Millheim Journal. (Millheim, Pa.) 1876-1984, August 14, 1884, Image 3

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Published by R. A. BUMILLER.
—The following list of prices will
fully show that D. S. Kauffmau & Co ,
the live merchants, offer the best bar
gains in town or surrounding country
and that it will pay you to patron
ize their popular BARGAIN STORE.
Men's Good Suits. $4.00
44 6.00
44 44 " 10.00
44 " *• 12.00
*• • " 15.00
" Good fine Shoes 1.00
44 medium 44 44 1.25
" 44 44 44 1.75
i* a i %k 2 H5
" best " M 8.00
Bovsßest. 44 44 1.25
44 Good 44 44 .. 1.00
44 Best Box 44 2.25
44 Common 44 1.00
Men's Best Hand Made Boots 2.50
44 Kip 41 3.50
Boys' 44 Boots ... 2.50
Youth's 4 * 44 1.25
Ladies Fine Shoes 1.25
44 1.50
" 4 * M0r0cca. ................ 1.75
44 44 44 2.00
• it 2.25
44 best 44 4...... 1.00
44 Slippers 1.00
Children's shoes from 25 to 1.75
Misses 44 " 75 44 1.75
Calico Prints marked down to 4 and scent per yd.
Ladies' Hose - 10 to 25c.
Ties .. 5 " 50 44
44 Shirts 50 "1 00
Delaines * - 5 44 15c
Cashmeres 18 44 1.00
Muslins, Appleton A, best
44 Good - 5
44 44 6
44 Fruit of the Loom 9H
Best Arbuckle's Coffee
44 Green 44 15
Medium 44 44 12
Granulated Sugar - 8U
Best Soft White Sugar- - 7H
44 Brown 44 - o
Medium 44 5
Honey Syrups 10 cts p. qt.
N. O. Baking - 15 44 44 "
Good Rice - 7 44 p. lb.
Best Green Tea 55 44 44 44
Good 44 44 —4O 44 44 44
44 Black Tea -.30 4 4 44 44
Coal Oil 10 44 a gal.
Queen swaie, In pieces from 1 to 25 ets.
44 44 sets 44 25 44 50 44
Chinaware, 44 44 - 44 1.00 44 3.00
All kinds of Drugs carried in our
drug department. Prescriptions filled
by experienced salesmen. Also a full
line of Patent Medicines always on
All summer goods such as Light
Shawls, Lap Robes, Fine Lawns and
many other articles too numerous to
mention sold AT COST.
A full line of Rubber Goods just re
ceived, which will positivily be sold at
the very lowest market figures.
We carry a full line ot Canned Fruit
which we are selliug off at ROCK
During this pleasant season we have
always a full supply of Fresh Green
Groceries, such as cabbage, Tomatoes,
Melons, Roasting Ears, Peaches. Ap
ples, etc.
We can also accommodate customers
with good Country Lard, Sugar Cured
Hams and splendid Shoulders.
Pure Apple Juice Vinegar just re
ceived from New York. The best
Remember—Country Produce buys
goods just as cheap as cash and we al
ways pay the highest home market
prices for produce.
The question arises, "Why we are
selling goods so low ?" We answer-
First, because we bought the stock at a
figure which enables us to sell low an d
still have a reasonable profit. Second
ly, we want to make room for an im- '
mense fall stoch. Thirdly, because we
buy all our goods for cash, and conse
quently get our goods cheaper thanjpar
ties who buy on credit. We give our
customers the benefit of the discounts
made by cash purchases and all this to
gether enables us to consistently keep
up the reputation of the BARGAIN
N. B. Our goods are always fresh,as
onr drayage man takes them directly
from the cars and at once delivers them
at our store.
Very respectfully,
—Blackberries are sold at 5 cents per
qt. in this neighborhood.
—Bellefonte resembled a bee hiye on
Tuesday—convention day.
—For first class ice cream go to Eis
enhuth's saloon on Main Street.
—Since the convention we miss those
pleasant gentlemen—the candidates.
—Miss Mamie Hall, of Mill Hall, is
a visitor of her brother John at this
—lf nothing happens the yield of the
corn and potato crop will be an abun
v dant one.
—Mrs. Alice Hoover, of Sunbury,
was here on a visit to Mr. & Mrs.
Thos. Frank.
—Two bagpipers treated the Main
street residents to some sweet(?)strains
of music last week.
—We are glad to see that Mrs. Kate
Lamey, who had been quite ill for the
last few weeks is out again.
