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Chicken Cholera.
It is epidemio, characterized by a
diarrhoea, as a rule, and very destruc
tive to life(says the Journal of Agricul
ture). The disease is generally sud
den in development. Fowls will lay
on one day and the next day be carried
off by the diseasa Still it is not always
or frequently eo rapid in its course.
We had previously examined thepreni
ises where the birds had been kept
through the winter, and found they
were too crowded, twenty-five birds
roosting in a space about six by seven
feet and four feet high, in one corner
of a dark and badly ventilated
stable, and believe the cause of the
disease to have been virtually blood
poisoning, induced by uncleanliness,
careless feeding and close, unventi
lating quarters at night.
Cropa In Orchards,
A Yermont corespondent of the
Practical Farmer gives some of the re
mits of his experiments in cultivating
Drchards, which, although according
with the experiments of others, may
oe useful. Sowing wheat in an orch
ard always checks the growth of the
trees, even if the ground is manured.
Oats are exhausting, but less so thnn
wheat. Com and potatoes both an
swer well, and the cultivation they re
ceive benefits the trees. In one '"n
stance half an orchard was sown with
wheat, and the consequence was that
it was put back two years as compared
with the other half. Wheat in a
thrifty young plum orchard ruined it.
To these statements we may add the fol
lowing: A neighbor set out a hun
dred peach trees, cultivating a part of
the ground in potatoes, and the re
mainder was put in wheat. None of
the trees in tho potatoes grew less
than a foot and a half, and some sent
up shoots two feet high. Xone of those
which stood in the wheat ground grew
more than three inches.
Clover n Fertilizer.
A stick of wood burned on the sur
face mostly pjisses off into gas, leaving
only the ashes; but the same stick, if
burnt in a coal-pit excluded from the
air. forms a uyiss of carbon of nearly
M* quite its original size. Now. all de
lay of matter is a slow com
bustion, and when this is done-under
the soil, not only are the gases ft**,
tained in the soil, but more caibon is
formed, and this carbon has the power
to appropriate the valuable gases al
ways present in the atmosphere. The
great value of clover as a fertilize** is
due. first to the carbon furnished by
the decay of the plant, and second to
the fine mechanical effect on the soil,
which renders it porous, so that the
atmosphere penetrates it and deposits
plant-food. It is clear that better fer
tilizing effects will result from the
ploughing down of the crop to dec.ay
in the soil. Ordinarily more can be
made out of the tops than they are
worth for manure, and, if rightly man
aged, the roots will supply the needed
fertility.— Pennsylrania Farmer.
Wet Pasture*.
One of the most serious obstacles in
the way of successful dairying is aw et
pasture. Land that is saturated with
water produces unwholesome herbage,
the grass is rank and sour, and some
times the herbage consists wholly of
sedges and other coarse plants that are
not easily digestible. Such food can
not produce good milk, and the milk
made from such food will not make
cheese or butter. But very often
ihis coarse, rank food produces disease
in the cows. This is more especially
the crse with yearlings and young cat
tle whose digestive powers are not
fully matured. Another injury results
from the use of such pastures. Vapor
is constantly arising or settling over
low wet lands, and the presence of this
vapor greatly affects the temperature.
Every farmer knows how frosts occur
upon such low grounds when higher
lands are free from them. Now, all
these influences seriously affect the
health of cattle feeding on such lands.
The vapor arising from them is loaded
with poisonous germs, which infects
the blood when they are breathed into
the lungs. The moisture which settles
down upon them is cold, and as it con
denses into visible vapor this absorbs
from the cold air various unheal! hful
and injurious gases which are always
arising from the decaying vegetable
matter in the soil. Every one knows
more or less of what malaria is and
how it affects persons. Cattle are as
subject to these atmospheric poisons as
human beings are, and what we know
as malaria frequently produces dis
eases which cause wonderment and
surprise to tho owners of the sick ani
mals. So the cold which causes the
frost in these low places chills the ani
mals, and a chill to a milking cow is
most apt to affect the udder first and
produce garget, at which again the
owner -wonders, and for which he can
not account. Pregnant cows suddenly
chilled in this way, especially by lying
down upon the ground, lose their
calves, and still again the owners
wonder how that can happen, when
every care, as he supposes, has been
taken of the animals. But such
things are caused by wet, undrained
pastures, and every farmer should by
every possible means remove such a
constant danger from his farm by
draining these lands. This is the sea
son for such work, and wherever it
1 needs to be done the opportunity of
doing it should not he missed.— New
York Times.
Tloiift*hol<l Hints.
Salt sprinkled over a carpet will
brighten the colors.
Tepid water is produced by combin
ing two-thirds cold and one-third boil
In making any sauce put the butter
and flour in together and your sauce
will never be lunipv.
A little whitening applied to white
paint when washing it will cleanse it
quickly and take the yellow tint away.
Whenever you see your sauee boil
from the side of the pan you may
know that your Hour or corn starch is
Flannels should not be washed very
often. Change the garments frequent
ly and air those taken off in the open
air .and sun. Unless they are really
soiled do not wash them.
A pretty morning cap may bo made
out of a tine cambric handkerchief.
