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    ffltt jlilllmm Journal.
Editors and Proprietors.
Local Department.
—German exhibition next Saturday
evening.—Don't you forget it.
—lf you want a first class sewing
machine the Journal store is your place
to buy one, cheap for cash.
—People are busy attending public
sales at present. The dinners are splen
did this year.
—Another little snow on Thursday
night, which doctored up the sleighing
somewhat. Yennor has the floor.
—Job printing—in the best style and
at lowest prices—at the Journal office.
Bring in your orders.
—The Central Pennsylvania Conier
ence of the M. E. Church will meet at
York, Pa., 16th next.
—David Ertle, administrator, offers
a good farm for sale,situated iu Haines
township. See notice in another col
—Washington county is out of debt,
and has $34,000 in the county treasury.
There is not a licensed hotel or saloon
in the conntj*.
—The Central Penna. Conference of
the Evangelical Association will meet
at Lock llaven March 3d, 1881.
Bishop Thomas Bowman will preside.
—The Odd Fellows have 903 lodges
and 85,000 members in Pennsylvania,
and there are some real, good, clever
fellows among them. Fact.
—Several brand new sewing ma
chines of the best standard makes, for
sale at the Journal store, cheap for
—llassenplug & Co., the enterpris
ing music dealers of Lewisburg, are
busy as beavers putting our organs and
pianos. Tue} mean business and do
The LITTLE JOURNAJL is a neat lit
tle monthly paper for Children from 5 j
to 12 years of age and only costs pos
tage paid 15 cents per year. Sample
copy 2 cents. Address LITTLE JOUR
NAL, Lewisburg, Pa.
—Through lain or shine, through
thick and thin, through evil as well
as through good report, Samuel Lew
in, of the Philadelphia Branch Clothing
Store, Btliefonte, sells the best and
cheapest clothing of any man in this
part of tile state.
—Go out in the damp air, or sit un
protected in a draught, and your throat
sore and your head uncomfort
able. You have taken a cold, which
you can remove as promptly as you re
ceived it by using Ayer'e Cherry Pec-1
toral. ♦
—For beautiful styles of Wall Paper
go to Musser & Smith's Hardware
Store, corner of Main and Penn streets
in Millheim. They have just received
a large lot ot the latest patterns, and
are selling it at the very lowest fig
ures. 2t
—On last Friday evening the Far
mer's Store Cornet Band gave a music
al entertainmsnt in the St. Paul's
church. We were not present, and are,
therefore, unable to give an opinion as
to it 6 merits. We hear say though,
that the performances as well as the at
tendance were good.
—The other waek the smoke house
of Mr. John Dutweiler, residing near
Millheiui was entered and robbed of
its contents. The meat was to be sold
at public sale the next day, we believe.
No clue to tha whereabouts of the per
petrators could be found.
—Wnether you believi it or wheth
er you don't believe it, it is still the
fact that Samuel Lewin, of tha Phil
adelphia Branch Clothing Store Belle
fote, sells goods cheaper than any oth
er chap in tne county. If you believe
it you will g> and buy at once; if you
don t believe it, you will first oto see
—and then you will be sure to buy.
Under all circumstances Lewin is your
man. 2t
—A dower of SB6O, which has been
standing against a property in Nor
thampton county since 1826 and on
which $2,683.20 interest had been paid,
was distriDuted recently among the
heirs of an old lady who died a few
weeks ago at the age of 104 years.
Niue children survive her, the oldest
being over 80 years of ago.
—Township auditors are required by
act of Assembly approved June 4,
1879, (pamphlet laws, p ige 94) to meet
for settlement on the second Monday
of March, 1881, and annually on that
day settle all accounts, except the
school accounts. The same act pro
vides that the terms of township offi
cers shall begin on the first Monday of
—EXHIBITION of the Millheim Ger
man Evening School.
By general request the exhibition of
said school will be repeated on Satur
day evening, March sth 1881, in the
Town Hall in ..Millheim. The Pro
gramme will be enlarged and greatly
We call the attention of the public
especially to the closing comedy, en
GEN" which was received with stormy
applause at their last entertainment.
