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I>etroylnK the fabbnge Worm.
Dr. Sturtevant, director of the agri
cultural experiment station at Geneva,
JS T . Y., says of his efforts to destroy
the cabbage worm:
"We have warred against them with
tobacco water, saltpetre, alcohol, bo
racic acid, bisulphide of carbon, etc.,
in various combinations, but we finally
settled upon an emulsion of kerosene
oil and soapsuds as the remedy tliaQ
all things considered, was the most
satisfactory. It appears that one
ounce of common yellow, hard soap,
one pint of kerosene oil, and one and
one-half gallons of water, well mixed
and stirred, and applied by means of a
rose from a watering pot destroys all
worms that become thoroughly wet
with the mixture, and does not injure
the plant. Care must, however, be
taken to keep the ingredients thor
oughly mixed in the pot, for if tho oil
is permitted to rise to the surface, so
that it will pass out upon a few plants
it will prove fatal to the few, while
the remainder xvill not receive enough
of the oil to destroy the worms."
Texture of Sofia.
Soils differ not only in chemical
properties, but in physical character
istics. In respect to texture soils
range all the way from coarse pebbles
to the finest and most tenacious of
Speaking in a general way, soils best
adapted for agriculture are those
which consist of mixtures of sand
with a moderate quantity of clay and
a little vegetable matter. When sand
or other coarse material
the soil, as all farmers know, is easy
till and will grow a great variety of
crops, but it is deficient in absorbent
and retentive powers.
On the other hand, when clay is in
excess the soil becomes too heavy to
to till and will grow fewer crops; it is
retentive of water, is cold and does
not facilitate the chemical changes in
the soil and the manure placed in it
necessary to prepare proper food for
Clay lands are tho most difficult to
work; sandy soils the most easy. Less
work can be done in a day with the
same power on clay and heavy soils
than on light, sandy ones, and this
consideration ought to be borne in
mind when stox-king a farm with work
ing animals and when making esti
mates in the cost of growing crops.—
New York World.
Sweet cream just removed from the
milk does not churn as readily as older
cream that has been "ripened," if any
one knows exactly what that term sig
nifies, says the New England Farmer
Cream that is too warm sometimes
gives trouble, but if it is much too
cold it is very sure to. Yery thin
cream is longer in coming than cream
that is moderately firm, but a very fre
quent cause of delay in bringing but
ter is from filling the churn too nearly
full of cream. Something depends
too, upon the character of the churn.
A churn that agitates the cream with
great violence, as when the floats are
small, and are revolved at a high rate
of speed, is likely to tear the cream to
pieces and beet it into a froth, like
eggs under a beater. The churn, how
ever, is usually less at fault than the
cream or the operator. If cream is
churned very slowly there may be so
little friction that it will never come.
By slow turning the temperature may
change so much during the operation
as to prevent success. If a plain box
or barrel churn is filled very full, and
the cream swells, the revolutions may
go on without agitating the cream at
all, and if the churn has a Crank and
floats the cream may he revolved in a
solid body without friction, except
upon very small portions of the cream
As a rule, a churn should be not much
more than half full of cream at any
time, though much depends upon the
character of the cream. If it has
been raised from scalded milk it will
churn under almost any condition. It
is in cool weather in spring and fall
that trouble is most frequent, but very
hot weather, unless ice is used, is
almost as bad. Those who change
from the old-fashioned open pans to
some one of the new deep-setting sys
tems, are pretty sure to have more or
less trouble in churning, chiefly be
cause in deep-setting the bulk of the
cream is increased, and the churn is
consequently much fuller when used.
This alone is often a sullicient expla
nation of the cause of the cause of the
difficulty when cream refuses to be
changed into butter.
Household Hints.
A little soap applied to the hinges
will prevent a door from creaking.
Dried orange peel is said to be bet
ter than kerosene for kindling fires.
Kid shoes can be kept soft and free
from cracks by rubbing them once a
week with pure glycerine.
To remove egg stains from silver
spoons take a little common salt be
tween tho thumb and finger and rub
the stain briskly. Then wash in hot
Artistic lamp shades can be made of
pink tissue paper, cut in eight points
and scalloped. To prinkle the shade
double it up lengthwise and pass>
tightly pressed, through the hand.
After boiling a ham remove the
skin, sprinkle the top with sugar and
put in a hot oven to brown. This is
the method followed by the best cooks
and gives the ham a delicious flavor.
Tllf AlTfUt Of K Pl llllltril
llilim Atioul Animal I'rlaotin KIKI l*rt
"Just cast your eye over this," said
a naturalist "There is evidence that
among the animals there is a police
department or an ambulance corps,
one or the other."
The reporter closed one eye. holding
it shut with one hand, and with the
other gazed through a powerful mag
nifier. Ho saw three ants, and one
was apparently in a very maudlin con
dition. It raised its legs in the air,
waved its head to and fro like an ele
phant, and evinced a decided desire to
walk backward. In the mean time
the other two ants were vainly en
deavoring to coax it along, at first
caressing it with their artenna\ and
finally, as if out of patience, seizing it
and marching it oft out of the range
of vision.
