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APPLICATION clr I.IMF, — Thousands of
bushels of lime are annually thrown away
by improper methods of application, Every
fanner is a believer in tfce benefits derived
from lime, and even on limestone lauds it
ia used with advantage. As all plan s
contain more or less lime it not only rerves
as an m portant element of food but lu
some sections its use is an absolute necessi
ty. It may be safely said that all soils
contain some lime. Lime in the soil, being
principally in the shape of carbonate, is
little influenced by the action of rains.
When limestone is burnt it merely loses its
carbonic acid, and when we slack it with
water the lime urites with water, which
crystallizes and forms hydrate of lime.
After awhile, by attiacting carbouic acid
from the air, the lime becomes again a car
bonate. and is then in the same condition
aa before burning- that is, it has become
once more limestone in a fine condition.
Lime is often bought and slacked, and
then placed aside until some convenient
time arrives for putting it on the laud; and
as the process of slacking is considered an
ordinary occurence it is sometimes done
carelessly. When it is ready to be broad
casted it generally goes to the tieid in
lumps or in the shape of fine gravel. The
farmer who knows how to use lime is very
careful to apply the lime, if possible, as a
tine powder, for then the benefit from its
application is more direct; it reaches every
part, and less quantity is required, which
amp l )' repays lor the labor of nrepajation.
Clover, peas, beans, potatoes, &c., are lime
plants, and we can account for the benefi
cial effects of plaster (sulphate of lime) by
knowmg that it is slightly soluble in water,
and every ram dissolves portions of it,thus
furnishing ready lime food, The freshly
slacked lime when m the shape cf a hy
drate is also dissolved by water, and as its
effects are not oalj shown in the growth
of the crop hut also as a chemical agent in
the soil, the advantage ot using judgment
and care iu its preparrtion and application
can be seen at oDoe. In the first place, in
slacking the freshly burnt lime too much
water should be guarded against. Use it
sparingly, as the lime will become liner,
and contain fewer lumps. After the lime
is dry every bushel of it should be sifted,
lumps broken and the whole mass brought
t* a fine, powdered condition. Applied in
such a tine condition, time will convince
the fanner that the labor expended will be
as nothing compared to the difference be
tween the lime in that condition and when
in a Jumpy or giavelly sta f e, The tenden
cy of lime is downwards in the earth, for
the rain always takes with it mere or less
lime whenever it fails, and the kinds of
lime mcst subject to the action of moisture
are those that are in the finest possible
state of division. Hard lumps that have
revei ted to limestone are almost useless,
and their application is extravagance. It
is admitted that there arc UDScen and often
unknown agencies that work even upon the
lumps, but the processes are slower and
less certain than when by a little care the
lime is broadcasted over the so l in a fresb,
pulverized condition.
dent dairyman, whether milk-raiser, but
ter or cheese-maker, will soon be putting
in some kind of forage crop to help the
short pasturage that is almost sure to come
about the first of July. We urge attention
to this matter now. It is full feed that
makes the full bag. One of the best crops
to sow for this purpose, is oats, barley and
peas, a mixture of one-third each. This
crop can te put in as soon as the ground is
enough to wcrk. The ground should
have a liberal dressing of manure or fertil
izer, spread on alter ploughing and well
worked into the soil with the harrow, and
then seeded at the rate cf three bushels per
acre. The Canada pea] is best for this crop,
but we have bad good success with the
marrowfats and advancer. Put in the
crop, and if not needed as help for the
pasture, it can be cut and cured for hay.
if the land ie highly manured and the
crop is cut before the seed is formed, or
just before blossoming, it will continue
to grow the same as grass and will produce
another crop. The peas will not amwunt
to anything in the second growth, but the
oats and barley will cover tbe ground and
make a heavy second crop. Tnis mixture
is one of the best of our forage crops.
ROOT PRUNING. l'he experiments were
made on the apple and pear. A vigorous
apple tree, 8 cr 10 years old, which had
scarcely made any fruit buds, has done best
when about half the roots were cut in one
season and half three years lat*r, by golnir
half way around on opposite sides in one
year and finishing at the next pruning,
working two feet underneath to sever
downward root*. It has always answered
well, also, to cut from such trees all the
larger and ionger roots about two and a
half feet from the stem, leavine the smal
ler and weaker ones longer, and going half
way around, as already stated. The oper
ation was repeated three or four years later
by extending the cut circle a foot or x two
furtner away from the tree. By this oper
ation unproductive fruit trees became
ttuckly studded with fruit spurs, and after
ward bore profusely. This shortening of
the roots has been continued in these expe
riments for twenty j ears with much suc
cess, the circle cf roots remaining greatly
circumscribed. The best time for the work
has been found to be in the latter part of
August and beginning of September, when
growth has nearly ceased, aDd whde the
leaves are yet on the trees, causing grea'er
increase ot bloom buds the followin? year
than when performed after the leaves have
THE old fogy farmer's orchard is al
ways overrun with insect pests of every
description. His "oply remedy, " when
they become unpleasantly noticeable is to
cut down the infected trees and burn them.