—The second exhibition of the Ger
man evening school promises to oe
much better than the first.
—Bellefonte has elected a colored
school director and brother Tutenisso
happy over it.
—Our band will be very much weak
ened by the leaving of several of its
members and the disability of the lead
er, Dr. John F. Harter, whom his phy
sician has advised to quit playing for
the preseut. He as well as the band
have our sympathies.
—Mr. Lot C. Runkle is now circu
lating a subscription for a summer
school. He is a worthy young man,
has good qualifications and deserves to
be encouraged. Send yom childien.
Don't allow them to spend all their
time iii idleness and mischief.
—lt affords us much pleasure to
state thai the concert bv our Cornet
Band on Saturnay evening was a com
plete success, both as regards the per
formances and attendance. The boys
have money e lough to pay off the
debts resulting from their disastrous
Mifflinburg trip—and are happy.
the 9th it st., white using a feed cutter,
Mr. Wm. Bingaman, of Hartley Twp.,
cut one of his thumbs very badly. It
became quite sore—inflamed to the
shoulder—and caused his death on the
16th, He leaves a widow with six
small children.
will miss a rich literary treat
if you fail to atteud the German exhi
—After a long silence our old friend.
Pete Roieum, out in Oildom, again
gives signs of life. Pete wields the
pen gracefully, and his short, pointed
and spicy articles are always welcome
to the Journal and its readers. Shall
be happy to hear from you often Peter,
and when utw you come yourself we
will give your big, brawny hand a
hearty shake.
OUR SICK. —Our friend Henry Boll
inger who is confined to his bed with
debility, is slowly improving. Dr. .1.
F. Barter is getting along pretty well.
Mother Held, who had been verv sick,
is also convalescing. Mrs. Michael
Limey, who had beeu very ill for some
time, is doing better again. We extend
our heartfealt sympathies to all our
afflicted neighbors and friends,
—F. P. Otto and E. W. Mauck were
sent to Washington by our town, to
see to it, that everything is doue right
at the inauguration of the new Presi
—As spring approacnes a number of
our men will leave for other places in
order to get. the employment which our
town and neighborhood does not afford.
George Reimstone expects to go to
Lock Haven, Sam'l Weiser, Jr., al
though, just elected to a fat office, al
so talks of leaving. fJohn KerstetUr
and Elias Lose are engaged in a plan
ing mill at Milton, and there are no
doubt others wiio will emigrate of
'whom we have not heard. We feel
sorry for this exodus and heartily wish
that all our people could find work at
—Report of Millheim Grammar
School for the week ending Feb. 25th
No. of pupils, males—26, females—
-20, total—46. No. .attehdio/., males—
-22, females—l 6, total—3B. No. tardy,
males —18, females—l 4, total—32. Nc.
present every day, males—l7, females
—l2, total—29. Average attendance,
males—2o, females—l 3, total—33. Per
cent, of attendance, males—9l, females
Bl, total—Bß. No. of visitors—l.
No parents .visited 133 during the
week. As the term is drawing rapidlj
to a close I would kindly ask them not
to delay too long or they might miss
—Who can tell what has become of
the old military bounty law warrants?
There is outstanding nearly twenty
five thousand of 150,12), 80 and 40
acresdicii wnic'i were issued to soldiers
or tht&r heirs for services rendered iu
the Revolutionary war, Florida war,
1812 wars, Mexica 1 wir. Arostook
war, and Indian wars. They amount
in the aggreate to over two million and
five hundred thousand acres. They
must he among the old papers left by
your grandfather, your father or your
mother, and not thought to be of val
ue. Let the reader of this article see
if he or sue eauuot find one or moro of
them; when found, write Charles D.
Gilmore, of Washington city, D. C.,
629 F street, and you will be informed
what to do to make it available to
you. - 2t
To our Friends and Patrons in
Centre county.
Owing to a large increase in our
business we have concluded to remove
to larger and better premises,
April Ist 'Bl.
We are going to the place formerly
occupied by Brooke's Confectionery,
directly opposite Wails & Go's store,
where we will have enlarged facilities
to serve our customers.
