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years ago a contemporary announced with
great positireneas the discovery that culti
vation of the surface soil promotes instead
of retarding evaporation, and is therefore
labor worse than wasted, so far as it hail
previously been supposed to help iu retaiu
i noisture. Experiments by Professor Stock
bridge, of Amherst, were subsequently
published, which seemed sufficient to con
lule the position above referred to, and to
establish the correctness of previous teach,
ings on the subject. And now Dr. Slur
levant, of the State Experiment Station at
Geneva, reports the following experiment,
which If similar in result to those of Pro
fessor Stock bridge, though not couducted
in precisely the same manner. The ques
tion of drought is one which periodically
engages attention, and any means by
which its injurious effects may v be ungita
ted should certainly be known to the far
mer. That cultivation, by forming a
loose soil upon the surface wuich acts as a
aiulch, conserves the water to the soil, is a
fact which is well established, and should
be more commonly appreciated. For the
purpose of offering numerical values which
shall express the influence of cultivation,
we have tried the following experiment:
Oak boxes of one cubic foot capacity wei e
made of half-inch stuff, and ihoiouuhly
soaked with oil. The bottoms being re
moved, the frame was torced dowu into
the earth in the corn Held, and the bottom
afterwards put m position. We thus had
a foot cube of soil in its natural position.
The surface or the earth in one box was
left undisturbed, while the surfaces of two
boxes were kept cultivated. By weighing
these boxes the gain or loss is assumed to
measure the evaporation which has taken
place from each. From July 20 to Au
gust 1, six days, the cultivated soil evapo
rated at ihe rate of 906 gallons per acre
lets than the undisturbed soil, or less 151
gallons daily per acre. From August Ito
August 10, nine days, the cultivated roil
evaporated 2367 gallons per acre less than
did the undisturbed soil, or less than 263
gallons daily per acre. During the whole
period from July 26 to August 10,. tifteen
da) s, the saving of water effected through
cultivation figured up 212 gallons daily per
acre, or expressing these tacts i i another
form, the undisturbed soil lost per acre
from July 26 to August 10, 4243 gallons;
the cultivated soil 1060 gallons. In caicu our results to the acre by multiply
ing ihe evaporation which has taken plate
Horn a square foot of ruiface by 43,560,
ihe unavoidable eirors are correspondingly
multiplied, and while duplicate series can
never be expected to give the same numer
ical results, yet the one fact becomes ui -
questionable—that through cultivation we
are enabled to conserve to the soil a large
arnouDt of water during a drought, iu
deed, observation through extended peri
ods of drought, also plainly shows the su
periority ot fields that have been well cul
tivated over those where cultivation has
been neglected.
farmers uiffer materially in regard to the
beet way to prepare seed potatoes for plant -
iug. One farmers has obtained the best
results from planting whole potatoes. An
other has been most successful in cutting
his potatoes, giving only one good eye to
a cutting. Another has met with the best
success with one eye, but the cutliug was
made deep with a picked pointed knife, so
as to giye the eye plenty ct nourishment
before it throws out roo's to draw its sup
plies from the soil, bo it teems that pota
toes have made tine yields from all styles
of cut seed, and from small aqd large
whole potatoes.
The fact is that in a tolerably sandy
soil, containing plenty ot vegetable mat
ter, with plenty of cowyard manure, and
some ashes and superphosphate, and pro
per cultivation, the yield will be apt to be
large in a good potato season if the seed
is of the right kind, cut in almost any
style, or planted whole.
THE muck or peat of some localities may
be applied directly to the land, either
ireah dug, if dry enough to haul, in which
condition it is best to apply it in the au
tumn, so that it may l>e ameliorated by
the fiosts and thawiugs ot winter, or after
such weather?Dg. Other kinds ot muck
cannot be used advantageously without
composting with lime or manure, or white
ashes, or some other active substance, while
that of some localities applied raw is pos
itively deleterious to the crops of the nrst
jcar. As a general rule muck may be
made uselul in ordinary farm o|>era
lions by mixiDg it with manure from the
stable, in the cow-yard, the pig-pens, or
the sheep-yards, and it is safe to say that
the addition ot muck of good quality in
this way may easily double or triple the
value ot the manure made upen the farm.
That is, a yard capable of furnishing,
under ordinary circumstances, 100 loads
of manure, may lie made to furmsn twice
or even three times as much, both in
quality aod value.
OOTOBKR is a good time to get out a sup
ply of swamp muck. It is impossible to
answer the q lestion as to the exact value
of this material as applied to land. The
quality of muck varies greatly, some of it
not being woitb the expense of removing
it from the beds, even when this can he
done with ease. The fertilizing value ot
most mucks depends largely upon the ni
trogen they contain, and that this element
may be available the muck needs to un
dergo a process of decomposition. The
* nnrogen must be liberated from its lnsolu
bie organic compounds, and form soluble
substances, as the aitrates and ammonia
compoudds. To secure this, muck should
be either placed in a heap and subjected to
the influence of freezing and thawing—
weathering, as it Is termed—or be mixed
with manure in a compost heap, and there
undergo a decomposition, to tit it for use
as a fertilizer. At ttiis season the muck
beds are usually filled with water, but by
beginning at one side, a boat or scow may
be used to advantage.