—The band expect their new helmets
end of this week and then they are
ieady for their Bellefonte trip.
FOR SALE.—A good dwelling house
1R ilfillheim, centrally located. For
particulars inquire at this office.' tf
FOR SALE. —About one thousand
feet of Dry Linn Boards. Inquire at
this office. W.
—A crowded house listened to the a
ble harvest home sermon of Rev. Tom
linson in the Luth. church at this place
on Sunday evening.
—Rev. John Tomlinsou's sale of per
sonal property will take place at the
Luth; parsonage at Aaronsburg, on
Saturday, August 30tb.
—Our friend Geo. Buck, has return
ed from his matrimonial trip, but alas !
he forgot to bring the bride—to the
disappointment of an expectant public.
—ln order to close out my stock of
wall papers I will sell them at half
price. Call at our furniture store,Penn
street., Millheim, Pa. E. W. MAUCK.
—The workmea are making splendid
headway on the rail road from Le
mont to Bellefonte and it looks as if
trains could ran before many months.
—Bellefonte has a very fine Drink
ing fountain on the square in front of
the court house yard erected by the
Women's Christain Temperance Un
—On account of the pressure of work
on their new church the members of
the Ev. congregation have determined
not to hold a campinoethig this sum
n er.
—Mrs. Rose Stam has returned to her
western home. Her many friends here
miss the pleasant lady, but 110 doubt
she was gladly welcomed by her hus
—Mr. J. R. Van Ormer, of Philadel
phia, and wife, who are on a visit to
his parents at Bellefonte. spent a
day with friends and relatives iu this
—Mr. Charles Smith and the oilier
heiis of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, dec'd,
will make sale of the personal property
of the decedent, near Woodward on
Saturday, August 23rd.
—The campaign has fairly begun and
very soon the bauds 'll begin to play,
ban fires and torch light processiou,
will be in full bUst and the boys 'll
whoop her up in general.
—A notice appears in another col
umn which auuounces that jurors
drawn for the second week of the Au
gust court, need not atteud as there
will be no court that week.
—Many of the unsuccessful candi
didales for county offices have reason
to believe that there is a large majority
of voters in the county, who went
square back on what they had promis
—The Ladies Aid Society of the Ev.
church, will hold a festiyal in the town
hall at Millheim on Saturday, August
the 23d, for the benefit of the new
church now in course of erection. A
liberal patronage solicited.
—Millard Mechtly, the well-known
boss brick layer arrived in town on Fri
day, bringing with him four hands, to
lay the brick of the Ev. church. They
commenced work on Saturday and the
walls are going up rapidly.
—Messrs. Bunnell & Aikens, of
Bellefonte, delivered a tine upright
piauo at Mr. J. W. Suook's, last week.
Those gentlemen always do the square
thiug to their customers which ac
counts for the popularity of their mu
sic store.
—The announcement that an Evan
gelical campmeating would be held in
Jacob Gepliart's grove near Millheim is
hereby recalled. The Society contem
plate purchasing a ground, and arrange
it with tabernacle cottages and tents
for permanent use.
—Mr. E. J. Swavely has severed his
connection as local editor of the Cen
tre Democrat, and that paper is now
published by the following staff : S. T.
Shugert & E. L. Orvis, Editors, George
P. Bible, Manager.
—The Methodists of Aaronsburg
were not favored with yery good weath
er last Saturday evening for their
ice cream festival. They concluded to
hold it over on next Saturday, evening
when they inyite everybody to attend.
—lt is not a good idea for people who
want their town to boom, to sit around
and wait for somebody to come along
and boom it. The citizens of a town
must do their own booming, and if
they are not disposed to do that much
for themselves they are not likely to
get much of a boom.— Ex.
BUGGY FOR SALE.— The undersign
ed offers for sale a good second-handed
top buggy. It is the celebrated make
of D. B. Krape, of Salona, Pa. Persons
wishing to purchase a good buggy at a
bargain, should address or call on
At present with J.ll.Musser,Aarons
burg, Pa. tf
—While at Centre" t Hall the other day
we stopped in to see Messrs. Harper &
Kreamer, and were well pleased with
their fine store and splendid stock of
goods they carry. The fact is they are
the merchants and naturally command
alarge custom. We hope they will
continue to be successful.
