Millheim Journal. (Millheim, Pa.) 1876-1984, March 20, 1884, Image 2

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    |lp jjitllpim Joupitl.
Clmrcli & Snaia" School Directory,
Revs. R. Henpst and J. R. Fox, Preach'&
Rev. B. Hengst will preach next Sunday
Sunday School, L^P.M. —D.L. ZERRV, Supt,
Missionary Society meets on the third Mon
day evening of each month.
Rev. Furman Adams Preachcr-incharpe.
Sunday School at 10J4 A. \L— D. A Musser, Sup'l
Rev. Zxeinpli A. Yeartck, Pastor.
Preaching in Aaronsburg next even
Mite society meets regularly on the first Tues
day evening of each month.
United Brethren.
Rev. J. O. W. Herald, Preacher in charpe.
Sunday School, 9A. M.— .7. (J. W. Herald, Sunt.
Rev. John Tomlinson, Pastor.—
Sunday School at 9 A.M.— II. E. Duck. Supt
The Augsburg Bible Class meets every Thurs
day eveniug at 7 o'clock.
Ladles' Mite Society meets 011 the first Mon
day evening of each month.
Rev. W. A*. Foster, Pastor.
Lodae & Sonet" Directory,
Mlllhelm Lodge, No. 955, I. O. O. F. niei t > In
heir hall, Penn street, every Saturday evening.
Rebecca Degree Meeting every Thursday on
or before the full moon of each mouth.
C. W. HAKTMAX Sec. E. W . M.U'CK, N. G.
Provideuce Grange, No. 217 I'.ot 11.. meets in
Alexander's block on the second Saturday of
each month at l l . i\ M.. and on the fourth Sa
turday of each month at IL, p. M.
D. L.ZEHBV, See. T. G. Fun VRT>, Master.
The Mlllhelm ft. & L. Association meets 111
the Penn street school house on the evening ot
the second Monday of each mont h.
A. WALTER, Sec. D. L. ZKRBT, I'rest.
The Mlllhelm Comet Band meets in the
Town Hall on Monday and Thursday evenings.
Democratic County Committee for
Bellefonte N. W dames A. M'Clain.
S.W Al Garman.
'• W. W lames Schotield.
Howard A- Weber.
Miles burg Dr. W C. Grove.
Millheiin ...... lames C. Smith
Philipsburg Ist W J. N. Cassanova.
2d W J. O. Loraine.
• 3d W John M. Holt
Cniouville - £• MeDouald.
Bouupr in* I'. C lose.
Boggs s .. ..... Frank Adams.
N George Brown.
Burnside H. M. Meeker.
College W. 11. Tibtens.
Cartin ... John McClockey.
Ferguson F. P Peter I.anck.
• \v. p Levi Walker.
Gregg S - Luther Rishel.
X John Rossman.
Haines E. P M. Feidier.
" W. P George Bower.
Halfmoon D.J.Gates.
Harris Jacob \t caver, Jr.
Howard Geo. D Johnson.
Huston.- Charles Murray.
Liberty Frank Brown.
Marion John Hoy. Jr.
Miles Peter s. Beirly.
Paiton Robert Reed.
Penn Andrew Campbell'
Totter N. P Dr. John F. Alexander.
•• s. P Joseph Gilland.
Rush S. P John O'Neil.
*• N.P John Long.
Snow Shoe F. P Edgar Holt.
" " S. P
Spring Tohn Gcrbriek.
Taylor B. V. Fink.
Union Sam'l lv. Enierick.
Walker Sol. Peck.
Worth WM. Lewis.
THE first State election this year
will be held in Rhode Island 011 the
first Wednesday of April. and the next
will be in Oregon the first Monday of
June. The Republicans now hold
both of these States by good majori
ties, and are likely to retain them.
The results, therefore, will have but
little significance, showing neither loss
nor gain for either party. Probably
the Democrats will not make a serious
effort in either State, though there is
110 doubt that Rhode Island would
take her place in the Democratic col
umn if the fourteenth amendment,
guaranteeing every American citizen
the right to vote, could be enforced.
A Word to Mr. Morrison.
In 18(>8 the Democrats held their
National Convention in New York.
Horatie Seymour, New York's most
most honored statesman, was nomina
ted for President.