Border it with narrow lace, then turn
up the corners and tack down. A bow
of ribbon on the top will be an im
The Origin of Silk.
If we put trust in tradition there is a
legend that Tchin, the oldest son of ,la
phet, father of the Asiatic race, taught
his children the art of pn paring silk,
as well as the arts of painting and
sculpture. Be this as it may, it is cer
tain that about three thousand years bo
fore the Christian era a Chinese book,
the Chou-King, described silken cords,
which were stretched upon a musical
instrument, invented by the Finperor
Fo-Hi. One of his successors, Chin-
Xong, reputed inventor of the plough,
explained to his contemporaries what
beautiful stuffs could he obtained by
the cultivation of the mulberry tree,
and about the year 2t>oo B. C., an em
press, to whom a grateful posterity as
signed a place in a celestial constella
tion, perfected the art of unravelling
the cocoon and weaving. From that
time silk culture had its principal seat
near the northern portion of the Yel
low river, in the province of Chan-
Tong. There was produced the silk
for the royal household. Yellow was
the chosen color for the emperor, em
press and prince imperial, violet for
the other wives of the emperor, blue
For-distinguished officers, red for those
less conspicuous, and black for every
one else. In the bix,' of rites, Li-Ki,
the ceremonies performed ai 'be har
vest are carefully described. Keen
the empress did not disdain to gathir
the leaves of the mulberry with he'
own dainty fingers and watched over
the rearing of the busy toilers of the
! cocoon.
For a longtime this valuable indus
try remained the exclusive property
of the Chinese empire, but about tiie
third century before the Christian era
a military expedition from China bore
the results of its civilization to the
Occident. Silk became known in Per
sia and India, and was at last brought
to Europe. The soldiers of Crassus,
fifty-six years before Christ, saw silk
en standards among the Parthians, and
a few years later an immense velarium
of silk protected the spectators in the
Roman circus from the rays of the
sun. From this time the Romans were
always provided with the beautiful
textures which were the admiration
of their legions. Vet silk was still the
privileged possession of the rich, and
in the time of Aurelian, who flourish
ed in the third century, was worth
about foity times its present value.
The True Cent lonian.
The following sketch of the true
gentleman was found in an old manor
house in Gloucestershire, England,writ
ten and framed, and hung over the
mantel-piece of a tapestried sitting
room :
"The true gentleman is God's ser
vant, the world's master, and his own
man. Virtue his business, study hie
recreation, contentment his rest, and
happiness his reward. God is his fath
er ; the church his mother, the saints
his brethren, all that need him his
friends. Devotion his chaplain; Chris
tianity his rhamberlain ; sobriety his
butler ; temperance his co<k ; hospi
tality his housekeeper ; Providence his
steward ; charity his treasurer ; piety
his mistress of the house; and discretion
his porter, to let in or out as most fit.
This is the whole family, made up of
the virtues, and he is the master of the
house. lie is necessitated to take the
world on the way to heaven, but he
walks through it as fast as he can, and
all his business by the way is to make
himself and others happy. Take him
in two words—a man and a Chris
Don't invite them if you don't want
Don't run into debt to entertain them
in style.
Don't wear your Sunday dress when
you are cooking the dinner.
Don't show them off too publicly il
they happen to be distinguished indi
viduals, and don't hide them if they
are poor relatives.
Don't change the complexion of your
family prayers to match the religion to
which they happen to belong.
Don't tell them every minute to make
themselves at home, but make your
house so liome-like they can't help feel
ing at home.
! M;S I M ;V. s.
LONDON, Dec. I.— -O'Donnell. the slayer of
Uarey, the informer, wits yesterday found
guilty of murder, and was sentenced to
death. The jury was out only two hours.
The reported evacuation of Bac-Ninh and
.-'onlay i- not yet confirmed.
Archbishop Cooke, of Dublin, in an ad.
dress yesterday, spoke hopefully of Ireland's
Hicks Cash i is said by nn eyewitness to
have been slain by a lance on the third day
of the battle, llis ariuy had been without
water for three days, and suffered terribly.
More trouble is apprehended in Newry,
Ireland. The Notionalists were to have had
a torchlight procession last night, but in
view of a threatened riot, the procession was
Another Chinese iron-clad was launched at
Stettin yesterday. Immense quantities of
war material are being sent to China. The
report of the committee on Touquin-credita
was read in the French Chamber of Deputies
yesterday. It recommends that endeavors be
made to llnd a basis for the solution of the
Franco-Chinese difficulty for the purpose of
Avoiding a conflict.
Win. <T. Blackburne has been arrested at
Leudville for passing a $10;) counterfeit bill
on the National Exchange Hank of Haiti
Joseph Manzon, the Cuban who mysteri
ously disappeared from Hoston a fortnight
ago, is now alleged to be in Mexico actively
preparing with others of his countrymen to
make free his native island.
Elections on the question of "license" or
"no license" were held Saturday in the towns
Marion, Wimsboro'and Ogdensburg, S. C. f
resulting in each instance in overwhelming
victories for the prohibition party.
An aged colored couple in Terre Haute,
Ind., who had twenty-five children, four of
whom were killed in the war, decline a pen
sion, saying that the Government had done
enough for them in emancipating their race.