—The corner stone laying of the new
Reformed church at Aaronsburg, which
was to take place on last Sunday, was
on account of the inclement weather
postponed until Sunday, August 24th,
at 2j o'clock, p. m. Ministers from a
distance will be present, and the pub
lic are cordially invited to attend.
—One of the busiest and most popu
lar hotels in Bellefonte, is the Cum
mins House, on Bishop street, uuder
the good management of Em'l Brown.
Mr. Brown makes a kind and consider
ate landlord, and always furnishes his
guests with the best meals and first
class accomodations. Give him a call.
—Quite a Dumber of people attended
the services held in the M. E. church
on Sunday forenoon, conducted by
Rev. G. P. R. Sarvis. His text was
taken from Revelations II : 10—
"Be thou faithful unto death and I
will give you a crown of life." He
spoke in an earnest and impressive
manner and his bearers were deeply
touched by his forcible remarks.
—Rev. John Tomlinson expects to
depart for his new home in Adams
county, immediately after his sale on
the 30th inst. He will preach his last
sermon on Sunday morning, the 31st.
Rev. Tomlinson has been laboring
faithfully among us and it is with deep
rogret that we see bim leave 6ur midst.
Our best wishes accompany our es
teemed paster to his new field of labor.
—Rev. Benj. Hengst, by special re
quest of the masons, who laid the foun
dation walls of the new Ev. church at
this place, preached a sermon m the
old church on Friday evening. lie
chose "Solomon's temple" for his sub
ject. and treated his many hearers to a
line discourse.
—TESTIMONIALS many times arc cut
from the whole cloth, and for every one
volutitarely given in praise of a merit
orious article an unscrupulous and dis
honest manufacturer can write up a
dozen tor his worthless products ; hut
the following card from the traveler of
Sower, Potts & Co , a publishing house
known in almost every state in the
Union, is so emphatic and to the point
that we cannot refrain from giving it
in evidence :
"Georgetown, Pa.
J. A. McDonald, Dear Sir Please
forward by express at once one bottle
Curtis' Carmelite Cordial to C. P.
Camp, Esq., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co,
Pa. It cured me so quickly and com
pletely last summer that 1 reccouunoiid
it highly to all my friends."
Single bottle guaranteed to cure any
case cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, chol
era morbus, sunnnei complaint, cramps
or any intestinal irritation whatever,or
money refunded in every instance.
Should have a place in every household
and everv traveller's satchel.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
CONVENTION. —The Democratic Coun
ty Convention met in the Court House
on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock and
was called to order by Chairman P.
Gray Meek, of the county convention.
On motion, J. L. Spangler, Esq., was
made President of the convention.
W. K. Alexander was chosen for
Reading Clerk, and J. C. Meyer and
W. R. Morrison, Secretaries.
The roll of the del-gates was then
called and nominations being in order,
Judge Adam Hoy was nominated for
President Judge and on motion the
nomination was made unaminous.
Hon. A. G. Curtin was then nomin
ated for congress by acclamation.
Nominations for Associate Judge
being next in order, C. Munson and
J. J. Lingle were proposed for said of
C. Munson received 53 votes on the
first ballot, and the nomination made
The following names were then pro
posed for Assembly—J. A. Woodward,
D. F. Taylor,Leonard Rhone,F. Kurtz,
C. T. Alexander, B. F. Hunter, Dr. P.
S. Fisher.
The first ballot resulted in the nom
ination of John A. Woodward, having
received -10 votes.
Five more ballots followed, the last
ono resulting in Leonard Rliones' nom
ination by 49 votes.
The next business was the nomin
uation of a candidate for sheriff and
the following names were presented :
S. K. Faust, Miles Walker, George Hof.
fer,John Coldren,John Q. Miles, Joseph
L. Neff.
Five ballots were taken as follows :
Faust - 19
Walker - 17
Hoffer .. •• 4
Coldren ......18
Miles - - 13
Neff - 12
Mr. Miles desired his name withdrawn.
Faust 24
Walker .. 24
Hoffer 3
Coldren .. 21
Neff 11
Paast - —..24
Walker..— 24
Hoffer .. 2
Coldren .. 21
Neff 11
Faust - 30
Walker 29
Coldren 24
Fuust 27
Walker. 40
Miles Walker, of Ferguson township,
having received the majority of votes
was declared the nominee of the con
Next in order were the nominations
for Prothonotary. Trie names of J. C.
Harper, Wm. B. Mingle, and R. G.
