Millheim Journal. (Millheim, Pa.) 1876-1984, September 13, 1883, Image 4

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—Tho idea that lightning is not so
destructive as it used to be in the
United States, because the network of
railroads and telegraph wires lessens
the number of accidents, is met by the
record of the summer. Fatal thunder
bolts have never been more common.
—Some of the reasons for distress in
Ireland last year are shown in the
statistics of crops gathered in 1881 and
1882. There was a decrease in all of
the more important agricultural pro
ducts, amounting in potatoes to nearly
a million and a half tons. This de
crease alone would account for a great
deal of suffering.
A well-posted treasury official gives
it as his opinion that there are at least
fifteen million trade dollars in the
New York banks and depositories, and
that before Congress meets the amount
will be increased to twenty millions.
He says that the syndicate of specula
tors who have taken hold of the trade
dollar will move on Congress with a
powerful lobby next winter, and that
there is $2,000,000 or $2,500,000 in the
job if they can induce the government
to legitimize the coin.
The Medical Neirs says: "We have
previously stated that it is improbable
that cholera will reach the United
States this year, but that it is an even
chance that we shall have it next year.
Since that opinion was published the
danger has diminished very little, if
any, and while there is not tho slight
est occasion for panic, there is very
urgent need of enforcing cleanliness,
of looking to the purity of the water
supply, and of great care in the ad
ministration of our quarantine stations.
The geographical limits of some o\.
the world's great cities seem to War
but little relation to the number of
their inhabitants. New York now
includes 111 square miles, or 26,500
acres; Faris, within the fortifications,
consists of 281 square miles, or 18,315
acres; London has 122 square miles, or
about 77,0(10 acres; Philadelphia, with
a population of SIR), 000, has the sur.
prisiug geographical area of 129 square
miles—which is considerably more
than is covered by London, even with
all its modern additions of what were
not long ago outlying and separate
The Christian at Work thinks it is a
perfect marvel how some of the letters
which fall into the puzzled hands of
post-oflice officials ever reach their des
nation. The "blind readers," as those
are called who decipher hieroglyphics
seem to be able to follow any clew,
however slight it may be. and to find
a person to whom a letter is addressed,
even when the writer gives no intima
tion. When a man who sees the words
'Signigic"s Hotel' can guess correctly
that it means St. Nicholas Hotel, he
has, indeed, a faculty for reading a
superscription which consists of "nine
hieroglyphics, five scratches, three dots,
and a blot," and should hold his office
for life.
The business of condensing milk is
likely to be a growing one, as it enables
farmers at a distance from cities to get
as good prices for milk as those who
live near enough to supply them with
fresh milk. Condensing milk is simply
evaporating a portion of the water,
which is its chief constituent, the milk
being then sweetened with sugar for
its better preservation. If it be used
within a few days, the sugar is not
necessary. In both cases, the condens
ed milk, when to be used is diluted
with water to the natural condition of
good, rich milk. For ships' use or ex.
pertation, this is the only way that
milk can be safely or economically
Sunlit Rooms.
No article of furniture should be put
in a room that will not stand sunlight
for every room in a dwelling should
have the windows so arranged that
sometime during the day a flood of
sunlight will force itself into the apart
ment. The importance of admitting
the light freely to all parts of our
dwelling cannot be too highly estimat
ed. Indeed, perfect health is nearly as
dependent on pure sunlight as it is on
pure air. Sunlight should never be
uncomfortable to the eyes, and walks
should be in bright sunlight, so that
the eyes are protected by veil or para
sol when inconveniently intense. A
sun-bath is of more importance in pre
serving a healthful condition of the
body than is generally understood. It
costs nothing, and that is a misfortune,
for people are deluded with the idea
that those things can only be good and
useful which cost money. But remem
ber that pure water, fresh air and sun
lit homes, kept free from dampness,
will secure you from many heavy bills
of the doctors, and give you health and
vigor, which no money could procure.
It is an established fact t hat people
who live much in the sun are usually
stronger and more healthy than those
whose occupations deprive them of
sunlight. And certainly there is noth
ing strange in the result, since the
same law applies with equal force to
nearly every animate thing in nature.
It is quite easy to arrange an isolated
dwelling so that every room in it may
he flooded with sunlight some time in
the day. and it is possible that many
town houses could be so built as to .ad
mit more light than they now receive.
SIMPLE ELIXIR.—A very pleasant
vehicle for the administration of medi
cines which are to be given in solution
is prepared by mixing together two
(hiid ounces each of orange-flower
water and simple syrup, adding half a
fluid ounce of alcohol to preserve, and
coloring with two drachms of com
pound tincture of cardamons. This
will be found of service to the coun
try physician who is obliged to dis
pense his own medicine.
11. Talcott, superintendent of the New
York state homoeopathic asylum for
the insane, says that our national lack
is fiat of recuperating sleep. Against
the use of the so-called hypnotics in
massive doses he protests, because the
temporary benclits aro heavily dis
counted by the evil efferts which al
most always follow. Two conditions
oppose the requirements of sleep.