On the committee on Resolutions
were James A. Bayard, of Delaware ;
William J. Allen, of Illinois; George
W. Glick, of Kansas, now Democratic
Governor of the State; William Pro-t
--on, of Kentucky; Henry C. Murphy, of
New York; Wade Hampton, of South
Carolina, and Thomas S. Booock, of
The platform declared in favor of
"a tariff for revenue upon foreign im
ports, and sucli equal taxation under
the internal revenue laws as will af
ford incidential protection to domestic
manufacturers, and as will, without
imparing the tevenue,impose the least
burden upon the best promote and en
courage the great industrial interests '
of the country."
Upon this platform Gov. Seymour
ran and carried the State of New
York over the patronage of the Ad
ministration, the prejudices of the war ,
and the great military prestige of* J
Gen. Grant.
It voiced the principles of the Dem
ocratic party then. It speaks the
principles of the party now.
Only upon the Seymour platform
or something like it can New York he
carried by the Democrats in 1884.
Sunbury Democrat.
WASHINGTON, D. C\, March, 17. 1884.
It is quite common in these days for
people to sigh oyer the degeneracy of
modern politicians and to contrast the
eloquence and ability of the men who (
served iu Congress with Webster and
Calhoun and Clay with the common- J
place stupidity of the public men < I to
day. I have no doubt, however, that
the House of Representatives ol the
Forty-eighth Congress' # will compaie fa
vorably in point of intelligence, and in
point ot ability to show that intelli
gence, to the best advantage of any
House which lias proceeded it. It may
be this very fact which teiuls to make
the lower house cumbrous and unwieldy
in the transaction of public business,
because a man who can talk well is apt
to talk ofU 11 and regardless of the fact
that "time llies." One great difference
between the Congress of to-day and
that of fifty or more years ago is that
the general average of ability is greater
and that brilliant men shine out less
conspiously. In the present Congress
the proportion of members soninga
lirst term is usually large,and the num
ber of them who have proved them
selves able to coup with their more ex
perienced colleagues surprisingly so.
Among the new numbers who have
shown marked ability are Adams, of
New York, who came into protnii enee
by a line speech on the Chalmers-Man
ning election ease and his connection
with the committee investigating Keif
er; and Broad head, of Missouri, who,
though now in legislative halls, has
long been known asa man of recognized
The California delegation, composed
with one exception entirely of new and
young men, is the strongest which the
S ate has ever sent. And it is not a
demagogical delegation, which is some
thing to s:iy tor California. Vl r. Finer
ty is the only man whom Illinois lias
sent for the first time who has made
himself prominent, ami, though his ob
jection to the "Alert" resolution was a
piece of petty spite, hi* earnest appeal
for a new navy shows that his spite has
something behind it stronger than
mere deiuagognis n. Thomas A Robert
| son, fresh from Kentucky, seems to be
| of that indolent disposition wliieii al
ways characterizes one or two men in
that delegation, but,judging fr.mi some
brief remarks lie has made to the House
ho might proye a bud customer to tritie
with in discussion. One of the lust
speeches made against the Fitz John
Porter bill, was by Culeheon, of Michi
gan, and one of the most rattling re
plies thereto by Laird, of Nebraska,
both being lew members. lViinsyh 1-
ma sends many new numbers, who
will, 110 doubt, make a itir before they
retire. Mr. Kiiott.tlie nicinhtr-at-lnige,
is one of the youngest members of t lie
House, but he already has taken .1 lead
ing position and is reeogniz • I, not only
as an able lawyer, but a strong and
brilliant orator. Ray, of New York,
made a very good speech on the l'ilz
John POl ter bill, ami succeeded in gain
ing the attention of hiscollegiieson the
floor after they had once started on a
run for the cloak rooms, as is usual
when a new member begin* to talk.
The bill pensioning Mexican veterans
finally passed the House, although it
I was stated that only 2,0(10 of those who
fought, in Mexico were from the North
em States, and that of the 40.000 from
the South 20.000 served afterward 111
the confederate army, so this was in
one sense a bill to pension reb.M sol
diers. The biil was passea by a large
majority, and the Southern Congress
men are highly gratified. They say
that, while their section was suffering
from the effects of the war, when ruin
ed houses had not been rebuilt, and
when broken fortunes and blasted lives
were more common than prosperity
and happiness, the Southern people,
through their agents in Congress, have
quietly voted to tax all they possess, or
might procure,in order to surround the
Union soldiers with the comforts of
life. This is true. The "Southern
brigadiers" have always vote I in Con
gross for pensions and arrearages for
the Union veteran.