THE English farmers are congratulating
themselves that the lean years which had
come upon them are now ended. The
crops are almost universally good,and thus
far the weather—usually so treacherous in
this country—has been very favorable for
harvest work. In the Southern part ol the
British Islands the wheat is now nearly all
in, hut in the northern part ot England and
south of Scotland they are just in the
midst of the harvest. The wheat crop is
said to be below the average in yieiJ, but
it is really above it, for the so-called aver
age can scarcely be called a just one.
VIOLETS.— Few things are more valued
in winter than a bunch of Bweet Violets.
Some may new be potted, and they will
flower in the window towards spring: or a
small bed of them may be made in a frame
which should be protected by a mat from
severe frost. The same of Pansies.
For a number of years a German paper
maker has been utilising the waste water
from his engine, conducting it by ditches
to and upon the meadows, adjoining bis
mill. He asserts that his profits from bis
grrjss ct op bave been trebled
TOMATO Sorr. —Always use cold wa
ter in making all soups; skim well,
especially during the first hour. There
is a great necessity for thorough skim
ming, and to help the scum rise, p >ur
in a little cold water now and theu, and
as the soup reaches the boiliug point,
skim it off. Use salt at first sparingly,
and season with salt and pepper; allow
one quart of soup to three or four per
sons. For tomato soup allow one gal
lon of stock made from nice fresh beef
to three quarts of fresh tomatoes; re
move the skin and cut out the hard cen
tre, put through a fine sieve, and add to
the stock; rnako n paste of butter and
flour, and, when the stock begins to
boil, stir in a half teacup of the paste,
taking care not to have it lumpy; boil
twenty minutes, seasoning with salt aud
pepper to taste. Two quarts of the
canned tomatoes will answer.
"Durability is better than show."
Durability of health is worth more than
the wealth of Vanderbilt. Kidney-Wort
is man's co-laborer in maintaining health.
With healthy liver, bowels and kidneys,
men and women will always be in good
health. If the bowels are torpid, if piles
tonqent, if the back is full of pam, get a
package of Kidney-Wort and lie cured
without more suffering.
Jtar*The most brilliant phades possible,
on all fabrics are made by the Diamond
Dyes. Unequalled for brilliancy and du
rability. 10 cents.
FORCED TOMATOES, —Two ouuees of
mushrooms, miuoed small; a small
quantity of parsley, a slice of lean ham
chopped small, with a few savory herbs,
a little cayeune pepper aud salt. Put
all the ingredients of this stuffing luto a
saucepan with a lamp of butter, stirring
all together until quite tender. Theu
set away to 0001. Have ready some
bread crumbs and the yelks of two eggs
well benten. Choose large tomatoes, as
near the same size as possible; and cut
a slice from the stalk end of each. Take
out carefully the seeds and juice, and
fili with the mixture. S l rew them over
with bread crumbs and some melted
butter, and bake in an oven until they
have a rich color. Serve with baked
calf's head or cold real.
PEIKVAN, Wis., Sept. 24, IS7B.
GENTS —I have taken not uuite one bot
tle of the Hop Bitters, 1 was a teeble old
man of 78 wteu 1 got it. To-day I am
as active and leel as well as 1 did at 30. I
see a great many that need such a u edi
cine. D. BOYCEi
SPICED APPLES. —Spiced apples are
very appetizing, and the new and usual
ly almost tasteless early apples can be
prepared in this way: Take four pounds
of apples (weigh them after they are
peeled), two pounds of sugar, half an
ounce of ciunamon in the stiek, one
quarter of an ounce of cloves and one
pint of vinegar; let the vinegar, spices
and sugar come to a boil; tben put in
the whole apples and cook them untii
they are so tender that a broom splint
will pierce them easily. These will
keep for a loug time in a jar. Put a
clean cloth over the top of the jar be
fore putting the cover on. E irly pears
may also be spiced in the same way, and
are nice for dinner or tea.
CoiiHumptlou Cured.
An old physician, retired lrom practice,
having bad placed in his hands by au
East India missionary the formula of a
simple vegetable remedy for the speedy
and permanent cure of Consumption,
Bronchitis, Catarrh. Asthma and all throat
and Lung Affections, also a positive aud
radical cure for Nervous Debility and all
Nervous Complaints, after hariug tested
its woudertul curative powers in thousands
of cases, has felt it his duty to make it
known to his suffering fellows. Actuated
by this motive and a desire to relieve hu
man suffering, I will send free of charge,
to all who desire it, this rcceipe, in Ger
man, French or English, with full direc
tions tor preparing and using, bent by
mail by addressing with stamp, naming
this paper, W. A. Noyes, 149 Power a
Blocks JRochester, iV,
made of the ocmtnou Siberian crabapple
is not to be despised, and for chilelren's
lunch or lor tea with good bread ami
butter it is looked upon aa a luxury.
Stew the apples, skins and all, till they
arc very soft; mash them, adding light
brown sugar to your taste. This may
be put up in cans or in little earthen
jars anel sealed for winter use. Marma
lade may also be made of nice peach
parings, with now and then a half peach
left iu. The latter dish is not recom
mended exoept when fruit is scarce, and
you feel like making the most of every
part of it.
