideration: ••• > v
That king credit has slain its victims by the thousands upon its
tended battle fields is a fact beyond successful contradiction, and
would only ask you to call to your recollections your own
in pr cof of this fact, and, the pitiful appeals of those still under ths; :\<
crushing heel of the tyrant fall upon our ears with unmistablc certainty and
we would say, come, let us rush to their rescue by wielding the sword of
justice and striking the monster down with a decisive blow and keeping him
there by eternal vigilance. This can be done only by a system which pays
as well as demands CASH on delivery.
This system we will adopt and put into operation on the twenty-sixth
day of December 1884, after which we will buy and sell positively for cash *. r
and produce only and will nnnfc such figures on goods as will fully convince
every intelligent person that it is to their interest to buy their goods where
KING CREDIT finds no quarter, but where the
is radically and permanently established and strictly adhered to. Kindly in
viting and soliciting the co-operation of every one in giving this system a ,
thorough trial, we are -w-
Very Respectfully Yours,
* I /
Dinges, Trumpfheller & Co.,
P. S: Country produce taken in exchange for
goods and cash paid when desired.
Square, Grand Boudoir Gem & Orchestral
Upright, Grand
• * ;
The best now made and endorsed by all eminent
The most beautiful and sweetest toned in the world
Smaller Musical Instruments.
Organettes, Musical Boxes, Musical Toys <fcc.
Sheet Music (including the popular 5 and 10 cent music) Music Book,
Strings, &c.
Harry J. Kurzenknabe, Millheim, Pa.
Agent for Union and Centre Counties.
All kinds of Marble Work,
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets, Tombs, &c.
Granite Monuments and Headstones
furnished at lowest prices.
r_ word Organ is mentioned, they
festeV UfQHl\ vlO • each suggest the other, so widely
[pMgtt | q,Bo PD V"f"' known and so populv are the in
l_l.. LA i u. 3 u I struments and the makers.
II Hi ll iv# Five letters in each of the two
A \ • words are remindora of enjoyment
Wm\ Mgm in multitudes of homes. lilustra
•l ted Catalogue mailed free to all
—r" applicants