The miners employed at the Pocahontas
coal mines in Virginia, the terminus of the
New River Railroad, are 011 strike for an ad
vance in wages. The strike is general, and
if it continues it will greatly embarrass tlie
A company is being formed in Pittsburg,
l*n., to transport oil South and West. It is
proposed to use bulk boats instead of pipes,
uid it is thought tlmt the project will receive
the support of all refiners who are antago
nistic to the Standard Oil Company.
Gen. Jeremy F. Gilmer, a prominent citi
/.en of Savannah. Ga , is dead. Ho was a
.;raduate of West Point and an officer 111 the
>ld army, and afterwards a general in the
Confederate service. He was president of
the Savannah Gaslight Company, and a di
roctor of the Georgia Central Railroad.
At each corner of the Calvert street bridge,
Baltimore, is placed an immense stone statue
of a lion. These statues are of a beautiful
workmanship and cost several thousand dol
i irs. Some unknown vandal committed a
villainous act. He broke off tho tails of
every one of the lions and managed o de
stroy the beauty of the statues.
The debt statement issued December 1,
shows the decrease of the public debt during
the month of November to be $1,721,(>76,£0;
decrease of debt since June .'SO, I>B3, s4l,*
330.14 >,03 ; cash in the treasury $304,760,513.*
81 : gold certificates outstanding $8.",132.ff20'
-liver certificates outstanding $101,782, Ml :
certificates of deposit outstanding $14,465,-
UOv): refunding certificates outstanding $318,-
450; legal tenders outstanding $340,1581.010;
fractiona currency outstnding 6.1(30,:k)3.31.
At Corinth, Miss., a daring attempt was
made to rob A. McWillinms, the Southern
express agent. He had just placed in a safe
a large amount of money received a few
minutes previously from an east-bound
train, when suddenly a masked man entered
the room with a drawn pistol, and demanded
the safe-key. Without waiting for n reply
he tired on McWilliaras, the ball striking four
inches below the right nipple. McWillinms
threw a lighted lamp at the robber, drew his
pistol and fired three shots, but with what
effect is not known, and has not been seen
since. It is thought that two persons were
engaged in the contemplated robbery, as a
colored man saw two men running away
from the express office after the shooting.
LONDON. NOV. !50.---The trial of O'Donnell,
vho shot Carey, the informer, was begun in
London yesterday. Mrs. Carey, her son and
icveral other witnesses were on the stand,
uid gave damaging testimony against the
Private advices from Servia state thnt
there are nlarming signs of n revival of the
recent uprising.
King Alfonso, of Spain, yesterday unveiled
a statue of Queen Isabella the Catholic, in
Madrid. The German Crown Prince wit
nessed the ceremony. The King and the
Prince afterward inspected the troops at the
barracks. In the evening a ball was given
in honor to the Prince, to which two thou
sand persons were invited.
The John P. King mill, at Augusta, Ga.,
has commenced baling goods for tho market.
The company has a capital of $1,000,000, and
begins operations with a surplus of nearly
Ambrose West, colored, I'* years old, con
victed of the murder of James Monroe, was
hanged at Isabella, Ga. The rope broke on
the first attempt, and the execution was post
poned an hour.
Mrs. Laura Riall, aged 27 years, wife of
Mr. John R. Riall, No. 270 West Biddle
street, Bait. more, killed her two little chil
dren yesterday and cut her own throat, in
flicting a mortal wound.
Joseph Jewell, one of three men wno mnr
tiered M. P. Uenowden to get his earnings,
(21.0 )0,) was hanged at San Jose, Cal. IN lien
the black cap was put on he said: "Put it on
squarely; you've got it twisted." His neck
was not broken by the fall, and several sec
onds afterwards he made an effort as if to
raise himself up, and cried out, "Oh!"
A mortgage for $10.0)0, O K) in favor of the
Fanners' Loan and Trust Company by the
Bankers and Merchants' Telegraph Company
has been recorded at Lancaster, Pa. The
object of the loan is to extend the wires of
the telegraph company in New York, New
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the
District of Columbia.
LONDON, Nov. 29.—A more hopetnl feeling
prevails in Paris with regard to a pacific so
lution of the Franco-Chinese difficulty. Mr.
Leon Say has been elected president of the
Senate, to succeed M. Waddington.
The French decree admitting American
pork authorizes the seizure of all pork im
perfectly salted.
M. de Leseops received assurances from
Mr. Gladstone before leaving London that
England would not facilitate the making of
a second Suez canal.
A Frenchman named Bondurand has been
arrested in London on suspicion of being
implicated with the socialist Wolff in the
plot to blow up the German embassy.
A fire *t St. Pnris. 0.. recently, flestroyea
thirty-five houses; loss ,*140,(03.
Nathaniel Lee, of Madison, t n< t* "" n R' r J
farmer, hft been swindled out of< by
(ho three-card monte game.
Fire in the storago warehouses JV and 40
Wost Lombard street, Baltimore, caused a
loss of about S7S,(KG, mostly ootton.
In Boston Rev. Warren H. Oudworth, pus
tor of the Church of Our Saviour, (Unitarian)
dropped dead while offering prayer.