Take out the stones from the bunches
with a pin, breaking tliem as little as
possible; boil some clarified sugar to
nearly candying poiut; then put in
sufficient gropes to cover the bottom of
the preserving kettle, without laying
them on each other, and boil for nearly
five minutes, merely to extract the juice;
lay them in an earthen pan and pour
the syrup over them; cover with paper,
and the next day boil the syrup, skim
ming it well for five minutes; put in the
grapes, let them boil a minute or two;
put them in pots, and pour the syrup
over them, after which tie down.
FROZEN PEACHES.— Pare and divide
large, fresh, ripe and juicy peaches,
sprinkle over them granulated sugar,
freeze them like ice cream for an hour;
remove them just before serving, and
sprinkle with a little more sugar..
Canned peaches and all kinds of berries
may be prepared in the same way.
PEACH PlE.— Line a deep dish with
soda biscuit dough, or pie crust rolled
one-fourth of an inch thick, fill with
peaches pared, sprinkle with sugar and
a little flour, and if not too juicy, add
about two teaspoonfuls of water, put on
the upper crust, secure the edges and
bake. Eat with cream.
PRUNE WHIP. — Sweeten to taste and
stew three quarters of a pound of
prunes; when perfectly cold add the
whites of four eggs beaten stiff, stir all
©f this together till light; put in a dish
and bake twenty minutes; when oold,
serve in a larger dish and cover with
good cream.
CORN MUSH.— Put a quart of water
on to boil; stir a pint of cold milk with
one pint of corn meal and one table
spoonful of salt. When the water boils
pour in the mixture gradually, stirring
well; boil half an hour, stirriug constant
STUFFED STEAK.— Make a stuffing of
bread, herbs, onions, salt and pepper;
spread over the steak, which should be
an inch thick. 801 lit up and tie tight
ly with cord. Bake or stew slowly for
two hours! Serve with brown gravy.
II IR people were not. prompt in paying
bim his salary, much of wbiqli ho hail
to take "in kiud," One day a church
member asked him to bring Mrs. Htim
sou to dinner. "Certainly," said Father
Btimaou, "and I gueaa ill put some liay
on the wagon when I go back home."
"All right," replied the church member;
"but firing a oue-horso wagon." He
came with n wagon in which was a hay
rick big enough to hold a haystack. "Is
that a one-horse wagon?" asked the
parishioner. "Yes," said Father Stim
sou, "but it's a two-horse hayrick," and
he loaded in a ton of hay. He was put
ting up a gospel teut when a loafer came
along and asked him if he was going to
have a circus. "Yes," said he, without
looking up, "and I want a baboon; ho*
much will you take ?" He was Chaplain
of the Niutli New York Cavalry, whose
Colonel liked to take his regiment
through the puddles. One day the
Chaplain rode around thorn, so the Col
onel at the close of the drill said to the
officers: "If Chaplain Stimson is ufraid
to ride th.iough muddy water for fear
of soiling his clothes i will carry him
across the puddles myself." "Thank
you," the Chaplain said; "but as the
Government provides horses I don't
see any reason why I should ride on a
" Entirely Dteanpeared."
NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Sept. 5, 1881. )
H. U. WARNER & Co.: Sirs— A severe
attack of kidney difficulty entirely disap
peared after using your Safe Kidney aud
Liver Cure. Jons 11. INSLRK.
"Is this the annunciator?" asked a
frightened looking mail of the chap who
ran the hotel lifter.
"No, sn; this is the elevator."
"Does it go up, or down?"
"Both ways, sir,"
"1s there any danger of its falling and
killing anybody?"
"Perhaps so, Do von wish to try it?"
"I don't kuow. By the way, where
would I go to if I did get in and the
whole thing should drop down ?"
"That would depend upon your re'ig
ious belief. Do yon, or do you not want
to go up ?"
"Weil, just one more quostion. Sup
posing I should—"
But the door slid into its place, and
all that the timid man could seo was
the bottom of the car as it glided out of
Yegetine Is now acknowledged by our
best physicians to be tbe only sure and
9&fc remedy for all diseases arising from
Impure blood, such as scrofula and scrofu
lous humors.
OKR of Mrs. Grote s proteges was
Fanny Ellsler, of whom she had under
taken, in a fit. of enthusiasm, to make
"an honest woman," and also—some
what more difficult task—a recognized
ornament of Loudon society. It was
in the midst of this quixotic experiment
that the celebrated dancer took her
departure for America, leaving her
child, a little girl of 6 years, in Mrs.
Grote's care. "All I said to her," said
this strange, kind hearted woman, "was:
'Well, Fanny, send the brat to me; I
don't ask you whose child it is, and T
don't care, so loug as it isn't that fool,
d'Oi say's,"
Is your hair falling out or your scalp
diseased! Carbollne, a deodorized extract
of petroleum, as now Improved and per
fected, is just the article you need. Buy
a bottle, and, like thousands who are u*log
it all over thelaod, you will value it as the
choicest of all toilet preparations.
PAT MALONEY kept a terry ever one
of the small Western streams. A crank
whooped and hollooed one storm}' night
for Pat to come and ferry him over the
river. As the boat neared the shore he
apologized to Pat for calliug him out
snch a night. "That is all right," aaid
Pat; "I make me living with this old
boat." But, Pat, I have not a cost of
money to pay you with." "Oh, and l>e
jabers, that's it," said Pat, as he quickly
pullod for the other shore; "if you have
no money it don't matter which side ol
the river you are on." .