Brett were proposed and five ballots were
taken as follow s :
Harper .. 30
Mingle .. 25
Brett 28
Harper .. 30
Mingle .25*
Brett 28
Harper ..31
Mingle - 20
Brett 20
Harper 30
Mingle - 20
Brett 27
Harper .. 39
Brett 44
R. G. Brett, of Ferguson township,
was declared duly nominated for pro
The following names were proposed
for the office of treasurer : Charles
Smith, J. J. Gramley, J. H. Griffin,
tfie first ballot resulting in the nomina
tion of Charles Smith, Esq., of Belle
Smith 40
Gramley 20
G rillin 17
A. J. Griest, John Wolf, Joseph
Gates, John M. Furey .Jacob P. Shope
were then put in nomination for com
missioners, with the following result:
A. J. Grist 79
John Wolf 74
Gates 10
A. J. Griest and John Wolf being the
Mr. Soioman Peck, of Walker town
ship, and Mr. J. A. Dinges, of Roals
burg, received the nomination for coun
ty auditors.
Delegates to the state convention
having been chosen, R. M. Magee was
made chairman of the couaty commit
tee tor 1885.
Convention adjourned.
complete Medical Work for Women,
handsomely bound in cloth and illus
tiated ; postpaid for two-cei t
stamps. Tells how to prevent and
cure all diseases of the sex, by a ilea t
ment at home. Worth i ,s weight in
Gold to every lady suffering from any
of these diseases. Over 10.000 sold al
Co., Nunda, N. V. 23-dui.
—Millheim was filled with voters
last Saturday notwithstanding the con*
tinuous rain. The two election polls
were well attended and the democratic
borough vote was larger than ever be
fore at a delegate election—l 26 votes
having been cast. Considerable inter
est in the outcome of this election was
manifested both in the township and
in tho borough.
—Wo are now going through our
stockaml gathering up ivmanants of
goods going out of season and placing
them on our bargain counter at exactly
one half their value. Come quick! Will
add new stock each day. Our buyer
will go east about September Ist, and
as ho will buy for cash exclusively and
also for three stores, look out for snow
slides ! Dinges, Trumphfeller & Co.,
Coburn Pa.
—ln another column appears the list
of teacheis' examinations for 18S4,
when our able county superintendent,
Prof. D. M. Wolf,will make his rounds
and single out the gentlemen most fit
for the task of school teaching. It will
Dehooye our prospective common
school teachers le brush up their intel
lectual store of grammar, geography,
arithmetic, history and orthography, 30
as to be in good trim by examination
day and pass muster.
—ANY HOUSEKEEPER who sends at
once the names of five married ladies,at
same address, and 12 two-cant stamps
for postage, will receive/ree for one en
tire year, a handsome, entertaining and
instructive Domestic Journal, devoted
to Fashions, Fancy Work, Decorating,
Shopping, Cooking, and Household
matters. Best Paper published for La
dies. Every Housekeeper wants it. Reg
ular price.Sl.oo. Must send now ! Ad
28-3 m Nunda, N. Y.
Coburn Briefs.
Miss Jennie Stahlhecker has opened
a millinery and dressmaking store,
which adds another improvement to
our enterprising young town.
An engino with a terrific whistle go
ing westward, awoke our people about
3 o'clock op Monday morning.
Dinges, Trumphcller & Co., is the
new firm that succeeds Dinges, Vona
da Sc Co., in the mercantile business.
Post Master Grenniuger, and Sam
uel Gettig and family, took in the en
campment at Gettysburg, and the cit
ies of Baltimore and Washington 011
their trip last week.
A free bus was run from here to
Millbeim an Saturday, carrying Demo
crats to the primary elections.
Wheat is only 80 cents with prospects
of another decline of 5 cts. soon. Some
farmers are feeding wheat to their hogs.
A number of our citizens attended
the county convention 011 Tuesday.
On Saturday evening the train killed
ajvaluable cow of Mr. Win. Eisenhuth.
Rebersburg Locals.
Farmers have finished taking away
their oats. The crops are good.
The Evangelical Sunday School fes
tival held for the benefit of their Mite
Society, realized about fouity dollars.
Harry Landis from Adamsburg,Sny
der Co., is here canvassing for a book
entitled, "Building and Ruling the Re
public." It is an excellent work giv
ing the origin of our government.
John Bressler brought a stalk of oats
to town, measuring six feet, lie says,
it is Cleveland and Ilendrick's stalk.
Miss Cora Iluber from Logausville is
visiting our town.