The report of the Massachusetts savings
bank commission shows that a little lean
than one-half of the depositors of that Stnt*
ere women and children.
TheFifeshiro Journal states that Mr. Low
ell has been asked to withdraw from the
rectorship of St* Andrew's University, to
which he was recently elected, and that an
other election will bo held.
The Emperor William of Germany Wed
nesday sent a congratulatory dispatch to
King Alfonso of Spain on the occasion of
his birthday, and presented him from the
Crown Prince with a statuette of the grtuj
A fire at 12 o'clock Thursday night des
troyed the Windsor Theatre, in the Bowery,
one of the largest in New York city. The
performance had closed and no one was in
the honse.
Dr. James 0. Buck, a prominent resident
of Braddook, Pa , was sentenced to five years
and six months in the penitentiary on ac
count of his connection with the Gordon
gang of highwaymen.
By a recent decision of the New York
Court of Appeals, L. 0. Woodruff, of Buffalo,
was awarded a judgment amounting with in
terest to Sift'O.iiOO against the New York,
Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company.
The Supreme Court of Georgia, in the
case of Cunningham against the National
Bank of A.ugustn, has decided that cotton
future notes are absolutely void.
A party of thirty-five prominent Boston
manufacturers nnd capitalists have arrived
at Raleigh, N. C. The party will make a
tour of the States to investigate resources.
Commodore W. J. Kountz, proprietor ot
the Allegheny Mail. Pittsburg, was convicte 1
yepterdny of criminal libel, and sentenced to
thirty days in jail and to pay n fine of SSOO.
LONPON, NOV. L'7.— -Count Von Moltke has
b en appointed chancellor of the Order of
the Black Eagle by Eraporer William.
Rumors that Admiral Courbet had been
defeated created intense excitement in Paris
Tin' new Spanish minister to Washington
has been instructed to watch Cuban affairs.
The Dutch bark Judith went down off the
Norwegian coast. Fourteen persons were
The Australian conference for the discu*
sion of the annexation scheme has gathered
at Sidney.
The French cabinet has decided to rescind
the edict prohibiting the importation of
American pork.
Some Spanish aud French papers In 1 1
Germany responsible for the uprising in il •
Philippine Islands.
The Egyptian government declares that u
assent must be obtained to any change in
the status of the Suez Canal.
The Orangemen are making arrangement!-
for a monster demonstration to be held at
Newry on Sunday next. Twenty thousand
have promised to attend.
Washington Notes
Hon. John G. Carlisle, of Kentucky, has
been nominnted for Speaker at the Demo
cratic caucus on Saturday evening by the
following vote:
Alabama. 8 i 1
Arkansa*. i> .. ..
California, j 2 1 8
Connecticut, .. 8
Delaware, 1 .. '
Florida, 1 .. ,
Cooricia, S 1 ..
Illinois. 7
ludiana, 7 1
lowa. 8 .. 1
Kentucky. 8
l,outMitna, 4 I ..
Maryland. .. 4
Masaachusetta, ' t ; 2
MichiKan, ' 6
Mississippi, | 6 ..
Missouri. 11 .. 2
Nevada, I 1
New Jersey. .. .8
New York. 7 18
North Carolina. 4 2
Ohio. 2 6
Pennsylvania. 11
South Carolina, 4 2
Tennessee, 6 2 ; 1
Texas. 10 .. j
Virginia, I 8 ..
West Virginia, 2 I 1 '
Wisconsin, 5 .. |
Total. 106 I 82 , >
After the vote was polled, the nomination
was made unanimous on motion of ex-Go\\
t oirtaiu, of Pennsylvania.
Congress meets on Monday at 12 o'clock,
when the nomination of Mr. Carlisle will be
confirmed. Also John B. Clark, of Mis
-ouri, clerk: John P. Leedom, of Ohio, Ser
gcant-at-Arins; J. G. Wintersmith. of Texas,
door keeper, and L. Dalton, of Indiana, past
Rev. John S. Lindsay, pastor of the Prot
estant Episcopal Church, Georgetown. D.
was unanimously nominated for chaplain on
motion of Gen. Slocum. of New York, sec
onded by Gen. Rosecrans, of California.
All the officers of the last Honse were nom
inated by the Republican caucus.
FLOUR—City Mills, extra. U 00 @ $475
WHEAT—Southern Fult... 110 @ 114
CORN—Southern White .... 56 @ 59
do. —Yellow - 56 @ 6 )
RYE—Good 63 @ 65
OATS—Maryland 40 @ 41
COTTON—Middling lOJtf @
do. —Good ordinary.. 9 @
HAY—Md. and Pa.Timot'ylSOO @l7 00
STRAW—Wheat 700 @ 800
PUTTER—Western prime. 29 @ 31
do. —West Virginia... 21 @ 24
CU EESE—N. Y. State ch'oe 11 @ 12
do. —Western prime.. 7 @ 8
EGGS 28 @ 30
CATTLE 375 @ 550
SWINE 6 @ 6
TOBACCO LEAF—lnferior 250 @ 400
Good common 200 @ 300
Middling 700 @ 750
Good to fine red 800 @ 10 00
Fancy 10 00 @ 1500
COTTON —Middling upland 10 @ 10Ji
FLOUR —Southern com. to
fair extra 600 @ 600
WIIEAT—No. 1 white 116 @ 118
RYE—State 70 @ 73
CORN —Southern Ye110w.... 58 @ 60
OATS—White State 86 @ 38
BUTTER—State 18 @ 35
CII EESE—State 10 @ 12
EGGS 28 @ 31
FLOUR —Penna. fancy 500 @ 565
WHEAT—Pa. and Southern
red 113 @ 116
Rl' E—Pennsylvania 60 @ 62
CORN—Southern ye110w.... 55 @ 58
OATS 36 @ 38
BUTTER—State 20 @ 30
CUEESE--N. Y. factory 12
EGGS-State 20 @ 30
The Rc.irrlty of gentlemen at a
neighboring .summer resort was so ap
parent that a Boston lady telegraphed
her husband:—' George, bring down a
lot of beans for the hop, this evening."