Intelligent farmers don't plow under grow
ing crops to kill the weeds which have
■pruhg up since the last cultivating. Fight
insects as you fight weeds.
ALL crowding of branches should be
prevented by regular attention, for the
sudden removal of quantities of wood is
not unfrequently attar ded with loss of crop
aDd impaired energy for years after; there
fore, when necessary, remove annually a
few of the worst crossing branches, aud
prevent other young ones from proceeding
in wroEg directions by cutting back or re
DE. YOELCKEK rtcentiy stated before a
meeting of the Butish Dairy Farmers'
Association that he found that food given
to a cow while in milk would be converted
into milk within six hours from tne time
it is eaten, and that a rapid improvement
in the quality of the milk follows a change
from poorer to richer food. He also
spoke very decidedly in favor of soi'ing as
against pasturing, the latter being a most
wasteful method of feeding.
A NEW JESSEY farmer reports that a
dressing of eight bushels per acre of salt
to land badly infested with white grubs
enabled him to raise good crops of corn for
three years past, which was impossible
previous to this application.
IT is estimated that 11,000,000 bushels
Ol corn will be used this year by the vari
ous manutactories of glucose in the United
TilB&K slice* of bread shown by a
Lewiston flour dealer Thursday suoko
for themselves. Placed side by side,
they shaded very abruptly into three
strikingly distinct tints. Onjp was of
the hue of Graham and fell iuto your
hand like a half-baked brick. Auother
was nearly whiie, and would be greet*d
with pleasure by a hungry niau. The
third was so white that snow would
have to be bleached to compare with it;
moreover, it possessed that spongy tex
ture which is so gratifying to the eater,
and a source of so much pride to the
cook. It threatened to dissolve in one's
mouth, and would tempt a gorged epi
cure. It would be a strain to say one
could distinguish them in the dark.
The flour dealer deposed that the three
pliees of bread were made by three
women from one and the same kind of
flour. The cook who produced the first
slice was dissatisfied with the flour,
while the woman who made the broad
last mentioned said she could make
good bread out of flour that didn't cost
less than four dollars a barrel. It is
evident that bread-cooking is not one of
the lost arts, but it is an art which still
contains sufficient mystery to puzzle
many and confonud not a few of the
angels who hover over our flour barrels.
pounds of eels, cut them in two-inch
lengths, put them over the tire in plenty
of cold water with a tablospoonful of
salt, aud bring them to a boil; adi an
onion stuck with cloves and two table
spoonfuls of vinegar; boil them 15 rniu
utes, tako them up, dry the eels 011 a
clean cloth, roll them iu flour, and fry
them brown iu a saucepan with about
two tablespoonfuls of butter. When
they are brown add a bouquet of herbs
(which is made by tying together a few
sprigs of parsley, celery, a bay leaf, half
whole, ani half a dozen peppercorns)
and a pint of boiling water; season the
matelotte with a teaspoonful of salt and
a quarter of a salt-spoonful of pepper.
Pet 1 a pint of button onions, put them
iu a saucepan with a teaspoonful each
of butter and sugar, and toss them over
the fire until brown; then add them to
the matelotte and simmer it one hour.
If the sauce evaporates add enough
l>oiling water to make up the origiual
quantity. When the matelotte is done
add a glass of wine to it, and serve some
croutons of fried bread, made by frying
small heart -shaped slices of stale bread
light brown in smokiug hot fat.
—A Paris jourmd of bygmie warns
housekeepers against the use of u feath
er duster, instead of a wet cloth. The
duster simply chases the particles from
the furniture into the air, where they
arc inhaled. Dust is formed of innu
merable quantities of spores aud eygs
and germs, as well as of inert matter,
A flourish of the duster may set loose au
assassinating germ. The dangerous par
tides attach themselves roadily to the
dampened cloth. The origin of many
diseases is traceable to the mere s|>eeks
which ought to be removed, aid nit
simply stirred up.
RHUBARB JELLY.— Take some rhubarb,
wipe it with a clean wet cloth, peel it,
aoii cut it into pieces an inch long. To
each pound of rhubarb add J pound ol
white sugar. Put it to boil tor about
ten minutes, or until the juice is well
drawn. Strain it into a preserving pan,
let it boil quickly until it clings to the
spoon, skim it aud put it into jam pots
or moulds. The quickest way to know
if it will set is to drop, a little oil a plate
to cool.
ing valuable glass objects, which would
be disfigured by common cement,
chrome ceaieut may be used. This is a
mixture of five parts of gelatine to one
of a solution of acid chromate of
lime. The broken edges are oovered
with this, pressed together and exposed
to sunlight, the effect of the latter be
ing to render the compound insoluble
even in boiling water.
HAM TOAST. —Mince finely a quarter
of a pound of cooked ham with au an
chovy boned and washed; add a little
cayenne and pounded mace, beat up
two eggs; mix with the mince, and add
just sufficient milk to keep it moist;
make it quite hot, and serve on small
rounds of toast or fried bread.
the parts affected freely with spirits of
Ditre. If the blisters be broken, so as
to allow tlis Ditre to penetrate the cuti
cle, more than a single application is
rarely necessary, and even where it is
applied to the burface of the skiu three
or four times a day, there is rarely a
trace of the poison left uext morning.