The labored articles seat out by
friends of Arthur, to the effect that he
is virtuously lying back for the people
to reelect him without making any ef
fort 011 his own pait, causes a broad
smile to illume the features of those
who know just what is going on. As
a matter of fact, no President ever m
ed his position for the ptiiposeof secur
ing a renornination to a greater extent
than Arthur is now doing. Mr. Blaine
seems to be a disturber of the peace a
mong the Republican candidates. "lie
is not seeking the nomination,'' say
his friends, and appaiautly the Plumed
Knight is undistuibed by the dreams
that haunt others who have the White
House in their line of vision. The
veteran politicians, ho wever, do not
credit the statements of Blaime's
friends, and his uuq lestiouable popu
larity with the masses of I is party in
certain States causes well grounded
apprehension. Blaine may not be seek
ing the nomination, but 1 e is not indif
ferent to the progress of the cuivass
being made by those who are seeking
it, and that he will exert a p >teat i fin
ence at the Chicago convention is mor
ally certain. No man named in con
nection with the nomination is so full
of resource as Blaine, and it would not
be surprising to see him enter last on
the list and steadily rise to the top.
He is likely to have his State delegation
solid behind him. Pennsylvania and
Ohio promise to send a fair sprb kling
of Blaine delegates, and in certain <f
the Northwestern States his popularity
will surely result in accrediting dele
gates who will prefer the Main states
men as first or second choice. Blaine
is not seeking the Presidency, because
he is one of those sagacious men who
learn from experienc e. II ivi.ig failed
twice while seeking the nomination,
Mr. Blaine has undoubtedly concluded
to hunt the game without the noisy ac
companiments hitherto employed.
G oat. Dont.ruetiou of Property and
Several Porso o Hurt in Suliuo
County. Illinois , by n
Sr. Louis, March 12. —A terrific cy
clone swept through Saline county, Illi
nois, yesterday afternoon. Reports
from Ilnrrisluirgji hundred miles south
of St. Louis, stale that a lady standing
on her porch,obsen ing the 1 ising cloud
in tin 1 southward at about o'clock,
noticed the clouds rolling one over n
nollier and <laikness soon began to cov
er the earth. Presently the clouds as
sumed a funnel shape, from which ein
anated a roai b'g sound like that of at
approaching freight train, and two
miuky, leaden clouds sped from the
southwest to the northeast with incrcdi
hie velocity. Trees, fences, hay-stacks,
1 houses and barns fell and were torn in
to fragments.
.101 l 11 St ill 's dwelling and barn were
destroyed. There were twelve persons j
in the house, but Mrs. Stiff only was j
injured- A colored man nam d JVnv
had his house and crib blown down.
.John Hicks' new dwelling was blown
from its foundation, riot a vestige of in
remaining. David Price's corn crib
was shaken to the ground. Robert
Fleetwood's lion.seand barn were blown
down and bis corn, a large amount of
tobacco, bay and gram destroyed. The
house of Dr. Y.Rathhorne, in the track
of the storm was destroyed. Patrick
Shea's barn and other buildings were
destroyed ami bis wife seriously injur
ed. Mr. (Irandstaff's dwelling was de
stroyed and his wife ludly hurt. Much
| damage was dour in Cottage drove pie
jcinet, seven mites east, lint owing to
! the impassable condition of the roads
j no definite infoi mat ion lias yet come in.
1 An unknown drunken t ramp fell he
j t ween the boilers at the blast furnace
of lIK Bethlehem iron company on Sun
day, the 21, and was roisti d to death.
T \ THF COURT <>F <'OM'bN ''l.i:\S Ol
1 I I NIKE 'Vit'N TV, 10 I M >N\V AL Til
Iv* HENRY DI'NKLE.—The 111 *netl. an
j auditorappointed in ti.e above -taied case, t >
hear, doie 1 mine and 10port upon the except!■>;:*
! filed to the around of.l A. Duokle, committee
of -.aid lleniv DunU'e, lunatic, wiil attend to
I the duties of his appointment at his nflb-e in lite
i borough of Fellefonte. on 1 uesdav. tlm 1; th day
| of April. A. D. 18SI a! I<>o'clock, A. M.. Ol said
j day, when and where all latere N may attend.