"That," said the naturalist, "is a
case of 'drunk and disorderly; $lO or
ten days.' I fed the ant on sweetened
rum, so that it was actually drunk;
then 1 admitted two sober ants to see
if they would tako care of it, and you
see they have done so.
"The idea of intoxicating ants is
original with iyir John Lubbock, lie
found that ants nearly always arrested
other ants that ho had made drunk. In
fact, if you asked me what was the
most intelligent animal next to man I
should say the ant. No, not because
he will get drunk, but for a thousand
"Do you suppose ants imprison their
kind for offences?" asked the reporter.
"There is no doubt of It," was tho
reply, "as they imprison vast numbers
of insects for various reasons. In fact,
the lower animals have their prisons
and prisoners as well as we do. Of
course they are a little different, bit
we must allow for a difference in
tastes. Everybody knows how ants
make prisoners of various species of
aphides, and slaves of their own kind.
One of the most remarkable cases of
imprisonment is that of the bird horn
bill. so called from the wonderful de
velopment of its bill, which is only
used in crushing fruit. The breeding
season is probably not looked forward
to with any great degree of pleasure
by the birds, as it is a period of close
imprisonment for the mother and of
great labor for the father bird. As
the time approaches the female search
es for a hollow tree, and, having form
ed a rude nest, takes her place within.
The male now flies away and returns
with its bill full of mud, which it
plasters about the opening of the nest.
Load alter load is thus brought and
laid on until the crevice is completely
plastered up, with the exception of a
single orilice large enough to admit
the bill of the prisoner. Tho mud
soon hardens, and the bird is firmly en
closed, and so remains until the young
are hatched and well grown. The
male bird is not a hard jailer, however,
but works to obtain food for its mate,
so that she conies out of prison in
much better condition than her unfor
tunate jailer.
"Trees are not the only prisons,"
continued the speaker. "In marine
life there is no end of prisons and
prisoners. For example, here is the
beautiful sponge called Yenus's flower
basket which grows in eastern seas.
They are unsightly objects when lirst
taken up, the rich sheeny silvery
framework that we see being merely
the skeleton of the sponge, so to speak.
So much like basket work is this skel
eton that when they were lirst brought
to Europe they were supposed to bo
the work of men, and so brought fabu
lous prices. In this one that 1 have
you see there are two prisoner crabs,
but how did they get in? Each is as
large as the end of your little linger,
and the largest hole in the skeleton is
not larger than a pinhead."
"The reporter gave it up.
"The truth is," said the naturalist,
"that the crabs are prisoners for life,
and have served out a life sentence.
In their younger days these crabs are
called by different names, and in one
stage—the zoea—they aro extremely
small, and live a roaming sort of life.
During this time our crabs must have
crawled through the minute window
of tho living sponge, and were unable
to got out. The sponge grew, and so
did the crabs. Finally the sponge was
fished up, and the animal matter was
washed away, leaving the bright,
silvery prison with the two great
prisoners crawling about—as great a
puzzle as the egg in the bottle."— New
York Sun.
Queen Victoria's Proposal.
Mrs. Oliphant writes in the Century:
"There was a story current at the
time, that at a state ball, very near the
period of their betrothal, the young
lady gave her princely suitor a rose,
which he, without a button-hole in his
close-fitting uniform, slit the breast of
his coat to find a place for, and that
this was a token to all the court of the
final determination of the great event
—her Majesty, as it is pleasant to hear,
having shown herself a little coy and
disposed to put off the explanation, as
happy girls are wont to do. No more
perfect marriage has ever been record
ed; the Queen herself attributes the
formation of her character to it, and
all that is most excellent iD her life."
LONDON, NOV. 11 The anniversary of the
birth of Martin Luther was celebrated at
Eisleben, Germany, his birthplace, by the
unveiling with imposing ceremonies of a
statue of the reformer. Exercises were also
held in other German cities and throughout
It is both affirmed and denied in Paris that
tho United States had offered to mediate be
tween France and China.
A republican demonstration was bold in
Madrid yesterday in memory of tho first
I resident of the Spanish Hopublie.
It is said that the London police think that
ihey have traced to New York conspirators
the authors of the recent London explosion.
I lie lire in the cotton on t lie steamer Spear
man, at Key West, Flu., destroyed or
damaged I,lt 0 bales.
The greater part of the business portion of
Itluffton, Texas, was burned Saturday. Tho
fire was of incendiary origin.
Mr. Asa Biggs and his wife, a young couple
formerly of Norfolk, have been burned to
death at their home in Southampton county,
near Franklin, by the explosion of a kerosene
The birth day of Martin Luther has been
universally celebrated throughout the United
States. The celebration has been marked
with divine worship, as well as social cere*
The projected visit of the Crown Prince
Frederick William of Germany to Spain ex
cites much interest. Emperor William, it is
leported, has written to King Alfonso tq say
that ill-health nlone prevents a visit from
him in person.
Tho London doctors are threatening to
commence a campaign against all canned
goods, as several cases of sickness have re
cently been reported as having been caused
by eating food which had been put up in cans.
Mayor Edson, of New York, has signed the
resolution adopting from November 18 the
new time standard based upon the time of
the 7fth meridian, and directing that the
public clocks shall agree therewith.
