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An Indianapolis inventor is trying
b perfect an electrical headlight for
A new rifle, capable of discharging
three projectiles at a time, has been
made in France.
Some German chemist is at work on
* substance which ho claims will su
persede gutta-purcha.
From experiments at Caracas, Ven
ezuela, M. Marcano concludes that the
sap of tropical vegetation cireulate s
completely through tho plants within
a period of twenty-four hours.
A shark of the genus Sycinnus is.
according to Weideinann, phosphores
cent on its whole under surface, with
the exception of a black stripe on tlie
neck. Its back is non-luminous.
A curious fact has been observed
by Profs. Ayrton and Perry: Soft iron
when heated between a red and white
heat ceases to be attracted by a mag
net. "When soft iron is bent between
red and white hot iron it ceases to
be attracted by a magnet.
Under experiments mabe by a
French chemist it was found that
trichinae in the superficial parts of
hams, etc.. maintained a very prolong
ed existence under circumstances
which would be thought likely to de
stroy life.
M. Pastuer believes that cholera is
pronounced by minute organism of
some kind, but the germs have never
yet been discovered. He has recom
mended the French government to
send a special mission to Kg} pt to
study the generation of this dreaded
However beneficial as exercise, no
amusement is free from drawbacks.
In a paper entitled "Remarks on One
Form of Tennis Knee," Dr. U. Manscll
Moullin, assistant surgeon to the Lon
don Hospital, shows that lawn tennis
players are liadle to peculiar forms of
knee sprains, which may be painful
and difficult to treat.
Cracked earthenware should never
be used for domestic purposes. It is
a safe rule in good housekeeping to
break any fractured stone-ware t 0
pieces and render them unfitted for
any employment as utensils. In a
paper read before the Academy of Sci
ences, Paris, M. E. Peyrusson demon
strated very clearly how the germs of
cholera, typhoid fever, and similar dis
eases may be preserved and communi
cated by even the slightest crack or
fissure which may be caused by very
trifling accidents to crockery and
The Jumbo of Crickets,
Throughout the whole territory of
Utah the cricket is one of the common
objects of the country, but there are
crickets and crickets, and it is just a
well when in search of the best article
to "see that you get it." For a con
sideration, therefore, I will put the
speculator on the track of some of the
grossest locusts that ever devoured
green stuff—locusts, moreover, that
squeak when pursued. Poets (Ameri
can poets especially) are very partia
to what they are pleased to call the
cricket's merry chirp. But the poet's
cricket is the insect of the domestic
hearth, a pale-colored ghost of a thing
all voice, and with an irregular mid
night appetite for the kitchen cloths
that are hung out to dry before the
stove. The Piutes' cricket is very
much otherwise. It is the Jumbo of
crickets, and just as black. It lives on
the slopes of the Utah hills, among the
sage-brush, and when alarmed tries
invariably to jump down-hill. But
being all stomach, and therefore top
heavy, so to speak, the ill-balanced
insect invariably rolls head over heels
and every time it turns a somersault it
squeaks dismally. To walk down the
hill side, driving a whole herd of these
corpulent crickets before me, used to
amuse me immoderately, for the spec,
tacle of so many fat things simultane
ously trying to jump down hill, simul
taneously rolling head over heels, and
simultaneously squeaking, was mirth
ful enough to drive the dullest care
Life in San Francisco.
The people of this city, like those of
Paris, live largely at restaurants, says
a San Francisco letter. The number
and variety of eating houses are re
markable. They are on every street,
and of all grades and finish. The pro
prietor of one of the largest told me
they were furnishing from 4000 to
4500 meals per day. I know of no
American city where one can live so
cheaply so far as eating is concerned
as here. Housekeeping is more ex
pensive than in the east, as rents are
very high. But restaurant living is
reduced to the lowest possible cost.
The result is that hundreds of couples
together with much of the single ele
ment, hire rooms and then take their
meals at an eating-house. At the
"Poodle-Dog," a dining-room patron
ized by wealthy people and those who
desire to be numbered among the
"tony" ones, it is very easy to run a
dinner up to $2 or $3, but at most of
the first-class restaurants a good dinner
can be had for from two to four bits,(a
bit is five cents) according to the vari
ety of dishes desired. A lady told me
her breakfast usually cost her five
LoNPror. Oc'.obor 21.—Lord Rossmore, RR
8ra.".!.7 Waiter of the Ornngtmou of Mom*
; nn. h".o writlon to the naivspapers, calling
" n' ; on to tho rcrious otnlo of affairs L
U Ver. Ito snjs that hcncefoiih tho self
i nlof Orangemen cannot be reckoned
0 -on; that only (he almost efforts of himsell
"id other loaders pv, .onlcd the Orangemen
f. on slo i.ilng the hill at Roslea during tin
ivcoat Parne'.l te niec'.ing. If tho govern
to.' i', lie sa; s. ; 'U \vs snc.i disloyal nicoling
.•> con I : line in Uis'er, the icsalt will be I loom
.1, and perhaps on .1 war.