Rupture Cured*
NIWTOWN, PA., Sept., 29th 1382.
DR. J. B. MATER, Dear Sir:— 1 will
stale to you that 1 am all right, and have
not worn the support since the tp,h of July,
and since then have been hard at wjrk on
a farm. There is no pain or soreness about
me nor has there been since.
Yours Respectfully,
"LET US have some fresh air," said a
fat-faced old man to the sleeping car
porter, "the air in this car is terrible."
Just then an Irishman entered sat down,
and, tilling his pipe with vile tobacco,
began puffing the smoke in the old fel
low's face. Brigliteuing up at this un
expected change, the old chap said,
"Ah ! thank you, I'at, thank you; that
will help it some !"
Allen's llralu Food,
Cures .Nervous Debility and Weak nee
of Generative Organs, $1 ail druggifts
Send for circular. Allen's Phurui acy
313 First av. N. Y.
DR. HALD says that taking a walk
before breakfast has put more people
into their coffins than the ailments they
were seeking to get rid of. The atten
tion of tramps is particularly called to
this statement.
One pair of boots saved every year by
using Lyon's Patent Metallic Heel Stiffeu
"No, sir," said Dr. Jalap, "I wouldn't
have that apple tree cut for money,"
"But you never get any fruit from it,"
argued Brown; "the boys steal all the
apples before tliey are half ripe,"
"That's just it," replied the Doctor,
with a quiet smile; "the tree stands me
a good 81000 every year."
See advertisement beaded " How to
Live " in auother column.
A OKNTDEMAN who, in a public meet
ing. was telling that he was eighty-one
years old and had not been an abstainer
from liquors, interrupted by the
remark: "You would have been a hun
dred by this tim if you had !"
♦Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pouud strengthens the stomach and kid
neys and aids digestion.
"DEAR Mr Jones," said a learned
woman, "You remind me of a barometer
that is filled with nothing in the upper
story." "Divine Amelia Brown," said
he, "you occupy my upper story."
Don't fail to read the twenty dellar
Sewing Machine advertisement of 6. A.
VV ood A Co., then send for a tircul&r.
CiVAwnieLncrw and iron wall brackets
that, have becoma rusty and worn may
be made to look equal to new by apply
ing a coat of bronze powder mixed with
oopal varnish.
The fellow, who, by mistake, seut his
auburn-haired sweetheart instead of a hot.
tie of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup a bottle of
hair dye, wants to kuow the best way to
commit suicide. 9
FOR those troubled with the gout,
boat two ounces of almonds with a tea
apooufnl of rose water autl then pour 011
one quart >f milk and water ami sweeten
to tush*.
Kidney Complaints.
The symptom* of n acute attack of Inflamma
tion of the ttnlney* sre a* follows : Fever, pain In
the small of the back, ami thence shooting down
ward; nntulmesa of the thighs,vomiting, usually al
ttrat a deep red color of the urine, w hlcli becomes
pale and colorleaa as the disease increases, and is
discharged very often with pam and difficulty;
oostlvem-ss, anil some degree of colic. lu chronic
diseases of the kldueya the symntoms are pain lu
the hack and limbs, dryness of the skin, frequent
urinations (especially at night), general dropsy,
headache, dizziness of night, indigestion, and pal
pitation of the heart, gradual loss of strength,
paleness and puffluess or the face, congh and short
ness of breath.
In diseases of the kldneva the VRORTINK give*
Immediate relief. It has never failed to cure when
it is taken regularly and directions followed. In
many cases it may take several bottles, especially
cases of long standing. It ads directly upon the
secreiions, cleansing and stieiigthenlug, removing
all obstructions and Impurities.—A great many
can testify 10 cases of long standing having been
perfectly cured by the VKURTINR, even after try
ing many of the known remedies which are said
to be expressly tor this disease.
Kidney Complaints.
CINCINNATI, 0., March 111, 1671.
Dear Sirl have used your VRQKTINR for some
time, and can truthfully say it has been a great
benefit to me: aud to those suffering from dis
eases of the Kldnevs, I cheerfully recommend it.
Respect fully, O. 11. SMITH.
Attested to by K. B. Ashfleld, Druggist,
Cor. Eighth ami Central Avenue.
CINCINNATI, O , April 19, 1877.
I have suffered several year* with the Kitliwv
Complaint, and was Induced to try VRORTINK. I
have taken several bottles of your preparation,
and lam convinced It Is a valuable remedy. It
has done me more good than any other medicine.
I can heartily recommend it to all suffering from
A'fcfuep Com plait i/x.
Yours respectfully, •!. S. McMILLEV,
First Book-keeper lor Newha'l, dale A Co., Flour
Merchants, No. 86 west Front St., Cincinnati, t.
VBOKTINR has restored thousands to health who
have been long and painful sufferers.
rnrrAimn BT
H. R. STEVENS, Boston, Ma s s.
Vegetine is Sold by All Druggists.
i-■ - !