These are hypenemia cf the brain—
stimulating it to undue activity, and
playing the part of a whip and spur
to a tired horse— the opposite of
hypenemia. excessive cerebral amentia.
To relievo the former by rational
methods, the blood forces must be en
ticed away from "their persistent as
saults upon the cranial fortress." This
can best be accomplished by tilling the
stomach with solid food, thus "furnish
ing temporary engagement for the
pugilistic globules on other tields."
The food should be of the coarsest
and plainest, else the remedy might
produce an aggravation. Should ex'
cessive aniemia exist, and a state of
nerve irritability and trepidation be
thus produced, take liquid foot!, such
as hot milk, beef tea, and broths, about
an hour before sleep is intended. This
is of peculiar value to persons of sed
vLiary habits, to those who take too
little exercise, and to those who suffer
from imperfect circulation. Sleep
may usually be obtained, after a hard
and irritating day's work, by a warm
bath, a cold douche, and a brisk rub
bing following that, just previous to
retiring fur the night. Fresh air
should be freely supplied in every
sleeping room; yet the sleeper should
be protected from even moderate
draughts; for these, though apparently
slight at first, will produce chilliness
of one poition of the body, while an
other may be overheated, and thus a
disturbing inequality of circulation
ensues. Beds should be firm in tex
ture, level, and well elevated from the
floor, for thus complete circulation
around the bed is secured.
Tarring n Rat.
Rats are wonderfully cleau animals,
and they dislike tar more, perhaps,
than anything else, for if it once gets
on their jackets, they find it most dilli
culfc to remove it. Now, 1 had heard
it mentioned that puuring tar down at
the entrance of their holes was a good
remedy, also placing broken pieces of
glass by their holes was another
remedy. But these remedies are not
effective. The rats may leave their
old holes and make fresh ones in other
parts of the house; they don't, how
ever, leave the premises for good. I
I thought I would try another experi
ment—one I had not heard of before.
One evening I set a large wire-cage
rat-trap, attaching inside a most
seductive piece of strongly smelling
cheese, and next morning I found, tc
my satisfaction, that I had succeeded
in trapping a very large rat, one of the
largest 1 had ever seen, which, after J
had besmeared him with tar. I let loose
into his favorite run. The next night
I tried again, and succeeded in trap*
ping another equally big fellow, and
served him in the tame manner. ]
could not follow these two lar-besmear
ed rats into their numerous runs, to
see what would happen ; but it is rear
sonable to assume that they either
summoned together all the members of
their community, and by their crest
fallen appearance gave their comrades
silent indications of the misfortune
which had so suddenly befallen them ;
or that they frightened their brethren
away, for they one and ;dl forsook the
place and fled. The experiment was
eminently successful. From that day
in 1875 till now, 1883, my house,
ancient though it is, has been entirely
free from rats; and I believe that
there is no remedy equal to this
one, if you can catch your rat alive.
They never come back to the house
again.— Chambers' Journal.
Naming a Lake.
Years ago, it was discovered that a
certain lake which had long been con
sidered the head of the Mississippi, had
no claim to that honor. The explorers
found a new and smaller lake from
which the great river took its rise. A
discussion arose as to what name would
be appropriate for it. The story is
that it was decided in this way:
"Let's make a new name by coining
a word," said an old voyager. "Some
of you larned ones tell me what is the
Latin for true."
"Y r eritas," answered a scholar.
"Well, now, what is Latin for
"Now write the two words together
by syllables."
The scholar wrote on a strip of
birch-bark, "Veritas caput."
"Read it."
The five syllables were read.
"Now drop the first and last sylla
bles and you'll have a good name for lake." And "Itasca" it was.
LONDON. Bept. 7.--Both Franco and China
, are reported to ho equally desirous of se
curing a peaceful solution of the Tonquin
question. It is also said Franco has con
sented to negotiate with China for a treaty.
The cattlo plague continues with fury its
travages in Russia.
Henri Rochefort has attacked King Hum
i bert of Italy in an article in a Paris news
paper, and then has refused to grant a hos
tile meeting to an Italian officer who de
manded a rotraction.
The Hungarian escutehoou, with bi-liii
j gual inscription, was replaced in Agrnm,
Austria, yesterday, with great ceremony.
Enlistment in the ranks of the rebels there
i is progressing rapidly. The situation is
j serious.
Eighteen now cases of yellow fever have
been reported at the PensacoU navy-yard.
The President has returned to Washington
i from his trip to Yellowstone Park, much re-
I vigorntod.
I Kb is reported that Senator Voorhees has
been retained as the lending counsel for
young Nutt, at I'niontown, Pn., charged
with killing N. L. Dukes, his futhor's slayer.
Everything, including the mails, on board
the steamer Canimn. wrecked September G
on Gull Island, St. Mary's Ray, N. S., was
lost. The passengers were dragged ashore
l>y ropes.
Commodore English has telegraphed to
Lieut.-Commander Welch, at Pensacohl,
FU., that it would be impossible for the
marines encamped near Pensaeola to le
moved north at present, but instructing him
to move the cauip to a point further from
the infected district.