The tv'elnris appcr. '3 to bo increasing
u rvvls of S \ my.
H.he > sheet •of erulbquako vrcre fe't at
t b altar oil Sm V ' ty.
Tin rep >.l of the d villi of the Algerian in, Chief Si Slinrm, is continued.
I'ltc, British and Continental
able C viqviuy UHS been incorporated in
V dispatch to Reutei'* Telegram Company
vie'.iters that a tr.a'y of peace has been
•>ed between Chili mi 1 Peru.
Iwo Mont ia al men claim to have invented
< a o or for steamer.-, that will reduce the
voyage across tho Atlantic to three days.
The White river has risen rapidly during
die 1. s two days, inundating 12,1X10 acres of
orn and cotton in the White river valley,
A Ik. nsas.
Lynchburg, Ya., is now connected with
;he Valley Rail Road, and trains have coin
ncneed to arrive and depart regularly to and
"roiu that city.
The Ka.'t 'in Shore Herald, Ya., says tha:
Llia farmers of Accountc .uiist have realized
1 i.s year for their sweet potatoes not far
slioit of half a million of dollars.
Tho assessment rolls of one hundred and
11 (y-five counties of Texas show an increase
i i taxable valu s of over ninety-five million
dollars above last year, with fifteen counties
t > hear from, which will doubtless make a
total increase of one hundred million dollars.
The line located by the survey just com
pleted for the Tehuantopoc ship railway is
153 miles long, with a maximum grade of 53
f rt to the mile. Cap!. Eads, the projector,
3 cms confident that ere long the spectacle
x il be witnessed of great ocean steamers
r ling on dry land across tho isthmus upon
train* of car.'.
Iu Johnson county, Kentucky, a week ago,
George Franks on shot and mortally wound
ed Milly Walker, whom he found in com
pany with his rival, Doc Martnell. Milly
Walker has been a notorious character, and
learning that her wound was mortal, made a
dying cot fossion to a priest and to the sher
iff. She said her real name was Mary Ga
il ole, and pleading earnestly for forgiveness,
confessed that years ago, when she was but
tifteeu years old, she had killed her betrayer.
His name, she said, was George Radcliffe,
and she described how she had shot him
while riding in a buggy with him in Menefee
county. The body she hid in a cave on the
banks of Snelling Creek, describing the lo
c ility. Radcliffe was known to have been
murdered, and Frank Tompkins, Radcliffe's
bitter enemy, was arrested for the crime-
While in jail at Frendburg awaiting trial a
band of masked men broke int • the prison
a-vl lynched the supposed murderer.
Fifty thousand francs is tho prize wh : !
Pratico offers for tho discovery which si
enable elec.rieity to be applied economically
iu one of the following ciiveclions: As u
source of heat, of light, of chemical action,
of mechauical power, as a means of the trans
mission of intelligence, or the treatment ol—the prize being open to all nation
.Cities, and to be awarded in December, 18*7.
The facts as recited by the dying woinv.i
are well known to the authorities, and inves
tigation of tho cavo referred to yesterd-y
revealed the skeleton of a man. The woni ui's
story thus received unlooked-for corrobora
tion. After the murder of Radcliffe, the wo
man removed 10 Flemmiugshurg, where in
September, five yea. 6 ago, she shot old Ned
Trumbo dead, according to her own confes
sion. For this crime Charles Hopper was
iynched. Bef re concluding a recital of her
crimes death cut short the awful list. Milly
Walker has borne an unsavory reputation,
bat it was not believed that she had ever gone
) far as her dying statements admitted. '1 ho
men were certainly murdered, and it is be
lieved the dying woman told the truth in he
(i K X Kit ATT.V KiV S.
LONDON, Oct. 19.--The village in the out
skirts of Alexandria, Egypt, in which it was
announced cholera has broken out, has
heretofore escaped the infection. It is
believed that tho disease there now was
caused by the infiltration into the canal
running through the village of water from
adjacent cemeteries iu which cholera victims
have been interred.
Minister Lowell will be nominated a can
didate for rector of the Scotch University
of St. Andrew's.
'1 lie Spanish minister dwells upon the great
necessity for extensive army reforms, and
asks the army to rally round tho king.
A Yienna despatch saysa v olent storm has
occurred on Lake Ladoza and the Gulf ol
Finland, c-iueiug a great loss of life and
shipping. Sixty vessels were stranded. The
bod cs of sixteen persons have been r.