Thanks to the telegraph manipulator,
George arrived with a "pot of beans."
II Mw lie Doubled Hie Trad*.
•M*. llonj. W. l'aton, pharmacist,
Globo Village, Mass., says that the mi
raculous pain-cure, St. Jacob's Oil, 1 a4
greatly helped his other business, and
the sales of the remedy have doubled
in one month, lie keeps a large sup
ply always on hand. Olllcers of the
Army and Navy pronounce St. Jacob's
Oil to le the greatest pain-cure of the
"Sofa BO good," remarked the young man
who couldn't get too close to his best girl.
There are > o 'O.OOO in fino house* along
Fifth irente, Nj York, yielding *1,000,(8.)
in taxe .
A son of Kossuth is a mairied man in Il
linois. He is eiiid to be doing well.
"The gold fever in Dakota will be cooled
off in about a month, when a blizzard strikes
i'," says an old miner.
If bilious, or suffering from impurity of
blood, or weak limps nnd fear consu option
(scrofulous disease of the lungs), ta ;o Dr.
Pierce's "Gulden Medical Discovery" and it
will cure you. i'y druggists.
There are l'i.HdO cart and wagon licenses
n New York.
is n bad thing, but I)-. Pierce's "Favorite
Prescription" deserves its nnine. It is a cer
tain cure for tho c e painful maladies and
weakness which embitter the lives of so
many women. >f druggists.
An old sedler—The veteran who pays liis
lulls promptly.
Being entirely vegetable, no particular
care is required while using I)r. Pierce's
"Pleasant Purgative Pellets." They operate
without disturbance to the constitution, diet
or occupation. For sick headache, o >n*tipa
liou, impure blood, dizziness, sour eructa
tions froiu the sto riaeli, I a I taste in mouth,
bilious att icks, pain in region of kidney, in
ternal f< v r. bloated feeling about stomach,
rush of blood to head, take Dr. Pierce's
"pellets." Bf dm; gists.
"Winter is close on us and no clothes on
ns," say the poor.
Straighten your boots A shoes with Lyon's
Patent Jleol Stiffcners, and wear them again
THEVOI.TAIC BEI.T fV>.,Marshall, Mich.,will
send Dr. Ih e's Celebrated Electro-Voltaic
Belts and Electric Appliances on trial for
B0 days to nu n,young or old.wl.oare afflicted
with nervous debility, lost vitality and kin
dred trouble*, guaranteeing speedy and com
plete restoration of health and manly vigor.
Address as above.- -N. 11.—No ri*k is in
curred, as thirty days' trial is allowed.
Have you seen the Chrolithion collarsaud
cuffs? Something ne *. Ask for them.
Ttie I rntrrAxl* (ireiwe.
1* the best in the market. It is the most
economical and cheapest, one box lasting ns
long as two of any other. One greasing will
: last two weeks. It received tirst premium at
! the ( and Paris Expositions, and
medals at various State Fairs. Buy no other.
Use St. Patrick's Halve, and learn its great
i vnlue. One trial convinces.
i fie Contrast.
AS the sable i* to ermine: as smnt to flour;
■ as coal to ulabaster; a* si>ot to driven snow,
o is Carbolino, the perfection of all Hair
Renewers, to nil other preparations.
FOB nvsrr.rsu. IKPIOESTIOM. depression of spir-
UN and general debility in their various forms .
: also as a pr* ventive against fever and ague and
; other intermittent f> vers, the
! Urd Elixir of Calisaya," made bv Caswell.
dNzr.rd A* Co., New York, ami sold by all Drug
gists, is the best tonic : and for patients recover
ng from fever or other sickness it has no equal.
Dr R. A. Di.vis, L'OO Joralcinon St., Brook
lyn, says: *'Physicians generally know no
i cute for rheumatism and Bright's kidney
dotage. Dr. Elmore is the fir*t to discover
tin. lli • RUumnrine-Goutalinerffltft/cum
The greatest Engine in the world is the
new Baxter portable, in use ull over th 1
world. Descriptive circulars free. Address
J. ('. Todd, 17 Barclay St., New York.
After Tbrce Dnys.