C. M Bow jar.
j March 15th issf. Auditor.
VI)M INISTR A roll's NOTICE. Lett rs of
adniitn-ualion on tin* estate ot 1.-aac
| ZelKler. lat-- of Miles town hip, deoM. having
i been mauled totlic under- .1 i 1 pri-on
' know ing them elves! t 1 to -aid • slate arc
| Itet chy request 1 d to make immediate pay men!.
j ami tin -c hat icg e :t m- to present litem dill)
! proven f r sctih m nt!.
Kebersburg. March 2*lll. is*|. >l
• - i
VDM IN is HI AT* >K'S N'VIIt'F Letter- of
admiiiistra ini .;n the 1-Lite 01 I.<-vi
| Reeder late of O; egg 'l'wp. deceased. having
I been granted to the sub-eriKn - all p r-<>n
, knowing t lieuiselves indebted to -aid e-t it are
i hereby requested to make immediate payment
and f lioso hav im r claims to pre- nt th m duly
proven for -ctthmeiit.
s\i; \ti 1. i: 1 DI R.
J \Mt> D. <ll N ! ZLK,
I Adijlilii-tiatois.
RE A L ESTATE.—By virtue of an 01 dc* of
| the Drpliau's Coin toft' iitia- (< unty, the 1111-
I der- gned wili oilV rat 1 ult.i • -ale at Rebel--
I urg llotol in the low 11 ol It I eishni g <-n St 111-
day. April l'Jt'). 1 ss|,at one o'elo k I'. M. all 1 h<'
, '.olioniugd MM d ial 1 <al ostate, lat" t In- jn per
! ty oi 1-a <• Xeig i| e d to n it:
Tract N>. 1. Two In -of I -itua'e in
j Mil-S l'ovvnship. Centre inniy. about two -
! fourt 1 s of a mile -on! li of lb-lie 1 -huiM.. 1 ouaded
011 urn 11 rtii by d- of ceorgo Woavej. 011
the bv an Alley < r lane, on the - nt h ) v a
pilblte load, iiild o ith • west bv lan - of ./* hit
F- Waife, containing tliro ■ and one-half aere>
more or *ss. No I uildings.
Tract No 2. Als • a lot or tract of wrod land
in Miles Town-hip afnresai I. bounded 1,11 1 lit?
ea-t l>y land of ./a •<>!> Gepliart. <n the nortli h\
la lal - of A a ion l.eit/. il ;• ml ot li ■ i -. 011 the -out h
by land of-letlei •, ni Royer and on I lie west by
laud of Anthony l.i n ly. 1 outaiuiug fllteen ii
ere-, nioi e or le-s.
Tract No.:?. Also another tract .f wo <1 land
in same towa-hi ', boiimb d on i'H- norili bv
l.iinls of ./e,iocs Re 01, on the east by lands of
! .Matthias strayer. on the south '> lands if R. D.
Bit rly and 011 the vv -i by lauds >f .lano - Read,
eontaiuiuu live .0 ; ,-s nun • <0 h
TERMS OK S.VI E —< ne third in CA-h on eoidlrm
atiu of sale, leu p< < t-nt. u| which hall 1<•
paid on day of sale;*one-third in one year and
■ one-third in two u .u>. latt< 1 two payment'- t>
! hear inleii -i and 10 he secured by bond and
' moitgage on Ihe pro|>ertv.
1 ho Mas r. ZKIGLKR,
i It Administrator of Ac. 01 l-aae Zeigler dee'd.
I'liU MtI.LHKI d 80ß0l
Jonathan llarttr. Treasurer in aeeor.nt with
said b trough.
March 19., IS*I. DR.
1 To Cash on hau l from last yeai's
-etih mi nt .as 71
from San tiel Weiser. jr.,
balance of tax for 2.'? 2s
'• Do in.!. Fi-enliutb, fines.. t fia
" amount of duplicate, lss ?, 11,7 D
A591 11
By Cash E •' Campbell, work 011
road. I-Ssj, N0.9 1! 11
" John / oil road
Ks], No. 29 1 on
'• D II Mingle, work on road
l s -l. No. al 1 5.1
'■ .1 l> Foote. worKoii road,
issp No 1 .y,
" !•" F Wet/iel, work 011 road
18*2, No. 4 ?. 1 T.