Three new cases of the fever and one death
were reported at Brewton, Ala., Oct. 19. The
wife of the late Rev. It. P. Baker is quite ill
of the disease Contributions are liberal.
A Postal Telegraph and Cable Company
has been incorporated in New York. Tho
lines are to extend throughout the United
States, Canada and Mexico, and from Green
point, Long Island, to London, Liverpool
and Paris.
Senor Gennaro Raigosa has left the City of
Mexico for New York to arrange for he loan
of SIO,OOO 0 0 for tho Mexican government.
It is understood that Mr. Henry B. Hyde, of
the Equitable Life Insurance Company, i ri
conducting the negotiations in New York.
The colored Baptist in convention at Wy
andotte, Kansas, representing a number of
Western states and territories, have apopted
a resolution protesting against the late deci
sion in the civil rights case. They charge
the responsibility of the decision upon Ihe
Republican party, and give notice to all par
ties that they intend to hold whatever ground
they can command as enfranchised citizens.
The secret service agent at Mobile, Ala.,
reports that he raided a gang of counterfeit
er i in that city, ai.d captured the whole party
while they were manufacturing counterfeit
coin. He also captured the outfit of the
counterfeiters, together with a quantity of
counterfeit coin partially finished. Thomas
and Alvin Bohannon were among the pris
oners. The former desperately resisted ar
rest, and was badly wounded.
The corner-stone of the church which is
to be erected upon the spot where Emperor
Alexander 11. was killed was laid in St. Per
tersburg j esterday by the Czar and Czarina
with imposing ceremonies.
The population of Altata, Mex., has been
decimated by yellow fever. The number ot
deaths for two we* ks averaged 20 a day. On
the 3d inst. Altata was struck by a hurri
cane which killed several persons and de
stroyed the greater part of the town.
LONDON, Oct. 18.--The cholera has broken
out in a suburb of Alexandria.
Tho manufacture of tho Mnckey-Bennett
ocean cable is progressing satisfactorily.
Mr. Sargent, the United States minister,
has returned t > Berlin mul resumed the
charge of his duties.
A despatch from Hong Kong says the
government of China is actively preparing
to close the port of Canton.
The Ijondon Standard says there is reason
to believe that tho Cabinet will meet Novem
ber 10th to discuss the withdrawal, either
partial or entire, of the British troops from
the Bangor (111.) Furnace Company has
made a voluntary assignment. Liabilities
$l2O 000.
The bill granting women the right of suf
frnge has passed the House of the Washing
ton Territory Legislature.
The Rapid Telegraph Company has mort
gaged its lines to the Safe Deposit Company
of Boston for $0,000,000, with tho view of ex
tending lines into other states than those
now occupied.
Masked men entered the house of Edward
McLaughlin, a farmer, and tortured him and
h s wife until they disclosed the hiding-place
of SI,OOO in gold. They then departed,
leaving their victims nearly do-ul.
Gen. James B. Steadman died at Toledo,
D., October 18. He was a prominent army
officer during the war, and was promoted to
the rank of major-general for conspicuous
bravery at tho battle of Chickuumuga.
At Port Hope a package containing ten
th >usand dollars was stolen from the safe in
the Canadian Express office at tho station
here during the time the clerk was receiving
goods from the messenger on the truiu
There is no clue to the robbers.
I/JNDON, Oct. 17.---The grand jury in Ix>n
Jo i yesterday returned an indiotnJtnt charg
ug O'Donu-ll with the murder of Carey.
The rainy s* a ion in Touquin has put a stoj
to military operations.
A memorial of Alexander II of Russia it
'o be erected on the spot where he was
Villa Allegno, near Brescia, Italy, lud
been destroyed by tire and a thousand pes
sons are homeless.
Great loss of life and damage to property
.;s been done by the earthquakes in Asia
\ I.ii >r. Over I,iUJ lives are said to have
. 11. ixt.
Tho First National Bank of Chicago has
•titled its 183 clerks that they must all pro
. are bonds, wh eh will range from $40,000 to
.0 each.
At W ilmington Delaware. John Wood, an
i'.ictl whisky seller, pleaded guilty, and was
ntencid to four years' imprisonment and
.i ..! sliU and costs.
Jo-cpli P. Hale, a well known New York
4 i ii:o manufacturer, died of heart disease iu
ti r. city, lie is said to have been worth ten
.mllious of dollars or more.
I here have been four new cases of fever at
Bivnton, Ala., including two lately, but no
deaths. Since the outbreak there have been
."•1 c.i-es and 18 deaths. Only one dtiant
It is tully recovered.
l"wo suspicious strangers, who gave their
names as James Holmes and Win. Brackott,
have been arrested at Halifax, N. S. In
Holme's pockets among other things were
f mud two loaded revolvers several car
tridges, two dozen dynamite cartridges and
a copy of the Irish World. A loaded revol
ver and a lot of dynamite cartridges were
found in Brackett's possession. Thw va
lises contained one forty and the other sixty
pounds of dvuimite.