Mr. CUART.ES W. Mounts. "Fugle" office,
Pittstid i, Vn s M writes. May "5. 1S83: "For
several mouth' my wife's mother (Mrs. Amy
Bo) te) had b.en in a very precarious con :i
--tion with dropsy o- Br gilt's disease of the
kidneys, and having used nil me:bods and
measures for her re-tointion in the line of
treatment by our leading physicians, and
i having failed to I enefit I er, her fnmily de
■ spaired of seeing her relieved, nnd gave her
' up to die. Happening to run across the tes
! timony of a Mrs. I>aw lev. wh > had been Cured
of similar sickness by u i Hunt's Remedy,
we at once j r.c ired a boi 'o of it. and com
menced gi n;it a* dip ctcd. After using it
three da\s -lu* was so far im; roved that sho
could re*, from her bed lo be- '-hair without
assistance (a c r.' tliat had n it hap
pened for months). Previous to taking it
she xv is troubled more or le-s with short
breath, requiring a con'inuous fanning .o
keep her alive. This gradually improved ns
we continual the use of Hunt's Rem. dy, and
on the fo r;h bottle she was able to setup all
day. She was bloated teriil ly in both limbs
nnd b< dy upward to the lungs. The tenth
day tho bloating loft her bowels, and now she
is not swell' n above the knees. lit r kidneys
wore xer lad at tho time, discharge* being
of a bloody eh tractor and omit: ng a sicken
ing odor. I can say that the change in her
caee has boon v. aid rful, and Hunt's Reined*
has worked a miracle in her."
No lii' a I.l' fi 11.
No medicine lnts ever b >n known so effec
tual in tho cure of all those (li- arising
from an impure condition of the blood as
Soovill's Far-aparil'a, < r B1 od and Liver
Syrup, for the cure of scrofula, white swell
ings, rheumatism, pimyles, bl >tcho*, erup
tions, venereal sores an I ilisoisei, cmsuinp
i tion, goitre, boils, cancors, and all kindred
difeoes No bettor m ans of securing a
beautitul complexion ran be obtained 11 an
by using Scovill's Bio nl aud Liver Syrup,
which clean-e- th • b'oorl a><i gix'es beauty to
the skin.
Bronchitis is cured by frequent small
doses of l'iso's Cure for Consumption.
CURES,. _ . ..
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago Eackache, Headache, Toothache,
Sore Tl .on I.SIWCIL IN UR.,
Iturii". Senilis, Flo*' lino.
Bold by Druggists nnd Dealers ever* where. Fifty Ceuts a bottle.
Bold by kb Directions iu 11 Languages. _
(6u*or. to A. VwiLLItACaT llaltliuo. .-. .11.1., r. 8. A.
MHBKTui fine writing paper, w blotar, with
calendar, by mail for goc. Agents Wanted.
ECONOMY PKINTINO CO.. Newburyport. Mass.
I MfiXTffifl nio ke bushels of money selling the
A 111-I XlbileNtiiie Wonder.:*Bamplespost
flit Em I jjl'aiileScC.J.O.h'.xMluftiilo.N.y.
QIIHIf and WHSIK.Y IIAIti'IS cured
IS f* I IUI Iwßat home without pain. Book of par
icul ars Kent free. P.M. WOOLLKY. M- P.. AtlantaGa.
Ann a week. sl2 a day at horaeeasily mado. Coaly
3) / £. out tit free. Address TBUB A Co.. Augusta, Me.
*r e') i per day at homo. Samples worth o irea
3>J 10 < '•£•> AddraaStinsouA- Vo.. Porttind, Me.
CCR a week in TOUT own town. 'Formsand iio outtit irea
wx)U Address 11. 1 lull ell tV Co., Portland, Maine*
IkvM of la Fittest!
■a family medicixb that nis qealkdl
hmui li® uhitJ
Tho Moxlcnn BluMnnff I.lnlmont hfi9|
■ been known tor tnnro than thirty-flvuM
■ vcars us tho b<t of all l.iulincnts, forß
I Man an (1 Doast. its sales today arcW
I larger thun ever, it cures whi'n allEj
others full, an<l ju'nctrntcs skin, tcndonH
Inn<l raasclo, to tho very bono. 6oldH
An Only Daughter Cured of
"When death was hourly expected, all
remedies having failed, ana Dr. 11.
James was experimenting with the many
herbs of Calcutta, he accidentally made
a preparation which cured his only child
of consumption. Ilis child is now In
this country and enjoying the best of
health. He has proved to the world that
consumption can bo positively and per
manently cured. The doctor now gives
this recipe free, only asking two ,2-cent
stamps to pay expenses. The herb also
cures night sweats,nausea at the stomach,
and will break up a fresh cold in twenty
four hours. Address Craddock A Co.,
1032 Dace street, Philadelphia, naming
this paper.