•' donatiian iv reamer, work
011 road. is> ?, N (is 1 7">
A J Havter hauling, 188*1,
No. 89 50
•' .1 Fiseiihuth. Jusiiee's ser
v ices, ls8?, No. it 1 7:,
" K Bartholomew, burying
carea s, ins;:, No. 91 I 11
'• .1 I) I'oote's estate, lumber
l-s.'s, No. '92 pj
■ 4 F F Wet /.el. balance 011
hauling, lss'l, No. I'd ."n
-• Wlll Weiser, work 011 lock
up. IHSII No. 91 75
" 1 leiitingeiav Bmniller.pi lut
ing, l hs; ?. No. 95 10 00
Knurr \ Lose, repairing
bridge, 188>, No. 95 .'? 00
" \V Adams, coin -t wit
ness fee, lss.'i, No. 97 1 0
" F > Albright, contest wit
ness fee, 1 ss.3, No. 9S 1 :<)
•' 1) I Brown, witness fee,
No. 99 1 ;,!)
" Israel Confer, wilne-s ec,
I SH'?. No. 100 ] .-((
" ( Jim W C Uiiaiiags,witness
fee. ISSd, N<, iOJ 1 <y>
,4 sg ( laik, witness fee,l.SS9,
No- l"2 1 ,0
'' Thomas Fra"k,witness leo
1883, No. m--.. 150
• k A A l'i'an\s, witness fee,
ISS •. No. 105 1 "0
kl cW llartman, witness leo
]ss;:, No. 10G 1 50
'• Win lverstetter, witness
fee. ISB3, No. 10'9 -1 20
" Al> King, witness fee, 1 Ss.j
No. 110 1 "0
u 1' 1> false, witness fee,l v Nj
No. 11l 1 70 j j
k * I' I k Leit/.el, witness fei k .
18KJ.No. 11-2 1 50 !
" Adolpti Miller, witness tee
1883, No. 114 150
kk David Miller, witness fee,
18K5, No. II )... 1 50 I
Geo ltoyer, witness fee,
188;?, No. 110 1 50
" Geo W stover, jr., witness
fee, 1833. No. 117 1 50
• k Jos Svvanger, witness fee,
188.3. No. 118 I ;,ip
" Jno 11 Svvariz, witness fee
188.3, No 119 1 51
kt Jerome Spigelmyer, wit
ness fee, 1883, No. 120 1 ->0
44 L C Tobias, witness fee,
1883, No. 121 3 00
44 D C Wilt, wiluess feo, 1883
No. 1*22 1 50
W It Wfiser. witness t e,
No. 123 1 "'
" II II W'eiser, v. itli<" 1 ice,
1 ■ ?, No. I II
l> \\ /oi-1,-1' w.tliess In'.
I .No. l- 1 .10
John Miller."uitiu-n fee,
iss:;, N'o. | j!i I .*o
" 'if" Uoyer. witness let*,
i, No". I ; 'J 7<
*' l' n ilioloiiK'W • witii'vn
f< *. ISS3. No. |-H 2 70
" I" Albright, xx It in fee
l kV! . No, I-i 2 70
'* I' • dcjer, ultnevs 100,
! v s!, No." |'i| 1 W
" •' '• Mtls>or. \\ 11 fee,
1 '•!. No. | .! ;; DO
•'•'fob \\ ~ i witness fee,
isNi. No. i;3 I ;,o
" s! t. it. litis, \\itu. lee,
1S J !, No. | 1 .VI
N *1 < >'< I'll 111, wit liess |,
IKS.!. No. Ml I VI
" •' W I'ootc, witness fee,
ISS3, No, Mil 1 .it)
