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    A Grand View.
In going Irom the Mammoth Hot
Springs to the Falls of the Yellowstone
the tourist, must abandon his wagon at
Tower Falls, if he is so equipped, and
pack his outfit for the trail. The distance
for packing, however, is but eighteen
miles, if he only desires to go to the Falls,
but if the lake be one of his objective
points he must prepare for forty miles or
more of packing trip by stocking up his
larder and rolling in all his robes, for
these are the coldest points in the Park,
the altitude being 8,000 feet, with the
exceptions of Mount Wasbburne, whose
head obtrudes over all. On this road to
the Great Falls of the \ellowsioue the
principal point of interest are the Tower
Falls, though the whole route is wild and
picturesque, and if the snow is deep on
the divide and on the mountains, as is the
case at this season, the trail will be beset
with game, and elk will become a familiar
sight. Tower Falls are so called because
of a towering mass of stone rising up from
the verge of the precipice to a height of
about 100 feet from the water, where it
breaks over the ledge. These falls are
noted for their simple beauty, falling in
solid sheets for 150 feet, and sending
showers of spray curling up from the
foaming pool below. The volume of
water is not great, Tower Creek being a
small mountain stream, but the water is
as clear as crystal ami as cohl as if drawn
lrom a frigid fountain.
Tbe trail lrom Tower Falls brings the
tourist to a standstill aud abruptly ou the
brink ot an awful abyss, as it leads di
rectly to the Grand Canyon, into the dizzy
depths of which one gazes for the tirel
time with mingled emotion of awe and
admiration. On the opposite side ol the
stream the walls of t ie canyon rise a'.rupt
ly for more thau 2.U00 feet, while on this
there is a gradual descent half way down
of sliding cinuabar and other delicately
tinted chalky formations broken at inter
vals by towering paiuacles of uiiuerai
rock, which stand out in bold relief
against the brilliant background. These
pinnacles take on many tautastic forms,
inspiring the delusion that one is lookiug
down upon the decayiug splendors oi
antique architecture. From ihe base of
these solemn sentinels, the descent to the
water line is as abrupt as lrom surface to
torrent on the opposite side. Far below
winds the foaming current of white crest -
ed wavelets spread out like a silver l>aud.
Although the channel is 100 feet wide, it
appears no larger thau a trout stream.
Hounding Poiut Lookout the tourist is
confronted with a full view of the talis,
where the whole volume ot water breaks
over the rock-ribbed ledge and is riven by
a big black boukler in the centre, and
again united rolls majestically down to a
depth of 370 feet, sending up showers oi
spray which glisten in the sunlight like
lustrous gems under gaslight. The view
from this point is one of bewildering beau
ty. The spectacular splendors of the scene
in the canyon below the falls is brightened
by the effect of the roaring cataract on the
senses. It is the most magnificent scenery
of its class on the continent, with the sin
gle exception ot the Vosemite. Above the
main falls is another which alone would be
a gieat attraction, but is dwarfed into in
significance by ihe lower and larger one
below. Above this, still, is a series of cas
cades, ovtr which the vast volume of water
from tlie lake above rushes and bieaks into
foam everlasting. These rapids can be
heard lor miles of a stdl night, making
much more noise than the taring cataract
at the falls. Here is the upper mouth of
the canyon and the beginning of ten miles
of canyon scenery that pales the Colorado
eari)oiiS into insignificauce.
Elephant*' l)ilike to Doc*.
To no animal does the elephant appear
to have such an intense dislike as the dog,
and the result of this is that many hunters,
who look lor profit and not sport, em
ploy them constantly when engaged in
shooting the lord of the forest. Dogs
destined for this purpose soon learn their
wort, and enter into it with evident en
joyment. One or two lessons are sufficient
to make the pupil perfect, particularly if
accompanied by a comrade that has had
experience. I was several times present
when they were employed by both Boers
and native hunters, and never was more
surprised than to witness the egregious
folly of an animal accredited as the most
sagacious of quadrupetls. When the trail
or spoor was discovered, the cuis were set
loose, and tff thev went upon the fresh
scent as rapidly as their legs could carry
them. Superior speed soon brought them
up with the foe, when barking, snapping,
and even bitmg, at once brought the
antagonist to bay. In this position the
poor beast would be surrouded, some
badgering and threatening him m front,
while others snapped at his heels. Again
he would single out one as the special
object of his wrath, fruitlessly pursue
luni for twenty or thirty paces, of course
by such a step leaving his rear open for
fresh indignities. Again, the irritated
animal would fall on one knee, then on
another, as if in anticipation of crushing
his diminutive IOCB under him. These
devices having failed, he would place his
head against a small tree, and bring all
his powers to bear against it, as if hoping
that in its fall it would crush some of his
tormentors. While the giant is being
thus assailed the hunter can, without the
least apprehension, approach within so
short a distance of the quarry as almost
to make certain of killing it at the first
Deacon Tracy's Front Gate.
In one of the Justice's courts of Detroit,
in a suit for malicious trespass in entering
upon land and removing a fence, one of
the witnesses was asked:
"Did you, help build that fence?"
"1 did."
4 'What year was it?"
44 We11, let's see. It was the same year
that my brother-in-law had his leg broke
in a wrestling match at Dearborn."
"Well, what year was that ?"