The South, including Baltimore will, d >ubt
less adopt the new standard time, which ges
into effect November 18, in all the Eastern
cities, and by all the railroads. The time is
about six minutes faster than tho present
In Now York detectives arrested Win. E.
Brocknwav, Natnauiel 11. Foster aiul Lewis
Martin on the charge of being engaged in
counterfeiting. Complete counterfeiting
apparatus with some completed work were
found in their rooms.
The tannery of James ('alley it Co., in
Allegheny City, l'a., mid a row of brick
dwelliug-houaee belonging to the same firm
have been burned; loss SI'JS,(XO. insurance
£7"<,000. Eire also broke out in the East
Liberty stockyards, Pittsburgh, and did
Sob.lHO damage.
Tho steamboat Tallahasse. of the Oean
Steamship Company of Savannah, Ga.,
sailed from that port on Friday with Ik'-MO
bales of cotton and a quantity of turpentine
and rosin on board- She had a crew of -17
men and Id pass-tigers. When off the High
lauds yesterday evening she was discovered
to be on fire. Capt. Fisher ordered the en
gineer to run her at full speed The burning
steamer arrived at pier dfi Noith river, Now
York, at 10 o'clock last night.
GEN Kit Ai. \ EM >.
LONDON, NOV There has been another
anti-Jewish outbreak in Hungary. The
troops charged the mob, and a number of
persons were wounded. Several arrests were
Sixty-seven lives wero lost by the late col
liery explosion in England.
Tho four-hundredth anniversary of Martin
Luther was'celebrated in Berlin yesterday.
The Lord Mayor's show in honor of the
inauguration of Alderman Fowler, M. P., as
mayor, took place in lxjndon.
The further prorogation of the British Par
liament until the lfith of December was offi
cially announced last evening.
The Italian Cabinet have decided to ac
cept the resignation of Admiral Acton, Min
ister of Marine. The resignation of Signor
Savelli, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiasti
cal Affairs, is expected.
Tho North German Gazette (Berlin) says
that so far from tho Crown Prince Frederick
William's proposed visit to Spain being
aimed against France, it will bo made in the
interests of peace, as was King Alfonso's
visit to Hamburg.
A case of yellow fever is reported at New
< )rhans.
Hon. Richard H. Alvey lias been commis
sioned by Gov. Hamilton chief judge of tin-
Court of Appeals of Maryland.
A charter has been issued nt Harrisburg
(Pa.) to the Delaware Water Gap and South
western Railroad Company, which will ex
tend from a point in Londonderry township,
Bedford county, to a point in Smithfield
township, Monroe county.
A largely attended mooting of merchants,
manufacturers and others at Nashville.
Tenn., determined upon organizing a per
inanent association for holding expositions
iu the fall and music festivals in the spring.
The work will be begun at once, and a
(.0J brick building will bo erected.
The report telegraphed from Pittsburg
that tho brother of Blanche Gray, the dead
fat girl, was on his way to New York to have
revenge on Mr. Moses, her widower, for hav
ing, as alleged, sold the corpse, has aroused
the ire of Mr. Moses. Ho says he lias not
sold her body, except in photographic form.
Joseph McGinnes, a pupil of a public
school in Iloboken, N. J., was so unruly that
the principal summoned tho janitor to eject
him. When tho janitor arrived the boy
warned him on pain of death not to touch
him. Halloran collared the lad, who pro
duced a revolver and aimed it at the janitor.
Ho was disarmed and locked up.
The comments of Eastern journals on tho
Utah question are received with pleasure by
the Gentiles in Utah, who think that tho
public appreciate the relatio.n between the
Mormons and tho government. Each day
prominent members leave for tho East. An
influential lobby will be present in Washing
ton to endeavor to defeat any legislation
looking to the overthrow of the power of the
LONDON, NOV. B—A bill for a supplemen
tary grant of ll,f00,C00 francs to cover the
expense s of operations in Tonquin was pre
sented by tho minister of marine in the
French Chamber of Deputies yesterday.
Unusual activity is reported in the Russian
Lord Lome is suggested for the viceroy of
The Imperial Mario Institute, Warsaw, has
been burned.
Croxvn Prince Frederick William wil'
shortly visit King Alfonso.
QTlie West India Association had an inter
view with Lord Derby yesterday.
Twenty-three persons have been arrested
in Russia for forgery of bank notes.
The President has nmended (he eighth
civil service rule so as to prohibit (he np
pointing power in every case to which the
rules extend from making any discrimina
(ions in selections for appointments on ac
count of any political or religious opinion or
alTlliation. Violation of tliis rule constitutes
eauso for removal.
The Chicago police have arrested 12 mem
Iters of a gang of shoplifters, 'l'hey include
the leader, a woman known to the police as
"Mother" Weir, and her two sons and two
daughters. It is estimated that tho pecula
lions of the Itaud have amounted to from
SIO,OOO to Hi:.,OK) within the past few
At Itockport, Ohio, a Hiltimoro and Ohio
passenger train ran into a freight train of
jhe Pan Handle Hotel, causing a terrible
wreck. Lugiuoer Matthews and fireman
John Kennedy, of the 11. A O. train, were
killed, and David Wilson, baggageman, was
severely injured. Davis, tho engineer, and
Prank Powell, fireman, of the Pan-Handle
train, were probably fatally injured.