1 A I lank, Wilin ss fee.
1* G, No. j;i7 1 Vi
" *' oi ta I Inn II trier, w itne-.s
bo. I'M. No I N I VI
Min Miller, witness it e,
I*D, No. l .i I V
t " •' ' Soii|||,w it ness lee. 1- - i
No | 111 | Vi
•' I isoiilnilli, wtil.t •ns ilM*,
i •"> !. Nn. 11l ' 7JO
•' nob s inlay, wilnes fee
1 No. 11 j 1 .it
" ''II Kre nin* r, wllitt'ss |. ,•
I'N'.No. 1 i 1 VI
l> A Mil -i f, wiliies- fee,
iNAJ, No. 11l 1 Vi
' I' NVt ; /el, wit n'ss fee,
1 f. IV)
!' I l.'i. li.iiti, \\ it ne .s fee,
i ; No. ln; lvi
\A S Mn see, WitH l '-'' l*e,
l ks t. No. 1)7 1 Vi
*' Augustus lluev, witness
lee. ! v - ;, No. 11* 1 '.<>
" K t'ottler, witness tee,
l-M.No. 11l 1 Vl
I it Slain, witness f ( .iss.;
No. 1 >o IV)
NN R llenitev. witness IV.-,
• kk >, No. I I I l
: k Moonev, wit to -s fee
.No.iv;.; i ;
" N I Miisser. wilt.ess lee.
1- ■No. 1 : 2 7o
lin H I'oote. witness fee
1 "3- No. 1" | 2 To
1J <> 1, ininref, bill. I kk
N'o. IT, VI
•loliti Keistelt. r, work on
<i. s!i'.h.;i,Nn,l>i no
" \ •' Hurler, work, I*\l,
No 1.17 | D" 1
I-•'ti tlioloniew, ser\iees,
<' k >. *> o I*. > .'! 12
•b lll.lil II tiler, WO! 1.,
Iss ;. No. IV.I. 1 no
" II A Mussel, lumber, lssl
No. Iso :l 2 i
" -'no 11 dai/.e, xervici ain
e..niest. I s ".'!. ti 12
" All Keif-nj tier, - . x its
in e 'litest, Is !, No. ! 2 21 in
'■ 15 K Uoyer,wit lies, fe.y'ss,;
No. In j 70
'• IVler Wnlisa, witness tec
'** •,Ko. b l 2 7ft
i. ;e!i iel Soul ii.w inn ss fee
1 k k ',No. Its'. 2 T'i
'• .1 11 M.ti/e, sI X lee-ill eon
1. St. ' . No. Hid 1 IK
" It A I etulller, salary, lss(
N". I ss * 20 on
I H.. '!i •!. inexx. work • u
!■: '1 :•*. is- .No. 1 i 2 Vi
.1 W snnoli, crossing, Est
. l: i y 7y
.l.'iin Kox r, wot i* on to;n|
i - No. 17! 121
" MnU Mooitev, work, I**3
No. 172 " 3 00
A. ki x\ irk.l- '.N0.17.1 7" i
• I'!iu S x.iifz, Wotk, ISs.'i
No. ITS 2 oo
" •'< s-e, work.l's.s
No. 1" 1 2 1
•' M Adams. wo: U, lss.s.
No. 177 1 Oo
5e •; • 11. . iy, woi'. . lSsl
No. 17- 2 t*l
" I'efer \\ li i. work, jss;
No 1~ 1 71
■' .'..iii". linixV', work.
I'M. No. Is! 100
" l In <i is Kr.ank, work. Is-.;
No Is J 7-,
'* i llarter, work. 1-s t, No.
1N1,,... 12 IHi
" .I.iroll flarllev, work. lS4i
No. Ist ; ;s
•' ••Vis-. . .v. 'inilli, n.iiis.lsS)
No. is". 21
It? court ■ -t-- in elei'tton eontcst
as follows;
J-in rill S|.angler, 1' 10
II v .MeKen. till 00
I 'e; k "f Session. 0 7".
Slifiitr Duukl'N 3 GO
Ity 100 < 2"
•ty jieieeutage on iltiplieate v ■••
I'.X Trensiii er's e .lllllis-'oll .1 'i
Ity t'nsli. J U !t:!'r. An lit r, 1 May ! (
•I M it H n tmni, " 101
•If Smith, " 1 oo
■I I isenhutli. Clerk, 1 day 1 o-i
.1 K; enliut i. 'jualitx |.g
I ore mli . flicers and sia
ti ne.y 1 7.1
I'.x Jiinntli in M.u t-rV not tocoun
it a-, Ai il tys 211 11
♦v.d n
JoiraUutn 11 irtei trad II n Welser# Ovcrsoers in
ace not wi!ii aid b itough.
Mtucb 1 (ti. Jss|. |t.