"Let's see I It was just six months af
ter we found the Duggan boy drowned in
Sibm's welL That was—that was in eight
teen hundred and —and —"
<4 Can't you remember ?"
"Why, yes, I ought to. Let's see. That
same summer that we took the Duggan
boy out of the well, Tyler's second girl
started to rim away with a tin peddler, and
we caught them just the other side of
Dearborn. I squared off the peddler and
knocked him eighteen feet into the
"But what year was it that you built the
"Why the same year that all this hap
pened, or maybe a year before or after, if
1 could only talk with my old woman a
minute 1 could get it exact."
"How ?"
"Why, I was building the last half of
that fence when she was hooked Dy a cow,
aod she'd hunt up the man who owned
the beast and hit the date squaie in the
It was decided to let the exact date re
mam in seclusion, although the witness
suddenly bethought himself that it w r as
""somewhere around" the same year that
Brown's horses ran away and smashed into
Peacon Tracy's front gate.
FUEL GAS. -The prediction lias frequent
ly been made that the common use of coal
for fuel in our houses and factories is to be
regarded as a bungling and dirty Arrange
ment of the past, which we ahoule be hear
tily thankful to escape. Few people how
ever are aware that "the good lime coming
is almost here," and that the process of
manufacturing water gas for heating pur
poses has already had its practical applica
tion on a considerable scale and has proved
a remarkable success. The Youkers N. Y.
fuel gas compauy has spent over $'.00,000
in the construction of apparatus f r mak
ing water gas by the Btrong princess aud
has laid two and a half miles of gas mains
through Jhe business and manufacturing
portions of the city, where the gas is now
used in thirty diffcreut places, including a
hotel, a restaurant, sixteen private houses,
several factories, tin shops, jewelers' shops
tailors' shops, laundries, etc, It is now
ruuning a four horse power gas eugiue,
and is soon to be supplied with one of ten
horsc power; and appliances are coustruct
iug for the use of the gas in forges and for
smelting metals. In short it is rapidly
finding its way into every department of
industry where heat is required, sud has
beeu necessary to develop the brst aud
most economical methods of using it. The
gas costs leas than 15 ccuts per 1000 feet
and the < stablished price is 50 cents per
1000 feet, which is satisfactory to all con
sumers, and profitable to the manufactur
ers. The present production is about 400-
000 feet pel day, autl the amount is soon
to be doubled. The cost of the gas com
pared with the coal is not given; but the
tact that the gas is being rapidly introduc
ed is e vide ace enough of its utility. Jfiven
at au equal cost with coal the saving in
labor in handling fuel, the freedom lrom
dust, the possibility of shutting off the
heat the moment it may be dispensed with
anil llie economy of space, are considera
tions ol great importance. Ihe Youkers'
experiment will be carefully watched, and
uuiess there aie serious drawbacks not yet
heard of, the prospect is that the fuel gas
system will be rapully introduced in all
our cities.
HEN HOIS* GUANO. —The sweeping of
the hen-house through V\ intea may be
manufactured into an excellent and pow
erful guano by the use of a sufficient absor
bent, to be applied in thin alternating lay
ers with the droppings. The mode which
we have fouuci convenient is to use barrels
—first placing au inch of road dust m the
bottom, then half an inch or an inch of the
uroppings, then road dust, and so on in
alternating layers till the barrel is full.
If this mixture is broken up aud pulver
ized the following Spring, it is in good
condition to drill in with seeds or to drop
in the hills of any planted crop. If road
dust has not beeu secured, sifted coal
ashes in larger quantity may be employed
a mixture of dry earth or loam witii which
improves it, or a mixture of powdered
charcoal serves a good purpose. The thin
ner the alternating layers are made the
easier and more pertect will be the reduc
tion of the mass of powder.
IOE upon the farm, and especially in the
dairy, is more and more becoming a ne
cessity. The saving in food, meat, et., by
the use of ice aloue snould lead every far
mer to bui.d an ice house and fill it with
ice during the winter. A house can be
buiL that will supply a family with one of
the greatest conveniences of the hot months
at a trilling expense. Lis wise economy
to build one that is substantial, ami will
last for a long time. It has been carefully
estimated that under ordinary circumstan
ces of harvesting the ice, auu wiih a house
to hold fiom 20 to 25 tons, the ice can be
furnished for tiity cenis a ton. At such a
low rate surely many farmers cannot afford
any loDger to deny themselves of ice dur
ing the hot months of summer. Let an ice
house be built in time for the ice crop.
LIFE ON THE FARM. —In the best at least,
of the older countries the tradesman,
the teacher, the mechanic—not to eay the
commeicial traveler —would congratulate
himself on the good fortune that promoted
him lo the standing of a tieehold farmer,
even though his acres should be few enough
to be counted on his fingers. The notion
that a man stands a little higher who wears
liren and bends over a desk or a counter
than the man who wears cotton and holds
a plow-handle is a backwoods notion. As
a new country sentiment it will go the way
of the log cabins and corduroy rrada
IT is a common error that the roots of
trees extend only as far from the trunk as
the length of the blanches; the truth is
that they are usually longer on each side
than the entire height of the tree. A tree
thirty feel high foims a circle of roots
more than sixty feet in diameter.