Carrio Waldmayer and Amelia Weaver, of
Philadelphia, aged 19 nnd 21 years, were
drowned in the Puritan river at New Bruns
wick, N. J. They were strolling along the
beach, when Miss Waldmayer slipped into
' the water. Miss Weaver endeavored to res-
IMIA her. and both were drowned.
At the naval court-martial on the Santce,
at Annapolis, ex-Judge Magruder argued in
defence of Cadet Campbell. Cadet Ramsey,
of the third class, has been sentenced to
seven days' solitary confinement for hazing.
Fire broke out in a lot of cotton in the
hold of the steamship William Crane while
at sea, on her way from Savannah to Balti
more. and it was only with great difficulty
that the vessel was saved from destruction.
LONDON, Sep., G.—The London Times
despatch from Hong Kong, which announces
that the French admiral will blockade the
1 ports of Canton and Pakoi unless the Chi
troops are withdrawn from the Tonquin
j frontier. The Times believes that France is
drifting into a war with China.
The situation in Croatin is very grave. A
general rising is expected.
Eight huudred workingmeu engaged in a
riotous demoustratiou near Vienna yester
day, and were dispersed by the military.
Mr. Wallace, the Unitod States minister to
Turkey, has accepted the principle of the
license tax, and consented to the enforce
ment of the law in regard thereto on condi
tions favorable to the Porte.
Tho Paris Clairon announce* that the will
of the Count do Chambord gives 500,000
francs to the Societas de Propaganda Fide,
100.000 francs for tho benefit of the poor of
Taris, and francs to the convent at
(Fritz. Tho Count bequeathed a large por
tion of his fortune to tho Duke do Parnia,
and a smaller portion to the Count de Bardi.
Ho devised the income of the e tato to his
Tho new two-cent postage stamps will bo
of a metallic red color.
The experiment of sending a boat remod
eled after the old Maid of Mist through the
whirlpool rapids at Niagara has been carried
out successfully.
Policeman J. C. Parks, of Danville, Va.,
: has been shot and dangerously wounded by
John A. Ferguson. Parks had a warrant for
the arrest of Ferguson on a charge of beating
and threatening the life of his wife.
The house of John Everts, at Riverton,
Ills., has been burned. Mrs. Phoebe Hoy
land, mother of Mrs. Everts, 63 years old,
and two children of Mrs. Everts, a boy aged
4 and a babe, were burned to death.
Frosts during the past ten days, it is stated,
have killed buckwheat crops in all that sec
tion of country near Erie, Pa., not protec
ted by (he lake winds. Corn in the valleys
has also been killed, and farmers are cutting
j it up to save for feed.
Three prisoners escaped from the Mc-
I Dowell county (N. C.) jail Sunday night, in
juring Mrs. Finley, the jailer's wife, slightly,
by pushing her aside. They wero captured.
Shortly after pistol shots wero heard, and
the jailer, who was drunk, was found shoot
ing at one of the prisoners, who was chained
i in a caee.
LONDON, September 6.—' l'D© French cabinet
has decided to ask the Marquis Tseng, the
Chinese ambassador, to explain why Chinese
troops are moving to tho Tonquin frontier.
If the present negotiations between France
and China fail, it is said China will accept
England's good offices with a view to a
peaceful solution of tho issues. Troops are
leaving France for Tonquin.
King Alfonso is en route for Paris.
Quarantine has been abolished on the gut a
A revival of theFonian activity is reported
in London.
Anti-Magyar riots have occurred at Beduja,
! Austria.
i An earthquake prophet has threatened
i Ischia with another earthquake on October
! 15.
| It is now reported that destruction by vol
i canic eruption in Sumatra was not ab
Five new cases of yellow fever and one
death wero reported at the Pensacola navy
yard Sept. 5.
Huntington is now spoken of as "the live
city of West Virginia." More than three
hundred houses are now in course of erection
Reports from Santa B<rbara, Wilmington
i and Los Angeles, California, announce tha*
! sharp shocks of earthquake were felt there,
i The vibrations were from northeast to south
j west.
At the lunch given' the Villard Northern
; Pacific excursion party at Minneapolis,
j Minn., Monday, speeches were made by
President Arthur, Mr. Villard, Herr VOD
Brunn and others. Jay Cooke was toasted as
the founder of the Northern Pacific.
A disease known as the splenio fever has
attacked the cattle in Lancaster county, Pa.,
and is raging with great violence. A large
i number of cases have already proved fatal,
and the disease is apparently on the increase,
occasioning great alarm among stockowners.
j The Manitoba Railway bridge over the
I Mississippi river caught fire. The two cen
tre spans were completely destroyed. Loss
i about $20,000- The Lyndale Hotel, at Min
| neapolis, where President Villard and his
guests were banqueted, was partly destroyed
by fire.
' Captain Bourgndes. of tho schooner Mario
Henrietta, found nn iron I ox in midocoan on
his voyage to Montreal. On tho lid being
pried open gas escaped, causing tho exami
ners to get out of the way, and no ono will
run the risk of examining tho box any further.