Mrs. Ellen Dubbs left town for Free
port, 111., where she expects to make
her future home.
Miss Rose Brutzman, from Lock
Ilaven, is visiting at Mr. Adam Bairs.
Deininger & Musser have placed two
very neat cottage monuments in our
cemetery last week. The one at Mrs.
Daniel Walkers graye, the other at
that of William J. Barbgus.
Woodward Sharps.
Mrs. Fisher, from Rock Grove, 111.
has been here on a visit to her sister,
Mrs. Samuel Motz, for the last two
weeks, and seems to enjoy her stay in
the Keystone state.
The building boom has struck Wm.
Ettinger. Next !
Quite a frolic at this place on Mon
day afternoon. About fifty fishermen
had gathered, some from Aaronsburg,
under the impression '.that J. C. would
draw off the dam for the party. But
they were disappointed in their hopes
and went home without fish.
Gregg Kinmey speaks of keeping
Water melons at the People's store.
Spiiit Leyel is in the dog business.
Rev. Sarvis, of the Penns valley
charge, will preach in the Woodward
church on Sunday, Aug. [24 th, in the
afternoon. Hope to see a good turnout.
Wairen and Annie were to the pic
nic on Saturday. [ Jfucklo started, but
was driven back by the weather.
—A* n sure remedy for Sick Head
ache, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Indi
j gestioii, Coesf.•. pation, Torpid Liver,
Biliousness &c., 110 medicine is equal
to Dr. Baxter's Mandrake Bitters. N.
11. Downs' Elixir is the oldest and best,
cough remedy in existence. Bruises,
j scalds, bun 18, sprains, cuts. &<•., either
! on man or beast, are speedily cured by
the use of Hen y & Johnson's Arnica
and Oil Liniment.
For Sale at Spigelmyei's,
Millbeim and Madisonbnrg
That the brick work on the new E
vungelical church is getting along
That our catnpmeeting ought not to
have been a fuiluie.
That every democrat in tiio county
should stand by the decision of the
convention and vote the straight dem
ocratic ticket from county auditor to
That with liio present disaffection in
Republican elides, the Democrats with
a strong, united effort can place the
Keystone state within their ranks.
That the foul lie, started by the Re
publicans about Grover Cleveland, has
recoiled on it infamous authors and
will make him stronger than ever in his
native state.
That the would-be president Widow
Butler is nothing but a blatant dema
That death had visited many famil
ies in this vicinity within the past few
That coming events cast their shad
ows before" and that the earthquake
on Sunday in the east was only a shad
ow of the one that will on the 4th of
November shako up the Republican
party of this country.
That fishing excursions in the seven
mountains aie not very profitable. Re
ferred to F. P. Musser.
That our town should now have a
Cleveland anil Hendricks Club.
That Frank Henderson, of Watkins,
N. V., placed his cognomen on the
Millheim hotel register last Friday.
That the editor of the Centre Report
er must have been wrongly informed a
bout the death of Mr. Samuel Gardner,
recently. The truth is,he was twenty
four years of ago, died at Madisonburg
and from hemorrhage of the lungs.
That in his opinion in the Kansas e
lection—St. John against the demijohn
—the demijohn will win.
—The G. A. R.encampment at Belle
fonte, to begin next Saturday, Aug.
1G is expected to be a grand affair and
there will be an immense crowd of peo
ple from al parts of the country present
to witness the occasion. The annexed
programme,taken from the Watchman,
will siiow that the encampment is go
ing to be a big tiling wortli seeing and
On Saturday, August, lfth if tlie
trains bringing the comrades from
Philadelphia and Pittsburg get here at
one time the reception parade will take
place at that time; if not a certain hour
in the p. m. of the day will be fixed for
the parade. Due [notice will be given
of the time.
Services in the camp Sunday a. m. by
the Chaplain of the department. Dress
parade in the evening.
Monday, excursion to Point McCoy,
dress parade in the evening. All night
grand "Masquerade Ball" in the Ar
mcry by Post 51 of Philadelphia. It
will be a fine affair and will be at tended
by all the best people who aie fond of
dancing and enjoying themselves 111
that way.
Tuesday, excursion to Snow Shoe 011
the R. R. via the famous Switchback
and also to the Pennsvalley Caves by
wagon and carriage. At night sham
battle, with cannon and fire works.
Wednesday, the 45th regiment reun
ion,and the business meeting of the de
partment. Thursday any programme
suiting the visitors.Camp will break up
on Friday p. m. Foot ball every day
except Sunday, dress parade eyery day.