P. T. GriNN, who has tried fifteen differ
ent mixtures lor the cabbage worm, prefers
twenty parts gypsum, three or four of
quicklime, and one of carbolic acid, sprin
kled thinly over the leaves when wet with
dew or lain, repeating the application as
often as necessary, which may be a number
of times. J)
FEGFEBSCR Beal, of Michigan, say s em
phatically: "It you have morey to fool
away, seed dewn your young orchard to
clover and timothy, or sow a crop of oats
or wheat. If you want the trees to thrive
cultivate well till they are seven to ten
y ears old. Spread ashes, manure or salt
A WRITER says that he has hcver failed
to cure garget by the use of beans. He
feeds one pint of bean meal, mixed with
other meal, for four successive days, and
has found that quantity sufficient to cure
the worst cases. He thinks if cows were
fed with bean meal several times a year
they would never be troubled with gar
FOR general purposes on the farm castor
oil, with a little kerosene added, is the best
lubricator and preserver. For saws, mow
ers, buggies, and the like, this mixture
furnishes more body with less gum thau
other oils. The amount of kerosene, if
any, to be added must be governed by the
purpose for which it is designed.
A Huge Dwll for St. Paul's.
"Great Paul." the new bell for St.Paul's
Cathedral, London, will take rank among
the six or eight heaviest hells in Europe.
At present her position cannot accurately
be assigned, as she has not yet passed the
scales; but it will probably lie between the
great bell of Olnautz weighing 17 tons 18
cwt. and that of Vienna, weighing 17 tons
14 cwt. Dr. Stainer, the organist of St.
Paul's, says that "when the tone was pro
duced by swinging a heavy ball of iron
against the soundliow a musical note boom
ed out which was impressive beyond de
scription." The bell is 8 feet 10 inches
high and 9 feet 61 niches ID diameter. The
note isE flat, the upper partiala B flat, E flat
and G being just audible with the sonorous
ground tone. The cost of the bell and
hoisting it into its place will be about
$15,000 and it has been decided to use it
for the first time on Easter Sunday.
A MTTLS nine year old girl? who has not
yet learned the mvauing of treble and bass,
overheard, the other evening, her parents
discussing the subject of a piano piece for
fonr hands. "I don't see how two people
can play on one piano at the same time,"
said she. "Oh, yes, they can," replied
her mother; 4 •think for a moment, my
dear." "So they oau, mamma," answered
the little one alter a short retleotiou one
on the boong-lxxmg tide aud one on the
ting-a-ling side."
(Kalamazoo iMlcli.; "Daily Gazette."]
It is an unprecedented success said Mr.
Chas. 8. D'Areanibal, the well known Bur
dick House druggist, when asked for his
views in regard to the Bt. Jacobs Oil; It is
highly extolled, aud is giviug general sat
A I.TTTLB boy, whose impecunious pa
rents are always moving from one house
to another, was asked by the Buuday
school teacher:
"Why did the Israelites move out of
"Because they couldn't pay their rent,
1 reckon," was the reply.
"Daily Chicago Tliuea."
Mr. George Barnes, of Baguail A Barnes
South Water street, said that his wife had
been a severe sullerer with neuralgia for
years aud hail tried many remedies in vain.
Bt. Jacobs Oil is the only thing that
brought her relief.
HERB we have a Joke ami a Man. The
joke is very Gld. • It is bald and Toothless.
It must Be about 1,000 years Old. The
Man wears a big diamond and a Shiny
plug Hat. He is a negro minstrel. Go
and give the old, old Joke to him and he
will take care ot it very tenderly. It is
his busiueaa. He gets #lO a week for it.
A MAN got into one of the Main street
cars this morning, having a large square
of glass done up In brown paper under lus
arm. When he had laid it carefully upon
a seat, went to the box and deposited his
fare and then went back and sat down
upon it, smashing it to pieces, the other
passengers laughed.
• 4 Complaint*."
Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. I.;
Dear Sir —l wntc to tell you wlmt your
44 Favorite Prescription" has doue for uie.
I had beea a great sufferer from female
complaints, especially 44 dragging-down,"
for over six years, during much of the
time uuablc to work. 1 patd out hundreds
of dollars without auy beuetit till 1 look
three bottles of the "Favor.te Prescrip
tion," and 1 never had anything to do u.e
so much good in my life i advise every
sick lady to take it.
Mcßndes. Mich.
LANDLADY, entire ignorance of gram
niatical kuowledge, advertises that she has
a 4 *rine, a:ry, well-furnished bedroom for a
gentleman twelve foot square;" another
has 4 a cheap and desirable suite of rooms
for a respectable family in good repair,"
still another has 4 'a hall bedroom for a
single woman eight by twelve."
PROFESSOR —"Which is the most deli
cate ol the senses?" Sophomore— 4 'The
touch." Professor—"Prove it;" Sopho
more—"When you sit on a pin you can't
see it, you can't hear it, you can't taste it,
you can't smell it; but it's there."
Health, hope and happiness are restored
by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Com ■
pound. It is a positive cure for all those !
diseases from which women sutler so
much. Send to Mrs. Lydia E. P.nkham,
233 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for
VOLUNTEER captain (acting major first
time) —"Now, then, what are you boys
staring at? Did you never see a war horse
before? Hoys (who had followed expect
ing a"spill")—" Aye, we'vj wh.les seen
a waur horse, but never a waur rider.