The Millinery Department will be
under the direct supervision of Mrs. B.
Harris, who has already engaged the
seryice of several experienced city mil
The Notions, Trimmings & Fancy
Goods Departmeut will be under the
immediate charge of Mr. M. Harris,
who will always endeavor to serve the
interests of patrons, giving the best
goods for the least money possible.
Most Respectfully Yours,
Last week we were shown through the
burg, by the obliging proprietor, WM.
A. Davis, Esq. The concern seems to
be entirely complete in all its arrange
ments, and Mr. Davis himself is an ex
pert in the business. lie has had many
years of experience in this country,
England, Germany and Russia. He
showed us a number of shawls and
gentlemen's suits which had been dyed
and pressed, making them appear like
new, at a small cost.
We have agreed to act as agent for
Mr. Davis in this section and will nt
i tend to all work entrusted to us.
Read ld3 advertisement in another
column and for particulars call at the
—The German exhibition will have
a full house, so you better go In time
in order to secure a seat.
—Michael S. Fiedler and Mrs.. Polly
Royer, are the administrators of the
•state of Goo. W. Royer, dec'd. See
Flitting will ere long bo the fashion.
Thos. Zeigler is down with erysip
L. B. Frank is making preparations
to go to housekeeping.
Sleighing will, before long, bo a thing
of the past, if Venuor does not come
to the rescue.
It is rumored that Rebersburg is to
have an exhibition at no distant day.
Hope it may be a good one.
Mr. Carliu, one of our teachers has
quit the business on account of failing
health. Dr. LciUell steps in and finish
es the term. It is likely that the
modus operandi is somewhat different
from that pursued in a Dental College.
How is it, Doctor?
Mrs. Bierly, wife of the Hon. W. B.
Bierly, is at present staying with her
husband's parents, while the Hon. is
attending to his legislative duties at
Rev. Stover preached his farewell
sermon on last Sunday. It is reported
a capital sermon. Tne Rev. gentle
man has made many warm friends in
this community, during his two years,
ministry, and it is site sineer* wish of
the church that Conference will send
him another year into our midst.
Meyer has been holding ex
aminations in some of our schools during
the hist week. We haye not heard how
proficient he found the boys and girls
in his new departure, but we hope the
plan is as good as it is novel.
Franklin, Pa. Feb. 25,
Mr. Editor;
Having a few leisure rm ments In.
day, I coucUided to write a little for
"The Journal,' 1 which lias been shame
fully neglected, ever since ray return to
♦he "Land of Oil," over a yar ago.
However, as I wassobu-y t iat this
could not be helped, it is useless to
make excuses about the matter.
This winter has been a very cold
one, indeed, and yet the number of
wells that have been drilled throughout
the Oil regions, seems almost incredi
ble, and goes to prove what an ener
getic and iersevering i-eople we are,
even in all kinds/of weather—or in no
weather, at all.
One great inconvenience during the
earlier part of the winter was the
scarcity of water; and at many places
operations were suspended until a few
weeks ago when we got water in such
a quantity, that we felt like saying
with—was it Macduff? "Hold, e
nough! enough!" In tact there was a
regular flood, aud this in connection
with the breaking up of the ice upon
our creeks a-d the river, created quite
a hubbub—took awiy many of our
bridges and caused general havoc
throughout the region round about.
A wiuow woman living about five or
six miles from here, barely succeeded
in getting her children out of the house,
before it started off on a voyage
down the Allegheny. Among other
curious things that went sailing
bv, was a chicken-coop, filled
with its inmates, as well as having
three or four sitting upon the roof,
and one large "Rooster," was perched
up 011 tne apex, and crowing in clarion
tones, which he kept up as long as we
could hear.
Right here we did not suffer from
the flood—and that is one of the ad
vantages of high living, now, isn't it?
Light oil is now worth only ninety
j five cents per barrel—while the
heavy is worth from four dollars to
four dollars and fifty cents.
The light is called second sand, and
the heavy, third sand oil. The latter
is used for lubricating purposes, aud is
not near so plentiful as the former.