U ll % l feitfft
nil ■ Sll V Bitters haa received
CILIbHATEB the most positive n'
dorsement from ami
r\ Rant physicians, and
|na\% he* long occnpiad a
foremost rank among
x it- <d standard proprietary
remedies. Ita prop
fi/T jF"AE\ij erties a* an altars
,• l t 7 gilff }'A6 tire of diao rda r e d
ipgg •' 'JSI * "i HI" n■ of tho
Viy,;y- *-'■ cyy yfejjKfr atomach, lber and
do-eases ara no laea
. ren wind-
H aii OMA .£. H #eC Js
> H.<. la thsqulekoet, pleaaanteet,
/oC, Mir it and best remedy lor kidney.
v^.( -'/lr> y vV/' "wr, at mach, bladder and blood
di sennas, and only real carativa ever
diaoovered for acuta .nd chronio
rheumatism. gont, lumbago, aciat-
O/ ,*, L X> tea. n undtfli, ate. Haa ens 1 ti'>p<v
la-a cb*- Brig A'* dtn*u and dyni>j*ia In 3 week-— all
forma of rheumatic diturbn in it to U wraln— relieve#
inflammatory m 1 day. CiS refer to Lgndn d- of reUa people cared who had trial ia vain everything 1 no.
Purely botanic, h .I'ulcna. an Ince to irin';. Auk yo r
drugs at to gi t it; if he decline* orad to aa for it— taka
nothing else. Klmura. Ailama AOo.. lUa Wiiuana at. . N. Y
To Speculators.
R. Lindblom & Co., N. 6. Miller & Co.
6 and 7 Chamber of to Br .v ivtay
J'hicwo Nrw YoHf*
Members of all prominent Prolnsa Lxchanges in
N'*w Vork, Chicago. St. Louis and Milwaukee
We have exclusive pr.vare telegraph wire bet ween
Chicago and N'nw Vork. Will execute orders on our
judgment when requested. Send for circular a eon.
taining particulars HOOT. LINDBLOM A 00..
Chicago- ________
AN n: i barinaa
A NEW. nr'Utn!, chmp lantern, for projecting and en
lervin r pliot 'T i ■ .r' romoc. r-l. ooaque picture* and
ohj . Work like maiki,nn t dellgbta sad mystifies' lv. S i d b rourfti Imi lfn ede nativerin nlnr
Mcitiuv 111u. Pen Co.. Box ?;■. N. V. City, N. I'.
b| y^SS^SSSE^sI^M
Ml B*t Cough Sjmip Tiwtce gfrfvL p|
jjc Use !u Cute. fk>!d hvdrufptisi*. fcj
I have a positive remedy for the above disease; bv 1U
B?* thousand* of ca*es of the worrt kind and of long
standing have been cured. Indeed, so strcnif i* bit faV.a
In i'.sefncaov, that I will send TWO liOTTLESPKEEi. to
gother with uVALCABI.E THEATISKon this disease, te
amy sufferer. Give Exprr** and P. O. address.
DR. T. A. bLOCUM, lit Tcari Bu. New York.
gta M an fr a Life Scholarship im lb*
Ivi /3 gl Celsmnn Bv*ine* College.
%, A -l M I Nework, N'W JtrM*y. P i-iti n* for
E i M % il m graduates. Nat.< u*! pftr-'n-go. Write
N|w M for Circnlan to H. COLEMAN S CO.
JL ' A A JLfl rm i i.a . Pa. M'-j ag" Book 10 C
1 piece, Sickfl without cents. Dime of 1?76, Cent with
eagle on, or #2 for Half Dollar with letters around edge.
SEIFKTTSK, Ntromeburg, Nebraska.
Oil f OWREtTm two to three days
i.r circtiV r. Tree SOc l'r b.'X
■ A RAFFFNMM r.C! lt.Fpt tijbCd, O.
vV AVi i it exi ri.-med Book and Bible Agents in
* v every oonnty. Liberal Salaries Paid Address,
stating experience, P. O. Box g. g .Philadelphia. Pa.
Caml'Hok MtUt i* the best l.iniiuent. Price 35 cents.
In order to Incresse our already Isrr* Hat of yearly subscribers to lOO'OQO befor* the ISth of Jannary, w H
make tli* following llbrral and magnificent oflbr to mwmrj reader of tl>i ndTertUraroi wlui wishes to H
I|V take advantage of it at our*.
W rnn nui V ntlt nni t AD w wrtil oatar yt aaw at Ht knhacitpilnn books and forward fw K
rUn UNLT UflU UULLnn f..<r nao nr |i*tn||o a*H our old-raiabHshed and wait- B
known pnUlratioa. TK HI HOUSEHOLD MAGrAMNE_JZI\ h £ ■
nnmbetr.l receipt, which rutill llio bolder to oua ul Ho loliuwlng MAGNIFICENT AND COSTLY I
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10 Ladies' • " 44 44 400
Alao 93 577 other oaeful and ralnatda presents, ranging In aatna from 15 cents to JIM etch, maklngatofalof Bfl
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JAN. 15 IBS - IN NEW YORK CITY. tnrtliar particulate to be gteen hereafter. Subacrila a who BpH
d.> nut attend ran naro pi-een:* aent to any part of tha United State* oi Canada. Printed Ilata of tl.a awaida will ba Mm
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M SSOOO IN PRIZES TO AGENTS """"•fl'&Kip u " " I
With c our nulMirriplion and r-reipt -nd om CO.tFIDENTIAL rEUMS where we Oder SSOOO I
txla in pi irr* to the one tending in the mo9t subscribers before Jan. 15th. We refer to any ■
agi Kew York Publishers as to our responsibility. Money in sums ..r one *r two dollartcanbe ■
sent by orSnsry letter (Tn-cer sums should be sent by regletered letter or P. O. money oroer.