A VERY easy way to poach eggs is to
get boiling water in your muffin tins
and set them on the hottest part of the
stove; break the eggs in the saucer,
then drop one in each tin; iu two or
three minutes they will be done, and
can be taken up one at a time m good
shape with the help of a small straiuer;
season with butter, pepper and salt.
BREAKING GLASS.— To break glass any
required form may make a notch with a
file on the edge cf the glass; draw your
finger, starting from the notch; make a
small rod of iron red-hot and draw it
aloDg the lines; a crack will follow the
iron, and the glass can then be easily
WHITE WINK JELLY.—Pour one pint
of cold water on six sheets of isiuglass;
let it stand until dissolved. Then pour
a pint of boiling water on it, and add
the juice and grated rind of one lemon,
one pint of sugar and one wineglass of
white wine. Let it stand until it hard
LAMB STEAK dipped in egg, and then
in biscuit or bread crumbs, and fried
until it is brown, helps to make variety
for the breakfast table. Wiih baked
sweet potatoes, good coffee and butter
ed toast or corn muffins, one may begin
the day with courage.
To WASH Calicos, put wheat bran in a
bag, boil and tako half the water to
wash in; else no soap. This will
cleanse them without fading and stiffen
them without starch. Iron the wrong
side and they will look like new.
IF THE stove is cracked, a good ce
ment is made for it as follows: Wood
ashes and salt in equal proportions, re
duced to a paste with cold water, and
filled in the cracks when the stove is
cool. It will soon harden.
CALEDONIA CHE AM. —Two ounces of
raspberry jam, two ounces red currant
jam, sifted loaf sugar, the whites of two
P u t into k bowl and heat with
a spoon for three-quarters of an hour.
This is a mixture that is much used in
Scotland as a delicacy.
Hk was considerably intoxicated us
he came up to a sober-looking citizen 011
Central street this morning, and, grasp
ing him bv the lappel of his coat, in
quired, 44 'R you p'leshn'l niau?"
"Yes, air, I am a professional man."
answered the sober citizen. 4 "What's
44 P'f*hn'l man? That alio? Who
are you?"
"I am a clergyman, sir," winking to
the bystanders— 4 'Methodist clergy
"Meth'disli clergyman? Duzzer be
Meth'disli clergyman zan masher 'll base
ball niue."
4 'What do you mean, sir? This lan
guage is insulting to a clergyman, sir!"
"No lushult.m' frien*, no iuskult.
Know whut I'm talk'u 'bout. J3eeu
boss mosher'n base ball nino myself.
Druzzor be a Meth'disli clergy aiau, tell
"Well, go ou, tell me why."
44 Te1l yer why? Cert'nly will. Der
season's longer. Don't yer shoe?"
Ills Lust IIOHO.
Said a sufferer from kidney troubles, when
asked 10 try Kidney-Wort, "I'll try it
but it will be my last dose*' The man
got well, and is now rec miuieuding the
remedy to all.
When derangement of the stomach acta
upou the kidneys and liver bringing dis
ease and pain Kidney Wort ia the true
reniody. It removes the cause and cures
the disease. Liquid (very concentrated)
or dry act equally efficiently. // Culti
THK other day a colored lady of stand
ing, Mrs. Simpson, purchase ! a (hiirs
borough and visited Mr-\ Fennel. It
was evident that Mrs, Simpson possessed
a few airs which she wished to display
over Mrs. Fennel. "My husband,"
sai l Mis. Simpson, "wanted me to get
a tiuer hat den dis, but reflecting dat de
S2O bills in de bottom of de drawer was
getten saut r scarce lik*, I concluled to
content myself wid ass hat." "Well,
yer was savin'," remarked Mrs. Fennel,
and then, stepping to the door, exclaim
ed : "Tildy, take dat SI,OOO bill away
from dit chiß He tore up two yester
day. Dar ain't no sense in allowin'
chillun to 'atroy money iu dat way."
Mr*. Simpson retired, realizing that her
hut was a failure.
KALAMAZ >o, Miou., Feb. 2d, 1830.
I know Hop Bitters will bear recom
mendation honestly. All who use them
confer upon them the highest encomiums,
aud give them credit for making cures—
all the proprietors claim for them. 1 have
kept them since they were tirst offered to
the public. They took high rank from the
first, and maintained it, and arc more
called for than all others combined. Bo
long as they keep up their high reputation
for purity and usefulness, I shall continue
to recommend them —something 1 have
never before done with any other patent
medicines. J. J. BABOOOK, 31. D.
THE cresc nt slave of the first quarter
of the moon hung like nn electric lamp
in the western sky, casting a subdue ',
cool light upon the path they had cho
sen. They walked with slow an 1 meas
ured step aud said little. The scene
was rapture inspiring At last slv,
looking up into his thcewitli a sort of a
sca-e t to d >atli like a young fawn look.