Open air concerts by the celebrated
Weccacco band of Philadelphia every
evening until 9 o'clock,except Tuesday,
that being the niglit of the sham battle.
Tents,fuel,light and straw free to all.
Boarding 25cts per meal on the ground,
at number one hotels SI.OO to $2.00 per
day. Boarding houses $1.25 to $1.50
per day, water in plenty 011 the ground.
—At a meeting of the General Coun
cil of the Evangelical Lutheran Churcli
of the Aaronsburg charge, held in the
St. John's Lutheran Churcli at Mill
heim, Aug. 9th, A. D. 1884, the follow
ing resolutions were presented by Bro.
W. F. Stover and unainmously adopt
ed :
WHEREAS, our much esteemed past
tor Rev. Bro. John Tomlinson saw fit
through the providence of God to hand
to the Church Council his resignation
as 'pastor of the Aaronsburg charge,
Therefor be it resolved,that it is with
deep regret that we received his resigna
tion; that during his pastorate of ten
vears and five months in our midst the
relation between members and pastor
were of the most social and friendly
character; and that we take great pleas
ure in having the opportunity to ex
press our highest appreciation of his
conduct as a citizen, and christian
character as a preacher of the Gospel
while in our midst.
Therefor we can most cheerfully tes
tify to'his great worth as a faithful
minister in God's vineyard, and while
we deeply feel our loss,the brothers and
sisters of his new chai ge receivtva great
Resolved that the above resolutions
be recorded in our minute book, and a
copy of the same sent to the Lutheran
Observer and Millheim Journal for pub
lication. 11. E. DUCK, Sec. G. C.
Millheim,Centre Co.,Pa.,Aug. 9,1854.
On the 7th, the residence of the bride's
parents in Rebersburg, by Kev. F. Aurand, Dr.
Geo. S. Frank to Miss Melissa G. Miller, both
of Rebersburg, Pa.
On the 10th iust., by the same, at the Luth.
parsonage, Rebersburg, Mr. John Confer to
Miss Lydia Dornian, both of Miles towuship,
Centre Co., Pa.
yyi.y:tyy a'j AAA A . VA'-jofuoaaaa AAA
New Confectioneries!
Largest Stock anfl Finest Selections!
J yaaaaauaaaaaauaaQaaaaaaaa
Main St., opposite Bank, Millheim,Pa
CATAB R H Hay Fever
Is a t FP® of catarrh
Hcl c LY b, having peculiar
WfLRFAEiI R symptoms. It i* at
■r/i'™! D rVdDI tended by an lnflam-
IN1 ~<' condition of the
■ *Hrjtnl membrane of
■ the nostrils, tear-
WUivrrurrj u5 ducts and throat, af
rHAYFfcV£Rm£ fecting the lungs. An
|fr y <s*yfsw acrid mucus issecre
tsfc*' <V £mted. the discharge is
Up / accompanied with a
KM, ' r rV gm painful burning sen
sat ion. There are se
/SNO vere spasms of sneez-
AV'l ing.frequent attacks
USA | or blinding head-
Bfim.—> ' 1 ache, a wattery and
Ely's Cream Balm Is a remedy founded on a
correct diagnosis of this disease and can be de
pended upon. 50 cts. at druggists: 60 cts. by
mail, wain pie bottle by mail 10 cts ELY BUGS,
Druggists, Owego, N. Y.
I rrreoiiimond to those suffering (asl have)
with Hay Fever, Eyl's 'ream Balm, T have
tried nearly all the remedies.and give tins a de
cided preference over them all. It has given
me immediate relief.— C T. STEPUKSS, Hard
ware Merchant, Ithaca, N. Y.
Ruwimblea fine leather, for Roofs, Outride ■
Walla, and Inside in niace of plaster. Very ■
atrong and durable. Catalogue with tertimo- ■
niala and samples FRKK. Established 1866. ■
W. H. FAV& CO., Cnmden, N. J.I
Spring & Summer,
hsluhibt, t
Misses and Children's
Bowrm PMI€EB m mvmmi
|mcs, | mbroidmcs, trimmings, §illts, |ibbon&
In all the new Styles and Shades.
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to sell the only offlefal Biogrnnhlyii f
By Ex-Gov. Dorsheimer, of N. Y.,Memhfr of. If.
S. Congress, and Hon. w. U.Hensel Cftafrtiuin
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