The roof, inside walls and columns of tho
now south wing of tho Capitol at Madison,
Wis., fell, killing barney Higgins and Win.
Edgar, fatally injuring William Jouen, Jas.
Do well, Michael Zewark and William Rose,
and badly injuring James Kelly, Miles Max
well, Ed. Barnes, Arthur Lynch, Mike
Bchwank and others. Tho cause of tho acci
dent was tho sinking of the iron pillars sup
porting the roof of the second-story balcony.
The Cincinnati cigarninkers threaten to
strike on account of a demand by the manu
facturers that the workmen shall pay for the
gas used morning and ever ing.
ltigid quarantine of the naval reservation
at Pensacola, Fin., has been discontinued,
but pickets are still maintained to prevent
the introduction of bedding and other articles
into Pensacola and the surrounding country.
At the farm houso of 11. Clay Mctiee, near
Kansas City, tho children of McGuo on re
turning from school found the lifeless bodies
of their father, mother and older sister.
McGee had evidently shot his wifo ami
daughter and then tnken poison.
McLane's majority in Maryland for Gov
ernor is estimated to be 12,000.
Ex-United States Senator Theo. F. Ran
dolph, of Now Jersey, diedßuddeuly of heart
disease at Norristown.
A jury in Washington h*s given Hallet
Kilbourn a verdict for st' damages in
his suit for $: 150,0 JO against ex-sergeaut-at
;,rtns Thompson.
In New York yesterday Judge brown, iu
the United States District Court held, in a
decision, that a minor may be enlisted with
out the consent of parents into tho marine
service of the United States.
Due death occurred among tho victims of
the tornado at Springfield, Mo. Several
others are in a very critical condition, and
-oino of them will die. About S2,.'OJ has
been raised for tho relief of the injured and
destitute. The work of rebuilding is going
A motion made by M. Joubort in tho
French Chamber of Deputies, impeaching
tlio ministry, has been rejected by the com
mittee to which the motion was referred.
At a meeting of tho Irish National League
m Dublin yesterday, Michael Duvilt de
nounced the proposed system of expatriation
and urged tho league to organize vigilance
committees to frustrate it and to semi dole
gates to the United States and Canada if
necessary. A motion to that effect was
LONDON, NOV. (.—No orders have yet been
received in Paris for the withdrawal of the
Chinese embassy. Tho Marquis Tseng still
expresses a hope that tho French govern
incut will assist in a peaceful solution of the
Fighting between tho troops and rebels
proceeded in Crna lleka, Sorvia, yesterday.
Ton lives have been lost and forty persona
have been injured by a fire iu a factory in
Uoubaix France.
A Georgia correspondent gives the follow
ing account of the reception of General
Toombs into tho church: "General Robert
Toombs was baptized and admitted into the
Me'hodist Church roll of members by Bishop
Pierce last Sunday. The discourse of the
bishop was after his usual splendid style, and
was heard by quite a large congregation.
After the sermon, during tho ceremonies at
the reception of the new member, sea reel j
i dry eye could have been found in the
.louse, so great was the joy felt by the people
tvhen they know that our grand old citizen
lad made peace with his God. Mr. Gabriel
Toombs has long boon a Christian, and the
sight of the pleasure of his face as he stood
by his brother during the ceremonies is well
worth one's memory for years to come."
Peter baldy, Jr., dry goods merchant, or
Danville, Pn., has failed. His liabilities are
upwards of SIOO,OOO.
It is said that Judge Hoadly is very averse
to having any grand display on the occasion
ol his inauguration, which occurs Monday,
January 7.
Frank Wilkes, of Zanesville, Ohio, grand
son of Commodore Wilkes, of the United
States navy, while herding sheep near the
Pleasant Valley Station, Utah, beenmo lost
and died of starvation and exposure.
■■■■" 'I .
FLOUR—City Mills, extra.?! 00 0 $4 75
WHEAT—Southern Fultz... 110 0 113
CORN—Southern White.... 54 0 57
do. —Yellow *5 0 50
RYE—Good 03 0 65
OAT'S—Maryland 35 0 37
COTTON—Middling 10' 4 0 10^
do. —Good ordinary.. 9 0 9- T
H VY—Md. and Pa. Timot'ylSOO © 17 00
STRAW—Wheat 700 0 800
111 ITER—Western prime. 24 0 20
do. —West Virginia... 20 0 23
CH EESE—N. Y. State cli'ce 12 0 12)£
do. —Western prime.. 7 0 8
EGGS 28 0 29
CATTLE 575 0 000
SWINE 6 0 Vi
T()BA(XX> LEAF— Inferior 250 © 400
Good common 200 0 300
Middling 700 0 750
Good to fine red 800 © 10 00
Fancy 10 00 © 1500
COTTON— Middling upland 10 © 10' 4
FLOUR— Southern com. to
fair extra 500 0 000
WHEAT—No. l white 113 0 114
RYE—State 03 0 04
CORN —Southern Y'cHow.... 58© 00
OATS —White State 36 0 33
BUTTER—State 10 © 30
CHEESE—State 10© 11
EGGS 27 © 28
FLOUR —Penna. fancy 500 © 505
Wll EAT—Pa. and Southern
red 113 © 115
RYE —Pennsylvania 60 @ 65
CORN —Southern ye110w.... 55 © 58
OATS 36 @ 38
BUTTER —State 20 © 30
CHEESE—N. Y. factory © 12
EGGS-State 15 0 18
Tb( Wide, Wide World.