"Albert, how many walks like iliis we've
taken—" "tea, Rosalind, we have
taken a great many walks like this au d
—and—ail' l —" "Oh Albert, now
don't." "Well, I won't, seeing it's
you." Anotlior case of snapping at the
bait too soon.
Both Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
C impound ami Blood Purifier are prepar
ed at 23:1 and 235 Western Lynn,
Mass. Price ot either, #l. Six bottlcg
for $5. Sent by mail in the form of pills,
or of lozenges, on receipt of price, #1 per
box for either. Mrs. Pinkham freely an
swers all letters of inquiry. Enclose 3c.
6tamp. Send for pamphlet. Meution this
THE Marquis' valet has lost his wife
and is drowning his grief in the flowing
"I say, John," s'ys his master after
three mouths had clapped, "how is it
that vou are always drunk nowadays,
eh?" "
"Itsh caush I wantsli coiishole my
self, sir?" replied the inebriate, busting
into tears.
"But, I sav, how long is it going to
"Oh, sir, I'm iuconsholable! I can
never sh'fisbingly mourn her losb!"
For dyspepsia, indigestion, depression
of spirits and general debility, in their va
rious forms; also as a preventive against
fever and ague and other intermittent
fevers, the "Ferro-Pbosphorated Elixir of
Oalisaya,' made by Caswell, Hazard & Co,
New York, sold by ail Druggists, is the
best tooic; and for patients recovering
from fever or other sickness, it has no
CLASSICAL ITEM: "Have you got a
JOpy of 'Milton's Paradise Lost?'"
tsked Gilhooly of Colonel Schneider
McGiunis, one of our Austin aristocrats.
What in the world is that?" replied
dcGißuis. "It's a book," responded
Gilhoely. "No, sir; I have not got
uich a book. Wlieuever I find any
thing that's lost I return it to the owii
>r. When did Mr. Milton lose his
l>ook? What reward is he offering for
its return?"
Mind and Body.
PORT Br ION, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1882.
H. H. WARNEK & Co: Sirs— For
years I suffered unspeakably from kidney
ancl bladder diseases. The doctors could
do me no good. Your Sare Kidney and
Liver Cure not only removed all bodily
pain, but banished the agonies of mind also.
A FEW days ago a little child gave ex
pression to un old story in the followiug
manner: It seems that the little fel
low had discovered a bee crawling
upon his hand. Finally the bee ftop
ped for a moment, and, a ter remaining
stationa y for an instant,stung the little
fellow. When the cry of the pain was
over, the little child said to his mamma
that he didn't care for the bee's w; Ik
ing about on him, but he didn't like his
sitting down on him.
Headache, dyspepsia, biliousness, and
constipation cured at once, by "sellers'
Liver Pilig." 25 cents a box.
AN Irish emigrant who stood shiver
ing in front of Castle Garden one morn
ing last fall, thus addressed his equally
forlorn and gruesome companion : "I
don't und, rstand it at all, Pat; when
we left owld Oirel nd it was in the
month of May. Tin days wo tuk to
cross the ragin say, aii' begorrah it's
yMr. J lit'am Maxim has invented ah
automatic (Ire extinguisher, in which eho
riciiy plsvs an important part. The sys
tem consists of an automatic apparatus,
which closes the circuit when the tempe
rature is elevated by Are, a series of pipes
containing water At a high pressure, and a
series of cocks which are opened by the
electric current, and through which water
is discharged on the dames.
A new and interesting proof that the
earth is round has been presented by M.
Dufour in a paper recent read before the
Helvetic Society of Natural Scieuces. In
calm weather, the images of distant objects
reflected 111 the Lake of Geneva showed
just exactly the same decree of distortion
which calculation would predict thn ugh
taking luto consideration the figure ot the
Immense Demand
for Vegetine.
WK are not at all surprised to learn tnat the
demand of the people everywhere for that
famous medicine, Yexetliie, 1m constantly becom
ing more and more extended, it IIUM long been in
demand all over our own country, amf had some
time ago made Its way luto various foreign lands.
At the present time the esteemed proprietor, Mr.
11. It. Stevens, of lloston, is sending It to order to
some of the remotest foreign countries; and It
seems now evident that Vcxctine Is to become a
universal medicine. It is a "patent medicine,"
but it has gained its fame and made its way every
where on us own Intrinsic merits. Such were the
unmistakable and umlcuiable results of the use of
this astonishing and, at this day, world-renowned
medicine, in speedily effecting cures of the very
numerous diseases or ills for which It was de
clared to be a remedy, that people everywhere
were open and decided in expressing their opinion
that this "patent medicine" must not only be
ranked eqiiul with, but altogether superior to, all
the regular "doctors' stuff'' thut had ever beeu
given lu sickness.
There was ami there could be no dispute at>out
the astonishing cures effected by the medicine.