The oyster industry of Maryland, in all its
branches, employs 25,000 persons and af
fords a living for 75,090.
The Nashville City Council, which was
elected on the reform ticket, was sworn in.
ami Mayor Phillips, in his inaugural address,
recommended that tho colored people b.
given a fair share of the offices.
Fowler Berry, a leading merchant of San
-u ky, Ohio, committed suicide by shooting
himself. No cause for the act is known. Ht
aas to have been married to a Cincinnati
lady, and was dressed in his wedding sui l
hcu he committed suicide.
Washington Notes.
The Secretary of War has designated Ma
jor Daaid L. Huntington to take charge of
tho Surgeon-General's office until further
When Don Cameron left here for Europe
his purpose was to remain abroad for a year
or two if his health was benefited. lie has,
however, provided against all contingencies
by pairing with Senator M. C. Butler, of
South Carolina, on all political questions,
nd authorized his bosom friend and com
nnion, General Mahone, todecido what are
political questions. But the question arises
whether all this is not on Senator Butler's
part a very great stretch of that personal
courtesy which sanctions tho paiiing of
members of a legislative body, a custom
which is prompted only by personal courtesy
has no authority in constitution or law, and
has long been deprecated by the wisest
statesmen as inherently vicious and wrong
even under the most ordinary circumstances.
FLOUR—City Mills, extra.? 4 00 ®s4 75
WHEAT—Southern Fultz... 107 ® 111
CORN—Southern White.... 64 @ 67
do. —Yellow 63 ® 94
RYE —Good 64 (a) 63
OATS—Maryland.....' 33 ® 37
COTTON—Middling @ 10%
do. —Good ordinary.. @ 9%
HAY—Md. and Pa. Timot'ylSGO @ 17 03
STRAW—Wheat 700 ® 800
BUTTER—Western prime. 24 @ 26
do. —West Virginia... 18 @ 20
CHEESE—N. Y. State clfce 11® 12
do. —Western prime.. 7 @ 8
EGGS 22 @ 25
CATTLE 550 @ 600
SWINE 6 @ 7"4
TOBACCO LEAF—lnferior 250 @ 400
Good common 200 @ 300
Middling 703 @ 750
Good to fine red 800 @ 10 00
Fancy 10 00 @ 1500
COTTON—Middling upland 10 @ 10%
FLOUR—Southern com. to
fair extra 430 ® 515
WHEAT—No. 1 white 116® 118
1; YE—State 69® 73
i Ol;N—Southern Ye110w.... 57 @ 6!)
OATS—White State 35® 37
BUTTER —State 17 @ 30
CHEESE—State 9 @ 11
EGGS 20 @ 24
FLOUR—Pcnna. fancy 475 ® 500
WHEAT—Pa. and Southern
red 115 ® 117
RYE—Pennsylvania 60 @ 65
CORN—Southern ye110w.... 55 @ 59
OATS 36 ® 38
BUTTER—State 20 @ 33
CHEESE—N. Y. factory 8 @ 12
EGGS—State MfH t##W 15 @ 18
Tin* Terrible Fnte of n Brntnl Negro nt the
Hands o! n .Mob.
At tho recent term of the Calcasieu
Parish District Court a white man
named Oscar Martin was convicted of
an attempt to murder his father, whom
lie shot and wounded, and a negro
named Lewis Woods was convicted of
assaulting a negro girl. They were
both young men, not moro than twen
ty-one years of age. While awaiting
sentence they succeeded in escaping
from jail, and took to the woods. A
few days afterward Lewis Woods came
up with a Mrs. Humphries, the wife of
a well connected gentleman, in the
woods at a point near Hear Head Creek,
about thirty miles northwest of Lake
Charles, and assaulted her. Martin
does not appear to have been present
at the outrage.
Tho country was aroused, and the
fugitives, who had kept together, were
tracked and lollowcd, and finally driv
en into Texas, where a wt-t-kugo in
Jasper county, near Cairo, they were
arrested by citizens of that Mate. The
men were held until the arrival of dep
uty sheriffs from Calcasieu, who took
the prisoners and started by rail with
them for Lake Charles.
On arriving at the Kdgerly station
in Calcasieu parish, the train was
hoarded by fifty armed men, who forci
bly took the men oil the train. It was
evident that the mob intended to make
short work of the matter. They start
ed with the two prisoners lor the
woods hack of Edgerlv. Some of them
had ropes and others shotguns, but it
was reserved for the negro not to die
either by the rope or powder and shot.