44 WrT were you not a' church last Sun
day, Clara? ' asked Amelia. Clara— 44 1
couldn't; didn't have auy thing to wear.
I shall go next Sunday if my new sacs is
done." Amelia— 4 'Oh, you eack-religi
ous thing!"
'< I Don't \% <tlit a Planter,"
said a sick man to a druggist, "can't you
give me something to cure me ?" iiis
symptoms were a lame buck and a dis
ordered urine, aud were a suro indication
of kidney disease. The druggist told him
to use Kidney-Wort, aud in a short time
it effected a complete cure. Have you
these symptoms ? Then get a box or brit
tle to-day—before you become incurable.
It is the cure ; safe and sure.— Knoxville
44 THAT prisoner lias a very smooth coun
tenance." said the judge to the sheriff.
"Y~es," said the sheriff, "he was ironed
just before he was brought in."
JINKS' parents have to send him money
every month to keep bis laudlord from
evicting him. Jinks, in writing back his
gratitude, always begins my dear 44Pay
PROUD young father —"Oh—er— I wish
to register the birth of a daughter." Reg
istrar — 4 'No, no; you must go hack, my
boy, and tell your father to come him
LONE JACK, MO., Sept. 14, 1879.
I have been using flop Bitters, aud have
received great benefit from them for liver
complaint and malaria fever. They are
superior to all other medicines.
WILLIE has found some Horse Radish.
It is in a Jar labeled Jam. He nas just
taken a Big Mouthful of the Horse Radish.
There are Tears in his Eyes. Perhaps he
is Crying because he Loves in Vain.
PAT Junior (in answer to inquiry by
Saxon tourist) —"There's foive of us, j-er
honor, an' the baby." Haxon —"And are
you the eldest?" Pat Junior— 44 1 am yer
honor, at present!"
An old gentleman in Maryland said he
had raised his family on "Sellers' Liver
Pills," and considered them almost as es
sential to a family as bread. That's true.
WHEN a boy was asked, 44 Where was
the text?" he quickly replied, ''lt is some
where in Hatchets." 44 1n Hatchets? No,
it was acts." 44 We11, I knew it was some
thing that would cut."
A LITTLE boy asked his moiher what
blood relations meant. She explained that
it meant near relations. Atter thin king a
moment he said: "Then, mother you mu9t
be the bloodiest relation that I have got."
AN old poker player out in North Park
rides a blind mule as a muter of choice.
He says it is a pleasure to straddle the
"Is that your little boy?" "No, not
exactly; when he was a week old he was
left on my doorstep. 1 am, you may say,
his step-father."
AN Austin Sunday-school teacher was
explaining a chapter in Geneseß to a class
of bovs. He asked —
'•Why did Ham laugh at his father,
"Because Noah was drunk."
"You would not laugh at your father,
if he was to come home drunk, would
"I never get much of a chance. He
comos home so late that I'm always
What Ails You?
Is it a disordered liver giving you a yel
low skin oi costive bowels; which have
resulted in distressing piles or do your
kidneys refuse to perform their functions f
If so, your system will soon be clogged
with poisons. Take a few doses ot Kid
ney-Wort aud you'll feel like a new mail
—uature will throw off every iiu|>cdimt nt
ami each organ will lie ready for duty.
Druggists sell both the dry uud liquid.—
Kvanaville Tribune
FKANKHC nsid lu> in* hoots squeaked
very bail. When asked what the reason
of it was, he replied that he did not know,
unless it was the "expression of two bur
dened solos."
A LITTLI. girl remarked: "1 like grand
papa, be cause he is such a gentlemanly
man; he always tolls mo to help myself
to sugar.
all over the laud goes up trom
mothers, thai says, "My daughters ure so
feeble and sad, with no streuglh, all out of
breath aud life at the least exertion. What
can wo do for them ?" The answer is
simple and full of hope. Oue to four
weeks' use of Hop Bitters will make them
healthy, rosy, sprightly aud cheerful.
"BOY I'll tejch you to tear your pants,"
said an irate parent swinging a strap, "I'll
teach you."
"Don't hit me pa, 1 know how already.
Just look at 'em."
THK man who has all knowledge at his
finger's ends should not bite his nails; he
might bite off more than he could conve
niently chew.
Young and middle aged men suffering
from nervous debility, premature old age,
loss ot memory, and kindred symptoms,
should send three slumps for Part Vll of
pamphlets issued by World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y,
A DHiss coat is the proper garment to
wear at a swell dinner. It doesu't button
in lront and gives you a chance to swell.
1 MPOHTANT, ll true —:lie sights on a"
Creedmore nlle.
THE best way to afford mstaut relief to
any oue sufferiug with water ou the brain
is to give him a good tap on the head.
WHEN we used to quarrel with our little
brother over a piece of pie he always took
our part as well as his own.
REVISED by an employer—strike, bu
not here.
REVISED axiom—To err is human, to
forgive is umisuftl.
■ . 4 ( ■ *- :• f
f {? y t C) fpr /Tf
Is a Positive Cure
for *ll tborr Painful Complnlnta „nd WealneNM-t
•ocommon to our beet fouaiiU population.