Tbe Bad and Worthless.
are never imitated or ctrtntrrfeued- This ti
especial!.* true of a family mediojne, and it is
positive proof that the remedy imitated is of the
highest value. As soon as U had been tested
and proved by the whole world that Hop Bitters
was tho purest, best and most valnabls family
medicine on earth, many imitations sprung op
and began to steal the notices in which the press
and tne people of the country had expressed the
merits of H. 8., and in every way trying to in
duce suffering Invalids to use their sioff Instead,
expecting to make money on the credit and good
name of L ii. Many others started nostrums
jiut up In similar style to H. 8., with variously
devised names in which the word " Hop," or
" Hops" were used In away to Indnoe people
to believe they were the same as Hop Bitters.
All snoh pretended remedies or cures, no matter
what their stvle or name is, aud especially those
with tne wont •• Hop' or M Hops" In their name
or in anv way connected with them or their name,
are luutatlous or counterfeits. Beware of tbem.
Touch noue of them. Use nochiig but genuine
Hop Bdters, with a bunch or cluster of green
Hops on the white label. Trust nothing else-
Druggists an I dealers are warned against deailug
In imitations or counterfeit*
i The SUREST CURE for ®
Docs a lam* back or disordered urine lndl- ®
® onto that yox ft re n victim ? THEN DO NOT
L HU HTATE; uso Kidney-Wort at onoe, (drug- §
" gists recommend It) and it will speedily over- k
® como the dineaso and restore healthy action, ©
® | MXIOC For oomplalnts peculiar £
j= LuUlCO* toyouricx, (uchatpaln J
* and weaknesoes, Kidney-Wort is unsurpassed, .
t! ae it will act promptly and safely. •
Either Bex. Inoontlnenoe,retention ofurlne, ®
• brick dust or ropy deposits, and dull dragging *j
O pains, all speedily yield to Its curative power. 5
< g. SOLD BY AIL Price 1.
do not produce sickness at the stomach,
nausea or gripiug.
They act directly on the Liver, the
organ which, when ill a healthy con
dition, purities the blood for the whole
cleanse the stomach and
bowels without disposing;
them to subse nent Cos
They are the only perfect preparation
of MANDRAKE, the great substitute
for Mercury, Tuereis not their equal in
the whole range of Cathartic Medicines
known to man. .
They nre mid hy (lmgglatt everywhere.
Dr. Schcnck's Book 011 Consumption,
Liver Complaiut and Dyspepsia is sent
free, post-paid. Address
Philadelphia, Pa.
~ 2S
for this style of ■'MLAOELI'IIIA
BINGEK. Equal to any Singer In
the market Remember, tco
•raid it to be exam incd before
you pay for it. This ia the same
style other companies retail for
SSO. All Machines warranted for
8 years, geud for Illustrated Cir
cular and Testimonials. Address
17 3. icatlt St., lUadelyiuj, Pa
If you feel duTJ, drowiy, dctftlluted,
have sallow color or skin, or yellowish
brown spots on face or body, frequent
headache or dir/.inese, bad taste In mouth,
interna) heat or chiJla alternated with hot
hushes,low spirits and gloomjr forebodings,
liregular appetite, and tongue coated, yo i
are suffering from "torpid liver," or '•bil
iousness." In many eases of u liver com
plaint" only part of these symptoms are
experienced. As a remedy for all such
cases Dr. Pierce's ''Golden Medical Dis
covery" has no equal, as it effects perfect
and radical cures. At all drug storea.
As a Newport clergyman was last
week marrying two fashionable young
people he onmo to the clause in the ser
vice where the bride promises "to love,
honor, and obey." She was silent.
There was an awkward pause. The
clergyman asked the question Again,
No auswer. The clergyman said it
called for an auswer. But it was not
uutil the bridegroom nudged her with
his elbow and u good deal of emphasis
that aha faintly said: "1 will." She had
rashly declared thut she never would
say it, but when it came to bringing the
aftuir to a full stop had to think better
of it.
Young or middle aged men suffering
from nervous debility, loss of memory,
premature old age, as the result of bad
habits, should send three stamps for Part
VII of Dime Beries pauipli'eti. Addrtss
TION, Buffalo, N. t.
Mine. Cr culled at a friend's house
on a wet day, and, her foet being damp,
slie said to her Iritnd: "My dear, will
you let your moid bring me a pair of
your slippers?" "My love," replied her
fiiend—there were several people in the
room—"do you think my slippers will
tit you ? ' "Oh, I think so, my dar
ling, if you will tell her to put a cork
sole inside of them."
Bad temper often proceeds from those
painful disorders to which women are sub
ject. In female complaints Dr. K. V.
Pieice's "Favorite Prescription 1 is a cer
tain cure. By all diuggists.
A SOUTH END WHO lias taught his dog,
when offered sausage, to smell of it and
then turn away with a mournful howl,
and when he goes into a butcher's' shop
where there are a lot of folks, offers the
dog a sausage and ihe dog does the act,
it is awful einbanishing foi th® bntehtr
and, it he gets a chance, he kicks the
%*' Ketp to your place acd j-our place
w:n keep you." Bui you cannot expect
to keep your place wit bout health, the
foundation of all success. For iustauce, a
ratfroait engiueer in the en ploy of the C.
M. & St. Paul H. K. had been grievously
affected wltb diabetes for six years. He
took four boxes of Kidney-Wort and now
writes that he is entirely cured and works
flaT"Feathers, ribbons, velvet can all be
colored to match that new hat by using
the Diamond Dyes, 10 cents tor any
"Do you luy vonr music by the roll?"