A. do Lit E. Pclgado, L. L. D. and
Counsellor, Tribunal of Justice, Lima,
Republic of Peru, says: One single ap
plication of St. Jacobs Oil, cured mo
completely of rheumatic pains in my
left arm. 1 recommended it to two of
my friends, the Mrs. Dona J nana (Jar
eia, widow,and Mr. D. Herman Decker,
a Gentian gentleman. Madam Garcia
was relieved entirely by the pain-cure
from terrible neuralgic pains of ten
months standing. Mr. Decker \v;is
cured of inexplicable pains by a single
application of the cure. My brother
used the great remedy for a species of
paralysis of the arm. Ho was entirely
relieved from bis ailment by one or
two applications, after having tried
numberless other remedies without
A Drudge.
A lit tic girl unconsciously and
touchinuly testified to the excessive
drudgery of her mother's life when, on
being asked, "Is your mother's hair
gray?" she replied: "1 don't know;
she's too tall for me to see the top of
her head, and she never sits down."
The host way to discipline one's heart
against scandal is t believe all stories to be
false which ought not to bo true.
That which seouieili most casual and snb
ject to fortune is yet disposed by the ordi
nance of God.
If you feel dull, drowsy, debilitated, hve
frequent headache, mouth tastes bad, poor
appetite, tongue coated, you are suffering
from torpid liver, or "biliousness." Nothing
will cure you so speedily and permanently as
Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery."
by all druggists.
Much of the charity that begins at homo
is too feeble to got out of doors.
dyspeptic or constipated, should address,
with two stamps for pamphlet, Wom.n's Dis-
N. Y.
If yon would never have an evil deed 1
spoken of iu connection with you, don't do
Who has not seen the fair, fresh yonng
girl transformed in a few months into the
pale, haggard, dispirited woman? Tho
sparkling eyes arc dimmed, and the ringing
laugh heard no more. Too often the causes
are disorders of the system Which Dr. I'ierce's
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short time. Remember. Hint the "Favorite
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male weaknesses," and restore health and
beauty. by all druggists. Seiul three
stamps for Dr. Pierce's treatise on Diseases
OI Women (*.n; pages). Address N\ OULD'S
MEDICAL A a sot I VTION, buffalo, N. Y.
Win re there is much pretension much has
been bi rrowed: nature never pretends.
Ti c nio-t comfortable boot in town is that
with Lyon's Patent Metallic HeelStiffeners.
It Slnntln In Reason
That an oil devoid of all irritating properties,
that never b 'comes rancid, should make an
t xcel ent Hair Ores ing. Such is Carl. 1 no.
Ma e ftom \ uio petroleum; all druggists.
** l(ttgli i Corns."
Ask for Wells' Rough on Gorns.'lsc. Quick
relief; complete cuie. Corns, warts, bunions.
Mr. S. Roelisler, 2'6 Court St, Brooklyn,
o-? "1 had buffered for years: paid over
I.' 01 for doctors and medicines, without
Jp to my terrible sciatica, after which nine
.tiles of Dr. Elmore's lv.-G. cured uio.
Vtoilirr Swan"* Worm Syrup.
Infallible, tasteh ss, harmless,cathartic; for
foverishness, restlessness, worms. 25 cents.
FOB nrsrarsiA. INIUOESTION. depression of spir
its and general debility in their various forms .
also a:: a pri venti\e against fever and ague and
>th<Tintermittent fevers, tho "FerroTlnmphor
ited Elixir of Calisaya," made by Caswell.
•Lizard A Co., New York, and sold by all Drug
<ists, is the lK>st tonic ; and for patients recover
ng froiu fever or other sickness it has no equal
The Quick, complete cure, annoying Kidney,
bladder, Urinary Disoases. sl. Druggists.
Our llcst Enmities.
T have been troubled foro\ersix years wi'h
a severe kidney c un laint. also a weakness
of the urinary organs, with its attendant
troubles. My water needed constant atten
tion. some days as nv ny as twenty times,
with severe pains in the bladder, as well as
in the hack and loins. At times I i nß'ed a
limited quantity of urine, highly colored wiih
unnatural heat and sediment; frequently
evacin'ions would bo very painful. I con
cluded thnt I must do something for it, fe ir
iug that nio'o serious trouble would follow.
I v eat to the druggist and was recommended
to use Hunt's Remedy, as it had been used
with wonderful sncce-s in so\ e-nl severe eases
of dropsy and kidney and bladder a'Tec ions
4 ere in Bangor. 1 concluded to try it, and
>cforc 1 had usel one bottle found it was
helping me beyond my expectations. My
water 1 more natural, less color and
scdin o it, tho pains in back and that heavy
fce'ing go: e with a general toning up of the
system; and I continued toure it until I use 1
six l o t'os, and il has completely cured me.