It will core en*l rely the worn form of IVmsle Com
plaints, all ovarian trouble*, InfiUbtnatk.n and Ulcere
Uon, Fulling anil Displacements, and tho const-.?* eat
Cplnal Weak new, and la jiartieulaply adapted to ths
Change of Life,
It will diasnlvo and eapel tumon from the ut 'rosin
an eaFy stage of dt velopnient. The tendency to can
eeroua humor* there is checked ver*"..p©cdUy by its us*
It renin*™ faintnr**, flatulency, dest roys nil craving
for stimulant*, and relirvte weakness of the st-marh.
It curea Bloating, Uent'.uches, Nervous Prostration,
General Debility, Sleepleaaneaa, Depression and Indl
That feeling o. bearing down, causing pain, weight
and backache, la nlay penaanently cured by Ita us*
It will at all time* and under all circumstances act In
harmony with the law * that govern the female system,
Frr tho cure of Kidney Complaints of either ae* thla
Com pound ia unsurpassed.
POUND 1 prepared ut !it3 and r.' Western Avenue,
Lynn, Mas*. Price sl. Si* boM ieafor g-V. Sent by mail
111 the form of pill*, also in the form of lorengea, oa
receipt of price, gl per box for clt* c. Mra. Pinkhaa
freely anßwor* ait ttera of inquiry. Send for pampb-
I it. Addreaa an a) *ve. Jifflfion thie rimer.
Ko family ahouid he without L/DT * F, PIKKHAXfIf
LIVER PILLS. They cure conitipatlon,
uad torpidity of tii liv r. S6 cents per DOB.
I7REE.— A Mimical Journal. Addreaa, F. Brehm,
* Erie, Pa.
FRUIT FREE! -Send for Sample Copy of OREEK'S
FRUIT-GROWER, Rochester, N.T
Reliable, Durable and Economical, wiUfwrrUek d
hone power wOh H Umfwei <md water than ami other
itojime tmat, not Attpd with an Automatlo Cut-off,
Bond for 111 ustrated Catalogue "J." for Information*
Pricce. B. W. Fa*** * BOM a. Box 880. Corning.
Amenta for the GOLDEN
IN M |if m ■ Or, LIGHT on the
UAWnlfoeat Fixture,
the grandest thoughts of the world's greatest authors,
among whom are Bishops Simpson, Foster, Warren,
Hum and Foes, Joeeph Cook, Dr. March, Dr. MoCosh,
Totiy Pa*tor,'of Now York, who In now
with his inimitable variety conibimi-
V -A. k, " u "Hiking a tour of the Union, in rc
jj*> cognized an the loading character
Wvocalist and variety performer of
! X/l V the United States. The writer of
lir/'Avl Vc.thiß aitiele met Mr. Pastor re
/7w\] Jy\ eently, and found hiniasgv
iul in private u< hois aimts
naationl in
that it was
| IL) -y 'lji Jjiy excellent. He badoe
fyl MvfwV casioually severe i* ins,
I eithertheiVHUltofrbeu
i wsslsSC^'untie attacks or colds.
• wvuTAwtfTCtx iiut any complaints of
trouble him long, as he
JJH () ! ' had found out a remedy
ftfMk for all such annoying
| ZA affections. I asked what the remedy
L—*TO vas and ho repIied,"HT.JAWIBH OIL.'
i r~JA fI Mr. Pastor said that he considered the
IT |!fj Ore at German Keinedy an excellent
pre |MI rat ion for t lie cure or relief of
rheumatism, and that it wus the only
thing used among professional people for that
distressing complaint. lie took bottles of it with
him whenever ho went traveling, and would
not ho without It.utid knew that It was very popu
lar with a number of members of his own com
pany. The foregoing, from the Brooklvn (N. Y.)
j'm/le recalls to our mind an item wherein the
editor of the Cairo (III.) Kimiwj Huti, in Paying •
tribute to the enterprise of the bt. Louis jy>U l>i
tKtick, and expressing his sorrow at the bLby
lire whieli the latter pnjiersustained,says: ine
whole ofllee was knocked into ten thousand
pieces—all excuptthe HT. JACOBS OIL adyerilsc
nient, which was mercifully preserved. "be
closing remarks in the aisiveand the following
incident are a true index of tlie unexampled
]>npulnrlty the Great German Remedy enjoys
everywhere: At a bt, Loui* theatre recently
whilst the play was in progress, one of the ladv
performer* met with a painful mishap, which
quite disabled her. Tho neroof the piece, equal
to the emergency, called out to one oi theusbera
to "bring a bottle of br. J AHUM OIL quickly.
Tho thundering applause throughout the entire
house which promptly followed this hapny sug
gestion was an unmistakable proof of the fact
that the audience "had U en there themselves,
as the expression goes, and exjierieuoed the beu
eflts of thia wonderful ar iele.