The doctors could not deny them—especially as
many of such cures had been effected in the most
resectable, wealthy and well-known families,
where the suffering invalids had obtained and
taken the Vegetine as a last resort, after the regu
lar physicians had utterly failed to do them any
Moreover, testimonial letters from perfectly
well-known persons ut high standing an 1 of un
doubted charact t*r ami veracity t>egau to pour In
upon Mr. 11. It. Stevens, the proprietor, in abund
ance, declaring, and often with the deepest grati
tude, the surprising cures wrought by the great
Such testimonials have continued to flow In upon
Mr. Stevens, from first to last, until he has enough
to make volumes were he to print them all. Hut
he don't publish, even lu the newspapers, only a
suull fraction of them. Is it any wonder, then,
that the sale of Vegetine is now Increasing at a
surprisingly rapid rate ? — JYortdence (It J.) Ga
Vegetine is Sold by All Druggist*.
Er. S. Silsbee's External Pile Remedy
Give* Instant relief and la an Infallible
Sold by PriUTrfsteeverywhere, price, |1 00 per bo*
prtpiint bv nail. Sam pica sent Crt* to Physicians
and alj sufferers, by P. NcusucdVer A Co„ Box SWA
>"ew lorkCity. bole manufacturer* of "AnaiMl** 1
WTfl li\G FOR.
Dr.-. if. Ncliclick, of Philadelphia, has
Just published a book on "DIME4NES of the
I.I7XU* mid 110 W Til FY CAN BE
CURED,*' which he offers to send free, poet
paid, to all uppllcants. It contains valuable Infor
mation for all who suppose themselves afflicted
with, or liable to, any disease of the throat or
lungs. Address
5200.0(T REWARD!
Will be paid for the detection and conviction of
any person selling or dealing in any bogus, coun
terfeit or Imitation Ilor BITTERS, especially Bit
ters or preparations with the word HOP or noes In
their name or connected therewith, that Is Intend
ed to mislead and cheat the public, or for any pre
paration put in any form, pretending to be the
same as HOP BITTERS. The genuine have cluster
of GRKRN HOPS (notice this) printed on the white
label, and are the purest and best medicine on
earth, especially for Kidney, Liver and Nervous
Diseases. Beware of all others, and of all pretended
formulas or recipes or HOP BITTERS published In
papers or for sale, as they are frauds and swindles
Whoever deals in any but the genuine will be
prosecuted. HOP BITTERS Mro. Co.,
Rochester. N. Y.
547 d- MONTH and board tn y.tur county. Men or
-ArvT,, x Pleasant business. Address, P. W
ZlhULKlt A CO.. Box W. Philadelphia. Pa.
Tl™Afl ,n abundance.—Bs Million pound*
I L l| V Imported lost year.—Prices lower
U ttian ever.—Agents wanted.—Don't
| La f| wubto time.—Send for circular.
10 lbs. Good Black or Mixed, for sl.
10 lbs. Fine Black or Mixed, for $2.
10 lbs. Choice Black or Mixed, for $3.
Send for pound sample, 17 cts. extra for postage.
Then get up a club. Choicest Tea In the world.—
Largest variety.—Pleases everybody.—Oldest Tea
House in America.—No chromo.—No Humbug.—
Straight business.—Value for money.
BOB'T WELLs,43 Yescy StN.Y.,P.O. Box 1287.
JN If DUST IN WATER .makes Ink at once.
Package, to cents. Last writer o years. Mailed,
r. Spare, New Bedford. Mass.
S*V, I i 8 !? l lL N WANTED.—Address for terms
CHA* W . *t ART. "Newark Nurse
nes. Newark. Wayne Co.. N. V.
rtrtllßßE la or.. ...iuitturwl in 10
|lf 111 fin to 'todays. No pay till Cared.
VI I will DR. J. BTJTPHIESS, Lebanon, OBTA
"DON'T talk to me about the adVAn
tuges of education/' indignantly ex
claimed a certain manufacturer lately.
"Here I spent $9,000 on that boy "of
mine. He e&me out of college with
Hying colors. I put him in clnirce of
the factory while 1 went oj for a little
vacation, and what do yon suppose he
did ? Shipped 50,000 of my new patent
improved snow-shovels to South Amer
• .
Pard Lamp* to Bra*L
Dr. It. V. PIEKOS, Buffalo, N. Y. :
Dear Sir —l wrote you some time ago
that I thought I had a cancer. There was
a large lamp on my breast as large as a
walnut, and had been there four months.
I commenced taking your "Golden Medi
cal Discovery," "Favorite Prescription"
and "Pellets" in June, and the lump u
gone. Yours gratefully, Mita. ft. K.
CL.tlUv, Irving ton, Mich.
"GOD writes asses against the m&n
who voted for the Chinese bill," says
Henry Ward Boecber. Mr. Beeober is
undoubtedly correct, on principle, but
at the same time we think if God writes
"ass" against the imme of a congress
man every time the houorable member
does and says a foolish thing, the celes
tical congressional record will lie mista
ken by visitors for a live stock journal,
"liecame Sound and Well."
It. V. PIKKOE, M. D, Dear t S!ir.—
My wile, who had been ill for over two
years, and had tried many other medicines,
became sound and well by using your fa
vorite Prescription." My niece was also
cured by its use, after aevral physicians
had failed to do her any good.