* The well known Gallowav Tract, a
bout a mile from Franklin, is the great
heavy oil district, and whenever a well
is drilled, it must be torpedoed, before
it yields the grease. They never get
any flowing wells of heavy oil, even
where it exists in great quantities, it
is always pumi>ed out; but they have
everything arranged so scientifically,
that thirty, forty, fifty and even more
wells are constantly pumped or kept in
operatian with one engine, which is a
very great saviug of fuel, labor and ex
But fearing you may think thatold
Pete has gone into a state of dotage,
ami is very tedious, this had better be
brought to a close, by promising more
anon, or as the story papers say, "To
be continued, in our next."
News Miscellany.
A well filled railroad oil tank recent
ly bu rated at New Columbia, and the
spot was soon well populated with citi
zens supplied with vessels wherein to
deposit the fragrant contents which
were fast running to waste.— Chron.
Three planets, Venus, Jupiter and
Saturn can now be seen close together
in the western sky in the evening. Thev
are getting into the shape of a triangle.
Such a conjunction of these three plau
j ets seldom occurs.
Esquire Keuben F. Brown, of Lewis
burg has a "grandfathei's clock" on
an improved plan. Once an hour it
makes music and halt a dozen couples
dance to the music. It is quite a cur
A religious editor down in OcorgiH
makes the following olervation:
"Gold is found in thirty-six counties
in this State; silver in three, copper in
thirteen, iron in forty-three, diamonds
in twenty-six, and whisky in all of
them; and the last gets away with all
the rest."
A farmer of Sussasunnac, N. J.,
charged some wood with powder £o
ascertain who was robbing bis wood
pile. The next day an explosion oc
curred in a neighbor's house. The
stove blo\vti to pieces and one ot
the inmates injured. Both parties now
know who got the wood.
A Touching Scene.
A very touching scene was witness
ed at the funeral of Mr. John Sims, of
Griffin, Georgia, who recently died in
Atlanta. The body lias been brought
to Atlanta for interment, and the
News says: tl At the grave, as the
casket was b-ing lowered into the
grave, the gricfstricken and broken
hearted wife, whose sorrow had all the
time bee i sad to witness, became un
controllable, stopped those at thi c ftin,
and asked for one more look at the
face of her dead d uliug. The lid was
unscrewed and taken off, when she fell
upon the coftln, and put her face close
against the fa;e of the dead,
her lips to it, and tlnu 8 d and
wept, and bewailed his death. After a
few moments friends lifted her up, and
placed her upon a seat near by. As
the earth was thrown iuto the grave
she sobljed %i Good-by, good-by, dar
ling!" in a tone unutterably sad and
agonizing. Around her grav-, among
those who witnessed her sorrow and
grief, there was scarcely a dry eye.
The sc?ne would have moved a heart
of stone."
li a scientific combination of 9 mie of the most
;i >werful restorative agents in tiie vegetable
kingdom It restores gray hair to its original
color. It makes the scalp white and clean. It
cure* dandruff and humors, and falling on! of
the hair It rm- asUe* the nutritive principle
by which the hair is nourished ami supported.
It makes tie hair ntoi*t. so t and gtossv. and
is unsurpassed as a lnlr drcrednar. I: Is the
most economical preparation ever offered to
the public, as it* effects remain a Jong time,
making only an occasional application neces
sary It isVeeomin'Mtded and u*ed by eminent
medical ni m. and ofllcialiy endorsed by the
state Assayer of Massachusetts. The pop
n'arlty of Hall's Hair Renewer lias increased
with tlie test of many years, both in tills coun
try and in foreign lands, and it is now known
ami used iu ali the civilized countries of the
The Golden Elixir of Life. Wonderful
If you have Consumption, and would
know that your cough can lie made
loose and easy—Hectic Fever and
Night Sweats checked in 24 hours; In
flammation taken out of the lungs and
air passages at once; that you can be
made to gain 3 to 5 pounds of healthy
llesli per week; if you have anv Chronic
Disease, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Sick Hesdache. Heart Dis
ease. Liver Complaint, Nervous Denil
ity, Seminal Weakness or Spermator
rhoea, loss of sexual power in either
Sf-x from any cause; if you have any
form of nervous weakness, losing flesh
or wasting away, and would know of
an immediate relief and certain cure
for many of the seveiest cases in a
short time, a new method with new
agents to fatten every body, invigorate
and make strong and healthy the most
hopeless cases, cut this out and write
at once for particulars to B. S. DIS
PENSARY, Berrien Springs, Mich.