Mr. Charles A. Whitney, advertising agent Of
Park Garden, Providence. It. 1., w rites: " l>r
three years 1 had intlammaiory rheumatism in
jiiv right hip and knee. 1 employed many noted
phvsieians, and tried numerous remedies for the
ailment, but found nothing to help nie until I
used the Great German Remedy, br. JACOBS Oit_
w ldch cured me at once. lum now entirely well.
gwONDERFUL ff 111 ,'
lllmnf It xrtii nn the IA VI It. HOUKLkI
H and KIDNKIS >1 thr miii# litut. n
I BtoiUM It cieanaoe the ayatero of tfcepoieoti H
Vlona bumora that develop* in Kidney and On E|
|q nary Dtaeaeoe, Blliouaueaa. Jaundice, ConeU Q
H pation. Pllee. or In Kheumaliara. Neuralgia. H
Qnotvous Lutorder* and Female Complaint*, pj
1 Eti (rene B. Stork, of Junction City. Kaneea W
■flnay* Kidney Wort on red him after icgular l"hy M
■falciane had beea trying for four year*
Ur John A mail, of Washington. Ohio, aay* K
Ihrt Ik>v aa* gii n up pi die l>* four prominent |j
■B|diitilri*ti ."! that he was afterwards cured by Kg
|| M M B Goodwin, an editor l Obarooa Oblo |f
EP*a> lie *< Hot eioe.-tod to live, being bloated Hf
beyond belief, hut Kidney Woitcured htm ■
W Anna L. Jnrrett of South Salem. N T., eayeLv
Htbitt eeven yean Buffering from k'dney trouble* |A
oilier complication* wan ended by the uae of pi
John B Lawrence of Jack*nn. Tenn , suffered®
■ foi year* from liver and kidney trouble* andp
1 Jafter taking 'Miarrels of other meUlclneu,"L
H Kidney Wort made bin* welL
H Illcha"! Ooto of Montgomery Center ft p,
E3 suffered elirlit years • it It kidney difficulty and Kj
lu unable to work. Kidney Wort made htoiH
B9 M well aa ever •*
HConstipation and Piles.
■■ IJTIt is put up til Ory Vegetable Perm fn V
tin cane, one |>acaire of whlcn maaesaix quart* G|
Pi of medicine. Aleoin Liquid F#rm, very Cow- J7
Ml cent rated, for thorns tliat cannot reauily pre la
■ pared.
■ tr It act* iclth eqstal effieimey In rither form. ■■
WELLS. UI(iUUSON Jt Co.. Prop'*, ■
Will *end the dry port-naid.) HI III.IVUTO*, *T. P
The name of Ilostetter'a Stomach Bitters la
heard In every dwelling, It finds a place in every
household. Hud its praises are sounded through
out the whole Western Hemisphere, as a general
invigorant, a cure for sick headache, a specific for
flatulency and sour stomach, an ap]>etizing stom
schic, an excellent blood depurent and certain
remedy for intermittent fever and kindred dis
For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally,
.A Medicine, not a Drink.)
And thr Pcrkst and Bkst MkptcalQuaU- I
All Diseases of the Stomach, Bowels. Blood, I
Liver, Kidneys, and Urinary Organs, Ner
vousuess. Sleeplessness and especially
Female Complaluts.
Siooo IN COLD.
y Will he paid for a case they will not cure
■ heip, or for anyttilng impure or injurious
found In them.
I Ask your druggist for Hop Bitters and try I
I them before you sleep. Take uo other
I D i.IJ. is an absolute and Irresistible cure foi K
Druukeuness, use of opium, tobacco and
Ss'.TJ3afiEiV• Send FOB Circular. MBBMHMto
All abov, told by drugvliU.
LJ Hop Bitter* Mfg. Co., Rochester, N. X., A Toronto, Ont. H
Natural Wonder* of Orcpin.
From Adam Duncan, who spends the
greater part of his time over on the Colum
bia near Prest rapids, we gleaned some in
teresting facts ra regard to nature s won
ders in that unsettled region. Ono of these
wonders is described as a sort of lake or
basin some four miles long and quite noar
the rapids. When the Columbia is at its
burliest this lake disappears in the ground,
leaving nothing in its stead save a great
number of wells,some of them being near
ly twenty feet in width. The number of
these wells is estimated to be about 160.
Passing about among them they are found
to contain waters of different qualities and
colors, some of them being clear, cool and
agreeable to taste and filled with beautiful
speckled trout, while others are bitter and
black like those Htygian pools renowned
in ancient table, over which the souls of
the damned were supposed to pass on
their lourney to the region of torment.
As the Columbia river begins to run low
in its channel these wells gradually rise
until they overflow and form a lake. Of
the scientist, who is supposed to have a
theory for all things; let us inquire:
"Why is all this!" By what sort of
subterranean, syphonic, double back-action
arrangement are these things brought
übout ? Wby should the water in the
wells rise wheu the watwr in the channel
of the river recedes, and why should
wells so close to each other contain waters
of such a diffeicnt character? Another
natural wonder presents itself for solution
up in the neighborhood of Moses' Cooler.
In the hottest part of the summer there is
a place where large icicles form aud hang
like in midwinter from the tall rocks.
By digging in among the stones or broken
shale large bodies o! ice are found which
seem to form there in midsummer. The
water flowing from among these broken
stones is about us cold as ice itself, but
where it comes from and why these icicles
form in midsummer, while none are to be
seen there in the winter lime, are more
conundrums. The rocky bluff slopes
gradually down from the north in such a
way as to receive tne sun's rays in their
ful.est force, and just back of the bluff is
a level country covered with buuch grass.
Jn consequence of the increasing numer
ous cases of shortsightedness developed In
French schools through the bad arrange
ment of seats and distribution of light, the
Minister of Public instruction has nomina
ted a commission, whose object it will be
to study the influence of the material con
ditions of school arrangements in the pro
gress of this disease and to discover the ,
means of counteracting the eviL
The tenacity with which a cold clings to
the system frequently induces a nervous
Cough that will remain after the Cold de
parts. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will cure
all nervous Coughs. Price 26 cents.