He seemed to le indifferent to his
fate, and trotted along in the middle
of the mob as if he were the most un
concerned man in the party. Not so
with tho white man. lie seemed to
fear the worst, and it was often neces
sary to push him along in order for
him to keep up with his black com
When the timber was reached tho
negro was quickly lashed to a tree, and
the crowd began to pile fagots about
him. While the work was going on he
begged to exonerate his companion,
the white man, who, ho said, had no
hand in the outrage upon the woman.
"He bogged me not to do it," said
the negro, "and that is all I have to
Those words saved the life of the
white man, and he is now in the jail
at Lake Charles.
When the pile of dry brush was al
most as high as the head of the negro
the match was applied, and soon tho
flames were seething and crackling
around the doomed man. As they be
gan to scorch his tlesh his agonizing
shrieks seem to penetrate the very
heavens. It seemed to be the intention
of the crowd to prolong his sufferings
as much as possible, and some of the
crowd, which had now increased to
about 'J 00, pulled some of the fire away
from the victim. He begged them to
shoot him—anything to relieve him
from his sufferings.
The sufferings of the man did not
cease for fully twenty minutes, and
the agony that he endured in that
short space of time was more than pen
can picture.— Maryland Democrat.
Apples as Food.
From the earliest ages apples have
been in use for the table as a dessert.
The historian Pliny tells us that the cultivated twenty-two varie
ties of the apple. In these latter days
we probably possess over two thou
sand. As an article of food they rank
with the potato, and on account of the
variety of ways in which they may be
served, they are far preferable to the
taste of many persons; and if families
would only substitute ripe, luscious
apples for pies, cakes and candies, and
preserved fruit, there would be much
less sickness among the children, and
the saving of this one item alone would
purchase many barrels of apples.
They have one excellent effect upon
the whole physical system, feeding the
brain, as well as adding to the llesh,
and keeping the Mood pure; also, pre
vent ing eonstipat ion, and correcting a
tendency to acidity, which produces
rheumatism and neuralgia. They will
cool off the feverish condition of the
system ; in fact, they are far better for
these purposes than the many nostrums
which are highly praised in the adver
tisements, and are so constantly pur
chased by sufferers. A ripe, raw apple
is digested in an hour and a half, while
a boiled potato takes twice the time.
"NYhen apples can he purchased at
cheap rates, every family should keep
a dish of them in the dining-room,
where the children can have access to
and eat all they please of them. They
will rarely receive any injury from
them, if they are thoroughly mastica
ted. Baked apples should be as con
stant a dish upon the table as potatoes.
Every breakfast and tea-table should
have a dish of them. Baked sweet
apples are a very pleasant addition to
a saucer of oat-meal pudding, and when
served with sweet cream they are very
They are not so commonly used as
they should be, as they will supply as
much muscular and nervous support as
dishes o£ meat and vegetables. Thous
ands of bushels of sour apples are used
for pies and puddings in hundreds of
families where well-baked, sweet
apples will prove more nourishing
food, and much more economical.
They are also good food for old people,
and are usually greatly relished by
them. In my own family they are
always, when in season, a part of the
meals of the day, and are as commonly
used as a slice of bread.
A Partially Dead Man.
The Mo rainy Herald , Baltimore,
Md., states: Major 15. >S. White, of this
city, describes his miraculous cure as
follows: "I have been a partially dead
man for ten years. Doctors attributed
my sufferings to the enlargement of
certain glands. The quantity of Med
icine 1 took without relief would
be sufficient to set up a first-class apoth
ecary shop. Finally St. Jacobs Oil was
recommended. I had my spinal column
thoroughly rubbed with it. All those
knots, kinks and stiffness have passed
away and I .1% myself again.
"Say, Mrs. Bunson," said a little girl
to a lady visitor, "do you belong to a
brass band?" "No," my dear." I
thought you did." "Why did you?"
"Because mamma said you were
always blowing your own horn.
Ill* Si ren isfnl Undrrlakiny nnd Kum
mpti 11out an Imprudiiiy Fair.
(Buffalo, N. Newt.)