To im< nut ot ,I|ill ale 7 i s
To halaiu'e dnejoiiaihao ll.iiter,.. 1 1
* '>l2 "7
Ity lialiiuce due at last seitlcm oil. 2 02
( ash D 1 Zerby, niiikiug dupli
cate tor Is : 1 y 1
f:i li J I. attorney's
fe • 10
( ash p id for niaintouanc of
Alexander Weakley s , 7 J
Cash paid for maintenance of
Miehaei Smith (to o 1
Ciisli paid 1 1. n aintenance an i
I iii ial <1 .1 oho Jl.tiler l.t! <'
< ;•. Ii :aid lb-nix Uoyer, board
ing Niariali Mailer..! 7- 01
< V.ih paid lor niHiu'e'iiauee (d
.b cjili and Ada . l-Vnsler ... 12 1 40
" costs. ,) Kls< nhuth in -nit id
Overseers vs Jonathan K reamer 3 32 •
' pi fne p.'ilandcosts, .osCantuer
111 snd urainst ore seers, rent. II 71
" Cash, Jos Cantucr, rent for is'N? 20 on
k\ iti. ration 011 duplicate. 20
I'er •< i t c 0:1 duplieate 2 ' s i
C.'.sli .l"iiiifhaii llarter, services in 0 •
II li Weiser, services in 01
s'>l 2 t'7
We the undersigned Auditors have examined
the account. and tiiul them eoreoct do hereby
at'prove of the s;iu.e.
March loth A. 1). ls-|.
J. II . !t. II XUTM AN, )
J. It. Ualr. , AUDITORS.
5 Cot NI V, .-STA'l'k (H IOIIN I>. KdOi k.
I>l.l I.Askli. l l.e tintJi rsigned. an auditor ap
pointed by said court to make didtibutioii of
the fund in the hand of Or. f. T. ft'usscr. Ad
-111 i ills tla for of Jve. of John 11. I'd' te. late of M j ti
ll. i 111 Born., dedccasi,!. mixes notice that lie xxill
nn ( ! the pat ti. s in jp.|, i i sf for the purposes of
his apt*ointment at htsulflcc i;i Bellefonte, on
Wednesday, Mttrch.ltl), 1881, at 10o'clock,
c. I'. lIKWKS.
TjlXl'f I'TOICS NOTICK.-Ia Iters tol.iment-
J J a i"> on tin* estate of Mrs. ebeccaTlunuas
lat s of AjironsP'iii*!7. deceased, having been
prr;iu(ei to the tib culler, all persons Knowing
themselves indebted to said estate arc hereby
requested to make immediate payment, and
tlios- having claims to present than duly
proven for settlement.
Aarotixburg. Pa., Feb. 7th, 13*4. l-Gt
\I:mINI> riiA'l'OU'S NO ! KMv—l etters of
adiniiustiatioii on the estate of .lolm
Smith, iate ol reiin township, deceased, liaviug
been irratifcd to the subscriber, all {icrsons
knowing themselves indebted lo said estate are
hereby rcuuestcd to make Immediate payment,
and those having claims to present thorn dulv
proven Tor settlemeii!.
J yt. CEO. S. FRANK,
Physician Surgeon,
I'l l ', ssional calls i'loinpllv answer* d. 3m
j J yi I). 11. MIN(JLK,
Physician & Surgeon,
< dlliee 011 MAM street.
Ml 1.1,11 KIM, r A
| yy JOHN l'\ IIAIM'EK,
Practical Dentist,
Dlliee opposite the Millheim li inking JIOIIHO
MAIN STKK.KT, M11.1.11K.1M PA.
ITM. ('. lll'JNLi:,
Pt:t.r.KK)NTR, PA.
Practices in all the courts of Centre county.
Sp.. tal at tent i 1.1 to Collections. ConsuUallous
in Herman or i 11 Rsli.
J. A. Heaver. W. Cephuvt.
likkI.KKONTE, l'A.
OllSite oil AUt'iilnuy Str<M't. North of lliuhStreet
I>. 11. II istings. W. K. it coder
Dlliee oil All glK'iiv Street, txvo doors east of
theoiih'c oeupi' J by the late linn of Yocum A
C. T. Alexande). C. M. Bower.
HEX AN I.) Ell Sc BO WE It,
oiilee in Carman's new building.
Orph IF.-' Court Hmiiiess ;*KjeeiaUty.
I! 1.1 AS LUSE. r. D. M'SE.