"WELL, I shall do my best to have,
justice done you," said the lawyer to
ilia client. "lu-deed, if yon are going
to do that," replied the rascal, "I think
I'd better be off at once."
What it did f.r an Old Lady.
Cor H'XJTPH STATION, ft. Y., Dec. 26, 1878
GENTS —A number of people had been
using your Bitten here, and with marked
t fleet. In one case, a lady of over seveu
ty yea.B, had been tick lor years, and for
the past leD years has not been able to be
around half the time. About six months
ago che got so feeble she was Kelpies
Her old remedies, or physicians, being ol
no avail. 1 sent to Deposit, fotty-flve miles
away, and got a bottle of Hop Bitters. It
improved her so she was able to dress her
self and walk about tbe bouse. When she
bad taken tne second bottle she was able
to take care of her own room and walk out
to her neighbor's, and lias improved all the
time since. My wife aod children also
have denyed great beuetn 1 rum their U9e.
Agt. U. S. Ex. Co.
NOTHING annoys the keeper of a rail
road restaurant more than to have one
customer ask in a rather loud tone of
another: "Have they over tried plating
war ships with this kind of sandwiches?'
William J. Coughlin. of Somerville, Mm**., says:
In the fall of 187(1. I was taken with BLBKDDIO or
m LCKW, followed by a severe cough. 1 lost my
appetite and fieeh, and was confined to my Wl. In
ISff I was admitted to the Hospital. The doctors
■aid I had a hole in my lung aa big as a half dollar.
At oue time a report went around that I was dead,
I gave up hope, but a friend told me of DR. WIL
got a bottle, when to my snrprlee, I commenced to
(eel better, and to-day I feel better than for three
/ears past.
BAKER'S PAIN PANACEA enraa pain In Man or
Beast. For use externally or internally.
IT IS the cosiest tiling in the world to
distinguish between an English lord and
his American oopy. commonly called a
snoti. The Englishman slways speaks
well of his owu country.
Pure cod liver oil. from selected livers,
<n the seashore, by Caswell, Hazard & Co.,
N. Y. Absolutely pure and sweet. Pa
tients who have once taken it prefer it to
ail others. Physicians declare it superior
to all other ods.
Chapped hands, face, pimples and rough
skin cured by using Juniper Soap, mads
by Caswell. Hazard & Co.. New York,
OIL may be removed from carpets by
laving a thick biottiug paper over theui
and pressing a hot flatirou on it. Use
a cleau paj>er each tiuie the operation is
Rupture Cured.
PHOENIXVILLK, PA., August 20 h, 188*3.
DR J. B. MATER, 881 Arch Street, Phi
ladelphia. Dear Sir: —l have lieen rup
tured very badly, it gave me a great deal
of trouble and very severe pain, so that 1
was confined to my bed. I received your
treatment lor rupture in December, 1880,
and the following March 1881 I left my
support off and feel sound to day.
Yours truly. F. B. ROSBITKR.
BEF.F TEA. —Cut raw beef into small
pieces; to a half pound of meat pour on
a pint of cold water, set on the stove
and let it simmer until all the juice is
extracted from tiie meat. When wanted
tor use skim and let it boil just two
"Rough ou Rats." Clears out rats, m : ee,
flie-, roacaes, bed-bags, ants, vermiu. IOJ.
liees, restlessness, worms. Tasteless. 250.
Dr. Kline's (treat nerve Restorer la the
marvel of the age for all nerve diseases. AH
flta stopped free. Bend to 961 Arch tJereet,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Is ft Positive Pure
Fer all these Palsftil Complaints and Weeks suae
se eoaameu te ewr best fensolr yspulsUea
A Hediclne for Woman. Invented by n Woman.
Prepared by n Woman.
The Ores test isdlrsl Dtiewrf (Hers Us Dsns #f History.
rwit revives the drooping spirits, invigorates and
harmonises the organic functions, gives elasticity and
Armnaaa to the step, restores the natural lustre to the
eye, and plants on the pale eherk of woman tba fresh
roses of life's spring and early summer time.
LW" Physician* lite It and Preterite It Freely *tfft
It removes faintneea, flatulency, destroys all craving
for stimulant, and relieves weakness of the stomach.
That feeling of bearing down, canal ng pain, weight
and backache, is always permanently cured by its use.
Fer the esure of Kidney Complaints ef either sen
this Cempennd Is unsurpassed.
will eradicate every venture of Humors from the
Blood, and give tene and strength to the system, ef
man woman or child. Insist en having It.
Both the Compound and fHood Purifier are prepared
at *33 and S3* Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass. Price of
either, fl. Sis bottles for sf. Scut by mall In the form
of pills, or of losengee, on receipt of price, gi per bos
for either. Mrs. Pink ham freely answers all letters of
Inquiry. Enclose Set. stain p. Bund fer pamphh-t.