The new version of the New Testament, which
has been so many years in course of translation
ami which is so unquestlonab'y the most im
portant literary euierpitse this century has
seen, is being waited for with curiosity and anx
iety by hundreds of thousands. It is not gen
erally.known that a first edition of 300,(100 c< p
ies lias air. edy IK en manufactured hi England,
and 100,000 copies are said to be already in New
York City, not one of them pennitted to bo
soid 'iheyare awaiting a -telegram from the
authorities in hngland authorizing their issue.
The first copies can only be obtained at the ex
travagant pnc<* of *lO per copy. The i.lteiary
devolution proposes fully to meet the demands
which its army of friends are making upon it
by doing probably the quickest work in book
making which Iris ever yet been accomplished.
Arrangements have been fully made to put the
entire book into type inside of 24 hours from the
time a printed copy of the English edition can
be procured, and within three days at least 10,-
000 copies will be bound reaay for delivery to
waiting purchasers, and at least 6000 copies will
be. manufactured every day thereafter, until the
demand is met. it will be printed in large, beau
tiful, typi, n'Ativan I strongly bound in
Cloth, in a volume of about 600 pages, and sold at
the nominal price of 30cents. A tine edition in
half ltiissia. giit top, will be sold tor 60 cents,
and one in full Turkey mor<coo, gilt edges, for
$1.26. Of course the populer demand will be
enormous, orders \\ ill be filled huh* order in
which they aie received, with remittance. A
mericuu Book Exchange, New York.
On the lltli ult., at Zion, Mr. David liars h
berger, aged 78 years.
On the 18th ult., In Oregg township, Rebecca
Lingle, aged 50 years, 1 month and 20 aays:
Mrs. Margaret Carson, wifsbf William Oar.
son, resident for many years at Potter's Mills,
died at Spring Mill? Feb. 23,1881, aged 80 years
and 9 days.
The deceased was one of the -excellent of the
earth and greatly beloved by all who knew her.
A iter sixty years of blissful wedded life her
aged husband now mourns her irreparable loss.
She was for more than fifty years a worthy
member of the M. E. Church and adorned her
profession by a pure and lovely Christian life.
The final summons found her ready aud wait
ing to go home, tad taut sae eiimiy a i t sweet
ly fell asleep i • Jes.n. tier rest is sweet anil
her memory is precious. \.
On the Ist inst., at MtUhelm, Mr. Araos Alex
ander, aged 09 years and 5 months.
Funeral will be held on Friday morning a
10 o'clock.
LA more extended notice will be given nex
On the lPth nit., by Rev. W. E. Usher, Mr.
.Tnmes Leltzoll and Miss A man d A Nofskcr, both
of Spring Mills.
March 4th, Clark Ilerinan. Millhelm. .House
hold goods.
March 12th. Administrators of Adam Zerby,
deceased Uve stock, (arm linplenmnts and
household goods.
March 16th., Jacob F. Stover, Haines town
ship. Livestock, farm Implements and house
hold goods.
March sth, D. O. ft John BoWor, Executors,
Aaronstmrg. Four MMAVM of land, house &
lot and household goods.
March 12th . Farm of Philip Krtle, deceased,
Haines township.
Millhelm Market.
Corrected ovory Wednesday by Oephert
& Musaer.
Wheat So. - 1-W
Wheat No. I
Corn *
Rye ,
oats White .