Hatcher's Station, Ga.
"What harm lias the lad done you?"
auked an old gentleman, roughly collar
ing a boy who WAS wanning the jacket
of another urchin witk a bit of wild
grape vine. "He am't done me no
harm." "What are you thrashing him
for then?" "Cause his father and mother
never licks him, and I'm a doing it for
No Trouble to Swallow,
Dr. Pierce's "Pellets" (the original "little
liver pills") and no pain or griping. Cure
sick or bilious headache, sour stomach,
and cleanse the system and bowels. 25
cents a vial.
A YOUNG medical student ut Bowdoin
College once asked the late Professor
Parker Clcaveland if there were not
some more recent works on anatomy
thm those in the college library.
"Young man," said the professor, meas
uring the entire mental calibre of the
youthful scholar at one glance, "there
have been very few new bonrs added to
the humau body during the last ten
Humbugged Again.
I saw so much said about the merits of
Ilop Bitters, ard my wife who was always
doctoring, and never well, teased me so
urgently to get her some, I concluded to
be humbugged again; and 1 am glad I did
for in loss thau two months' use of the
Bitters, my wife was cured, aud she has
remained so for eighteen months since. 1
like such humbugging.—H. T., St. Paul*
—Pioneer Pre*.
A NEW YORK man went into a crowd
ed car and asked if he could not have
the seat which was then occupied by a
hat, whose owner was sitting in the
next seat. The man angerly grasping
his hat answered : " Yes, take it, if
you're a hog." "I'm ao near one, that
I guess J'll take it," said the other. *
"Mother lias Recovered*
wrote an Illinois girl to her E wtern rela
tives. "BUe took bitter j for a loug time
without any good. Bo when she heard of
the virtues of Kidney-Wort she got a box
and it has completely cured her, ao that
she can do as much work now as she could
before we moved West. Since she has
got well everyone about here is taking it.'
Bee adv.
"PA, am I a little sinner?" "Yes,
my son, we are a'l sinners." "And,
papa, the Bible savs the devil is the
father of all kiuuers, doesn't it?" "Yes,
dear, I believe it does." 1 'Then, papa,
are you the devil?" His offspring's
logic was too much for him aud he
slipped out of the room without auswer
There was a young lady quite fair,
Who had much trouble with her hair,
Bo she bought Carboline
And a sight to be seen,
Is the bead of this maiden, I declare.
"ARK you going to tako that ugly
pug dog with you again, Carrie?" asked
Charles. "I really believe you take
him simply to make yourself look pret
tier by the contrast." "Don't be jeal
ous of poor Pug, Charley," replied
Carrie. "I'll take you some time when
I want to look especially handsome."
Quick, complete cure urinary affections
smarting, frequent or difficult urination, kid-,
ney diseases, ft at druggists. Prop* id by
express. 26, 6 for $6. E, 8. W kllm, Jersey
THE Gothic style of handwriting,now
so popular among young ladies, may
have its disadvantages. It is said that
a young mau who recoutly received a
specimen of it could not tell, for the
life of him, whether it was "YOB, with
pleasure," "No, thank you," or a sketch
of a picket fence.
"Lindaey's Blood Searcher"—the great
medicine for fever and agqe, malaria, and
all blcod poison. Don't fail to use it.
THE best p'>ach growing belt of the Uui
ted Btates extends from middle North Ca
ro'ina, through Bouth Carolina, Georgia,
Altbams, and a part of Mississippi.
Nervem Debility. Weakness. Eta Horns
cure by timple herbs. Sufferers may learn
Just how to oure themselves at home, by sim
ple and harmless herbs, free by mail. Address
Baku Hkbb Cuke, Newark, New Jersey,
THE only plan for keeping down the
undergrowth of those varieties of trees
which sprout from the root, is to cut the
young growth from time to time at or just
below the surface of the ground.
Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer is the
marvel of the age for all nerve diseases. All
tits stopped free, tiend to 931 Aroh Btreet,
Philadelphia. Pa.
The term Gauchos, so often seen in books
m Bouth America, is not a race name,
but implies rather a certain mode of lite,
and at San Jorge is given to negroes, Bra
zilians, pure Spaniards and even to
Northern Europeans.
tine, taken just before going to bed, will
ensure a comfortable night's rest to the
nervous sufferer.
ORonARD grass is very early in growth
and furnishes good hay. it starts out freth
immediately alter each mewing.
yQsvwpathize withTis the hope of/
A flare Cote for all FEMALE WEAK.
NESHEM, Including Lrncorrbcrn, Ir
regular and Painful Menstruation,
Inflammation and Ulceration of
the Womb* Flooding, PRO*
IVrPlsazant to the tato, eflleaciouA and Immc'lnlf
In 1U effect! It Is a groat help in pnrrnaney, auJ r-.-
UvTut pain daring labor and at regular j ei ioda.
IF-POB ALL WEAKKESSES of the generative orr*n
of either ri, It la second to no renudy that ba. ev i
born before the public; and for all diseases of the
KIDNEYS it la the Greatest Ktmcd Y in the World.