*o family should he without LTDIA E. PIVKHAM'S
L'VCR HILU-i. Tttrv ouiw eonatipailon, blliouaU' sa,
and torpidity of the liver. t cents per box.
gqroll by all PranLu.fl 0)
I I Jott . 1
_ Aa It la for all the painful dls eases of the yj
C It cleanses the system of the aorld poison
W that causes the dreadful suffering which g
g only the victims of Rheumatism ean realise. >
7. of the worst forms of this terrible disease
g have been quickly relieved, and In abort time ■
< lir Dry can be sent by maiL 3
WKX.LS. MCHAHDSOIf to Co. .Burl lngton Vt. *
" b I' * Jrfifil ir/dlfcl
Bitter 5
old fashionable remedies are rapidly giving
ground before the advance of this ooaqoermg
specific, and old fash 100 eil Ideas m regard to de
pletion as a means of cure, hare been quite ex
ploded by the success of the great renorant, whloh
tones the system, trauquiUzea the nerves, ueutra -
lzes malaria, depurate* and enriches the blood,
ronaes the liver when dormant, and promotes a
regular habit of body.
For salo by all Druggists and Dealers generally.
Agents Wanted. The Culminating Triumph.
A complete Cyclopedia of household knowledge for the
masses inner ready. Nothing like it. (.oing laat. Low
priced, Illustrated, uuequaled in authorship. Send for
Pm notices and full particulars now. Outfit andtnstruo.
tloim how to sell, free to actual sgont*. Buceessguaran-
'. malce mowv 1-apTdly "filing our NEW BOOK I
bowing up the Xew Vork of lo dtv, with Its palace*. Its
-rowib-O thoroughfares, its ni -hing elevated trains, its
count .esa sights, its- rouumce. its mystery, its dark crimes
uid terrible tractile*. Ita charities, and in fact every
plia-eof life in th:> gieat city. Don't waste time selling
.low I looks, but send for circulars giving full table or
oontenu, terms to Agents. AO. Pro-pectus now ready
nd territory in gr eat demand. Address
C JTJOLA 83 BRf>B.. S3 N.Seventh St. Philadelphia. Pa
tThis N.Y. Singer, S2O
With fin set of Attachment* Free.
Warranted perfect. Light running,
quiet,handsome anddursble. Sent
on test trial-plan when desired.
Happy Horns OrgauSs 4 sets
Reeds. 12 stops; Mechanical Sub
Bass, octave coupler,! knee swills,
with 9-1 stool and 91 Book.only S;.V
Abo sent on test trliU-plan If de
sired. Elegant case, magnificent
tone, durable inside and out. glr
cttlar, with testimonials, free. Ask
O. l'ayne A C 0..*7 Third av,Chicago
A OF.XT* WANTED for the Best and Fastest.
/V selling Pictorial Books and Bibles. Prices re
duoed 83 iter cent National PUB. CO., Philads., Pa.
VBtirs Cnre ior Epilepsy or Fits in S4 bourn. Free to
poor. DR. KBCSF., *844 Arsenal st., St. Louis, Mo,
■ aw" ■ 1 ibe Great SpanishßHl, Atttolofar f
am. PrjohologlM. WIU, for SO oonts, with Ui, h(Li, / \
jolo'w' <J *d loo* of hair. and CORRECT PRE/ Vgjf |
TURK of jour hituro biuband or wtfo, with nam*. llmo' -ia, WsliA i
•Sd pUo* of mooting, sod dato of mnrriaco. poyeboioa.
-*nj prfd oted. Monoo roturaod Co all pet oaiiatlod. WWK|j/
ddrooo frof. f. Martinet. 10 tloat'j R.,Bstoa. Ms* NBHSRo
those ABswerinf an AavsrUMinMu .
tObler m isvor upon the Adrerllser and ttt
'ubitsher hyittUiigtl>Atth|y ttwUis dti
' ■*• a I- 'H * ln*.r*' •- *> -
A nave a positive retnody for the above disease', bv Its
qse thousands of eases of the worst kind and of long
etaiidniK have been cured. Indeed, so strong is mvfaltn
to its i wiu Lip FKgg,
atecVii, HI YsrtL
41 *y. porcelln-lln*d Pump* art manufactured
tinder llcwita,and buyer* are guaranteed agahit
any and ail claim* from the Cbmpany holding the
patent. Don't fail te tnaU*> • mat* mf
tMs paint. (
Vp K9R9I
Carefulli made AU
of i \ the mo*t
Best Selected \ \ Valuable
Timber. sji\ • m P''o*en:ent.
wancaw; *,*> ■■*■
The BLATCHLEY PUMPB are for sale by the
beat house* la the tnue.
Name of my nearest agent will be furnished en
application te
C. 0. BLATCHI EYp Manufacturer,
areeeotanywhereoatrialtHT>peret agialo*tanother
m JK Pr#aea,tne customer keep-
A ft k\k lug the one that autu beat.
/#v. _ N'oonehaaerercAf ashuw
*- " f - ' * op any other Trtn., ct
W-KzJmieCk LUJ I>" <t" rlck'a Frees la known
■■ beyond CompetiUen,
with twice the rapidity and
. /.,EPI .. "T-liifwßd*- load mere In a car than any
ffirirr'lff' fc TYr 1 ->■-- - 1 - way Inferior
mar hi Dee can be aold la to
m deceive the Inexperienced
* . TP by ridiculously false state-
4k meau.eadtho* eel! without
rlW. eight or teeing, end swinc'.o
~ 6ES2HSPwe'tifcJl l '•* purchaser. Working
Jiifll JBI IjWln. [' I J other Press elt. r* o*
I>ederiek*s i lways sella
i ■! purchaser a Dederick
■^^9HSACa<MMß^niPress, end ell know It too
well to abow op. Address for circular end location
or Waaiern and Southern storehouses and Agents.