Gne morning svrral lust as the
dull gray light was beginning t* ih>w itself
in tlio east , a nniall band of men might have
1 oen seen deployed n bout a house on Ferry
sliver, in Hiiiiftln. Tiiero was nothing sjiecinl
either in t li dies< or appearance of the men
to indicate their intention, but it was plain
that they had business of Importance on
hand. Suddenly a man appeared at ono of
the windows, took in the situation at a glance,
and, sw.nging himself outward with wo'Dor
ful qu coiess, sealed the roof of the houso.
this man was Tom Fa'ard, the notorious
counterfeit T ; and, nrinoil to tlio teeth and
fully reali/ing his situation, he defied just co
and the ofil -ials below him. Some of the offi
cers. know in • the desjierate eharaeter of the
ma i. pro|K>voi to shoot him tin il he was
ki! Ed, I ut one of the numb r i r inptlv pi'o
tesle l, and de ln'i d t hat if his b olher o'h
ccrs would as st him t > ascend ho would e P
--t urn the man a ive. Ai*cjrdinglv liob gan
the difficult and dangerous task, and suc
ceed! d in bringing Ins prisoner to the ground
in safety.
lhe man who accomplished this task was
Mr. I honias Curt in, the present superintend
ent of the city p dice of Butl'alo, N. Y. Mr.
( urtin is a man who is known by every
prominent detective and |M)li<s>iiiau in
America, and he stands pie eminently in the
front of his profession. (,ui"t and gentle
manly in a'>|N'ai*aiiee and manners, HO JHS
coinage. Combined with marked phy
sical poweis, that mike liitn tho terror of
evil-doors and the pride of law-uhiding citi
zens. Few |M>o|de can realize, however, the
trials, exposures, and even privations, to
which the members of every miiiiiciiial police
and fire department are exposed. Coiuivlio l
to lie on duty at uncertain hours, subj ct"d
to the most inclement weather, and often
neoessit itod bv the nature of their duties to
protract d undertakings, they endure a ner
vous and physical strain that is terrib'e.
Su< li was 1110experieiif-e of Mr. Curtiniu for
mer davs; a d it is not surprising that ho
found himself sulti ring from a mysterious trouble, lu relating his *x|erienco
toa !"• prosontative of this pai or he >aid:
" At times when I was ou uuty 1 woul 1 feel
nn unaccountable weariness and lack of
energy. My ai et.t s was also uncertain and
mv h< ad s. emtsl dull and heavy. Idi 1 not
fully understand the e troubles, but supposed,
a- most | MH ijilo su J O e. that 1 was suffering
from n alar a. 1 tried to throw off the f. cl
ing, but it would uot go. 1 1 bought 1 might
over nine it, but found 1 was mistaken, and
1 finally became s> badlv off that it was
almost imposs.b eto attend to my duties. 1
nave known anv number of men in the p li *e
and fire dej artm-nts of this country who
ha\e been afflicted as 1 w is, and I doubt not
thf re are to-dav huu Ire is similarly trouble I
w ho. like myself, did not know tne cause, or
really what aile i them. "
"Your present apgcrancc, Mr. Curtin,
dees not in lieat> much jhysicd deb lity."
the interviewer as ho looked nt the 2.0
1 ounds of bone and mu ele standing ne rly
five bet eleven in h -s in height before him.
"(fii, no; that i. altogether a thing of th •
1 and Inm hao]y to say that f r m ro
thnna year 1 have en.oyM almost jieifeet
health, a though I now nalize that I was on
the road to certain dea'h b Fright's di a e
of the kidu *ysand traveling at a very rapid
" How did you c rae to recover go coni
pletelv P
" I'fiat is just what 1 want to tell you. for
1 b.'lieve it may ls of great service to many
others in my profession, who may poss b'y
1 ear of it. 1 liegan the use of a popular
remedy at the earnest solicitation cf a num
ber of friends in tlis iit v. and found to mv
great gratification that I began feeling hotter.
This beling and 1 gained in
strength and vigor until n< w 1 am perfec Iv
well —and wholly through the instrumental! y
of Warner's Sn e Cure, whic i 1 believe to lie
the best m d cine for po ieomon, firemen,
railroad m* u or any o her class of people ex
posed to danger or a change of weather, ever
discovered. Since my recovery I have
recommend <1 it overv where, and never knew
a where it failedithertoi u eor benefit,
i would not be without it under any on
iid< ration, a; d 1 am positive it is a wonder
fully vab a ile a id at the >aino time entirely
haiin'ess roiuely. lnd ed, 1 see that Dr.
( unn, dia i of the United Medicai
College of New Yolk, induces it in the
highest terms."
•'.So you experience little difficulty In the
execution of your duties now, Mr. Curtin
do y< u I"
w None whatever. Ourde artment was
never in b tter condition than at present."
" And do you nev, r have any fear of some
of tic desperadoes whom you have b tea the
means tf bringing to justice P
" Not in the least. Such men do not try
to n ta iate, partially because they l ave n< t
the c urage. but oftcnerbet a isothey resj eel
an officer who does his duty.''