H. Dudley Colems" & Bro., iron founders
and machinists, of New Orleans, have sus
pended. Liabilities $25o,ooo; assets $400,-
000. Tho suspension was caused by inabil
ity to realizo on their investments. The
| firm hnve been active and public-spirited,
! and havo tho confidence and sympathy of a
1 largo circle of friends. It is sal 1 the firm
will continue business.
Tho French royalists in Goritz held meet,
ings on Monday to declare themselves In
favor of the Uount do Paris.
The Swiss government has refused to ex
tradito Ixmnig, tho American student, who
killed a fellow-student in a duel.
It is reported from tho Dutch East Indies
, that tho town of Tolokbolong was destroyed
by the recent volcanic eruptions. The re
ports of the destruction of Tjieriogine and
tho drowning of 10,000 people by a tidrd
wave are confirmed.
The interior of St. Joseph's l'assionist
Monastery, on the Frederick road, opposite
ljoudcn Park Cemetery, near Baltimore, has
been destroyed by lire. Loss, $60,000 ; in-
I surnnce, ?lfi,ooo.
The naval cadets, tried for "hazing," huve
been acquitted, and 15 candidates were ad-,
mitted into tho Academy, when an attempt
was mado right away to "haze" one of them
by a third classman.
la the excitement of the sham battle at
the G. A. It. encampment nt Princeton
Junction, N. J., the veterans became reck
less, and used their weapons so effectually
that a large number received slight wounds.
Thirteen had to apply to tho surgeon, and
three or four were confined to tho hospital.
At Edwards, Miss., James Kiug and George
Gaddis, colored, were urrested, charged wit, 1 :
having robbed the grave of Mrs. llattie
; Howell. They confessed they stole the body
to get the bones of one arm, which they used
In carryiug on their profession as conjurors.
Both men wore killed by a mob.
Hon. Charles Brown died at Dover, Del.,
aged Bt> years. He was a member of the
Pennsylvania State Senate, and subsequent
ly of Congress. Under President Pierce he
was collector of the port of Ph ladelphiu. He
was noted for tho interest he mani'ested in
the buckshot war of the Portcr-Ritner em
Jjondon, Sept. 4.-—ltis reported that troope
from China have crossed the line into Ton
quin territory, and the London Standard
' says that if this news is confirmed it means
that war is inevitable between France and
1 China. The French cabinet has decided to
send large reinforcements to Tonquin. It
is expected in Paris that the Marquis Tseng
will resume negotiations with the French
minister of foreign affairs.
Marwood, the celebrated executiooner of
England, is dead.
Tho village of Battenoourt, Belgium, his
been destroyed by fire.
The Mobile quarantine against Pensacola,
which was raised by tho board of health, has
boon renewed by the city authorities until
the 15th inst. Several new cases of feve
have appeared in adjoining villages ou the
naval reservation. One death has occurred
n the Naval Hospital.
A special from Springfield, 111., says
While Company A, Ninth Regiment of In
fantry, State militia, were returning from
the encampment of the Second Brigade, they
met with a dreadful accident on the St Louis
and Evansville Rail road, bttveen Carmil and
Grayville. The train, in passing through a
small herd of cattle, ran over some of them,
and the ear which the member* of the com
pany occupied wa overturned, killing nine
and wounding fifteen persons.
Washington Notes
A box of live bees were among the recent
receipts at the dead-letter office.
The probability that attempts will be mado
to counterfeit tho new postal notes, if they
should pass into circulation as currency,
which now 6oeins likely, has not been over
looked by tho treusury secret service officials,
and a careful watch will be kept for such
The following despatches were received
this evening by Major Nicholson from A. S.
Taylor, commanding the marines at Pen
sacola :
"Pensacola, September 4.—1 think if the
marines could be removed to some place off
the reservation the fever could be prevented
from reaching them ; hardly otherwise. Two
deaths reported among the marines at hos
"(Signed), A. S. Tatlob, Lieutenant."
A second despatch is as follows, "The
country around us becoming infected fast.
"I think the sooner we can move nway
from here the better.
(Signed) A. S. Taylor, Lieut."
Major Nicholson promptly replied: "Move
your command to any healthy locality within
reach, and employ acclimated laborers to
assist yon."
To insure the safe and prompt dispatoh of
registered matter the Postoffice Department
at Washington has issued an order requiring
all persons registering 1 tters to place thereon
the "county," in addition to the poetoffic
and State.
FJ/H'K- City Mills extra.. £1 <•."• 0?
A'iiKAT—Southern Full* . 1 1" <<> 1 10
CORN -Soulhem white ; 8 .ft ' "
Do yellow 58 ft 00
ft YE—Good <"• ft f'2
OATS—Maryland A.'l ( &
C >TTON~Mid Ming I<> ft 10'*
(i'Kd ordinary 8 1 4 (i£ S 7 h
H\Y -M;l. and Pa. Tiuiot'y 15 (Hi ft 17 U
STRAW—Wheat 700 ft f* 00
BUTTER—Western piitne.. 10 t<i 22
West Virginia I>' (<i IS
GHJ'RSE -New York State
choice 70 ft 11
We-.'ern prime Bi*YR 0
eg< ;s 20 ra> 21
P ATTLE 5 .V) (h> (5 75
SWINE K ft B#f
•51IE EPANDI .A MBS 5 ft 7?%
fOß\rro LEAF—lnferior. I 50 ft 200
Good common •' 00 @ 4 50
Middling ♦ 00 ft hOO
Good to line rod 8 50 ft) 10 00
Fancy 1000 ft 14 00
NCW TO ii rw.