Elias Luse & Son's
In the iv:ir of Kv. Clur-h 9 Street,
Doors, Window Frames
& Sash, Shutters &
Blinds, Siding, Brackets,
Stair Rails,
Balustrades, Verandahs,
made to order at the most reasonable prices.
A share of public patronage respect fully so
licited. 36-ly
Best; Cheapest
!\ 11*1] US FOR TilE I'll/CE 1
And the Best Daily at Low
The Harrisburc Weekly Patriot is a large
eight-page sheet ami contains a greater variety
"I reading mailer than any oilier paper pul>-
li-ht'd. It is newsy, instructive ami entertain
ing. The subscription price of the Weekly Pa
triot i>- *'.oo per annum cash in advance.
The Wvekly Patriot and New York Weekly
Sun will be sent to any addreee. one year or
>!."•: the Wei k'y l'atriol and New York U'eeA*-
ly Worhf to anv address, post paid, for one year
for ti.'Hi; the llVr-/7f/ Patriot and the Philadel
phia Saturday ltecoril, postpaid, one year for
♦l.'.D; the Wt ikly Patriot and the Philadelphia
hi ( fay Times, post paid, one year for 32.06. la
all eases the ea>h must accompany the order.
Is the only in u njng jiaper published at the
state capita'!; the oulx 11101 nlng f:iper outside of
Philadelphia and Pittsburg that gets the com
plete A-sociated Press news and that basagen
er;il system of speeiol telegrams; and the only
daily that reaches the inteiior towns of ivmi
sylvaiiia before the Philadelphia and New York
papers. The Daily Patriot .as lieen greatly Im
proved in ail its departments within the last
-ix months and is tioxv equal in all respects and
superior in some to I he dailies of the larger cit
ics. Prior by mail #G.IK> per annum (or $7.00 tf
not paid in advance); SB.OO for six months, in
advance; .Vi cents lor one month, in advance;
to clubs of live SI.OO per copy per annum; to
( inns o| tensL-M per copy per aunum; payable
in advance. The Daily Patriot and the Phila
delphia Daily Jlecord (Sunday edition excepted
xx ill be sent one year to any address for **.oo
cash in advance. Send for specimen copies of
the Daily and Weekly Patriot. In remitting
money lur subscription send post ofilee money
order, check >r draft. Address
32'> Market street.
The Bee Hive Store
I has many patrons in Centre county, the result of
many years' patient and honest dealing and a quick
I insight in their wants and wishes.
A large invoice of choice Spring Goods
have arrived. Will be pleased to show
them to you.
Muslins, on which our reputation is unquestioned
were never as low as they are now.
Hill Muslin at 8 1-2 cts. Very best
goods at 10 cts. The unbleached muslins
are accordingly as cheap.
We are selling a surprisingly good Gingham at
5 cts., very good at 8 cts.
Best Whittendon Shirtings at 9 c. You
will need them before long, buy them
now before they are gone.
The Bee Hive Store is headquarters for Tickings.
An unusually fine line and cheap.
Turkey Red Table Linen warranted Fast Colors,
50 cts. Pr yd.
The 6th invoice of Jamestown Dress Goods have
arrived, best goods for the money that can be pur
chased. 25 c. A new and choice line of 12 1-2 cent
Cashmeres and Silks in abundance. One half ton of CAR
PET CHAIN. 25 cts. We get your carpets made for you and
charge you the weaver's price.
We have just received the finest and largest line of CARPETS
And most extensive Ectaiters of Dry Goods in the city.
> I W
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SI 1 X
3 I* ; >
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t is < 2
ZD 5 m
v? D S y ?
SL\ 2 co s, *—>
I S H > *i
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M 2 W gj .to.:
UH = f ffl B I
Os 8 H
izj > g. 1 ::>:i
co = B b> a 1 i:B:i
|. t ° 5° W 3 , pN.j
*J: ; a Z <rt- i. W*i
W ?c CD r| :* ij*l
X h- LJ 2
: r : 5 v o u
:5: § ft Q 3 i:3:
:|: g g hp: .fed-;
e p. □ a |:g;;
Jj = UH 2
d 8 £. □.5
££ I 3 pi
Cj 2 g HS*
|r FBE
t- 1 S & & 3
O S 8- <e . _
s 3S ™ £
* sr
Q § P0
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