The policemen, firemen, letter carriers and
other public employes in this country hive a
I art cu any tr\lug life. When, tin refore,
a simple apd pure r medy that can n store
nnd sustain the h'alth of all suc'a men is
found, it should b 'ca lse for great con ratu
lniion. esper a ly whenrec mtnended by such
a u an as Superintendent Thomas Curtin, of
"Papa," asked a little six-year-old
daughter of an uptown physician,
"wasn't Job a doctor?" "1 never
heard that he was; why?" "Because
mamma said the other day that she
didn't think you had any of the pa
tients of Job."
Who says it is unhealthy to sleep in feath
ers? Ixx>k at the spring chicken and see how
tough he is.
Ixwidon has a company which insures
against bicycle and tricycle accidents.
successfully treated. Pamphlet of particu
lars ono stamp, address WOULD'S DIHPENSA
Texas boasts of a magic water that not only
cures all tne ills of the flesh, but ministers to
a mfnd diseased. How about crime?
A strengthening tonic,free from whisky and
alcohol, cures dyspepsia and similar diseases.
Never been equaled. Brown's Iron Bitters.
Canadian Indians prophecy an early win
ter, because the wild geese have gono south.
are made pallid nnd unattractive by func
tional irregularities, disorders and weak
nesses that are perfectly cured by following
the suggestions given in an illustrated treat
ise (with colored plates) sent free for three
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N. Y.
Florida expects that her incoming orange
crop will be the largest in her history.
WADLET, Ga.—Dr. B. R. Doyle says: "I
consider Brown's Iron Bitters superior as a
tonic to any preparation now in us©."
A man one hundred years old recently
voted for tho first time in Kensington, Ct.
Young and middle-age 1 men suffering
from nervous debility, premature old age,
loss of memory, and kindred symptoms,
should send three stamps for Part VII of
pamphlets issued by World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
The newest lace pin represents a pug dog
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SHEBOYGAN. Wis.—Dr. 8. B. Myers says: " I
recommend Brown's Iron Bitters for general
debility, loss of appetite and want of strength.
It costs nothing to tell a lie, but consider
able to stick to it.
Chrolithion collars are made in different
styles, boih standing and turn down. The
cuffs are reversible*
Frnxer Axle Grease.
One greasing lasts two weeks ; all others
two or three days. Do not be imposed upon
by the humbug stuffs offered. Ask your
dealer for Frazer's, with label on. It saves
your horse labor, and you too. It received
first medal at the Centennial and Paris ex
positions. Sold everywhere.
Why don't you use St. Patrick's Salve?
Try it. Use it. 25c. at all druggists.
FOR DYSPETSIA, INDIGESTION, depression of spir
its and general debility in their various forms ;
also as a preventive against fever and ague ami
otherintermittent fevers, the "Ferro-Pliosphor
ited Elixir of Calisaya," made by Caswell,
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fists, is the best tonic ; and for patients recover
og from fever or other sickness it has no eaual
Mr. J. Eager, importer, 34 Cliff St., N. Y.,
telle all hie sick friends if they take three
bjttles of Dr. Elinore'a 11.-O. and it foils to
care litem, he will jmy for it, because three
bottles cured his wife and other friends.
See Here, Young lien,
that girl of mine is twice as handsome since
she commenced using Carboline, the deodor
ized extract of Petroleum, and I would not
bo without it for a fortune.
Ottr Best Families.
I have been troubled for over six years with
a severe kidney o >mi Inint, also a weakness
of the urinary orgnns, with its attendant
troubles. My water needed oonatant atten
tion, some days as nrny as twenty times,
with severe pains in the bladder, as well as
In the back and loins. At times T pea>ed a
limited qnantityof urine, highly colored with
unnatural heat and sediment; freqnently
evacuations would bo very painful. I con
cluded that T must do something for it, feir
ing that mo e serious trouble would follow.
I vent to the druggist nnd was recommended
to use Hunt's Remedy, as it had been used
with wonderfulmcce'-sinse\e ,- alsevere CSßHS
of dropsy and kidney nnd blndder atfeo ions
here in Bangor. I concluded to try it, and
be r ore I had used one bottle found it was
helping me beyond my expectations. My
wafer I ornmo more natural, less color and
sediment, the pains in back nnd that heavy
fee'ing gone, with a general toning up of the
system; and I continued to ne it until lused
six I ott'es, and it hns completely cured me.
Others of my family have used Hunt's
Remedy with equally r good success, and
we do not hesitate to recommend it far tin 1
near, believing it a duty as well as a pleasure
to recommend so good a medicine as Hunt's
Remedy. You a r e at liber*y to give my
testimony to the public. I). T. HODOOEN.
Me., May 10, 18K3.
I indorse the above statement.
A. M. Roi INSON, JR.,
Apothecary, Bangor, Me.
Iteiunrliiible Fnrnpe.
John Kuhu, of i-ala>etto, Iml., bad a very narrow
escape from death. This is his own story: "One
year ago I was in the last stages of Consumption.