|?J ' Address TH33 HOUSEHOLD MiYOiASSmBOOOf. f
vention is better than cure. JOHNSON'S ANOJDVNE LINIMENT CURES Influenza, Hoarse^
ncßs. Hacking Cough, Whooping Cough, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Kidney Troubles, and
Lame Rack. Sold everywhere. Circulars sent FREE. I. 8. JOHNSON <fc CO., Boston, Mass.
f iii.ll All/AVM,l9l.ll!tei!H3tai
!i II Is J olSsf U I Ladies or Gentlemen, selling our U [ 111 nn n V
■ Ha m I Writ* *t oac* fot pcrtl.u'tr, to fg r Si K(1
lea Positive Cnr
Por all these Painful Complaints and WutiHMl
io eoaamen ta one heat female pepnlatlen.
A Medicine for ITomnn. Inve*Ud by • WM.
Prepared by a ffomti.
Ml* OrsatMt ■ wheal Dbmrwy 81am the Bawa *f HlaUry.
trlt revives too drooping aplnw, lnrlgoratea and
harmonlaea tha organic functions, gives elasticity an#
flrtnnsm to the step, reatorea the natural lustre to the
•ye and plants on tho pale choek of woman the fresh
rosea of life's spring and early summer time.
CifPhyslciani Use It and Prescribe It Freely
It removes faint nest, flatulency, destroys all
for ettmalnnt, rellovcs woaknoas of the stomach.
flat feeling of bearing down, causing pain, weight
and backache, la always permanently cured by Its use.
Per the eure ®f Kidney Complaints ef cither ees
this Compound is uasurpssacd.
wfll eradicate every veatige of humors from the
Blood, and give tone mid strength to the sywem, or
utan Yvouuo or cliilde liipit oo having lte
Both the Compound and Blood Purifier are prepared
at sa and 833 Western Avenue, Lynn, Maaa. Price of
either, $L Six bottlea for SS. Sent by mail In the form
of pills, or of losengee, on receipt of price, t> r>vr bo*
for either. Mrs. Pinkham freely answers all lettera od
Inquiry Enclose Set. stamp. Bend for pamphlet.
No family should he without LYDIA E. PTNXHAITS
LIVER PlLl-S. They cure oonstipstlon, blllousnrea
fivii torpidity of the liver. 8 cents per box.
II N V 4 ~
Reliable", Durable and EcouimicaL wW /n.OA e
hvrn po,r.r trilh H I'M /*' than eag oWV
Kny\n buiU, not fitted with an Automatic Cut-off. bend
for 111 out rated Catalogue "J." tor Informatum M*
Prices. B. W. I'-tV.-.i Soao. Box Hk). Corning. N.Y.
Dio Lewis ss?s&
_ _ _ teforethe end of
can Magaxine*
pnee is hut 82. 50 per veer. large eaeli ixr cent age
if giv-n to Send forample copy and terms to
*ge it*. FR ANK SiKA.U AN, PnbllehtJT,
Ilitile llnu*c. New York-
Free ! Cards and Chromos.
Wa will send free by mt<l sample aet of <mr large
Ctcrmsn, Frerch and American Chr moCarr s, on tinted
and gold grounds, nlth a price 1 raw of over 31*' different
di a gus, on receipt of a stamp for p-etage. We will
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Chromoi on receipt of ten e=nts to pay for pecking and
postage; *!bienclose a confidential price list of oof
l*rge uil chromoe. Agents wanted. Address F.
fii- .. . 1 4 00., *6 Summer Street, Bootoc, Mam.
When I sav . are 1 do not mean merely to .top tbcm roc
a time and then have them return again. I mesa artm cure, t hare rnulo the dleeooe of FITS, EPILKPBT
rr FALLING SICKXES* a llfe-lougstudy. I wnrraatmy
r- nieiv to cure tlie worst cases Because others have
filled ta no reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at
once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of my Infallible
remedy. Give Exprp*. and Post Offlee. It cotw you
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Address Dr. IL U. Kutfl. Its Pearl St.- w York.
To introduce >ur goods andoecure future trade we will
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new Holiday Book. IIABi'OUK A" CO Cento/
Crook, Conn. ______
ling Mnchlnn ever inventod- Will knit a pair of
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A FREE TO F. Al M Grapbk Colors# Esyrarlac
of on A Driest iniUation Scvnafrom a aawly ffiainnra
Lgvpuin Ts'let, ai*>, ttis larga new illastratod
Cstalogus ef Masonic V oka sad goods, with boltes*
rricss; alow, an ofisr of very lucrative buslosss te
Masonic rsblicbenand Manufacturers, T3l Broadway, Ntw Ycrk.
VIVA alts )'■/ rr'urit tnxtff. Full Pmrrlptlan
I" K E" E- HloiNly a Now TallorNyslem of
J> AilJL)6jjLrci>oCUlllUb' BOUIIt U AG, tlwlauU,Q,
Fhiknix pFTonai. will cure jrourconeti. Price Yic.