Others of my family have used Hunt's
Remedy with equally rs good success, and
we do not hesitate to recommend it far an t
near, believing it n duty as well as a pleasure
to recommend so goiul a medicine as Hunt's
Remedy. You n'C at liberty to give my
testimony to tho public. I>. T. HODUDEX.
o : smglon, Mo., May 19. ISB3.
I indorse tho above statement.
A. M. Rot INSON, JR.,
Apothecary, Bangor, Mo.
A Dioxxht'i Story.
Mr. Isaac C. t haptnan, druggist. New
burg, N. Y., writes us: " 1 have for the
ten years sold several gross of Dr. Win,
Hall's balsam for the Lungs. I can say of it
w ha' I cannot say of any other medicine. 1
have never heard a customer speak of it but
to praise its virtue iu the highest manner. I
have recommended it in a great many case*
of whooping cough, with the happiest efTecta.
I have used it in my own family for many
years: in fact, always have a bottle in the
medicine closet rea ly for use."
If n cough d sturbs your sleep, take Piso's
Cure for Consumption and rest well.
P piSuuMuuuuiiauiiuiiu' ;jl THE GREAT GERMAN
H'llilliriiilHlilrli'TilNDs I REMEDY
j rnn pßlftl
i iiiifi!iiiiii)iiiiiiiiiini!iKi> 1 run miii.
1 rjiii ! K " LI maiism,
1 I L JElm i c . Neuralgia,
" 'I Sciatica, Lumbago,
i * -•""►j
quinsy, swellings,
jllllimuiiimmtiilil 1 Soreness, Cuts, Bruises,
T, j amSmTmnvL
I II 111111 l nijj|' ,l, l| Sold by nil Druggists awl
mI 111111,, p*"* K:;sJ" roc "r'°"
li| njillj i> |t!l|i||ii|l|i ! i The Charles A. Vogeler Co.
I I |i I.iil. ,j! jliilillii |j| (EiKMiaon It i. VOUELEK tCO )
il'lk.. .....jLLa Ilnllimore, 8.1., f. S. A.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes good, M
Use in time. Wold by druggists, fed
\ CENTS wanted for two new fast selling articles
So in pies tree- (J. E. MARSHALL, Lock port. N Y.
cc i n ifcOfk per day at home. S nnplos worm o tree
4>Q IU JtU A.i ires St ilisoildfc Co., Portland, Me.
©7O a week. slj a day at homue.-isily made- Jo:iT,
4 ' outiit free. Address TBUB & Co., Augusta, Ala
CCC a week in your own town. Terms and outfit free
v ~>v) Address 11. (lailctt dL Co.. Portland, Maine*
■Survival of the Fittest.!
M Tho Mexican Mustang Liniment ln
O !,. known for more than Ihirty-flvcW
Hyears nil Ilio best of all Liniments, forKJ
■ Man and 1 least. Us pales today aregl
■ larger Haul ever. It cures when nllH
■ others fail, and ]enctrates skin, tondonE!
■a nd nnisde, to the very bono, bold*
—BY A—
—AND —
V" ejeri nary Surgeon,
An "index of diseases," which Rives the
symptoms, cause, and the treatment
of each; a table giving all the principal
drugs used for the horse, with the ordinary
done, effects, and antidote when a poison :
A table with an engraving of tho horse's
teeth at different ages, with rules for tel
ling the age of the horse; a valuable collec
tion of receipts, and much other
Sent postimid on receipt of 25 cents.
No. 2H X. Ifolliday Street, Baltimore.
COM it 11 Cun
111 ALL'S
FOR THE A fl A S 11
Cur PS ('•nauuiption, t'olil*. Pneumonia. In
tlnni/.n, Bronchial Dillleultica, Itr.iiicliitl*.
lloiirseiipos. A Minna. t rniip. \Vlioiiina
( niifth, hihl nil IHm'UMII l llie
Ih'iiiiiiN. ll
el lljc Luna-, inlhtuicd and pol-ioucd by llin
fli-PHHp. it nil |ir* vents tbe mveiils ana
iialiiiie-H nrrooH the rlie-t winch accompany
it. t tiiiMiiitiniinn i. mil uu incurable malady.
IIALI.'S it A LSA.II mil, cure yon, eveu
though aid lulls,
'■ran 'musfrrwrMHiiy iiiivnieiUHn*<■*■■ ■"p
Though shaken in
5 r ii a & everr joint and fibre
f eT,,r fin<l **<•.
jjjfc? CEItBRATED *
or bilious rerunt Ml'. ,
ftt r t ll e r ITT
Mi J i st iFtn.
II t irlleviTftt oneo Burns Piles. ("happed Hands or T.ips,
Oorns. Bunion*. Scalds, Uralses, Soreness of feet. hands.
cycj.cte. . llchlturfr miany-wro. tKr-Aikywilrug
„ 'Hi-' Cf Wl ♦ 10-W V. V- .1 >■ I
Bent It, HIP world- del the genuine- Every
package liai our trudr-mnrU ami la
marked Frawr's. NOLO I VI K YWIIFR F.