Oats, Black M
Ruck wheat W
Flour ft 00
Bran A Short#,pet ton 17 00
Salt,pur Brl I.7ft
Plaster, givutul
Cement, wr Bushel 45 to 50
Tymothyseed * 1-00
Oloverseed.. *-ft°
Butter £4
Fggs JO
Potatoes 30
Tallow 5
Dried Apples ft
Dried Peaches 10
Dried Cherries
Egg Coat $5.50
Stove ** 5.75
Chestnut 44 ft-30
Pea 4 4.W
Flour &
& Salt
Highest market price paid for all kinds of
Delivered either at the BRICK Mil.l. or at the
Always 011 hand aud sold at prices that defy
A share of the public patronage respectfully
solicited. 3D-1>
W. Davis,
All kinds of Silk* Mixed Cotton and
Wool bo d* dyd and finished in the
bets stjle. tienis' Coats, Vests and
Pants dyed or cleansed without rip
Ladies* Cloaks, Capes, aid Dresses
cleansed or dyed to any fancy pattern
where the original color is favorable.
All kJad of .shawls e'ean d or dyed
and finished in the neatest manner.
My Factory ha* all ihe machinery ami facili
ties* of a tirst class establishment of its kind.
Mv experience in the business extend* over
many years, both 111 this country and In Euroj>e,
aul am therefore enabled to do strictly first
class work at modentde prices.
Mililieim, Pa.,
has accepted an agency from me. All goods
brought there for dying will be returned free
of extra charge.
CM win J ■ Desbler. J. Jordan Desbler
Aaronsburg, PE
Calls promptly answered da night
Main Street, Millheim, Pa
/fx t* Outfit sent Hre to tnose who wish to
gi engage in the most pleasant and profit-
Jlalable business known, Everything new.
Capital not required. We will furnish
you everything. 41<la day atfd upward
is easily made without stayffig away from home
over night. No risk whatever. Many new work
ers wanted at once. Many are making fortunes
at the business. Ladies make as much as men,
and young boys and gWls make great pay. No
one who is willing to woik falls to make more
monev every day than can be made in a week at
anv ordinary employment. TliOfre who engage
at once will find a short road to fortune. AO
drees 11. iIALLEr &00., Cortland, Maine.
t.duod.-—New laws , higher rates of pension
Tim slightest disability, from wound, injury o
disease of any kind entities you to a pension
Whlows and ueirs, fathers and mothers are
now entitled.
Land cases promptly settled, Patents obtain
ed. All kinds of government claims nroseeuted
Write ai once for new laws, blanks and in
structions, with two stamps. Address,
Lock Box 314, Washington, I>. C.
EVERY SOLDI Eft disabled in HUP of oury by
wound, disease, or injury, is entitled to pension.
PKNsI->NS INCREASED.—Many are draw
ing less than entitled to.—'Thousands of Heirs
entitled to Pension and Bounty. REJECTED
CA- s iiS re-opened.
ABAXD NED CASES finished.—Copies of
Lost Discharges obtained.—Claims of every de
scription prosecuted .—PATEKTS PKOCCKEI*.
Address with stamp,
H. S- BERLIN & CO., Attorneys,
39-Pm 80x592. WASHINGTON, D.C
Prepare for Snow!
lames d. donbo
hits just completed fi lot of very
which lie offers at nuxlcrato prices,
lie warrants them made of first
class stock by skillful and* expe
rience! mechanics. Gi\e liiin a
call lie fore 3011 buv elsewhere, lie
will guarantee satis faction in all
respects. 47-3 m
■ 5 Sf® H f'** Yourselves by mnklni, in on
ffl iC ga. a k c! T..
from your d<mr. Thoo whoal
wa* take advantage of tlio Kood chances for
111 >king money that are offered, generally be
come wealthy, white those do not Improve
such chances remain In poveriy. We want ma
ny men, women, boys and girls lo work for u.t
righ! in their own localities. Toe w ill
pey more than ten Hires ordinary wiges. \\t
furnish iiii expensive outfit and all that you need
free. No one wlio engages falls to make money
very rapidly. Y<H: cen deyoto your whole Uin
to the work, or only your spare moment*. Full
In turmoil >ll and all that is tieedeu sent free. Ad
dress Stin&om a. to., i'ortlaiid, Maine.
rwJfillLFoi' ibis Style Siß2e\
rjy We will send It to your
i&A P l ' l t0 examined befortP
Wffrtt y..u pay for it. It it is not as
jn represented tt can be returu-
n f LjL 1 ed at our expense. Send a
■IAI postal card for lUuslia.ed
< Ireu'.ar. C. A. WOOD& CO.
yU w 4'J X. Tenth St.. I'hllada., pa.