vM'l TGN M ddiiUgupia 50 i.r )'■-(
Ft.oUR —Southern corn, to
fa r extra. * :?n <'?f 20
WHEAT—-No. 1 white 118 'ft 20
HYlJ—Stale Of) ft
C()RN—Southern Yellow. .. <t2 ft 0.5
• lATS—"While Stale "> M 45
BUTTER—SIate 20 ft 22
Ch'EFSE—Stale ft 12
EGOS Jo(rt 2 5
l'Htl.A PEI'VHI A. #
BUH'li Penua. fancy. •• • • 4 'M
WHEAT—Pa. and Southern 120 ft 121
rod 1 18 ft Jo
l: YE—Pennsylvania '>' ft 40
CORN—Southern yellow i p ft lo
ATS . ' 50 ff)
BU IT El." -Stale " "•<> * (
EG "IS—Slate N' vjm 1
A Wise Horse.
Tho following incident is actually
true : A long lino of horses stand
ready harnessed to take the street cars
around an upgrade corner, in Boston.
Tho horses aro so placed in a line as to
be taken each in its duo turn. Just
now the writer observed that tho in
stant the driver detailed for tho pur
poso was out of sight around tho cor
ner, a horss whoso turn would coino
next deliberately walked down the line
and placed himself as the last in the
lino ; the last, thus, to bo used As he
watched closely, he noticed that it was
hut 0110 horso that did this, did it so
invariably, and net until the driver
was out of sight around tho corner, as
t<> make it impossible hut that it was
done to escape work. Could a horse
l>e that intelligent anywhere outside of
New Knglaml? As to the morality of
the at, alas, alas !
Itrrui',l from Drnili.
Nnv YORK. —Mr. James White,
1552 Broadway, formerly chief in
structor in nickels' Hiding School, in
this city, said to a newspaper reporter:
"1 broke my shoulder, arm and elbow,
splitting tho socket in four parts.
Rheumatism set in and 1 employed tho
best physician, lie tried everything,
but I grew worse, and at last he said:
'I have one more thing to try and if
that fails nothing can givu you relief,
and that is St. Jacols Oil.' 1 used
this great pain-reliever, and am able to
use my arm, froo from all rheumatic
trouble. 1 have also recommended tho
remedy to a number of people, and ill
every case they have been speedily and
effectually cured.
Slaves of Fashion.
Tho actual drudgery of fashionable
life falls upon women. To toil for a
placo in society, to give precious after
noons to the labor of j aying calls, and
to allow indifferent acquaintances, as
Emerson said, to devastate the day, to
give constant thought to tho revision
of one's toilette and the improve tn *nt
of one's visiting list, this is to be a
slave to things. And if tho slave do
not feel her fetters, so much the worse
for her. Many women have not time
for the unhurried delight of their
children's presence, for reading any
thing beyond tho last new novel, for
ary occupation higher than the nar
rowing round they call their domestic
and social duties !
American Triumph at Amsterdam.
The Mason & Hamlin Organ and
Piano Company have just received the
following cable dispatch from Mr. C.
C. Bender, their agent in Holland, now
representing them at the World's Ex
position at Amsterdam : *'lleceiced
Diploma of Honor , the very highest
award." The Mason & Ilainlin cabi
net organs were placed in competition
at this great exhibition with a large
number from the leading makers of
Europe and America, and this award
is but a continuation of their unbroken
series of triumphs at all the great
world's exhibitions for the last 16
years. Mason & Ilamlin have now
won the highest awards at Paris, 1867;
Vienna, 1873; Santiago, 1875; Phila
delphia, 1876 ; Paris, 1878 ; Milan,
1881, and Amsterdam, 1883.— Boston
Georgia's manufactured products will ag
gregate almost $400,(00,000 this year.
Throat, Bronchia! and Lutiff Diteasra
a specialty. Send two stamps for large
treatise giving self treatment. Address
buffalo, N. V
Oscar Wilde will not lecture any more.
This is Vera sad.
l)r. R. V. I'iebce, Buffalo, N. Y.: Dear Sir
—I have been taking your favorite Prescrip
lion"for "female weakness." Before 1 had
taken it two days I began to feci stronger.
1 have taken but two-thirds of a bottle and
believe I am cured. G atefully,
Mas. H. C. LOYEIT, Watsekn, 111.
We often hear of a woman marrying a
man to reform him; but no one ever tells us
of a man marrying a woman to reform her.
Sick and bilious headache, and all derange
ments of stomach and bowels, cured by Dr.
Pierce's "Pellets"—or anti-bilious granules.
2"i cents n vial. No cheap boxes to allow
waste of virtues. By druggists.
An Ohio farmer has named one of his hogs
Maud, because she comes into the gurd'-n so
Nothing is uglier than crooked boots!
straighten them with Lyon's Heel Stiffeners'
"What is a dude?" said a little girl to her
ma. Ma—"Ho is a granchild of Darwin,
with improvements."