WORTH $7.50 to $125.00.
To ladies or gentlemen aellinj? Our Nfw PIIMIPS
tion. You can mako $1; >.(KI to 9<MMNI per
Wcpk, in addition secure a PRIZE, if you soil '25, 60,
76. !('. 150. *M. 260, sk. 411*1 or MW copies.
Addrnw HAND, McNALLV AfO.,
US to lot Monroo St-, Chicago-
|PWr PosnPM-icc grent rnpnciiv
m anit durability. Every Mill
tii , \ vvitrritnicil ti do Jum what
Rjl t prv* we clnim Tor it.
Pn S- ' i ip" f Send "o. for new Illus-
F TU -J'r tcd Catalogue. Ad
fcj Qt%gi ;Ajr" dress
RISON >lll,l, CO.,
if n ' T~ New liuicii, Cunn.
S.-S. cnmsiiAS HiEmiMim
Suggestions for Decorations, Enter.
EfUiDlbTtild tatnmcnNi nnd Gifts.
RjiHtlCl irrfAS A oollecticu of snppestioas from leading
"nafc" oV Sunday-school workers tn various parts of
OtCsP5M.'5 lliecouutrv, containinc: nomctUimtof intcr-
Mtfir MPMO' > p,t '"l rvt ' r y Sunday-school superintendent.
'jl Not! lo;; liko it ever issued before. Price.
liWUtlTiaß Bfc. Will send Uce to anyone sending us
I I rvww'tLJlj-Jj- a "" ofo,l 1110 Sundav-school Superintend
rnf* 'ho place. i)AVIl) C. COOK, *S
'•-I Adams street, Chicago. Ilk
VAT ANTED experienced Book nud Bible Agents in
f f every uounty. Liberal Salaries Paid- Address,
stating experience. P. <>. Boxy, K- , Philsdelpliiq. P-,"
kJIT X .lolly .11 sit to Vernon turn ouc-cent stamps.
Mi s) I<- it- TONEY. Box til. West Florence, O.
PutKNiX PECTOKAL wiil cure your oough~ Price 2>C."
1 Like a®i Evil Spirit,
In olden times it was thought that evil spirits came in through cracks
and keyholes. The generally approved way to keep them out was to plug
up the keyholes and stop the cracks with cotton. Notwithstanding these
preventive measures, the evil things had their own way and often came in
as they pleased.
So comes malaria now-a-days. We try to keep it out of the keyhole
and it comes in by the crack. We stop up the crack, and lo! it comes from
a leak in the plumbing, or an opening from some neglected drain, or from
some unsuspected source and unguarded direction.
We cannot always keep malaria out, but we can give it battle and
drive its effects from OUR systems. If BROWN'S IRON BITTERS is taken in
time, malaria has not a ghost of a chance. This is the great family medi
"me. Your druggist sells it, and you ought to keep a bottle in the hou?"
fl Horse and Cattle Powder sold in this couri-
H Condition Powder. Dose, one teaspoonful to each pint of food. It will also urevent anrl ~u.-n
SCHICKEL CHOLERA. 1 !" C, ) o,eni \ &C - Sold even-where, or ten, bv LfZ
■ VIIIVI\bei cents in stamps. Also furnished in large cans to
fm breeders'use, price $1.00; by mail, Sl2O. Circulars sent i'iiEE. I. S. JOHNSOJt &. CO., Boston Mass.'
Home Items
—" All your own fauil
If you remain sick when yon can
Get hoy bitters that never-Fn.
—Tho weakest woman, smallest_ child, and
sicken' invalid can use hop bittora with
safety and great good.
—Old men tottering around from Fht-n
mat sm, kidney trouble or any weakness
will be almost new by using hop bitters.
—My wifo and daughter were innlo
healthy by the uso of hop bitter?, and I rec
ommend them to my people.—Methodist
Ask any good doctor i f hop
Bitters arc not the best faintly meJictnn
On earth.
—Malarial Fever. Ague and Biliousness will
leave every neighborhood as soon as hop
bitters nrrivo.
—"My mother drove the paralysis and.
neuralgia all out of her system with hop bit*
t rs." —Ed. < lawego Hun.
—Keep the kidneys healthy with hop bit
ters and you re- d not fear sickness.
—Tee wat r is rendered harmless> nd m- ro
tofreshii g and reviving with hop bitters i t
each draught.
—Tho vigor of youth for tho a ed and in
firm in hop bitters !
—" At tho oiling* "f life nothing euua'g
Hop hitters to allxy all trouble* insuhmt
—"The best periodical for ladies to tnko
monthly and fro n which th' y wiil receive
the greatest benefit is hop hitler*.
—Mothers with sickly, fretful, nureing
shildren will cure the children a: d benefit
themselves by taking h 'p bitters daily.
—Thousands die annually from somo form
of kidney disaaae that might have been pre
vented by a timely use of hop bitters.
—lndigestion, weak stoma h, irregular-
It es of the bowe's cannot exist when hop
bitters are used.
A timely • • * uMotbop
flitters will keep * whole family
n robust lieillh a year at a little ooet.
—To produce real genuine sleep and child
tiko repose all night, take a little bopbitter
>n retiring.