Find ۥ rent Relief In Ita I'M. *"
will craduate vestige of liumora troni the
111.>od, at the name time will gi*e tone and rtrrngth to
the xy view. AJ marvellous In reeulta an the Compound.
IT"Both the Compound and Blood Purifier are pre
pared at 233 and 233 Western Avenue, Lynn, Maen.
Price of either, ft- 81* bottler for $3. The Compound
la aent by mall In the form of pilla, or of lozenge*, on
receipt of price, f 1 per box for either. Krt. I Ink ham
freely answers all letters of inquiry. Enclose 3 cent
stamp. Send for pamphlet. Mtntum this Paper.
ITT-TTHU E. PTCEHAE'H LSTUU Pn.ia cure C<>nrt'.pa
tlon, BJioubiiesa and Torpidity of the Liver. 23 tenia.
fid-Sold by all
ror a quarter or a century or more ITost# ttWa
Stomach Bitters has been the reigumg spec ills for
Indigestion, dyspepsia, fever ami ague, a low of
Mrslcal stamina, liver oonaplalnt and other dla
**, u<l has been most emphatically indorsed
by medical men as a health and strength restora
tive. It counteracts a tendency to premature da
eay, and sustains and comforts the aged and In
For sale by all Druggists and Deaiers generally.
Swedish Insect Powder Kills
It will thoroughly exterminate Roaches, Ants,
Bed Bugs, Fleas, Lice, Tobacco and Cotton Worms,
Moth, etc. It is safe, sure, cleanly and cheap. It
will not poison annuals or fowls. Sample pack
ages by mail 30 cents, post-paid. Stamps taken.
Circulars free. Agents Wanted. Address, J. H.
JOHNSTON, Swedish Insect Powder Co., Pitts
burgh, Pa.
VOURTft MEINT yt l u wmnt 10 i®*™ i i*
V: !" .Ttiphr In a few months.
Ki&SEMVSSSr • sto -
Hill I Ullbl SOnabMkMaauiami;l|o
■tnh On! T thi( Tmtuii Bo4 RUNT for Trtinntla of pinm
omur AMmtim. OS- A.M.wiPM- Ml ASCU W, Phil*.
A GENTS WANTED -tine Dollar will buy '2O Retfft
J\ Puxzlae which ell for two dollars rapidly every
where. Ten dollar premium offered. Address. GIB
CLE PUZZLE. 317 callow bill Street, Philadelphia . Pa
I Marvrlau* tucctu.
■ Insane K ersoss Restored!
hJ!g■, iKSEssnara
■Xewaybr Fiti, EpxUpty and Ntrvo J "return*.
■ISTALLIBU if taken aa directed. No Fit* aft*
■Arrtrfay'tiae. Treatlae and 92 trial bottle fleets
H n petlen la, they paring expreesace. Send atma
THE AULTMAN A TAYLOR CO., Manifieid. Ohio.
VnTTKFO MPK " w * nt *> '•* Tela.
XIsUJY IT in Hi 19 graph/ in a few months,
sod be certain of a situation, address VAUCNd'ENI
F&OH. Janeevilie. Wlaoomnn.
I IlorvM AN,P.O.Box 133, Chicago, ILL
t furniture and
general stores.
TM.CUU H.S.iitukrgr,
Beware of Imitations. 1218 Market St.,
Send stamp for price-list. PHILADA., PA.
Health of Body U Wealth of Mind.
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Pare blood makes sound flesh, strong bone, and
a clear skin. If you would have your flesh Arm,
your bones sound, without oaries, and yonr com
plexion fair, use RAD WAY'S SAKSAP ARILLIAN
A remedy composed of Infredlents of extra
ordinary medical properties essential to purify,
repair and invigorate the broken-down and wasted
NENT In its treatment and care.
No matter by what name the complaint may be
designated, whether it be Scrofula, Consumption,
Syphilis, Ulcers, Sores, Tumors, Boils, Erysipelas,
or Salt-Rheum .diseases of the Langs, Kidneys
Bladder, Womb, Skin, Liver, Stomach or Bowels,
either cnronic or constitutional, the virus of the
disease is in the BLOOD whion supplies the waste,
and builds and repairs these orgaus and wasted
tissues of the system. If the blood Is unhealthy,
the process cf repair must be unsound.
compensating remedy, but secures the harmonious
action of each of the organs. It establishes
throughout the entire system functional harmony,
and supplies the blood-vessels with a pure ana
healthy enrreni of new life. The skin, after a
few days use of the Saiuaparillian, becomes clear
and beautlfuL Fimpies, Blotches, Black Spots and
Skin Eruptions are removed; Bores and Ulcers soon
cured. Persons suffering from Scrofula, Eruptive
Diseases of the Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Legs, Throat
and Glands, that have accumulated ana spread,
either from uncured diseases or mercury, or from
the use of Corrosive Sublimate, may rely upon a
cure if the Barsaparlllian is continued a sufficient
time to make its impreaalon on the system
One bottle contains more of the active prlncL
Ces of Medicines than any ether Preparation,
ken in teaspoonful doses, while others require
Ave or SLX times as much.