TukVoltaio Belt Co., Marshall, Mich.,will
send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-Voltaic
Belts and Electric Appliances on trial for
3D days to men.yonng or old,who are afflicted
with nervous debility, lost vitality and kin
dred troubles, guaranteeing speedy and com
plete restoration of health and manly vigor.
Address as above.—N. 8.-— No risk is in
curred, as thirty days' trial is allowed.
"For heaven's sake, save her!" be said to
the doctor; "I positively oau't afford a fune
ral just at this time."
Chrolithion colllars and cuffs, while thor
oughly waterproof, feel as soft as velvet
around the neck and wrists.
The dear old green apple jokes that we
have all loved so well are coming round
Sklnnr Men.
Wells' Henlth ltenewer restores health,
vigor, cures Dyspepsia, impotence, Sexual
Debility. sl.
Peaches are like men. The little ones are
crowded out of sight by the big fellows.
For Thick Heads.
Heavy stomachs,billious conditions—Wells'
May ApplePills-antibilious,cathartic. 1025 c.
Health of body is wealth of mind.
Don't Die in the House*
'Rough on Rata.' Clenrs out rats, mice,
roaches, bedbugs, flies, ants, moles, chip,
muuks, gophers, 15c.
A freaky dog in Rockland, Mass.. eats cu
cumbers off the vine.
For sore feet, swollen joints, sprains, corns
or bunions, use St. Patrick's Salve.
An Indian being asked not to paint his face,
said: "Indian heap like white woman. Stop
white woman, Indian stop."
Wouldst see blithe looks,fresh cheeks beguile,
Aye, wouldst see December smile?
Wouldst see hosts of new roses blow?
Carboline makes the hair to grow
On the baldest of heads.
A baker advertising that his bread was
"hard to beat," was disgusted when the
printer made it "hard to eat."
Walcott, the gentleman who ate thirty
brace of quails in thirty days, was relieved
from any disagreeable stomach troubles by
using Gastrin e. and took nothing else dur
ing the task. Sold by druggists.
Can we wonder at the ocean being occa
sionally rough, when we consider how con
tinually it is "crossed"?
The beet cnro for di e e/ics of the nerves, 1
brain and muscles, is Brown's Iron Bitters.
"Yes," he enid, "Dagcet was drunk last
night. At nny rate, he declined a nomina
tion for office."
MAIUON, Mns.—Dr. N. 8. Buggies says: " 1
recommend Brown's Iron Bitters as a valued
tome for enriching the blood and removing
all dyspeptic symptoms."
Bright green parrots poise on imported
crimson plush bonnets.
HcNrsvmuE, Ala.—Dr. J. T. Ridley says:
"Brown's Iron Bitters is a good appetizer
and merits attention from sufferers.'
It is easier to chain lightning tlnn to mnlce
a boy keep still when a brass band is parsing
Fo. ovsi'fcPsiA, iKnioKSTtoj* of at-ir
its and general debility in iheir various fi.iai* .
also AN a pri ventive against fever nnd ivgu ■ ami
other intermit tent fevers, thu "Fcm'-rinwphor
Oed Klixir of Calisava," made by Canwcll.
'lazurd ,V Co., Now York, nnd sold hy al! Drug
<i-.trt, is tin-11 t 'onio ; and for patients uoover
ng from fever or other eickiiens it lias no equal
"Pawn inc honor," soys tbo dude.
"Wouldn't advance a nickel on it," soys
the pawnbroker.
Mrs. J.B i I'lell, Newark, N. J , was badly
nfflic'ed W.ti. liiight's kidney disease. Three
doctorsgt.v. I or up to die; then Dr. Frnzor,
VG New street gave her Dr. Elmore's K. G.
It relieved her in a day and cured her in 3
A sunflower weighing five and a quitter
pounds has been grown on the Itittenhou e
eetate in Gnruinntown.
Good News from Texas.
Mr. THOMAS A. HOWAUJ, of Ilouey Grove,
Fannin County, Texas, under date of April 5,
1683, writes as follows:
" I have been suffering during Sevcial years
from severe illness, niul a general breaking
down of my physical system, and have tried
the treatment and prescriptions of many
doctors far and near, and traveled to the Hot
B.irings und other mineral springs famous
for their remedial qualities, drinking the
water* and bathing systematically in their
healing depths, but all to no avail, as 1 steadily
failed in health; and although informed by
my physicians that my ailments and weak
nesses were th. result of kidney disease of a
dangerous character, they could give me
nothing to cure me. During the nast two
years my sufferings at times were dreadful,
und I bad the mo-t indescribable pains in the
regions about the kidneys, the paroxysms of
which were so severe as to lender it imjossi
blo for uie to sleep. While in tins deplo able
and discourage! condition I was persuaded
to try limit's Remedy, and after using less
than half a bottle my great sufferings aid
paroxysms of pain were entirely i elieved, and
1 could sleep better and longer iban I had in
two \ears before, nnd although I am now on
my third bottle only my improvement is very
remarkable, and I regret that 1 did not know
of the wonderful curative powers of Hunt's
Remedy before, as it would have saved me
3 ears of suffering. I heartily recommend it
to nli afflicted with any kidney dist .se 0*
disease of the urinary organs."