—Tiiat indigestion or stomach gas at
nigh', preventing re*t and sleep, will disap
pear by using hop bitters.
—Paralytic, nervous, tremulous old ladies
are made perfectly quiet and Sj rightly by
using h ip bitters.
[From thvwßoirton <7tot*.]
)ir*rr*. T.6ltor*•
The above is a pood llkencaa of Mrs. Lrdla E. Plnfc
liun. of Lpin. Ma-m, wlyi above all other human beings
may be truthfully enßed the "Dotr Friend of Woman,"
t.i some of her correspondents love to call her. She
1- zealously devoted to Iter work, which is the outcome
ct a lifestutfy, and is obliged to keep Ms lady
militants, to help her answr rthc larF* PorTcspondenee
irhich daily pours in upon her, each tv arlng its special
lurdcn of suffering, or joy c.t relcaae from It. Her
Vegrtable Compound is a medicine for good and not
ril p-i-jioaes. I have personally investigated it and
in satisfied of the truth of t'nla
On account of Its proven merits. It Is recommended
- nil pi*.*r;Kd by the best physicians in the country.
One says: "It works like a charm and sot* much
lln. It will cure entirely the worst form of failing
t< the uterus Lrncorrlioca, Irregular and painful
llrnsTtiition.&n Ovarian Trouble®, Inflammation and
nceratun, Flooding*, all Displacements and the con
sequent fpinAl weakness, and is especially adapted to
tile Change of Life."
It permeates every portion of the system, and gives
new life snd vigor. It removes faint new, flatulency,
destroys all craving for st Imulante, and relieves weak-
Stem of the stomach. It cures Bleating, Headaches,
Nervous Proetrat ion. General Debility, Sleeplessness,
Impression and Indigestion. That feeling of bearing
down, causing pain, weight and backacho, is always
permanently cured by its use. It will at all times, and
under all circumstances, act in harmony with the law
thai governs the fenial •* system.
It costs only sl. per liottle or si* for ss., and is sold by
druggists. Any advice required as to special cases, and
the names of many who hare ixa-n mtored to perfect
health by the use cf the Vegetable Compound, can ba
obtained I y addressing Mrs. P., w ith stamp for reply,
at her home in I.ynn, Mass.
For Kidney Complaint of either sex this compound la
unsurpassed as abundant testimonials show.
" Mrs. Pinkham's Liver Pills," says one writer, "are
the best in the tcorld for the cure of Constipation,
Fi'iomnces and Torpidity of the liver. Her Blood
I'urificr works wonders in Its special line and bids fair
td c.~U"l the Compound in its popularity.
All trust respect her ns an Angel of Mercy whose sole
anibltivu to dojrood to others.
Pliiladctp: la. Ta. (5) Mrs A. M.
Cured Painlessly.
The Medicine sold for s small margin Shoes In* cost at
;oin|w>unding. Ad ras-s treated by special prescrtji
tion." For full particulars address the Discoverer,
DR. S. B COLLINS, La Port?, fnd,
and business
A br.W*. or dinal, cheap lantern, for projecting and en
buying pli''hs cl.rotnocirda, opaono ptefnre* ami
objrvtK Works like made, anil delights and niyetißee
ever* Univ. Send for our full and ftrcrnearntiUvecunmle*
Ml'plUY 111 l.i. Pi 'lt. Co., Box 7i>B f*. Y. City, M. L
To Specula,tors.
R. Lindblom & Co., N. G, Miller & Co.
6 and < Chamber of 6 Broadway
Commerce, Chicago New York •
Mrmtiers of all prominent Produce Exchangee in
N<'\ York, Chicago, fit. Dmis and Milwaukee-
We have exclusive private t olograph wire between
Chicago and New York. Will execute orders on our
judgment when requested. Send for circulars ooo
laiiimc particulars, KOBT. LINDBLO.VI A DO..
G. quickest, pleasanteef,
ft/K mr--st snd heat remedy lor kidney.
V Bvi r. at uncli, Madder and blood
diseases, and only real i a-aiiveever
discovered for acute snd chronic
rheumatom. gou*. lumbago, eciat-
Civ*.,,*. ica, neuralgia, etc. Has cn e I hope
less case-- Brigr.t's disease and dyspepsia In 3 week-—all
forms of rheumatic disorders in 2 to 12 weeks—relieves
inilatnnivorv in I day. 1 'am refer to handn diof relia
ble people cured who had tried ia vain everything sine.
Purely botanio, harmless, and nice to drink. Ask yo if
druggist to get it; if he doclinea send to us for it- take
nothing else. Kim wo. Adams A 00.. 105 William at., N. Y
LT .I VII "k 0., rala^^H
11 Fancy work at tlioir homes, in city or country,
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Newark, N*J- Terms only At*). Write for Circulars.
A A JBL JBdiPHiLa. TA. lno-page Book 10&
"I7JKW Brooklyn Bridge in sm&Il ivory teleaeope.
T Length, f<c , 15c-Cabinet Photos. Femaleßeantier
10c. , -t, - Jsc. Crawford A Co., l)oxH'.'s New
Camphi >it Slm.k is the best Liniment. Price 25 cents.