" 2H-:hn
J- [Must Central Ho'.el in the City,)
Con. MaiX AND JAY ST.,
Lock Haven, Pa.,
Co ft St no'" Commercial Traveler
on Jlrst floor.
and how to obtain them. Pamphlet
tree, upon receipt of Stanlp for post
age. Address—
StlirtL/rt of l'utruls,
A'ror Patrol OJfirt. ll'aihlnglou, D. Q
PDTT 1 Q A HTDT r fl tw oof the best artM"
I lILiJ uilhiriiuC < ver sold bv stents to eve
ry one who answers th|< within sixty days.
American .tlannrxt'o ,
2A3ni City Mills. Massachusetts.
RUPTURE ffiyti.
The greatest invention of tlie age! S-e our
jnm lilet. . fc ent free. Prof J. Y. KGAN. (M
densburg, N. Y. 29 ly
Champion Windmill Powerl
The Cheapest and most m
Rffwttre powerhi the world
Irrigating purposes, supply
ing houses and fountains <_•; wa
with pure, fresh water, etc.
All of our Mills are fully ~*^fjhF F '
warranted, and are equal to J£FH
any mill In the market In all aKll
respects, and superior In
▼ery many. With our print- jftitieu
ed Instructions.any one can iflfftV
set them up. We are also £u,i fj&
Manufacturers of the Origlu- jjj
country. Send for Illustrated Catalogue.
Light Castings Made to Order.
M Child can Ran U.V- H M
980 SIMPLE 9 R
It Requires Ho Care, c ■
19 .It Herer Wears Out, * K
•y* ■ A T-B 8
ISSS hichel tuiTMaotur*.
Pries, 35 CenU.
They are especially designed fo meet
the requirements of thoe who desiro
to dresrweH. They are unsurpassed
in Style, perfect in Fit, ond ao aimpla
thatthey are readily understood by tho
ynost inexperienced. Send 50. for cat*-
litegue. Address,
"Domestic" Fashion Co.,
Simple, Light and Btrong.
jWPiytl la No complicated Gearing. One
rIW Ist man can ao the work of two, and
Urn 11% turnout abetter job. The winner
B 1 m r il-" of First Premium wherever exhi-
B wbited. Send forlllnstr&tcdCircular
m Special Discounts to
roweil k Douglas, Waakfgan, UL
or ran
54,853 Machines.
It Li the Llffhtcst-BuzL&in?,
Easiest Selling, cad
Best Satisfying* Sdactias
Agents wanted. For terms, addsosg
White Sewing Machine Co., 1
Manufacturer of
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Every wago:. bii't of £rst-e! stock Tod by—-
expert mechanics. All work warranted. Ite
palrinz promptly attended 10. The public pv
tron ige is respectfully so! cited. 39-ly
The iiifcierlbers would re* inform the citizens Of this iielgib< rli >od that they have crgg ft d In the under
tuning b us In ess. *11 hej :. prepared tu Qi aie< Is in Oils line at aiytimo aad Would Kindly (solicit a share of,
patronage. A Full Line or
always on hand, which we are also ready to furnish to other undertakers at reasonable prices.
81101* ON f, NN STdKE., MILLUEIM^fi.
lias just received her Fall and Winter stock oi
MILLINERY GOODS consisting of
French Bonnets, Bound Hats, French
Flow ers. Feathers, Bibbonand all kinds
Xu all its Branches a
She invites her many friends and customer?
to call at her place of business, in Pens*
3£E S£fill AI?fT clir3il b -V the ON.
iy* $ ,1£ raj UABli LV TttUßcure, in
g R'VY less time and at less cost
than, by any o.ber meainfr
No suffering or inconvenience. 'i realm*-ut
shipped to any part of the U. S. or cunadas.
Fun particulars free. Address,
, (Established 1563) B. s. Drsresg^ar,
Berrien Springs, Mich