P. K. DEDERICK ft CO., Aibkny, *. Y
ACIEhTK Wat test, Banner M'fv- Co..Plttehtinr.P
0U Ciuomcwa Ciiroiuos |" || t L
with Use P*Olb'b Mau.-iina. AGENT.-. V\A.m taj
bend 36 cents for complete owtnt with all the dirunu*
A fW a MONTH aud board unyour owu county.
Yk #1 f For M en. Ladies, Boys or Olrla Address.
*P*T f 1-EOFLn's lixiusis*, Boa W, Ptilla, Pa.
$5 Day $2 Sample Free
Address" Gen 1 Agency, 159 Hudson Htreet,N.Y.
TIT? HP* potaal card to Clakk Bros.. Bible Houho,
1/IUuX New York, the New Pub.Uhora of Flue,
Cheap Subscript ion Book*, for their "Private Circi*
lar to Ajfeiita." It will "puette* 1 and ajrtonibh you.
The Improved Elastic Truaa*
The only Truss that can b worn with eaee nbrbt
and day. Toe recent improvement retain* it In po
tdUon under the severe t >train. 'heat-t House iu
the city. Ketid for circular to Improved Elas
tic Truss t 0.. 533 sad A3l Breaaway, rev,
13th Ml reel. New York t'lty.
■ H B Macrvflcuj Mtoooi,
■ Hw m |<tin PermtßtnoMd
pg' v " di Ba*M A N KKTI DIIKAIM. Only tmt
!\tt, Einiepty end Jftrm Ajfaccltm.
Bi r auiu tf takes M directed. A'# Ait m/Ur
B| TreaU*s ud $X trial bo tile hast*
r tiSaKasffrar
■i• -A. Philadelphia. Pa. AuritHtotUnmis*
bbopptmr of every kind done promptly end *oeurah
ly. Send xtamp for circular. Address, 1". M. Bats
rek,Wtattra A. BoUon, Mm*.
CI vt Blrh sailing our Rubber Stamp* and MUBM
1' Sample free. L.P. BliiallA Co., Cleveland,a
■J | Blf Farm* for Sala la the rich I HIM
m A niksssskk LA N D
■ IffiT 0 % Baker,AXy.Eaaton.Taboto<fc,Ma
n E ■ n|l*b k It onfall in® and tnfaili
£ A Miini Ijl *>la Ineeon*n n* Kpilapfe
A Alcoholism, Opium Eat
Ik Ll*. Scrofula and all
A .. . MEA Ksrvoua and Blood I Ma.
WT" eaaea. To Clergyman,
Lawyer*, Literary Men.,
Mvrohaata. Banker*.
Ladle and all whoa*
aadentary employment
I cauao* N ervemn Proetr*
AHA / Won, Irregularities of
/ th blood, ctomaob,
I . bowel* or Kidney*, or
18a xk tak bo require a nerve
II wAej*L-fk tonic, appetiser or
■ Tmflm I Stimulant. BAMARL
a. - valuable. Thousand*
kk Ml VICE EAJL9. proclaim it the meet
nllh w __,.a, WKJ wonderful Invigorant
Bel* Pr*|rleUr hi. Jgatph, Mo.
VOtTNQ MSN U wautto men* i*w
X vUIVIJ AAIV gtChy In a few mfmbj,
Md be oertata of aattuetton. address VAJJEiTTrSi
XROS. Jaaeevßl*. Wisconsin.
Cures Consumption, Polds, Pneumonia. la.
Ilvenxu, Rroiicliiul DlOtcnlilea. Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, AKtliinu, Croup, Wbooninf
Coogb, and all Diaeaar* of the Breathing
Organs, It soothes and heals the Membrane
Jf the Langs, inflamed ana poisoned by the
iseuse, and prevents the nfkhi sweats and
lightness arross the chest which aceouinaay
it. Consumption is not an ineuruble niafudv.
HALL'S BALSAM will cure you, even
berssi ua- MlwniMU SIBKI* BLtMI
Leadluf Xtiot huua at fIS up.
Donbln Barrel Breach lioadera, 910 Up.
Farehaad A Wad*worth Choke bore la.
tie Breech Loudhtf funi. at up,
tunaloaad Breech Loading Dana and Pis
S:a of most approval English ana American make*.
II kinds of Kporting Implements and art*,
olae required by sportsmen and Oimmaiiers.
XtM. C. ORt BB 4 Cflt, 712 Market SL.
■end leant stamp for Price-Lint Phi Ist del oh la.
llUl I Uslbl MWiSMhutatrfswr *P
*aNly OwA bv Ik* TrwtDMM. bad Stun ht TMtUualds jt mesa*
wsTAmtia. akiSM.n.tmi'a teaoaw^rMn
RsHahio, Durable and P/vmomlcal. wfS.fui uhb m
home po*c7 wuJi W kw/Ma urni \+a'*r than way aOm
Ungtm tmiU, not fitioa with ea Automatic Ont-eB
vsad tor Liurtrstsu Oaial o*r as T7 1." for infannafeomj
joiaee. B. B. A -**. hfawiSsaßl
PHI Beat Cough Byrup. Taateagood. W
Hh Use In tmie. Hofrt by drurglsta. jSj