A VERY gusning young lady turned to
Mr. Snap, and asked him in passionaU
tones: "Oh—ah —Mr. Snap, tell me!
What —what- -is your idea of real happi
ness?" Mr. Snap: "Never reached the
full meaning of the word yet, but I guess
pork and beans would cover the ground."
Ihe Ilrad Cannot be Railed
nor if youi lungs arr badly wasted away
can you be cured by the use of Dr.
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery."
It is, however unejud ed as a tonic,
alterative, aud nutritive, aud readily cures
the most obstinate cases of bronchitis,
coughs, colds, and incipient consumption,
far surpassing in efficacy cod liver oil.
Send two stamps for Dr. Pierce's pamph
let on Consumption aud Kidney Affec
Jen years age a blast furnace which
would make 400 tons of metal per week on
600 tons of fuel was considered a big thing.
They have blast furnpees in Pittsburgh
which produce 1,500 tons of metal per
week on less than 1,600 tons of fuel. The
old method of heating permitted the flame
to pass out of the furnace stack at a tem
perature of S.OOO deg. F. They are now
using the regenerating stoves in Pittsburgh
and do not let the gases out until they have
utilized all the heat except 800 deg.
If you are hairless and cappy there Is
one way aud no more by which you may
be made careless and happy—use Carbo
line, a deodorized extract of petroleum, it
will positively make new hair grow.
7b give some idea ol the extent of the
spool thread business, it is estimated that
20,000,000 dozen spools, or 240,000,000
spools of six cord thread, were sold last
year, besides all three cord makes and the
600 and 2,400 yard spools that are pin up
for manuf icturing purposes. Two hun
dred yards to spool i 9 the popular measure
in the United States, while in .England the
spoils vary, some having 6U, others lOd,
800, 500, and so on.
"My son had an abscess in his side,
that discharged two quarts of matter.
Lindsey's Blood Searcher' cured him."
J. t\ Brooks, Paiuesville, Ohio.
A new theory of the so rilled fascination
of birds by snakes is that the biro mistakes
the snake's tongue, which the reptile kee,>B
in rapid and constant motion, for a lively
worm, and watches it intently with the
anticipation of devouring it.
A TASSAR college girl upon being ssked
if she liked codfish balls said she had never
atteuded any.
Important to Traveler*
by the BURLINGTON ROUTE. It will pay
you to read tbeir advertisement to be found
elsewhere in this issue.
Jn Ireland the only fuel known Is peat
the Esquimaux use oil tor fuel, iu Asia
grass is burned, in Arabia camel chips'
ana people who live along the sLores of
Nova Scotia burn the antlers of the moose
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure.
11. C, Hovey fluds the mean tempera
ture of the Main moth Cave, Kentucky, to
be 04 degrees Fahrenheet in midsummer.
A BOOK with a loose leaf should be
bound over to keep the piece.
THE rubber slings used by the little
l>oyß are getting to be as dangerous as the
gin sling handled by their daddies.
Building, Tenth and Chestnut sweeis, have on
hand a superb stock ot extra fine quality. Dia
monds, which they offer at as low prices as
stones of the first quality, perfect alike In color
and shape, can be sold for.
On Thirty Day*' TriaL
The Voltaio Belt Co.. Mar*hal! Mich., will
send their Electro-Voltaic Belts and ot: or
Electric Appliances on trial for thirty days to
any person afflicteu with Nervous Debility,
Lost Vitality, and kindred troubles, guamntee
lng complete restoration of rigpr aad man
Address as above without delay.
P. A—No risk Is inourrsd. as #0 days trial
It allowed.
OTSo other line runs Three Through Pas
ieugcr Trains Dally between Chicago, Des
M<dnos. Council Bluffs, Omaha. Lincoln, 8L
Joseph, Atchison, Topeka and Kansas City.
Direct connections for all points iu Kansas,
Nebraska, Colorado. Wyoming. Montana, Ne
vada, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and
Jail forma. •
The Shortest. Speediest and Most Comforta
ble Route via Hannibal to Fort Scott, Denison,
Dallas, Houston, Austin. San Antonio, Galvea*
ton and all points in Texas.
The unequfiled inducements offered by thl*
Lino to Travelers and Tourists, are as follows:
Hie celebrated Pullman (16-wheel) Palace
Sleeping Cars, run only on this Line. C., B. A
Q. Palace Drawing-Room Car*, with Horton's
Reclining Chairs. No extra charge for Seats
in Reclining Chairs. The famous C.. It. A Q.
Palace Dining Cars. Gorgeous Smoking Oars
fitted with Klegant High-Backed Rattan Re
volving Chairs for the exclusive use of first
class pnoeengers.
Bteel Track and Superior Equipment, com
bined witli their Great Through Car Arrange
ment. makes this, above all others, the favorite
Route to the South, South-West, and the Far
Try it. and you rill find traveling a luxury
Instead of a discomfort.