Only requires uiflUTt not BOTTUA, te relieve
pain and cure acute disease.
In from one to twenty minutes, never Mis to re
lieve PAIN with one thorough application: no mat
tcr kow violent or excruciating the pain, the Rheu
matic, Bed-ridden, Infirm, Cnppied, Nervous, Neu
ralgic or prostrated with disease may suffer, RAD
WAY'S READY RELIEF will afford Instant saee.
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation QJ
the Bladder, Inflammation of the Bowels, Con
gestion of the Lungs, Sort Throat, IrijncuU
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart, Hysterics,
Croup, Diphtheria, Catarrh, Influenza, Head
ache. Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Cold
Chills, Ague ChUte, ChUblains and Frost-biles,
Bruises, Summer Complaints, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness, Coughs, Colds, Sprains, Pains in
the Chest, Back, or Limbs are tnstanllt/ relieved.
FEVER AND AGUE cured for 80 eta. There Is
not a remedial agent In this world that will core
Fever and Ague, and other Malarious, Billons,
Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow and other fevers (aided
by RADWAY'S PILLS) se quickly as RADWAY'S
It will in a few minutes, when taken according
tfithe directions, cure Cramps, Spasms, Sour Stom
ach, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysen
tery, Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all piteraai
Travelers should always carry a bottle of Rad
way's Ready Relief with them. A few drops in
water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of water. It is better than French Brandy or Bit
ters as a stimulant
Miners and Lumbermen should always be pro
vided with it
All remedial agents capable of destroying life by
an overdose should be avoided. Morphine, opium,
strychnine, arnica, hyosclamoa, and other power
ful remedies, do at certain times, 'JB very smaL
doses, relieve the patient during their action In th<
system. But perhaps the second dose, If lepeated,
may aggravate and increase the suffering, and an
other dose cause death. There is no necessity for
using these uncertain agents when a positive reme
dy like Railway's Ready Relief will stop the most
excruciating pain quicker, without entailing the
least difficulty in either infant or adult.
RADWAVS READT RELIEF is the only remedla.
•gem in vogue that will instantly stop pain. .
Fifty Cents Fer Bo (tie.
Regulating Pills!
Perfect Purgatives, Soothing A per tents, Act unit
out Pain, Always HetiatMe and, yaturuU in
fn their Operation.
Perfectly tasteless, elejrantly coated with sweet
purge, regulate, purify, cleanse and streng-
KADWIT'S PILLS for the cure of all disorders of
the Stomach. Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder,
Nervous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Co©-
tiveness. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness,
Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Plies, and au
derangement sof the Internal Viscera. Warranted
to effect a perfect cure. Ptjely vegetable, con.
taluing no mercury, minerals, or dale tenons drugs.
f Observe the following symptoms resulting
from Diseases of the Digestive Organs: Constipa
tion, Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood in the
Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn,
Disgust of Food, Fullness or Weight in the Bto- ,
maco, Soar Eructations, Sinking or Flattering at
tbe Heart, Choking or Suffering Sensations when
in a lying posture, Dots or Webs before the Sight.
Fever and Dull Pain In the Head, Deficiency of
Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eyes,
Pain in the Side, Breast and Limbs, u<l Sadden
Flashes of Heat, Burning of the Flesh.
A few doses of RADWAVB PILLS will free the
system from all the above-named disorders.
Mo©, as Cents F©r Ben.
We repeat that the reader most consult our books
and papers on the subject of diseases and their
oure, among which may be named:
*' False and True."
u Bad way on IrriUMe Urethra."
" Radxoay on Scrcfula."
And others relating to different classes of Piscine
Send a letter stamp to RADWAY A CO., No. a
Warren, Cor. Chum. St., New York.
BWinformatioo worth thousands will be eenc
te voa •
Prepared for Immediate Use.
Buildings painted with Paints mixed by hand
have to be repainted every three years. The best
Paint cannot be made by hand mixing.
The Paint used is the smallest item in cost of
painting, labr the largest.
Any building will be repainted at our expense
if not satisfactorily painted with our Paint.
For sale by one dealer in every city and town
In the United States.
ItltAlX FOOD!— Most citable tunio
lor the liritlii and Meliorative Organs. It
positively curej .Nervous i ebility and restores lost
virile powers. Rold by druKHl ts. 91; 6 for 95.
Free by mad on rece pt of price. aOHhf it.
ALLEN, Chemist, 315 First Avenue, Dew York.
CIV wrr wißTi Mowrri TMaaa* M. ~z—
V "_a If jom llnl a Luwul moMmlm. Imaf
PTC >ktkn rr t kt< mik rfkabN Ml fW^
V 1 9 kMda. r m thicken, strenuthes ut Lm
DCVIGOEA*E h. HAIR mjwW. tn'i W kntani T.~
Try Um put Spuiafe diMoun .tuck ku NEVER TXT
SwiMß, iwa ttw* haw© akS M*iiaa.