"nil My Cur Exactly."
Please allow me to speak in the highest
terms of Hunt's Keirndy, for it hit my case
exactly. I had kidney and urinary trouble
pretty bad. I was recommended Hunt's
Remedy. I took one teaspoonful as directed.
1 felt a decided change at the first dose. I
took two bottles, anu have felt like a new
man ever since. Please receive the sincere
thanks of myself for the benefits which 1
sought vainly for and found only in Bunt's
Remedy. I will cheerfully give this same
opinion of Hunt's Remedy to any one who
wishes it, by addressing
. 311 Linnard Street, Philadelphia
March 14.1883.
Ileury's Carbolic Solve
Is rtbe Dost Salve for Cute, Bruises, Ulcers, Salt
libeum. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns
and ell kinds of Skin Eruptions, Freckles sod Pine,
pies. Oct Henry's Carbolic Salve, ee ell others ere
counterfeits. Price 25 cts.
How to Shorten Lift.
Abernethy. the greet English surgeon, esked e lady
who told him she only had a cough: "What would
you have ? The plague V Beware of "only coughs I"
The worst cases can, however, be cured by Dr. Wm.
Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. In Whooping Cough
end Croup It immediately allays inflammation, aud is
sure to prevent a fatal termination of the disease-
Hold by all druggist* and dealers in medicine.
Old Fancy, the war horse rode by Stone
wall Jackson, is tenderly cared for at the
Virginia Military Institute at Lexington.
FOR. r^viisr.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago Backache, Headache, Toothache,
Sore Tl rout, S wel 11 sign. *jr*l n. Itrulaes,
Xturn*. Kealih, l-Voc llitc*.
Bold by UrugjjUUnnd Denier, ererrwbere. Fifty Ceuua bcttls.
DirecUcii, in 11 l.aii(nare. _
(D II ■ ■ VinitLXaaa 1UU.8..1T. ,.. C.a A
Do you want a pure, bloom
ing Complexion J If so, a
few applications of Hagan's
ify yon to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Pimples.
Blotches, and all diseases and
Imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatigue ana ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are its effects,
that it is impossible to detect
its application*
i .•> WA.x ILD tur urn Best ud
-fa ing Pictorial Books and Bibles. Prices reduced 1J
peroent. NATIONAL PPBLISUTNO Uo.. Pmla. P*.
MSII I,KTS fine writing paper. in blotter, with
calendar, hy mail for 2c. Agent,* Wanted.
ECONOMY PRINTING CO., Newburyport, Mass.
FREE ? °- o; '' , HEALTH HELPER"
1 B1 **mnPeilectHealth. 11.11. Box I(H,Buffalo.N J
55 tO per day at home. Samples wmbTftee
*g,J IU JC Addres ,Mnr>oiut: Co.. Port.ltnd. Me.
I f lUGT;MANS Business College, Nnwmk.N J
J VJ •s<*• Positions for graduates. Wnie for circulars
I 566 week in.jfourown, own.
* vu Address 11. Hallett A-C 0.. Portland. M-nna-
THE MINISTER WHO FAILS to interest his congrega
tion and build up his church is generally accused of beinga poor preacher'
or of not studying hard enough. is not always where the trouble
comes from. Dyspepsia and liver disorders are responsible for manv n
dull sermon and many a vacant pulpit. When the Dominic's digestive
apparatus is working wrong and his nerves are giving him pain and hi*
brain refuses to do its duty, it is almost impossible to make or to preach n
good sermon.,, Give your suffering minister a bottle of Brown's Rb
tenn You will see its effect on next Sunday's preaching. The Rev Mr
Zehring, of Codorus, Pa., was paralysed, and could not walk e , .u
" lltc h, until Brown's Iron Bitters made a new man of him ~ R
Mr White, of Rock Hill, S. C„ says: "It restored me to str^-th , dJ'
gor. , Brown s Iron Bitters is not only for the minister, but for ail '^op£
A P.ure Cure for all FEMALE W EAtt.
NESSES, Incltidit'g Lcncenlnrn, Ir
regular and gainful Hlcnstrnatioß,
Inflamiitatkin find Ulceration of
the Womb, Flooding, PRO
tyn-asant to the taste, efllcaoious and immediate
In IU effect It Is * great help In pregnancy, and rw
littM pain daring labor and at regular periods,
CTFox ALL WEACNASRA of the generative organ•
of either tux, It 1* second to no remedy that baa evei
been before the publics and for all discaaes of the
CIDRTI U la the Greatat Rented y (n the Woriu.
tSfttIDNEY CO3IPEAINTS of Either Se*
Find Great Relief In Its E*e.
vrlli eradicate every veatigo of Humors from the
Rlood, at the same time will give tone and rtrcr.rth to
the ay stem. Aa marvellous in rceulta aa the Oompouad.
tirßoth the Compound and Blcod rnrfcflcr are pr
pared at 33 and 235 Weatern Avenue, Eynn, Mass.