Through Tickets via this. Celebrated Line
for sale at ail oflices iu the United States 'and
Canuda. „
All information about Rates of Fare.. Sleep
ing Car Accommodations, Time Tables, Ac.,
v.-iil be cheerfully given, an -"ill send trtt to
any address uu eiegani,, May tf United
in colors, by appl . to
PKRCIVAL IiOWELL, Gen. Pass. Agent. Chicago
T. J. POTTER, General Manager, Chicago.
C*llMtd/)f with Copper, I row
Lining*. Each one stenciled with my name a*
manufacturer u warranted in material and con
struction. For nue by the best bouse* in the
trade. If you do not mow where to get this
pomp, write to me as below, and I will send
name of agent nearest you, who will supply you
at my lowest prices.
CBLAS 0. BLAICTLEY, Manufacturer,
Christ the Lord, cS3.2L bt" w* ™-
liams. For Mixed Voices. Easy and attrasttj# mufec.
Choir* and Societies can easily toarn It for a I ma* per
formance. bo cento.
Send for List of Chrtsmus Carole.
Beauties of Sacred Song.
$3.; Cloth >2 50. Boards Si. A noble present for those
who love the beat. Mof the most successful sou** of
the day, by 40 famous oompoeor*.
Rhymes and Tunes. uSST&Jffii
songs, lullabies and Kindergarten Flays- (f 1 Cat
Gems of English Song. IfwS::
fl& gilt. The new and moat favorite ouUeouon.
Norway Music Album. JL&S?®
the Vikings of th North. Wild and beautiful.
Franz' Album of Song. I***;;
$3. gilt. Frana's own edition of his famous German
Christmas Cantata.
Choruses, Quartets, Solos, etc. Sacred words and
spirited music.
OLIVES DITBOH & 00., Boston.
b4fl Broadway. N. Y. ISW Chestnut St. Phil*.
Hold if rt lb at wvrMjlublod by aouadt. Aisaasa,
accident, or UW*IN. tbo leas of a •saw or to*
piles, varicose veins, ekmh diarrhoea, raptors,
varicocele, long sight of easpr both syss, or
perUaUr so. toss of heart ng, disease of the heart.
fklltc.g back of the sien'ta, rheumatism, or any
other disease or disability, fives you a pension.
Widows, children, fathers, ai<d mothers of soldiers
dyiti* la ths serviot, or afterward, of dlssawor
wounds contracted la the serrlos are entitled to a
pension. I procure pensions where discharge
papers are lost. New discharge# obtained where
lost. PSSSIOMS INOUASKC. New laws give an
Increase of from S'.OO to 971.00 per month. Sol
diers charged with deaer-ion or dishonorably dis
charged are entitled to receive a pi _lon, if die
abled in any manner, tame as other soldiers.
PATBMI* procured for ell new inventions—rejected patent claims
tnkao trp. lumvnui AMD Kaiaorao pension claims a speci
alty. Cash paid for all Mods ofland warrants. Circulars, rasa.
gsiwM (.with-atamri B. F. Prttchard. bos .Washington. D. Q.
and Glower. Agent wanted in each county. Write for
terms. Addreee, The King Iron Co.* Bsx 088,
Pittsburg, Pa. *
IYHEXIS and Rreeeh-Tdwdlng t Jwns, Rifles uk
"iatols of nu>st approves! English and Amsrieon mahss
ill kinds of Sponrttefl Implementsisnd
squired by Sportsmen and Gunmakera Colt's Now
s situation, addruee Valentine Bros., JaueavUla, Wla.
ALIEN'S BRAIN FOOD cores Nervous Debility and
Weakness of Generative Organs, >l—all druggiaU.
Band for circular. Allan's Pharmacy, 103 First av.. N.Y.
s holiday presents: square graud piauofor touour very
fcandbome round corners, rosewood cases, three UUISODS.
Beatty's matchless Iran frames, stool, book, cover, boxes.
7 3 to &207-50j catalogue prices. SBOO to $ WOO:
siitisfaction guaranteed or money refunded, after one
y ear's use; Up rlu he Pianoforte* $125 to 9255: cata
logue prices SSOO to 9800: standard pianofortes of the uni
verse, its thousands testtfy: write for mammoth list of tes
timonials. Jtottity'n Cabinet ORGANS, cathedral,
church, chattel, parlor. 930 upward. Visitors welcme:
free carriage meets passengers; illustrated catalo B ue (holi
day edition) free. Address or call upon
A Tills ICiriinff Saw Machihe cuts off a \
JF foot log in minutes, and warranted the
best and cheapest that is made. We
W ill not bo undersold if we know
ypq . —jMi"" * R- We want the
/T^n M J MII/M? address of < every-
BIV/ y one who intends to
%4j cut logs, wood or
ties. The person sending us such names can buy
ur machine at wholesale price. Circular free.
United State* Mnnfp Co.. Washington. D. C.
tUAPV mrr fihrlAda. with unproved
DLAJx X X AXsXi interest Table, Calendar,
etc. Sent to any address on receipt of two Tkree-
Ont Stamps. Address. CIPAIiLKS E. HIKLH, 48
5. Delaware avenue. Philadelphia
vnose aoawenng an aawertueiaent wxl
sonfer a iavor upon the Adwertiser and ths
■Publisher t>jstating that they atosr tbe edvsr.
♦ <.—- " - " """
mm mm me a YEAR AND £XPLNbEa
C 777 to/gents. Oumnr.Ad
\# / / dresh PO. YRhIKY,
)J5 g / M Me.