Our beat phjsieiaus gave my case up. I finally got
so low that our doctor sai 11 could not live twenty
four hours. My friends then purchased for me a bot
tle of Dr. Wm. Hall's Balaam for the Lungs. 1
tin now in ]>erfcct hcalm. having used no other
Henry'a Carbolic Salve,
The Best Salve in the world ior Cuts. Bruises.
Sores, Ulcers, Salt Bbcnm, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns and all kinds of Skin Eruptions,
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but imitations. Price 25 cents.
for. RAIN.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
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Kore'l'Droat.Nn rllings.Sjn-ai •. Itrulsca,
lturiis. Sralil*. Frost
Sold I r l'ruc£nl nd Dealersevrrvwber*. Fifty Cenua bottla.
Directions Id 11 Lnafuaget.
TIIF- <ll tllU! A. VOt.EI.ER TO
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Survival of the Fittest.
Tho Mexican Mustang Liniment has
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'Man and lieast. Its eales today aroH
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and muscle, to the very bono, Solely
in curouie dysp.p
--'• t" Ifr Mr%% 1,1:1 aud llTer c " m
U BJj ™lk K, snd in chronic
constipation snd
other obstinate dis-
V S means of restoring
a\tle invigorant
in. C llSdr" dIJ UD "
F..r Ml. bj .11
tha bout Family Knit
ting Machine ever invented- Will knit a pair of
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TIYHI TITI P>i retttm ma IK Foil
L U L lTNoiMly i ,v TallarNytlem of
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Worn, Weary, and WretchecL "
"As weak as a cat" is an expression irequently used by debilitated
sufferers who are trying to tell hojv forlorn they feel. It is an incorrect ex
pression, for a cat is one of the most agile and vigorous animals in exist
ence. It would be more correct to say, "as weak as a limp old rag," for
that gives the idea of utter inability to hold one's self up. The weary per
son who feels thus is generally worn, worried, woeful, and wretched.
Sometimes it is a case of overwork, and sometimes of imperfect nour
ishment. The blood in the system of a person who is "as weak as a rag" is in
a wretchedly thin condition. It needs iron, to impart richness, redness
and strength. This is to be had by taking BROWN'S IRON BITTERS, the
only safe and proper preparation of iron in connection with gentle and
powerful tonics. The physician and the druggist can tell the worn and weary
Low'\aluable a remedy BROWN'S IRON BITTERS has been found in actual
every-day use. U _
[From tlrosßoston <7Ma.J
Ifreern. Editora i
The above is * good likeness of Mrs. I.ydla E. Plnla
liam, of Lynn, Mass., who above all other human beings
may bo truthfully called the 'Hear Friend of Woman,"
is some of her correspondents love to call her. She
ii zealously devoted to her work, which is the outcome
c fa life-study, and Is obliged t<v keep six lady
assistants, to help her answer the large correspondence
lrlurh dally |*>urs tn upon her, each bearing its special
Isirden of suffering, or Joy at release from it. Her
Vege table Compound Is a medicine for good and no*
evil p-i-posea I have personally Investigated It and
in satisfied of the truth of this.
On account of its proven merits. It Is recommended
-nd prescribed by the best physicians In the country.
One says: "It works like a charm and saves much
fain. It will cure entirely the worst foan of falling
f the uterus Loucorrhoa, Irregular and painful
liens*.nation,all Ovarian Troubles, Inflammation and
Ulceration, Flooding*, all Disp'accments and the con
sequent epinal weakness, and is especially adapted to
the Change of Life."
It p-nn-atesevery portion of the system, and gives
new life and vigor. It removes faintness, flatulency,
destroys all craving for stimulants, and relieves weak
iiess of the stomach. It cures Bloating, Headaches,
Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness,
liepression and Indlgerl ion. That feeling of bearing
down, causing pain, weight and backache, Is always
permanently cured by its use. It will at all times, and
under all circumstances, act in harmony with the law
that governs the female system.
It costs only sl. per Ijottle or six for s•'>., and la sold by
druggists. Any advice required as to special cases, and
the names of many who have bqpn restored to perfect
health by the use of the Vegetable ComiKiund, can be
obtained by Mrs. P., with .tamp for reply,
at her home in Lynn, Moss.
For Kidney Complaint of either sex this compound Is
unsurpassed as abundant testimonials show,
"Mrs. Jink ham's Liver Pills," says one writer, "tjre
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Biliousness and Torpidity of the liver. Her Blood
Purifier works wonders in Its special line and bids fair
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All must respect her as an Angel of Mercy whose sols
ambition is to do good to others.
Philadelphia. Pa. (Zj Mra A M. IX
II X U 13
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