Price of cither, ft. Bix bottles for t&. Tbo Compound
is acnt by mall in the form of pills, or of loiengea, on
••ecelpt of price, $1 per box for either. Mrs. Pinkhara
freely answers all letters of Inquiry. Enclose 8 oenl
•tamp. £ttd for pamphlet. Mention thu Paper,
nri.TOiA B. PnatHAn'-* unatPniS cure ConsKpa
lion. and Torpidity of tho Liver. K coata
*#-s<>ld by oil (*)
B N U S7
' o rwlip i iiiTajTap i MTTwrrwTj
Error sevtrtJ years vro have furnished th Y
Dairymen of America with an excellent arU-2
fldai color for butter; so meritorious that It met \ t
with great ■ access everywhero fcceiTtng the i
highest and only prizes at both International (
Dajrv Fairs. , J
tyCut by patient ar.d scientific chemical re- ;
search we l ave improved ia cevcral points, and I j
now o£Tcr this new color as Ut* best in the world.
it Will Mot Color the Buttermilk. Hi
WHi Not Turn Ranoid. tt the
Strongest, Briglrteat and
Cheapest Color Made, I j
njPAnd, while prepared in oil, Is so compound
ed that it it impossible for it to become rancid. I j
CTSEWARE of *ll imitations, and of all
other oil colors, for they art- liable to become { !
rancid and spoil the baiter.
3 tTTIf ycu cannot get the' improved" writ, us
-to know where and how to get It wit hoot extra j
gcrpenae. W . j
a nSTHTEr=^-'S
visited by epidemioa,
mmdf and indeed in all
■V local!tie. wh-re the
conditions am #•
Vi favorable to health,
- this funoas vngeU.
... ble invigorant and
''.l X, . " ters, ha *'^Jega'rd
. CVMP to feeble c-nsti.
'OaL. tut ions and fragile
:c - fnunes. while as a
cure for indigeetioo.
mis bilioosaess'and kin-
Reliabla, Datable ud Economical, trill 'umirh •
horn* power tri'h >j leu fuel and water than any other
Engine built, not fitted with an Automatic Cat-off. Send
K illustrated Cat.lof-ae "J," for lnfonostiun and
oea. B. W. PATKE A SONS. Boa 9'. Corning, M.T.
Best in tlic world* Get the genuine* Every
pncJknge lias oar trade-mark and is
tunrled Fm*rr>a. soi l) FVMtYWUKRB
R. G. is the quieVwst p'eewntest,
mr st ni beet re u-ay lor k dney.
""i* ■* mxch, bDd<*e- and biooa
diseaes, and only real .a .meever
discovered fuT acute mi ibronio
rheumatiMw gout, lumbago, gemt
v>/ ice, neurelgi-, eto. Has m e1 heps
less case-- Brig t's disnaee and dys(*epaia la M —all
forms of rheumatic dieordors in 2 to I'.' weeks—relieves
In'I" mm Mary n 1 day. Caa refer to haadr, d< of te'ia
tle people cured who had tried in vain everyth n r else.
Purely • otanio, hxrmleaa, and nice to Irink. Ask yo ir
dragr at to get it; If he declines send to us for it—tai e
nothing else. Elmore. A dams A 00.. 105 William at.. N. Y
To Speculators.
R. Lindblom & Co., N. 6. Miller & Co.
6 and 7 Chamber of 5o Broadway,
Commerce, Chicago New York-
Members of all prominent Produce Exchanges in
New York, Chicago, St. Louis aud Milwaukee-
We have exclusive private telegraph wire between
Chicago and New York Will execute orders on our
judgment when requested. Send tor circulars con
taining particulars, ROBT. LINDBLOM A CO..
Cured Painlessly.
The Medicine sold for a small margin alx v? t he cost ni
compounding. All cas<s treated by sp.oal prescrip
lion." Korlull particulars addres* tha Uhcoverer,
DR. S. B. COLLINS, La Port*. Ind.
N1 Beet Cough Syrup Taaicegood. tSJ
MS 1/'.p in tiiiie. Sold bv druggLats. UU
y Latent Style 3. Largest Catalogue, y
* Full information for 3-cent stamp, jj.
P Love?t Prices. Best Assortment. ■
Ti . th 3 best Family Kit.
tfnn diachine ever invented. Will una a pair of
blockings with IIHEL ana TOE complete in JO
minutes. It will also unit a great urintv of tuner work
forwbah tiiere is always a ready market. Send for
circular and terms to the Twouiblv Knlittnx
Machine Co., lu.i Tremont Street, Boston, M iss.
O PI II Bill "d wiiTSK Y slAn^sTu^l
• ■ toe CWRat notne without pa n. B ,-,'t of ii*r
k niars sent free. B M Woot.LKY. M D-. Ati mtu/oa.
5/'A " * ""f al "emeeisily inula. ijp iiV
•* *" outfit TBOE A Co.. Augusta, Ma,
A Sure Cure lor Epilepsy or Kits iiTjV hours. - Kreeto
poor. Dr. ItriiMi, JfU Arst nil Si Si I nn;, u.